but i do love you and hate you at same time because you are awesome. but you kept wasting my time. okay

What Will It Be?

A/N: This is my entry for @sdavid09 Halloween Movie challenge. I had so many brain farts with his one so it might not be the best but I like it. I don’t know anything about “IT” or scary movies in general because I hate them, but this was fun haha. I hope you guys like it. ALSO, to the people who wanted to be tagged in Crowley fluff, this wasn’t the original one I was talking about, so anyone tagged in this one will be tagged in the other.

Movie: IT

Prompt: “Do you want to hold my hand?”

Pairing: Dad!Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Tiny children, cutesy fluffers, UNBETAED so this about to be a mess lhh thats about it

Word Count: 2650

Summary: Another date, another waste of Crowley’s time. When will he find what he’s looking for? Has he already found it in his daughter’s babysitter? (I suck at summaries SnS)

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“Okay, there are two first aid kits; one in the drawer right next to the fridge and one in the bathroom. She’s not a reckless kid per se, I just like to make sure I’m prepared just in case she decides she’s Superman one day,” Crowley explains.


“She’ll stay in her room and play for the most, you’re welcome to join her, she won’t mind. She may be quiet, but she’s friendly. If you do end up playing with her, remember, she liked Disney movies a lot, so be prepared to be a damsel in distress. If she gets bored with playing just pop in a movie - her favorite is Pocahontas. Do not put on a scary movie.”

“Alright, I-”

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“So –” Stupidly Hot Guy coughs, suddenly standing next to him. Derek doesn’t drop his mug, but it’s a near thing.

Derek’s been watching Stupidly Hot Guy since he walked into the coffee shop, wearing a hat and huge sun glasses, craving for some peace and quiet in his otherwise paparazzi and gossip magazines filled life. Stupidly Hot Guy with his long fingers, mole dotted face and easy smile immediately caught Derek’s attention, and he stared at him until the man got up and headed towards the bathroom.

“So,” the guy repeats, fumbling with the sleeve of his shirt. It only makes him look more adorable. “assuming this won’t blow your cover, would you mind giving me your autograph?” Derek chokes on his coffee, coughs until his eyes start watering. Stupidly Hot Guy just stands there looking more and more nervous. “You don’t have to! Please don’t die, oh my God.”

“Sorry.” Derek finally says, taking a deep breath. “I just – thought people wouldn’t recognize me with the glasses.” He gestures towards his own face, all the while looking around to check if there are any paparazzi around.

“Maybe you should hide your eyebrows next time.” Stupidly Hot Guy mumbles, when he catches Derek staring, his entire face turns red. “Fuck, sorry I didn’t mean to –”

“You recognized my eyebrows?”

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MTVS Epic Rewatch #109

BTVS 4x19 New Moon Rising

Stray thoughts

1) It’s a wonder that my heart can be simultaneously breaking and swelling with joy because of the same episode, but that’s exactly what happened after I watched New Moon Rising. Feelings, y’all, am I right?

2) “I want my room to be Willow-friendly.” 

How cute are they, though? They are holding hands and making the decision to adopt a pet together. Something that, in my book, pretty much equals marriage, okay? You can’t possibly be more committed to a relationship than that, okay? Cuteness overload.

3) It’s so awesome that Tara is finally at a Scooby meeting, and that Willow is trying to make her feel comfortable as she translates Scooby-speak for her. And Tara is happy to just be there, you know? Like she doesn’t really care if she doesn’t understand a single word they’re saying or about the fact that they’re possibly discussing end-of-the-world super-evil stuff. She’s just overwhelmed by joy because Willow is finally sharing this other part of her life with her, and that’s all she’s ever wanted. 

4) But of course… all good things come to an end. Or at least to a stop. And obviously Oz’s first line had to be monosyllabic. Just… “Hey.”

5) Oh my god, I just noticed this parallel! 


WILLOW: When, when did you get back?
OZ: Pretty much now.


OZ: I think I better take off.
OZ: Pretty much now.

6) This scene is so hard to watch for me because the awkwardness is palpable and also, in a way, I’m kinda rooting for both Oz and Tara, tbh.

I mean, it’s not like I wanted Willow to get back together with Oz by this point. And it wasn’t just because of Tara. Oz repeats throughout the episode that he has changed. But so had Willow. And again, not just because of Tara, although she had a lot to do with Willow changing. But what happened with Oz also changed her. Both of them had changed. So it was odd that Oz felt they could kind of pick up their relationship where they had left it off. They were still Oz and Willow but at the same time, they weren’t. They could still care for and even love each other, it just wouldn’t be in the same way. But I digress.

What I was talking about is how I feel for both Tara and Oz in this episode. Even if Oz/Willow the way we knew them were in the past, that doesn’t take away from how meaningful and important their relationship was. He was Willow’s first love, and throughout season 2 and 3, even when I know Tara is coming, I ship them. They make sense together. They had a cute and beautiful and at times sad history. And I never hated Oz, not even after the whole Veruca thing. Because even though he cheated on Willow, that whole arc wasn’t really about him and Willow or him and Veruca for that matter. It was about Oz trying to find himself, to make sense of the human and the wolf in him, to reconcile those two identities (because - and I know I’ve mentioned this before - at the core the show is about self-discovery and identity and agency.) And yes, seeing him back gave me a lot of warm fuzzy feelings. 

But Tara, though, my baby!

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The Greatest Gift

*** Here we gooooooooo! eyeofthetigeress mom this one is for you! This idea has been in my head and I’m so happy i get to finally write this! Mom if you don’t like it i will definitely redo it!  @cowardlycustarddonut this is the one I’m so proud of******

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Prompt: “hi would like to request a story from my child. Could you write a story about Pietro and the reader… It could be about whatever you want, all i ask for is fluff or smut. Mama Maximoff loves you!!!” 

(( Gif not mine, found on tumblr )) 

You walked down the open hallway breathing heavy. The events from earlier still had you out of breath. You just finished battling against Ultron and it was everything but calm now. People were rushing up and down the long hallway, the other avengers were being checked out for injuries. But They didn’t bother to check you though,  you healed yourself automatically.

When you were just a little kid you were experimented on by your father, and even if your father was a lousy father and he couldn’t cook for shit; he did a hell of a good job giving you awesome super powers. You had compatibility for every power in the book. Any power that any super hero had, you had always well; but you probably weren’t as good at it as they were.

Your most used power was the elements of earth, that was your fighting strategy. But recently you realized that you had another strong power; 


You figured this out after you healed Marias deep head wound, and the whole team was thrilled. You grew stronger at healing the more times you practiced it. From once only being able to heal a paper cut, you could now heal a bomb wound. 

You stopped walking when you saw every doctor walking out of one of the rooms, muttering to Tony about how they couldn’t do anything anymore. 

Clint dropped his head when the doctors told him and his shoulders started to shake. Natasha tried to comfort him but he shoved her away standing up, “Why! Why did he do it! It should have been me!” He sobbed out. 

You walked over to the window that showed into the room and you saw the two sovokian twins. The girl, Wanda, was hunched over the boys, Pietro, body clinging onto it, sobbing like Clint was. You heard her mutter little phrases in russian that you didn’t understand.

The girl looked up and saw you staring at the scene she was portraying, she gave you a small, broken smile and choked on a sob; she then turned her attention back to her brother. 

“Don’t leave me.”

“Brother i need you.”

“I can’t do this without you please!”

“i love you, come back to me.”

You felt a hand on your shoulder which caused you to jump. Steve was standing next to you watching Wanda as well. “Are you okay?” He asked you. that was then when you realized that you were crying. You wiped the tears away quickly and nodded quickly. 

Steve looked at you closely, the way you were eyeing Wanda and Pietro he knew what you were thinking. “Are you going to do it?”

You nod and start to head the door, “I’m going to try, It’s my job.”


All the avengers followed you into the room, Wanda didn’t seem to notice but when she did she eyed all of you up and down; before her eyes widened. 

“No! Don’t take him away from me! Not now! He didn’t get to say goodbye,” She cries out to you all. She rested her head on Pietros bloody bandages, “He didn’t get to say goodbye,” She said again; except this time it was in a broken whisper.

Natasha starts to speak but you stop her with your hand. You walk up to the hospital bed slowly, and you sit down on the bed and start to rub circles on Wandas back. 

“Wanda, will you look at me?” You ask softly, Wanda looks up at you with tears in her eyes. “I am not going to take your brother away, but i need you to trust that i am going to bring him back, ok?” 

Wanda looks at you with wide and confused eyes, and must of read your mind because she understood what you were going to do, “You’re a healer? You can heal my brother?”

You nod at her.

Wanda quickly gets off the bed and wipes her eyes, she leans over the bed and cups both your cheeks, “Please, please bring him back. He’s all i have left.” You grabbed her hands off your face and give them a tight reassuring squeeze.

“I’ll do my best.”

Wanda backed away and the others filed in a circle around the bed. Pietro laid on the bed, he’s skin was paler than you remember it being. His eyes were closed and his hair had some dirt along with dust mixed in it, You touched his hand and it felt like ice, He was shirtless with bandages tightly wrapped around him; but he was bleeding through them still even though he has already passed. You cringed at his all too peaceful state.

He looked like death. 

You placed your hands on his chest and you heard Wanda gasped. You closed your eyes and focused on only Pietro. You hands roamed around each bullet wound that you felt. 

At first you felt like it wast working, but you soon felt his skin heat up slightly. Your powers became stronger and you felt the glow radiating off of you and onto Pietros body. 

You felt the blood cease from pouring and you felt his chest pop up into place again like a balloon, But you also felt the pain. You felt the bullet wounds enter your skin just like they did Pietro. You winced in pain, but you didn’t move your position. 

That was the one sucky thing about your power, You felt the same pain the hurt one felt. It couldn’t kill you as far as you knew, but he sure as hell hurt like a bitch. Enough to make you want to quit. But quitting on him wasn’t an option.

You could feel his inner emotions now. 

You felt happiness from Pietro Maximoff. 

You felt fear from Pietro Maximoff.

You felt heartbreak from Pietro Maximoff.

You felt hate from Pietro Maximoff.

You felt love from Pietro Maximoff.

You felt pain from Pietro Maximoff.

You felt life from Pietro Maximoff.

Your head was spinning and you felt dizzy but you kept going, letting the pleads of your friends not stop you. And even throughout all the chaos going on in the room you all heard it.

The heartbeat. 

Pietros heartbeat was goings strong on the monitor and you opened your eyes. 

You saw the blood on his Bandages completely gone, you pull away one of the bandages while everyone watched you. Once the bandage was gone everyone took in a deep breath. 

The bullet wound was gone. 

“Pietro!” Wanda choked out while running up to him and wiping away any stray hairs from his face. 

You backed away and rubbed your head. Tony walked up to you and rubbed your back, “Take it easy kiddo. You did good, you did good.” You smile up at him weakly and rubbed your stomach.

You heard someone gasp for air and the two of you ran up to the bed. 

Pietro was awake and he was having a hard time getting any air at all, His blue eyes filled with fear and confusion. 

You reached over to a nearby face mask and attached it to Pietros face, and turned the air on full volume. 

Pietro held onto the mask and breathed heavily with it, he soon relaxed and laid down on the bed. You let out a sigh of relief and so did the others. Clint sat down on the ground and prayed to god, thanking him for bringing Pietro back again. 

You watched Pietro as he brought a shaky hand up to Wandas face and gently wiped away her tears and traced his hand down to her hand and held it as tight as he could. Wanda laughed with sorrow and closed her eyes causing more tears to fall, “I thought lost you, oh god! I thought i lost you!” 

You tore yourself away from watching them and looked around the room, everyone else seemed to have left, you started to leave the two alone whenever wanda stopped you. 

“Thank you. y/n. Thank you so much.” You slowly turned around to see both set of eyes staring at you, “This is all i’ll ever need. thank you so much.” 

You smiled at her while she smiled at you hiccuping from all her crying. Pietro looked his sister with a puzzled look and she smiled at him, squeezing his hand. 

“This brave girl saved you when no one else could. She brought you back to me.” 

You walked back over to the bed and stood over Pietro, you smiled down at him; While he just looked back up at you unable to speak because of the mask.

“Hello Pietro Maximoff, i’m y/n. And I’m so happy that i was able to bring you back.”  

You saw Pietro smiled through the mask a little and took your hand softly into his shaky one, and he gave it a little squeeze. 

You smiled at him and squeezed his hand back, and you sat down in the chair next to his bed. 

And that’s where you stayed for the next month. 


You walked into the open gym and headed straight to the food table they had set up. The only good thing about training was the food they provided you. 

You picked up a plate and began to dig into the strawberries and fruit dip, you felt someone appear next to you. You glanced up and saw Pietro and Wanda looking at you while taking awkwardly glances at you.

You smiled at the two, “Hey Creepy and Roadrunner, whats up?” They smile at your comment and Wanda looked down at her hands and nudged Pietro a little in the side.

Pietro looked at you and started to speak, “i haven’t properly said this to you, but thank you. I don’t know why you brought me back of all people, and you will never know how grateful i am. It is all because of you that i am here will my sister to this day.” 

You take a bite of your strawberry and smile at him, 

“Pietro saving you, saving you was the greatest thing that i have ever done.” 

Wanda looked up and looked at you with wide eyes, “We insist we make it up to you y/n. We will work for you ,we will forever be in your debt.” Pietro nods to agree with his sister.

You let a little laugh and shake your heads, “Oh no guys seriously, were all good here.” 

“We insist.” 

You look at them both before crossing your arms and leaning to the side, “Ok well if you insist… You have to do the dishes every night, my room needs a serious cleaning and redo, if you could fill in all my training house that would be great; but keep that one on the down low, Oh! and i must be cared around all day.” 

They both stared at you with fear in their expression and you couldn’t help but burst out laughing, “Guys I’m kidding, you don’t owe me anything.” 

Wanda begins to protest but you stop her. you thought to yourself before walking up closer to them and smiling; 

“Becoming friends would be a great start.” 

They looked puzzled at first but after a few glances to each other they smile softly at you. Pietro chuckles a little before fidgeting with his jacket;

“We’ve never had friends before.”

You put an arm on his shoulder and brought it down to his hand, you brought your other hand to hold wandas as well, “Nether did I when i first came here.” You glance over their shoulders to see your fellow teammates goofing off.

They both glance behind them at the other avengers talking among each other, they then turn their attention back to you. 

You let go of their hands and throw away your plate, before leaving you turn around and look at them one last time with a smile on your face;

“Well now you both have one.”

Ok soooo this has been in my head since forever and eyeofthetigeress i am so SO SO SORRY IF YOU DONT LIKE IT ILL REDO IT! I VE JUST BEEN ITCHING TO DO THIS PROMPT SINCE IT CAME TOMY HEAD!