but i did..a thing

Sunday Seven

1. Yesterday, I went out to run errands. I had three things to complete. I needed to buy a gift for a student, I needed a new cable for my guitar, and…and… I couldn’t remember the final thing. Turns out, I forgot it was beer. I FUCKING FORGOT BEER! No one, in the history of the world, forgot beer. They may have forgotten things BECAUSE of beer, but never actually forgot beer. 

2. I went to Kohl’s and came out and couldn’t find my car. Seriously. I walked up and down every aisle, clicking my key fob and nothing. I was freaking out a bit wondering if it was early onset dementia or something or whether someone stole my car. I started thinking about calling the cops, not knowing my license plate number because the car is a new lease, how I was going to get home and to work and to my dentist appointment on Monday, and how long it would take to get a new car. I went back inside and walked around, realized there was a second entrance/exit, went out it and found my car. Seriously. Is this my life?

3. I bought myself a really cool pair of gray jeans for my birthday. @morethananaveragebitch told me they were ok to buy. She’s my fashionista. 

4. I also bought myself a new guitar. It’s arriving at the store tomorrow, and I have it off because of dentist (again). 

5. I got me some stripper digits, yo. Well, more stripper digits. This one is a really cool British chick who likes metal and is studying to be a massage therapist. This could be the one! Or something. 

6. I’m currently reading A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. It’s really good and I highly recommend it. I’m only about 100 pages in (about a third of the book), but I already can’t wait to read more. I just started it Friday and was planning on reading about 30 pages a day to finish it in time for Book Cub at school. Guess I’ll finish early (phrasing).  

7. There are a lot of people who used to be on here that I really miss. 

the breakfast club: silicon valley edition

stages of listening to reputation:
  • ...ready for it?: this is my favorite song
  • end game: no, THIS is my favorite song
  • i did something bad: no wait, this is my favorite song
  • don't blame me: i lied, this one is definitely my fave
  • delicate: no but wait this is my favorite
  • look what you made me do: except this one is my fave, too
  • so it goes...: nope this one is for sure my favorite
  • gorgeous: sorry sorry this one is the new favorite
  • getaway car: I was crying and dyin because i lied about my favorite song. it's this one.
  • king of my heart: this song is the king of my heart like joe is the king of taylor's heart
  • dancing with our hands tied: YEAH WE WERE DANCING ... to this song because it's my #1 favorite song ever
  • dress: i. love. this. song. the ultimate. i love it. my favorite.
  • this is why we can't have nice things: we can't have nice things because i can't decide on my favorite song, which is obviously this one
  • call it what you want: i'll call it my favorite track
  • new year's day: okay last song on the album. can't change my mind anymore. no next song to make me change my mind. this song is, for sure, my favorite. it is decided.
  • ...ready for it?: here we go again

Headcanon that the Third Doctor gets shit for anything their other incarnations are caught doing during the 70s/80s (who knows? #unitdatingcontroversy)

*Bolting upright from a 10 year slumber, suddenly awakened from a stab of sharp thought*

Where the hell was Toph when Sokka died? In her daughter’s creepy city where she could get the news? Touching her spirit tree and watching the whole thing?

Or, like, traveling and having to find out the news some time later?


me: yeah im probably gonna play dps more now

blizzard: here’s moira