but i didnt know it what to do

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I’m confused, I read some theory about how every song is going to be satirical and like I didn’t see much satire in Gorgeous? But that’s just me?

it isnt satirical at all ???? i feel like the overanalysis here is getting a little too much or something. since when do we start thinking that taylor doesnt write lyrics about things she actually feels?  

i think its clear taylor wrote this song from an authentic place? …. i dont see any satire. anywhere? : she met him… thought joe was gorgeous…she was tongue tied…she can talk to anyone and everyone in the room but him bc she was so attracted to him she couldnt form words….the only way she could talk to him was with a little alcohol in her system…and even then she couldnt ‘talk’ to him….his eyes melted her….she was frustrated she felt so much for him bc she couldnt do anything about it…she hates not being able to have something she wants (dont we all) … if he’s taken then it isnt so bad even tho she’d be jealous of that girl … but if he’s single thats even worse cause then she still can’t have him …. she can even explain how gorgeous he is - she’s like just look at him, look at his face… a chance touch of her hand set her on fire….drove her mad… meanwhile she was pissed her bf was off doing who knows what…and shes acknowledging that rs was not right ….and she ended up home alone with her cats instead of w her bf wtf…and maybe she did wish she could bring joe home..but she didnt…that doesnt mean that thought doesnt cross her mind in a what if scenario…. i see no satire, no throwing people off, no writing this from a ‘im a cheater’ perspective.

 i do not think she is making shit up based on some non existent personality, she is not writing this ‘from the place of a rumor’… she’s not writing this song to ‘throw’ people off on their actual story. she’s actually being brutally honest!

i find that satire takeaway from this song totally off track (no pun intended)

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I would wonder too like what was my bf doing while he didn't accompany me to the Met Gala, Grammys (actual show), BMI Awards and what else was at the club other than work.

i know, right? like something else must have been drawing his attention since he didnt seem to wanna be with me

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"who knows what" line sort of confuses me. Like, CH always flew right home after his gigs and didnt fly to the club he works at until right before. Is she just saying he was working all the time?

uhhhh i think she’s indicating she does not know what he is doing in the club. which is … not coming from a place of trust that he is there just working. 

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I think i'm asking a little early, I forgot the date but I just wanted to know if your surgery went well? I figure you'll make a post about it but I just wanted to know if you're doing okay. Anyways if this is pre-op good luck and if it's post op I hope things went well. much love I hope you get back to full health soon!!!

Tomorrow will be a week exactly since I went into surgery. The surgery finished almost an hour early, roughly 4 hours total. I lost almost a litre of blood but I didn’t need any blood transfusions, thank God. The tumor was also bigger than I thought it was, a bit bigger than my actual kidney. 

The first day was very rough; they tried to make me walk and I blacked out and threw up. The second day I was unable to urinate on my own for 6+ hours so I was stuck on a catheter for 2 days. Luckily by Sunday I was able to go on my own. They allowed me to go home on Sunday afternoon, but after removing my drainage tube from my side I got a fever that night of 101.5 degrees and couldn’t move/breathe well. There was fluid in my lungs too, but I think I fended off pneumonia for the most part by practicing the spiromiter thing. I was told to call the hospital if I had a fever or anything but I chose to sleep and drink water instead. My fever went away a couple days ago.

I can’t sleep long hours and still am in constant pain. My parents bought me a walker to walk to the bathroom when I need to, and I went to the hospital today to see my surgeon. He is giving me more pain meds and muscle relaxers to help me sleep at night. Luckily he told me the tumor was tested and wasn’t cancerous, though since I’m so young there’s a chance I’ll develop one on my liver or my kidney again in my lifetime. For now I’m not going to worry about it.

Thank you guys for all the prayers and kind thoughts. They helped a lot while I was in the hospital, and still help as I’m continuing to recover. Hopefully in a week I can move and get up by myself. For now I’m playing it by ear.