but i do love their dynamic

This just in, Jim, I drew Celine again because I’m still in love.

I’m curious to see whether the theory that Dark is an amalgamation of Damien, Celine and possibly the Attorney is correct. It’s my favourite theory personally, since I like the dynamic it adds to Dark’s character and then my girl Celine lives on. Hopefully our dear friend Markiplier will provide some answers soon.

Two points pulsate on the monitor
careful to avoid drowning the other in its ripples
the image is dynamic
a fluid relationship back and forth
and between and harmony
is a beautiful thing

I wonder how they stay that way
undisturbed by the waves
like time is of a separate dimension
I wonder how we stay in love
do we occupy the same space
that pulls petals from flower buds
and grays hairs and sets suns
or do we exist in another screen
all together 
beating in tune with each other
perfect like an infinite program
that repeats until the world
is nothing but an entity
that resides within our own ripples.
—  Monitors

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het ships in general tend to be almost always ooc because they’re built around ”he was a boy she was a girl do i need to say more” rhetoric where there’s zero dynamic or base for the relationship to form. their ”love” is never questioned and their personalities automatically ”fit” because it’s het love. whereas lgbt ships and interracial ships have to be like the epitome of perfection to be even considered ”real” and even then people deny their validity by calling them ”ooc” and ”not realistic”

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I love lancelot for the pure ship it can be, (and I hate how this fandom treats Lotor) but what do you think of Jeremy saying that Lance won't like Lotor? What do you think their dynamic will be like with this information?

Jeremy saying that Lance won’t like Lotor is pretty valid, since Lotor is a fairly gray character because he isn’t really evil but he isn’t really good either (and mostly works to his own goals), so it’ll make sense that Lance won’t be trusting either. I think, that in time, they’d be able to enjoy each other’s company. THey both seem to care for their appearances (lance w skin, lotor w hair) and do have a bit of a thing for theatrics (loverboy lance and lotor being a good actor), but I won’t really analyze too much into what we have on Lance’s thoughts for Lotor because that’s the fun in making our own personalties and hcs for their interactions as a fandom (at least until the next season rolls along and crushes us)

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I love the new season, the setting,the characters & the character dynamics. I really like the Roni, Rogers & Henry team up, how they set up their mission & how they are starting to work together. The show has that early S1 vibe and Hyperion Heights starts to feel like a community. The show is lucky to still have Regina and Rumple,their 2 most complex characters continue and every aspect of the past main characters continue with Henry,their legacy.I think that Andrew J West is doing a great job.

Glad you’re enjoying it.

Hal’s Fall 2017 Early Season Rankings
  1. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou - This really caught me off guard by how great it actually is. A post-apocalyptic slice of life, it follows the daily life of 2 girls that live in a world in which civilization has ended.
  2. Kino no Tabi - Still the good ol’ Kino no Tabi, episodic dark slice of life series. A definite must watch
  3. 3 Gatsu no Lion 2 - Still that good ol’ part comedy part cry your eyes out goodness, I love how all of the characters, even the side “villainous” ones like the elder sister and her fling are given human sides for you to really consider if hating them is really the right thing to do.
  4. Love Live Sunshine 2 - Same ol’ shitty plot, but I still love the girls. I mentioned that I liked the dynamic of Aquors alot more than Muse, and it kinda showed in the 2nd episode, where the characters are actually all very different.
  5. Yuuki Yuuna prequel - it’s pretty much the same as the movies, which were pretty good, so still great. Hey Wasshii, let’s enjoy KAGAWA LIFE!
  6. Cinderella Girls Gekijou 2 - Still good shorts with great girls
  7. Aikatsu Stars - I like Futaba Aria and Hanazono Kirara’s rising maturity, but the series is kinda plain these days. Also, Elza Forte is one of the biggest waste of a character there is. She’s basically Kanzaki Mizuki made even more boring. What a waste of a 2nd season.
  8. Blend S - It’s Working, basically. Decent SoL comedy.
  9. Himouto Umaru Chan 2 - Still cute, albeit annoying at times. I do like that Umaru does seem to have grown a  slight bit more mature, though it’s prolly my imagination
  10. Idolmaster SideM - It’s decent, I guess. Not great, just decent. Also, how did that old teacher ever become an idol?
  11. Konohana Kitan - Cookie cutter moeblob, now with fox girls in baths.

On Hold

  1. Fate/Apocrypha - I haven’t watched like 4 episodes of this.


UQ Holder

  • Pidge: Keith can I go off on a dangerous solo mission to find my lost brother?
  • Keith: What did Lance say?
  • Pidge: No.
  • Keith: Then why should I let you?
  • Pidge: He’s not the boss of you.
  • Keith: [internally] This is a trap this is a trap this is-

YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Baby Bump

Yuuri is used to gaining weight. He’s not so familiar with pregnancy.

well, y’all asked for it! :P

*If the comics are hard to read, tap on the image first to bring it up in the Tumblr viewer, THEN right click view image for the unaltered slightly higher resolution.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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Hello, just want to say I love your art, do you have any suggestions on how to draw poses?

I guess three things I think of when it comes to poses are line of action, straight vs curved, and weight. I’ll use this quick awkward doodle to demonstrate:

You probably know this one if you know animation. Everything in the drawing doesn’t necessarily have to stick to it, but its a good basis for the overall silhouette. Most examples I’ve seen stick to one line, but sometimes I experiment with two if I’m going for a more action-y, dynamic pose. Its best not to go over two (two is risking it) as that would just get too visually confusing.

This one is more for smaller details, such as the arms and legs. Its good if you want to go for a more stylized look, since real life humans never have completely straight lines anywhere on their body. It’s basically contrasting a straight line with a curved one so you get a clearer idea of where the volume is going. Check out this video if you want more info, which is where I referenced from!

An easy one to forget in my experience. A little trick we learnt in life drawing class is that in real life the nose should generally be parallel to where the most weight is, to make it look more balanced. You’ll notice too that the body gets more compressed where the most weight is, ie the left leg here.

Some of my own (colour coded) examples, although I’m still learning to apply these things ~

(Sometimes if the nose doesn’t line up with where the body is leaning, you have to balance it out with the limbs or other body parts. The amethyst one would not work if she wasn’t holding another character on her back)

I recommend looking up these techniques online or in art books as you’re bound to find more in-depth tutorials and examples. But overall I hope this helps!


it was only a kiss, it was only a kiss

this song helped my 17 y/o brokenhearted self open her eager eyes to destiny and made me who i am today. thanks for being with us through all the 14 absolute banger years, mr. brightside


I may surprise you, pixie boots. 


Poly Shipping Meme “MY OT3 IS BETTER THAN YOURS” : Versailles (Season 2) ↳Philippe/Liselotte /Chevalier (Monchelotte)

someone: do you still ship klance?

me, internally: I love the dynamic of Klance and I love writing the ship. It was my first ship in the Voltron fandom and my first Voltron Klance fic Bonding Time is still my most popular. But it’s a constant frustration, because the more Klance content I reblog, the more anti blogs and art and posts are recommended to me. Because so many Klance fans are antis, and so Klance is associated with antis, which is so sad because I don’t want to be associated with such a toxic side of a fandom and I know many other Klance shippers don’t either, or don’t see the harm in anti arguments because they support Klance, and they’re defending Klance, so it must be okay, right? I hate that so many antis who ship Klance are also Lance stans, because I love Lance but I do not appreciate the iterations of Klance which make Keith out to be little more than a prop to support and lavish love upon Lance when he needs it - forget Keith’s feelings and character development, he’s from Texas and loves knives and making terrible decisions LOL. I hate the “there can only be one” mentality among so many Klance fans, who will go out of their way to bash other ships in order to make Klance the only “safe” and “non-problematic” one. I hate that the argument “because it’s not Klance” has literally been used when one shipper was asked why she didn’t ship or like Hance, I hate that people label Pidge/Lance as problematic even though Pidge and Lance have great potential as a couple and their age difference is the same as Keith and Lance’s, and most of all I hate that antis who ship Klance (…which is most if not all of them) claim other ships that “interfere” with Klance like Sheith or Shance or Shklance are pedophilia and unhealthy, when they are neither. I hate that antis who ship Klance will go so far as to attack other shippers with slews of hate, death threats, give them labels using words they do not even understand, and worst of all invalidate the experiences and trauma of actual CSA victims in their quest to make Klance the one true pairing. I hate that Klance fans have attacked the creators and voice actors of the show in the same way, I hate that @bext-k has been treated so horribly here on tumblr and then been told she couldn’t defend herself because her bully was a minor (a minor, but not a toddler, someone who is perfectly capable of not being an asshole and whose age does not make it okay for them to say the things they said). I cannot stand the Klance meta posts that analyze the heck out of every interaction between the two of them, and at the same time ignore much more meaningful interactions between characters like Shiro and Keith and deny that there could be anything more than friendship between them. It isn’t that deep, I’m sorry, it just isn’t, and it’s embarrassing to see how far of a reach Klance fans make sometimes in order to make their ship as canon as possible. And look, to a degree, I get it. I love Klance. But I do not love the way so many Klance shippers have broken apart this fandom and created spaces so toxic that CSA victims’ voices cannot even be heard without being shut down, mocked, and insulted. I do not love the way I now I have to check every unknown blog’s description before reblogging a post from them to make sure they don’t say “shaladins get out” or “stinky anti” there. I do not love the way that adult antis claim they are protecting minors and then turn around and reblog nsfw fanart of Keith and Lance, two characters who they apparently see as minors, even going so far as to tag it with things like “yaoi” or “this is so sinful” or something equally insulting. I do not love the way antis gaslight and guilt-trip, I do not love the insidious mob mentality that leads to people feeling afraid of not thinking the way other antis do. I do not love the all too prevalent fujoshi culture found among Klance shippers - have you ever noticed that the overwhelming majority of Klance shippers are teenage to twenty-something girls? Whereas all of the queer guys I know of in this fandom are multishippers and/or ship Sheith or Shance. Why don’t we acknowledge that? Why don’t we acknowledge that queer guys, whose relationships we are writing/drawing/analyzing and fangirling about, have an opinion here, and that their opinion maybe, just MAYBE, matters more than ours? In Hypable’s Battleships poll, this was literally proven - way more guys voted for Sheith than voted for Klance. But Sheith is the toxic relationship. Uh-huh. Right. Okay. Even though they’re both adults and have shown each other nothing but love, trust, and respect. This is what infuriates me about so many Klance shippers. The willful blindness to even acknowledge that other sides, other ships, may have merit. And of course this isn’t all of them, I ship Klance and I know many others who do and who don’t share this mentality that makes me so sad and upset. But there are a significant amount of Klance shippers who do. Why can’t there just be a dialogue? Why can’t antis be people who may not like Shaladin ships but understand that this is a fictional show, people are entitled to their opinions, blacklisting tags/blocking users/not looking at content you don’t like is a valid option, and words like pedophilia and “go kill yourself” should not be thrown around as lightly and frequently as they are? I wish we could. I really wish we could. And I also wish I could ship Klance as much as I want to without constantly being reminded of all the hate spread by people who call it their OTP.

me: yep haha ofc klance will always be close to my heart!

People who are praising Arya for calling out Sansa:

We are on two different sides.

When I saw that scene, I was frustrated with Arya for not understanding the importance of working together - as a team. Sansa is doing her job as Lady Stark. No, she doesn’t give inspiring speeches or has scenes where she plays the typical “bad ass” in the show. Sansa is being a bad ass in her way. When Arya questions if Sansa secretly likes it - the people wanting to follow her and are frustrated with Jon - I get it. Arya only knows her sister as a girl who gets nice things.

I think we are all forgetting that Sansa hates Littlefinger as much as anyone else, that she hates rulers who don’t listen to her subjects. Sansa understands him, Sansa understands Cersei, Sansa understands people. People are underestimating Sansa and I will defend her. Through all that I have seen, I stand by her.

I was also applauding the writers for showing Arya’s weaknesses in this episode. I love Arya as much as anyone but the writers do as do every strong, well-liked person on this show: they showed her flaws. Arya doesn’t understand the importance of working with people because she has grown to rely solely on herself. Arya doesn’t understand the dynamics of Lords and Ladys and Kings and Queens - because all Arya has known people of those kind are the types of people who destroy her loved ones and herself. Arya has grown spectacularly but she isn’t done.

So that’s what I have to say about that.


i’ve been thinking about shou and mob a lot lately and naturally i had to make an au to satisfy my needs

AU where shou is an important person with an office with a view and shigeo is his receptionist. but really it’s just them stumbling over how it is to be in a relationship like new born fawns

a big thank you to @coffeelions for getting excited with me about this!! i really needed an outlet in those trying times hahaha so thank youuuu!!

Eiffel: which country has the most birds

Eiffel: portugeese

Eiffel: wait

Hilbert: that’s a language

Hera: portugull

Eiffel: nice recovery

Lovelace: don’t you mean nice redovery 

Minkowski: turkey, how did we miss turkey

what i love: rick being forced to realize that he can’t push his family around and control everything. that being the smartest or most nihilistic asshole in the room doesn’t entitle you to anything, and it’s finally getting to him. no one is taking his shit anymore. and i hope the fact he didn’t ditch them is a sign that he’s actually improved and will continue to do so, even just a little.

what i hate: beth and jerry getting back together despite making little to no improvements in what has repeatedly been shown to be a deeply unhealthy dynamic