but i didnt take my phone

Unpopular opinion:

  • Neil actually has a really good taste in music
  • This shocks all the foxes later
  • he spent A LOT of time in the car and his mom and him weren’t that… talkative (unless they where planning or going over back stories) so instead of spending that time in silence they would play music
  • He memorized the top ten charts for eight years in a row because he needed something anything to do that had nothing to do with running or he would go crazy
  • Neil and Mary also spent a lot of time in small dive bars (fight me on this) cause they often didn’t have cameras and was full of drunks who kept their heads down, dont ask questions, and pay no mind to a random lady and a tough lookin kid sitting by themselves at a table in the corner
  • What these bars lacked in size they made up for with live entertainment
  • Mainly Local bands that would play covers of practically anything
  • This is where Neil learns a lot of classics and other popular songs
  • Neil kept a lot of secrets (duh) but most of them where shared with Mary… some he kept himself
  • Like that these where his favorite night’s while on the run, he always got excited when Mary stopped the car in front of a crappy looking bar and he would see someone dragging in a drum and some speakers in through the back
  • He (also securely) really wants to sing with one of the small little bands at least ones but he knew it was unrealistic
  • One band preformed Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the machine and the song stuck with Neil for years. he knows every word
  • Years down the road all the foxes make playlist for long bus rides or work outs and they are all surprised when Neil actually has one to share
  • And it’s really Good!
  • It’s got a bit of everything and they transition really well (never goes from a fast song to a slow song, or a soft song to a loud song, nothing jaring)
  • everyone is for once happy with the playlist they all have to listen too
  • Now Neil is the one shocked as the Foxes unanimously elect him to be in charge of music from now on
Today, I fucked up... by picking up a hitchhiker and then showing up to my own funeral

This happened a few years ago and I was living in Zimbabwe at the time, and I was having a pretty bad day, I was going to see my auntie who lived about 400km away from me. If youre african you’ll understnad that this was no small journey. So I got in my car and set off and about 3 hours into the journey i came across a Dude by the side of the road who was going in the same direction, so out of the goodness of my heart i said jump in. we go to talking and he happened to be going to exact same village as me and he knew my auntie!.

Half an hour passes and we’re making polite chit chat and reminiscing about old times in zimbabwe, when all of a sudden he tell me to pull over, so I do. he runs out of the car and starts making wretching noises, so i assume he’s throwing up, its dark at this point so i cant really see much, so i go check on him ( first mistake). I get out and go to his side expecting him to be there but he’s not…..Then I here someone behind and me and before i know it im unconcious! so I wake up a couple hours later( iknow this becuase the sun was coming up at this point) without my car, clothes or wallet. so im thinking great. i look around and see im on some farmland wearing the giys clothes. SO i start walking in no particular direction and eventually come across a settlement.

I explain to them my situation and they tell me that the nearest main road is at least a good half a days walk from where I am and they dont get many cars coming through this part but they heard one last night ( which might be our thief). I start walking in the direction they point me in and after what felt like forever i come acroos a road, so I pitch up and start waiting, ( now i know most of you are thinking why not call someone, i had no phone with me and I dont have the best memory so I didnt know any numbers that would come in handy). after a couple of hours a car stops and lets me hitch I let him know the situaion and he says we’re in the complete opposite direction of my intended destination but he’s willing to drop me close enough to walk the rest of the way to which I thought great!

its takes a good two days to get there and he drops me off and i say my goodbyes to my driver, I take down his number so i can repay him later on. At this point im starting to recoginise my surroundings, I walk for a few miles and as im getting closer to my aunties i can here a lots of singing and what appears to be a large crowd which i though was strange. Im about 100 feet from the house and i see my Son which again i thought was strange because he was meant to be in school at this time, but instead of running to me and hugging me as he normally does…he runs away screaming to my complete bewilderment. I get to the the gate and all of a sudden the large crowd alerted by my sons scream has stopped singing and is stood silent. my wife appears and starts to run towards me hugging and kissing me like Ive been gone for months. My auntie appears and immediately faints when she sees me.

I still have no clue whats going on at this point and im exhausted, so we rush to get my auntie inside and I see my picture ontop of a large box that resembles a coffin sitting in the living room….

So it turns out that the guy who robbed me and made off with my car my wallet and all my clothes was in a car crash so bad that they couldnt identify the body and because the only things they could use to identify him was my wallet, they assumed it was me that had died in the crash. since there was no body of sorts they could arrange the funeral preety quickly and that is what I had stumbled upon. My son still has nightmares to this day and and my wife has told me never to pick up a hitch hiker ever again.

TL;DR Got carjacked, robber died and family thought it was me, they arrange my funeral and I somehow manage to stumble upon my own funeral.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

What can I say then

Ok, lemme preface this. I am a supervisor at a credit card call center. Basically I take calls from regular reps whose callers ask for a supervisor, nothing too hard. Alright so, this rep transfers to me; I answer
Me: “Hi, my name is _____, I am a supervisor here at [insert na-]”
Literally, I was speaking normal, sup calls don’t hurt my calls per hour I can take 2 hrs talking to this bitch and I’ll be fine. She didn’t even let me finish saying my shit.
Ch: “what’s your name you didn’t say it”
Me: ___
Ch: “what”
Me: ___, (and it’s 3 letters so I spelled it out)
Ch: I don’t like you spelling it out I’m not stupid.
Me: ~ok~ “how May i assist you ma’am”
Honestly, it’s habit. I don’t call them by their first/last name bc people don’t like that. Sir/ma’am are my words, so I apologize right.
Me: “I’m sorry, so how may I help?”
Ch: “well my payment is 30.77$, I need to know why it’s an even number, I need odd numbers because that’s what goes well with my check, and my due date isn’t working for me.”
Me: “ok so-“ (I’m about to rephrase what she says bc I’ve learn people like that bc it shows I listened right, but I just say it so I remember everything and do it in a way it’ll fit the acct.
Me: “It’s not that I don’t care, I just have to make sure I caught everything you said. First, your pymt is 30$ or 7% of your balance, whichever is greater. It’s 30.77$ because you’re over by 77 cents, if the even numbers aren’t working you can always round it to an odd number of your choosing, and in regards to your due da-“.
Keep in mind she’s had this acct since 2015.
Me: “Well, when you applied the teems&conditions stated your pymts would be 30$/7% of your Bal, whichever is greater. Now, we can’t tel-“
Me: “alright and I get that, I am trying to help but you keep saying you don’t like what I am telling you. I have to tell you what we can/can’t do, I can’t just ignore what you said and tell you something else. Now, you can pay 31$ that’s not issue. You’re just paying a bit more than the minimum that’s fine. In regards to your due date, (it’s currently on the 5th of each month) what date would you like?”
Ch: “the 1st or 15th.”
Here’s where I got frustrated, she’s due on the 5th, and she usually pays on the 3rd or 4th, so early. She’s requesting her due date 4 days earlier for whatever reason. I’m not in her life so whatever, she sounded hesitant when she said first, so I check the 15th.
Me: (keep in mind I can’t say “can’t” bc shell cut me off and we’ll get nowhere) “unfortunately we are unable to select the 15th as a due date, but the 14th or 16th work, do either of those work for you?”
Ch: “16th is fine.”
Me: “ok, before I select that I have to remind you, you can only change your due date once every twelve months, do you still wish to select the 16th of each month?”
Ch: “what day is the 16th next month (12-16-17)?”
Me: “saturday.”
Me: “we ca-, I mean we don’t choose certain daYS, for due daTES, we need a numberic daTE(#) that works for you. Not daYS (sun-mon).”
Me: “I’m not trying to, I’m trying to help, so what daTE works for you?”
Ch: “The 1st.”
Me: “ok so again, before I select that I have to remind you, you can only change your due date once every twelve months, do you still wish to select the 1st of each month?”
Me: “I’m sorry but we ca-, don’t choose daYS, we have daTE-“
Me: “I have to tell you what is available and what is not, I cannot please everything you’re wanting. I cannot lie to you and say we can do things we can’t, I’m very sorry you hate all I’m saying but I have to do my job of letting you know your options.”
Me: “I am TRYIN-“
Me: “so what daTE, are you looking for?”
Me: (I’m starting to get mad) “you gave me the 1st and 15th, I told you the 1st works and either 14th or 16th work. You keep saying you need a Thursday but we do not choose daYS. We choose daTES. You said the 16th and then said no and chose the 1st, I was about to confirm the 1st and you said no bc they fall on different daYS of the week each month. We don’t choose the daYS they fall on. Jus-“
Me: “Thats not my intention, what daTE works for you? That’s all I need.”
Basically my call was 26 mins long, of her telling me she hates everything that I said and ended up requesting another supervisor and just hung up on him bc he was a male.

Tl;dr: lady hates not getting her way.


Voltron Heist AU:

Keith was taken with his mother as a baby and grew up in The Blade. Meanwhile, Pidge never attended Galaxy Garrison and lived out in the desert picking up alien radio transmissions to get clues to find her family.
(created by @internetfeet )

here was my take on how this trio meet! it was really fun to write and draw, so i hope despite the AU i wrote their characters believably/properly

*i also want to note, bc i may not have made it clear and dont want to paint lance poorly: he was using his phone not to take a creep shot of a woman but bc (unlike in canon) they didnt have any sort of binoculars to zoom in, so he was using his phone’s camera feature. just of course, like canon, he was momentarily distracted.

anyways!! go talk to internetfeet about this au bc it’s really cool!!

BTS REACTION : their gf putting stuff in her bra, as if it was a pocket

request : BTS reaction when his GF but stuff in her bra bc she didnt have a pocket or lazy (i always do this bc im lazy so i put my phone or money in my bra)


You were in front of the dorm’s locked door. You reach for your keys, in your bra, in front of Seokjin.

“Wait ? What ?! That’s were you keep your keys ?? Isn’t it uncomfortable ?”


You feel your phone vibrate in your bra, someone is texting you. You take it out, in front of Yoongi.

“You seriously keep your phone in your bra ? What else do you have in there ?”


“hey, can you give me five bucks ? I’ll pay you back tomorrow” 

You take out a bill out of your bra

“Seriously ? You’re too lazy to carry a wallet around ?” he says, laughing


He would be kinda turned on when he saw you taking your phone out of your bra.

“Oh… Do you, by any chance, keep condoms in there too ?” he said while smirking


“Do you have a pocket for my phone ?” he asked

“No, but I can put it somewhere else” You say while gently grabbing your boobs

“Seriously ? That’s why you never carry a bag around… It must be convenient ” he says, laughing


You feel your phone vibrate, someone was calling you. You take your phone out of your bra

“doesn’t in hurt ?” he asks before you answer the call.

The whole time you were on your phone, he kept staring at your boobs, imagining what other stuff your were hiding in there.


The two of you were buying condoms at a condom distributor on the street. You receive a couple condoms, 3 or 4.

“Do you have a pocket ? I don’t and I’m too embarrassed to hold them in my hand” he says giggling

You take the wrapped condoms and put them in your bra

“Oh okay… I see” he adds, staring at your boobs

tom 2.0

the better version
john mulaney is a national treasure

so through very stressful but very fortunate chances, i got to see Oh Hello yesterday, which is john mulaney and nick kroll’s broadway show and I also got to meet mulaney at the stage door. the show was fucking incredible and i legitimately thought i was going to black out from lack of oxygen (nosebleed seats + literally nonstop gasping laughter + a 5 hour energy) but you can ask anyone who’s seen the show and they’ll tell you that. but anyway we’re waiting by the stage door and im shaking like a kid who’s about to meet their favorite comedian and has also chugged a 5 hour energy and is also cold because i am. and he comes out before nick kroll (who honestly i didnt even get a picture with because i was hype as shit for mulaney) and immediately starts taking pictures with people. and i notice that every person he walks up to he goes “Hi I’m John.” like. as if. we weren’t sure. (PRECIOUS) and im in like the second like layer of people up against the little barricade so im content with waiting because im still shaking like an idiot and would love to calm down so i dont say anything awkward because my mind has been drawing a blank on what to say to him all day. but the people in front of me say that my friends and i can talk to him first so im like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here we GO so he comes over like “Hi I’m John” and im gonna be honest I have really bad short term memory loss so I dont exactly remember what was said but I had him sign my playbill and i was like “sorry I have a giant clunky camera” (canon t3i) and he was like “thats okay do you know how to use it?” and i was like “yea you hit that little button there” and he’s like “okay” so he takes two 

and gives it back and then my friend asked him to sign his playbill and while mulaney did this i said for sOME REASON?? “I just have to tell you, I quote you like 2 times a day” because im DUMB and awkward. And quickly i was like “That’s probably weird to hear but like-” and he stops signing and looks at me and sincerely goes “That’s very nice.” and i was like !!!!!!!!! and I continued “You’ve kind of worked your way into my everyday speech” and he goes “So I Inceptioned you?” And I was like HAHHA YEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and then my friend gave him his phone to take pics with in case my camera pics didnt turn out. and john mulaney decided he should take about 10 pictures in 3 seconds while moving said phone closer to his own face

so then we walked away bc it was late and about halfway down the block i stopped and went “i didn’t even make actual contact with him like i didn’t touch him. i didn’t hug him” and my friends were like ‘do we need to go back?’ and i was like “no im not gonna be weird like that he probably wants to leave and we were literally just there and going back for a hug would be weird” so we kept walking and realized we were going the wrong way which caused us to walk back past the street the stage door was down, prompting me to go back and obviously get my hug because didnt want to regret that for my whole life??

so im waiting and the security guard looks at me like ? and he goes “whatchu need” and i was like “d.. does he do hugs?” and he was like “…what?” and i was like oh my gOD kill me and i said louder “does he do hugs?” and he just looks at me and quietly goes “of course” and so im like yelling inside and john walks back over and im like “i was wondering if you do hugs” and he was like what and the security guard said louder so that he could hear because im quiet and scared of everything “This young lady wants to know if you do hugs” and he was like “Of course! She had a nice camera” and i gave him a hug and hes sO tall man hes taller than you think he’s at least like 5′11. and he shook my friends’ hands and he told my other firend that he had a cool jacket and he was like “Thanks for coming” and I was like “Yeah, well thanks for” and trailed off because I didn’t know what to say other than like ‘existing’ but he didnt notice so it’s okay. and then my friends walked back and i practically bounced down the street behind them and i’ll never shut up about it ever i hugged john mulaney

i love him i love john mulaney

most told lies of the block b members
  • Zico: omg just saw ur text my phone was dead lol wyd
  • Kyung: ofc i did the laundry
  • P.O: i wasnt even THAT drunk
  • Taeil: no i didnt take the last bit of toilet paper
  • Ukwon: uhm wtf i didnt cry during marley and me ??
  • B-Bomb: haha yeah sure ill call you back i had a lot of fun too :)
  • Jaehyo: just one more ep

srfirefox  asked:

DJWifi, 27. "I'm Pregnant."

shoutout to @zoenightstars​ for the ending idea because it made this 10x better

Alya isn’t paying attention to him.

She’s been busy all day, frantically typing articles and talking to Marinette on the phone. She disappeared for an hour, but she came back with cookies from Dupain-Cheng bakery, so that had been worth it.

Usually, Nino wouldn’t mind. But he also usually has things to do.

Alya’s sitting at the table texting as she chews on a pen. She’s been working on this particular article for about a week and he knows she’s reaching The Point. The point where she screams. Once she gets that out, it’ll be fine and she’ll pump out the rest of the article in about an hour. But if the look of concentration on her face says anything, it’ll be hours before she reaches that level of frustration.

Nino leans his head back to stare at the ceiling. Yup. He’s bored. He rolls his his head to the side, eyes landing on the throw pillow next to him.

He is a married man with a solid job and actually pays his rent on time. He also has the maturity of a twelve year old.

Well, Alya didn’t marry him because he was mature.

Nino smirks and grabs the pillow. “Hey, babe,” he says.

Alya looks up in surprise, dropping the pen. “Huh?”

“I have to tell you something.” He’s overplaying it as much as he can, trying to keep a straight face.

She gives him a confused look. “What is it?”

Nino stands up, turning to fully face her. “I’m pregnant.”

Alya’s gaze drops to the pillow stuffed up his shirt. She blinks twice before bursting out laughing, grabbing her phone to snap a picture.

Nino strikes his best ‘we’re having a baby!’ pose. Adrien would be proud.

Alya puts her phone down with a snort. She picks up her pen and twirls it. “Same.”

Nino laughs. “Pff, yeah I— waIT WHAT?!

Fuck coworkers, dude.

So i work at a Daker’s Belight where the staff is divided into seniors and juniors: juniors are underpaid high school students who do all the cleaning and weekend shifts and the seniors are either uni students who used to be juniors or old ladies who can’t or don’t need to get anything better and they usually work during the week. Every closing shift a senior and a junior do together, the junior cleans while the senior counts the money and checks that its all there.

Now im a junior and usually im put together with one of the uni students who’s super cool and im actually friends with, but shes gone on a 2 week vacation and in her place I’ve got Demon Lady.

I think this lady is salty about everything in her life (she does have grandchildren and is still working retail so idk maybe) because she’s always pissed off, telling customers off for no reason and getting mad at me for literally anything. She yelled at me for counting rolls by how many packs there were instead of individually and the next close I did with her she yelled at me for counting them individually instead of in packs. Today, she got annoyed that I didn’t have the specific apron for a promotion and had worn my normal one and not having my badge, before 2 minutes later finding she’d taken my apron home last night, along with my name badge, as well as her own. She got mad at me for not having something she’d accidentally taken from me.

The other day was Grand Final Day (the AFL grand final is a national holiday in australia, lmao) and nobody was buying bread because they were watching the game, and I had a close with her. She made me clean racks the bakers use to prove bread that hadn’t been cleaned in a year, and for half of it she was just sitting there on her phone texting one of our coworkers, and the othet half she vaguely wiped down the shit me and one of the other juniors had already cleaned to make sure it was “perfect” rather than helping me clean like 8 2m tall racks covered in a years worth of grime and dirt and grease. I should probably clarify shes fine with physical stuff, shes the same age as my mother, and I’ve seen her do physically hard stuff like that before. She’s capable, she just didnt want to.

She also loves to fucking chat. She always takes 30m into her shift to start actually working, either because she’s talking to the person who’s trying to fucking leave and holding them back for 30m after their shift is over, or because she leaves the bakery (shes not allowed to do that btw- she fired someone else for doing it on their break!) to go get a coffee from next door and leaves me to do everything. Once she yelled at me for speaking to my friend for legit 5m when nobody was there, and yet she has 15m conversations when there’s a queue of 6 people that I’ve got to deal with and thats fine?

And she’s fucking homophobic, transphobic and racist, too. The amount of fucking comments she likes to make about “those people” and “these days”. Im a bi trans guy, but because im closeted at work and i dont want to start a fight i cant say shit about it.

Ugh. Fuck coworkers.

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I was in the restroom once and while i was in there i was fixing my hair and shit and this guy walked in on his phone and didnt know he was in the wrong restroom till he put his phone in his back pocket and was about to whip his dick out to take a piss. It was honestly something from a movie cuz he fucking froze and looked dead at me and I laughed and said "wrong restroom man" and he ran out screaming "WHY DIDNT YOU SAY ANYTHING"

I could picture such a clear expression of shock

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U should post more selfies tbh 😍🖤

sorry i didnt take good selfies recently, my life is a completly messy, i dont have time sometimes to hold my phone but i have a good one for yall

break up | archie andrews (riverdale)

Originally posted by alinok

request: can i request an archie imagine where the reader and him had a fight and break up. it being really angsty and avoiding each other. but one day she went to investigate something with betty and jug she got hurt and he sees it? just fluff please!!! thank youuu❤️

it had been days since you left the house after what had happened with archie. you were heart broken with the latest events including the break up.

betty & veronica had constantly been visiting bringing you over food and movies trying to cheer you up and get your mind off of things but it you just couldn’t, there was no use.

how could you possibly forget that your boyfriend of almost a year had let himself be seduced by the blossoms and allowed cheryl to kiss him. the thought made you feel sick inside

and it was worse because he didn’t even have the guts to tell me, you heard it from the mouth of the devil herself. and boy did she love to see you crack and squirm, placing doubt in both of our minds enough to make the red headed boy i love leave you

there’s soft knocks on your door causing you to sigh sniffling, “come in” you croak shifting in your bed to face the door as it opens to reveal two of your closet friends jughead and betty

“hey stranger” you smile sadly to the beanie wearing brunette standing next to your blonde best friend.

he sits himself on the edge of your bed extending his hand to your shoulder giving it a comforting and reassuring squeeze “im sorry i didn’t come sooner”

you quickly place your hand over his i knew exactly why he didn’t come, he was currently living in the andrews residence so it almost seems reasonable that he didn’t want to offend or anger his new roommates and his re kindled relationship with the red headed jock and his father

“it’s seriously fine jug- i understand” you smile sadly at your best friends, concern visible on their faces

“we’ve got a job for you” you wipe the tears from your cheeks and sit up slightly “you up for it?” “yeah okay”

they smile triumphantly at each other and before reaching over and pulling you out of your cozy bed “change and meet us outside” you nod flopping back down on your bed watching them as they scurry out of your room

you finally get the courage to leave your bed changing and pulling a brush through your knotted hair for the first time in days applying makeup to cover the evident dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep

after you finish changing you grab a random sweater off your freshly made bed and throw it on only noticing half way down the stairs that it was intact archies; he leant it to you one night at pops when it was cold and he didn’t want you to freeze.

well that’s what he liked to tell you why he did it, you still believe to this day that he only did it to shut your whining as you rubbed your arms rapidly comparing on how it was so cold

you tug at the sleeves, it smelled of him. the warmth swallowing you up. trudging outside you spot the couple standing beside your car “so what’s the plan?”

the blonde glances to her boyfriend before speaking “jug and i are going to explore a new lead, you need to go to pops and find veronica she’ll catch you up to speed” you nod fiddling with your keys

“pops, v? got it” betty gives me a tight squeeze “be safe, ill see you later” you nod turning slightly as jughead gives wraps you up in a small hug “bye”

you watch as they join hands and walk toward the direction of the cooper household, heart eyes evident. you feel the tears stream down your face as the sight trigger your memories of they way archie used to give you that same look exactly like that.

you get in the car and drive over to pop’s, sliding out and walking briskly into the empty diner, spotting the raven haired girl sitting with him. you find your breathe hitches, lodging in your throat

swallowing the lump in your throat, you force your feet to propel yourself forward to the occupied booth “V” the raven hair girl looks up slightly surprised at your presence.

she jumps out of the booth and throws her arms around you pulling your body into her warm embrace “god it’s good to see you out of bed- and in normal clothes- and your hairs brushed oh im so proud”

she hugs you again it was tighter then before, glancing over her shoulder making eye contact with the boy who broke my heart, he looks worried sick

she pulls you back at arms length and glancing at you concern washing over her face “(y/n) i thought you were getting more sleep?” you shake my head moving away slightly from your friend.

“look can you just fill me in?” she glances back at our friend then to me “yous should talk” she begins backing away from the booth

panic setting in for the both of you

you shake your head furiously “no no i-i-i ccan’t-t” you stutter edging yourself further and further away from the booth before breaking into a sprint racing toward the diner door and out to your parked car.

tears begin to cloud your vision as you drive off toward betty’s house, hoping that the two hadn’t left for their sleuth session yet

you were an absolute mess tears pouring from your eyes blurring your vision so much that you didn’t seem to even notice the car speeding through a red light and just like that your vision turned black.

archie’s pov

i cuss under my breathe as i watch my girlfriend, ex-girlfriend rush out of pops like she was on fire. i hate that i did that to her.

“archie you can’t keep avoiding each other you need to talk to her” i shake my head “cause your idea worked so well didnt it” i yell 

“god i should’ve never listened to you three- she doesnt want anything to do with me thats why she just ran out!”

i pull on my hair as we sit in the booth in silence, tears begin to well in my eyes and it takes all of me to swallow my pride standing from the booth and slipping on my jacket

“where are you going?” veronica stands grabbing onto my arm “i need to make this right”

i grab my phone and dial her number holding it against my ear waiting for her response only for her to not pick up, i try again the sound of sirens faintly ringing in my ears

the two of us share a glance before looking out the window as the sirens grow louder and louder until finally they pass the diner, two ambulances and a police cruiser

my stomach dropped her name falling from my mouth before i rush out of the diner veronica hot on my hells “arch get in my car ill drive!” she yells but i ignore her pushing myself to run as fast as my legs will carry me

i chase after the emergency services as they pull up a head to what looked like a car accident, a soon as i see the familiar car i scream out her name veronica zooming past me and fleeing the car.

i rush over to the paramedics as they pull (y/n) from the car her cheeks still dripping wet with tears “no- no no NO” i yell not bothering about the tears that are streaming down my cheeks.

she was covered in blood, her arm looked broken and her lip split my heart shattering as i stare at the fragile girl that was my entire world

“son you need to step back” the paramedic told me trying to wheel the gurney up into the rig “no im going with her” i insist trying to push past “please” the shake their head loads her in

“archie?!” i turn to see sheriff keller jogging to me “what’s wrong?”

i point to the ambulance “it’s (y/n) she was in a accident i have to go with her” i beg to the sheriff and he nods walking over to the guys and whispering something with them before the allow me to climb up

i lace my hand with hers as i giving her a squeeze my other hair tangling through her hair trying to soothe her.

“c’mon (y/n) you can do this baby keep fighting" i mutter tears still running down my cheeks.

i clutch her hand tightly as the monitors start to beep the crew shouting a bunch of words to each other before they push me back in my seat forcing our hands to pull apart

“what’s happening?!” i shout panic dripping from my words.

“we need you to give us space kid” i nod sitting back in my seat clutching my hands together hoping that she wouldn’t die not today

and thats when she flatlined.

i shift in the uncomfortable hospital chairs still clutching my girlfriends hand when i feel a slight squeeze.

i jolt up blinking the sleep out of my eyes “(y/n)” i choke my voice raw from all the crying and begs for help.

she stirs moving slightly in the bed her head titling toward me “a-arch” she whispers her lips are cracked her eyes wet from tears.

tears overwhelm me as i stand pecking her head “god i thought i was going to loose you” she smiles bringing both hands up to my cheeks “im sorry” she mutters to me

i shake my head frantically my cheeks growing wet “no im so, im sorry for everything i did to hurt you i didn’t want to hurt you (y/n) i just want you back”

i move her oxygen mask from her mouth and lean down connecting our lips together in a sweet embrace before pulling back and placing her mask back

“will you take me back?” i ask eyes begging for her to say yes

“of course archie, i love you”

“god i love you too (y/n)”

she giggles and it cures my heartache i smile up at my beautiful girlfriend as she scoots over in her bed patting the spot next to her “c'mere” she mumbles.

i move from my seat kicking off my shoes and cuddling into the fragile girl as she rests her head on my chest tracing circles into the fabric

and in that moment you knew, you never know what you have until it’s almost taken from you

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Dive Part 3

Photo creds to @levitann on tumblr


Jungkook x reader

Warnings: Smut, strong language,

Subject: Smut, Angst

Words: 2243

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Anonymous said to :

I would like to make a request and I wish you can make it a series. BTS- Jungkook. Smut- it doesn’t matter, anything does it. Angst- 3 (he uses you but you catch feelings and because of it you don’t seem to notice he’s using you, until one day.) sorry if that doesn’t makes sense. AU- 2,5 and you can make something on your own too. I JUST REALLY LOVE ANGST, SO PLEASE MAKE PURE ANGST OUT OF IT, I AM FEELING SAD THESE DAYS, I LIKE TO CRY! 😊😊😙😙😍

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Ice Cream and Cuddles

Pairing: JJK & Reader (y/n)

Genre: Fluff



A/N: I didnt really know what to write but I wanted something fluffy so here we go fam. also this is my first one so lmaooo its probably really bad but here we go.

You sighed as you closed the door to your apartment. It wasn’t a rough day just a slow one and all you wanted right now was to take a shower and sleep. But there was just one thing missing from your night. Your boyfriend Jungkook. You picked up your phone and texted him. 

<hey are you busy right now?>

 <no just got finished with practice why?>

 <can you come over I miss you>

 <already on my way :)>

You sighed in happiness and decided to take a quick shower.  One you got out and got dressed you heard a knock on the door.  You opened it and saw your boyfriend standing there with a bag in hand and a smile on his face. “what’s in the bag?” you asked. “ice cream because I wanted some and I know you want some too.” He said smiling. He pulled you in for a quick kiss and once you separated he went straight to the kitchen for two spoons.  You sat on the couch and waited for him to come back. Once he came back you took one of the pints from him and started eating. You both sat and talked about your days while eating. When you were both done Jungkook laid back and opened his arms. “jagi~ come here~” you laughed and laid on him. He closed you in his arms he kissed your head. “I love you a lot you know that?” you said. He hummed in response and said “I know (Y/N)I love you too but you know what else I love?” “what would that be?” you said looking up at him. “kissing you” he said as he sat up and started placing fast pecks all over you face until he stopped at your lips giving you a slow and passionate kiss. You smiled into it and held his face with both of your hands as his rested on your waist. You laid back down and turned on the tv. After you started to watch some tv show you couldn’t care less about your eyes started to get heavy and you fell asleep on him. He picked you up and carried you to your bed. You woke up after he placed you down and you looked at him hoping he’d never leave. “you better not be leaving Jeon” you said reaching your arm out for him. “wouldn’t dream of it (Y/L/N)” he said as he slid under the covers with you. And with that you both fell asleep to the sound of each other’s slow breathing.


Some angry middle-aged guy called in the middle of the dinner rush and screamed at me, a teenage girl, for a solid five minutes because WE DIDNT PUT DRESSING IN WITH HIS SALAD. I asked him to hold and passed the phone along to my boss so I could take care of customers up front. A few minutes later, I hear yelling in the kitchen. My boss got totally fed up with this guy and yelled “WE’LL BRING YOU YOUR F—ING DRESSING” before slamming down the phone. 5 minutes later- the phone rings again. We can tell by caller id that it’s the same guy, my boss has cooled down a little, so he answers the phone to apologize, and the guy immediately starts screaming again- calling my boss every name in the book and yelling something about writing a bad review. This triggered my boss again and he started yelling. Long story short, the guy kept calling back over and over until after the fourth time my boss just unplugged the phone

anonymous asked:

i wasnt around for ot12, and i wanna know more about luhan so i figured why not come to you, LuhanStan69, for information????

ok well first of all, the name luhanstan69 is…. .…. .. .  . horrific and i want it tattooed on my ass .. .. . and second of all …. i was also not around for ot12….. but i can still show u the world (im so sorry just…….click on the bold links,,,,i didnt mean for this 2 happen)

ok so : my man… first name han last name lu and it means dawn deer and he really fucking looks like a deer?? his eyes are so big and sparkly and his features are really delicate and soft but don’t be fooled he really takes no prisoners and will fight literally anyone (here is him yelling at a saesang driver who was recklessly driving, like he really doesn’t take any shit one time at the airport he showed the fancameras that a saesang was calling his phone also the song Roleplay exists in which he basically tells his saesang fans that he will Fuck Them Up if they keep trying him,,,…,.,. a legend if u will) he was born april 20, 1990 and technically he’s a taurus by some calendars and aries by others but he said fuck it im an aries and whatever he says is law so he’s an aries. 

mmmm he’s an extremely talented vocalist and dancer (he was main vocal for m and their lead dancer also the visual). im not sure how familiar you are with exo m but I will recommend moonlight and what is love as songs that really show off luhan’s vocals from his exo era. as far as dance goes this is a classic mmm also his solo from the lost planet for the star is a treasure that must be preserved tbh. um anyways ya luhan was the bomb in exo m but he’s also the bomb solo!! his last exo concert was the 140921 tlp in beijing and he left exo in october of 2014 due to lack of support for luhan’s career and obvious health issues (if u watch fancams from his last stage u can see his face is swollen on one side and pictures of his eye being fucked up and he was having really bad chronic headaches i think i dont remember exactly also he fell down during let out the beast and is clearly in pain sorry im not trying 2 write a defend luhan leaving piece but this info isn’t really circulated now so it’s easy to write off him leaving as for just money or whatever)

and then luhan took a break!! he recovered his health in his home beijing and came back with : That Good Good say what u will abt the song either it’s ur style or not idc but the choreo is nice and his face is….stellar.. from there luhan worked toward releasing his album Reloaded which sold like hotcakes :( my baby :( The Star™️ and he started to truly become The Star™️ once he became a member of Running Man China (now titled Keep Running due to S Korean/Chinese political issues) and began to take on movies like The Witness (he also did the ost for the witness titled Medals which blew tf up and was used for the Rio 2016 Olympics) and Time Raiders. he then held his first !! solo !! concert !! in early 2016 aka the Reloaded series ft. three absolutely beautiful hair colors: mint/blue/green pink purple and some ridiculous wardrobe changes and he kicked ass :( and his fame in china rly skyrocketed like this man….endorses the entire planet (off the top of my head he is/was the spokesperson/endorser for: kfc, crest, lenovo, some bike company thing, puma, cartier, coke, sony, gap, lancome, l’occitane en provence, canon, kung fu panda, star wars (he got his own star wars song like exo has lightsaber but lu got the inner force….iconic), ummmmm what else idk i can’t remember anymore oh wait ADIDAS he literally was just announced for adidas today….an icon mayhaps?) anyways ya hims the Shit in china and he’s like the king of weibo?? like he holds a guinness world record for weibo….amazing

ok moving on to my :( favorite part …. when he put out catch me when i fall in oct 2016. This is it. This is That Song tbh. This is when he became the King of Aesthetics and Music. The MV is beautiful and so are the lyrics (i really encourage you to read the lyrics for the song bc they really show a lot about luhan and i fell absolutely undeniably in love with him when i read them). And from there he litralee cannot be stopped im not gonna make u read my opinion on all of them but his absolute best releases since then (keep in mind im talking abt in the like 7 months….he has put out so many songs AND mv’s for all of them plus teasers it’s really insane) are skin to skin , what if i said , and on call . truly … the mf king of aesthetics. i expect his next full album will come out probably around july/august…he’s really been building up to it with his mini albums so it will probably be more or less a repackage of all of those minis but ya !! keep ur eyes peeled!!

beyond his performance stuff he’s really the most passionate, dedicated, hardworking, and talented guy. He works so hard like it is astounding. He is so incredibly inspirational and i really just think he’s a good person and frankly i would trust him with my life. He really cares for his lufans and wants them to be safe and happy even international lufans like he puts english subtitles on all of his mv’s and now his bts videos also have eng subs like…..he doesn’t have to and yet? he’s there….doing it all. he also has fan events for his bday like one year he had a soccer event on his bday and made it livestreamed so that fans at home could watch too  :( he’s just v thoughtful :(

TL;DR: luhan is the sweetest boy on the planet and he just wants to make aesthetic bops and play w cats and live his life happily and freely. he is the most precious thing to me and he deserves all the love in the world. also he is a human meme and Lu is his magnum opus if u want to see more of lu i highly recommend Running Man (this is his first ep, and these two are my favorites) and episodes 2, 5, and 9 of exo showtime are my favorite lu episodes. u can catch him in the movie The Great Wall w matt damon and a bunch of v famous chinese actors and singers lmfao i just got it from redbox the other day lu is so cute um also he’s in a cdrama rn called Fighter of the Destiny which is all eng subbed on youtube the cgi is like ridiculously cheesy kinda power rangers feel but his face and sweet acting…..it’s enough 4 me….anything luhan does is enough 4 me