but i do like the set up

Whenever Shinki calls Gaara father I feel like someone has physically struck me with a baseball bat full of nails.  

iwannabeleftalone  asked:

how do you keep making so much great art and comics??? it's all so pretty and theres so much of it and I'm just wondering how you do it consistently

Oh man I left this one a little late but I’ll post it bc I get this a lot

I work really fast and on a schedule. I have two jobs plus commissions and have set work hours I allow for things outside of that.

Usually it’s work for 4-5 hours, comms for 4 hours (with 30 minute warmups and cooldowns that are usually fanart) and then depending on what’s good with the world I might get 3 hours of wiggle room for the fun stuff. I really like schedules. 

Uni’s coming up soon so that’s gonna take a kick to the teeth but whatever.

Generally though I draw everywhere (sketchbook for public transport and lunch breaks) and if you do as much art as I do you get pretty good at producing it fast without compromising on quality a whole lot.

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hi, have you watched the full new yang nam show episode of bts? idk if it's still isn't subbed for english yet for a whole episode. I can only find like a couple clips subbed and a full thing raw.

i haven’t watched the whole thing yet, so far this (and bless her) is the only one I know that’s currently subbed, it’s only part 1 so far but it’s almost an hour show so i expect its gonna take some time till the whole thing is subbed ^^ also the gifs people have been making really help a lot too!

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What do you think about the nature of Maki and Kaito's relationship? Like, even though Tsumugi says she set the scenario up, do you think that it's possible that she was lying? I'm interested to hear your thoughts about their chemistry. Love your blog btw 💕💕💕

Thank you for these questions! I’m putting them together and want to answer them like this because while the answer to this question is very important in regards to Maki and Momota both as characters, I want to answer it specifically because I feel like this question is vital to pinpointing where and how Tsumugi starts lying in Chapter 6.

Of course, things are largely still going to be a matter of speculation, because the entire point of ndrv3’s ending is to remain largely uncertain to both the players and the characters themselves. But I feel like there were a few huge hints dropped by Tsumugi throughout the trial, and these really glaring contradictions in her claims are what make me not only think it’s possible, but that she was very likely lying about setting the whole romance scenario up.

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– mod–
I’ll add to the comments as usual.

The DM ran photos of DK in the exact same outfit with the exact same shopping bags iSaturday – walking alone. Check it out. No way she wore the identical outfit and had the same bags yesterday. The story conveniently tags them as yesterday when it was known N was back in NYC. The “getaway” makes for a much better story than 2 friends hanging out like he’s done with several female friends in the past few weeks (Ira, Jarah, Liz) – and been photographed with them too. These pics were set up.

what is everyone talking about with norman and what did this DK woman do? i’m late and curious because i really don’t want to find a way to dislike norman

grooooooooossssssssssssss. well if the other rumours are true, she wants a baby w him.

I honestly am surprised about Norman and Diane. And to the person that said Norman is a horrible person, you’re wrong. Norman liked Diane and I believe that Norman can do whatever he wants to do with his life. If Norman wants to date Diane, that’s fine.

So he is w a disgusting famewhoere. completely changes the way i see him. bye bye norman, no longer your fan (and im a lesbian, so this isn’t butthurt shit here)

If this is true, I don’t want to go to WSC London now. I don’t feel like meeting him if he has been lying to us this whole time.

Norman has to address this. He’s getting so much hate. I hope he shuts it down. Please Norman say it’s not true.

I can’t believe he lied to us. If this really is true, then everything he says is bullshit.

Anon: Mod, I am at a loss how this whole narrative in the NR fandom went from “DK is vile, they’re not friends ” to “DK is vile they’re definitely not dating cuz NR is sweet and great” to “They’re dating! They’re both vile!”…. Like, where is this coming from? Norman’s own fans would rather believe he’s some sort of vile scumbag than the alternative that maybe, just maybe 1) NR and DK are both decent people? And 2) none of us knows the private details of when/how they got together?

Mod in your opinion do you think he would have done that? He did things that made us believe he was single so do you think he was really lying to us the whole time? I want to cry if he was. I thought he was different. Do you think there’s a chance that he is just friends with her?

Just friends my ass. They’ve been together off and on for over a year. Time for fans to take off the delusional glasses and accept it. He’s a good ACTOR, isn’t he?

II thought that if this happened I would feel angry and sad and disappointed. But I feel relaxed and calm and I wish Norman finally have found the woman that will stay with him till the end. I feel really happy for him.

I hope that Norman realizes that Diane probably called the paparazzi and set that whole thing up so they would finally be outed as a couple. She is a real piece of work.

A few choice words like unwise, irresponsible, childish, selfish, asinine, and dishonest, as well as many more like them are all coming to mind right now.

I know it’s his life but I think he needs to say or do something for his fans now. Just like when he shut down the EK rumor. Btw, TMZ also reported that as official too, if I recall and that was never true either. Please say something about the truth of this, Norman

In the midst of this DK stuff, someone on Facebook who works at LaGuardia airport says she talked to Norman at work today. Do you know if he’s heading somewhere?

What had Diane done and why does everyone hate her?

I am an extremely disappointed… I was gonna say fan, but I can no longer even bring myself to write that much less say it. What an effing nightmare. Seriously, I’m not sure if Norman could make a more foolish decision.

I want to be clear this is not a DK hate (or even dislike) post. I have to say I find it a bit ironic of NR fans blaming the trash mags for NR not being able to “live his personal life”. If I’m not mistaken didn’t the pap pics originate in daily mail? Doesn’t DK and her people have a deal with them and they set up pics all the time? So I’m assuming DK or both of them are courting this attention, yes? I think we need PR wife again, lol.

Ok wait, it doesn’t have to mean they are together. She could have been hanging with him like he does with a lot of his female friends. And I stil think the pics are only one day. Not a “weekend getaway” I really hope he says something now, though. This back and forth is too much. I pray it’s friendship and nothing more because I don’t want to have to stop supporting him. Say something Norman.

I cannot think of a single nice thing to say about Norman right now and I’m not sure I will ever be able to again. Anon: Dont you think that this is kinda ridicilous , this whole dk / nr is going on since 2015 , if they were together , they would already admit that and dont forget joshua and diane broke up a long time ago , so nr and her had a long time chance to admit it 🙄(sorry my english is not very good ) 

Everybody should calm down! In my opinion it´s obviously, that they are a couple. I think we don´t have the right to judge about his or her life! Nobody knows what really happened between DK and her former boyfriend….. I never liked her … but the most important thing, is that he is happy…. and we have to accept his choice…. ( sorry again for my bad english)

So are we to believe they have been so careful to not be seen out together in more than a year and now they are caught in his parking garage? Set up

she is just so unlikeable. ive read her interviews and seen her interviews. she is not likeable. this is bad new for his brand, but its his life. i know i won’t tune into anything he does if she is accompanying him or being mentioned. i know celebs are humans, but i also consider them brands that i choose to consume. ive no interest in using my money & attention to help her brand, and won’t consume anything she is attached to. sorry normski, not interested if you come w her as an add on

But hold on remember when he was photographed with Elsa Hosk? and they aren’t together. I know because of DK, it’s strange but I don’t think it proves it yet. Until Norman comes out and says it.

Mod , i would like to help you a bit. I also dont believe that they are together , in fact i do believe Diane might have a crush on Norman (who not) and im sure Norman knows that , but it seems he is enjoying his single life and told her that , and still wants to hang out as friends with her , because why not? Maybe they were out having dinner , maybe he or she made dinner at their homes! 😊( just what i think about the whole dk/n thing)

this norman stuff with TMZ, is utter bullshit. they are probably just friends and so what if they are dating, they should be happy that they are happy.

Mod , it seems you doubt about if they are friends or not ….

Mod, do you think they really are together or do you think the friends theory is possible? I just want to cry if it’s true. It’s not that he’s with someone but that it could be her! I hate her. She is nothing like him she is so full of herself and now he looks like a cheater and a liar. I didn’t think he was anything like that but now he looks like such a fake person. Not who he said he was to his fans. I’m so sad. What do you think Mod??

If them unloading a car together is the smoking gun on their relationship… damn! I am in a relationship with a bunch of cab drivers! Dammit… and here I am thinking I’m single! 

I’m sorry I’m laughing at a lot of this this man can’t be any where near a woman or his female fan loose their shit “ oh he’s with her no ” if he is dating her at least she is close to his age if she slept with him I’d hi- five her good for you Diane 😂🤣💪🏹 let him live his life I don’t know her we really as fans don’t know the both of them it’s his and her business if they are dating or not what ever and I would love to be at his next convention to see if these “ fans ” ask him about it

Sorry!! I meant good luck to HIM. I want the man to be happt but she is just YUCK. My bad. You always rule. I’m going to drink whiskey til I puke this weekend. Why do I care? I have no clue but am just disappointed.

Can someone post the pics of DK that are supposedly from Saturday, please. Also, are those pics on tmz from yesterday or Thursday. I’m confused!

Sooooooo are they together or were they just carpooling to like Whole Foods and Best Buy or something?

I’m done with NR. Cannot support this disgraceful behaviour whatsoever. More to the point how can he be okay with a supposed partner calling the paps on them? Entire thing is a mess. he is not who he pretends he was.

NR and DK kept their relationship hidden this long because they knew people would never forget about how their relationship got started (cheating) and they knew if they went public they would be one of the most hated couples in Hollywood. I seriously want to throw up she is such a horrid human being. N has developed really shit taste in women.

Here it goes. Seems like we finally got our proof and Norman and DK came out and made it public finally. They are together. You can’t tell me she’s just a friend cruising around with him and unloading his car. Not after all. I’m so disgusted, I almost vomited. I can’t believe Norman fell for this woman. I’m SO SO disappointed and disgusted! 😞

Those two horrible people deserve each other. And they deserve every ounce of hate that they get as long as they are together.

Isn’t there a simple way to clear it up? One or both of their reps will confirm or deny the rumors, right? NR had to do that with the EK thing. Plus I think isn’t DK going to LA for Oscar weekend stuff? If she gives any interviews I’m sure they’d ask about this, right?

anonymous asked:

Do you think DK sold them out alone or could Norman Reedus be in on it too? I've seen a lot of shady things but paps sneaking into a garage on a random day of the week to catch these two can't be anything other than a set up. I have no doubt she's a fame seeking mediocre actress but it's not like he's that popular outside twd fandom. Maybe he likes his trophy too? What are your thoughts on this?

This was all DK. Norman isn’t aware they’re being photographed. Look at his face in the one photo when he notices the camera. He’s shocked and clearly caught off-guard. It was no coincidence that these photos were sat on for a week and only released now for Oscar weekend. DK has wanted it known publicly since the beginning that she’s been fucking around with him while he never wanted anyone to know. Well congratulations, Norman. DK finally got what she wanted and she’s reveling in the attention.

Adventures of Moose and Squirrel #1

A/N: This is a complete SPN crack!fic inspired by a convo with my very own Squirrel @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki 

we were discussing where we think the British Men of Letters would be based (probably London?) Then we ended up talking about the hilarious possibility of an Essex version (I’m from there. Ik, I’m crying on the inside too.) And so this was born! 

Summary: The Winchesters get a visit from a completely different kind of British Men of Letters.

Warnings: crack!fic, set in S12, it’s terrible writing but it was fun as hell!

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Beckii [me], Shona, Mr Ketch

“Do you like listening to your own voice?” The ginger haired hunter looked over at the stoic looking suited man who’d picked her and her partner, Shona, up from their own Men of Letters base back in the England. The three of them had now arrived in America and on their way to meet the famous Winchesters for their next job.

“I mean, it’s pretty posh,” Beckii continued. “If I had that accent, I don’t think I’d ever shut up.”    

Mr Ketch rolled his eyes, giving the pair of them a short glance through the rearview mirror to where they were sitting in the backseat. “Could you maybe try that tactic right about now?”

“Hey, you’re the one who wanted our help,” Shona interjected, giving him a short look. “Ever think that maybe your attitude is the reason the Winchesters don’t trust you guys?”

“Well, let’s just hope you two Brits are more approachable,” he muttered, focusing his attention back on the road.

Beckii gave Shona a knowing smile, “I think this might be fun.”

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You know how people don't know when The Nightmare Before Christmas takes place? I f you look at Jack's crossed of numbers, is says 12.25.93. Telling exactly what year the movie is in.

I’m almost convinced that was meant to be a cute little easter egg, since the movie was released in 1993. If you want to get pedantic (and I do), the movie couldn’t have taken place in 1993 because there wasn’t a full moon on Christmas Eve that year. I’d have to check again, but up until that point, the last time there was a full moon on Christmas Eve was either in the 70s or the 80s. So,most likely, the movie’s setting would have been around that time. 

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I just found you. I think I will like your blog. :) My Seth and Sarah are also currently living in that apartment. ;)

Aww, thank you <3 I love that apartment because of the haunted trait, but tbh I haven’t seen any ghosts??? ;__; I was too impatient to actually wait for them to show up so I can make a little arc with them, BUT I was too lazy to create a ghost sim and set stuff up, so I just made do without ><

Riverdale - Season 1, Episode 5

At Thorn Hill, the Blossom family are preparing for Jason’s memorial service. Penelope finds Cheryl sleeping in Jason’s room, after Cheryl has a nightmare about Jason. She chastises her daughter and says she won’t be giving a eulogy at the memorial, because she runs the risk of embarrassing her family. It seems to me that Cheryl’s mum is just as awful as Betty’s. Both the Blossom and Cooper matriarchs are not nice people.

Archie has set up a punching bag in his room that he’s practising making hits on. Fred is worried about his son. He insists he’s doing it for a chance at making captain of the football team in the hope it’ll get him a scholarship to study music, but Fred doesn’t seem too convinced. I’m not either, it seems like he’s still upset about the fact that Ms Grundy aka Jennifer Gibson was forced to leave town.

At Riverdale High, Kevin Keller is setting up a replica of his dad’s murder board. He says they still haven’t found who trashed the initial one, as there were no fingerprints. Trev Brown, Valerie’s brother, passes by to check with Betty that they’re still on for their date. Jughead and Kevin tease her, but Betty insists it’s an intelligence gathering.

Meanwhile, Archie is practising football. Coach Clayton doesn’t think his performance is up to standard, and in the locker room tells he and Reggie that it’ll be between them for captaincy of the team. Reggie seems thrilled about the competition, but Archie isn’t so enthusiastic.

At Pop’s, Fred comes in to pick up his order from Hermione. He asks her on a date, but she reminds them that they’re both still married. He is confused, wondering what the drive-in was if not a date. Of course, this was when Hermione needed a cover to meet up with the leader of the Southside Serpents, not that Fred’s aware of this.

Veronica teases Betty about her upcoming date with Trev, and asks Archie what he’s been up to after Ms Grundy. Valerie sits beside Archie and gives him the number of a music mentor who might be able to coach Archie. Cheryl approaches the group with invitations to Jason’s memorial, being particularly nasty to Veronica and telling her not to steal the silver. Veronica pursues Cheryl, saying she doesn’t want to be Cheryl’s enemy. Cheryl invites her to a sleepover the night before Jason’s memorial.

Archie meets with the music mentor, Oscar Castillo to discuss his music. Oscar seems disapproving of Archie’s commitments and believes he should be more dedicated to music. He says he teaches song writing and wants Archie to write out his music on sheets.

The Blossom family tell the sheriff that they’ve invited everyone who could be a suspect in Jason’s murder to the family. Cheryl approaches, displeased that that’s the reason everyone’s been invited and accusing her mother of being manipulative and heartless.

At Pop’s, Betty and Trev are discussing Jason, as Trev was on the water polo team with him. Trev says a few weeks into dating Polly, Jason began to act strangely and started selling his things and dealing drugs. It seems that there are a lot of mysteries surrounding Jason.

Archie and Valerie are practising music when they’re interrupted by Fred, who clearly seems to suspect there might be something going on between the two of them.

Betty talks to her dad Hal about Polly. He tells her about the time that Polly tried to commit suicide, just after she and Jason had had a massive fight. She later tells Jughead that Hal urged her not to call Polly, as after Jason’s death she got worse again. Jughead mulls on why a rich kid would sell things, wondering if he was running away from his parents or drug dealers. They decide to use the memorial as an excuse to investigate Jason’s room for clues as to why he might’ve tried to run away.

Archie sprains his wrist while practising football. Reggie seems concerned and tells him that he shouldn’t keep playing if he’s injured, but Archie ignores him. I’m glad that we’re starting to see a slightly more caring side to Reggie rather than just the typical jock. After River Vixens practise, Veronica comes across Archie bandaging his hand and tells him to take more care of himself. She’s a little taken aback by the fact that he’s practising music with Valerie, but insists she thinks it’s a good thing. I love the teasing banter between the two, and how he calls her “Ronnie”.

Oscar tells Archie his sheets are sloppy and rushed, and that his songs are juvenile. He says he doesn’t think him mentoring Archie is going to work out, much to Archie’s chagrin.

Veronica is at a very tense dinner with the Blossom family, who are not exactly polite to her. Clifford says that Riverdale was founded on maple syrup production and suggests she should ask her dad about it. The conversation escalates when Penelope accuses Cheryl of rowing Jason to his death.

Hermione is closing up at Pop’s and is startled when she finds that someone has delivered a box. She opens it up to find a snake inside. She calls Fred, who gets rid of the snake. She admits to him that it was a message from the Southside Serpents, because Hiram still owes them money. She insists she doesn’t want to get Fred involved.

Veronica and Cheryl are going through old photo albums. Veronica asks why she was invited instead of Tina and Ginger, but Cheryl reminds her that Veronica was there for her when her friends weren’t. Veronica encourages Cheryl to speak at the memorial anyway, and Cheryl says her parents would kill her.

Archie offers Penelope Jason’s old football number, retiring it from the team so he can give it to Jason’s family. Penelope seems taken aback by him and says he looks so much like Jason. Betty sees her dad and Clifford talking quietly. Cheryl enters the memorial, wearing the white dress she had on when she last saw Jason. She admits that when they were young, Jason insisted they have a joint party because no one wanted to come to Cheryl’s. She breaks down against her brother’s coffin, and is comforted by Veronica. I’m really enjoying the friendship between these two girls and I hope it continues to develop.

Jughead and Betty snoop around in Jason’s room, but they’re caught by his grandmother Rose. She mistakes Betty for Polly, and asks where the Blossom family ring is as it’s missing from her finger, leading to the revelation that Polly and Jason were secretly engaged. Betty leaves the room in shock, Jughead following her.

Penelope is shouting at Cheryl for giving her speech. She tells Cheryl there will be no more River Vixens and that if she thought she could, she’d send her off to a boarding school. All of this is witnessed by Veronica. Although Cheryl hasn’t been to nice a character, I really sympathised with her this episode as we see more about her family. Her mother is awful to her.

Valerie and Archie talk at Pop’s. She tells him to forget what people are saying about his music and that if he wants to continue with it then he should, regardless of Oscar Castillo’s opinion. Why does Valerie want to help Archie so much? Is there some kind of ulterior motive, or is she really being genuine?

Betty confronts Hal and asks if he knew about Jason and Polly’s engagement, which he confirms that he was aware of. It comes out that their disapproval of Jason is because of the fact that Cheryl’s great-grandfather murdered Betty’s when they were partners in a maple syrup business. Betty chastises him for an old grudge over something that happened before he was even born.

Coach Clayton offers Archie the captaincy. Apparently this is because he believes Archie retiring Jason’s jersey was the right move. But he rejects it and says that the coach should give it to Reggie instead. I’m really hoping that Reggie and Archie can become good friends.

Jughead and Betty correctly suspect that Hal, who wasn’t at the drive-in on closing night, was the one who broke in and stole the sheriff’s evidence from his murder board. Jughead says they need to talk to Polly. It’ll be really interesting to finally see Betty’s sister and see what she has to say.

4 out of 5 stars

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Hi! I was just curious how you have your queue set up? Like how many posts a day... u feel me? Just wondering :3

howdy howdy howdy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! umm so right now im doing 6 posts a day.. but sometimes i do 5!!!! sometimes i do 4!!!!!!!! its a mystery to all

Nervous af

So I was browsing the AXS site and it doesn’t look like there’s a place where I can enter my card info a head of time. I looked at my profile settings and everything but it looks like I have to enter my info when tickets go on sale.

I’m super nervous because those extra seconds (or god forbid I mess up) could cost me when it comes to getting tickets…

If anyone know if/where AXS allows a person to enter their information ahead of time, it would be much appreciated. 

@aegyo-shinee, @jinkirella and @yeppeolittlethings do you have any ideas???

a lot to not do - spikenard - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

untitled ficlet, 3000 words this part, very nsfw. gansey/ronan, assumes trans ronan, assumes previous unrequited (?) ronsey, otherwise no context no lead-up no coherent canon setting no explanation.

i’ve got 8 unfinished wips and. decided i was going to finish this One Fuckin Thing. thank u to the inimitable izzy @girlronanlynch for going through this and adding all the capital letters because i wrote it on my phone. and also in general being like 75% of this fic’s entire target audience.

also i “Finished” “This” by which i mean i wrote one scene and there might be more but right now it’s just… this part is done… anyway ENJOY

Do you think this is a good idea?

So I’m thinking of doing more in-depth reading which means like posting what the cards mean and what they are saying in that particular situation. Also pictures of the cards, but if I was going to put that much time and effort into every reading I would probably set up a donation thingy. Idk how to phrase it. Like if a person got a reading from me and if they felt it was a good or accurate reading they could donate a dollar or two, however it would in no way be required.
What do y'all think?
Yay or Nay?

harper: i tried doing my own hair today before coming on set 
harper: and honestly? it was a mistake like you’d think i’d know how to do my hair after having seen it been done for me for the past couple of years and yet? 
harper: like look at the right side of my hair like why the FUCK is it just sticking out like that
harper: like how do you even do hair like i can memorize lines and make up stories but hair? 
harper: no thank u like !! LOOK AT IT IM IN DISTRESS 

leminhkhanh  asked:

Hi sorry for annoying. I have learned Korea for 1 month and sometimes i practice typing korea on my phone. I dont know how to type ㄱ곷 or 젓ㅅ, ect... like 꽃 or 졌. May you help I? Thanks you so much.


First of all it’s going to depend on what setting you have your Korean keyboard set to. 

If your keyboard looks something like this. Then all you need to do if press the up arrow (as you would to get capital letters in English) 

Once the up arrow is clicked you’ll see the options for ㄲ, ㅆ etc. 

However, if your keyboard looks something like this,  then it’s harder (it took me a little while to figure out too). 

What you’ll have to do is press the ㄱ button, wait a few seconds for the key to go back to being white and then press the ㄱ key again. If you press it too fast you’ll just end up with ㅋ.

Personally the second keyboard set up is a nightmare! And the first keyboard is set up the same as a computer/laptop keyboard so your practice will be more useful.  You should be able to change the keyboard option in your settings to the first one. 

Here 표준 (normal, standard) refers to the first keyboard while 10키is the second one. How you can change it exactly depends on your phone, I have an iPhone so I only know how it change iPhones. 

Friends. Followers. Casual Acquaintances. Lend Me Your Ears.

Yes. I have been meaning to set up some guidelines for this amazing round robin crochet adventure.

Yes. I am supposed to doing some awesome illustrations.

Yes. Surprise! I am indieed supposed to be writing.

I’m supposed to be a lot of things. Currently I am just plain worn out.

“I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”

I have spent days organizing and moving furniture. I have been doing mom stuff, not like average mom stuff but more like autism mom stuff.

Please make a note that if I am involved in any creative activities with you I haven’t forgotten about you, things have just been crazy.

All my hugs!
~Mama Shortie

@takemeawaytocamelot @thetwojamies @texassassenach @outlandishchridhe

@writtenthroughtime @heathercat56 @suzer-knitstuff

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Leela!!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how greatly I appreciate and love you. You're a beautiful, caring person. I feel like you're an absolutely fantastic example of what millennials are capable of. Diversity in professional settings, being rational in their opinions and stating them respectfully, being a part of an internet community without losing their maturity, and just being a well rounded, kind and caring person. Thank you so much for everything you do. (& sorry for the ramble!!) 💞💞

whatttttttttt the hell you’ve got me cryin in my work cubicle :((( i can’t believe how generous your words are and i’m so so so completely touched that you view me this way or hold me up as some sort of good example of a human. that is hard for me to comprehend and i’m completely in disbelief at this message but thank you so much for taking time out of your day to send me such effusive praise. you’re so ridiculously sweet and i hope you have a gorgeous day xxxxxxx

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so i have this problem where no matter how many times my brain tells me i should eat, i dont and end up forgetting about it. this has resulted in me skipping a lot of meals, and even then, i dont get hungry or have an appetite. what do i do?

food anon part 2 - and it doesn’t help that no one in my family notices or cares about my lack of eating. like maybe if i had a reminder or if someone would cook for me for a change, then id eat?

set up regular alarms or reminders on your phone to eat, or stick a note above your desk/laptop or anywhere that you’ll see regularly to remind you to eat!!