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Monday Madness

1. Today is super busy. 8:15am. I had an appointment for labs in one town. At 9 am in a town over half an hour away Holtzy had a CFTM. So I took Bean Sprout and S took Holtzy. Juni is at The Blessed Kindergarten.

2. Bean Sprout is so two. He can say his name and age but chooses not to when people ask. He did surprisingly well! No screaming and the only wild thing he did was sit down and remove his shoes and socks while I was getting stuck. Love that baby.

3. I have an ultrasound today at 2:30 and then immediately after an appointment with a different doctor to determine if I need a surgery. The answer is probably yes. I have mixed feelings about this.

4. I am nervous about Holtzy’s CFTM. There is no real reason to be. But I am.

5. For about 8 weeks Juni has repeatedly said she can’t wait for her baby sister to be born. She insists this baby lives in a different town and is from a “different tummy mom.” No amount of reality will sway her.


6. It is being speculated based on certain behavioral patterns and reports of people who have actually seen her that Holtzy’s birth mom may be pregnant. We told the worker if she is and it comes into custody we will take it. Not sure how I feel about that either, considering our history with Rue. Juni may be on to something.

Alan: when I was like 6 years old I was woken up by a disembodied voice saying “play with me play with me play with me” over and over and I stayed awake for two hours terrified until I realized it was a furby

Gordon: how is that any less scary

Gordon: wait why did you have a furby

Alan: it was yours you left it in my room

Hi guys. I just want to tell you one thing, DON’T repost what I post, if you like it, Reblog it!

Why I say this?Because there is one person here that follow me which has Reposted two of my edits:

First post.

Second Post.

The Original post is THIS. How you can see, this person frafra2930 have deleted my name in my edits. So she/he have stole them.

I spend hours making those edits (ok, maybe they are not perfect but I’m still learning), so I don’t like that people re-post them removing my name, this is not right!

Also, this person post Fan Arts without quote the artists. 

And talking about this.

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To those who may be concerned: yes, I have received your prompts. Yes, I am working on them. I… do not know when they’ll be done, though x_x

I was able to scrounge this up in my free time this week, though (a whole two hours!! :0:0 SHIT WHAT)!! A redraw of this old, old doodle.

I was in work today. There wasn’t many clients and there was nothing to do so i just stood behind the counter and looked through the glass door. There was a hearse there. I didn’t pay attention at first but then i noticed a guy from that hearse vawing at me and smiling. I moved to the other part of the shop so he couldn’t see me anymore :P What was that? Did they caling me? “It’s your time. Come with us” lmao It’s true that i slept only four hours for last two nights and i look a little dead but c’mon 

But no, I did this at about 1:30 to two in the morning on a Monday.
Why do I make myself suffer? :’)
Btw just for context, Diana’s supposed to be preparing to aim a kick for Allura’s head but Allura catches it like a BAMF.




Sit down lads and listen to my tired fueled rant on why Steven Yeun is a pure man and loves Keith!

So, its been bugging me for a while (especially with the new season just being released) about the fact that almost all the voice actors promote the show and how much slack my boi Steven gets! We all know how much Jeremy Shada, Bex T-K, Josh Keaton, Hell, even AJ whos new to the team go full out and are full of thoughts and words to say about Voltron and their charterers, SO, I am here today, ignoring every piece of homework i have due four weeks ago to tell y’all why none of the slack he gets is deserved!

Way back when in may of this year, a local (ish) convention guested Steven Yeun as a guest, and even though I may be a Lance stan before a human being, I cried cuz I loved this boi since the walking dead. 

I had saved all my $$ just to get this boi’s autograph (on top of picking one up for my friends sister) and waited in his line for almost 2 hours just so i could be first.  And as I sat in line, i noticed that the growing amount of walking dead fans where starting to get extremely high (i don’t think a single person in that line even KNEW what Voltron even was!).

So, b/c i am smart and don’t want to make a rash choice, i sneak a pick at the photos he has lined up before hand to see if they had any rad Voltron for him to sign. and OF COURSE there is no Voltron or Keith anywhere on that table.  But Worry not fellow nerds!  I did the smart thing and printed off a picture of Keith at home!  But my printer is shitty and the quality wasn’t the best

So after almost two hours and him being 20 minutes late ( i could never hate, my boi was on his lunch break) the line starts movin.  So here i am, about to meet Steven FREAKING Yeun, dressed as Kim Possible (not relevant but anyways) and I have practiced over and over what im gonna say to this man.  

“Talk about the Walking Dead, you can do it, tell him you love the walking dead”

So i get up and pay for my autograph, and they let me have two photos and his manager, when he gets to me, tells him that he can only sign one.

NOw, before I got on, my boi looked tired.  Like HELLA TIRED.  idk what he be doing, but he was doing his best to fake a smile and get through another line.

And when i get up in front of him, I FROZE!  like, BItcH, What you DOIN?!?!?  anyways, i shake his hand and all i manage to say is 

“I loved you in Voltron!”

And the look on his face gave me ten years of my life back!  This boi (whose entire autograph photo selection is just walking dead and head shots) hears Voltron, and i saw a smile that was genuine rush over him.  And the MOMENT i notice this, I just go back to talking about Voltron with him

Anyways, he signs my friends photo (which was hella aesthetic) and he looks over at my two and i explain to him the deal 

“So, heres the thing: i only have enough money for one autograph and you are my favorite character in the walking dead (bitch was already dead at this point too) but I got really sad when there was no Keith photos. SO i printed this out at home and I want you to decide.”

he looks at the two photos and tells me

“heres what we’re gonna do.”

and he reaches for the Keith picture and he starts to sign it.  I’m already close to tears at this point, and he is just signing away.  And then he glances over at his manager and quickly signs the other one, pushing both towards me before she had time to react and pull the other one away.

ANd at this point i am IN TEARS.  Crying in the con, god bless this random lady who gave me a tissue or my makeup would have been a mess.  

My friend and I sit down and we look at the pictures and he FUCKING SIGNED THE KEITH PHOTO FROM KEITH!!!!  I might be a Lance stan, but jesus fuck do I love Steven Yeun and everything he is!!

And this boi loves Keith! all the stories I heard from others who met him said that when they mentioned Voltron he would become ten times more happy.  Steven is a gift and I want nothing but happiness for that man.

Oh, and also…

Stevn Yeun loves Keith, he cares for Voltron, and I will NOT tolerate hate towards him any longer!

I rest my case

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


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a crew desperate enough to take on this suicide mission and dangerous enough to get the job done - six of the deadliest outcasts the city has to offer.

The Batfam, Classic Novel Quote Edition

Bruce Wayne: “If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.” –Emma

Dick Grayson: I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and and rage the likes of which you would not believe.  If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other.” –Frankenstein

Jason Todd:  “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” –Alice in Wonderland

Tim Drake:  “I am the last and highest court of appeal in detection.” –Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of the Four

Damian Wayne: “Talk not to me of blasphemy, man; I’d strike the sun if it insulted me.” –Moby Dick

Cassandra Cain: “Action is eloquence.” –Coriolanus

Barbara Gordon: “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” –Paradise Lost

Stephanie Brown: “Not being heard is no reason for silence.” –Les Miserables

Alfred Pennyworth:  “It sounds plausible enough tonight, but wait until tomorrow. Wait for the common sense of the morning.” –The Time Machine