but i didn't want to pay $20 for it

✨25 Sentence Prompts✨
  • 1: "I think I owe you an apology"
  • 2: "I'll take care of it"
  • 3: "You're all I've got"
  • 4: "Who did that to you?"
  • 5: "Can I sit here?"
  • 6: "Come on, you need a break"
  • 7: "What is all that shouting about?"
  • 8: "You don't look so good"
  • 9: "I'm not from around here"
  • 10: "There's no way you're getting me in /that/"
  • 11: "Have you seen - /oh/"
  • 12: "This is why no one wants to hang out with us"
  • 13: "Please hide me"
  • 14: "I'll pay you for it"
  • 15: "I didn't expect you to say yes"
  • 16: "I could kiss you or I could kill you"
  • 17: "When you asked me out, this is not what I had in mind"
  • 18: "My parents are visiting - right now"
  • 19: "Did you do that for me?"
  • 20: "That's a weird way to say "I love you""
  • 21: "Don't worry, I'm right here, and I'm not leaving"
  • 22: "I think this person is following me, please walk me home"
  • 23: "I don't need your attitude"
  • 24: "When did you get so ____?"
  • 25: "It just sort of happened"

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We've been open less than 20 minutes and a lady wants to pay using $100 bills. Like okay, we have no change for you?? Like you can't get $100s out of ATMs here, only $20s. So you didn't get it from an ATM. You got it from the teller at the bank, you asked for $100s. Why. We've been open 17 minutes. We are a retail store with a $200 float. We don't have the capability to take this. I had to change it from the safe, it was all $10s & $5s because we don't deal with $100s. Omg, why??????

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I had a 57% in math my junior year. On the last day, I asked the teacher to help me do enough homework to change my grade to passing. After about 20 minutes of working with my stupid ass, he said he wanted a soda. I told him I'd buy him one if he passed me, and he agreed. I went to my locker "to get money" but I didn't actually have a dollar. Instead I went to another teacher and said "Mr __ wants to borrow a dollar, he'll pay you back!" She loaned me the dollar and I passed math.

ohly fuck

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Hi I was wondering how do you get photoshop?or which do you get to draw, i want to get it but don't know how I've tried searching it up but didn't find anything useful.Sorry if I'm bothering you, if I am you don't need to answer,have a great day

Hi photoshop-anon, I’ll try to explain what I know, I hope this helps! :) And don’t worry, you’re not alone with this problem, they’re not making it easy on us.

I use Photoshop CC. This is the newest version and is the first one to be available as subscription only. As a student I use a special subscription offer and pay 20 dollar a month for the whole Adobe Creative Suite, so I can use all of the Adobe software (this includes video editing software and many more). The normal pricing is either 20 dollar for a single adobe app or 50 dollar a month for all apps. You may get those subscriptions here.

Most people highly dislike this new subscription-based system. Luckily, you absolutely do not need to use the newest version. The latest versions before CC are Photoshop CS6 and CS6 extended. They aren’t sold by Adobe anymore which is again, a pain in the ass. But. You can still buy them on ebay, amazon and similar marketplaces by third-party suppliers for around 40 to 150 dollars. And you can use it forever. If you do not know about the specific differences between CS6 and CC, you probably won’t even notice and yes, you might never even need the new features. So don’t worry about getting the latest version.

Next, if you’re a starter, you don’t even need to purchase any software at all. Photoshop CS2 is free for example and offers all same tools which you’ll need as a starter. Adobe started offering it for free since it’s been published 10 years ago, but really, the basics never changed. If you want to draw lines on a canvas and do some basic color editing, this is the software to go to. Get it here.

And lastly, just because I want to mention this. You don’t even need to use Photoshop at all. Many hobbyist artists love to use Paint Tool SAI and I used it myself for probably around 6 years before switching to Photoshop. It’s not as much of a hassle to buy as Photoshop is nowadays, it’s way cheaper (around 45 dollar) and it will fill you with joy and happiness. It is reduced to the basic tools you’ll need for drawing, since it is not a photo editing software like photoshop is, but it has strong points that photoshop doesn’t. It offers line smoothing when drawing with a tablet and its color blending algorithm is vastly different from photoshop’s standard one. It’s more similar to blending traditional art mediums, mixing actual color. Which. Makes me feel butterflies in my stomach. Purchase it here.

So find whatever suits you the best! :) I hope I could help a little, feel free to ask me if there’s any more you want to know. Have a great day too (’7 ’ )/~

The Signs as Shit Neil Josten Has Probably Said
  • Aries: I may have two broken legs and a dislocated shoulder, but I can still take you!
  • Taurus: I've had the same three types of protein shakes as dinner for the past year, I'm not about to change it now Matt! I don't care if it's blueberry flavored!
  • Gemini: You will not believe the shit I see on my runs. Apparently no one is aware that public spaces are public.
  • Cancer: Healthy sleeping habits are for the weak. Now pass me the ball.
  • Leo: Only one will survive tonight. (Allison: Just pick a cake, Neil!)
  • Virgo: Jack, we did not get from the last place to first in one year by practicing less than 36 hours per day.
  • Libra: I'm sorry that I punched him in the left eye. I will get on to punching his right in just a second.
  • Scorpio: So Aaron opened my secret box with my favorite cupcake flavors. How dare he! (Dan: Why was that a secret?) Why wouldn't it be?
  • Sagittarius: I'm guessing Nicky didn't want my collection of fake passports for his birthday.
  • Capricorn: What do you mean I'm dependent on Andrew to function in a normal life? He only pays my bills, buys me phones, provides me with Wi-Fi...oh I see what you're saying.
  • Aquarius: I will paint my entire house orange if I want. Viva les Foxes!
  • Pisces: Of course I won't judge you. It's not your fault that you're blind with 20/20 vision and can't see the goal.

Gangsters in Pop Culture - Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel

  • “The Godfather” (1972) / Moe Greene- Alex Rocco
  • “Bugsy” (1991) / Bugsy Siegel- Warren Beatty
  • “Mobsters” (1991) / Bugsy Siegel- Richard Grieco
  • “Fallout: New Vegas” (2010) / Benny- Matthew Perry
  • “Mob City” (2014) / Ben Siegel- Edward Burns
  • “Boardwalk Empire” (2010-2014) / Benny Siegel- Michael Zegen

Born February 28, 1906, Benjamin Siegel began life in the poor Lower East Side on Manhattan. Sometime in his early childhood, he joined up with friends and fellow mobsters, Meyer Lansky, Charlie Luciano, and Frank Costello to help establish the Syndicate mob of New York City. In his 20′s, he along with Red Levine, Lepke Buchalter, and Albert Anastasia founded Murder Inc, the infamous contract-killer gang operating all over the nation as the Syndicate grew. After establishing his own presence in Los Angeles in the 1930s, Siegel began his dream of building up the emerging gambling city of Las Vegas, Nevada with the construction of the first luxury resort and casino on the Strip, the Pink Flamingo. He was murdered June 20, 1947 in Beverly Hills after the mob could no longer wait for him to pay back his debts for the Flamingo’s construction.

The Baltics Ice Skating With Their S/O
  • Lithuania: Lithuania would be very nervous going ice skating with his significant other, because he fears that he would hurt you somehow. But his partner has his complete trust and if Lithuania does accidently hurt them they'd be fine. The two of them would hold hands and they skated with each other. Everyone so often they would look at eachother, and their eyes would say to each other "I love you"
  • Estonia: Estonia isn't the best ice skater, so he would try to make every excuse possible that he couldn't go. He just didn't want to embarrass himself in front of his significant other! But they would see right through Estonia's excuses, and they told him they'd pay him 20 bucks to go. And so they went, and Estonia fell multiple times, while his significant other stood there and laughed. Estonia got a little frustrated at them, but some kisses made him feel better.
  • Latvia: Latvia and his significant other would have a blast ice skating together. Latvia might even try to show off his skating abilities. His significant other would giggle and his talent, but then laugh as he slipped and fell coming back to greet them. While skating together, Latvia would try and teach his significant other some moves, but they would eventually end up failing and ending up on the ground. Oops...

minor update nobody probably cares about: I’m supposed to call 911 or go to the ER if my heartrate gets up to the point of making me dizzy and lasts for (I think) longer than 20 minutes.

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Can I just rant? I'm moving next week and I need to book van and my flatmate asked yesterday if we could hire one together and I was like yeah. So I used on last year so I want to use the same and it is like £35 for 1h and £70 for 2. And she goes "That is really expensive". Like honestly? She pays £20-30 for a meal out or for a manicure? And now she is talking about going on gum tree ( like one of those forum sites). I'm really tempted to just book it for myself.

I think, if this was my flatmate and I, knowing from experience we’d probably live on gumtree to get by 😂 But, honestly? Things are very, very expensive here in Norway so £35 for one hour sounds like nothing. It’s pretty fair to be honest. How long do you think you’ll be needing the van? If you have the money I’d just book the van. No reason going back and forth about it. I doubt you’ll get it much cheaper on gumtree, but maybe check the site with an open mind? If you can get it cheaper, it’s all the better, right? 

i’m going to attempt the impossible and try to make a kylo ren helmet from scrap eva foam in the week i have left of winter break before school takes over my life again

rip me

Jennifer, you've written about the pay gap between men and women, and you're taking a stance on issues. Has there been a backlash?
  • J.Lawrence: There's always a backlash in everything that you do, but it's not going to stop or change anything. And it's not only an issue in Hollywood. When you're asking about roles for men and women, men certainly have a longer shelf life. Men can play the sexy lead for 20 years longer than we can —
  • Brie Larson: But that's just because it's mostly dudes in charge.
  • Cate Blanchett: It's lazy thinking across all industries. We're at the pointy and probably the most public end, but in what industry do women receive equal pay for equal work? I can't think of any.
  • Lawrence: Across all fields, women are generally paid 21 percent less than men.
  • Helen Mirren: I love the way you wrote about it because you wrote about it very simply and personally. I so recognized that thing you said about, "I didn't want to be an asshole," you know? I want to be polite. We've got to stop being polite. If I ever had children, which I don't, the first thing I'd teach a girl of mine is the words "f— off."

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One time I had a couple of customers with their kids. The lady asked me if they could pay part of transaction in cash and the rest by debit. I tell her yes, she gives me a $20. After the transaction, she starts yelling at me because I didn't give her change. I tell her that's because she gave me a $20 and the rest was paid by debit. At this point her spouse starts yelling at me too because, apparently, I was supposed to read her mind and magically know she only wanted to pay $5 with that $20.

Oh you must have missed the line in the job description about mind reading

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Had this guy pay for a $119 bill with two $100 bills. I didn't have enough to break the second hundred so we had to stand around and wait for someone to break it for me, in the middle of a huge rush. I apologized for the wait and he said, nobody pays in cash anymore. Actually, you idiot, tons of people pay in cash. It's just that everybody thinks we're a fucking bank so they either clean me out of 20s with cashback or want their large bills broken, leaving me with nothing. 😒😒😒😒😒