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u know what i feel like posting things so here’s some stuff i drew a while ago

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #23
  • Dan: Phil you left all the cupboard doors open again
  • Phil: godDANit

I genuinely feel so bad for Julian. 

He literally doesn’t have any friends in Central City from what has been shown to us. He was always at the station before Caitlin asked him to join Team Flash. Once he joined the team, he was always either at the station or at S.T.A.R. Labs. Even in tonight’s episode (3x15), Julian goes straight from the airport to S.T.A.R. Labs. I don’t know about you but after going on any flight (especially one from Europe to America??) there’s nothing more I want to do than to go home. 

 Along with that, back in episode 3x05 (I’m pretty sure this happened in ‘Monster’ at least, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), he claimed that he had a “girlfriend” but whatever happened to her? I feel like he said that to not only get Barry off his back, but to also make it so that his excuse made him seem less hermit-like. Maybe if he made up this fake person, then maybe he wouldn’t seem so lonely.

I think that the reason Julian latched onto Caitlin so much at this point in the season was because she was the only one to really reach out to him in an effort to become friends with him. Regardless of what Cisco and Caitlin said in the season premiere, that Julian was a “great guy”, nobody had really bothered to reach out to befriend Julian. So when Caitlin asked him to join Team Flash, not only was it an opportunity to have access to the greatest scientific technology, to make a difference in Central City, or to better understand his profession as a meta-human expert, but it was also an opportunity to be part of something. An opportunity to be part of a team.

So, when it was revealed in tonight’s episode that one of his only friends, if not his best friend, had only invited him onto the team for his profession, not for who he truly was, it must’ve stung deep. To think that someone you considered to be a good friend lie to you to get what they want is just awful.

On another tangent, Barry continued to use Julian as a “human Ouija”. Julian has stated time and time again how awful it felt to be vulnerable to Savitar’s control and how he was not comfortable with it, but Barry continued to pressure him into it multiple times during the episode. 

I think that Julian was really starting to consider Team Flash to be good friends of his, and in just one episode, I think that they really tore that away from him. And for that, I feel pretty bad for the guy.

❣reasons i love yoongi❣

ofc theres many but here are some of them bc i really love him and its still vday here and hes officially my valentine so

  • the smile but thats kinda obvious
  • his voice is so calming
  • but when he gets a lil excited/hyper he lowkey starts to scream
  • smol but ready to (literally) kick someone’s butt 24/7
  • rap god yoongi
  • how he has a special relationship with every member!!
  • his english!! is so!! good!! srsly he knows so many random words
  • his random knowledge too!
  • how he teases seokjin for his dad puns
  • but is exactly the same 
  • apart from that he’s the king of comedy and whenever he jokes i talk about it for the next 5 days which means i never shut up
  • inventor of singing
  • how he’s so professional when talking about music/equipment 
  • how in bv he remembered to pack the first aid kit/painkillers
  • and cooked for the members
  • photographer yoongi
  • how he seems to enjoy travelling a lot
  • his love for holly
  • the mixtape
  • king of black turtlenecks
  • and black outfits in general
  • how he works his ass off :) 
  • mama 2k16 
  • cutest selfies in bangtan fight me
  • soft tummy
  • sope 
  • how he sometimes growls when rapping amazing
  • pouty
  • his “say what” every 2 seconds when performing live
  • how he’s so attached to the grey beanie
  • and looks so good wearing any type of hats in general
  • when he said he would stay home and read all the books he could as a teenager
  • marie claire photoshoot
  • and every other photoshoot lets be real here
  • iconic tweets
  • the japanese interview
  • “when can we leave”
  • pink silky pjs aka the look of 2k16
  • cheats in most games possible
  • also dumb excuses
  • “i get blushy after one shot of soju”
  • glasses yoongi
  • how he loves being carried
  • dt gloss
  • how he doesnt care if he has to dress up as a girl anymore
  • how he once said he feels like crying during every show
  • he’s the softest smiley squish
  • srsly hes so soft 
  • and makes me soso happy

Jouta Kujo Week, day 3 : Spending time with family!

kakyoins milf hunting instincts +  jotaro pussy magnet kujos charm = the familys favorite boy  

hey hey i need help!!

my abuser has gotten ahold of my new blog and im unsure how, but i need help. the threats have started to come back in waves and i cant do this anymore. so please please hear me out. i did not want to make this post at all, but its time i do it.

i need you to report d/epart/ment-s/tor/e-is-g/a/y (without the slashes, of course) - he mightve moved accounts, but i dont know what it is if he has. he has been sending my friends and i threats for 9 months and im sick of being afraid for our safety. ive had a panic attack in class because of him and his messages and i need to be left at peace. please spread this.

the messages he sent will be posted under read-more. i cant show everything that he has said, but i will show things he sent to my old blog. the situation will be at the very start under read-more.

please do not message any of my friends that will pop up in the evidence. 

trigger warning for: rape and death threats, emotional abuse, gaslighting, guilt tripping, suicide mentions, graphic nsfw fantasies, A LOT of manipulation, misgendering and pedophilia.

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FEBRUARY 21, 2017 2:46 PM
You stole some pieces of my heart when you left. You didn’t ask for it, I didnt give it to you, you just stole it. I noticed today as I’m sitting by myself over lunch that for a long time I’ve been trying to get those pieces back, to somehow fix my broken heart and make it whole again. But for the first time I learned something. Even if I had them back, it will never be quite the same again, because when you left, a part of my life left too, I am a different person now. I grew, I learned. So, I don’t want those pieces back, you keep it, keep them with the memories that you stole, keep them with the future you took it away. I’m growing new pieces, better pieces.
—  G.P.

Anonymous said Headcanons on how the S boys sleep alone and how they sleep with their S/O? Like sleeping positions

 A: hiya! I honestly feel like this will be a bit comedic (maybe) I hope you enjoy!

 Shuu: {alone}: laying on his back, arms behind his head, kind of simple. 

 {with s/o}: he’s still laying on his back (creature of habit) but you’re laying on his chest. His arms cage you in so there’s no chance of escape. You can hear his slow breathing, and the rise and fall of his chest lulls you to sleep. 

 Reiji: {alone}: he lays on his side, one arm behind the head, the other to his side.

 {with s/o}: typically, you laying in the spooning position. He’s at your back, and there’s barely any space between you two

. Ayato: {alone}: he kinda lays there on his stomach, head to the side, drools on the pillow, snores loudly.

{with s/o}: You know how he’s super possessive when you’re awake? OOOOH BOY hes got you pulled so close that youre often pushing yourself off of him because its so swEATY, even though you get away it doesnt last for long because he reels you back in. 

Laito: {alone}: he cuddles EVERYTHING, typically whines in his sleep, not because of sexual dreams, no laito has extreme night terrors and struggles with them often. he wakes up 2 or 3 times a night and has a hard time falling asleep. 

{with s/o}: usually it starts out with casual cuddling, but as the night goes on he holds you tighter and tighter. This is rare but often times he wakes up crying, its typically silent, but you can still manage to hear the sniffles and you take him in your arms and rub circles into his back to help him fall asleep.

Kanato: {alone}: restless, hot, sweaty, “GOD DAMN IT TEDDY FUCK OFF ITS TOO HOT I DONT WANT TO CUDDLE”, He never really sleeps, he mostly just lays there or walks around the mansion.

{with s/o}: i still dont think he would sleep much. he would pretty much be the same alone as he would with an s/o. although he would stay with you to make sure you didnt leave in the night.

Subaru: {alone}: perfectly calm, sleeps like a rock, has a lot of wet dreams, can sleep all night long 



Jikook Star AU- “Our walls are really thin and I heard you crying in the shower, are you okay?” 8/?

its currently 1am, im tipsy, and i didnt have the heart for angst so here is a filler ish part idk whats going on tbh but enjoy!!!1!1!!


lordsexmachine asked: Connor & Haytham or Edward & Benjamin


Smut Week: Day 7 | Kim Namjoon

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader 

W/C: 2374

A/N: Sorry for such a shitty end to Smut week, things on my end of things are starting to get really hectic and I know this isn’t the best thing I’ve ever written but just know given everything going on its the best I could do. 

Love you all, K xx

Life as a couple with Namjoon was still very new to you. You had only been dating for a few months and although you two were basically living with one another you were definitely still trying to figure one another out. You were on practically the same schedule as him so when you weren’t working the two of you were always able to meet up. Sex was fairly new to the two of you too, You didnt want to rush things so for the first 6 weeks of your relationship you two only really stuck to heavy petting. Well only some heavy petting.

At first having sex with Namjoon was intimidating. He was this big Idol that so many people talked about in more ways that one, and that made knowing him intimately scary. You still remember the first time you had sex with him like it was yesterday though. You had told him the morning of that you wanted to take your relationship to the next level and he had no complaints about that. He made sure he got to your apartment before you did and set the table for the food that he lied about making, though the lie only lasted a few minutes since he’s a terrible liar. He didnt rush you into anything but he showed you just how much he wanted you with every kiss and every touch. You remember that night like it was yesterday.

Though sex became a regular thing between the two of you certain things he didnt pressure. It took you two weeks after first having sex for you to let him switch up the positions on you and another two after that for you to give him a blowjob, which in his opinion was definitely worth the wait. Every time you’d let him do something else to you you could feel yourself getting closer and closer with him, so you like to have the mile stones. It made things more intimate and  that was something that was important to you. You found yourself getting hornier easier. Sometimes all he had to do was look at you and you would just melt, always either having to pull him in or excuse yourself to the bathroom.

You had gotten off of work earlier that usual, it was your bosses birthday or something so he let everyone go well before the work day was supposed to end. You called Namjoon, thanking your lucky starts he answered, excited to see your name pop up on his phone.

‘Hey babe, I got out early and I’m heading to get some food do you want me to bring you something?’ You asked as you pushed opened the door to the building you worked in.

'Oh that would be amazing! You know were I’m thinking and what I’m thinking about, were going to pretend you surprised me though so your not stuck buying food for everyone.’ He said in a really soft whisper.

'Thats so mean, then its going to look like I wasn’t thinking about the others.’ You said chuckling as you started your walk to his favorite takeout place.

'Good, you need to be ignoring them. Only focus on me.’ He said making you chuckle again.

'Im going to get enough food for everyone, why are you so mean to them.’ You said making him chuckle.

'Y/n is getting food and bringing it! Im not mean to them, I just don’t like sharing.’ He said calling to the others and then speaking only to you again.

'You will have your own food Joonie, they all can share the rest.’ You said opening the door to the take out place.

'Im talking about you, I don’t like sharing you.’

'Then you and I can give them their food and then go to your studio and eat together.’ You said smiling, the thought of being alone with Namjoon in his studio making you tingle since doing it there was something he had told you he wanted to do.

He agreed excitedly and then hung up so you could order. You moved as fast as you could after getting the food, you were lucky your work, his favorite restaurant and his work were all within four blocks of one another so the walk didnt take too long. Once you were in the dance studio with the boys Yoongi waited for the others who danced around you to collect all their food before he took the bag from you in one hand and yours in his other and walked you out of the room.

You loved the scent of his studio, it smelt like his usual soft smell but intensified by 20. You took your usual spot on the couch as he put the food on the table, took his own, and sat back in his desk chair. The two of you ate with the conversations of your day. You told him how you were making great progress on the project your boss ad given you as a challenge and told you that he finally nailed the dance steps he had been worrying about for the past two weeks. You were proud of him and made sure to tell him that making him smile and look down at his next to empty container.

After the food was eaten and left overs were placed in his small mini fridge you stood, kissing his cheek slightly before reaching for your jacket to leave.

'I have some work I have to finish so ill see you at home?’ You asked placing your hands on his knees as he turned his chair to watch you.

'Why don’t you just work here? I can move some of the things on the other desk or you can use the coffee table?’ He asked reaching out for your wrist.

'Okay but you can’t distract me.’ You said making him laugh and pull your arm slightly so you could lay a kiss on him.

An hour had passed since you cleared off his coffee table where you sat criss crossed on the floor with a blanket over your lap and his music softly playing in the background. Your eyes would scan over the array of papers that laid out in front of you and then over to your computer and then back to the papers. But as much as you wanted to pretend work was coming easy to you all you could truly focus on was Namjoon’s profile as his tongue grazed his bottom lip, a habit he had picked up from watching you work. You cleared your voice and shook your head as you reached for a different document. At one point Hoseok walked in to ask Namjoon a question but ended up just mocking you two for being couple goals.

Around 11 you threw your pen on the table, not caring where it bounced and groaned. You were getting no where and with Namjoon sitting over there licking his lip was doing nothing but frustrate you even more, although this time if was in a different way. You closed your eyes and put your hands over your face. He looked up and over to you, smiling at how cute you were when frustrated.

'Whats wrong?’ He said standing up and coming to sit over by you, his long legs pushing the table back a little with his long legs. You groaned telling him you were having troubles focusing. 'Well I’m pretty much done, do you want help?’

You sat forward and started to push your papers to one side so you could sit on the table in front go him. Once you had a clear enough space you moved to sit on the table and hook your arms around his neck. You smiled as his hands started to rub against your knees. \

'Im over doing work.’ You started, biting you lip slightly knowing perfectly well you were about to wreck him. 'I’d rather be doing you.’

His eyes widened and he slowly let a smile creep onto his face before he was kneeling up to wedge his body between your legs so he could kiss you. His hands took ahold of the backs of your knees so he could turn you. He pushed you back so your laid the length of the table. Since his lips had left yours you chuckled as he kissed up your thighs, pushing your shirt up as he went. You bit your lip as your body started to heat up, his lips moving closer to your core making you squirm. Your hand found his hair and started to tug slightly, you weren’t ready for him to be that close with his face.

But hearing him groan at your tug and feeling his voice ring through the sensitive skin of your inner thigh it made you think different. Why not let him if that was what he wanted to do? You Bit your lip and prepared yourself with words to encourage him.

'Namjoon please.’ You breathed pushing his head towards your core. He chuckled and looked up to you.

'What do you want me to do baby?’ He asked dark.

'I want you to taste me.’ You said looking straight at the ceiling so try and hide your blushing.

He chuckled again and returned his lips to the inside of your thigh. He pushed his body up along with his lips and your skirt. When finally hovering above your core he looked up to see you looking down at him. The feeling of his sweet hot breath made your skin crawl with pleasure.

'Ive wanted to do this for so long now.’ He whispered lowering his lips slowly till he was kissing your already sopping core through the thin lace of your panties. You gasped and bit your lip as his tongue started to massage against the lace.

His teeth nipped at the lace and let in snap against you  slightly askew, the sudden feeling making you flinch and squeeze tighter to his hair. He licked again, the feeling of having half his tongue on you and the other half pressing against the lace making you moan quietly. The feeling of having you hot and squirming against him made  him groan in pleasure as his arms wrapped around your lowered half to keep you in place. From that position his hands gripped tightly to the hips of your panties. With his tongue pulsating and teasing through your underwear you couldn’t help but groan when he stopped. You sat up slightly to protest when he looked up at you with sorry eyes.

'Whoops…’ He said showing the ripped lace with a wicked grin.

'Namjoon seriously?’ You asked leaning back and covering your face.

You heard him chuckle again but before you could look at him he was pressing his tongue flat against you and rolling it. He groaned as he tasted you fully and with no hesitation he began to move his jaw, teasing your core as a fast rate. The sudden friction made your body lurch and your hand clench to his hair tighter, Your other hand reaching above you and accidentally knocking everything off of the table. He held you closer than before as he started to play with you individually. His tong moved to flick against your clit before it moved back down to push his tongue in and out of you after switching between the two for a minute he clamped down on you and started to suck and twirl his tongue feverishly.

You let out a shaky breath you hadn’t realized you had been holding that had been a companied by a gasp and your body slightly sitting up. He sucked and licked harder against you his hands reaching up and pressing your body back down. His tongue started to lap quickly as your body began to tingle. You moaned breathlessly and tried to say his name but all that came out was a slight stutter. He caught on to your building orgasm and moved to stimulate your clit before adding a finger into you, curling it to press accurately against your g-spot. You screamed slightly and your back arched again before laying flat against the table again.

The sound of you letting out sweet shorts grunts made him move his finger and jaw quickly. You let out a loud moan at the change of pace, your back arching again and your body is starting to shake as he pushed you closer to your orgasm. His hand gripped tighter to your thigh as your voice grew louder. You moaned a string of his name in short desperate moans until you where squealing though your orgasm, your back arching fully and your hands clenching to his hair as your body began to release. He groaned into you as you came around his mouth, the feeling of the vibrations from his voice shaking your body even harder.

As you came down from your high Namjoon pressed his lips against your thighs and the lower half of your stomach. You could feel him smiling against your skin, your hands finally loosening their grip. He moved up your body to look at you, laughing slightly at your flushed face. You pulled him down to kiss you, this being the best way you could think of to thank him for that.

'Who knew you secretly a screamer.’ He chuckled helping you sit up on the coffee table. You looked around and covered your face at the mess of papers you had made. 'Do you think anyone heard you?’ He added making your eyes widen and you cheeks turn very red.

Instantly the door opened and a grumpy Yoongi stood there looking at the mess that was made.

'Yes. Yes we did hear you.’ He said. Although there was a grumpy tone to his voice you both could tell he was holding back a laugh.

You looked at Namjoon who dipped his head and laughed, Yoongi walking in fully. The two of you watched as he went to grab something off of Namjoon’s desk, your heart still fluttering before it fully dropped. His eyes caught something and then took a double take of it making your eyes follow where he was looking. A smile broke to his lips as he bent to pick up the torn lacy panties that had fallen to the side.

'Well… why aren’t I surprised?’ He said making you burry your head in  Namjoons shoulder as he laughed and wrapped his arms around you.

alright, i managed to get the first part of this done! its a little short i know, but i didnt want to make it too too long and ruin the next part

colorblind lance, but still set in canonverse, endgame ship is klance

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

Waxen - Prologue/Part 1

Ever since Lance was young, he wanted to be a pilot. He couldn’t imagine being anything else no matter how hard he tried. That is, until he got into elementary school. That’s where his dreams all came crashing down around him.

It was a short while into kindergarten year, only one or two weeks, when Lance was 6 years old, and they had been learning about the different colors, specifically of the rainbow.

Lance didn’t really understand what his teacher was talking about when she described the colors, saying that red was the color of an apple, that green was the color of the leaves, that blue was the color of the sky when there weren’t any clouds– to him, all the colors looked the same! He didn’t say this though, instead just nodding along with the rest of his class.

When his teacher handed out coloring pages and gave them an order to color the arches in, he did his best to follow the instructions they had been given, but all of the crayons looked the same.

He couldn’t tell which one was this ‘violet’ color, or which was the color of the sky. Different shades of black and white sat in front of his eyes, and he ended up with a rainbow of neons and blues instead of the ordered arches that supposedly appeared in the sky after it rains.

When his teacher confronted him about his poor color choices at the end of class, right before lunch, he simply tilted his head in confusion. “What do you mean?” He questioned, dark brows furrowed on his tanned face. “I colored the way you said to.”

The teacher looked confused and still a bit angry, crossing her arms over her chest as she gazed down at him. “You only got one color right, Lance. All the rest were wrong.” She tried to explain, pointing to each arch of crayon-filled color.

This, of course, only confused Lance more, gazing at the paper as his features contorted unashamedly and he shrugged. “All the colors look the same to me. I guess I mixed then up.”

When he said this, the last of the woman’s anger fell away and was replaced by confusion, and then turned to understanding. “Alright Lance, it’s okay. Go on to lunch, I have to make a few calls.”

That afternoon when he got home his mom had begun to question him about his day, seemingly trying to question him about something specific. Silence came, which lapsed into minutes of awkward tension and concerned glances his from his mother.

“… So.. Your teacher called me today.” She finally spoke, voice gentle as they sat in their small living room alone, his older siblings at their respective sports and his littler siblings were down for naps.

“She said you were having trouble… Telling the colors apart?” Ama took the opportunity to glance at him, frowning when he just shrugged and looked off to the side. “Is that true?”

Lance stayed quiet for a moment before shrugging and nodding a little, chewing gently on his baby soft lips. “I guess… Everything just kinda looks black and white and grey to me?” He tries to explain, fidgeting on the couch quietly.

His mother inhaled a bit, a soft gasp as she gazed at her precious baby boy. “I… Why didn’t you tell me, sweetheart?” She questions, carefully moving closer to him and gently rubbing his back. More than anything, she was worried that he hadn’t told her because he didn’t trust her– or something along those lines– so when he spoke she was rather relieved.

“I just.. I thought everyone saw this way..” He mumbles gently as he leans into her comforting touch, eyes filling with tears as he gazes up at her in a sudden spurt of fear. “I’m not dying, right? I’m not gonna die?”

The emotions that so clearly showed on his face and in his crystalline blue orbs made her heart wrench in her chest, shaking her head quickly. “No, no, of course not sweetie. Something like that would never kill you.” She murmurs, pulling him into a tight hug and sighing gently.

“But.. Lance, I do have to tell you… If you can’t see color, you… You can’t be a pilot.”


Twilight Sparkle is an autistic asexual who is supported by her friends: Fluttershy who is asexual, Rarity who is a biromantic asexual trans woman, Applejack who is aromantic, Pinkie Pie who is a nonbinary pansexual, and Rainbow Dash who is a butch lesbian!! 

(Requested by Anonymous!)

lanablackwell  asked:


     First of all, I guess you forgot to hit the “anon” button pal, keeping in mind you are someone who sends me messages every once in a while saying they love my cc, and we even chat a little bit too, for a very long time… Quite sad actually. This just shows anon hate can come from anyone, even someone you are “friends” with, which is what happens most of the times.
     Second of all, I think my 110 patrons are pretty pleased with what I do there. If you aren’t one of them, no one ever forced you to do ANYTHING. I’m sharing there some exclusive content with people who chose to support me, nothing else, no one is putting a knife to your neck, if you don’t like it, move along and ignore all Patreon posts. 

(I’ve done 7 and 5 here)

10: Dream casting for TAZ the HBO original series!

OK! So I’ve actually kind of racked my brain about this and here’s the issue: I honest to god do not know that many famous people so I’m not gonna do everyone but I’m gonna do a few people from TAZ that I think I know fairly good actors/actresses for!

Nichelle Nichols as The Director/Current Lucretia

A very cool individual, has experience being a red space person.

Travis Mcelroy as Magnus Burnsides

(Ik this seems a bit obvious but I think he would actually be really good as Magnus)

Samantha Wright as Jess The Beheader

A short weight lifting champion! Perfect for playing an extremely strong dwarfish woman!

Samira Wiley as Lieutenant Hurley

Not exactly small enough to play a halfling but she’s a really good actress and she’s pretty slight as well which I usually see Hurley as.

Lady Gaga as Lydia from The Suffering Game

She’s great! She has a history with wild outfits and things so that’s down there too.

If you want to add to this post feel free too because I’m very shit with actors/actress names and faces bc im very forgetful. So if you think you know a better match or you know some cool actresses/actors feel free to add on!

It’s Complicated: Part Three

                                       “ITS COMPLICATED”

SUMMARY: Shorter than most, your frame had shown a curve much different than a Natasha Romanoff or Wanda Maximoff, glasses along your ears to match. Hired on as an assistant to the avengers - dealing mostly with the technology side, you werent keen on being surrounded by them. It wasnt until you realized, the moment you met Bucky Barnes - you knew your life was now going to become complicated, falling for a man you knew in your heart could never fall for a girl like you.

Notes: YAY! Im back. So this one I actually had to cut, because it was too long! which is AWESOME, because that means my creative writing is back. Just some warnings for this part, it does involve a scene of a panic attack in a small enclosed space - so if that’s something that can bother you or make you nervous, please take care and dont read! I dont want any of you getting nervous! There’s sexual tension, some fluff, some cursing - smut is coming! 

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