but i do feel like people in certain fandoms are getting those two terms mixed up

youtube au. sort of.

alright so we all know that bitty has a youtube channel, hence the whole premise of the comic, but what if the rest of the group had youtube channels as well?

  • jack starts a youtube channel after the overdose. he found himself intrigued when he had too much time on his hands and he delved into youtube to discover hey these people are kind of cool, what if i made a channel?
    • at first it’s just simple things. he gives tips on how to work out and not push yourself too much. describes different hockey plays and the pros and cons of each. he has a segment where he talks about history, some of his favorite stories and cool little tidbits he thinks people should know
    • most people originally start following him because damn his face and also you know he’s pretty well known as a hockey player in certain circles and it’s interesting to see the person behind that
    • after watching two or five or twenty of his videos, however, people realize that wow he’s actually really interesting? like his history stuff is all about the underappreciated looked over part of history and all the stories are really interesting and his hockey tips are actually really helpful to people who play and, okay, the workout videos maybe aren’t incredibly interesting but when you’re watching jack zimmermann do squats in tiny compression shorts you really don’t have any complaints
    • he gains a decent following, a huge mix of people from all different areas. there are his hockey fans, his history buffs, the people just there to look at his pretty face and call him their “son” (jack doesn’t really get it but it’s way better than the ones who call him daddy so he isn’t gonna question it)
    • it goes on for about a year, jack sharing history and hockey and little things about his life with his Zimbos (that’s what they call themselves? he isn’t really clear on the name. it sounds like bimbos which is mean, isn’t it?) when the first Video comes out.
      • it’s titled Anxiety.
      • it’s just jack sitting at a desk with his room in the background. he explains the basics of anxiety and how it can be diagnosed and treated. it’s clinical, really, nothing too personal at all, but it’s the expression jack wears as he speaks that hits the Zimbos where they live. he looks like a scared child, frightened and lonely.
      • it’s the first in a series of mental health videos that jack posts.
    • he continues with his history-hockey-work out aesthetic, but every once in a while it’ll be just him, in his room, talking about mental health. he ends each video with a reminder to his viewers to take care of themselves, not to push themselves too hard, and to be a little selfish when it comes to self-care. it’s always softer, more intimate, despite the clinical way in which jack talks.
    • he never explains his story, the overdose and the draft and rehab, but no one really asks. only outsider assholes that have no idea what the channel is about ever mention it. sometimes they post idiotic questions about coke, but if they do, they’re drowned out by the rest of the Zimbos who, instead of fighting the original dickface, flood the comments with love for jack, making the original shitty thing dissapear in the rest of the comments. they never get to see the small smiles that jack wears when he sees this, but it still means the world when he replies with a simple, “thanks” and no context.

after the cut for the rest of the crew because damn this got long

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Writing Tips - General - Pt.1

Disclaimer: I’m just a fandom writer and I write for fun and I realized that whenever I sit down and write I seem to learn something. That’s why I’m doing this series: I just want to collect what I learned so far so that it might help others. I never took writing courses so these tips won’t be very technical at all but just the result of my own experience so far.

Some (most) of these tips will only apply to fandom writers.

My biggest tip is:


Read                      r

READ                                       e

read                                                                    a


r e a d 



Obviously read books and read fics, because fics are a very specific kind of subgenre of literature that has its own rules. True, some fics could be read as novels or as short stories, but most of them rely on very specific tropes that are much easier (generally speaking) to explore if you’re just starting out.

For example, I was always an avid reader, but before I started being active in the world of fandom and actually started reading fanfiction, I had no idea about the different kinds of AUs and tropes.

Knowing and reading what’s already out there can be scary at first. You’ll read a perfect coffee shop AU that you wished you’d written yourself and you’ll wonder, “But why should I put myself out there? Why should I write something when other people are already doing it and doing it better than me?”

The thing to remember is that readers will always want to read something, no matter how many times they’ve read the same trope applied to the same fictional couple, so one coffee shop AU isn’t enough. Good thing you’re just now planning to write one, right?

And the thing is, you won’t actually know if your writing is good or not unless you try. Even if your first fic isn’t that good, writing is something that you get better at with time and with practice, so there really isn’t any reason not to write (unless you have no interest in trying it).

Let’s say you’re now convinced that you want to try writing something: you might still be wondering how you’re going to get ideas for a fic or a story.

I think we’ve all been there. So…


If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of imagination (like me), the thought of writing something is really scary. Of course, you can’t write a story without ideas, so I want to go over a few ways to actually start getting them.

Interact with the fandom

You don’t have to participate actively and you can just reblog stuff, but in my experience, the more you interact (even just by commenting on someone else’s post or tweet), the more your brain starts working on ideas that are yours.

I basically see it as an exercise or workout: the more you do squats the more your muscles build themselves, right? The same way, the more you get your brain to think of even just small headcanons (like, what does a character like to eat? Are they a morning person or a night owl?), the more you’ll get used to thinking up new ideas that could potentially become a full story.

Oh, and when I say interact, I really do mean interact. I was really surprised when I first came to tumblr and found out that it’s perfectly normal for people to randomly start talking to you in your DMs, and the conversation usually starts with some headcanon or just general screaming about your favorite characters or something that just happened recently in the fandom. Sometimes that wraps up in a couple of lines, but others it can lead to wonderful virtual friendships. While that’s amazing on its own, it’s actually also a great support system for any content creators (especially writers), because so many ideas are born out of simple conversations.

Know your sources

The better you know your fandom, the more ideas you’ll get. You’ll start seeing details of a character’s personality that you didn’t see or read the first time, you’ll re-analyze a certain interaction, etc. It’s very difficult to write fanfiction if you’ve only watched/read canon once. 

Sometimes canon is not enough: find metas about characters and scenes and interactions. Metas aren’t canon, but they help a lot and you’ll not only understand things better, you’ll also get new ideas for content you want to write.

Know other sources

You and your ideas don’t and shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. A lot of great ideas come from knowing other works so you can make AUs and retellings.

Also try to remember the difference between the two and ask yourself which one fits better:

  • [fictional source] AU: the story should be more or less the same as your source and set in the same world, but the characters will be the ones from the fandom you’re writing for.
  • [fictional source] retelling: your plot is heavily inspired by [fictional source] but you add elements or take away what you don’t need if something from the original source doesn’t fit your characters. It can also be set somewhere different (for example modern retellings of fairy tales). 

Know your tropes

Knowing popular (and less popular) tropes helps you think about what kind of story you want to write. It also helps you categorize the different stories you read and start thinking about them in a more analytical way.

You need to see the mechanisms (enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, etc) behind a story to be able to analyze it and relate it to other stories, and understand which rules you want to follow once you understand what trope you’re using for your story.

Notice that I said which rules you want to follow, because I think it’s perfectly fine (and even admirable) to be more daring and break trope rules or mix them up. No matter what you want to do, you definitely need to know them first, and then you can start writing them and/or changing them and making them your own.


Okay, you have a few ideas now (you don’t need to have the full plot before you start writing, but at least an outline would be nice - I have another post planned about plot so look out for that). 

There are a few extra steps you might want to take. Most of these you will kind of just feel in your gut without really having to think about it, but in case that doesn’t happen, here’s a noncomprehensive list of a few of them.

Understand what your story needs in terms of POV:

A POV can make or break a story. There are some things that just don’t work well in a certain person, or they’re extremely difficult to pull off.

Learn what your favorite POV is when you read, and that will probably be the POV you’ll write best. 

Regardless of the type of POV, your story might need more than one (if it’s third person limited or first person). It’s difficult to describe how you can understand it, and I think it has a lot to do with plotting and characterization:

Do you want to keep a character’s motives mysterious until the Big Reveal of chapter 16? Then you should stick to only one character POV. Does your fic follow more than one storyline? Then you will almost definitely need more than one POV.

In case it needs more than one POV:

First of all, I can’t stress this enough: make it understandable when the POV switches. Be it with a completely different chapter or a visual separation, make sure your reader understands it.

With that said, you need to know your story and ask yourself, What POV works best for this scene?

A scene can be extremely powerful and memorable from one POV but completely dull and boring from another. It all comes down to the different characters’ personalities and I can’t possibly cover all the different examples and scenarios in this post, but if you’re familiar with your fictional world enough then you should be able to understand it yourself.

Understand what the best tense for your story is:

This is something that for me usually just happens by itself when I start writing the first few paragraphs. I’ve started fics deciding that they needed to be in a past tense, and then no matter how many verbs I wrote down, my mind would always make me write them in present tense unless I forced a past tense in there. But that’s the thing, whatever you write, it should never feel forced. That’s when I realized that present tense was what felt more natural to the story, and it didn’t matter that I don’t even like present tense. The story didn’t want to be written any other way.

Follow your instinct on this.

Understand what the best format is:

Ask yourself: Is it going to be a long fic with 20 chapters or a one shot? Do you only have enough material for a drabble?

Every fic length is valid in my opinion, but you need to be clear about what you want.

If you do decide to make your fic chaptered, try to make each chapter its own little story, with a beginning, a plot/character arc and an end (which can absolutely be a small cliffhanger, but try to not abuse it).


So this is a point I wanted to include even though it’s not exactly about writing itself, BUT I think it’s important to talk about.

Should you tell someone, “Hey, I have this awesome fic in mind that I really want to write!”? 

I don’t think the answer to this is universal. I think generally speaking telling someone definitely helps you stick to your goal, especially if people get excited about your WIP. 

It can also backfire though, you can get anxious about other people expecting something from you when you’re at a point where you don’t even know whether you’ll actually write/finish your story or not. 

(A small addition on this: if you’re like me, you’ll never know whether you’re actually going to publish something until you’ve written all of it. You might have written more than half of your fic and then decide that you don’t want to continue it, for whatever reason. If nobody is expecting it anyway, you’ll feel less bad about abandoning your work because you won’t feel like you’re disappointing anyone.)

This is one of those things that require for you to know yourself because only you will know whether people’s expectations can be a motivation or a hindrance for you. 

My suggestion is not to tell anyone right away if you’ve never written anything in your entire life. Posting without anyone (not even my virtual friendships) knowing about it was what made it possible for me to actually write. I only began sharing and interacting with people as a writer here on tumblr after about three fics (two of which were chaptered ones) and getting enough positive feedback, but I still keep my real identity hidden because I don’t want anyone IRL to be able to find my stuff.

If you know you’re going to be very self conscious about your work, I encourage you to start a tumblr alias like I did, because it can be liberating to write what you want to write without being afraid of what people will think of you if they actually find your fics. 

Of course, this is what worked for me and it might not work for everybody, but try to take measures to protect yourself if that’s the only way you you think you can publish your writing without feeling scared.

This post is already too long so Pt.2 is coming soon!

Other writing tips: (coming soon!)

yuri on ice edition | general pt.2 | plot | dialogues | characterization

Smol and Angry: Why hate Henvie?

As a person who has played through all of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and then some, I enjoyed this game. It a far cry from being my all time favorite, but I loved the characters and the London setting. Game play wise, I have to say it was pretty solid (with of course the occasional glitch here and there).

But everyone keeps bitching about one thing and won’t shut up about it for two goddamn effing minutes. And that thing is the latest installment’s main couple, Evie Frye and Henry Green.

Oh boy did this couple rock the fandom harder than a boat in the Bermuda Triangle. 

There is already a rant out there on Henry Green, so I highly recommend you go look for it. So instead of beating a dead horse, let’s add Evie into the mix and see what happens. 

Reason One: “Henry is weak, he gets captured a lot!” 

Okay, no first of all. If you read the novelization of ACS, then you would know that Henry is not a fighter, but he isn’t weak. He has good skills out on the field, just not completely exceptional ones.

There was also one time in the game where he gets captured by the Templars, and how many did he kill in trying to escape? Just imagine that Henry is Russia and Japan is the Templars.

Originally posted by prettyflyforajeskai

All history of Japan jokes aside, he took down a fuck ton of people in only a few minutes. 

Plus (spoiler warning!) remember when Evie was taken by surprise in the latest DLC and given a concussion. Yes, I know they didn’t blatantly say she had one, but she had all of the symptoms. 

For those who don’t know or need a refresher, she was knocked backwards, smacking her head against the pavement. Her vision went blurry and she was blacking out, seeing a dark ringing instead of her peripheral vision. While she was trying to shoot the rouge Templar, her hands where shaking and her she was seeing multiple targets at once. Finally, when she gets up, she has trouble hearing things clearly and is unable to walking in a straight path without stumbling around.

No assassin is bullet proof. Whether it be Evie, Jacob, or Henry, no one is ready for every bad situation.

Reason Two: “Evie can’t like Henry, it’s impossible!”

To quote John Mulaney, “No it’s not”. 

There’s this lovely called a character arc that spans across the plot of a story in order to show that a certain character has changed from point A to point B. Any person who has a high school diploma should at least know of this arc.

Evie is a human being, no matter what people try to perceive her as. She has wants, desires, and needs like everyone else. 

And no matter how hard you try, you’ll never deny the scene with Saar.

When Evie is still feeling upset about her treatment towards Henry (yes Evie has feelings) she talks to Saar before her next mission. He tells her in a cryptic way that when we care about someone, we’re willing to do things that may seem strange and harsh. 

EVEN THAT DOUCHEBAG KNEW SOMETHING WAS GOING ON! Evie felt sorta better after that, but it isn’t until Henry swoops in to save the twins’ lives from being killed by Starick that Evie finally let’s go of her pride and admits that she’s only human.

Let’s not forget the many divine interventions of Jacob.Shall I remind you?

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You just can’t handle the truth if you think this isn’t clear evidence.

Plus, both are total nerds for books, they love the pursuit of education, and the pressed flower mission makes their dynamic grow even stronger.

Reason Three: Henry is three years older than Evie, it’s pedophila!”

Have you ever heard the term “age is just a number”? While in most cases, this phrase must be ignored (especially if it involves underage sex, rape, and pedophilia), it can’t be ignored with these two!

I have met people who have been together for years and years. Some of them are as far apart in age as many as four or five years! It’s not gross, it’s not pedophila, it’s just an age difference. Sure, you have to draw the line somewhere, but three years isn’t that huge of an age gap. Back in the 1800′s, a forty year old man could marry a woman as young as eighteen and no one would bat a single lash. He could impregnate her and everyone would simply congratulate him on the child. 

And if anyone remembers the kiss at the end of the game, it’s was so freaking adorable and Evie was the one who initiated it. Not Henry, not Jacob smooshing their faces together, it was all Evie. Don’t believe me, go watch Tetra Ninja’s let’s play or find it online, Evie dips her head and Henry follows soon after.

Also, shout out to Tetra Ninja and his channel. He isn’t given much credit because he isn’t loud and rambunctious as other let’s players. Sometimes I prefer his quiet insight over yelling in my headphones. Go check him out!

Final Reason: “Race! I’m playing the race card!”

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Holy mother of God, IT’S 2016 PEOPLE!

Interracial couples aren’t news to anyone. They may be rare nowadays with self proclaimed activists saying that it’s racist to marry a black person if you’re white, but they are starting to pick up speed.

Yes, some people think it’s racist to marry outside of your own race. 

If anything, Assassin’s Creed has brought so much insight on the misfits of society. Jacob has been declared by the development team to be bi curious (but we all now he’s hella bi). Evie, being his fraternal twin more than likely is also bi, but swings more towards males. I can’t say this is true, but there have been twins who have the same sexual orientation. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was.

And of course, Evie and Henry are a mixed race couple. In the setting of ACS, that was almost unheard of. It was considered indecent, a crime against nature, and going against the will of God. 

I think it only makes their relationship more interesting. Not only to they have to put up with the fandom’s bullshit, but they have to put up with their time period’s bullshit too. 


And that ends today’s segment of Smol and Angry. Do you have any idea’s for a new segment? Put it in my ask box!

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Do you think Tyrion is going to kill Jaime? And do you think his hate for Jaime is justifiable?

As much as I love Jaime, I hate the fact that he was involved in the Tysha incident. And I think he deserves to get some kind of comeuppance for it, or at least needs to take responsibility for what he did. 

I’m inclined to believe him, since it’s basically his Honesty Hour, when he tells Tyrion that he had no idea of what their father was going to do to the girl. But that lie alone did plenty of damage. (under the cut for triggering content)

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anonymous asked:

I really hope you see this. But I feel as tho when Lucaya shippers make statements like *childhood crush* *not real* *idealized* *concept* *phrase* *she need to lift her head* they are devaluing the importance of Riley feelings. Like because the above Maya feelings are more real,long lasting and valued and I've heard that said. I feel if rileys feelings are as fake and immature as most say then the writers should have moved on already because childhood crushes come and go they don't linger.

First and foremost, let me start by saying I’m sorry you feel that way… I understand how terms like “childish” and “immature” can be used in a dismissive fashion. I cannot speak for everyone who uses them. I will try and convey what *I* mean when I say that it is indicated, in the show, that Riley’s romantic feelings for Lucas rely upon conceptualization, and idealization, and have not grown much beyond the stage of a “crush”. I do not use those terms with a negative or pejorative connotation; I absolutely do NOT believe this makes Riley’s feelings any less valid or wrong or unimportant. All feelings matter simply by the fact that they are there; they form the inner reality of a character/person. If you read my posts thoroughly, you will see that I make every effort to indicate that (for example). What is subject to analysis here is what kind of relationship can evolve from a certain way of perceiving/thinking/feeling about your object of affection - and this is discussed from a storytelling and from a character development perspective. It is not meant as an affront in any way, shape or form.

Again, I cannot vouch for ALL Lucaya shippers in the fandom: I cannot say no one sees the words “concept” and “ideal”, and throws them around without explanation or supporting evidence from the show, for the purpose of diminishing the importance Riley’s feelings. What *I* can tell you is that, for me, the frame of “falling in love with a concept” and “idealization” of another, with the sheer disappointment that comes along when they do not quite fit the idea you have of them, is *crucial* to Riley’s story arc and growth as a character on this show. And that does NOT invalidate what she felt and still feels, because she felt IT, ergo it’s important; that is not up to debate.

OK, so, your reasoning is that if it’s just a crush, the writers should have moved on already. That is CORRECT. Agreed.

And that’s the thing, Riley’s feelings (all of ‘em) for Lucas are not JUST a crush. A crush, in and of itself, is not negative in nature: it’s real, it’s powerful, it can be very intense. BUT in this case, there’s a lot of other stuff that’s mixed into Riley’s relationship with Lucas. First, as GM Bay Window has shown (and it has been echoed in GM Friendship), Riley’s had a long-standing dream of being a princess, and meeting her “prince” and her “hero”. That is part of the “ideal” she sought/seeks. I’ve already addressed this and how Lucas (and Farkle) fit into it here. (I won’t rehash everything I’ve said there, but I suggest it as a read.)   But there is a second big ideal that has shaped how she grew up and how she thinks of romance: Corpanga. Riley idolizes her parents sooo completely, both as individuals (GM C+T) and as this perfect fairtytale couple (GM Pluto). This is a very important story line for GMW stemming from BMW, and what people who have watched it have said about Corpanga that MJ has picked up on:

MJ: Of the three of them, Shawn is the writer’s delight because nothing good has ever happened to him. He has watched Cory and Topanga, and that has informed what he aspires to and has represented what he has never been able to achieve. He has lived a very different life. I once read an article where the writer wrote, Don’t aspire to Cory and Topanga, it will only bring you heartache. This relationship isn’t achievable by human beings.” I don’t believe that. The aspiration to love must be chased and must be won. (X)

MJ is a sentimental sap,  so we will get a Corpanga-like love on this show; that I can pretty much guarantee. The problem lies in the fact that there is a misconception about what “Corpanga” is. It’s perceived as this perfect first love that magically happened, but it’s not (@mayaahrt has run down some key developments and characteristics of the Cory/Topanga story here). AND the key is this - I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: no one achieves the type of relationship C&T have by trying TO BE them (”I wonder how many people the idea of Cory and Topanga has ruined?”).

BUT that kind of love is possible for all of us; it’s one we should all aspire to, but it’s not reachable by trying to slot characters/people in predetermined boxes/roles. Corpanga is not this ideal concept; they’re two different people (characters) who have grown, faced and surmounted challenges as individuals and as a couple; that has made their love real and transcendent.

That’s WHY the writers give us a fundamental lesson for GMW, and that actually showcases for me, why Riley/Lucas and what they go through together are so SO important: the Angela lesson. (I’ll repost here what I said somewhere else)

MJ: “One thing that happens in life, and I would love the entire audience to know this, there are two types of relationships. The long-runner, the sustaining influential relationship where you marry somebody and dedicate what you hope will be the rest of your life. Cory and Topanga, and they did it young, it’s rare. We can’t have everybody that meets in high school have that relationship. (…) There’s another relationship. What was the relationship that set you up to know what love was? And for me, Cory and Topanga, they got there, but Shawn and Angela, they are able to know what love is because of knowing each other.” (Podcast interview - really good!: X)

Angela in GM Hurricane: “Well, life goes on, Shawn. You know, I think life puts people in front of us, so that we can be prepared for what comes next. I was ready because of you. (…)  Let what we had make you ready for something.” (X)

Cory in GM Secret of Life: “People change people. No matter what I teach you in here, learning from the people you care about is more important than the words on any page. That’s why I let you talk in here sometimes. That’s why it’s interesting.”

Riley and Lucas ARE important to each other, very much so, just not in the pink-glass, princess fairytale-tinted way a lot of us initially assumed they would be.

Now, keeping in mind the baggage from how she sees her parents’ history and Riley’s own worldview, we get that first meeting in the subway and the “crush”, designated Love Interest dimension comes in. Her attraction to Lucas is instantaneous, and based on looks (after Maya both points him out to her, and pushes her into his lap). Here is what Riley says after their first interaction, where she just found out his name, is over:

That fear, that insecurity, is STILL very much in play for Riley, and how she’s dealing with this Rucaya thing. What if she doesn’t find what her thing is and ends up living on the subway? What if her & Lucas, whom she imagined would become the next Cory & Topanga (“Now you ruined my 8 year plan!” - GM First Date), are not what she thought they were? That is downright scary. That goes to the heart of why she’s clinging so hard onto what they had/have. (That’s where the symbolism of her holding onto and refusing to give back his shoes, simultaneously with Beary-the-Bear bear, comes in.) But what do they actually have at this point? What has happened for them since S1?

There is a significant added depth to their friendship and connection, via respect & admiration for each other; that is indissoluble (and perhaps, indiscernible) at this point in terms of Riley’s overall feelings for Lucas. That was also the point of S1, the development of all their friendships. The matter is in terms of romance, per se, in S2, they have hit a wall, floating in an “unofficial thing” that has not progressed or grown in the designated season of GROWTH. We need to ask ourselves the question: WHY is that? 

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