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ACOMAF Part 1: The House of Beasts Chapters 1-13 (Rhys POV)

Chapters 1-4: Return from UtM to Feyre’s Wedding Panic Attack
Chapter 5: Feyre’s Wedding & Arrival in the Night Court
Chapter 6: Learning to Read
Chapter 7: Returning Feyre to the Spring Court
Chapters 8-10: The Next Three Weeks & Retrieving Feyre for Her Second Trip
Chapter 11: Feyre’s Second Night Court Visit
Chapters 12-13: Rescuing Feyre from the Spring Court

I did a thing. We’ll see if I can do more before ACOWAR comes out. Below is Chapters 1-4 of ACOMAF in Rhys’s POV and above are the links to those same chapters plus the rest on AO3. Hope ya like!

Summary: Roughly Chapters 1-4 of ACOMAF from Rhys’s POV. It’s mostly a focus on the last two weeks before Feyre gets married with summation thrown in on how his time has been since leaving UtM. Includes her nightmare that opens the book and some lovely chatting with Morrigan the day of Feyre’s wedding.

Hello Feyre Darling

The mountains of the Illyrian Steppes wrought a chill through my bones I hadn’t felt in years.

We flew for most of the day, listening to wherever the shadows at my brother’s back directed us, until at last the sun began to set and we landed in a small clearing between the trees.

They were close. Near enough to sent them on the tendrils of wind that carried their blood and sweat through the heavy pine of the woods. Since my return, I’d lost count of the number of rogue Illyrian war bands I’d had to hunt down and confront. And that wasn’t counting the number Cassian and Azriel had taken care of in my absence.

Today’s hunt felt restless. The outcome had been decided the moment we left the Steppes. These primal encounters never changed even if I spent the hours flying faster towards them hoping they would.

A confrontation. An offering of second chances. Bow down and obey - or pay the debt they owed for the blood they’d spilt, the debt for using fifty years of freedom to push the boundaries however they pleased.

The Night Court would need every drop in the coming weeks that it could spare. Petty disagreements over territory, among other things, wasn’t something I could deal with in the middle of a shift that sought to overthrow the entirety of Prythian.

And once Illyrian alliances shifted, they rarely shifted back.

So in blood, they usually ended.

We threaded through the trees, Cassian and Azriel silently stalking several paces out on either side of me until we hit the gap where the band made camp. It was a small legion, perhaps a dozen or so with their chosen lord in the center. An exquisite gash ran down the center of his cheek. No doubt he had been forced to earn his rank, had likely volunteered for the blood bath.

I wondered what they had done with the bodies, if they’d bothered to bury them properly in Illyrian fashion or had left them to rot in the snow.

Their heads turned in our direction as we neared close enough for them to catch our scent, but by then it was already too late. I held their minds steady from the grip of my power long before the three of us cleared the trees lining the perimeter of their camp.

My brothers strode quietly out from the trees, the swords they’d been gifted at the Blood Rite brandished in their hands in an offensive gesture, ready to strike at a moment’s signal from me.

Slowly, I narrowed my eyes on the newly elected lord and approached, tendrils of darkness trailing in my wake, my wings stretched out wide enough at my back to send a jolt of fear down even the toughest Illyrian’s back.

“Do I need to bother asking?”

My voice was flat, hardly even a question as the lord looked me over once and spat directly at my feet. “Whore,” he cursed and internally, I savored the feel of my mental claws dragging through his mind, undoing every last piece of who he was and would ever become before I let his body fall limp and ragged to the snow. I didn’t even wait. Little impulses of pain trembled along his skin and muscles in those last seconds before he gave up and was no more.

All round me, the forest rang silent save for the bitter, cold wind howling my sins in my ears.

Red splattered in harsh contrast against the snow at my feet, large sloppy drops dripping from Truth-Teller’s blade.

Azriel looked stoically at me as if he hadn’t just shed the blood of a half-dozen men he’d once shared camp with. I often wondered how he managed to lock that darkness away so well.

Slowly, he lifted a brow as snow crunched between Cassian’s heavy boots on my other side.

“Rhys?” Cassian said, dragging my attention down to my hands. They were shaking in a near violent manner.


“Let’s go.”


I grabbed both their hands and winnowed on the spot before they could say another word.

I did not join them at the House of Wind that night for dinner.

There was blood everywhere.

All over the three young fae hooded and kneeling on the unforgiving marble floor, the dagger I watched fall clattering to that same ground, and most especially all over her.

Feyre stood reaching with a trembling hand for the second dagger covered in blood. Her clothes were soaked from merely one kill that shouldn’t have garnered that much evidence of her deeds. It carried onto her hands - her poor, stuttering hands that plunged themselves upon the fae woman singing herself into death’s waiting arms.

Amarantha sat poised on the throne calling Feyre on with praise. It felt disgustingly wrong.

Feyre pulled the third dagger and I knew what to expect as the veil was to be lifted on the final victim. Tamlin would be waiting and then our fate would be in the hands of this small human girl none of us knew. I felt like I was going to be sick even as Feyre questioned whether or not she could go through with one more murder - just one more murder, and we would all be free. Such a steep price to pay for her.

The hood lifted. Silence fell.

The blood stood out in stark relief against the resounding quiet of the room.

Feyre knelt before the third victim - before herself, her ears turned up into two stiff points, her skin smooth and blended into a soft perfection only my own breed possessed. And her body, which had become so long and elegant with its new fae gifted powers, sat strongly before her, beseeching her move forward.

And that’s when I knew where I was.

I saw Amarantha up on her throne because I saw her from Feyre’s eyes and not my own place on the dias where I should have been. This was nothing new. We’d been inside this prison countless times before and always we failed to get out alive.


The words chanted inside Feyre’s mind as a flurry of self-loathing and hopelessness I only ever felt inside myself welled up beneath her skin.


She angled the dagger at herself and my lungs screamed inside of me to stop her as I felt her anticipate the relief that blade could give her. No, no, never -


A relief she welcomed, craved even. It was horrifying to watch, to feel.


And it killed me to think she could see herself that way, in any way other than the determined, resourceful woman I’d met Under the Mountain who had saved us all and lost herself in the process.

“Feyre!” I screamed inside her mind, as violently and brutally as I once had to stop Amarantha from attacking her.


But it was too late.

Feyre thrusted the knife into her own chest and I watched as my mate willingly committed suicide before my own eyes. Somehow, it was a thousand times worse than hearing her neck snap against her will.

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Book Thoughts at 2pm...

I get it.. it costs money to publish a book, and not every book needs to be on every shelf, year after year after year. I get that. I do.


What I don’t get is how a publisher and author can allow a book, a historically important book, a book that captures a specific time and place in a way no other book can or does… like the first hand account of a Pulitzer prize winning journalists experiences during the early years of the Vietnam war culminating in his photographic capture of the protest by self-immolating Buddhist monk in Saigon … to just stop being published and lost to time!

My solution is simple…. if you don’t want to publish the book anymore, and I get that, books are expensive to print and bind… make them available as ebooks!!!!

I don’t care if you use amazon, or throw it up on overdrive or smashwords, just allow the book to be accessible!

In fact, if I was overdrive.. or wanted to be a competitor, I’d add that as a contract stipulation… any time you have a book you no longer want to publish in print, give it to us so libraries can still offer it to their patrons! Talk about a way of preserving knowledge and history and stories!

I have almost 400 books in my collection that are no longer in print. But not just that, these 398 books are almost impossible to find used in a condition better than average or “good” (which isnt good at all ). Even these acceptable books that I paid 6 bucks or less for in the 90s, now fetch between 30-60 bucks each and that’s just wrong. These are important books and should be accessible to many and ebooks are the way to allow that, I feel.

Print on demand would also be good but I don’t know i that has the scale-ability that overdrive does just yet.


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Oh cool! So how do you go about figuring out the astro charts? Do you start with looking for the sign that would most suit their personality and go from there? Asking because it's been a very interesting concept that I've seen in some of your works and I want to learn more about it

To start off, I’m by no means an astrology expert. I got buddies that are goddamn wizards with astrology that see something like this and can read it like book:

I don’t understand a thing when looking at this chart (aside from the labels in the left box), so my astro knowledge is shallow af. 

As for finding moon and ascendant signs, I just…pick what works and is fitting for the character. If its for fantasy characters I don’t take the time to see if I can physically make a working chart. Sometimes I don’t even start with their sun signs. I could start with just knowing they’re a leo mars and a gemini moon. If I want to make a working chart, then its a lot of sitting in calculators and patiently inputting different dates and times and years until I get the combinations I want. Sometimes its fun tho to only know what I want a few signs to be and then see what the rest of the chart fills in as and roll with it. 

In the end tho, astro charting is just a fun exercise that helps me with character building. It matters just as much as it does in real life, which is not at all. If it doesn’t work perfectly its not the end of the world.

Everything For Everyone

Characters: Sister!Reader, Dean, Sam, Cas, Charlie
Words:  955
Requested by Anonymous:  I know you are not taking requests right now, but I thought you might like this idea for when you do. I was thinking a sister Winchester image. Both Boys are sick at the bunker and the reader has to take care of them by herself as well as do research for a hunt she found, while helping Charlie and cas out with separate problems. Before you know it, it all becomes too much for the reader, and she is so overwhelmed that she goes off on everyone. Then they all make up

A/N: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know. :)

          You had four books open on the table in front of you and your ears wide open for any sound coming from your brothers. You hated that they were both sick. Of course, it had to happen at the same time. So, you were nursing to sick grown men.

           The books weren’t helping at all. You weren’t even sure if you were retaining any of the information. You needed to figure out what you would be up against if you took on the hunt you thought you had found. Could you leave your brothers alone while you went on a hunt? Would they let you go on a hunt alone?

           As if he knew you were thinking about him, Dean called your phone. You had forbid them from yelling because they starting coughing if they did. So, you made them call you if they needed anything.

           “Hi, Dean,” you answered.

           “Can I have some soup?” he asked.

           “Sure. Tomato?”

           “Yes, please,” he said.

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are you involved in the booklr drama?

I have been keeping up with it - I don’t use tumblr as much as I used to so I’m out of the loop a lot of the time. But today was one of those days where I fancied scrolling and spending some time in the depths of the site. Whilst I was browsing the booklr tag (which I always do because I really like finding new blogs to follow), I saw some posts and managed to get to the root of it all. I read for a while and I’ve got the general gist, I do believe.

I think, truthfully, that it should go without saying that we support marginalised people more than our like for aesthetically pleasing books. I thought it did go without saying that we were supposed to put morals before pretty books, but apparently some folk have really let that go and are blind to some problematic books. 

Many of us have allowed our privilege to allow us to overlook some problems in books and then have later found out that said book is problematic and have corrected our errors, but the way I see it is that someone attempted to correct another’s error and it has been taken as “bullying” for whatever reason; when, honestly, booklr is about staying aware of those things and I think that was severely overlooked when the lovely person attempted to inform someone else of their errors. (Might I add they were not informed as thus: F**K YOU. YOU ARE BLIND TO THE PROBLEMS IN THIS BOOK. YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT.) No. It was very eloquently put across, as are all of their posts about problematic books. Booklr is all about keeping those problematic books away - yes, you can still enjoy reading. Just because you are informed about problematic books doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other books. Is your enjoyment of a book really more important than someone’s happiness or well-being? Problematic books can be so, so, so, damaging and I don’t see the problem with making everyone aware. I don’t see how it was “bullying”.  

There is no bullying in booklr regarding this, there really isn’t. Just people trying to look out for marginalised people and ensure that really problematic books aren’t supported. 

On that note: I’d like to apologise if I’ve shared/promoted books that are problematic. I severely, honestly apologise for that and I ask you to inform me if I have reblogged a problematic book, for I don’t want to promote that on my blog. :)

So no, technically I’m not.
I’m just a bystander, picking sides, too anxious to join in. Seriously, my anxiety bites at my kneecaps nine times out of ten, so I tend to stay quiet, despite how passionate I am. 

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Is low self control w/food and the sort of need to be constantly DOING SOMETHING!!!!! An ADHD thing?

it’s kind of hard to say without more info? in my case it’s more like any enjoyable activity is ‘addictive’, up to and including eating. so like hypothetically there will be a week where i am just constantly eating caprese salads, i cannot bring myself to ever not be stuffing caprese salad in my face, it tastes so good and whenever i am not eating caprese salad i am thinking about how fucking good caprese salad is. hypothetically. or all i want to do is play one specific video game, or read a specific type of book full of particular tropes, watch a certain show, etc etc. uuuuuuuh and i tend to multitask a lot so i don’t accidentally forget that i’m doing something. for instance while listening to a podcast or watching a tv show i will color or knit or cross-stitch, because it is just active enough that my mind won’t wander and lead me to forget that i am in the process of enjoying a show.

but i’m also not particularly manic, as adhd goes, so i can’t speak to what that’s like

So it feels like years since we started this project when in-fact it all began only last November when I saw a post by Sasha ( @armellin ) on my dashboard saying that she would love to do a version of Artbook-S. After seeing this I immediately messaged my interest in also taking on a project such as this. We skyped together to discuss all the details, including ideas of the book (at one point we were going to do a Supernatural encyclopedia but quickly scrapped that idea once we realise how much writing would be involved) and which charities we wanted to raise money for. That was when Sasha ( @jesusonthetortillas ) joined us and the rest was history.

Our first step after that was to code up the Artbook Tumblr blog and tried to make sure that every single detail and enquiry an artist or fan would possibly need to know was on there. This took us a little under a week and we gained a large bunch of followers almost immediately.

After that, we created a huge list of 250 artists who we would message to ask if they would take part in the project. We were expecting something like 50 or 60 artists to actually respond saying yes. What actually happened was that as soon as we had sent a message out, five minutes, or in some cases, even five seconds later, we were getting replies from artists excitedly agreeing to take part. These numbers kept growing and growing until we had over 200, and then we realised that we definitely had to stop sign-ups.

Once we had messaged all 250+ artists, we then had to message all of our 200+ confirmed participation artists to ask them their chapter choices. Then we messaged about which characters they were drawing. Then which country they were from… To sum all this up, we annoyed the hell out of you with messages and drove ourselves stir crazy from having to send so many of these messages out.

If you have seen the map on our blog, then you will know that we have artists participating in the project from 41 countries (23.30% of the world). We are still astounded to this day that the artbook is so global.

We have always said that we three are your guys’ biggest fangirls, and it’s true. Every single time you talented bunch post a preview we are just blown away. You all were invited to be a part of this project because me, Sasha, and Sasha have been admirers of your work for years. That doubled with the fact that you are all participating in this project to raise money for charity and you literally will have to scrape the three of us off the floor once we build this book with the amazing and incredibly talented, Mar.

Speaking of Mar ( @acklesjpeg ), the layout used in the mock-ups on the Indiegogo page was designed by our lovely Artbook designer. Mar will be putting together this colossal book of artistic excellence in the coming few weeks/months so remember to send your love her way too.

There is still so much of the road still ahead for all of us on this project. I would just like to say to Sasha and Sasha that I love you both and I am so proud of what we have achieved so far and I’m looking forward to our plan of getting drunk when they’re all shipped and the project is complete (I don’t know if we confirmed this plan, but it sounds like a good way to celebrate).

The campaign is coming to a close after just over a week, something that we never thought possible, because you guys are amazing. Your constant reblogging, signal boosting, sharing, and posting was invaluable to us and there aren’t enough words to describe how emotional we were when that notification flashed up to say that our campaign was fully funded. There were tears.

And to all you guys that have been there supporting us every step of the way, we couldn’t have done this without you. Regardless of how cheesy that sounds, it’s the honest truth. You have all been amazing!  I didn’t know many of you before we started this project, but I feel blessed by having the opportunity to talk to you all.

As my final note, I would just like to mention the reason that we are all doing this. Five beautiful causes are going to be able to help people all around the world because of the money that you have all helped raised through your artistic talents and your generosity. You will make a difference to thousands of people’s lives, and that is something that you should be incredibly proud of.

Thank you for your continued support,

Sarah ( @jaredsnuggles) xxx

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Why do people HAVE to bash Sakura? Even in part one, she was doing something like guarding Tazuna while the others fought. Not to mention She was (and still is) extremely book smart. And even after working hard for three years, gaining super strength (badass AF) and fighting on the frontlines of the war, haters just go 'OMG SHES SO USELES!!11!!1' based on her early genin days! Why is that?!

You tell me.

My guess? It became the “cool” thing to do. I’ve heard many YouTubers say they made a joke at Sakura’s expense just for the hell of it. That, and you could make a stupid comment saying something like “Sakura caused 9/11″, and your comment would receive hundreds of likes.

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i love the relationship between rory and april and REALLY WISH it had gotten more screentime, esp in the revival. do you have any headcanons about them? :D

i also loved them in the revival!!! i have a few:

  • rory helps april with her college apps!! i think maybe april’s too nervous to ask at first but luke encourages her and she & rory sit down in the diner or the gilmore house and helps april figure out what schools she likes (she even takes her for a tour of yale, even though april’s not really into the school but she lets rory tell her all these boring ass stories and sniff books, etc) and helps her write her essays and writes pro/con lists to help april choose which school she wants to go to
  • april is a little intimidated for her first christmas with the gilmore’s but lorelai puts an extra mattress in rory’s room & then spend christmas eve swapping stories about the ways that their mom’s tried to make christmas extra special and then they move onto birthdays and spend the whole night bonding over their similar lives & then in the morning lorelai & rory make sure that april feels welcome and include her in all of the traditions
  • rory tries talking about boys & dating but april is so quiet about it and rory just thinks that she’s embarrassed but april admits that there actually is someone that she likes and her name is eve and they have a physics study group together and for it takes a little while for rory to process all of it but then admits that she, too, has had crushes on girls and that its nothing to be ashamed of and that when she’s ready, she’ll be there to support april when she tells luke and lorelai (and anna, if april wants her there for that)

i probably have more stuff but i cant think of any more right now but i love them!!! theyre sisters :)

I’ve had this weird complex about writing autobio or autobio-inspired comics for a long time which is weird because I think a lot of my work draws on a long tradition of indie autobio comix and I certainly have done quite a few short autobio pieces for publication. I’ve just always felt like at most my own autobio stuff is understated and kind of depends heavily on the readers own sensibilities, and also that it doesn’t really say much in terms of big concepts or whatever, which is fine! I’ve mostly been fine with that, but I have never really attempted to do a long-form thing that draws primarily on my own life/experiences/thoughts/feelings because I’ve always figured that my own life experience doesn’t really say enough to like, create a whole book out of (or that maybe there are parts that do, but they aren’t the parts of my life that I’m comfortable publishing in a formal, professional context).

Which is, uh. Pretty self-defeating and actually not even accurate! Honestly in terms of writing about, for example, experiences of people who grew up raised by LGBT people - specifically LGBT people who were raised by other LGBT people! - there is VERY little out there that’s not primarily academic in approach and tone. About a month ago I was lying in bed and I was like, “why NOT a graphic novel about a young person coming to terms with their own bisexuality, as they’re raised by their newly-out lesbian mom, in the years leading up to the legalization of gay marriage in Canada? It has a clear path, multiple interesting intersecting character arcs, and it speaks to a readership that we know exists but at the same time doesn’t have a lot of stories specifically about LGBT families and parenting that exist outside of academic anthologies, and it’s your story.

So I basically sat down and in the span of a couple of days spun a rough outline for this graphic novel, broken down by chapters, which was easier than I thought it would be, and I started blocking out pages, and then I remembered that a smallish but still fairly well-reputed publisher of LGBT literature has expressed an interest in my work in the past and specifically told me to think of them for future projects, and then I had to lie down because I’m already working full-time on one book right now and part-time on another and then like, freelancing, so I definitely need to chill this project at least until the Sybil Andrews book is done. 

But anyway, I’m, uh… I dunno, I think there was a brief period of time after I finished A Worker’s Friend where people kept asking me what my next book was gonna be and even though I knew I was worried that maybe I wouldn’t have a third book after that, or something, like maybe I just don’t have a large enough body of work inside me to really do this long-term. But, like, I clearly do! I am an interesting person with interesting stories to tell and the ability to tell them and that’s pretty cool, I’m pretty happy about it.

Hey, I just want to talk about something important for a minute.

If you’re in a relationship (be that romantic, just friends, whatever) and you feel like you’re walking on pins and needles around that person (or people), afraid to say what’s on your mind because of how they’ll react when you do, get out.

You should not be afraid to talk about things you’re excited about, or scared, or nervous, or interested in with your friends. If you can’t gush about this new book you read, or confess that you’re nervous about this one class, or that you’ve got some guy (or gal) that you think is interested in you, without your “friends” cutting you down, telling you to shut up, downplaying your fears, or even trying to one-up your problems, get out.

This is not a healthy relationship. Even if you used to be really close to this person (or people), this is not something you should have to put up with. It’s hard, to let go, to cut toxic people out of your life. It hurts. You’ll want them back, but you have to remember that what you want back isn’t the person you just split with but rather the person they used to be. There’s a difference. And once you realize that, and you let go, and you put some distance between you and them, you’ll be a lot happier. There’s a reason people like this are called “toxic.” Because they slowly poison you, they drain you of your excitement for things you love, they make you feel dumb for being genuinely afraid of things or genuinely excited for things.

Get rid of them!

It’s not worth it. You have a right to be excited about things, and to be able to express that excitement with your friends without worrying about whether they will cut you down. You have a right to be scared of things and ask your friends for help without them telling you it’s nothing and you should just get over it. You deserve to be able to ask them for help without being made to feel stupid for it. You shouldn’t have to feel like you are in a perpetual contest with your friends over whose struggles are the worst.

People like this are not your friends and you deserve better. Trust me, there are people out there who will celebrate with you, and help you fight off your monsters, and giggle over crushes with you, and you won’t have to constantly check everything you say around them and bite your tongue because you know if you talk about something they’ll make you feel like an idiot. Find those people, and sometimes it’s not easy, but find them and leave the toxic people behind.

You’ll thank yourself for it.

i was tagged by @joyshorthair ty sweetheart !!

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name/nickname: dakota but i prefer ppl call me kota they also call me daky and fakota lol

relationship status: i really really love alyssa 

fave color: pink and blue but pastel

last song i listened to: everyday by ariana grande 

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22 for the prompts (if you're still doing them?) (Aaah sorry to sneak into your askbox again)

(Aahhhhhh *tackle hugs* I love it when you come into my ask box you’re like the sweetest! Also I’m sorry this took so long ;^~^)

22. A book infested with ghosts

Opening the doors to her new house, Lucy Heartfilla sighed out of exhaustion.

Work had been nothing less of a train wreck, for her anyways.

“That’s what happens when you work in retail…” Lucy sighed again, but perked up once she saw the interior.

This was the first time she actually saw the inside…

It was nothing like her old apartment in the city, but she had a feeling that this old place would be home to her in no time.

The house was small, and extremely nice for such a surprisingly cheap place.

Although Lucy did find it strange that all the furniture was still there.

It was like the short man that sold the house wanted to get rid of it.

Or maybe get it to her…

“Calm down, Lucy… You’re too paranoid.” She laughed nervously, talking to herself again.

As a writer, her imagination tended to get wild.

Lucy sighed again, and started carrying what little belongings she had into the house.

She was extremely thankful for the hammock that was already set up that she could sleep on.

At least tomorrow was her day off.

Once all her boxes were in the house, Lucy collapsed onto her makeshift bed.


“Thank you, Makarov…” Natsu smiled, full of hope for the first time in years.

His old house finally had an owner, someone he even recognised!

“I bet you’ll finally be able to get out now!”

Happy smiled as his tail flickered with joy.

“Yeah… Hopefully…”

He slowly looked down at his hands.

They were changing fast.

“If she makes it on time. I… I don’t even remember how anyone is supposed to break this curse…”

The small blue cat flew up.

“But I do! Don’t worry, Natsu! I’ll remind her!”

“Thanks little buddy…!”

He managed a smile.


Lucy woke up to a loud crash, and then a cat meowing.


It was a Russian blue cat, who seemed to have jumped on top of her new bookshelf, then fell.

Lucy couldn’t help but laugh.

“You don’t seem like a stray…”

It meowed back, tapping it’s paw on the book that fell with it.

“You must like that book.”


It nodded, and and Lucy then noticed the green collar around its neck.

She slowly stood up and checked the collar.

“Happy… That’s your name?”


Happy then tapped the book with his paw again.


Lucy gently tugged on the unknown book from under the cat, and he willingly complied.

He meowed happily, and walked in a circle around her.

“What a weird cat…”

She then slowly brought the book back to the shelf, only stopping to look at the cover.

Lucy slowly read the title.

“E.N.D., huh?”

The book then flew open.

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why does CE keep touching his dick when he talks to people

I have done what no one on this here website has done about this, which is ask a psychotherapist and read the books they directed me to. Time to lay the speculation to rest! Or rather, continue with new incoming data. :P

Apparently  touching one’s genitals frequently is a sign of insecurity or anxiety and it happens when a person is in a particularly stressful situation they cannot back out of.

The light brushing is a small self-reassurance, like “I can do this, easy!” 

The squeeze is “I’m gonna get through this somehow!”

I was hoping there was a funny angle to all this, man!

On the other hand, maybe Chris really likes his dick and has like a nice partnership with it. Some guys do and they just like to check in with the general from time to time. 

I’m wondering more whether it’s an unconscious gesture that he doesn’t realise he is doing, or if it’s something he’s well aware of and does to be a little shit, knowing that we’ll be looking? Someone has to have pointed it out to him, more or less tactfully by now. 

Either way I wouldn’t make much of it, but maybe I would not be the first one in line to shake his hand after he confers with Brian and Bill. I’d ask for a fistbump. 

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Do you still like korrasami? I remember that you did back in book 3-4

actually i liked korrasami in books 1 2 and 3. i also liked makorra in books 1 and 2. then we get to book 4, where, well first of all there were small parts with some fun makorrasami interaction where i liked both ships again, but honestly the combination of the horrible storyline for korra + the horribly out-of-character interactions between korra and asami + korrasami fans’ continuing support of book 4 despite these things really turned me off from the ship

now? i haven’t rewatched the show in a while but i live for krew interaction in all of books 1 2 and 3, so you could say these days i like all ship combinations among the four of them, romantic (excluding mako/bolin lmao) or friendship, in the first three seasons.

i still like a certain korrasami dynamic where they both keep their original personalities, particularly korra, but literally no korrasami shippers ship that, they all ship the bleh book 4 version, so that’s why i never reblog korrasami stuff anymore. there just isn’t any content of it. like i have this policy where i refuse to reblog anything with korra’s book 4 haircut because it represents her not believing in herself, literally canonically that’s what that haircut symbolized and it was never resolved. and literally all korrasami content has that haircut, so i don’t/can’t reblog any of it

to be honest though, in hindsight? if i go back on my blog and look at my time in the “korrasami fandom” (mostly during book 3) it was … not a great place. like during books 1 and 2 i loved and supported the show and korra, but i (and other “true” fans) had to defend her and it from a lot of hate. then in book 3, the whole bandwagon started where all the “fake fans” as i call them suddenly started liking the show because korra began to get sidelined, it started being more like atla, and asami became more involved. and it was easy to get swept up in everyone suddenly liking the show. it got worse during book 4, which is when i couldn’t tolerate the treatment of korra anymore, so i got smart and left that bandwagon and went back to being a book 1&2 stan. (also ironically asami had the LEAST presence in book 4 so idk why her stans like it so much. like how were we supposed to see korrasami “obviously” happening when they spoke like twice in the whole season while there were multiple episodes about mako and korra’s relationship lmao. that’s another reason i dropped korrasami in book 4, it just wasn’t there anymore). anyway what i’m saying is that ostensibly the best season for korrasami, book 3, had a questionable fandom that turned bad (the bandwagon). so now i only have book 1 and 2 korrasami, which isn’t a bad thing. book 1 korrasami is at the end of the day the best korrasami, there’s just no one checking for it, because unfortunately most people are still on the book 4 bandwagon, sigh.


@jams-jamming replied to your post: i’m kinda liking that they stopped hypocritically…

And one of their main problem is splitting the season into 2 parts. So they have to move stuff along faster. So the episodes are rushed. If they utilized all the episodes for this season instead of splitting them,they would have more time to explore these story lines.

I don’t think splitting the season into 2A and 2B is really the main issue here tbh. Because they could still take all the time they need to develop the story AND the characters. Which they actually wanted to do in the first place. Like, slowing down the story and concentrating more on the characters. When in fact… this really didn’t work out most of the time.

If you ask me, I think the biggest “problem” right now is: they are trying too hard to please the book fans (the way Clary acts, Jace getting more cockier, the whole angel plot, …) and to somehow still keep the show fans invested. And honestly? This is not really working in my eyes. That’s why it feels rushed and so confusing. Something that I didn’t encounter in season 1 actually.

So yeah, hopefully they will slow things down in 2B and concentrate more on their characters. And stop with ending every fucking episode with a damn cliffhanger. That really gets boring after a while. Siiigh.

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*Curtsies* Hey there Duke, so I'm 15 and I got the lead female role in a play my school is doing! Downside, I have to kiss the main guy, like, repeatedly and with passion. And I've never kissed anyone before. Tips for stage kissing/how to become more comfortable with all this?

*Curtsies* Believe it or not I’ve gotten a very similar question before, and I think most of what I said there applies here. But here’s the short version: you have to approach it as acting, not as kissing, because trust me, making out with somebody onstage is nothing like making out with someone in real life (even if you’ve done both with the same person). Here’s what I would do if you’re uncomfortable or having trouble: ask the director what they want you to do. Kissing/sex onstage is almost always better the more direction there is, so this is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Ask where the director wants your hands, how long it should go on, etc. It’s their job to help make it work. 

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So, I've DM'd a few times (with the starter set, I know, k need to get the PhB asap, but I'm saving up for something atm) and I haven't had the proper time to think of a story for my group. I've also tried to improvise my way through, and I'm not a very creative person (most usually) when thinking on the fly. Any tips?

One of my favorite pieces of advice that I got way back when I was a new DM was don’t be afraid to rip off the things you enjoy.  If you want to adapt the plot of Raiders of the Lost Arc, do it.  My personal twist on this advice is to go with what you know your players like.  I have several players that love Harry Potter, one of which is playing a sorcerer.  So I like to throw in references to the books whenever I can: arcane spellcasters generally using wands to do things, brooms of flying being a fairly common method of travel.  

If you’re not great at improv, my advice would be to ease yourself into it.  Plan for a lot of different situations and only improvise sometimes.  Then as you improve you can do less planning.