but i do love their dynamic

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"aki-nii do u wanna play mariokart with us?" "uhh sure im gonna kick your asses tho lmao" and tsukki is so salty for the whole round and yam and aki are having a fuckin blast idk i love the soul brothers akiteru and yamaguchi dynamic - potion seller

Plot twist aki sucks at Mario Kart

~ Mod Han

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have you ever thought about interaction between nanika/alluka and kurapika ? what do you think it'll be like ?

oh! i’ve never considered this before, and i don’t even think i’ve see fan art or fan fic?

i want alluka to play with kurapika’s hair and have a tea party w/ him and killua and some stuffed animals. kurapika would do it because he is a goddamn professional.

… alluka holding woble and eyes sparkling and being fascinated because BABIES!!!!! ….

not sure about the interaction with nanika – kurapika would totally be chill about it and 1000% understand that it’s vital nanika’s powers not be abused by illumi or anyone else, but idk what kinds of cutesy stuff i would love…

i hope they end up meeting because i love seeing new characters interactions/dynamics. they probably will at some point because nanika is confirmed from the dark continent so i’m expecting killua and alluka to get pulled into this arc, but.. idk

this is cute. please everyone think about cute alluka/nanika headcanons as she meets new characters. (bisky taking alluka dress shopping, melody playing her a lullaby to fall asleep, leorio making an impassioned speech that he will fight god and walk backwards into hell to protect killua’s litter sister…. good, pure)

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Hi Meebs! I love all your art and UNSPKN is fantastic! I was wondering, do you have any plot bunnies for any comics studying the relationship between the skelebros from any of the AU'S? You're so good at portraying the canon skelebros that I'm curious how you might approach the Fell Bros, (I would say Swap Bros but that would just be the exact same dynamic but in reverse.) or maybe the Horrortale Bros. I think your style would lend itself well to that AU. Either way keep up the great work! ^3^

Hoi! ^^ Thank you so much!

I just really love the classic skelebros - there’s so much to explore between them! 

I did one, or two takes on Underfell bros, i do like this AU, believe it or not XD Undertale bros has just too much interesting things to explore.

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Intimidating omegas! Omegas who looks as if they're about to murder the next person they see. Omegas who have resting bitch face and even the strongest alphas are scared as fuck. The omega looks frightening but is actually a ray of sunshine and the most loyal friend to his/her group and the sweetest omega to their mate!

This is literally me. Do you know me? @ me next time. Lmfao. This is literally me. Minus the sweetest omega to their mate, I’m a hard ass in a relationship. 

I love this so much. I love Omegas with resting bitch face. Alpha will be so afraid to approach them and then they do and they fall head over heels for their adorable and rare smile. 

I live. 

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i loved ur heathers animatic !! i feel like you always do a really great job of drawing dynamic poses that are more visually pleasing ?? 10/10 nice animatic


Cars Fanfic Author Problems:
  • “Wait a minute can they even do this they’re freaking cars”
  • You start to write something about ears or hands and then you remember like “…oh wait-”
  • getting anxious about putting human food in a scene so you just say oil to make it less conflicting
  • C A R  H U G S …
  • unsure about how to make a scene more dynamic cause the characters can really only just sit there talking to each other
  • “wait do they even have windshield wipers”
  • “how far can they stretch their axles out like arms omg this must read so awkward”
  • when you have to write Mater’s dialogue and you start  to say it out loud in the Larry the Cable Guy voice cause good God how do you write that voice properly (i.e. occasional horrid grammar and/or catchphrases)
  • *incoherent screaming about car anatomy*
  • “Okay would McQueen really cry here no he’d hold it in- but wait a second wouldn’t it be more powerful if he broke down here- alright listen up here-”
Owl Emoji Ratings

Really good solid owl here. He looks strong and brave, he wants to protect his loved ones. Love the details. Love the colors. Love those big ol’ eyes. A perfect owl, to be honest. 10/10

More simplistic approach, but still very good. Eyes gazing at you lovingly. Sweet lil ears. He wants to make new friends but he’s a little nervous. I’ll be his friend. 10/10

This sweet boy went for a more dynamic pose, and appears to be more of a barn owl! I’d love to hear him hooting outside my window at 3 in the morning. 10/10

A purple girl!!! She looks like she walked (or flew) right out of an enchanting fantasy realm. She would be the greatest friend imaginable. 10/10

A tiny fluffy friend…. I would die for him, but he wouldn’t want me to. He would be that one friend who pays attention to you when everyone else in your friend group doesn’t realize you’re trying to talk. 10/10

This LARGE owl is the friend we all need. He’s strong and powerful but he’s also polite and good hearted, and his ears are nice and big, so he can hear if you’re ever in trouble and come to your aid. 10/10

A cute, sweet little guy who is very nervous about being on this list. Luckily there’s room in my heart for all owls, and I think he’s magnificent. I love his sweet eyes. 10/10

This more stylized, colorful owl is really unique and gorgeous. I hope he isn’t worried about standing out too much. His unique patterns are admirable and he’s the envy of all. 10/10

This owl is just a head but I still love him. There’s a sparkle in his eye and you can sense warmth and kindness radiating off of him. He’s the wise old owl you read about only in fairy tales, but never imagined you would see face to face. I’m blessed just looking at him. 10/10


brotp: Jim Lake Jr. & Toby Domzalski

“Last week, we went for tacos. I paid, you said, ‘Next time on me’. You’re gonna get this letter back unopened after the fight. When you get back, we’ll get tacos.”

“Tacos sound good.”

You know what I love about Chloé and Marinette’s rivalry with one another? 

It’s not about Adrien.

Sure, Adrien doesn’t help matters at all, but there was already bad blood between Marinette and Chloé waaaay before he got involved, and 90% of their arguments have absolutely nothing to do with him. Instead we have Marinette getting pissed because Chloé’s being a bully, or Chloé being upset because Marinette steals the attention away from her. 

Their romantic rivalry is secondary to the fact that they just don’t see eye to eye, and they’re both stubborn and passionate girls who refuse to back down and let the other one win. That’s such a rare thing to see in cartoons about teenaged girls, and I enjoy watching it play out and seeing the two of them bounce off one another.

Eiffel: which country has the most birds

Eiffel: portugeese

Eiffel: wait

Hilbert: that’s a language

Hera: portugull

Eiffel: nice recovery

Lovelace: don’t you mean nice redovery 

Minkowski: turkey, how did we miss turkey

I really love this image because it looks like Souda’s about to do something drastic and Komaeda is holding him back by the jumper like “No”

“Souda. Control Yourself”

For real though if you don’t listen to My Brother, My Brother, and Me (an advice show for the Modren Era), you have not yet been introduced to the ultimate Unproblematic Faves.

All three brothers:
-are rare examples of straight white male allies to the female, POC, and LGBT+ communities who are Doing It Right and always apologizing/learning from their mistakes if they happen to screw up (which we all do, bc we’re human)
-love their wives and are super proud of them, and frequently criticize the tired “nagging wife/asshole husband” dynamic that is so prevalent
-are always sex-positive and quick to condemn slut-shaming/shaming of any kind when it comes to sexual identity (including the ace community! I remember a specific instance where they were answering a question where a woman’s friend accused her of being “asexual” like it was a personality defect and the brothers were very clear in their response that the asexual community is real and faces a lot of social discrimination)
-have repeatedly denounced the Friend Zone as complete bullshit and are not afraid to let dudes know when they’re toeing that line or being otherwise creepy and inappropriate
-are personal friends of Lin-Manuel Miranda like what else do you want

Individually, Justin (the oldest brother):
-frequently encourages self-care in listeners, from the mundane (learn about new things, eat healthy and exercise, etc) to the less common (this fucking ASMR kick they’ve been on for months now idek)
-is a super cool dad and husband who brags all the time about how smart and awesome his wife (and co-host of Sawbones) is
-most likely to create memorable bit characters (Edward Shnowden, Tiny Amelie, etc)
-is honestly just a ray of sunshine who wants people to get along and not be terrible

Travis (the middlest brother):
-has a Great Beard and some really crazy tattoos
-paints his nails and encourages dudes to get manicures bc they’re relaxing
-co-hosts another show about manners and good etiquette with his wife
-definitely the show’s Butt Monkey but has a good attitude about it
-thank Travis for Travis

Griffin (the sweet baby brother)
-has perfect teeth he suffered to obtain
-threw a rock at a raccoon once
-possibly the most outspoken feminist of the three
-has a really impressive vocabulary
-unironically loves Carly Rae Jepsen and America’s Next Top Model

I could seriously go on for days about how much I love these guys and the podcast empire they’ve created but like… everyone, just please love yourselves and listen to MBMBaM.
**Start around ep. 30 though, not at the beginning. The brothers have said before (and I agree) that the first episodes are definitely not a good first impression. (But you gotta start at 30 to get the beginning of the fursecution arc.)


                                                               S1E21 II S2E21
                                                karasuno’s setters working together


2016 was all about letting Adrien eat. But I know a mysterious cat boy who should definitely use his newfound freedom to finally eat greasy junk food like a normal kid. Adrien has to stick to a strict diet, but nobody ever said anything about Chat Noir. ;) Marinette was more than happy to treat Chat to her favorite burger spot. She also really wanted a milkshake. #FeedtheKitty2k17

 P.S. I’m marichat trash and more than anything I love them being the best of buds before any romance starts to creep in. I think their dynamic offers a different perspective to the love square. And while I’m down for some sin, sometimes it doesn’t do the potential of this pair justice. In it’s current state it’s neither (seemingly) one-sided like LadyNoir and Adrinette, nor is it currently capable of setting sail as is, like Ladrien. As far as canon goes, Ladybug and Adrien could technically date RIGHT NOW can you believe it wtf you two let’s go!  Marichat offers a bit of a clean slate, and it’s interesting to consider! Marinette trusts Chat because she’s Ladybug, and Chat likes Marinette because he’s Adrien; but neither of them are starstruck or nervous, so it leaves a lot of room for them to get to know each other in a casual way that’s super refreshing to read when done well.  Friends to lovers marichat is where it’s at!