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Hi uh. So. I am not autistic, and although my brother is, i still don’t know how “high functioning” is a hurtful phrase? Genuine ignorance here; v uneducated seeking answers.

My personal thoughts on it? It reminds me of when you’re talking about a broken household appliance that still kind of works a little bit. It’s not perfect like it should be but it’s still high functioning.

It’s also misleading because everybody has difficulty with different things. Like…if you saw me in real life you’d think I was just a regular person who was kind of quiet and a little sensitive, but I also will cry if I’m overstimulated, shut down if I get too anxious, I stim by flapping my hands when I’m really happy or really upset, and all of those things are seen as “”“low functioning”“”, so what does that make me then? I’m not high functioning or low functioning. Nobody else is either. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and it’s kind of insulting to use functioning labels imho

There’s a post that does a way better job of explaining it but I can’t find it and I wish I could link it. in the meantime here’s a really short comic about it that I like

I was just thinking… in the majority of the HP fandom, any house other than gryffindor is fairly ignored. (Not to mention impossible to find merch for) But on Tumblr, it’s the opposite. What do you think?