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after taking me over thREE HECKIN WEEKS TO MAKE my first animation meme is finally done!! :0 chose to do Posin’ with Knockout and Breakdown since I thought it fit them well pffffftt. This was lots of fun to make (albeit really challenging too) and I’m really happy with the way this came out!! you can totally expect to see more of these from me in the future!!

*all proper credit/links to originals are given in the video’s description

everyone is gay: the sequel // evak & magnus

even and magnus are hiding something from isak.
(sequel to everyone is gay: the musical)

When both of their phones go off at the same time, it means either one of two things: 1) Eskild is telling them to keep the noise levels down, or 2) there’s a new message in the guys’ groupchat.

Since the closest contact they have with each other’s fun zones (at the present moment, at least) is Isak lying with his head in Even’s lap, Even can only assume it’s the latter.

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“Threads of Gold” - Digital Oil Painting

I’ve started experimenting with adding some visual effects to my paintings, because I am obsessed with sparkle. It’s a little odd, but I kinda like how it turned out. This painting is also HUGE, so look at it in full size to see all the details!

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

Me running away from responsibilities

Arctic Monkeys in the raw

Requested by @enthusiasm-paraphernalia | Suggest me an Arctic Monkey’s funny moment and I may or may not draw it.



RULES: Use the same sim for both sides. Try to do the same type of hairstyles and make up styles on both sides. Please refrain from using clayified hair, as it’s a mixture of both alpha and maxis match. Try to make everything different, not just hair, things like skin overlay, make-up, eyebrows, and eyes. Clothing doesn’t really need to be changed, unless you’re using the full body.

Thank you @rosecoffeesims for coming up with and sharing such a neat challenge, it really gave me a run for my money! Hope I did it justice! ❤
And thank you @ughplumb and @kaileysimmie for tagging me!

I’m not sure who to tag who hasn’t been tagged already. >.<

Okay, I am jumping here with the idea of “other aliens discovering Lance’s insecurities first before the team”.

> Just like the other ideas, the team landed on a planet where the aliens has a strong connection with emotions. This time though, the moment they entered the planet the leader (Queen? King?) wanted to judge the voltron crew with their own eyes and asked their soldiers to do nothing even if they will feel something.
> Let’s just say that this race has been holding themselves all this time against the Galra and Allura wanted to form an alliance with them because of their military power.
> The moment they entered the castle the leader immediately had this face like the crew offended them in some way.
> The leader lectured Allura that she dared to call the Paladins as her own, fight a battle that they should have not joined in the first place, yet failed to see the deteriorating mentality of her soldiers? The effect of the scars in their mind and soul?
> The leader gave Allura a week to prove herself to them. That she can care for five people just like a proper Princess.
> So then Allura had this determination and talk to the Paladins.
> They made this sort of group therapy. At first they tackled Shiro’s problems. Then Pidge and Keith and Hunk. Lance joked around and everyone assumed that he is fine.
> After they reached the given time limit the team presented themselves to the planet leader again.
> The leader was disappointed. They said that the voltron team see but do not observe. Observe but do not think deeply. That the team only believe what their eyes can only see.
> Then one of them snapped (maybe Keith) towards the leader and said to stop dancing around the subject. Will they want an alliance or not so they could stop wasting time.
> Of course the leader was even more offended at the blatant disrespect. Allura and Shiro apologized to saved a possible alliance.
> The leader agreed to an alliance if the blue paladin will be left with them.
> The team started to second guess and Lance saw this in their eyes. It hurts him that they will think twice if they should agree or not. And why not? He was just a liability after all.
> The leader, sensing Lance’s distress, pressed Allura even more. The blue paladin in exchange for an alliance or nothing at all.
> The leader also promised that they will help the green paladin in finding their family.
> Lance saw the hopeful eyes of Pidge and that was the last straw. If it will help the team then he would gladly let himself be left behind (not really gladly, in fact it was really hurtful)
> So an alliance was made, Allura will be the temporary blue paladin.
> When the rest of the team was outside the planet the leader asked Lance why he was staying with a team that didn’t even recognized that he was wearing a mask this whole time.
> And that was the time that Lance realized that he was the one the leader talking about from the start.
> The aliens treated him like a child to be treated with full of love.
> But Lance still dared to believe that the team will be back for him. That the Blue Lion will return for him.
> Days turned to weeks then to months and eventually it became a full year.
> Lance was showered with love and he believed that he was not that really needed to form voltron.
> A passing comment from the leader made Lance to think that since he was not a paladin anymore then he could go back home, back on earth.
> The leader fulfilled Lance’s wishes.
> The moment Lance landed on earth was the moment the voltron team returned to that planet with the intent of getting Lance back because the Holt family was once again completed.

Yeah, I know the idea was not that good
Also, sorry for my English. It is not my first language.

Are You Proud of Me?

This was kind of inspired from the song Finally by James Arthur. Anyways, I hope you like it. 

Lucas was sitting in the kitchen alone enjoying a cup of hot tea. He was enjoying the quietness, something he hasn’t had much of in the past few days considering his parents and his younger sister were down visiting. The house has been filled with laughter and happiness, and I made him trilled. But, he needed a moment to himself.

However, that is short lived when he hears the floorboard creek, and when he looks up he sees his father’s figure slowly appear from the darkness.

“I thought I heard something,” his father says sauntering over and taking the seat directly across from Lucas.

Lucas grins, “I couldn’t sleep. I thought some tea would help.” His father nods. “Do you want a cup? There is still some hot water in the kettle.” His father shakes his head. “You know, I’m really happy you all came to visit. It’s nice being all together.”

“Yeah, but I’m pretty sure you’re happy to see us leave and out of your hair,” his father jokes, and he and Lucas chuckle a bit. A silence surrounds them for a second, before Lucas’ father speaks up. “You know, I never told you how proud I am of you, son.” Lucas slowly pulls his gaze away from his cup and tea, and when he looks up, his eyes are met with his father’s matching green ones.

His father slowly exhales, “ I’ll admit you were hard to handle.” Lucas shifts in his seat a bit. “When you were in your teens, you were filled with angry. Your mother and I had no idea where it rooted from, but you were. You were getting into trouble, getting into fights. Then, when you got kicked out of school, your mother and I had enough.” His father slowly exhales.

“So, I pushed for a transfer at work. I thought maybe a change is what you needed. The move to New York was a risk. It was either going to be a good thing, or it was only going to make matters worse. Our first week in New York, you were angry beyond belief. You locked yourself in your room refused to talk to anyone.” 

“That change a few days after you started school. You slowly started coming out of your room, your mother and I noticed that you were smiling more and attached to that phone of yours. We had no idea what had gotten into you, but we were happy, as long as you weren’t getting into trouble.” His father smiles. “Your grades started reflecting what your mother and I always knew you were capable of. You started asking if you could hang out with your new friends, and we were more than happy to allow it. We thought these new friends of yours were responsible for your new change in attitude, and maybe they were, but I really think it was one in particular.”

Lucas can’t help the smile that spreads across his lips. “Riley Matthews,” his father says smiling. “Do you remember the first time you brought her over to meet us?” his father asks, and Lucas slowly nods. “Do you remember what your mother said?”

Lucas’ smile only widens. “She said that Riley was going to be someone that is always going to mean something to me. She said that I have to hold on tight because someone as precious as Riley only comes around once in a blue moon.”

His father nods, remembering he was hiding around the corner while his wife told their son those exact words, and him thinking the same thing. He looks down at his son hands and sees the silver wedding band that rest on Lucas’ left hand, and he remembers his son’s wedding day.

He remembers seeing his son before the ceremony, and the nervous wreck Lucas was. He remembers thinking today in the beginning to the life his son has always wanted since he and Riley became an official thing. He remembers thinking how happy he was for his son, and his future daughter-in-law, and everything they overcame to get to this point—from that bloody awful triangle, to a miscommunication that almost broke them up in college when they were states apart.

What he really remembers about that day was when Riley was walking down the aisle, but instead of looking at her, he and his wife were staring at their son, but Lucas’ eyes were locked on Riley with tears glimmering in his eyes and a bright smile across his lips. And, he remembers his wife’s words. ‘Our son is finally getting everything he wanted. He’s came a long way from that angry boy from Texas, and I don’t think it’s possible to be more proud of him than I am today.’

When he looks up, Lucas is looking at his father with a smile playing on his lips.

“Riley change you, or rather made you want to change,” his father started. “Yes, she is what motivated you, but it was you who pushed yourself in every way possible to better yourself. You started to handle your angry in a conventional way instead of picking a fight, school became a priority to you, you…you became truly happy.”

His father takes a deep breath, “Your mother and I are proud of you, Lucas, and I’m sorry it took so long for me to finally tell you that.”

Lucas smiles and slowly releases a sigh. “That’s all I ever wanted, dad. I can remember the day in the principal’s office back in Texas, and I can remember the disappointment on yours and mom’s face, and I remember never wanting either one of you feeling like that again about me. I wanted to be the son you and mom deserve, someone Riley deserves. I wanted to be someone you can be proud of.”

Lucas’ father reaches over the table placing his hand on Lucas’ arm and giving Lucas a reassuring squeeze. They talk a little longer giving Lucas time to finish his cup of tea, then they tell each other goodnight and return to their rooms.

When Lucas get to his, he quietly closes the door and presses his back against it. He stands there for a second. He looks to his bed and sees his wife’s back and her long brown hair fanned out. He stays locked in spot taking in the view of his beautiful woman, and he can’t help but think exactly how lucky he is. He slowly tiptoes to her side of the bed and kneels down placing a soft kiss on her forehead, and he sees her lips curl into a smile.

Lucas moves lower and lower until he reaches her stomach, and cups it between his hands. His own stomach begins to flutter when he feels movement underneath his hands.

“Daddy can’t wait to meet you,” he whispers. “Just a few more weeks, and you’ll be here. I love you and your mommy very much.” Lucas presses his lips against Riley’s stomach.

“And I love you very much,” Riley whispers. Lucas slowly looks up only to see a pair of brown eyes looking at him.

“Hey,” he whispers.

“Hi,” she says.

“Hi.” Both smile at their old exchange.

Riley reaches over patting the spot next to her, and Lucas doesn’t need her to say a single word as he slowly stands up and moves to his side of the bed.

As soon as he lays next to her, he lays his hand over her and on top her stomach. Lucas can feel Riley scoot closer to him and readjusting herself to get comfortable. He moves his hand just for just a second to brush the hair that had fallen in front of Riley’s face behind her ear, and then back to her stomach. And the only thought running through his mind after talking to his father is he finally has everything he can ever wanthis life with Riley and their soon to be child, and his father finally telling that he is proud. 

last day of school today!!! tomorrow I’m gonna pack stuff and prepare and then on monday I’ll fly to Oslo for 5 days :0000 The biology olympiad people sent us a schedule and it’s like.. intense fhsjkdh we start at 8:30 and end at 17:00 most days and the days will be filled with lectures on all kinds of cool aspects of biology and that kind of stuff!!! I’m really scared and excited at the same time and also looking forward to meeting new people and maybe getting new friends 😊 I’ll come home on Friday next week ahhhhhh and then it’s easter holidays mmhmhmmmhmmmmMm yes

I’m incredibly terrified excited to announce that I’m writing a fic!!!

It’s no secret that I have an overwhelming amount of feels for Tsukki. I have spent a shameful amount of time analyzing his character, speculating his motivations, and developing countless head canons. A couple weeks back one of my dear friends on here made a suggestion that I try writing. At the time I totally brushed her off like that was the craziest thing in the world..and here we are now, hah.

This fic will follow Kei’s development from the moment Karasuno lost to Seijoh in Season 1 all the way through the end of Season 3. My goal is to give you all an inside look at what (I think) Kei possibly went through all that time. Actual canon events and conversations will be used (and tweaked, at times) along with many new situations that I think may have happened behind the scenes while the focus was more on Hinata/Kageyama. (And let’s be honest, I really just needed an excuse to write third gym antics)

Chapter 1 will be posted this Friday, but to thank you all for taking the time to read all of this rambling, there is a preview here under the cut! =^^=

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