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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #23
  • Dan: Phil you left all the cupboard doors open again
  • Phil: godDANit

I genuinely feel so bad for Julian. 

He literally doesn’t have any friends in Central City from what has been shown to us. He was always at the station before Caitlin asked him to join Team Flash. Once he joined the team, he was always either at the station or at S.T.A.R. Labs. Even in tonight’s episode (3x15), Julian goes straight from the airport to S.T.A.R. Labs. I don’t know about you but after going on any flight (especially one from Europe to America??) there’s nothing more I want to do than to go home. 

 Along with that, back in episode 3x05 (I’m pretty sure this happened in ‘Monster’ at least, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), he claimed that he had a “girlfriend” but whatever happened to her? I feel like he said that to not only get Barry off his back, but to also make it so that his excuse made him seem less hermit-like. Maybe if he made up this fake person, then maybe he wouldn’t seem so lonely.

I think that the reason Julian latched onto Caitlin so much at this point in the season was because she was the only one to really reach out to him in an effort to become friends with him. Regardless of what Cisco and Caitlin said in the season premiere, that Julian was a “great guy”, nobody had really bothered to reach out to befriend Julian. So when Caitlin asked him to join Team Flash, not only was it an opportunity to have access to the greatest scientific technology, to make a difference in Central City, or to better understand his profession as a meta-human expert, but it was also an opportunity to be part of something. An opportunity to be part of a team.

So, when it was revealed in tonight’s episode that one of his only friends, if not his best friend, had only invited him onto the team for his profession, not for who he truly was, it must’ve stung deep. To think that someone you considered to be a good friend lie to you to get what they want is just awful.

On another tangent, Barry continued to use Julian as a “human Ouija”. Julian has stated time and time again how awful it felt to be vulnerable to Savitar’s control and how he was not comfortable with it, but Barry continued to pressure him into it multiple times during the episode. 

I think that Julian was really starting to consider Team Flash to be good friends of his, and in just one episode, I think that they really tore that away from him. And for that, I feel pretty bad for the guy.

❣reasons i love yoongi❣

ofc theres many but here are some of them bc i really love him and its still vday here and hes officially my valentine so

  • the smile but thats kinda obvious
  • his voice is so calming
  • but when he gets a lil excited/hyper he lowkey starts to scream
  • smol but ready to (literally) kick someone’s butt 24/7
  • rap god yoongi
  • how he has a special relationship with every member!!
  • his english!! is so!! good!! srsly he knows so many random words
  • his random knowledge too!
  • how he teases seokjin for his dad puns
  • but is exactly the same 
  • apart from that he’s the king of comedy and whenever he jokes i talk about it for the next 5 days which means i never shut up
  • inventor of singing
  • how he’s so professional when talking about music/equipment 
  • how in bv he remembered to pack the first aid kit/painkillers
  • and cooked for the members
  • photographer yoongi
  • how he seems to enjoy travelling a lot
  • his love for holly
  • the mixtape
  • king of black turtlenecks
  • and black outfits in general
  • how he works his ass off :) 
  • mama 2k16 
  • cutest selfies in bangtan fight me
  • soft tummy
  • sope 
  • how he sometimes growls when rapping amazing
  • pouty
  • his “say what” every 2 seconds when performing live
  • how he’s so attached to the grey beanie
  • and looks so good wearing any type of hats in general
  • when he said he would stay home and read all the books he could as a teenager
  • marie claire photoshoot
  • and every other photoshoot lets be real here
  • iconic tweets
  • the japanese interview
  • “when can we leave”
  • pink silky pjs aka the look of 2k16
  • cheats in most games possible
  • also dumb excuses
  • “i get blushy after one shot of soju”
  • glasses yoongi
  • how he loves being carried
  • dt gloss
  • how he doesnt care if he has to dress up as a girl anymore
  • how he once said he feels like crying during every show
  • he’s the softest smiley squish
  • srsly hes so soft 
  • and makes me soso happy
EXO as Subs: Baekhyun [NSFW]

A/N: This is just a new “series” I thought of when I was having a conversation with my bff (yes this is what we talk about shh). What would EXO be like as subs? I figured I’d do this more as a bulletpoint type thing, highlighting which toys would be most effective, how they would act, etc. First up is Baekhyun for obvious reasons. I’ll keep it under the cut since it might get long. Feedback is welcomed :)

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Anonymous said Headcanons on how the S boys sleep alone and how they sleep with their S/O? Like sleeping positions

 A: hiya! I honestly feel like this will be a bit comedic (maybe) I hope you enjoy!

 Shuu: {alone}: laying on his back, arms behind his head, kind of simple. 

 {with s/o}: he’s still laying on his back (creature of habit) but you’re laying on his chest. His arms cage you in so there’s no chance of escape. You can hear his slow breathing, and the rise and fall of his chest lulls you to sleep. 

 Reiji: {alone}: he lays on his side, one arm behind the head, the other to his side.

 {with s/o}: typically, you laying in the spooning position. He’s at your back, and there’s barely any space between you two

. Ayato: {alone}: he kinda lays there on his stomach, head to the side, drools on the pillow, snores loudly.

{with s/o}: You know how he’s super possessive when you’re awake? OOOOH BOY hes got you pulled so close that youre often pushing yourself off of him because its so swEATY, even though you get away it doesnt last for long because he reels you back in. 

Laito: {alone}: he cuddles EVERYTHING, typically whines in his sleep, not because of sexual dreams, no laito has extreme night terrors and struggles with them often. he wakes up 2 or 3 times a night and has a hard time falling asleep. 

{with s/o}: usually it starts out with casual cuddling, but as the night goes on he holds you tighter and tighter. This is rare but often times he wakes up crying, its typically silent, but you can still manage to hear the sniffles and you take him in your arms and rub circles into his back to help him fall asleep.

Kanato: {alone}: restless, hot, sweaty, “GOD DAMN IT TEDDY FUCK OFF ITS TOO HOT I DONT WANT TO CUDDLE”, He never really sleeps, he mostly just lays there or walks around the mansion.

{with s/o}: i still dont think he would sleep much. he would pretty much be the same alone as he would with an s/o. although he would stay with you to make sure you didnt leave in the night.

Subaru: {alone}: perfectly calm, sleeps like a rock, has a lot of wet dreams, can sleep all night long 


harry styles: cryptid

a summary

  • always seems to know theres a camera pointing at him
  • cant grow a beard
  • charms anybody within a 50 mile radius
  • will steal ur husband
  • lives in attics 
  • wears willy wonka sun glasses as a headband
  • somehow looks like his 2013 self in 2017
  • attempted to eat a cigarette
  • tall
  • can only say one sentence in french
  • offended by reindeer poop
  • my son

Jouta Kujo Week, day 3 : Spending time with family!

kakyoins milf hunting instincts +  jotaro pussy magnet kujos charm = the familys favorite boy  

alright, i managed to get the first part of this done! its a little short i know, but i didnt want to make it too too long and ruin the next part

colorblind lance, but still set in canonverse, endgame ship is klance

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

Waxen - Prologue/Part 1

Ever since Lance was young, he wanted to be a pilot. He couldn’t imagine being anything else no matter how hard he tried. That is, until he got into elementary school. That’s where his dreams all came crashing down around him.

It was a short while into kindergarten year, only one or two weeks, when Lance was 6 years old, and they had been learning about the different colors, specifically of the rainbow.

Lance didn’t really understand what his teacher was talking about when she described the colors, saying that red was the color of an apple, that green was the color of the leaves, that blue was the color of the sky when there weren’t any clouds– to him, all the colors looked the same! He didn’t say this though, instead just nodding along with the rest of his class.

When his teacher handed out coloring pages and gave them an order to color the arches in, he did his best to follow the instructions they had been given, but all of the crayons looked the same.

He couldn’t tell which one was this ‘violet’ color, or which was the color of the sky. Different shades of black and white sat in front of his eyes, and he ended up with a rainbow of neons and blues instead of the ordered arches that supposedly appeared in the sky after it rains.

When his teacher confronted him about his poor color choices at the end of class, right before lunch, he simply tilted his head in confusion. “What do you mean?” He questioned, dark brows furrowed on his tanned face. “I colored the way you said to.”

The teacher looked confused and still a bit angry, crossing her arms over her chest as she gazed down at him. “You only got one color right, Lance. All the rest were wrong.” She tried to explain, pointing to each arch of crayon-filled color.

This, of course, only confused Lance more, gazing at the paper as his features contorted unashamedly and he shrugged. “All the colors look the same to me. I guess I mixed then up.”

When he said this, the last of the woman’s anger fell away and was replaced by confusion, and then turned to understanding. “Alright Lance, it’s okay. Go on to lunch, I have to make a few calls.”

That afternoon when he got home his mom had begun to question him about his day, seemingly trying to question him about something specific. Silence came, which lapsed into minutes of awkward tension and concerned glances his from his mother.

“… So.. Your teacher called me today.” She finally spoke, voice gentle as they sat in their small living room alone, his older siblings at their respective sports and his littler siblings were down for naps.

“She said you were having trouble… Telling the colors apart?” Ama took the opportunity to glance at him, frowning when he just shrugged and looked off to the side. “Is that true?”

Lance stayed quiet for a moment before shrugging and nodding a little, chewing gently on his baby soft lips. “I guess… Everything just kinda looks black and white and grey to me?” He tries to explain, fidgeting on the couch quietly.

His mother inhaled a bit, a soft gasp as she gazed at her precious baby boy. “I… Why didn’t you tell me, sweetheart?” She questions, carefully moving closer to him and gently rubbing his back. More than anything, she was worried that he hadn’t told her because he didn’t trust her– or something along those lines– so when he spoke she was rather relieved.

“I just.. I thought everyone saw this way..” He mumbles gently as he leans into her comforting touch, eyes filling with tears as he gazes up at her in a sudden spurt of fear. “I’m not dying, right? I’m not gonna die?”

The emotions that so clearly showed on his face and in his crystalline blue orbs made her heart wrench in her chest, shaking her head quickly. “No, no, of course not sweetie. Something like that would never kill you.” She murmurs, pulling him into a tight hug and sighing gently.

“But.. Lance, I do have to tell you… If you can’t see color, you… You can’t be a pilot.”

markhyuck prince/servant au

mark as a prince and hyuck as his servant and….. this is like headcanons i guess 

this is way too long jesus christ good luck 2 reading </33

- ok so mark would be the most admirable prince ever because he is so hard working and modest and kind and all the girls swoon over him tbh

- hyuck is his like… personal servant kinda?? who always wakes him up and makes him his bed and all so he isn’t like too low in the hierarchy  

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(In)appropriate Carry On audition songs
  • Hi, I’m auditioning for the role of Simon Snow, and I’ll be singing ‘I See Fire’  by Ed Sheeran.
  • Hello, I’ll be auditioning for Snowbaz and I’ll be singing ‘Hot n Cold’  by Katy Perry.

  • Hey, I’m gonna audition for the role of Baz Pitch and I’ll be singing ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’  by Bastille.

  • Hi I’m auditioning for the role of Penelope Bunce and I’m gonna sing ‘Everybody Loves Me’ by One Republic.

  • Hello! I’ll be auditioning for Snow, and I’m gonna sing ‘That’s Not My Name’  by The Ting Tings.

  • Hi, I’m auditioning for the roles of Ebb and the Mage, and I’ll be singing ‘Dead!’ by My Chemical Romance.

  • Hello, I’m gonna be auditioning for the role of Baz and I’ll be singing   ‘Bite’ by Troye Sivan.

  • Heya!! I want to audition for chapter 61, and I will sing ‘Breakdown’ by Tom Petty.

  • Hey I’m going to audition for the role of Agatha Wellbelove and I’ll be singing ‘Run’ by Leona Lewis.

  • Hi, I want to audition for Baz’s hair and I’m gonna be singing ‘Make It Bun Dem’ by Skrillex.

  • Hey, I’m going to audition for the whole Carry On fandom and I’ll be singing ‘I’m A Mess’ by Ed Sheeran.

  • Hi I’m auditioning for the ask blogs and I’ll be singing ‘Make It Stop’ by Rise Against.
  • Hello, I’ll be auditioning for the role of Simon Snow, and I’ll be singing ‘I’m Not Gay’ by J Pee.
marching band + tickling
  • person A needs to work on standing at attention but can’t because person B keeps tickling them
  • “you can’t stay on the drum major podium forever; when you get down here i’m so gonna get you” 
  • A being acutely aware that their band’s shakos have feather plumes, and B eventually notices A’s fixation and uses it to their advantage 
  • “the new members are so tiny and cute and oh what they’re ticklish too? that makes them even cuter”
  • A doesn’t feel like practicing their instrument but B tickles them in order to make it happen 
  • A using their drum sticks for pure evil – as in, for poking B in their sides 
  • “it’s so cold tonight and these gloves aren’t enough so i’m gonna stick my hands under your armpits for warmth and wait did you just giggle?”
  • A is in color guard and whenever they lift their flag over their head, B always seems to be there to tickle their vulnerable body
  • “i’m going to tickle you until you admit that the brass section is better than the woodwinds” 
  • post-performance; A is upset about a mistake they made on the field and B knows the perfect way to cheer them up 
  • A taking off their shirt on a particularly hot band camp day, and B taking advantage of the newly exposed tickle spots
  • “for every day you don’t have your music memorized, i’m going to tickle you for one minute” 



May 24th, 2017. Wednesday, 5:30 p.m. Ashbourne, Nova Scotia.

Driving around town on the lookout for places to rent wasn’t exactly what he’d call entertaining, but it was a lot less dull than he expected. The first two places looked alright, but uninspiring, and he hadn’t even bothered to step into the third. Henryk couldn’t picture the club set up in them like he had done with Aurora, though, to be fair, it’d been his sire who’d picked out the last club’s venue and not him. This time it was entirely on him to make the call and, since he’d never done that before, Henryk supposed it was only natural that he was hesitant about it. He glanced at Malachi, glad that he had a second opinion to count on. The vampire’d offered his help and he could definitely use it.

“There it is”, Henryk said as he drove around the corner, pointing out a two-story place three blocks away from them. It didn’t look like much from the outside, but it had a bit of the industrial vibe that he liked. He parked in front of the place, looking at it through the window. “Last one we check out today?” He suggested, throwing Malachi a look before stepping out of the car and on to the pavement to make his way towards the front door.

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Heeey, can you make headcanons (sfw and nsfw) about Kakashi and Shikamaru having a younger s/o, please?

Hopefully these sound alright. I had a hard time coming up with NSFW content cause I know I done some for Shikamaru before and I didnt want it to sound repetitive. Plus, I’m not big on detail for NSFW content. Thank you for the request! 

Headcannons of Kakashi and Shikamaru having a younger S/O



  • Kakashi wouldn’t mind having a younger s/o as long as it’s only a few years younger. He doesn’t want a huge age gap between the two, otherwise he would feel like he was corrupting their innocence. Kakashi has seen too much death and lost so much that, he would hate to think he corrupt someone younger than him and make them depressed.
  • With that said, his younger s/o would have to be mature for their age and have to be independent. Kakashi is not a babysitter and wouldn’t be very interested in someone that he has to be worried about because of their lack of resourcefulness or lack of maturity.
  • If there is a slight age difference, you can expect that Kakashi might mention it once or twice in a teasing manner. Whenever him and his s/o get into a slight argument, Kakashi would be the one to make a snarky comment that they need to respect their elders or listen to their seniors.


  • Kakashi might be more hesitant about sex with his s/o if they were younger than him. He would prefer to go slower and make sure they were stable in their relationship for some time before attempting to escalate things to the bedroom. Kakashi is not shy when it comes to sex, so he rather have his s/o ask him questions if they’re not sure.
  • Kakashi would go slow with his s/o for the first time. He wants to make the moment memorable and pleasant so it will probably take place at his house on his bed for the most privacy and comfort.
  • Aside from that, next few times might be more relaxed and Kakashi will be willing to go faster. Kakashi wouldn’t feel the stress to make things perfect in a sense for his partner and would be more than happy to please them in different ways. 



  • Shikamaru might enjoy having a s/o that is younger than him by a few years as well. Age isn’t such a big deal to him as long as his s/o was an adult and was mature enough to be in a relationship. Shikamaru actually sometimes forgets how old his s/o is at times because it would be such an insignificant detail to him.
  • Shikamaru does need someone that can hold a conversation with him and someone that doesn’t get lost in his explanations. An intuitive s/o would probably be best for Shikamaru as they could just understand what Shikamaru was thinking. Shikamaru wouldn’t mind if his s/o would have a difference of opinion because of their age gap. He finds the opinion of the newer generation interesting and would try to understand the ideology.
  • Shikamaru might find him and s/o’s age difference odd if he was surrounded by his s/o’s younger friends and if they were more immature than his s/o. It might remind Shikamaru how old he is in comparison to his s/o. He’ll try to push the odd feelings aside and stay quiet among his s/o’s friends as he tries to get use to the situation.


  • Shikamaru having sex with a younger s/o is no different than if the s/o was the same age as Shikamaru. Shikamaru would make sure his partner verbally consented to sex before he ever initiates it and he would start with getting his partner off first.
  • Sex in the relationship might even be gradual and doesn’t come until after Shikamaru and his s/o have fooled around a few times exploring each other’s bodies. Shikamaru doesn’t mind rubbing his partner and having his partner get him off in return.
  • Shikamaru might take charge the first few times when him and his s/o have sex. It would be a steady rhythm until he gets his s/o to come, but once he comes too then he is done for the night and he is ready to sleep.

Tumblr Tag Game: Top 10 TV Shows

@the-fandom-cat yoo girl thanx <3

So, top 10 TV shows and maybe why you love them. im only putting 7 haha

1. in the flesh (its such a beautiful show, from the soundtrack to the cinematography to the characters/story)

2. skins (all the way, gen 1 & 2 are the best)

3. friday night lights (so good, very small town americana which i love)

4. the get down (a new fav but is so good & im so sad it got cancelled)

5. true detective (again americana + I love crime shows)

6. shameless (cuz its so real & relatable. i pretend s 6-7 dont exist)

7. eyewitness (somehow i find myself rewatching it over & over idkw so its making it to the list)

tagging; @way-too-many-books-ashley, @letevenspeak2k17, @oculant, @studyinorsk, @isak-walshea, @isaksnaki, @evakmohns, @kingofravka, @endlesslyfilledwithrage, @dyspunktional, @jeangel 

Breaking In (Blackpink)

Pairing: Jennie x Lisa

Genre: fluff (??)

Note: I’m so sorry it took too long and its so short! I just wanted to make it clear that i didnt specify if they’re a couple or not, but i think it can fit in both ways. It goes from you. Anyway, i hope you like it. x.

Originally posted by lalisani

“Okay, when we get in we have to be quick and discreet.” Jennie said pulling down a bag full of work tools. “Don’t get lost from me.”

“I don’t know, Jennie yah, I love you and all but I don’t want to get arrested because of you.”

“We won’t get arrested.” Jennie said cutting some chains with pliers, “We won’t steal anything, we’ll just… see how pretty the night city look from the roof.” She smiled at Lisa when she finally opened the door.

They got in and Lisa quickly locked arms with Jennie so she won’t lose her. The store were really dark and the only thing that was helping them to see was a small flashlight Jennie has bought. ‘She always thinks of everything’ Lisa thought.

After some time wondering inside the store, they’ve found a big flight of stairs, heading to the roof. They smiled at each other and went all the way up the stairs. 
Lisa was the first one to get up in the roof. She walked closer to the edge and sat on the floor, followed by Jennie.

“Wow.” It is beautiful in here. “Lisa said mesmerized with the way Seoul city lights looked at night. It was a sea of lights, of all colors; Some were bigger than others and some were brighter than others. The muffled sound of cars and people was the only thing they heard. “It’s so peaceful.”

“I told you.” Jennie looked over at Lisa and seeing that she was shaking, she opened her arms to her, “Come, I told you to bring a coat, it’s cold.” Lisa crawled to Jennie and rested her head on her shoulder while Jennie hugged her.

They stood like that for some moments until they heard noises down in the store, “Shit, what was that?” Lisa asked, getting up and helping Jennie get up.

“I think it’s the security guards.” Jennie got her bag from the floor and Lisa froze. “Guards? Why didn’t you tell me there where guards?”

“I don’t know I thought they were off today.” Jennie grabbed Lisa by the hand and they started coming down the stairs, making absolutely no noise.

They opened the stairs door carefully and noticed that the store lights were on. As they were walking towards the front of the store, they’ve heard a male voice screaming at them.

They started to run as fast as they could. When they were about to walk through the door, they saw two big guys running after them, making them almost stumble on each other. They got out of the store and managed to escape from the securities. Luckily, Lisa had parked the car close to the store where they had breaked in.

“Get in the car!” Jennie threw the bag inside their flashy pink car, getting in right after.

As Jennie were getting inside the car, one of the securities of the place ran over to them, making Lisa desperately step on the accelerator, almost hitting the dumb security guard and making him fall on the floor.

Jennie looked out of the window and saw the three security guards standing at the front of the store, watching them get away.

“Suckers!” Jennie screamed at them, making Lisa laugh at her and pull her to back in the car.

“Apart from the fact that we almost got caught, that was amazing.” Lisa looked at Jennie and then turned her attention back to the car. “It was fun, we should do that more often.

"Yeah we should. The girls won’t believe it.”

anonymous asked:

SFW/NSFW modern relationship headcanons for Itachi?

Hope you like these headcannons. I had a lot more of sfw headcannons of modern Itachi but I didnt want this to get too long. Plus I kept nsfw relatively short because I still think Itachi sex life and behavior would relatively be the same. Plus talking about nsfw in detail makes me uncomfortable.  Thank you for the request.

Headcannons of Itachi in a Modern Relationship


  • It will take a lot of interaction and getting to know the person, before Itachi decides he wants to date them in the modern world. He doesn’t do hook-ups or one-night stands and you won’t find him at the bar trying to pick up a date. Itachi would probably come across his s/o during his studies at college or from a family friend of a friend.
  • Itachi would take this person on dates to a museum, an art exhibit, a festival, the theater, the park, or a coffee shop. He doesn’t care to take his dates to the movies because he finds most modern films uninteresting unless it pertains to history. Even then, Itachi would remark how the film was inaccurate as I can see him being a history buff.  
  • Itachi would also love cooking for his partner and having casual dates at his place. He would love to spoil them with lavish meals that were healthy for them but tasted delicious. Itachi would also tweak his recipes to his partner’s liking in consideration. Itachi is also very gracious if he receives baked goods from his s/o as he loves sweets. He will always accept them and love the gesture his s/o makes to him.


  • Itachi will only get intimate after six months of dating or longer depending on his s/o. He is in no rush to have sex and has no trouble waiting. When he is intimate with his s/o, it’s very sensual and he strives to please them.
  • Itachi kind of waits for his s/o to make the first move if they like to go further or not. He’ll keep his hands at a respectful place unless his s/o encourages him to explore. Once his hands start exploring, he moves slowly to caress every feature his partner has.
  • I don’t think Itachi would be into any sexting or phone sex in a relationship. He would still be a rather private individual that would like to have sex in the comfort of his own home. However, I can see him getting frisky with his date every once and awhile in the back seat of his car especially, if he took them out to a drive-in movie or if it was after social that his date was looking gorgeous at.

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lol bye. wut is writing??

i just wanna play my game aimlessly and not care about zatty struggles or anything else. i don’t want to be overwhelmed by doing too much because i don’t have that kind of free time right now so yeah dkfjhsd. i haven’t played my game in so long like i actually miss doing that instead of making poses for every little thing.