but i died

  • Stiles, ripping apart his room, mumbling to himself:Where the hell did it go?!
  • Derek, jumping through Stiles' window:What are you looking for?
  • Stiles, turning:You should know, you're the reason it's gone!
  • Derek:?? What ??
  • Stiles:My heterosexuality.
The Night

Omg but can you imagine the night before the wedding with Luke? He’d be so flustered and he’d ask calum and the boys stuff like “what if she doesn’t show up” and “do I look okay” and “why can’t I see her :-(” and he’d be texting you as well like “baby I miss sleeping next to you” and “why can’t I sleep next to you like a normal person” and “whoever came up with this idea of not-seeing-the-bride-the-night-before-the-wedding-is-bad-luck is mean :-(” and you’d just be like “it’s okay babe. You’ll see me tomorrow” and he wouldn’t respond for like 10 minutes and he’d call you instead and “do you promise?” and you’re like “do I promise what” and he’s all like “do you promise that I’ll see you tomorrow? and do you promise that you won’t ditch me at the alter so I won’t look like a loser” and you’d tear up a bit bc it hurts that your soon to be husband thought that you would ever leave him bc fuck, you’ve never been so in love with another person and he’s /it/ and “yes baby. I promise. I promise to not ditch you at the altar. I promise that you’ll see me tomorrow and I’ll see you tomorrow. I promise Luke” and he’d just be like “okay” but it’d be in a whispered voice and there would be a brief moment of silent and then he’s like “I love you. Like a lot” and then he’d proceed to tell you some corny ass pick up lines and jokes which makes you giggle the whole night, causing your bridesmaids to give you stern looks and “you’re not supposed to speak to him!!! Stop!!!” and they’d laugh along as well bc you’re blushing hardcore and you’d go back to him and “they’re yelling at me now so I have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow baby” and he’d just let out a little whine and “okay I guess. I’ll see you tomorrow too” and you’d end it with “I love you Luke. Like a lot” plus a little giggle and then he’d be like “I love you too Mrs. Hemmings.

dedicated to the lovely 2k15luke ily Ellie <3


you’re driving me wild

(edit in honour of the wild release today and pt 1 of blue nbhd and troye’s livestream cAN U TELL I’M AN EMOTIONAL WRECK)

helloooo so this is my first time doing a follow forever and i didn’t hit a nice number of followers or anything but it’s my birthday today and i like to express gratitude on this day because !!!! it’s the people around me that make me thankful i exist ehehe (◡‿◡✿) 

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Army Doctor.

Nico’s hands were sweaty and his heart was beating a thousand time per minute; today was the day, his boyfriend will be back at home. No more worries, no more nights thinking about his boyfriend, no more thinking about the day when a general will come to the apartament they shared and tell him that the Dr. Will Solace had died. Today all of that was about to end.

Will’s flight was about to arrived and Nico was starting to drowning in his own emotions; what if he decided that he doesn’t want to be with him anymore? what if something happen to the airplane? What if Will decide that he wants to be an army doctor again? Nico couldn’t stand losing Will again, he already had promised himself that Will wasn’t going anywhere, never again.

When Nico thought that all the emotions where making him explode in a hundred of pieces, he saw him.

His heart stop and the flowers in his hands dropped into the floor. Will was even more beautiful that Nico remember; Will hair was falling in his blue eyes, in that carefree style that Nico has always love, his skin was even more tan and he was taller than the last time that they spent time together.

The time became slower when Nico run to Will; he didn’t care anything, not the weird looks from the strangers when he literally jumped into his boyfriend in the airport, or even his friends that were just behind him, screaming in excitement. The only thing mattering now was his boyfriend.

Will hide his face into Nico’s neck, small tears running from his eyes. Both were smiling as the happiest idiots in the world.

“Yeah, I was missing you too, death boy”


Quanto mi state sul cazzo voi che giudicate tutti sentendovi Dio sceso in terra.
—  ibattitidelcuore