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500+ followers, I never thought I would gain so many. I started this blog like 3 or 4 years ago, but I became active a couple of months ago. I’m really glad I have so many nice, sweet, pretty and awesome followers and mutuals. I haven’t spoken to many of you and I honestly want to get to know so many of you. 

Thank you for following my messy blog, I love you guys a lot and this is my first follow forever! It’s almost in order (at least I tried) and if I’ve forgotten anyone PLEASE TELL ME! 

Bold = I love your blog/you have a special place in my heart/I wanna be your friend

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highfiveyearolds  asked:

Oh the pearl past forms are awesome! Any chance you could post the other gems/ a link to their past reforms? Thanks!!!!

Sure! Do you mean the past reforms they cycle through when regenerating, because the only Gem besides Pearl to do that is Amethyst

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Day Bi Day: A Documented Study of the Bisexual (Rafael Barba x Reader)

A/N: I’m not off hiatus, but I’ve been sitting on this idea since maybe late-April/early-May, and Pride Month seemed like the best time to actually do it. So forgive me if it’s kinda crap, I’m not entirely back into my groove just yet. Also: There’s a reason documentaries are a visual medium: It’s because writing out one like a story is hard. But it helps to imagine the narration being done by Tilda Swinton or David Attenborough. Shoutout to @xemopeachx for looking forward to this and being my hype(wo)man and @mrsrafaelbarba – both of them let me pass things by them segment by craptastic segment! (Also, tagging @ohbelieveyoume because if they have to suffer through this monstrosity, then so do you. That being said, Happy Pride Month!!

New York City: Home to over 8,550,405 people, it is a melting pot featuring persons from varying walks of life. This port city has long served as a nesting ground for new ideas, and stomping ground for old-time culture treasured by the society of the present day. But in such a vast hub of differing ideals and backgrounds, it easily becomes a hotbed for practices unchecked. For in a city so grand and driven by the ambition to progress, some ideas can slip through the cracks. Or, better yet, slip right beneath our noses.

It is here that we introduce Rafael Barba.

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Almost There!

Added a link to the Masterlist in the description for convenience! Also this blog almost has 1000 angels (oops I meant followers my fingers slipped)??? It honestly means SO much since I’m… going through a lot lmao. Anyway!! On to the good stuff! I wanted to give something back, so I have a few ideas in mind. ^^ But please feel free to add any ideas you might have, and I’ll keep them in mind for the future! Thank you soooo much for everything!! You’re all so sweet and wonderful and you spoil me with your creative requests lolol. Take care of yourselves! ^^

Okay what the fuuuck… I’m creeped out. So for the first time in ages I thought I’d go through some of my followers to see who I should follow back. I came across a huugge block of followers that must be bots of some kind? Idk but it’s creeped me out!! At first I thought nothing of it but then I realised that ALL of these blogs were reblogging the exact same few posts (that you can see when you hover over their name and you see three posts in the drop down). They all had nonsensical urls but their avatars were of random people and their descriptions were philosophical or something idk… And the posts they all had were science related or spiritual. It was really WEIRD because it was just a huge chunk all in a row of these followers on my followers list… why is Tumblr like this.  

hello !! so I was tagged by @ckihyun to do the bias selfie tag and also tagged by @jisoonyoung to do the selfie tag so I’m just combining the two!^^ (thank you for tagging me !! ♡♡ + sorry I take like 10 years to do tags asdfghjkl :’))

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Us: Staff, can you please do something about art theft and actual predators on your site?

Staff: Ok so here’s our new Safe Mode in which you won’t be able to watch cat videos and you can’t even turn it off :)

Two bottles of wine.

[Two full bottles on the table.]

If this world was softer, what would you be?
You are beautiful and terrible
And in this soft world I see, you only have to be one of those things.
You can be beautiful and capable of being terrible,
Without ever needing to be.

[One half full bottle and one full bottle on the table.]

If this world was softer, what would I be?
It’s possible I was always destined to be a drunk cynic
And that I would find a fault in this soft world as well.
Or I could be capable of being more,
Maybe soft is something I can be.

[One empty bottle and one full bottle on the table.]

If this world was softer, what would we be?
I mean, what would we be?
Would you finally see me, when I am more than an alcoholic annoyance?
If I am capable of being more than a drunk cynic, I mean.
Would I still see you, when you have no reason to burn brightly?

[One empty bottle and one half empty bottle on the table.]

If this world was softer, what would you be?
It’s possible you were destined to be a radiant flame
And that you were always meant to burn up.
Or, maybe, you would never ignite.
What are you, when you are not angry?

[Two empty bottles on the table.]

If this world was softer, what would I be?
I have found a fault in this soft world.
It is a truly terrible thing: I cannot see you.
You are all I have ever believed in and in this soft world I cannot see you.
What am I, when you are not angry?

[One empty bottle on the table and one broken bottle on the floor.]

If this world was softer, what would we be?
I would be a drunk cynic, poorer than I am now because I cannot see you.
You would be beautiful and soft, but you will want to be angry.
I need you to be angry, because until you are
There will be no we.

I saw the Enjoltaire week prompts for Wednesday (soft) and Thursday (alternate universe) and this happened.
Les Misérables fanworks part 3/?

i’ve just seen so many posts about how ‘it’s time robert just talks to aaron about it’ and ‘why can’t he just accept it’s happening?’

this baby is a result of one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made, he hates himself for doing it. he can’t just say ‘oh yeah okay i’ll be a dad’ because aaron is the most important thing in his life. if he had cheated because he was bored of aaron, or wanted rebecca none of what he is doing would be okay. but how can people expect him to just be ready to be a father, when in reality he didn’t want/consent to actually having sex with the mother. both him and aaron are being backed into a corner here, just give him a break??

with every new chapter, it really seems like furudate is gonna give us a fukurodani vs karasuno match during nationals

..but it breaks my heart bc it’s basically a set up for karasuno to win anyways. the one match that i didn’t want to think about :’)))