but i do miss the snow

Afraid | Caitlin Snow { + Barry Allen }

A|N: this is for Caitlin Snow Week Day 1, I hope you enjoy ❤

“ The things we see, the things we face , we can’t do it alone, trying is the biggest mistake you can make. ”

After a long day at S.T.A.R Labs the trio of friends decided to go somewhere and have a drink. Caitlin looked at her two friends, she missed going out with them, but she couldn’t.
She couldn’t do this to them.

“ Actually, I don’t feel very well, I think I’ll pass
this time. ” she said, trying to put a weak smile on her face, so her friends won’t be suspicious.

Barry and Cisco exchanged weird looks, then they looked at Caitlin. They’ve noticed she has been acting weird, but “maybe it was just a girl thing” they thought.

“ Whatever you want, call us if you need something.” Cisco said while grabbing his stuff and heading outside.

“ Cait, are you okay? You’ve been acting w-” Barry started rambling after Cisco left the room; he was really concerned about Caitlin, but the girl cut him off.

“ I’m fine, Barry. ” she said, leaving the room as well.

Barry knew that “fine” didn’t mean “fine” , at least not when Caitlin used it. He sighed before he speed off to go and catch up Cisco; promising to himself althat he would go and catch up with Caitlin as well later that night.

Being afraid was something that Caitlin experienced a lot lately; especially since she started working at S.T.A.R Labs and with The Flash; she was kidnapped three times and she almost died every time; but now she wasn’t afraid of other people or crazy metahumans, but of herself.

After Barry came back from his alternative timeline, ‘flashpoint’. He explained to everyone his mistakes and that there will be consequences.

Caitlin had to pay for his mistakes; she remembered how one day she brought up the subject of her - having powers, but Barry said she never had , so this was because of him.

Caitlin was more broken day by day, but she never told them, they were busy with the whole “ Iris will be murdered by Savitar” thing, so she kept her mouth shut.

She went to her mother one day, to try and find a cure, but there was no one.

She was becoming cold hearted.

“ I can’t stay here anymore, I will only hurt them. ” she sobbed quietly as she packed some of her things in a backpack.

Some clothes, some books and one picture with Cisco, Barry and her, plus her toothbrush and toothpaste.

Caitlin was ready to go , when she felt her phone vibrating. It was a text from Barry, saying he will come to check on her in 15 minutes.

The girl started to cry, but decided to ignore the message, instead she wrote him a note and left it in front of the door before she left.

“ I’m going to miss this place. ” she wishpered as she got in her car.

“ Yes Cisco, she’s gone !” Barry cried into his phone, while on the other side of the line was his best friend .

The brown haired guy stared at the note; he couldn’t believe she just left Central City; Barry read the note over and over again.

“ I’m sorry Barry, but I had to go somewhere else, I couldn’t stay here anymore, I would’ve just hurt you and that’s the last thing I want, even if I’m cold as ice now; please tell Cisco that I’m sorry. Goodbye, - Cait ”

He crushed the note in his hands before he heard what Cisco just said.

“ What? You put a GPS tracker into her phone?” Barry asked amazed

“ Of course, she was kidnapped a lot, you know. Now, you should hurry and catch her; she is almost near Starling City, dude! ”

Barry speed off, dropping the note on the ground and he ran faster than usual. He couldn’t just lose Caitlin like that.

Caitlin screamed when she saw something stopping in front of her car; panicked she parked and went out to see what was that.

“ What are you doing here ?” she asked her friend, the flash.

“ I’m bringing you home; we need you, I need you Caitlin ! ”

Caitlin waited a second before her eyes turned ice blue; then she started laughing .

“ You only need me because if something will happen to Iris I could patch her up! Well, guess what? I don’t wanna come back and watch you love her and doing anything just for her safety! It hurts more than this !” She said pointing to the ice that formed around her fingertips

“ This isn’t you talking. ” Barry denied

“ Why not? Because the truth hurts and I couldn’t be able to hurt you because I love you?” she said spiteful

“ …love me?” Barry gulped in vain

Caitlin looked down, crying. Her eyes started to turn back to normal, slowly, and the silver stripes in her hair vanished.

“ I’m afraid that one day I’ll woke up and be her - be Killer Frost, and lose everything. ” she wishpered

When Barry didn’t say a thing, she continued.

“ I could stand the whole world hating me, but you. If you would hate me I think I’d break, I can’t be Caitlin Snow without you; not since you came into my life and made me happy again. You made me smile again , hope again, even…love . ”

Barry went closer to her and wrapped his arms around her shaking body.

“ It’s okay, Cait-”

“ It’s not, I should have kept my mouth shut. You got Iris. ”

She pulled away from his embrace , tears on her cheeks. She ruined everything, didn’t she?

“ Cait-”

“ I know that I can’t do this alone, and trying is the biggest mistake I can make, but even if I come back you’ll still be focused on Iris; I can’t stay, Barry. ”

The girl looked again into his eyes; he looked hurt, but he’ll be okay, Caitlin went closer to him and did the only thing she wanted to - she kissed him.

Barry was caught off guard, but he kissed her back. She pulled away, while one last tear fell from her eyes down her cheek.

“ I’m afraid, but thinking at you makes me brave. ”

She looked one more time at him, before she entered in her car and drove away from the guy she loved.

anonymous asked:

If Caitlin is the last husk, do you think she already knows?

It’s only a betrayal if she already knows, but at the same time her behavior doesn’t indicate to me that she does. Maybe it’s like Julian, who doesn’t know what he is doing when Savitar has control of him.

I’m a little confused? What exactly is a husk because I feel like they didn’t really explain it in the show, unless I missed something?

It was a non-plot point that was basically filler in the first few eps. The Rival and Magenta were husks, for example. And I guess the thing Wally was in was a husk. It’s like a cocoon where the person’s extradimensional metahuman powers are harvested, and once they have the powers they come out of the cocoonand their DNA is left behind in the husk. Last episode, Julian and Joe brought up that there is one more husk left.

@lanadanvrs said:

But like, what if E2 Caitlin had somehow taken over E1 Caitlin this entire time (post EP7?)? And she’s been working with Savitar this entire time…

Caitlin from E2 died in 2.19, but her spirit could be possessing Caitlin in some way. I still think Alchemy/Savitar would be a way to do that,  though.


Miss you
saying this makes me miss you more
i miss you even though im looking at your photo
time is so cruel, i hate us
seeing each other for once is so hard between us

it’s all winter here even in August
my heart is running on the time alone on the snowpiercer
i wanna get to the other side of the earth holding your hand 
wanna put an end to this winter
how much longing should we see snowing down to have the days of spring, friend

like the tiny dust like tiny dust floating in the air
will i get to you a little faster if i was the snow in the air 

snowflakes fall and get away little by little
i miss you i miss you
how long do i have to wait
and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend
to see you to meet you 

passing by the edge of the cold winter
until the days of the spring 
until the flowers blossom
please stay, please stay there a little longer

is it you who changed or is it me?
i hate this moment that this time flows
we are changing you know, just like everyone you know 
yes i hate you, you left me 
but i never stopped thinking about you, not even a day
honestly i miss you but ill erase you
cuz it hurts less than to blame you

i try to exhale you in pain like smoke, like white smoke
i say that ill erase you but i cant really let you go yet

snowflakes fall and get away little by little
i miss you i miss you
how long do i have to wait
and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend
to see you to meet you

you know it all, youre ma best friend
the morning will come again 
no darkness, no season can last forever

maybe its cherry blossoms and this winter will be over 
i miss you i miss you 
wait a little bit, just a few more nights
ill be there to see you, ill come for you 

passing by the edge of the cold winter
until the days of the spring
until the flowers blossom
please stay, please stay there a little longer

i miss you and i make myself sick over it like i told my mother i was doing well but i’m listening to music about lost lovers and watching the rain fall and letting myself sink into it. what i mean is that yesterday if you’d asked me to come home to you i would have run out in the snow for you. what i mean is i can’t let myself let go of you.


• Feb 19 •
How much do I have to miss you
How much does it have to fall like snow
For spring to come
- Spring Day (BTS)

Snow day means warm clothes, exploring outside, and having your annoying pet best friend follow you around everywhere!! (Also time for inking after a long time!~ Dress warm if you live in the snow areas like I do!!)

Twenty One Pilots asks

Self - titled

  • Why won’t you let us use your name?:    What is your name?
  • And I die as I wait as I wait on my crime:     What are you most guilty of?
  • You should never trust the Pantaloon:    What three words describe you?
  • So wash me with your water:     Is there anyone you miss?
  • Friend, please don’t take your life away from me:    Who is someone you can’t live without?
  • There’s miles of land in front of us:    If you could go anywhere where would you go?
  • The man deserves a medal:    What are you most proud of?
  • Your twisted mind is like snow on the road:    What is you favorite season?
  • I don’t fall slow like I used to:    What are you most afraid of?
  • He thinks that faith might be dead:    Are you religious?
  •  And I begin to envy the headlights driving south:    What do you listen to when you drive?
  • Sometimes we will die and sometimes we will fly away:    If you could have any superpower what would you have?
  • I’m singing:    What is your favorite song at the moment?
  • Now is the climax to the story:    What is your favorite book?

Regional At Best

  • If we could just lay down and wake up in Slowtown:    What is your favorite childhood memory?
  • There’s a stomach inside my brain:    What is your dream job?
  • Culture forbids:    What languages can you speak?
  • Is not a kitchen sink to me, OK friend?:    What is your kitchen sink
  • Won’t you go to someone else’s dreams?:    What is your favorite dream?
  • I hear a second voice behind your tongue somehow:    What language would you like to learn?
  • Ruby take my hand, please lead me to the Promised Land:    Do you believe in aliens?
  • Inside my bird’s eye theories:    What conspiracy theory do you believe in?
  • I’m the son of all I’ve done:    How many people are in your family?


  • Cause the dark’s not taking prisoners tonight:    What is your favorite quote?
  • Twisting the kaleidoscope behind both of my eyes:    Are you artistic?
  • Me for yelling, I’m telling you green gardens:    If you were a plant what would you be?
  • And turned our future upside down:    What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done?
  • And now I just sit in silence:    What was the first song you remember really liking?
  • Night falls with gravity:    Are you a morning or night person?
  • Cause there’s a screen on my chest:    What is your favorite television series?
  • Don’t wanna give you all my pieces:    Is there anyone you trust completely?
  • You say that you are close, is close the closest star?:    If you could time travel where and when would you go to?
  • But there’s hope out the window:    What gives you hope?
  • Silent in the trees    Where is your favorite place to be?
  • Stay alive, stay alive, for me:    Who is your role model?


  • One time to think and I say we start now:    What is one thing you want to do in the future?
  • Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young:    What is your favorite smell?
  • I know it’s hard sometimes:    How are you feeling today?
  • Yo, this song will never be on the radio:    Favorite song that is not on the radio?
  • But it takes someone to come around to show you how:    What is your sexual orientation?
  • But we go where we want to:     What is something you firmly believe in?
  • But I’m not good with directions and I hide behind my mouth:    What is your worst trait?
  • I want the markings made on my skin:    Do you have any tattoos? If not do you want one and of what?
  • I wanted to be a better brother, better son:    If you could go back in time to fix something would you?
  • But because of you I might think twice:     Is there special someone that you are falling for right now?
  • It’s just poetry divided:    What is your favorite poem/poet?
  • Our hometown’s in the dark:    What reminds you of home?
  • Don’t you test me though, just because I play the piano:    Do you play any instruments?
  • I want to be known by you:    If you could meet any famous person who would you meet?


  • You’ll never know the psychopath sitting next to you:    What is something you take for granted?
  • It’s time to say goodbye:    Who was your hardest goodbye?

Stay street my friends!

There’s Blankets

Prompt ~ Christmas request set during YJ where the team gets snowed in and the everyone knows the reader and Tim like eachother and so they constantly try to get them under the mistletoe and at the end of the night they end up cuddling together bcs it “got cold” “but, there’s blankets everywher-” “SHUT UP BART, I SAID IT GOT COLD”

“What do you mean we’re snowed in?” You asked with a confused tone.

“The zeta tubes are down due to the crazy weather so we’re stuck here until further notice, sorry hermana.” Jamie explained as you both walked to the kitchen where the rest of team was hanging out.

“So what do you guys want to do?” Bart asked once you both settled down.

“I don’t know, what do normal teenagers do?” You retorted with a roll of your eyes.

“We can have a sleepover!” M’gann said excitedly clapping her hands, “Or we can watch movies in the media room?” Tim insisted

“That sounds like a better idea.” You sided with him, the team muttered sounds of agreements besides M’gann and Cassie but you outnumbered them and proceeded to head for the media room.

“You only said yes because it was Tim’s idea.” Cassie shoved your shoulder as you both walked down the hallways.

“Shut up.” You looked down a soft blush blooming across your cheeks and crawling up your neck, “Ohhh you really like him.” Cassie giggled.

“Oh come on you have to admit he’s cute.” Karen popped up next to you a sly smirk present on her face as you covered your face.

“Come on Tim.”

“Dick, no.” Tim groaned for what seemed the millionth time today.

“You like her just go for it.” Dick argued playfully, “I’m not you Dick I don’t have that type of confidence.” Tim replied with a frown.

“Come on what’s the worst that can happen?” Dick walked into the media room followed by the rest of the team, they stayed behind to continue their conversation.

“I don’t know rejection, humiliation, heartbreak? A lot of things can go wrong.” Tim listed off, “You’ll have to tell her how you feel sooner or later.” Dick sing songed as he sat down on a beanbag chair.

Tim sat down at the edge of the couch watching Bart and Jaime argue about what movie they should watch. His eyes lazily traveled to his right spotting you walking over to the boys, probably to stop their bickering.

“Hey Tim come over here.” Jamie called out to him a grin etched on his face as you nodded your head no repeatedly at Jamie. Tim stood up slowly unsure for what they wanted him for, he walked over only to be pushed by Bart causing him to land on top of you.

“I-I’m so s-sorry.” Tim babbled, his cheeks flushing at the close contact, “I-It’s f-fine.” You said noticing the mistletoe above you, Tim unaware since he wasn’t facing upwards. He pulled you up with him, groans audible from the team at the wasted opportunity.

You curled closer to Tim as you watched the christmas movie on the tv, you pulled your legs up and wrapped your arms around you trying to get more warmth.

“You cold?” Tim whispered noticing your discomfort, “Yeah.” You whispered back shivering a bit. Tim wrapped his arms around you, enveloping you with his body that was radiating with warmth. Both of you stayed close during the whole movie not noticing the many pairs of eyes noticing the close contact.

“So Tim and Y/N, getting a little cozy there huh?” Connor joked once the credits began to roll on the screen.

“We’re just cold.” You quickly answered in a high pitched voice.

“But there’s blankets everywhere-”

Tim cut Bart off, “We were cold.” He glared at him which shut Bart up immediately.

Overwatch Q&A
  • Possible competitive mode for 1v1 and 3v3 if it has good feedback
  • Roadhog is getting a hook 2.0 revamp
    • THEY LISTEN TO US they mentioned this like 3 times
  • Trying to fix people dropping out in competitive mode
  • Looking into potentially avoiding in competitive mode//adding incentive for being in team chat when you’re in comp
  • Potentially adding new effects to current maps and weather effects (so rain in kings row or snow in route 76)
    • IRELAND IS STILL THERE the UK copped it hard after the Ominic crisis lmao
  • adding more modes to custom games 
  • (I might have misheard) but potential to exclude certain maps from your lineup???
  • Diversity is v important to Blizzard and they wanted a game that represented earth which is why theyre trying to focus so much on culture/history/nationality 
  • Looking into ways to make missed out event costumes available
  • THEY HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN THE LGBT QUESTION! MULTIPLE heroes aRE LGBT but they want to do them justice so, soon (not blizzard™ soon) they’re going to address it in a story or smth
  • originally the game was going to make it so if reaper picked up a soul mercy COULDN’T rez you no thx
  • they addressed the Mei not having a soul joke LMFAO
  • Possible amateur Overwatch league?
  • s3 competitive should start December 1st, adding competitive practice mode (just with no skills  gained/lost) 
  • Skill rating “we screwed up with placements” trying to re-calibrate and redistribute players over the curve AGAIN in a better way
  • They’re adding jump pads to one of the new maps
  • Someone wanted Hanzo to pin people to a wall with his arrow when they die but they said its too violent
  • Damage numbers aren’t gonna be a thing 
  • Looking into wheel customisation for communication please god
  • this kid just complained Sombra doesn’t have enough health I’m
  • Looking into camera stability for people who get motion sickness (it was specifically related to bastion but?????)
  • Sombra was originally called omniblade and she threw daggers LMFAO
“For me it is important to share my everyday life.” ~Sam Heughan

Sam and Cait - sharing everyday life.

Balfe:  … Oh, and ‘Friday Night Lights,’ that was a huge one for me,” with Heughan chiming in that the two of them watched “Friday Night Lights” together.

“Catriona [Balfe] and I hang out a lot.” 

“I can feel if she’s unhappy. I just feel it.” 

“Caitriona’s in New York and it’s snowing and she’s cold and miserable. Poor thing. I miss her greatly.”

“Sam was in L.A. filming something and sending pictures of him hanging out in beaches and stuff.”

“Yeah, we do hang out sort of personally as well.”

“But I never go home with my sword and prance around like I’m Laird off set do I ??? Not like others I know.”

“Late night celebratory macaroons.”

“I believe I did have your raw banoffee pie, Caitriona. It’s delicious.”

“And she’s always buying stuff, it’s so true.  … She also buys so many pieces of art work, and clothing.  She spends all her money online.” 

Sam: “I do sometimes do very early sessions, like sorta 4 o’clock or 5 o’clock.”                                                                                                 Cait: “Okay -  never 4 o’clock, okay. It’s always like 5, 5:30.”

Sam: “You can cook… can you?” [Cheeky grin]                                Caitriona: “Shut up, I’ve cooked for you before.”                                 Sam: “Yeah, she’s a really good cook.”    

“We were watching the Night Manager the other day.”

I'm sobbing. This is the most vmin we got in any mv. It was so indirect but in your face at the same time!

it’s all winter here even in August.

my heart is running on the time alone on the snowpiercer

i wanna get to the other side of the earth holding your hand 
wanna put an end to this winter.

how much longing should we see snowing down to have the days of spring, friend

snowflakes fall and get away little by little.

i miss you i miss you 

how long do i have to wait and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend to see you to meet you

passing by the edge of the cold winter until the days of the spring until the flowers blossom.

please stay, please stay there a little longer

you know it all, youre my best friend.

the morning will come again no darkness, no season can last forever.

maybe its cherry blossoms and this winter will be over

I miss you i miss you. 

wait a little bit, just a few more nights.

ill be there to see you, 

ill come for you

I made a theory about this but I should have read the lyrics sooner. I’m so happy!

I cant believe they actually went and said:

“You like their friendship so much? We’re gonna make a mv about it.”


‘I miss you’ 

Saying it makes me miss you even more 

I miss you even though I’m looking at your photo 

Time is so cruel, I hate us 

Seeing each other for once is now so hard between us 

 It’s all winter here even in August 

My heart is running on the time alone on the Snowpiercer 

Wanna get to the other side of earth holding your hand 

Wanna put an end to this winter 

How much longing should we see snowing down to have the days of spring?

 Like tiny dust, tiny dust 

floating in the air 

Would I get to you a little faster if I was the snow in the air? 

 Snowflakes fall down 

and get away little by little 

I miss you, I miss you 

How long do I have to wait 

and how many sleepless nights do I have to spend 

to see you, to meet you? 

 Passing by the edge of the cold winter

 Until the days of spring 

Until the days of flower blossoms 

Please stay, please stay there a little longer 

 Is it you who changed, or is it me? 

We are changed by this moment, this time flowing, you know 

Just like everyone you know 

Yes, I hate you, you left me

But I never stopped thinking about you, not even for a day 

Honestly, I miss you but I’ll erase you 

Because it hurts less than to blame you 

 I try to exhale you in pain like smoke, like white smoke 

I say that I’ll erase you but I can’t really let you go yet 

Snowflakes fall down 

and get away a little by little 

I miss you, I miss you 

How long do I have to wait 

and how many sleepless nights do I have to spend 

to see you, to meet you? 

 You know it all, you are my best friend 

The morning will come again 

No darkness, no season will last forever 

Maybe it’s cherry blossoms 

and this winter will be over 

I miss you, I miss you 

Wait a little bit, just a few more nights 

I’ll be there to see you, I’ll come for you 

Passing by the edge of the cold winter 

Until the days of spring 

Until the days of the flower blossoms 

Please stay, please stay there a little bit longer.

November 27: Spells

i know i missed two days i had no internet and family was in town but im back and even though i have NO CLUE what to write for this prompt im going to do my best

i love Penny


This was it. She had known this moment was coming for years. She had even spent time trying to prepare for it, scouring the forbidden and forgotten sections of Watford’s library, but it was useless.

Nothing could have prepared her for this final battle.

The competition between Basil Pitch and Penelope Bunce for top student was a slow burning, steady rivalry. Nothing like the crackling, explosive unresolved sexual tension between Basil and her best friend. Penny was quite certain Simon still believed Basil was his sworn enemy. Penny was quite certain those looks on Basil’s face were interesting combinations of love and despair.

Not that Basil Pitch wasn’t evil, in a right. The git was a vampire (according to Simon. She wasn’t quite sure if that made him inherently evil, per se, but it surely didn’t help) and he was still dangerous to Simon, as a child of the Old Families and a confused, love-struck boy.

Which is why Penny decided that her eighth year spell would be one to fix this mess.

Penelope started working on her project the first day of term. She’d dedicated an entire notebook to the task.

“Penny, what are you doing?” Simon mumbled around a butter-soaked scone. The boy had a problem.

“The eighth year spell project.” She replied matter-of-factly.

“It hasn’t even been assigned yet!” His eyes widened, and he shook his head. Penny shrugged. This project was important.


It was a week before the presentation of spells before Penny finally made some real progress. She was in the library, far past curfew, when she stumbled upon a book featuring the spell cast on Watford’s crucible. The one that casts roommates together.

She just needed to make it a little stronger.


Miss Possibelf looked uncertain, “Miss Bunce, love spells can be quite finicky and a bit dangerous…”

“It’s a soulmate spell. It’s perfect. Everyone tries to find someone at Watford, surely you know that. My parents met at Watford, you know, and I’m certain if you ask almost anyone they could say the same.”

“Have you tested it?”

“I tried it first on some rats in the catacombs-”

“And?” She crossed her arms. Penny wished Miss Possibelf wouldn’t doubt her so much, and contradict her, not in front of the class.

But Penelope Bunce wasn’t the type to back down from a challenge.

“The spell causes the name of your soulmate to be cast somewhere on your body. Which was quite difficult with rats, since they don’t really have names, or soulmates, I suppose… So Trixie offered to let me cast the spell on her and Keris.”

Miss Possibelf looked horrified. Trixie proudly displayed her ‘Keris’ tattoo, which ran across the back of her neck. Keris displayed her matching tattoo.

“It… worked?”

“Of course it worked.” Penny snapped. The nerve, to doubt Penny, one of two students with straight A’s for the past eight years.

“Well, in the final part of your presentation you’re supposed to cast the spell, but that would only work if someone is willing, in the case.”

Penny scanned the crowd. Agatha wouldn’t meet her eyes.

So she stared Simon down, instead.

This would fix EVERYTHING, if Penny was right (Penny was always right). Simon made his way to the front excitedly, following her beckon.

“Pen, this will fix everything, Agatha will finally realize that we’re soulmates, and then-”

“You’re absolutely right, Simon. This will fix everything.”

Penny cast the spell before he could finish rambling, and Simon immediately began checking his skin for the tattoo.

Penny couldn’t help but laugh as “Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch” etched itself across Simon’s collarbone.

“Pen, can you see it?”

“Yes, Simon.”

“Where?!” He was red. Everyone was silent. Baz looked like he was going to through up.

“Your collarbone.” He stumbled to the mirror in the back of the class, and froze.

Nobody said a word. The only noise was Basil’s chair flying backwards, as he stormed out of the room.

Penelope wasn’t quite sure what happened between Simon and Basil after Simon chased after him.

She does know that she secured her place as the top witch of Watford’s graduating class.

She does know that Basil couldn’t care less, what with Simon Snow’s name etched across his collarbone and Simon Snow’s hand in his.

All she knows is that she fixed everything.


just a set of instagram pictures of Jennifer Morrison. some new, some ancient, but all amazing.

just look at her, i mean she’s so much. she’s gorgeous. she’s cute. so talented. so hardworking. she’s unbelievable. 


Jon/Sansa Modern AU: The Art of Keeping It Casual

“You have no idea how unproductive it is to fall in and out of you as often as I do.” - The Story So Far / Roam

Jon Snow may have made it big in the business world, but everyone’s got a nemesis. Sansa Stark may be on the top in the fashion industry, but everyone’s got a bleeding heart. He hates loving her more than he is angry. She hates loving him more than she is sad. They are slowly killing each other in the process of finding their own missing pieces, they can see their ends. But those words turn into a fire in their throats when their bodies melt like snow in the rain. They put each other through hell, but their eyes cry when they tell it’s not love. They’ve mastered the art of keeping it casual, but there is nowhere else they’d rather be. 

please let this snow storm be world ending and nyc has to go into a state of emergency so i can work from home tomorrow i’m so tired

How they react...

…To a variety of goodbyes.

♡ ♡ \ Request from anonymous / ♡ ♡

Could you do a preference (males only if that’s okay) when they’re trying to say goodbye before leaving but end up giving in and taking you with them because theyd miss you too much? Tysm!


I have changed this request slightly to add more variety

whilst still staying along the subject of goodbyes.

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‘’Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.’’

Thank you beautiful Riv for all that you were, all that you are and all that you always will be… for anyone lucky enough to have had you flutter into their lives. We love you and will always miss you. You will never die. <3