but i didn't know which one to choose

What hurts in this clip (x) is that they all  laugh…Every. Single. One. 

Wlw relationships aren’t a joke, period. 

There’s no excuse for them to all erupt in laughter after Jeremy willing chooses to bring up SuperCorp, which is a relationship they know has a large fanbase. It’s a relationship that many lgbt people look to for hope and a bit of happiness. 

The SuperCorp fandom is amazing. So many talented, beautiful, funny, valid people. This was ugly, but you’re all still super. 

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Thank you so much. I really need some little group two stuff, especially some Mitsunari stuff ^^ You mentioned in one post that baby headcanons are your weakness so maybe I should ask for one. How does the Lord react if he came back from battle and discovered that MC is pregnant ~he didn't know it before he went into battle~ or already give birth to their child? ~I don't know which one you would like to write~

No need! The second group of lords are so preshy I WOULD LOVE TO SHOWER THEM WITH EVERYONES LOVE~! and HAHAHAHA *whispers* bb headcanons are my no.1 weakness after Yukimura And hey~! Since I couldn’t choose one, I did both so I hope you don’t mind! (✿´ ꒳ ` )

Hideyoshi was coming back after a hard battle and couldn’t wait to see his pregnant wife’s face. She always looked beautiful to him, but he knew that she’d look a hundred times more beautiful today. Rushing ahead of the retainers, Hideyoshi jumped off his horse and into the castle, and there she was. His beautiful wife. He had a huge grin on his face as he rushed towards her. “Huh?” He slowed down after a few seconds, “W-where did her tummy go?” he thought as he moved closer. There, laying in her arms was their baby. “M-Mc…” He looked up to her with wide eyes, as he never expected her to give birth while he was away. MC smiled with tears in her eyes as she stepped closer to him, “Welcome home.” He was still in shock as he looked down to the little girl stretching her little hands up to him. “T-this is…” He stuttered as the little girl held his finger between her tiny ones “We were waiting for you.” The baby brought his finger to her lips and nommed at it gently. He brought his free hand to touch her chubby little cheeks and smiled as he heard MC whisper, “She’s our little girl.

Inuchiyo was full of smiles as the Oda clan claimed its victory during this long battle. His smile could be seen from miles away, as his wife waits at the castle gates. He starts to add a bit of speed to his feet as he notices MC’s eyes on him. “MC, I’m back..!” He rushed to wrap his arms around her. She giggled softly as she embraced him back, “Welcome home, Inuchiyo!” He tightened his arms around her as he breathed in her scent, “Inuchiyo, n-not so tight.” She whispered softly. Inuchiyo pulled away and met her eyes with his worried ones, “Why? Did you hurt yourself while I was away?!” “N-no… its just-…” MC looked down shyly, “MC! Tell me wha-…” He frowned as he grasped her hand, “I’m pregnant Inuchiyo,” She glanced up to see his reaction, “… W-what?!” His eyes were open as wide as his mouth, “I’m pregnant.” She mumbled again, this time a bit louder and clearer. “I-I heard that part you-…” Picking her up, he twirled her around as his happiness got the best of him.

For the first time in a while, Ieyasu was leading his horse through the castle gates with a slight small on his face. Even though he tries to deny it, he can’t deny the stupid feeling called happiness from creeping into the cracks of his heart. He found it weird that MC wasn’t waiting for him at the castle gates, “Where is that Kitchen wench hiding this time.” he sighed as he started to walk to her room, he knew where she was resting hiding and why. She was in her last months of pregnancy and needed more rest than usual. As he neared her room, he heard a man’s voice. “” A frown fell on his face, what is a man doing in her room, and why is he speaking in such a childish-alien language? Calling out to her, Ieyasu walked into the room, “MC-…” a stop. His eyes fell to MC holding a new-born girl in her arms as a man tried to stop the baby girl from crying. That man was Toramatsu. As soon as the baby heard her father’s voice her cries stopped and a small laugh giggle was heard. “G-give her here! You can’t even silence a baby when she cries.” Taking their daughter from her arms, he clumsily with MC’s help held their daughter. His eyes gazed at her with such warmth and gentleness, MC thought her heart would melt.

It had been months since Mitsunari last saw MC, and for the first time in a while he was going to see her again. He rode his horse to the castle gates, the retainers and maids were all happy for the victory bought to the Oda clan, but Mitsunari felt this stupid feeling happiness for a different reason. He got off his horse and entered the castle, he was surprised to be met by MC. He was surprised to see her waiting for him, but he was more surprised to see her carrying a small baby in her arms. It was a boy, with hair like his and eyes that matched hers. “Welcome back, Mitsunari.” She smiled warmly at him as tears welled up in her eyes, “We missed you.” The baby looked up towards Mitsunari for a few seconds before it chuckled softly. “What is-..?” He looked up to her with wide eyes, “I m-meant to tell you but-…” She looked down, “you were gone before I got the chance to.” “Stupid… Manju girl..!” Mitsunari wrapped his arms around her while trying to hide these unknown emotions from showing on his face, “Succubi… Wretch…” He embraced them both securely and warmly, as the little baby giggled between their arms.

Kenshin was greeted by MC as soon as he reached the castle gates. Holding her close, he brought a flower up to MC, “For you.” She smiled happily as a blush covered her cheeks, “Thank you!” Taking the flower, she wrapped her arms around his back and whispered softly, “Welcome home, Lord Kenshin.” He smiled down to her as he tucked her hair behind her ears “I’m glad to be home.” Taking in his warmth, MC heard a little girl’s voice calling out to her, “MC!” Ai tugged on her hand, “No! the baby might get hurt if you hug him too tight.” Kenshin chuckled as he ruffled Ai’s hair, “Ai, I won’t hurt the baby-…” Staying still for a few second, Kenshin looked up to MC, his eyes wide, “MC y-you’re pregnant?” she smiled up to him with a tint of fear in her eyes as she nodded, “I a-am.” He couldn’t believe his ears as he held her tightly against him, “I w-will be a father.” he mumbled to himself as a huge smile covered his cheeks. “Lord Kenshin!” Ai called out to him again but he didn’t hear. Squeezing herself in the middle of the lover’s embrace, she looked up to Kenshin with the same look her father gives him, “I told you not to hug her too tight!

Shingen was hesitant to leave MC before the battle because she fell sick. On the way back, he made sure to go ahead of everyone to be the first one to see and check on her. Rushing to the castle gates with a huge smile, he saw a figure similar to MC’s inches away from him. Wrapping his arms around her waist, Shingen chuckled and whispered to her softly, “Gotcha!” and MC jumped in surprise, “L-lord Shingen-..!!” She didn’t know when he would be back and spun around in surprise. “I’m back again, MC.” He cupped her cheek as the smile never left his face, “Welcome back, Lord Shingen.” A smile naturally made its way up her cheeks as her hand went to rest over his, “I missed you!” He sighed and pushed her head to rest against his chest, “I missed you too.” A few seconds passed before he pulled back and met her eyes, “Are you feeling better now?” She looked up to him for a few seconds before smiling, “Yes~!” burying her face in his chest she mumbled softly, “It turns out-…” she glanced up to him with worried eyes, “that you’re going to be a father soon.” He felt like time has stopped as he got lost in her bright round eyes, “I’m going to be a father?” He thought to himself as he pulled her lips to meet his in a slow but long kiss. “I’m going to be a father.” Feeling her legs giving in, he pulled her against his chest and smiled brightly, “I’m sure you’ll be a great mother to our child.” 

Jongdae’s baptismal name is Matteo (Sept. 21st = Saint Matthew’s day)

coming of age

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“Come back soon!” Her mom says.

She is by the doorway, finishing tying her sport shoes.

She nods and then takes off.

“Are you Moon?”

“Yes,” she replies and smiles at the man behind the desk, not yet tired of this routine. She clutches a few Pokedollars in her hand, looking to buy some revives.

“Wow!” He says, breathless and hands shaking as he bends down to unlock the cabinet. “That means that you can purchase even more items. You’re the first ever Alola champion, after all!”

The smile doesn’t leave her face but something hurts a bit more.

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Kisses for Three (Poly Relationship!Ongniel)

『Author’s note: This is my first time writing for a poly!relationship and in no way do i mean to offend anyone! I’m sorry if it does, I’m trying to make it work!

Request: “Can i request a polymer scenario with daniel and ong??? I don’t even know how would work so I understand if you don’t do it xd”

Group: Wanna One

Member: Sungwoo and Daniel

Type: Fluff❥』

Ong Sungwoo and Kang Daniel are two names that you are very familiar with. Originally you were best friends with Daniel then met Sungwoo when Daniel joined Produce 101. You and Sungwoo quickly got along with each other, although sometimes you did feel like Sungwoo would replace your spot. Daniel quickly assured you that, that wouldn’t happen.

“She was my best friend long before she met you.” You heard Daniel say as eavesdropped on his and Sungwoo’s conversation. You decided to drop by to see if the two of them wanted to hang out since they had the day off, but as you entered the dorm you heard arguing upstairs.

Of course you went upstairs to see why they were yelling at each other but when you heard your name you stopped at the door.

“But now she’s like my best friend also.” Sungwoo said back. Daniel let out a frustrated groan “Why don’t you understand?” “Daniel, it’s not like you’re ever going to make a move. Just let me” The thought clicked in your head That both Daniel and Sungwoo had feelings for you.

“You can’t do that! I’ve liked her since I met her. (Y/N) is a special person to me.” You decided to walk in the room “Daniel?” You called for him. “Please tell me you didn’t hear anything” Daniel face had a shade of pink, letting you know he was embarrassed.

“I would be lying if I said I didn't” you answered sitting down on Daniel’s bed next to him and Sungwoo.

“So which one of us would you choose?” Sungwoo said taking your hand. “Do I have to pick right now?” You said not sure who you would actually choose.

“No, not exactly right now. But I mean I have been your best friend since we were kids.” Daniel hinted for you to pick him. “But I’m funny and handsome” Sungwoo said with a smirk.

“Don’t make it harder for me!” You put it head in your hands. Daniel patted your back “sorry”. “Do you both really have to like me?” “We can’t help our feelings” Seungwoo was silent for minute then spoke up.

“Why don’t we try one of those relationships that involve the three of us.” He suggested. That thought would have never occurred to you. Of course that would be a big step for you.

“You mean a poly relationship?” Daniel said. “Yeah, think about it. You and (Y/N) have been best friends. You and I our best friends. (Y/N) and me are kind of best friends now. We both have feelings for her and it’s obvious she likes both of us… So why not?”

“That actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” Daniel agreed to the idea. When you didn’t say anything because you were thinking the boys got worried. “Was that a stupid idea?” Seungwoo asked. “No” you finally said “We should try it.”

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stupid question ahead hehe at the end of season 4 when the darkness was surrounding regina, Emma said : it's snuffing out the light ( when we know at that point Regina used light magic once in S3B ) if it wanted light why didn't it choose Emma for ex ? do you have any meta on Regina being maybe ? the light one ?

I actually do, I just read it and most of it could still apply. You can find it here. Then there’s also this one, which is mostly obsolete by now, but some observations may still be relevant. I’ll be writing an update, if I have time. 

Nothing stupid about your question, there have been plenty of references to Regina and the light… 

you know what makes me mad

when i make gifs and i see that every frame

every single one





Beth Greene Appreciation Week: day 5; favorite quote
The thing is, I’ve been starting to get afraid that it’s easier just to be a f r a i d. But this morning Daddy said something, “If you don’t have hope, what’s the point of living?”

  • Interviewer: Which song on the new album [Save Rock and Roll] do you think best represents Fall Out Boy in 2013?
  • Joe: All the songs do. I think to single one out and choose just one song is a disservice to the band and the album.
  • Patrick: Really?
  • Joe: Yeah man, because we made a whole record- we didn't just make one song, you know? I mean, there's plenty of people that just make one song and then that one song can represent them and that's great, wonderful and fine, but you made an album that's kind of part of what we do and I think part of, or at least, the idea of being a band.

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Okay, would you mind explaining the bellamy triplets meme to me!??? I got on tumblr this morning and suddenly bellamy has two brothers I didn't know about (which, I would not complain about; the more bob morley the better)

This should be fun because I, an Old, who did not participate in creating this meme and only sort of understand it, am now going to attempt to explain an internet meme.

First up:

Originally posted by aheadacheandchickenwings

With that out of the way, here’s what it is:

It would appear that Clexa fans refer to Bellamy as Boris when they’re being unflattering in their depictions of him.  (I’m going to choose to believe this is their version of L.exa and this is them being nice to keep hate out of the tags.  No one tell me otherwise.)  Idk where Bradbury comes from– apparently it’s his middle name in the books (…NERD) and perhaps Clexa fans use that too.  Idk, that’s not ultimately important.

Anyhoo, it would appear that some Bellamy fans seized on this idea and split his character development into three stages: Bradbury (early season one: bad hair and a tendency to act like an overprotective patriarchal gorilla about Octavia), Bellamy (late season one and all of season two: sensitive, guilt stricken, heroic), and Boris (season three: likes murdering, listens to Pike, has very little resemblance to the actual character of Bellamy despite Bob’s valiant efforts).  They are now the Blake triplets.

Bradbury is a dick but redeemable, Bellamy is the exact opposite of a dick, and Boris probably texts pictures of his dick to random women.

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Hey so I saw your post about Sharon and basically I missed all of this and I figured I'd ask you for details if that's okay? I knew there were accusations of her being racist, but I googled it once and all I found was some fb comments from 2012 that Sharon brushed off as forgeries and unsourced claims of blackface, so I just shrugged it off. So I just wanted to ask if you have any links/sources/context bc I'm not sure why (if it's true) this isn't a bigger deal and I didn't know about it?!

(Ru herself has called out Sharon on her use of blackface)

Vines of Sharon physically abusing women



stories of sharon being awful to fans (there are more out there and I will try & find some but that gives you the gist of it, particularly the second one)

And I think people do know about it, they just choose to ignore it, which is really shitty and makes me ashamed of the Drag Race fandom/community/whatever you want to call it

Also disclaimer, this was just what I found from a super quick google. I found all this in about five minutes, so bear that in mind if any of you think it’s ‘not that bad’. If anyone wants to challenge this I’m very much willing to dig deeper when I get home from uni

the signs as classic books

aries: of mice and men by john steinback

taurus: frankenstein by mary shelley

gemini: to kill a mockingbird by harper lee

cancer: the diary of a young girl by anne frank

leo: the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald 

virgo: jane eyre by charlotte brontë

libra: pride and prejudice by jane austen

scorpio: dracula by bram stoker

sagittarius: a christmas carol by charles dickens

capricorn: a tale of two cities by charles dickens

aquarius: the iliad by homer

pisces: the hobbit by j.r.r tolkien