but i didnt think that was very cute

things that 100% definitely happened after the end of call me beep me u can pry these headcanons from my cold dead hands

(call me beep me is an incredible fic by @gajeelredfox that i can’t link to rn bc i’m on mobile but the final update was posted tonight and i’m emo so have this)

-when they go trick or treating, the kids fall in love with keith instantly and are constantly chattering at him and tugging at his arms to show him things. by the end of the night keith is carrying a sleeping child home and lance’s heart is suffering.

-lance and hunk get to celebrate pidges 16th birthday! lance gets pidge a remote control robot car. (“get it? because its like the cliche thing to get a car on ur 16th birthday, but u like robots!” “yes i get it lance thank u.”)

-together, matt and lance make allura and shiro’s life a living hell. they can’t even look at each other without hearing exaggerating kissy noises.

-lance gradually helps keith and muffin warm up to each other and after a while they’re best friends. sometimes she’ll even lick his hand. shiro is pissed. (“i’ve been trying to get them to get along for years!!! and then this little shit comes along and within a couple of months she’s sitting on his lap!!! wtf!)

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Modern Headcanons: Rowena Ravenclaw

Ok but just imagine…

  • Fuckin Rowena Ravenclaw doing dope ass art with her makeup like making a map of the constellations on her eyelids, or drawing a bunch of flowers on them like a garden. I think she’d be a very skilled MUA.
  • Rowena being captain of the debate team, and not only winning her debates but winning them with grace and humility. 
  • Rowena also being a hardcore parkour theatre nerd
    • she can be kinda pretentious though, like any theatre kid
    • if you say “Les Mis” is your favorite musical, she will a) roll her eyes with a rather condescending, “bless your heart” expression, and b) give you a list of musicals less mainstream for you to listen to/watch
    • she likes plays more than musicals, though.
    • mainly because she’s tone deaf
    • The Crucible by Arthur Miller and Medea by Euripides are her favorites. 
  • Hardcore feminist (not to be confused with a terf, or “femi-nazi”)
  • Think of Elle from Legally Blonde, how she managed to balance taking care of her personal appearance while also getting through Harvard Law
    • Thats basically Rowena except 10x sassier and less pink
  • She likes photography a lot- I don’t think she necessarily has the patience for painting 
    • One of her favorite photosets is the one of the Pit Bulls with flower crowns. 
  • She respects artists on a whole other level
  • Imagine Rowena helping fellow students when they’re having a hard time in school
    • because Rowena realizes that, sometimes, school doesn’t help each student reach their full potential
    • because everyone learns in different ways and some students absorb the material differently
    • thus they have a hard time in classes that don’t meet these educational needs that they have
    • and she knows that just because they don’t learn as easily through the preferred method of the teacher, it doesn’t mean they are any less smart than anyone in the class
    • if they have a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to learn, Rowena will take them under her wing
  • She’s totally the kind of girl to go to some obscure coffee place and order a plain black coffee, then sit there at a table by the window and read a book like The Great Gatsby (no hate on The Great Gatsby, I love that book)
  • She runs four separate blogs on tumblr
    • a studyblr with a bunch of aesthetically pleasing shots of her bullet journal and close-to-godlike handwriting
    • a blog where she rants about politics, socio-economic issues and what not. 
    • a blog where she posts about all her favorite fandoms and ships. 
    • and lastly, a blog hidden away from the light of day: a blog dedicated to dank memes. Rowena would be a memelord and no one can convince me otherwise. Though he doesn’t know it’s her, Godric is her most active follower. 
  • Though it seems like she does a lot of things ironically, or just to be edgy, she genuinely loves:
    • listening to albums on vinyl, just because of the whole aesthetic.
    • taking pictures on a polaroid (again, purely aesthetic). She has fairy lights lining the perimeter of her room with pictures clipped onto them with wooden clothespins.
  • Her room is a goddamn mess. 
    • clothes are scattered everywhere along with books, makeup brushes, movies, water bottles, chocolate bar wrappers, etc.
  • She and Helga totally had a thing before they broke it off and Helga started dating Salazar. 
  • Rowena’s still a bit bitter.
  • However, she and Helga raise succulents together and bond over all the cool plants. 
    • they’ll take special trips to a Home Depot or Walmart greenhouse just to look at the cool succulents. 
    • the plants have names. 
  • Sometimes she forgets to eat just because she’ll be so wrapped up in whatever she’s doing at the time, that it completely slips her mind
    • so a lot of the times Helga just invites herself into Rowena’s house and will start cooking while Rowena does her own thing
    • Rowena doesn’t even know she’s there until Helga sets a bowl of pasta and vegetables with a garlic butter sauce down in front of her 
    • it’s become a regular thing for Helga to come and cook dinner for Rowena and make sure she eats it because Merlin so help her
  • Rowena designing her own outfits and completely slaying everybody’s existence???
    • it’s a pastel grunge style
  • She has a bad habit of smoking when she gets stressed out- all of her friends scold her about it, even Salazar.
  • She bites her nails
    • sometimes she bites them so much that they start bleeding
    • it’s a habit when she’s nervous or irritated, along with picking at her lip.
  • Rowena feels like, since she’s a woman, she’s constantly having to prove herself worthy to everyone else
    • she has a lot of self worth issues and that’s where her stubborn pride stems from
    • she’s under so much pressure, the sweet bean just needs a hug. 
    • Rowena tries to hide her emotions a lot of the time, so it just ends up in bi-monthly sob sessions that she has with one or all of her friends. It’s usually Godric or Helga when it’s one on one, because bless his sweet, awkward heart, Salazar can’t handle so many emotions at once, he does want to help though. 
    • then all of her friends will pitch in to help her finish whatever is stressing her out
    • they have to be really patient though, because Rowena is very particular about the way she wants the project done- so they have to listen to her and follow her instructions to the T
    • they do it though cuz they love her
  • Rowena likes to do DIY projects, create new fonts, and try to invent new life hacks
  • She has calluses on her hands
  • Rowena having her own youtube channel that mostly consists of makeup tutorials and reviews, as well as conspiracy theories
    • what if she legit had like a cork board on her bedroom wall with a bunch of articles and pictures with red yarn connecting each piece of evidence to the next. 
  • A very “Chandler Bing” sense of humor
  • Has a secret fangirl life where she’s dedicated to so many different fandoms it’s ridiculous
    • you bet your ass she’s written fanfiction
      • it has gotten progressively better overtime but it was painfully c r i n g e y when she first started writing. 
    • one time Salazar caught her in her bedroom eating a gallon tub of ice cream and sobbing about one of her OTPs. 
    • he still doesn’t understand, but he’ll comfort her to the best of his abilities and listen to her rants 
  • She has 50 cats
    • I think dogs are too high maintenance and loud for her
    • she appreciates how cute and fluffy they are but at the end of the day, she doesn’t have enough energy, or willingness, to keep up with them
  • Rowena will get drunk, but she never gets hungover
  • If there’s an argument she’s not directly involved in, she will stay out of it and refuse to take sides 
  • She’s very intimidating to guys
  • Rowena is lowkey a problematic fav


  • She’s gay af

you know what i find scariest about gon?

the fact that this 12 yr old boy from a loving family on a teeny tiny island somewhere on the edge of the world goes to take on one of the deadliest exams to ever have existed, sees people dying left and right and HE DOESNT EVEN BAT A FUCKING EYE

he sees his best friend ripping out somebodys heart with his bare hands, sees hisoka straight up murdering people for absolutely no reason other than that he CAN, and even accepted the death of an applicant in order to steal hisokas badge

hxh teaches us very early on that the hunter universe is a cruel, cruel place where a man’s life is practically worth nothing, and it doesnt surprise that gons friends are absolutely aware of that - killua, who was confronted with murder since he can walk, kurapika, who found the slaughtered corpses of everybody he ever knew, and leorio, who came from such an impoverished region that he had not only witness his friend but very likely a lot of other people die before his very eyes.

but GON - how did all this not effect gon at all? there might be things we do not know about whale island, but everything we saw about his home was peace and a loving upbringing. yes, there was kite killing the kitsuneguma (a scene which also did not exist in the beginning of 2011 of reasons i will never understand) and gon certainly learned one thing or two about the circle of life while roaming the woods - but isnt the hunter exam a whole different realm of cruelty?

i remember watching 2011 for the first time - it was half a year before i slumped into the fandom. and the reason it took me so long to connect to this outstanding narrative was because i could not connect to gon - partly because of his motivation for leaving his family and risking his life (which i in hindsight blame the poor first episode of 2011 for), but mostly because i was so disturbed that i didnt see this child freak out witnessing all the murder around him

i think gon, although he radiates with positivety and childlike interest, is a very conflicting character. i feel that his innocent and cute moments often cover up how right kurapika might have been with his assessment why hisoka grew so fond of gon - because that ruthless murderer saw the little boy as someone of his caliber, a like-minded being of sorts. gon shows pity, gon shows care and the will to fight and protect - but only towards certain people, people he seems to divide from those who he is not willing to bestow with the same priviledge following criteria only he seems to know.

i love the gon character, i love how thorough it is written that these traits introduced at the very beginning of the series foreshadow the catastrophy of gon-san.
but that boy still scares me

Okay so I know it’s been awhile since my WINGS fansign but my life is in shambles and I’m going one day at a time lol so here it is

I arrived at the fansign early this time…thank god lol and legit picked the pages that the members were gonna sign right before. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or what but they happened to sit in the perfect order since I picked different photos from all 4 albums for each member to sign and the members who shared the same album were sitting together lol I also wrote my name down (Kat 누나) so that they would know what to write. Namjoon I didnt put Noona. It didnt seem right since I knew we would just be speaking english to each other.

Anyway I went in and took my seat. I was in the middle second row. Pretty good. Once again it was like 99% fansites lol It seems many fansites work in at least a pair. One takes pictures while the other uploads previews to twitter. Or while one is getting their album signed they will point to their camera/fansite coworker so that the member will wave or act cute for their specific camera.

So right when I sat down one of the fansites behind me tapped me on the shoulder and started speaking korean. I told her I didnt speak korean and in the most fluent english I have ever done heard she asked if we could switch seats. Obviously she wanted to get closer; who wouldn’t. She said she would take pictures of me with the members while I was up there if we could switch bless her soul. And honestly in my mind one row further back meant nothing to me so I said yes and gave her my email, honestly going on faith lol

I was so nervous to meet them again. Seeing them so close and in such a comfortable setting for them surrounded by fansites that they know so well. But I felt better than last time. i think i just had more time to get my brain under control lol and I was talking to my friends in my GC the whole time this time and it kept me light and calm. Bless them

So the fansite was true to her word and she sent me 75 HD photos of me talking with the boys. Unfortunately she did not get me with Hobi or Jin, but oh well, life goes on. i assume another member was being extra adorable and she had to stop to photograph it. Don’t blame her.

So Jhope was first and he was so bright and smiley (they all seemed in a super good mood tbh) He asked me where I was from. i told him America…then LA just to keep things simple (I am from LA originally gosh dangit) He got super excited and said that he loves LA. I told him that I loved his Intro and he rapped a small part of it and danced a little lol I asked him about this abs and he laughed and touched his stomach and said thank you. I asked if he still had them and he said no…suuuuuuure

Tae was next. Just like last time he was so shocked by my name Kat. He kept asking if it was my real name. i just insisted it was lol I’m assuming he was thinking of the animal and was shocked that I was named after cats lol I mentioned that I had a lot of friends who came to Korea to see them. Then for a friend I asked him what perfume he wore. He was very cute and acted like he couldn’t recall the name. i know he was just messing with me though and didnt want to tell me. The lady came over and told me to move and he pretended to be all panicked. I asked him to write the answer on the post it note but he just wrote some random lines lol and then I had to move on that jerk. I’ve included 3 Tae pics because his face during this exchange was too great

Jin was next. He’s so handsome and so put together. I told him I was worried about him going to the jungle. He asked me if there were lions or bears or tigers in the jungle. I said no to all and he said then I shouldn’t worry. He was really funny and I wish I could properly express over text the way he said it all. It was so cute cuz he kept pausing to think of how to say the animals in english. His english is honestly really good.

Next was Jimin that shy little angel. Even though the album for him to sign was right on top as I had intended he moved it and went through all 4 before I picked it up and gave him the right one lol he was so shy and flustered. He signed my album and then looked up to start talking to me, then suddenly he looked back down at my album with a shocked expression. He quickly added a noona after my name. He also drew a little cat which I love cuz sometimes I draw a little cat after my name too. But just the way his face looked when he realized he should add noona. He was so scandalized that he hadn’t haha He was also the only one to actually write noona. I’m dead. He then went on to point out one of my rings which is kind of his style. Then he pointed to one of his and said that his ring was bigger than mine. I said yes but my hand is bigger than his so he held his hand up to compare and he just died inside when my hand was bigger lolol he laughed shyly and then it was over lol

Next was Yoongi. He was very quiet; didnt talk much at all. I told him that i was from LA and he said that he likes LA. I told him I saw him at KCON and I would be going to Muster. I also told him that we would win daesang and he just smiled slightly and nodded (little did he know) Even though he didnt talk much he held my hand almost the whole time as if to show his appreciation. Even though he didnt seem like he wanted to talk english with me I felt appreciated and that he was interested in what I was saying the whole time.

Jungkook was next and oh lord was he so cute. He was in such a good mood. He said hello in korean and I said hello in English and his face lit up. He said “oh! English! ok!” Like he was super ready to speak english. Our conversation:

Me: You’re really excited today!

Kookie: …..

Me: LOL You’re really happy!

Kookie: Yes! Happy!

(He signed my album then…lol)

Kookie: Today…..today……today….today… … I am happy

It was so cute. He wanted to speak english so bad but just couldn’t get the words happening. But he was smiling and bouncing in his seat the whole time bless him. I just died from his cuteness

Last was Namjoon. At this point I was super proud of myself for having survived through all the members and all the language barrier. Namjoon was next and I was like OK! relief! You got this! He was super nice. He asked me about where I was from. How long i had been in Korea. He joked that my korean must be really good by now. He told me to be careful of the cold. It was small talk but he was so nice and charming. Then we were done..It was the end. The lady had come to tell me to move it along and then as if an after thought…as if he just wanted to let me know he said “You’re really attractive”…

And I died. I put my head down I was so shocked. But then I told him “No, you’re really attractive!” Pretty sure I was laughing a lot at this point lol and just so shy and then the lady came back and was like girl for real go lolol

It was like Namjoon knew I was way too chill. I had done much too well. He had to end me.

That’s pretty much it. Everything after is probably stuff you’ve already seen circulating twitter and tumblr. Tae playing the piano and playing with a yoyo. Jimin stickering people. Jin singing part of his solo song. It was the last fansign for wings and it just felt like such a happy and great time. All the members were in a great mood and I was in a great mood, and I was also dead.

I forgot to mention that I did hold all of their hands! lol 

Thanks for being so patient guys!!! 

Happy (super early) birthdy!!!🎂🎂🎂

how do u think the original clone maker™ would react w/ all these fast cars?

MMMMMMMMMISAKI IMMGM SOBBING THIS IS SO CUTE AND GOOD ADN IM CRYING HWHAT THT HE HECK DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS…..my??? very fast chidlren?!?!?!??!?!?! ohjhyjsasiodgisduus ugsud ghsdg??!?!?!?!?

he would probably scream/s

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THHANK YOU

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Hello! Can you do hcs/imagine for playing spin the bottle with the gang + their girlfriends and the reader gets Dally? Thank you, love your blog xx


- everyone would literally be so on edge cuz like they don’t wanna kiss someone else infront of their girl
- they all agreed before hand that it wouldn’t be anything more than just a kiss
- Steve goes first
- he gets Darry and Darry is so uncomfortable and is trying to keep his mouth shut but Steve is really going for it
- Darry goes next and gets Sandy
- he did it any way and Sodapop was not happy
- okokokokokokok after Soda pulled away from and uncomfortable kiss with Dally it was Dallys turn
- to tell u the truth Dally was trying to spin it just right so it would land on you
- He smirked but his ears were red it was SOOO CUTE
- the game after that is just not the same anymore
- Dally is staring at you the entire time
- You spin it and it just so happens to land on Darry
- as ur lips were barely touching dally very loudly decided to intervene
- ‘Ok I think that’s enough Darrel.’
- ‘It’s a game Dallas calm down.’
- ‘Ya I know, y'all were just snoggin right infront of my eyes I don’t need to see that shit man.’
- it got to Dallas again after Two Bit kissed him
- he spun it again and made sure to angle it it perfectly to land on you
- it did
- Darry would have to cover Pony and Sodas eyes
- ‘Ok we get it! Take a breather!’
- until u spun it and got Soda
- y'all did the tiniest peck cuz Sandy was there and Sodas like a brother to you
- ‘Ok you know what I’ve had enough of this game.’
- 'What’s wrong now Dallas?’
- 'Nothin’ man. Nothing at all.’
- 'Why are u acting like such a dick?’
- 'Why am I acting like a dick? Well maybe if you weren’t so oblivious you would realize that I actually really like you and you are supposed to be mine and only mine.’
- 'Oh my god…you just said oblivious.’
- 'Really that’s all u got from that?’
- 'Oh well ya I got a thing for you too but that’s a big word.’
- 'Yet I’m the dick in this situation?’
- he would chuckle with a little smile
- 'Be my girl.’
- 'If you tell anyone bout this I will bust ur heads in, ya hear?’


ok ive been on spring break and im kinda dead art wise rn but ive been considering. a zamasu/shin fusion bc theyre my favorites and uh… kibito/shin was a cute fusion so it got me to thinking. shimasu is their fusion name and hes literally gorgeous. probably has trouble concealing his emotions and is very concerned abt being a good God. a good man

also he has a lot of hair and its kinda wavy but REALLY luxurious

a ooc drabble for connor

I mean yall asked for this so…

Im just going to name it; [proven; c.m x reader]

warnings; uhhh swearing? aggressive Connor bc hes angry

word count; 1.4k

honestly???? i think its cute but I mean its not OOC that he shoves people but like, idkidont think he would do it to someone who didnt anger him in the first place… but you basically step in front of Evan to help him and Connor gets mad at you. you get shoved and he feels bad and its all very fast paced and unrealistic but whatever. jared fic coming soon.

ANYWAY this is right after connor finds the note!

xoxo cass

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Luna should be a writer maybe? I could see her writing children's books cause doesn't she have the childish trait? I think that's really cute but maybe that's just me (imagine Mari growing up reading books Luna wrote LOL)

!!! Fun Fact: im planning on giving Mari the bookworm trait and im sure she would just LOVE the fairytales Luna writes. imagine one day she opens up a new book and sees that “Aunt Luna” dedicated it to her <3

random aus & prompts to consider
  • we pulled an all nighter trying to play monopoly and i think i may have confessed some weird shit
  • i got so emotional during that movie that i didn’t notice i was gripping your hand i’m so sorry
  • your the lead in the play and im just the person painting the backdrops but role is hilarious and i have to stop myself from watching and laughing at you
  • this is some fifteen hour flight to goddamn australia and there is a very cute flight attendant on this plane
  • we’re in an orchestra and you’re a strings whilst i play brass and i think we both take our rivalries too seriously
  • we’re the leading actors in a play/movie/show and during my performance i accidentally punched you in the face and i really hope i didnt wreck that gorgeous face of yours
  • we’re in a class and i sit behind and all you ever do during the lessons is watch cat videos and youtube and it’s extremely distracting

askneonflight  asked:

//Neon and Luca for the ship baby thing? ;w;

super cute super flight.

she’s super bubbly and just wants to play and fly around 24/7. very proud of her wings.

// luca’s natural hair color isnt green so i didnt include it anywhere  ; q; 

BTS reaction of you being scared of the dark.

@hollixox  Hey!! Can I change my reaction haha! BTS reaction of you being scared of the dark! Thank you!

(I have done a bts reaction when you are afraid of the dark and there is a blackout in the house)

JIN: He would try to find the solution to the problem but in the end you two would end up eating an ice cream at the door of the house waiting for the electrician.

- I tried my best.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

YOONGI (suga): The light suddenly goes away and when he hears you screaming, he thinks someone has entered the house. He runs to find you, when he finds you and you tell him your fear, he can not help but laugh. 

-I really got scared.

Originally posted by cyyphr

HOSEOK (Jhope):  He knows that you’re afraid of the dark, so he would try not to show his fear. Hoseok would take your hand so neither of you is afraid and you’ll both go and get a flashlight.

don´t worry jagi i’m here

Originally posted by sparkleyesjk

NAMJOON (Rap monster): He would think you’re tender when he saw you take his arm but when the light went out and you touched him he could not help but jump scared.

- I didnt know you’d be so scared , you scared me too

Originally posted by rapnamu

JIMIN: He would be very cute with you. You still would not have arrived so when the light went out, before you came, he would put candles everywhere.

-How about board games?

Originally posted by nnochu

TAEHYUNG (V): You would go to sleep at the boys’ house for the first time, they would give you a room for yourself. When the light went, you’d catch Tae and he’d think you’re cute, but his perverted mind would come out too.

-Does this mean sleeping together?

Originally posted by kimtaehyung-gifs

JUNGKOOK: He would use it as a tactic to get you out faster. 

-Jagi if you do not leave in 10 seconds I’ll turn off the Light. 

-I’m out! 

-10 … 9 … 8 … 

-Jungkook! -you’ll scream when the light goes out  

-it was not me 

He would enter with the flashlight, would approach him and he would find a way to fix it.

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4 5 7 and 15 for chess please?!?!?! (God he's cute btw )

he’s flattered and so am i :D

4. Best places to kiss on their body

5. Guilty pleasures

7. Their tickle spots

i think it’s safer not to try and find out

15. What it takes to make them cry


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Ok ok so; if it's okay with you (and i really hope it is otherwise please delete) may I request a scenario with 2pframce as a demon, who kinda kidnaps a soft spoken and cute (and maybe chubby) but very scared fem S/o he has been stalking for a while? And she had no idea? (I'm sorry I'm just a hoe for gruffy meanies falling for lil softies ❤️❤️ (But you can decide wether he's "nice" to her or rough) Thank you!!! I hope this is okay!! Have a good day!!

“Wh-Who are you?” A small, fragile voice cuts through the darkness. “Where am I?” A small creature states up at Francois, fear evident in their eyes, tears pooling over. Francois knows that they cannot see him, except for his glowing eyes. He, on the other hand, can see them clearly, demon eyes seeing their form curl into themselves, attempting to hide from his glowing eyes. Francois’s heart hurts seeing them so terrified of him, stepping forward slowly trying not to scare them further. 

“Shhh, It’s ok, I won’t hurt you, I’m here to protect you.” His voice is deep and terrifying, echoing through to void he has taken them to. The human lets out a whimper, looking up at him intently. Francois gently places a cold, clawed hand on their shaking frame.

“Who are you?” Francios moves to hold them closer.

“I am Francois, I'm your protector.” S/o let out a quiet sob, tears pouring over. “Shhh, hey, hey, you’re ok.” Francois brushes their tears away with the flesh of his thumb, and s/o flinches.

“Why is it so dark here? Why are you so cold? Why do your eyes glow? Where am I?”  Francios nuzzled his head into the crook of their neck, holding them close.

“I’m here to protect you because I love you. People want to harm you on earth, so I took you here. I know it isn’t ideal, this is temporary.  I am not exactly the most reassuring sight, and I don't want to scare you. I'm a being from another world, and I’ve decided to watch over you.” Francois let out a sigh as s/o relaxed in his arms.

“Can I see you?” Francois’s heart jumped in fear.

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I just love your thoughts on the personalities of Killua and Gon as they get older. I wonder, since Gon becomes more introverted in a way, if extroverted Killua might make him flustered at times. We rarely get to see young Gon blush... imagining adult Gon blushing over Killua is so heartwarming! And maybe he even quietly/affectionately observes Killua from afar? I'm not sure if that's true to the aged-up characters in this instance, but thinking about it is very satisfying :3

thank you!!! and omg this is a cute question….

i think gon would feel so much more gratitude/love towards killua for their relationship. like not that he didnt before, but he’d just feel it so much stronger that it sometimes overwhelms him? and he’d find it hard to articulate those feelings (partly because he just sometimes forgets how to talk from spending long periods of time alone)

im not sure about flustered, but killua openly complimenting gon would make gon blush but in a very big wide smile and warm fuzzy feelings sorta way, and maybe he wont know exactly how to vocally respond to the compliments but he’d go for physical contact, like resting his head on killua or a hug or something

and omg yea for sure it makes him happy just watching killua! even more so because he often times doesnt get to see killua for months, maybe even a year, so time spent with killua is very precious to him

i think of all the times I’ve drawn squish and sans, this one is my favorite. what a couple of dorks.

(submitted by ciadoodles)

Poubelle: AHHHHHHHHHHHH THEY ARE SO CUTE! OMG I LOVE IT! And yes! they are complete, total dorks! ahh, it’s so cute i’m dead!!!!!! the sugar skull design is very nicely done and of course sans’s job is…um…well, he tried.

also, i love squish’s new hair color! i don’t think you’ve drawn her with the pinkish purple unless i missed something. totally fitting! i always imagine her with cool colored hair <3


anyway, FANTASTIC art! this is so cute i’m dead. thank you i love it <3

Zoibat aka Fruit Zubat

 Pokedex entries:

Living in jungles and warm rain forest places they use their soft bone fangs to bite in fruits to drink their juice

Being in sun a lot some of them have developed small freckles along their cheeks and ears

Height : 0′’7′ ( 20 cm)

Ability: Inner Focus/ Frisk

Gender ratio: 50% / 50%

Its shiny form transforms its sky blue fur into green one better for hiding from predators  

Being very small people use this pokemon to be their service pokemon or help others at hospital . They are very social bats and chooses their mate for life time . If you wish to get one its much better to get 2 instead of one. They have a sweet tooth and you must careful with buying fruits you can ether peel the skin off some hard shell fruits or buy them soft skin fruits like peaches. Their ears are very sensitive on loud noises and can scare them .

Extra art:



So i created a new species thank you all for suggesting a pokemon to fuse him with . I might even make a bab QoQ Bcs they are so cute))

Edit: Oh woops this is a open species too!