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i yelled at my (straight) friend that i have a crush on for leading me on and he was like "yeah a lot of girls tell me I do that lol" w the implication that im a girl so i reminded him of how (trans) male i am and he got mad and was like "oh my god matt" and iiiiii wanna punch him in the face sometimes i really do. anyways he tried to tell me to get over my depression and stuff bc he's stupid and im mad but still wanna hug him and punch him in his stupid face ugh fuck him

awe man :( ur gonna find someone else!!!

Hugs and prayers

Word count: 1,394 (I got a bit overboard with this, sorry)

Warning: Religious mentions

Tagging: @speedypan @maruthor @nightwing-rules @insideoflit

At night, the church seemed like a whole different place; more sacred, more private and ironically, less religious. Somewhere to truly connect with God and not with people; and perhaps that was exactly what he needed.

He glanced at the suffering expression sculpted in the face of Jesus Christ and lifted his fingers to his forehead like he had saw the people doing at the mass from a couple days ago.

Jason knew that it was a stupid idea. But he didn’t care; he needed to proof himself that he didn’t belong in some place like Arkham, or worse, in hell. He laughed at the thought, hell was pretty much close to being all he knew, so why was he so afraid of it?

The truth is he felt ridiculous somehow. People go to churches to find acceptance and approval, and he felt like he was in the wrong place to look for forgiveness, especially when all the company he had there was himself.

He sat in front of the altar, thinking that maybe it would be more comfortable to say all the things he haven’t and won’t say again, that way. Taking a deep breath, he let his guards down and closed his eyes.

That’s why he didn’t notice Lucy walking with careful, little steps a couple meters behind him. And she didn’t notice him until she tripped and hit a foot with one of the stalls closest to her.

All while hissing and tilting her head up, her eyes stumbled upon the unfamiliar figure sitting by the altar. It was a tall, masculine figure, with strong arms and an extensive back. That was all she could register before she heard him cry. A little, broken sound that made her heart shiver. Lucy fixed her gaze on his shoulders, watching them shake, almost violently, and not so sure of what to do next.

Inside her mind, she made a list of all the reasons why someone would come at a church late at night: They needed a place to spend the night, a meal… or consolation. Taking a good look at the built body of the man, he didn’t look like needing the two first ones. That left her with consolation, and a feeling of uneasiness started growing inside her stomach.

The sisters were the ones in charge of comforting people; talking to them about God and making them feel loved. She had seen them doing so, but she knew better than anyone the differences between thoughts, actions and experience. Besides, physical contact wasn’t exactly her thing.

She approached him silently, trying to have a better view of the intruder and to decide on her course of action.

Close enough to see his clothes, the color of his hair and, if he turned around, his face, Lucy realized he was wearing a leather jacket and jeans that, by the shape of the bundles on them, had some kind of weapon hidden underneath; weapons were clearly banned from the church.

But weapons had never scared her, growing up in Gotham city; they were a common object for her, like a chair or a light bulb. Furthermore, they weren’t a threat to her life.

It was his voice that made her freeze on her spot.

‘’Hello God, if you’re really there’’ Deep and rusty with sadness, Jason’s words echoed through the walls, filling the air around them for a brief moment, and even though she was told to close the main doors by the father, she couldn’t find the courage to tell him to get out; after all, that was not what the sisters had taught her.

‘’We haven’t talked in quite some time, how are things up there? How’s mom? … You know? You better not answer that’’ Lucy saw him lifting a hand to run it through his hair, an uncomfortable gesture. ‘’Look, I know I pretty much fucked up by doing what I did, and I know I haven’t been the best of your sons… damn it, I feel ridiculous doing this’’ He let out a sigh and another cry escaped out of his lips.

Lucy took a little step in his direction, she felt as if she was interrupting a private moment, but she also felt like she needed to do something for the sake of that man. He sounded broken, lost.

‘’Look, I’m just so sorry, even if they fucking deserved it, I know I shouldn’t… It’s just… Shit, I don’t promise anything, all I’m asking for is a chance to do better, so… I need you holy crap, I need to know at least you are here for me, that at least you will…’’ His voice cracked and he was unable to continue talking, for a couple minutes, whines and cries filled the room.

‘’You know, God is always there, whether you need him or not. He’s there, and he’ll always be’’ She didn’t know where she found the strength to talk through the knot in her throat. ‘’I don’t think you are as bad as you say you are, I don’t think God thinks it either’’

‘’You don’t know me’’ He replied shaking his head, without moving to look at her. She wondered if he knew she was there all along.

‘’I don’t need to. Bad people don’t feel guilt’’ Jason turned around to look at her, his eyes a light shadow of red, tired, his gaze cold. ‘’God loves and forgives everyone, no matter how…’’

‘’It’s easy for you to say that, sister’’ He responded sarcastically, taking a look at her nun habit.

‘’I’m not a nun yet’’ Lucy clarified ‘’and that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that God loves you’’

‘’Go away; you don’t want to get close to someone like me. I could hurt you, I could…’’

‘’I’m not scared of you’’ Lucy cut him off, standing in front of him and connecting her golden eyes with his blue ones, trying to let him know that she was being sincere. ‘’I’m sure you’re not a bad person’’

Jason gave the impression of danger, like the kind of guy the sisters would tell her to avoid because he came followed by sin. But he also seemed fragile and lightweight to her, like the kind of guy who needed warmth to confirm his right to exist in the world.

And that’s why she decided to surround him, a total stranger, with her arms; aware of the uselessness of the action, but willing to try it anyway. Kneeling down, it felt weird at first, and he restarted his crying, giving up to her and ignoring the tight squeeze around his shoulders, where her chin rested.

‘’You’ve been given a second chance tonight pal, you don’t have to right all your wrongs, but you can try to go on with your life, try to make things better’’

Biting her lower lip, Lucy shifted the weight from one knee to the other, surely, she’ll have red marks on them the next morning, but that wasn’t what preoccupied her at the moment. Maybe he didn’t want her to hug him; after all, they didn’t even know each other’s name. Maybe she was making him feel uncomfortable.

Feeling insecure, she tried to pull away, but was surprised when Jason rested his hand on her elbow, preventing her from moving. She felt his other hand in her high back and let out a sigh of relief: he was hugging her back. Letting the self conscious thoughts slip away, she fidgeted till her head was pressed against his chest, and he imitated her moves, his face nesting in the space between her neck and shoulder; his tears still falling, getting her blouse wet.

It was not for her to care about who he was and the horrible things he claimed had done. All that Lucy cared about was that he regretted it. Regret it to the point of willing to stop his cries and turning his regrets into actions persecuting his own forgiveness. Regret it to the point of willing to be better.

‘’Thanks’’ Jason said after a while, truly meaning it. Hugging Lucy like that gave him a feeling of calm, like he was being granted with a piece of heaven for a short amount of time.

And before she could answer him, they heard the shots coming from outside.

little isak and even things

  • even surprising isak with little kisses and isak doing that Face where he’s shocked for a second and his face slowly breaks out into a big smile
  • isak purposefully being stupid about movies just so even gets Upset and Passionate
    • “what?? you’re telling me Shrek isn’t one of the top 100 films in film history??”
    • “what the hell is a Kubrik. is that a genre or ?”
    • “didnt you know i only like Transformers movies?? isn’t that the peak of cinema??”
    • the whole time even’s just doing that oh god i have to break up with you how is this even possible
  • speaking of break ups
  • they fake break up over stupid reasons all the time. just for the Banter. its so flirty its embarrassing.
  • cuddles!! all the cuddles all the time!!!! isak always asking for big, warm, long hugs from even and whenever they’re sitting down together, even literally cannot  keep his hands from fiddling with isak’s hair or fingers or clothes
  • even laying in bed with isak, and just pointing to the things he really loves about him.
    • “i love it when your hair goes curly in the back.”
    • “i love it when your brow scrunches right…there when you’re mad at me.”
    • ‘i love that mole, and that freckle, and recently that pimple has been really growing on me.“
    • and isak gets all embarassed because my Boy does not have the best self-esteem and he tends to automatically assume people hate these things about him, and even knows this, so even just like to shower isak with little compliments all the time.
    • and now isak is hyperconscious of these things and every time he notices them, he thinks even loves that about me and it makes him feel a bit better about himself.
shin soukoku

Dazai: Just as I predicted, atsushi and akutagawa are a formidable team worthy of the name shin-soukoku. they have a partnership just like ours!

Chuuya: *rolling his eyes* yeah right

Atsushi: get out of my way akutagawa!

Akutagawa: no YOU get out of MY way!

Atsushi: youre even more pathetic than I am!


Atsushi: NO WAY

Akutagawa: YES WAY







Atsushi: *doing an impression of akutagawa* uuuu dazai san please notice me, i love you dazai-san, oh dazai-san please let me lick your shoes, just this once



Dazai: pretty impressive, right chuuya?

Chuuya: … when you said “a partnership just like ours” you… weren’t kidding

How I Want Klance To Be Revealed

• Lance and Keith have a big fight over something stupid
• They both storm off, Pidge leaving with Lance, Shiro leaving with Keith and Hunk shrugging at Allura and Coran
• “jesus lance why do you hate keith so much?” - Pidge
•"i don’t hate him, his existence just annoys me! his face, and his eyes, and his great hair and cool jacket and nice voice…“ - Lance
• lances eyes widen
• "oh, man” - L
• pans to pidge, who has their eyebrows raised and hands on hips
• “you’ve got it bad, lance.” - P

• meanwhile keith is sitting with his head in his hands
• “you can’t just get mad like that. you’ve got to keep a level head if you have to lead voltron someday” - Shiro
• “im not going to have to lead voltron! and anyway, i can’t not get mad at lance! he’s so irritating! have you seen his hair? have you seen his / l e g s /, shiro? //have you//” - Keith
• shiro is just laughing at this point and keith dramatically describes how annoying lances perfect legs are

what if even gets an instagram account though? 

  • every single one of his posts are literally just really bad and blurry pictures of isak sleeping or isak eating or isak in the middle of doing something 
  • and all are extremely unflattering but his captions are always something like “isn’t he beautiful” or “the prettiest boy i’ve ever seen”
  • there are also a couple videos of isak doing something really stupid and even laughing in the background 
    • like attempting to jump a bush and just. falling flat on his face
    • or spending 38492 years debating between which snap back to buy
    • or tripping on absolutely nothing
    • or eating something and spitting it out all over his shirt
    • even still captions them with the sappiest things. except one that is just a super blurry close up of isak’s face with: “rarest cryptid spotted at your local kebab place”
  • isak & e-box’s first mixtape debuts as a thirty second video on even’s instagram account
    • isak’s rapping? so terrible it’s almost good, just like the cardamom toast. even’s beat boxing? actually decent 
    • they call it “so terrible it’s almost good” after the cardamom toast. isak argues about it though because he is still in denial about his rapping skills
    • denial is the first step in the grieving process, isak. and i am sorry to say you’re rapping skills were never alive in the first place 
  • occasionally though, even will show the true side of his photo taking skills 
  • i mean, this boy is in artist. he probably knows angles and colors without even really trying 
  • so sometimes he will post a beautiful picture of isak, with perfect lighting and a perfect angle. isak isn’t looking at the camera, doesn’t even know it was being taken, and it just looks so real 
  • all he captions it with is ❤️
  • sometimes he’ll post a couple doodles, too, or short guitar covers, or just. a video of him zooming in on isak’s face for no reason at all 
  • when will even get an instagram account 

Do you think the other Imperial pilots talked about Bodhi behind his back? Not like bad things, more like

“oh shit, here comes Rook with those stupid doe eyes of his”

“have you seen the lashes on him? who the hell has lashes like that?”

“I lost to him the other day ‘cuz I couldn’t stop staring at his face”

“I just wanna touch his hair, man. just once”

“okay, he’s getting close. everyone act cool”

So yeah, what I’m saying is Bodhi was the most beautiful pilot in the Empire and all the other pilots had crushes on him.

Anyone feel like some Olicity?

Remember when our ship managed to look more married than most married couples?

Remember when Oliver first saw Felicity and he looked like he realized ice cream existed?

The time Oliver looked like he’s kissing his wife who just gave birth to their first child:

“But I do know two things. You are not alone. And I believe in you.” 

Remember when she held his hand when he was dying?

“We’re still in Russia.” (Also Anatoly’s I-have-to-listen-to-this-amazing-woman-yell-at-my-stupid-friend face.)

Even Diggle and Roy know it’s endgame:

If we didn’t need more evidence that our ship is endgame (if you still didn’t believe it, because if Diggle and Roy do, you should too) let’s remember that Oliver remembered their first kissing as he was dying. 

Baby Olicity:

Remember when Oliver nearly died from a swoon attack when Felicity kissed his cheek?

Let’s not forget she brought him a blanket because she knew he was cold. 

And just like season two, though there’s been some ups and downs for them, and some heartbreak mixed in with the happiness, it’s season five and they’re still more married than an actual married couple. 

Andrew’s Foolproof Method for Shutting Neil Up

    “Nine percent of the time I don’t want to kill you. I always hate you.”
    “Every time you say that I believe you a little less.”
    “No one asked you.” With that, Andrew caught Neil’s face in his hands and leaned in.

    “That’s a first,” Neil said. “Do I get a prize for shutting you up?”
    “A quick death,” Andrew said. “I’ve already decided where to hide your body.”
    “Six feet under?” Neil guessed.
    “Stop talking,” Andrew said, and kissed him.

    “The only one I’m interested in is you.”
    “Don’t say stupid things.”
    “Stop me,” Neil returned. He buried his hands in Andrew’s hair and tugged him in for a kiss. 

    Neil still felt like he was falling. He did fall afterward, albeit in a controlled slide down the wall, gasping for breath and dizzy with burnt-out need.
    “Do you want—” he started, voice ragged.
    Andrew kissed him to shut him up.

    “I’ll get bored of you eventually.”
    “You sure?” Neil asked. “Rumor has it I’m pretty interesting.”
    “Don’t believe everything you hear.”
    Neil ignored that dismissal because Andrew was already pulling him down again. They kissed until Neil felt dizzy…

    “I won’t be like them,” Neil said. “I won’t let you let me be.”
    “One hundred and one,” Andrew said, “going on one hundred and two.”
    “You’re a terrible liar,” Neil said, and Andrew kissed him into silence.

Positive reinforcement means Neil is going to end up running his mouth. A lot. Clever, Andrew.

Lucky Neil.

ultimate jeongguk shitpost

since a few anons asked me 2 talk about jeon jeongguk’s stupid ass face

in chronological order of my favorite most hated selfies:

we’re starting things off strong, with a rare pic from guk was like 12. he probably wanted to send this to his crush w/ the txt ‘thinkin bout u’ and accidentally sent it to jimin

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man i was walking to work today from the subway and i saw these two businessmen in suits talking, but they were doing that stupid thing where they were standing with like four feet of space between them, like, just screwing with the flow of a sidewalk for no reason? like they’re afraid if they stand a little closer someone’s gonna run up and marry them to each other. anyways, as i was cutting between them i looked over at one of them and our eyes locked just as he was saying, and this is the only thing i heard him say with a creepy grin on his face, “sweater meat.” and i swear i was just like, “eugh!?” and sped up a little. like it’s the grossest thing you could be talking about in the middle of the sidewalk in broad daylight. his face got all creased and shadowed as he said it, it’s like he didn’t even say it, it’s like the words oozed out of his pores like tentacles and tried to get at me. 

is there even a sleazier way to talk about boobs? sweater meat? it’s practically the middle of summer, no one’s wearing sweaters. your creepiness isn’t even seasonally appropriate. i know you’re not from another hemisphere, buddy. it doesn’t even make sense. i wish his friend had been like, “but wait, nick, if boobs are sweater meat because when girls wear sweaters, they’re in them. what about when we wear sweaters? are we the meat inside the sweaters?”

and the first guy gets all defensive and stammers as he wipes at his brow, “what the fuck kind of nonsense are you talking about, huh? how can you and i be sweater meat? we’re nick and david!” he gulps. “to suggest…to suggest that when i wear a sweater i am also meat inside a sweater. i don’t…the meat is the boob, you dumbass! i’m nick! i’m not the boob! i’m not made of m- i’m- when i- i ain’t never wore no sweater in my life! i’ll fuck you up you say that shit to me again!” late that night he’s standing in the dark in his bathroom wearing a sweater, just staring at himself in the mirror.

“You don’t mean that”

Drabble game. Prompt #50 - Mark Tuan: Smut

Request by @basicangeline :)

You turned away from him, kicking yourself for staying out this late. Even more so for inviting him upstairs. The alcohol had lowered your inhibitions, allowing the feelings you buried deep down to begin to seep out.

Everything he just said only made it harder. You were friends, why were either of you trying to mess all that up on some drunken whim?

“Y/N… why won’t you look at me?” Mark whispered.

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Holding on for a Hero || Archie Andrews

Originally posted by alectightwood

word count : 1,188

pairing : Archie Andrews x Reader

warnings : abusive relationship, cursing.

summary : after your boyfriend, now ex, beat you for ‘looking’ at another guy, Archie swoops in to clean you up and make you feel better. 

a/n : a part two could be made if enough people ask for it!t thanks again for 100+ followers! c:

requests are open

     “You stupid whore! What were you doing looking at him!” Your boyfriend shouted, slapping you across your cheek. You let out a loud sob, grabbing your cheek. “I didn’t- I wasn’t!” You cried out, tears falling down your cheeks. Your boyfriend barked at a laugh, towering over you. “You were checking him out; like you would even had a chance with him!” He snarled, grabbing you roughly by the by the neck, pulling you closer to his face. “You are with me! Don’t you forget that!” He growled before pushing you back on the concrete; your head hitting the ground. “Find you own way home, maybe that’ll teach you to keep your eyes from wonder.” He growled out. 

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Grimmjow and Ichigo’s co-inhabitance adventures! Because I keep thinking of stupid scenarios and they won’t go away until I draw them.

A few more doodles under the Read More

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“Bitty, look at this photo.“ 

"Mhmm, nice." 

"No Bitty, it’s more than nice. It’s indecent. How dare he look this good." 


"No, you don’t get it Bits. How do I wake up to that everyday? Every. Day. I want to kiss his stupid face. How???" 

"You could just kiss his face’." 



"Bitty. Bits, my bro- you’re a genius." 

"Go get ‘em, tiger!” 😉

(In which Holster is pining away for our boy Ransom and confides in Bitty)

i don’t really think this would happen, but if Ran does find out about this baby Heiji and Kazuha suddenly started babysitting she would like to help out

Shinichi would just be covering his face the whole time which she would take as him being super shy and adorable.

this is all based on this idea

honestly i want so many spinoffs from the star wars universe

but i want them all in vlog format

post ep 3 Obi-Wan has one where he makes videos of himself complaining about how shitty tatooine is. Occasionally he’ll pause to make snippy remarks at a presence nobody but him can see.

Chirrut and Baze occasionally make video diaries once the Empire takes over Jedha, to record what’s going on and to preserve what little information they can pass on. Chirrut pretends he can’t tell that Baze is making faces every time it’s his turn to speak.

Qui-Gon pre Phantom Menace is just constantly uploading videos of cool animals he sees while on missions, and the equivalent those vines of dads embarrassing their kids (tiny padawan Obi-Wan) in public 

I want the Han Solo prequel to just be Han and Lando doing stupid viral video challenges and being like guys if this video gets 100,000 likes we’re gonna fly the millennium falcon through an asteroid belt it’ll be fucckin sick

Anger Management

Imagine getting into an argument with Damon and you two end up having angry sex.

– Anon Request

Btw, guys, to me, ‘imagine’ requests are like long drabbles, so unless you want like a long fic, specify one shot or just write ‘fic/fanfic/fanfiction’ and don’t mention imagine in it :)

(gif not mine, credits to the owner)

“You are so stupid!” You screamed at him, throwing your arms up in frustration. “Me?! Stupid?! Who’s the one who attacked without a plan?!” He screamed at you. “I know what was I doing! And frankly, I can save myself!” You yelled back. “So you’re calling me weak?!” Damon asked, anger flaring up his face. “I’m not calling you weak! I’m calling you reckless!” You screamed, annoyed at him.

“Well I’m sorry for pushing you out of the way in getting fucking stabbed!” He screamed. “I’m an Original for fuck’s sake! I won’t die but you will!” You screamed at him. “You can’t follow a simple task and you could’ve ended up dead for real!” You screamed, fear in your heart as you spoke those scary words.

“If it means that you’re alive then why the fuck do I care?! I fucking love you,  (y/n)! You’re the only one I ever think about! Can’t you get that in your head?!” He asked. You sped, pinning him to the wall. “If you love me like you say, you’re not going to risk your life for me when I know I can live no matter what and you can die!” You seethed.

He sped, switching places so he pinned you on the wall, his hips firmly against yours, his hand tightly keeping both of yours above your head. “I’m sorry princess, but no can do, you’re always the first one I will save no matter what you are, even if your a fucking immortal, I will save you no matter what.” He said, staring down at you, and the neck second, his lips were attached to yours, fiercely kissing you.

He let go of your hands and they dropped to your hips, pulling you against his hard member. In his excuse, angry you never fails to turn him on.

You both sped, hitting wall per wall as your kisses grew hungrier and intense, clothes getting ripped from the other in a matter of seconds. You ended up in the living room, Damon pinning you down the couch as he kissed down your body, sucking marks that’ll last for a few seconds, feeling your skin heat up even just a tiny bit to his touch.

You flipped the two of you and you straddled his lap, pushing yourself down his entire length, moaning at the feel of him filling you up, making you feel as if it was your first time with him.

He held you close and tight, fingertips digging into your soft flesh, his other arm sprawled across your back, his hand tangling on your hair as he pulled, exposing your neck to his lips. You raked your nails up and down the expanse of his back, eliciting a hiss from him.

You two then moved around once again, ending on top of the rug on the floor, him pressing you down the ground as he thrusts into you hard and fast, making you scream his name so loud the whole Mystic Falls probably hearing you two having intense angry sex.

Pleasure quickly built in your systems and with one hard thrust, he hand you coming hard and hot around him as he spilled into you, coming as your walls clenched around him.

You two breathed hard, chest heaving against each other, still on the floor. He gently pulled out of you and he sped the both of you back on the couch, resting you on top of him. You shook as he soothed you by running his hand up and down your back. “I’m sorry for being reckless, (y/n).” He started, not looking down at you. You closed your eyes and sighed. “And I’m sorry for calling you stupid.” You replied.

He looked down at you and slowly brought your face to look up at him. He softly pressed his lips to yours. “I love you.” He murmured against your mouth. “I love you too.” You said, closing your eyes as you enjoyed the feel of his lips moving with yours.