but i do hope you like it

i love to imagine Draco, Hermione and Harry working together at the ministry. 

I imagine it’s a lot of Draco giving a sneer to anyone that rolls their eyes during any of Hermione’s speeches.

Harry too but mostly with him if he looks at you disapprovingly they straighten up, i mean he defeated the dark lord; dont want to look like a douche and insult one of his closest friends. 

And a lot of Hermione filtering through their assignments to make sure Harry doesn’t get assigned anything too dangerous, and Draco doesn’t get anything to do with dark magic (for his mental stability). 

I think that Harry and Draco’s friendship definately takes time. But they do start with having an understanding concerning Hermione. 

It’s mostly just them warning the other when Hermione is pissed at them. 

“Oi Malfoy, fair warning Hermione was looking for you.” 

“Oh for merlin’s sake what did i do now? Did she say why?”

“No, just that she wanted to talk to you.”

“Great thanks mate, big help you are Potter.”

“Hey, im just relieved it’s not me this time.”

“You’re a little shit, you are lightning.”

And after a couple hours of Draco avoiding she (of course) finds him


“Ah, Granger. I have been looking for you everywhere. Have you been avoiding me? Potter had said you were looking for me earlier.”

“Malfoy you’re so full of shite, i saw you duck into that empty conference room when i waved at you in the commons.”

“Oh, were you down there too? Wow you know i just had such a busy morning.”

“You are so frustrating!” and she’d turn and start to walk away

“Wait, didn’t you need something?”

And she’d turn around looking very annoyed and march over to him and smash her lips onto his completely throwing him off guard.

“I just wanted to know what it would be like” and she would smile at the stupid surprised look on his face and leave him pink lipped and watching her walk away.


we have spoken to you about partnering up.

jimmy + meyer [with bonus ticked-off!charlie in the background] for @anunexpectedfandom. happy birthday! ♥

Hey y'all, I need to say a thing.
I keep seeing posts in the allenbert tag like “Barry and Iris broke up!! Now allenbert can be real!!”
Look. Barry and Iris are one of the healthiest canon relationships I’ve seen in a while.
Please, you can respect their relationship while still shipping allenbert. Talking about how Julian should have kissed Barry in the musical ep instead of Iris? That’s not respectful of Barry and Iris.
I just need us to remember that we can still have fun with this ship without being anti west@llen.

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Hello there! I saw this prompt a few months ago, and thought it would fit the end of the game. It goes: "You wander through the ruins of a once mighty city. There you see a man grinning at you, wearing a rusted crown." Maybe the reader is an urban explorer, exploring Insomnia many years after the game, and they encounter Noct's spirit… I'd like to see what you'll do with this. Thanks!

A small drabble for you! I hope this is what you were looking for. This for me was more of a study in writing scenery, and I hope I did an okay job. Enjoy!

You stepped over a large piece of rubble, peering around at the landscape around you. The city had been abandoned for a long time, and from what you heard, after a great battle had been waged and many years of darkness, the people who used to live in the Citadel decided it was best to move on.

It was eerie—the city was a shell of its former self, with concrete and broken glass lining the streets. The ruins were beautiful though, and in the midday light, you could almost imagine a bustling marketplace, malls, children playing in the parks. But you were the only person there now, the only one who had figured coming to the ruins of Insomnia would be a fun daytime excursion.

You hike your backpack up a little further onto your shoulders and check your map for where to go next. You’d wanted to see the palace more than anything else, a symbol of what was once a great kingdom, reduced now to only its bare exoskeleton.

It took a while to get there, but you walked past the crumbling roundabout and went up what felt like hundreds of stairs until you reached the very top.

The palace itself was in pretty decent condition—you’d explored castles that had been in much greater states of decay. The greenery was seeping its way into what used to be a marble lobby, though much of the precious stone had long been pilfered and sold.

There were holes in the roof, and beams of sunlight poured in, streaking the darkness and cutting through the dust as your footsteps echoed through the hallways.

You peered around a corner and spotted what you figured was the throne room. A carpet lined a path from the doorway to a curved staircase. You figured the carpet had been red at one point, a symbol of royalty, but now it was dark, muddied and worn from the many years and lack of preservation.

There were cracks in the ceiling where small bits of debris had fallen, but not as badly as in the lobby. You walked up the red carpet and looked around the room, imagining important council members and esteemed guests donned in expensive garb as they sipped champagne and talked about the goings-on of the kingdom.

You made it to the base of the stairs and looked up. You gulped, and could have sworn the sound vibrated off the walls.

There were chains hanging from the ceiling, and bones were tangled in the rust. You took a step back, shocked at the discovery. There were four bodies from what you could tell, though not all of them were completely in tact anymore. Your body gave a violent shiver, but you pressed on.

You’d heard of what happened in the fabled ten years of darkness. You had a feeling you’d read about the people that dangled over the throne, but you willed yourself not to think about it.

You reached the top of the stairs to where the throne was placed. It looked to be pretty much exactly how it was before the destruction, save for a few chips here and there and a layer of dust. It seemed that even the scavengers still respected the Crown enough to let the fallen King keep his throne.

You peered curiously over at one of the arm rests. What looked like a piece of paper was resting atop it. You picked it up, the dust shifting around it as you gently turned it over.

It was a photograph.

Four men and a car. One was blond, posing dramatically in the front. Behind him was a tall man with glasses in a suit, arms folded over his chest with a hint of a smile on his face. On the other side of the car was a giant of a man, tattoos wrapping down to his wrists, leaning a hand against the windowsill of the car. And then there was the dark-haired one in front of him, sitting on the ground. You’d recognized him from his eyes alone, that piercing blue that was in so many history books. The young prince you’d read about.


His name left your lips and echoed throughout the chamber, and you felt a vibration run through the room, almost as if it had awakened something deep within the palace.

You carefully put the photo back down in its original place, and scurried down the steps and out of the palace doors.

You rubbed your hands along your arms, a chill having set into the air as the sun stared to dip below the horizon. You made it to the bottom of the stairs, and hazarded a look back. What you saw made your heart nearly stop.

The dying sunlight caught it more than anything. A brief flash, the glint of precious metal as it reflected the light into your eyes. A man stood halfway down the steps, his eyes fixated on you. His face was calm, his gaze soft. His hair was dark, and atop his head was a rusted crown. You immediately recognized him as soon as your eyes met his.

It was him.

You fell to your knees in a reverent bow, and then looked up from your place on the ground. Noctis smiled at you, a gentle one that was full of warmth. He nodded his head, and gazed at the sun. For a second, you could almost see him as his younger self. You watched as he took in a breath, basking in the glow, and then turned back to you.

“Thank you,” was all he said. And then he turned back towards the palace doors, and with each step he took, he started to fade until there was nothing left.




                 OR OF GOBLINS OR SHOES?

                                                                        INNOCENSRCSE     &      LITTLCLCTTE    

 ❝- some say she is  kindness  itself.  in her smile, the INNOCENCE of  SPRINGTIME.❞  

Summary: The reader is pregnant, and a witch hits her with a spell that slowly kills her child. The only cure seems to be Lucifer, but Dean does not want her to get into trouble. So the reader asks for help from his father, Crowley, the King of Hell.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Pregnant!Reader

Characters: Reader, Lucifer, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Crowley, Rowena (mentioned)

Word Count: 2000 (approximately)

Warning: Angst, more angst.

A/N: I write this for the Ana’s “Shit My Patients Say” Challenge, by this beautiful >>>  @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms 
My prompts are:
8. “My friend said I couldn’t do it so I had to prove them wrong.”
22. “My family has a recipe to fix this.”
So, I hope you like it!

“What have you done to me?”
“A curse. But you can also call it ‘a step away from death’.”
“What have you done!?” I shout louder; I feel the tears wet my face.
“You’re dying.. indeed, no. Your child is dying. So delicate.. but there is a cure. The blood of a powerful heals your child. The blood of an archangel. ”
I look down, my gaze is pure horror; I can’t breathe. The blood of an archangel..
“..ops, too bad they’re all dead.”

“No. Y/n, it’s impossible for me to allow you to do such a thing.”
“But, Dean..”
“We’ll find another way.”
“There is no other way!”
A few days ago, a witch gave me a curse. My baby is slowly dying, and I feel his heart beat more and more slowly. I can’t stay calm to do nothing, I can’t kill my baby; our baby, mine and Dean’s. Because he doesn’t understand? Dean paces nervously back and forth to the library, and observe him, I get dizzy. We need to talk to Lucifer; the witch said that the only cure to save our son is the blood of an archangel. But they are all dead: Gabriel, Raphael, Michael.. but Lucifer, he was an archangel before his fall, and he still has archangel’s blood in his veins. The problem is that Lucifer doesn’t want to talk to anyone but me. And Dean doesn’t want me to put me in trouble.
“Lucifer will be closed in his cage, with me there will be Crowley, and Rowena. Nothing will happen to me.”
“I said no. End of the matter, Y/n.”
I try to think even once Dean, but it’s useless. I breathe slowly, trying to keep calm. I understand that he’s worried about me, and for the child. But there will be no danger to me.
“How can you say such a thing? It is what our son is dying! Will not you save him?”
“Of course I want to save it, damn it!” I jump when Dean makes a fist on the table; he licks his lips, and then looks at me.
“I’ll find another way to save it. But we’re not going to Lucifer; I will talk to Rowena. Maybe she knows what to do.”
Dean lays a kiss on my forehead, and after taking his jacket, he comes out of the bunker. He doesn’t know that I have already spoken with Rowena, and she knows no other way, that talk to Lucifer.
I go into the kitchen to drink some water, and I find Sam with a book in his hands, as he reads. When he sees me, Sam puts the book on the table and coming toward me; he wrapped his long arms around my body, and I without thinking twice, I make tiny against his body. Dean and I have quarreled violently, and we screamed. Sam will have definitely heard the whole conversation.
“Are you okay?”
I would answer yes, but clearly it is not. Since Dean has known the child, chaos reigns in the bunker. Every day there is a reason for strife and shouting at us against.. Should I be happy that he cares about me, but the fact that he does remain closed to me all the time in the bunker to do nothing, is like torture for me. And now after all this time that I came out of the bunker, we hunted a bitch witch; we killed her, but it didn’t do anything. A curse like the one that launched her, doesn’t go away with her death.
“No, Sam. I’m tired..” I say, as small tears fall down my face.
“I just wanted to help Sam.. I didn’t want to stay forever locked in a bunker. And now my baby is dying.. and it’s my fault. ”
“Y/n, it’s okay.. we will find a way to save him.”
“Don’t you understand that the only way to save it’s Lucifer!?” I yelled, pushing away from me Sam. He looks at me with his usual sad look, but he says nothing. I know he thinks like Dean; he doesn’t want release Lucifer again, after all that has happened. But how do they not understand that there is only one possible cure, and it is him?“
I moved away from him, and I run to my room. I lock myself in the room, and I throw myself on the bed, with tears in my eyes.
“Hey puppy. Everything okay?”
I open my eyes, and I sit on the bed to see who it is. Although I already recognize his voice.
The King of Hell is approaching me, and sits on the bed beside me. I keep my distance from him, and alert.
“What are you doing here?”
“My dear daughter, you called me.”
“It’s not true.”
“Yes, rather.” Crowley said, looking into my eyes. I look down; I have really been calling him? I cannot even admit it to myself. Dean and Sam don’t want me to talk with Lucifer, but if I do..
“I want to talk to Lucifer.”
Crowley smiles, and getting out of bed, he wanders around the room, rummaging through my things. Then he turns to me and looks at me with his usual air of superiority.
“Excuse me?”
“I need to talk to him.”
The smile disappears from the face of Crowley; he comes close to me again, and looks at me.
“Why should I?”
“A witch hit me with a curse. And my baby is dying. Lucifer is the one who can save him. Please..” I get up and shake hands Crowley in mine. I know he is not a person you can trust 100%, but he’s still my father, and like it or not, my child is also part of his family.
Crowley closes his eyes and sighs; he takes my arm, and with a snap of the fingers, we find ourselves in his ‘headquarters’. I look Crowley and I thank him with the gaze. I breath deeply: it’s time to talk to the devil himself.

“What a surprise Y/n.. I thought that you hadn’t the courage to see me again.”
I approached the cage; Lucifer is in its interior, thanks to a Rowena’s spell. His eyes are fixed on me, his satisfied smile makes me nauseous.
“My friend said I couldn’t do it so I had to prove them wrong.”
His laughter echoes in the air, like an annoying hiss that doesn’t want to quit. I make a step forward to get closer to the cage, but then I remember the words of Rowena.
Don’t get too close.
“Tell me Y/n, how is the little devil in your tummy?”
I shudder at his words; how does he know I’m pregnant? Lucifer wanders in his prison, with the grin on his face. I take a few steps back, and I turn to go away; how stupid. It wasn’t a good idea to summon him, Dean was right. What made me think that Lucifer will give me his blood to save my baby, without wanting something in return?
“You sure you want to go? Didn’t you want to know how to save your little devil?”
“Stop calling him that.”
“Oh, but it is. You are the beloved daughter of Crowley, and you’ve got demon blood in the veins. Not to mention the baby’s father..”
I press my hands over the ears to stop hearing his words, but the voice of Lucifer continues to echo in my head, as if he were talking to my own mind.
“Who knows what will come out of the son of a half-demon, and one that kills people..”
“I said stop!”
I make a few steps toward the cage, and in a moment, Lucifer leans toward me. I feel his hands holding my arms, and in a blink of an eye, I am in the cage with him. I opened my eyes, I feel the breath fail me; I push away Lucifer from me, and I scream the Crowley’s name. I see the King of Hell quickly approaching Rowena, look for a way to get me out.
“Hmm, what’s wrong?”
Meanwhile, Lucifer is getting closer to me, I feel his breath on my neck.
“Sorry darling.. I felt so alone.”
Suddenly I turn, I wrap my hands around the collar of his shirt, and slam him against the cage. He didn’t seem to worry about, in fact, he laughs louder. Almost as if he was enjoying.
“Get me out of here!” I scream at him, while I try to stay calm. But I can’t; I begin to panic, and Lucifer rests a hand on my back.
“Ssh calm baby, you’ll be a heart attack.”
I close my eyes, and I do some deep breaths; I’m a stupid, stupid, stupid. I would have had to listen to Dean, stay by his side, trying to understand him. And instead, I’m locked in a cage with the devil, and I haven’t even had the opportunity to apologize to Dean, for what has happened with the witch. I feel the tears forming in my eyes when I hear again the voice of Lucifer in my head.
“So.. you want or not to save your child? You know, my family has a recipe to fix this.
I raise my eyes, which meets that of Lucifer; I know that the 'recipe’ of which he speaks, is its blood. He smiles at me, knowing exactly now he can control myself. I approach him, trying not to cry; I must be strong, for Dean, for our son.
“What do you want in return?”
Lucifer smiles and slowly approaching me; suddenly I hear a voice shouting my name, I turn around and I see Dean, out of the cage, with a mixed look of worry and despair. Sam is on the side of Crowley and Rowena, and try to get me out; soon they will find a spell, and I will not have the chance to save my son, if I don’t move. So, I turn to Lucifer, and I walk closer to him, so that they don’t hear us.
“Help my baby, and I’ll do whatever you ask.”
At first hesitant, then Lucifer approaches me with a smirk on his face, and his lips touching my ear. I widened my eyes when I hear the words of Lucifer; I would like to take a step back and think about his request, but I don’t have the time, and for my baby.. I’d do anything.
“We have a deal, Y/n?”
“Okay.” I can only say these words, then it all happens in a moment; the hands of Lucifer brushes my stomach, and a light escapes from them. I feel my heart beating faster and faster, and my head is spinning. I close my eyes, the cage seems to spin faster and faster.
“Don’t forget me, darling.”
I open my eyes, and Lucifer winks at me; I try to say something, but suddenly I feel an invisible force pushing me to the bars of the cage, and away from Lucifer; within seconds I’m out, in the arms of Dean.
“Y/n, you’re right?”
“The baby.. is fine.”
The head begins to turn again, and then, the dark.

When I wake up, I’m back in my room, to the bunker. Dean is near me, and when he sees that I have opened my eyes, he smiles.
“Y/n, how are you?”
I get up out of bed, and I sit next to him; I embrace him, and I feel the tears slowly down my face.
“I’m so sorry, Dean. It was all my fault; before the witch, then Lucifer.. I should listen to you.”
“Shh, it’s okay. Now it’s all over. Our baby is fine.” Dean says, massaging my back. He puts his lips on mine, and his thumbs wipes my face with tears.
“Lucifer is still in the cage, and will not come out. You and I will have our baby. Everything will be fine.”
I smiled, trying to hide my concern. I squeeze in his arms, and again, I hear the words of Lucifer echoing in my head.
When the baby is born, I will come pick you up. And you’ll have to choose. Or you, or the child.

If you want to be tagged in my stories, just ask me!
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I really like the way you draw hair!! Do have any tips on how t draw hair?? -dino anon

Aaaahhh Im rlly bad at explaining and I çever rlly had this problem so i cant rlly give tips dkkdksis
But there’s this vid of an artist that I love https://youtu.be/HsoaRjGKPyA so yeah, i hope it helps 😭😭😭😭💓💓

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Hiya! ^^ I would like to request hc's about an MC who is a kpop star or part of a group. I imagine they'd all be super surprised to see them at the party! I hope you both are well, and you don't have to do my ask if you wouldn't like to! Oh sorry, I'm starting to ramble again aren't I? Hahaaaa;;;

A/N: IM SO READY FOR THIS, FUCK ME UP (and dont worry i ramble a lot, I don’t think you were rambling sweetheart <3) ~Admin 404


           -He’s a big big fan of kpop

           -Follows all the popular groups and stars almost religiously

           -So when you (or Saeyoung) tell the group what your name is, he’s hYPED


           -You just couldn’t tell him right off the bat that yes, you were that person

           -You decided to surprise him at the party instead!

           -Because nothing is cooler than finding out you’re dating an idol of yours, right???

           -So when he sees you at the party he actually squeals like a little kid because WOW YOU’RE THERE AND YOU’RE AMAZING

           -“YOU KNOW MY S/O HAS THE SAME NAME AS YOU” “Yoosung it is me, I’m MC, I’m your s/o”

           -Poor baby faints right then and there. From then on he’s just always so in awe every time he looks at you. Always telling his friends about you; “Hey did you know i’m dating-” “YES YOOSUNG, YOU’RE DATING MC. THE MC. YES YOU LOVE THEM. YES THEY LOVE YOU. WE GET IT”


           -Yeah he’s heard all the popular groups and stars

           -Has a ton of respect for them all

           -After all, he is a music man himself musicals are different than pop music though zen

           -He’s also a firm believer of “He can date whoever he wants, famous or not”

           -When he’s down in the dumps and you come over to his house to cheer him up he’s really surprised

           -Why is there a famous star on my doorstep?? What do they want?? Are they here to say bad things about me too? whaT IS HAPPENING

           -You have to quickly calm him down and explain that no, you’re just MC and you’re here to cheer him up

           -He’s so confused and stays like that for a solid hour. He talks to you and he’s excited and all but he just…. cannot process that the MC he’s developed strong feelings for is also the famous star MC

           -You’re waiting for him at his home while he brings back some snacks for the two of you and he bursts through his own front door



           -The moment she knew your name, she was suspicious

           -Isn’t one for blindly believing something

           -So she thought it was merely a coincidence that you shared the name of a famous star

           -Except when she saw you in person at the party

           -She kept asking around to make sure that she was seeing you correctly

           -Not to mention she never remembered anyone mentioning the invitation of a famous kpop star???

           -“Jaehee, it’s me. MC. I helped organize the party, I didn’t realize I had to put myself on the list”

           -You helped whAT

           -Then and there is the moment she realized that your name wasn’t a coincidence and that she had asked planned on asking a famous kpop star to be her partner in opening a coffee shop

           -But she doesn’t treat you any differently, not at all. She just kind of fangirls in silence (until you catch her later at the party)


           -“Are you part of that famous group that’s all over the radio all the time?”

           -I guess that’s one way of greeting me, Jumin

           -When he saw you in person it just solidified his assumptions

           -Doesn’t treat you any different than he would have before, because you’re still you

           -You just happen to have a title as well. That doesn’t change who you are inside, ya know, the part he loves

           -But, the fact that you’re famous and you have no body guards concerns him to all hell??

           -That day on you’re surrounded by more body guards than you can even see

           -He actually admits to not hearing any of your work and you just sit there in awe

           -“Jumin do you live under a rock?” “Don’t be ridiculous, I live up here in my penthouse”

           -He actually buys all your albums and anything you’ve ever made later that day. Falls in love with your music and he’s so cute like he wears your merch when the two of you are relaxing at home


           -Knew from the background check, there’s no be reveal for you this time MC

           -Though he was REALLY REALLY excited that you’re the famous kpop star because he loves your music

           -Actually seen you live before which makes meeting you 10x more exciting

           -He throws in lyrics to your songs to try and let you know that “hey, mc, i know who you are but im keeping it a secret from everyone else”

           -HYPED AS HELL! The person he fell in love with is also the celebrity he had the biggest crush on

           -But that also scares the hell out of him because of his job??? He’s supposed to be in the shadows??? How would this even work out?

           -Despite it all, he still came to the apartment to protect you

           -You expected a big “wow i can’t believe its you” but instead you just got ignored and you’re just left there kinda like???? dude???

           -But when the two of you head out to Mint Eye headquarters, your music started to blare in his car and he couldn’t turn it down fast enough

           -EMBARRASSED AS ALL HELL, he’s as red as his hair and finally admits that you’re his favourite recording artist and has been for years. Even admits that he’s the owner of your fanclub fucking dORK


           - can he even see you

           - im sorRY I HAD TO THROW THAT IN JUST FOR 626

           -Really really surprised to see that you’re the famous MC

           -Actually enjoys your music a lot and has photographed you at a few of your shows

           -Never sold the pictures though because those are personal to him what a fanboy

           -He feels TERRIBLE that you got caught up in all of this, he doesn’t think you deserve the trouble at all

           -When he meets you in person, the first thing he does is apologize profusely

           -After a very long time, and the two of you end up together, he didn’t even realize that one day he wore a t-shirt of yours until you pointed it out

           -Immediately starts to stutter and turn bright red. The gig was up so he decided to show you some of those pictures he’s taken as well

           -He’s your favourite photographer at every show from then on and he’s loving the hell out of it <3


           -Also knew from the beginning

           -He’s not into kpop, he’s into some harder music, forget that MC

           - somebody’s being a LLLIIIAAAAAARRRRR

           -After a while, when the two of you get close, you catch him listening to a few of your songs

           -You never say anything though because if you catch him, he gets embarrassed and just walks out of the room

           -Hates publicity (or the public population in general, take your pick) so he avoids it at all cost

           -But he does think it’s pretty cool that you’ve created music, like he wishes he could do something like that

           -Protects you from his fanboy of a brother who’s always hanging all over you

           - calm down saeran it’s in an idol-appreciation way

           -Literally does not care if you’re famous or not. He has no more fucks to give. None I tell you, none

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Can I request a fic inspired by the prettiest person in the world post? I'd love to read that interception played out. So cute!

First off; thanks for the request, anon :)

And secondly; yes, of course… I love that post ,  because I find it really adorable, so it was really fun to write this. Now, it is a bit longer than I first planned it to be (because that’s just how I am, I say that I’m gonna write something short and then it end up being much more longer xD).

I hope you’re gonna like it thought ^^

It was one of those lazy Sundays, when one usually has nothing to do. Like usually, Alec was spending his free time over at Magnus’. At the moment, Magnus was dealing with one of his many clients of the day and Alec tried his best to keep himself occupied as he waited for his boyfriend to come back home. The client needed Magnus to go with him for some reason, so he was currently all alone in Magnus’ big apartment. It sucked that their free time together got interrupted again, but the Shadowhunter knew that he shouldn’t complain too much; Magnus had promised him that was his last client of the day and after that they’d be finally able to spend much needed time together.

Alec was currently in the warlock’s living room and was walking around in the circles and he sighed when he looked at the clock; Magnus had been out for more than two hours and he was really beginning to grow annoyed. In the end, Magnus’ bookcase caught his attention and he walked closer to it, looking if he’d find anything interesting to read. Since he was desperate, it didn’t really matter to him what he’d get, but much to his disappointment, most of the books were ancient spell books or just books written in an language that was unknown to Alec.

In the end, he finally found a book, which was pretty old and from the title Alec could see that they were just a bunch of old fairy-tales and folk tales, but it seemed interesting enough to Alec. He picked up the book and carried it to Magnus’ sofa, sitting down and he slowly opened up the book, a smile coming up upon his face. When he first opened the book, there were a bunch of old and beautiful illustrations, making Alec’s bad mood disappear just a little bit.

After some more time passed, Alec was completely absorbed in the book and the smile remained on his face as he continued on reading on what kind of adventures the characters in the book went. The book itself was written for kids, Alec was well aware of that, but that didn’t matter that much, because he was enjoying himself; a bit too much. The Shadowhunter was so busy with reading the book that he had completely forgotten about all of the surroundings around him and he didn’t even notice when Magnus portalled himself back into his apartment.

Magnus finally got rid of his last client of the day and was beyond happy to be back in his apartment. At first he was a bit disappointed when he couldn’t find Alec, thinking that his boyfriend had gone back to the Institute. But, the corners of his lips curled up, forming a tiny smile when he found the younger one curled up in his sofa, reading one of his favourite books. He chuckled and slowly came closer to him, pressing his lips together. Alec was so lost in the world of fairy-tales and wonder that he didn’t even notice him coming there. As Magnus continued to observe the Shadowhunter, a bigger smile tugged at his lips. Alexander looked beyond precious; his eyes were full of wonder and curiosity, he looked like a small child in a wonderland. Adorable.

“Hey,” said Magnus after a while and walked closer to the sofa, Alec only then acknowledging his presence, but he didn’t allow himself to be bothered by it. He was currently in the middle of a very intense and interesting scene. “I’m back,” he then said and Alec just nodded.

“Welcome back,” said Alec in a monotone voice. “While you were out, I borrowed one of your books to read. I hope you don’t mind it,” he then went on by saying, not really paying attention to what he was saying and Magnus arched an eyebrow.

“Not at all,” said Magnus and pressed his lips together, thinking of a way to get Alec’s attention. “Is it interesting?”

“Hmm,” hummed Alec and nodded.

“That’s good,” said Magnus and folded his arms on top of his chest, kind of offended that Alec was that much more interested in the book than in him. “Well, I’m very happy to be I’m finally back, we can finally do something together,” said Magnus and sighed, because Alec still wasn’t listening to him. However, he quite quickly thought of a way that would distract Alec from his reading and he grinned. “So, how is the prettiest person in the world doing?” he then asked, the ‘prettiest person’ bit of his question of course aimed at Alec.

Alec heard Magnus’ question and even though he’d usually be the one embarrassed, he decided to get Magnus back and he just shrugged, not even looking up from his book. “I don’t know, how are you?” asked Alec, no longer paying attention to the text in the book and even though he felt his face heating up, he managed to maintain a poker face.

Alec’s reply caught Magnus off guard and he went red into the face, opening his mouth to say something, but he quickly closed it again. Magnus’ heart skipped a beat and he let out a hitched breath. “I’m fine,” whispered Magnus, his voice cracking and it was at that point that Alec finally looked up.

Alec’s eyes widened when he looked up, amused to see Magnus blushing so obviously. It was a rare sight to behold, since it was Alec usually the one who would get easily embarrassed and his smirk widened when Magnus looked down. On the other side, he was quite surprised; Magnus wasn’t a stranger to getting complimented on his looks, so Alec was pleased with himself that his words made such a big impact on the older one.

Now, it was true that Magnus was not a stranger to getting compliments, but it was a completely different story when Alec would compliment him. It happened every now and then, but not in such an obvious manner and his entire body was heating up, because he could feel Alec’s eyes on him even though he was looking away. It was funny how fast tables could be turned and even though Magnus was centuries old, meaning that most of things weren’t able to faze him anymore, Alec still managed to make him speechless like that. Alec really was different and just as he said once before; something new for Magnus.

“What’s the matter, beautiful? Cat got your tongue?” asked Alec and put the book down onto the sofa and stood up, walking up to Magnus, who was still having troubles with keeping his face straight. He wore a huge smile on his face and it was kind of embarrassing, but in the end he managed to look up at Alec and he chuckled.

“When did you get so cocky, Alexander?” asked Magnus and Alec just shrugged, but chuckled when Magnus pulled him by his arm and pulled him close enough to press a kiss on top of those lips that were just begging to be kissed.

“I’ve learned from the best,” was Alec’s smug response and Magnus just shook his head, his soft laughter filling his apartment as Alec dragged him back to the sofa and sat pushed him down.  Caught off guard, Magnus just sat there in silence and grinned when Alec straddled his hips, Magnus’ arms wrapping around his waist as the other was sitting on top of him.

“My, my, Alexander,” said Magnus with a chuckle. “You’re full of surprises today, aren’t you?”

“Right,” stammered Alec, but remained collected as he kept staring down into Magnus’ beautiful cat-eyes. “That werewolf was your last client today?” asked Alec, kind of impatiently and Magnus arched an eyebrow.

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“Finally,” said Alec as a wide smirk spread across his face. Happy to hear that Magnus was free, Alec wrapped his arms around the warlock’s neck and pulled him closer for a kiss, which Magnus returned more than eagerly. After the day full of interruptions, they were finally able to spend some time together, taking things in the bedroom where they did many more interesting and fun things… together.  

personal moodboard

I was tagged by @whygrover and I can’t tell how much I loved doing this mood board :) thank you 

I wanted this mood board to show how my aura is feeling like right now, so it’s dark and blue with little hints of a lighter color (most white) I don’t know for you, but for me it transmits peace. I hope you liked it :) 

and now I tag @alexfierrno @demidorks @artemisaro @why-you-spurgus @nico-doctors-note-di-angelo @tactileintrovertedace @leo-otakuna @notesofsolace @nannie-starrison and whoever feels like doing this :D 

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Hi V! I know you're currently hard at work on Book 4 -- which part of the writing process is your favorite? I know some authors love drafting, while others love editing/revising a lot more. Hope your life is absolutely swell :)

I do really enjoy drafting, despite the immense pain of it. The great joy I get from editing is knowing I have a completed draft. There’s nothing like that sense of accomplishment and relief. 

I would say drafting the third act is where I really get my wings. It’s kind of like riding an avalanche. Or at least it has been. I structure my books so that the third act is kind of breakneck, and the writing process reflects that. It’s usually 10s of thousands of words written over a week or two, because at that point the story, by design, is just MOVING.

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Just discovered your blog, so if this was already asked my bad! Can you do MTMTE bots (your choice) telling their human s/o "I love you" and mean it for the first time scenario? Like what are they doing that makes them say it, do they just blurt it out, do they mumble it under their breath, or do they run for the hills cause they're so embarrassed haha thanks!

I really only do one bot for a scenario (ficlet) I hope you like Whirl ^3^

           The good thing about the Lost Light’s medbay is that it’s not like the hospitals on earth. Not that it’s particularly pleasant, but it doesn’t have the same stale scent and harsh lighting that sets you on edge.

           You go to scratch your arm and groan when you hit your cast. This itch is going to bother you all day. ‘Well,’ you think. ‘At least I wasn’t killed.’

           You very well almost were. While the thought of space pirates may be cool in theory, they’re significantly less cool to deal with. You don’t remember much now with the pain medicine clogging your brain, but you remember the terror you felt as you were told to hide. You remember the excruciating pain of being knocked aside by a hand twice as large as you. And… You remember Whirl; his garbled shouts, the hellfire that burned in his optics as he blew your assailant into a mangled mess.

           After that, you don’t remember anything.

           There’s a crash outside the curtain around your medberth. You heart jumps- are the pirates back?- but then there’s Whirl’s voice over the shuffling of pedes and Ratchet’s gruff allowance of five minutes.

           Whirl pokes his head through the curtain. You pat the space next to you, giving a small smile, and he plops down on the berth. He looks you sternly up and down, lingering on the bump on your head and your broken arm. Squirming, you wonder if this is what it would feel like to be under Perceptor’s microscope.

           “Hey,” says Whirl.

           “Hey,” you return, then add hastily. “Thank you… for saving me.”

           “I…” His optics shutters as he trails off. It focuses on you, then anywhere but you, and then zeroes in on you again. Slooooowly, he moves a claw to your face, gently holding it against your cheek but not pressing.

           You lean into his touch.

           “I love you,” Whirl says. “Isn’t that stupid?”

           You smile. “You know what else is stupid? I love you, too.”

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I felt Baz arms wrapping my waist from behind...

“BAZ, WHAT IN MORGANA’S NAME DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING,” I screeched, whipping around and shoving Simon’s vampire off. 

He stared down at me blankly, the smell of mulled wine from the holiday party hovering around him like a cloud as he finally realized I am not, in fact, Simon. 

“Bunce,” he said haughtily, swaying slightly on his feet. “Where is my boyfriend?”

“Off drinking his weight in rumchata with Micah, and I just hope you know I’ll never let you forget that you once embraced me lovingly.”  

Send me the first line of a fic and I’ll write the next five!

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Your icons are really cuteeee!!! Was wondering if I could ask for an icon of Fire Emblem 6's Lilina and Roy? Thanks in advance!

We do have a soft spot for Fire emblem! So These are nice to make! Hope you like them!

Feel free to use this icons if you like them. we would love if you could tell people we made them so spread them around!

Also, is there a character or series you’d love to have an icon of but you don’t see much of them or really like our style? Well feel free to send us an ask!

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I just hope the game doesn't somehow punish or guilt us for picking Ashkore. I jus like him so much, I don't want it to be a wrong choice, or to always have to listen to the guard leaders no matter what they do to you.

agreed. if it comes to that, i hope we’ll have the choice to say something like ‘you lied to me and i didn’t trust you back then’. i don’t think ashkore is a saint though; according to miiko the crystal is broken bc of him and he’s been messing with them a lot for unknown reasons. but i still want to know his side of the story, i think he’s an interesting character and there’s a lot of potential there.

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that anon was incredibly rude! if you follow for just art and then be unfollow because of asks then don't send in an ask about it, just do it and be nice about it! i hope you have a good day besides this ask Loaf!

thank u anon!!! it’s been hard to find time to do art (at least art i can post) recently but i don’t want to leave everyone hanging so like.. i feel like asks are a good way to interact with u guys and not be dead u know

Imagine You and Your Brothers Discover the Creeper

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Request: Hey! Hope your doing well! Can u do an imagine based off of the movie Jeepers Creepers? Maybe with the sis as the reader and the bros are investigating or one of the bros is the reader and there is no sis? Idk ❤❤❤ your work!!! - @lovethefandomsuniverse

Author’s Note: Hey, I’m doing just amazing. I’m sorry this took so long to get up. I have a confession to make to you all, I’ve never watched the full movie of Jeepers Creepers. I tried watching it just to specifically write this, but I honestly couldn’t get into it, maybe another time. It literally took me about five minutes to come up with a title because I’m dumb and so is the title. Hope you all like it though. – Haley xx

For miles, all you saw was corn. Corn fields that bleed into state lines, it was honestly boring and exhausting. You and you brothers were on your way to find your dad, John Winchester, who had been MIA for a few weeks by now.

He would occasionally send you three on different jobs around the country, but your main mission was to find out where your dad had gone.

“Aw, come on!” Dean whined, slamming on the breaks, making you roll into the floor of the impala.

“What the hell, Dean?” you asked, pulling yourself out of the dirty backseat. “Give me a warning next time.”

“Sorry, sis,” Dean said, “but this damn truck cut in front of me.”

You rested your elbows on the seat in front of you between your brothers and watched what looked like an old rusted-over moving truck. The space between the impala’s front bumper and that truck’s back bumper got bigger and bigger as the truck sped away for you all.

“What’s the hurry, asshole?” You yelled, cupping your hands around your mouth.

“Shut up,” Sam laughed, pulling your hands away from your mouth.

“But seriously, what’s that important to almost run the only other vehicle on the road?” I asked him.

“Dunno,” Sam shrugged.

After what felt like a few hours later, or hell, it could have been a few miles later - you’ve lost all track of time by this point – you all saw that rusty truck again. It was pulled over at an abandoned church.

“Hey, pull over,” Sam said, nudging Dean in the arm.

He did and you all sat there and watch. You couldn’t see anything at first, until Dean pointed something out and you felt all the blood drained from you face.

They must have been the drive of the truck. And this is must be the reason why they almost ran you all over. Whoever this was, was caring a body wrapped in a blood-soaked sheet. You know exactly what a body wrapped up looks like from your job and that’s exactly what that person had in their arms.

“Holy shit,” Dean whispered.

The driver dropped the body and turned around coming face to face with you all. They ran to the truck and started it up. Dean fumbled with the keys before turning the impala back on and skidding out of the spot you all were parked at.

“Jesus Christ!” You yelled.

You watched the truck get closer and closer to you.

It was only a matter of time before it did.