but i do believe my jam is on

I think it really shows that I grew up as the daughter of a chemical engineer who worked on menstrual products bc I still use pads for like. household spills and shit. I MEAN if I can use a towel I will because towels are a lot cheaper than pads, but if I spill a drink in the back of a car or something you better believe I’m grabbing my emergency pad out of my purse lol. we always had them around the house when I was a kid, I have like zero shyness re: pads.

note: cis boys will look at you in horror if you pull out a pad, unwrap it, and clean up a mess. also, cis men.

note 2: ignore their tortured cries. revel in their discomfort.

note 3: always infinity are my absolute jam and they are by far the best pads on the market, but sometimes they do leave a slight residue if you scrub a table with them. not sure why. like look, my mom was an engineer, not me. she tried to explain to me how pads work but I was like 8 and I was mostly interested in the way she cut them open and let me play with the polymer junk inside.

note 4: you know that instant snow shit that places like thinkgeek sell? where you pour water in and it rehydrates to tufty little white stuff? yeah, that’s basically the stuff in pads. if you run a pad under water and then cut it open, fake snow comes out. you’re welcome.

Home, Thomas

Request: A fic where Tom and “you” had been friends for a really long time and just suddenly realized that you loved each other

Summary: Childhood friends until one day, one of them realizes they have grown a bit fond of the other.  

Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Word Count: 1550

A/N: I seem to have lost the message with the request in it, but I hope this satisfied it! Sorry! Also, the phrase at the end is an old saying, so… Yeah.

“Put me down!” _______ screeched.
“Make me!” I responded, a smile creeping upon my features.
“Oh, I don’t think you want me to do that,” _______ boldly stated.
“Then I suppose you won’t be getting down any time soon,” I remarked with an audible smirk.
Suddenly, two fingers were jammed onto a pressure point in my neck.
“AH! Really?” I asked incredulously as I plopped her on the ground. I can’t believe she did that, I thought with a silent chuckle.
“I warned you that you wouldn’t like it,” she replied, arms folded across her chest in triumph.
“Well, I thought we were having fun,” I stated in a matter-of-fact way. Well, I was at least.
“Your definition of fun has always been a little off the mark,” she retorted, an eyebrow quirking up.
“Well, I do protest,” I responded in mock suffering, “Your definition of fun is reading newspapers in ridiculous voices.”
“Don’t you bring up my newspapers,” she commanded with finger pointed at me. She sure is cute when she’s feisty— What are you thinking, Tom? She’s like your sister. Pull it together.

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Some Fight Left In Me

For liberaldisaster, who requested a fic about Enjolras and his service dog. Written on my phone since my computer is still dead, so please forgive any weird autocorrects I didn’t catch.

Developing E/R, modern AU. Warnings for brief mentions of violence/injury and injury recovery.

Both Enjolras and the labradoodle at his feet lifted their heads as Grantaire clattered into the room, but as soon as the dog saw who it was, he set his head back down on his paws. “Enjolras,” Grantaire panted, out of breath. “A bunch of us are getting coffee and I–” He broke off, wheezing. “Christ, I’m out of shape.”

Enjolras hid a smile. “You’re getting coffee and wanted to invite me?” he guessed. “You know, you own this thing called a cellphone that allows you to text or call me instead running all the way over here.”

Grantaire shrugged, still breathing heavily. “Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?” he asked. “Besides, I’m better at guilting you in person than over the phone.”

“Fair enough,” Enjolras said after he rolled his eyes goodnaturedly. “So where are you planning on going, anyway?”

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Masterlist of My Work (So Far)


Blood (Gallons of the Stuff) x

If You Marry Me…x

When Our Brothers In Arms Are Gone x

Grey Hairs Are Visible x

I’ve Really Been On A Bender (And It Shows) x

If You Wanted Honesty x

Don’t Leave Me Here (In This House of Wolves) x

They Found You On The Bathroom Floor x

Kick Me Like A Stray x

S-I-N, I S-I-N x

You Don’t Work Here Anymore x

To Unexplain The Unforgivable x

Let’s Use Our Magic Powers With The Children x

My Way Home Is Through You x

I’ll Tell You All How The Story Ends x

All I Want For Christmas Is You x

I Am Not The Singer That You Wanted x

Drinking By The Mausoleum Door x

In The Best Damn Dress I Own x

I Lost My Way In Your City Lights x

Can You Hear Me? x

I’m Really Just Asking To Leave x

Someone Buy Me Roses x

The Ghost of You x

There’s No Way I’m Kissing That Guy x

Sing A Song For California x

What I’d Do Just To Get Back In Her Arms x

Tonight Belongs To Me x

We’re Never Good Enough x

Send You Roses When They Think You Need To Smile x

Your Demons And All The Non-Believers x

Piano Jam x

Highways I Call Home x

She’s Busy Hearing Voices x

This Is The Best Day Ever x

Dolls Are The Last Ones To Mate x

You Think Poor Is Cool x

Vampires Will Never Hurt You x

I Get So Weak x

Your Hopeless Hair x

Can You Take Me Home? x

If I Crash On Your Couch x

Stand Up Fucking Tall x


This Night Walk The Dead x

She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook x

I’d Photocopy All The Things That We Could Be x

How I Disappear x

…..To Change That Part x

The Drums of The City Rain x

I Wanna Do What’s Right By You x

Please Don’t Listen To A Goddamn Thing They Say x

Animals That Never Paid Attention In School x

The Roar of The Crowd Gave Me Heartache x

When Every Star Fall x

I’m Just A Man x

What The War Did To My Legs And To My Tongue x

Heartbreak, Heartbeats x

Bunny, Run x

Dance Alone To The Tune Of Your Death x


Just Like The Leaves Change In Colors x

Fix Your Eyes And Get Up x

Blow Me A Kiss Before She Goes x

Sing It For The Blind x

If You Give Me All You Got x

I Can’t Always Just Forget Her x

The Cameras Pull You Right Back Down x

I Won’t Ask For Much This Christmas x


The World Never Wanted Me x

I Hate The Ending Myself x

You Could’ve Raised A Baby Girl x

I Can’t Swim (Don’t Rub It In) x

We Like To Play x


If They Get Me And The Sun Goes Down x


Let Me Be The One To Save You x

Kiss My Battery x


The Five Of Us Are Dying x


You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison? x

Truth Is Now Acceptable x

When I Was A Young Boy x

Like A Secret In Your Throat x

Give Us The Radio x

I Want You To Know What I Can’t Show The Outside x

summed up bom songs
  • hello!: you get jesus and you get jesus and you get jesus
  • two by two: getting paired with some annoying kid in middle school
  • hasa digi eebowai: lmao y'all are clueless
  • turn it off: the no homo jam that every musical has ft. not so repressed ginger
  • sal tlay ka siti: requiem from dear evan hansen
  • man up: please don't cry my sweet innocent baby oh wOAH THIS GUITAR RIFF
  • spooky mormon hell dream: sUch a good song oh my god do you have any idea i love it so much oh and homosexuals in hell
  • i believe: actually a little serious and when taken out of context is a pretty good song really it's quite nice and rlly the ending is so cute
  • baptize me: blue from heathers the musical
  • tomorrow is a latter day: the beginning tbh take my tears, i believe is reprised, group songs in high school rehearsal once everyone has memorized the song and the actually good singers are belting, aww the hello! reprise is cute too, hey did i mention that mckinley let's his feelings out (btw that means he's gay)

I just came back from a memorial service for my uncle who passed away in January in Rome. We finally had something for him on this side of the pond. It was in a Catholic Church in Sleepy Hollow, about 25 minutes away from me but easier for the Bronx and Westchester family. I haven’t been to church since I was my cousin’s baby’s godmother last year. This was a really old school, traditional Catholic church and so was the mass. It was at 7pm and completely dark except for candles and a small spotlight on the floor directly in front of the altar. The priest had a lovely Spanish accent and was heavy handed with the incense, basically it was totally my jam. If I liked church or still even believed in god anymore, that would be right up my alley. All my years of Catholic upbringing came rushing back to me in that moment. It was very comforting. I loved the darkness and smells. It felt like a movie. I was lost in the ritual of it and was remembering the meditative nature of that. I do miss it, but then it went on entirely too long and I snapped right out of it. I still can’t believe my uncle is gone. It’s still not real for me. When I finally see my cousins if they come to NY this summer I think I will fall apart, but I just feel removed from it now, numb. Grief is strange when it’s a death that wasn’t witnessed of someone you only saw a few times a year. You just wait, like you’ll see them again until you don’t.

Harry Styles and I don't know what Prince eats for breakfast. That mystery  ...  it's just what I like.

Harry’s comment on the mystery of Prince:

“With an artist like Prince,” he says, “all you wanted to do was know more. And that mystery – it’s why those people are so magical! Like, fuck, I don’t know what Prince eats for breakfast. That mystery  …  it’s just what I like.”

I believe Harry was giving the interview he was able to give under contract but left a lot of clues.  In this paragraph he says we don’t know what Prince ate for breakfast.

Well, we do:

Grits and gravy, cheese eggs and jam


This here early morning, need something else on my plate
I think I want another bite of you


Hotcakes smothered in honey
(Wait a minute)
I’m gon’ have to pass
Fresh cup of coffee, no, no
I’d rather have you in my glass

Oh yes, Harry Styles, being the shady RBB he is, was referencing a whole song about sex with your partner in the morning and breakfast can wait. Similar to:

Taste on my tongue
I don’t want to wash away the night before
And the heat where you laid
I could stay right here and burn in this all dayWaking up
Beside you I’m my loaded gun
I can’t contain this anymore
I’m all yours I’ve got no control
No control
And I don’t care it’s obvious
I just can’t get enough of you
The pedal’s down, my eyes are closed
No control

So here is Prince’s song about morning sex:

Breakfast Can Wait

Hey baby, where you going?
No please don’t rush off so soon
If you leave me like this
What I’m gonna do

Finally my eyes are open
I dream about you all night long
The only thing that I’ve been hoping for
Is before you to go to work babe, we get it on
I ain’t tryin’ to make you blush
But I just wanted to tell ya, I think you’re great
I know you’re late, but I need another taste
Breakfast can wait!

Grits and gravy, cheese eggs and jam
Can’t nobody cook it like you girl
No ma’am!
This here early morning, need something else on my plate
I think I want another bite of you
Breakfast can wait!

Breakfast can wait
You really put it on me
You shut it down last night
I thought the police was gonna come
Loud, yeah, quite
I ain’t tryin’ to make you blush
I just think you’re great
Ain’t no need to rush
Breakfast can wait

Finally my eyes are open
I dream about you all night long
The only thing that I’ve been hoping for
Is before you to go to work babe, we get it on
I ain’t tryin’ to make you blush
But I just wanted to tell ya, I think you’re great
I know you’re late, but I need another taste
Breakfast can wait!

Hotcakes smothered in honey
(Wait a minute)
I’m gon’ have to pass
Fresh cup of coffee, no, no
I’d rather have you in my glass
Only thing’s that gonna sweeten my tongue
Only thing that’s gonna last now
Is another bite of you babe
Breakfast can wait

Finally my eyes are open
I dream about you all night long
The only thing that I’ve been hoping for
Is before you to go to work babe, we get it on
I ain’t tryin’ to make you blush
But I just wanted to tell ya, I think you’re great
I know you’re late, but I need another taste
Breakfast can wait!
Breakfast can wait!

Can’t stop even if the ṗolice come
Breakfast can wait!
I got a double time, kick drum
Breakfast, breakfast
You can’t leave a black man in this state
Breakfast can wait!
Oh no
Breakfast, breakfast can wait!

Come here baby, let me put you on my plate
Hey now
Breakfast can wait!
Better call your job yeah
Breakfast can wait!
Tell ‘em you gon’ be late
Breakfast can wait!
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Prince is in charge now
Nice one
Breakfast can wait!
Breakfast can wait!
Breakfast can wait!
You’re the only thing I need
Breakfast can wait!
Sweetness in my tongue
Breakfast can wait!
Come here baby, let me show you where I’m from
Breakfast can wait!
Breakfast can wait!
Oh, you know you might need to pray for me
You might need to come again
Breakfast can wait!
Oh yeah-yeah

And THAT is how Harry Styles told us what HE has for breakfast and if you are willing to LISTEN and LOOK, Harry Styles is telling us 

He has a fucking good sex life with Louis Tomlinson and he wants the world to know.

B.A.P song asks (≧∇≦)/
  • Fermata: what’s a moment you wish to relive again and again?
  • Bow Wow: time for positivity! State one thing you love about yourself, can be anything :D
  • Unbreakable: are you the type of person to conceal don’t feel or do you prefer to have a good cry?
  • Carnival: if you could travel to another country and attend any event, where and what would it be?
  • Rainsound: list 5 songs from your rainy day playlist
  • I Guess I Need U: what’s your new obsession?
  • Power: do you have any life mottos/quotes you particularly live by?
  • Coffee Shop: next please! What drink would you like?
  • Do What I Feel: are you a straight-forward person or do you keep your opinions mostly to yourself?
  • Monologue: tell me something you are concerned about that the whole world needs to know! SHOUT IT OUT OR FULL CAPS, SAY IT ALL!
  • Bang X2: give me the 3 best songs you whip your hair to
  • Warrior: do you believe that your past experiences have shaped who you are now or did they change you?
  • Be Happy: close your eyes and think of happiness, what’s the first thing you see?
  • That's My Jam: *when new jams come out* do you listen to the same song on a loop or listen to the whole album/ep on repeat?
  • What My Heart Tells Me To Do: what do you REALLY want to do right now?
  • Badman: what's a quality you absolutely despise in people?
  • Voice message: tell me something you wish you did differently **record after the beep**
  • Killer: what/who really has the rhythm of your heart & makes it beat?
  • Back In Time: imagine time travelling is actually possible, which certain era/event in history would you want to experience and why?
  • With You: name something/someone you are thankful for :)

anonymous asked:

Holy shit i love ur groupchat text thing omfg u should do like instagram posts+captions+comments :-))) just a suggestion

Caption on @remlupins photo: ‘Lupin! Lupin take a photo of me, I look cool as fuck in this jacket!’ - @seriousblack before falling off the wall and ripping the jacket

jampotter: @seriousblack that’s my jacket

seriousblack: sure thing raspberry


lilevans: alright boysenberry

jampotter: I can’t believe I’m dating you

petepettigrew: neither can anyone else

Caption on @jampotters photo: Lily took my glasses

remlupin: you know you used to take cute pictures @seriousblack while he wasn’t looking. Sirius, you’ve been replaced.

seriousblack: I can’t believe this

seriousblack: @jampotter thought we had something

jampotter: we do

jampotter: I never meant to hurt you

seriousblack: TO LATE

lilevans: what have I come between

Caption on @petepettigrews video: james got drunk and tried to climb a traffic light

seriousblack: I like the fact that evans says she’s ‘holding it so it won’t fall’

lilevans: I’d do the same for you sirius

seriousblack: did you hear that @jampotter lily is leaving you for me

jampotter: knew it

lilevans: its true james. Your ego just isn’t big enough for me, I gotta go BIGGER

seriousblack: is ego code for something else

remlupin: Sirius, this may surprise you, but not everything is about your dick

seriousblack: @remlupin WHAT

Caption on @jampotters photo: this is what it looks like when you drop a glass and your girlfriend rearranges the pieces into her name because she’s four year’s old

lilevans: ill have you know I’m seventeen, strawberry

petepettigrew: she’s right rhubarb

remlupin: what kind of jam doesn’t even know his own girlfriends age

lilevans: you should be ashamed gooseberry

jampotter: I want to die


seriousblack: HOW DID YOU FIND THESE

petepettigrew: sirius….. u have been a jazz man……… all this time…… the punk rock was an act


remlupin: a punk rock with jazz cds

seriouslyblack: LUPIN I’M SUEING

Caption on @remlupins photo: @lilevans and @seriousblack having an argument about how to spell symphony

seriousblack: I KNEW IT HAD A Y IN IT

lilevans: I already paid you the £20 stop going on about it


Caption on @lilevans photo: I love him I think

seriousblack: uhh evans, you’ve posted a photo of james and not of me. clearly a mistake.

jampotter: @seriousblack could you let me have one thing

jampotter: @lilevans I love you back

Caption on @seriousblacks photo: Happy Birthday Lupin. You’re alright, I guess.

remlupin: you used perfect grammar in that sentence

remlupin: you do care

seriousblack: barely

Caption on @lilevans photo: pete and james crying last night after remus stepped on a worm

jampotter: lily you left out the part where we were pissed off our asses

lilevans: did I??? so now everyone will think you’re both idiots because they don’t have the context??? Silly me. sorry plum.

jampotter: this is cyber bullying

Caption on @petepettigrews video: just in case anyone wanted to know what sirius thought a grilled cheese was until three hours ago

jampotter: I can’t believe you didn’t know

jampotter: I let you into my home

seriousblack: I said I was sorry

remlupin: you can never come back from this

seriousblack: I know @jampotter changed my contact name to traitor

Caption on @jampotters video: what happens when we leave pete alone in science

petepettigrew: I didn’t know you meant the solution on my left not yours!!!!

lilevans: potter why are you complaining we got a half day

remlupin: because we were suspended

lilevans: @remlupin has anyone ever told you you’re a downer

seriousblack: constantly but he never believes me

lilevans: really?? But you’re so reliable????

seriouslyblack: you know I feel like you’re kidding

lilevans: me???? sarcastic?????????? Never

Caption on @seriousblacks photo: HE DRESSED UP AS A JAM JAR FOR HALLOWEEN I HATE HIM

remlupin: @jampotter the joke isn’t as fun if you embrace it

jampotter: @remlupin to late. Sirius you left out the part where @lilevans went as toast

lilevans: @jampotter we’ve peaked as a couple

jampotter: true

I Want to Know Your Plans
Say Anything
I Want to Know Your Plans

You’re what keeps me believing the world’s not gone dead,
Strength in my bones put the words in my head.
When they pour out to paper, it’s all for you.
‘Cause that’s what you do.

letters to juliet sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “no, i’m not a writer.”
  • “i really thought i would never find you!”
  • “to be honest, i really don’t feel like going 100 kilometers to see a mushroom.”
  • “how long have you and ____ been engaged?”
  • “i have to write her back.”
  • “i’m sorry, i didn’t know true love had an expiration date.”
  • “i’m not lonely, i’m engaged.”
  • “i honestly think she has no interest in meeting a woman that can manage to jam ‘oh my god’ and ‘awesome’ in the same sentence.”
  • “_____ doesn’t approve. but that makes this all the more fun!”
  • “what’s so romantic about eating in the dirt?”
  • “let’s not invalidate my entire existence.”
  • “i’m _____. do you remember?”
  • “what is it with you and men? they fall at your feet!”
  • “i just didn’t have you pinned down as the save-humanity type at all.”
  • “i’m not a big believer in happy endings.”
  • “are you insinuating that i’m more of the type to be dumped rather than do the dumping?”
  • “if i found the love of my life, i wouldn’t stand there like an idiot, whispering in the garden. i would grab her off of that blasted balcony and be done with it.”
  • “i don’t expect you to understand any of this because you don’t know a thing about real loss.”
  • “i never should’ve kissed you. i was completely out of bounds.” 
  • “an angel brought you to me.”
  • “we’re family. so i think you’ll understand why i’m telling you you’re a total idiot.”
  • “i love who you are. but i’ve changed.”
  • “you look beautiful.”
  • “but it’s too late. it’s clearly too late.”
  • “i love you. i can’t believe i just said that, but i do.”
  • “are you gonna kiss me?”

anonymous asked:

Can u do a headcanon or whatever u want for what songs the gang would def rock out to and sing if it came on while they were all together? (Modern and oldish) thank ya!


-The Jackson 5
-Johnny, Pony and Two would be jamming out to ‘ABC’
-Soda, Steve and Darry would be blasting 'Want you back’
-Dallas would pretend to hate both songs but it low key jamming out to ABC secretly.
-Darry and Soda would be in love with rhe Song “My girl”
-“hey jude” by the Beatles is also a smash hit with these boys
-They were all either singing or dancing, even Dallas
-fight me on this
-if it came on in the car, they would have it BLASTING

-Johnnys favorite song would probably be 'This is gospel’
-he would play it so much that Dallas and Steve eventually start loving the song to
-Steve and soda would be Maroon five junkies
-Two bit would probably like Rihanna and Beyonce (that sounds so much like him)
-he just likes to make parodies kf their music
-Dallas, Darry and Steve: Fallout boy anyone?
-overall, their favorite song to listen to all together would probably be 'immortals’ by fallout boy
-Oh and probably 'Shape of you’ by eddy sheeran p


I’m so so sorry if these sucked


Don’t let Donald Trump’s antics distract you from what’s really important (Vox):

Here are a few news stories that broke between the time I left work a little early on Friday afternoon and the time my toddler went down for his midday nap on Saturday:

The Hamilton blow-up — because it’s easy to understand, bizarre, and connects with a pop culture phenomenon — has naturally ended up getting the bulk of the news pickup. One potential reason is that Trump’s tweets are public, whereas it took diligent reporting by the Washington Post to get the hotel story. The idea is that other prestigious outlets may be disinclined to pay attention to a story the Post “owns” and to give due credit to its significance.

Meanwhile, a second-order controversy even broke out among the people I follow on Twitter as to whether the Hamilton audience booing Mike Pence in some sense played into Trump’s hands.

Birthday Morning w/ Zen

Happy birthday @haveyoumetsakii!! Hope you have a great day… no, a great year ahead of you! Allow me start it off with something sweet. I hope you like it <3

(Wow, it’s been awhile since I last touched Mystic Messenger. I decided to write the one whose route we’ve both finished already!)  

Zen entered the room slowly and quietly. In one hand, he balanced a tray of the best breakfast he could muster up; stacks of pancakes, toast with jam, and of course, two steaming cups of tea. The other hand, he used to closed the door behind him, careful not to let it creak. It was a special day and he didn’t want to wake up his sleeping beauty.

Upon seeing her form under the covers, a smile crept onto his face, as naturally as it always did whenever he was near her. He couldn’t help it. Something about her just swept his heart into a waltz. It made him feel so alive, and almost embarrassingly giddy, like he was a teenager experiencing love again for the first time.

As he set the tray of food down on their bedside, he watched amusedly as her nose twitched. Did she smell the food? He held back a chuckle, kneeling to the floor so he was eye level with her. He studied her calm, sleeping expression, the smile still fixed on his face, although his eyes eventually wandered down more forbidden regions; to her neck, her collarbone…

He looked away despite himself, a blush already beginning to form on his cheeks. You’d think being together for a year would mean he’d gotten used to this by now. He shook his head. Seriously… how could it have already been a year?

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