but i did the silhouette at least

Take One

Take One: Scene One
[College Au! Taking an editing course with Christian]

As class came to an end your professor handed back your peer reviewed midterms. You honestly always thought peer reviewed was a fancy way of saying Your professor was too lazy to actually grade it themselves, but there were no complaints on your end. There was no way a classmate would fail you, they probably had the same anxiety.

Everyone was always lenient at peer reviews. Right?

“Alright Kids, remember to go over the discussion board, read the next chapter and start drafting ideas for the final” Professor Seo leaned on her desk, taking off her glasses. “Any questions?”

“Yeah, can I do a makeup midterm?” One of the kids in the back piped up.

She chuckled. “No make ups, but if anyone enters the film festival, that presentation will be used to replace their lowest grade, including a midterm. Next question?”

“Professor Seo, what is this?” you gasped turning over your paper.

“Is there a problem?” she raised a brow.

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fandom: SHINee
member/reader: key, female
genre/warning(s): smut, dirty talk, slight!degradation
length: 1K+
summary: [request] Key smut with dirty talk: We were both playing wingman for our friends who have now decided to go home together, and after five minutes of conversation we fucking hate each other, let’s bang it out

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PROTOCOL -- Android!AU (Ravus Nox Fleuret x Reader)

So after discussing it and asking her about it, @chocobro-hijinks allowed me to write for her Android!AU! :D Particular for Ravus’s part within it as the Aeternia Build combat android. It was super fun to write, and I’m super pleased with how it’s turning out! It got pretty lengthy though, so I actually was hoping to write more parts for this since most of this writing was exposition to introduce the relationship of RAV N0X and the reader character. So for now, I’m introducing their bond a bit more. Then in the future, I’ll probably write some more of those steamy bits. c; Because I have plans when working with this AU. *rubs hands evilly together*

Again, thank you for letting me write with this headcanon, Hijinks! Your headcanons are a blessing to the world…! QUQ

Also, tagging @di-fantastica and @itshaejinju. Because both heard that I was writing this up, and they wanted to read more of it. c:

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that picture looks like phil had to kneel down AGAIN i feel like they're just spending their vacation taking nice pictures of each other

nahhhhhhh dan’s arms are like the length of my whole body i think he can work out selfie angles that regular sized ppl can only dream of (but that doesn’t negate the fact that, yes, they literally did spend at least 70 percent of their time in singapore photographing each other, esp silhouette shots of each other against aesthetic backdrops)

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yo greeny! have you seen the news regarding the new character in forces and the rumor that it may be a create-a-character? if you think about it a lot makes sense: they said the new character would be unexpected, so i would rule out a generic new characer. they could have rehashed a classic character again but from the pictures it doesn't look like anyone we know. AND it looks super generic. and then there's also the slogan in the first trailer: JOIN the resistance. what do you think?

Just did.

Going purely by the silhouette, the outline (At least to me)…doesn’t really look all that interesting as a design. I agree with you in that it does come-off as pretty generic. Though I reserve full judgment until the character is revealed completely at E3.

If the character’s design is indicative of a character creator feature then oh boy….how much do you wanna bet that if this indeed is the case that the character will have no real character to speak of or will be mute? Or that you’ll see a million “Flash the Godhog Ultimate Lifeform’s”?

I mean think about it - If the character can be of a varied design and of a different gender, it’ll be unlikely that they’ll have one single personality and voice delegated to them. Which would afflict the character’s personality and/or make them very shallow.

The Mysterious Girl ( Peter Maximoff x Reader )

Originally posted by theinsatiablevoid

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Summary: You are living in school for mutants, and the only people who know that are Eric and Charles. Every day that you spend there is torture, but something is starting to change when you met Peter.

Peter’s POV

 It’s been a few minutes, but it seemed like hours. She was still in pain and I couldn’t help her. I was standing in the corner of the room, feeling helpless, just like the ones who were near her. I saw it, when the first drop of blood fell from her nose. He couldn’t help her. Xavier was on the edge, if he wasn’t already sitting in his wheelchair he would probably collapse. He was trying so hard, but he couldn’t connect with her. She probably blocked him from her mind, but I’m not sure how. There were loud steps coming closer to the room. Somebody was running like their life depends on it. Jean came in the room, walking past me. She wasn’t looking good, maybe (Y/N) was the reason why Jean didn’t feel well, earlier.

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so im planning on applying for a character concept artist job at blizzard and to add a bit to my portfolio before applying im working on a character concept of my own for overwatch and here’s a wip that i did today

it’s still just the sketch so yeh, might not look like this when it’s done lol but i kinda like her so far, haven’t decided on the hairstyle yet as you might tell from the silhouettes

she’s also probably gonna be a tankish support ‘cause i would love to get one in the game ayy lmao, still need to decide on her gameplay style and stuff like that sooo it’s pretty far from done XD BUT IT’S COMING ALONG AT LEAST??

haven’t come up with a name for her yet, but she’s gonna be canadian and was inspired a lot by Brittnee Blair if anyone’s interested

if you have any input on the design feel free to hit me up, im kind of in an art block still so it was pretty hard for me to get this one out /cri

also im planning on doing a skin design for torbjörn as well so…. look forward to that i guess lmao

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Feels like it's been too long since I did one of these, and since I'm feeling VERY Sonic-y today, I'mma make it a Sonic-y question: would you WANT that mysterious silhouetted figure in the new "Sonic Forces" footage to turn out to be Sally? Yeah, I know, it's basically impossible (not least of all because said silhouette really doesn't look THAT much like Sal if you look at it closely enough), but still. I'm curious. :3

I haven’t been following anything related to Sonic Forces, sooo I didn’t even know there was a mysterious silhouette. As for whether or not I’d like Sally in a video game, I guess it depends? We know all too well that not all writers are created equal.

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Oh, and in case you were wondering about your little... Friend, shall I say? She's completely fine, for the most part at least

Lalnable’s head snaps up and he looks towards the source of the voice. The silhouette of the man is visible, backlit in bright white strong enough to make Lalnable’s eyes sting in pain.

“What did you do to her..?” his voice is barely above a whisper, tumultuous emotions threatening to make him stutter or choke, “What did you do?!” he repeats, anger overwhelming fear as he finds his footing and charges, slamming his palms against the plexiglass wall in a display of aggression.

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Hey! I was wondering if you had any ftm Marius headcannons?

Okay, but how about canon era trans Marius?  Because I haven’t written anything canon era related in a while and I’m in the mood for it

Imagine a boy who’s called Marie Pontmercy who doesn’t have any word for what he is (and won’t, not a commonly recognized one at least, for almost a century and a half) and has to live in his grandfather’s house, being told to be a good girl, being forced into dresses, taught womanly arts, listening to his grandfather eventually start to speculate on potential marriage prospects for him.  The pronouns make him uncomfortable, like a hand dragged the wrong way up a cat’s back, and he was always getting in trouble with his tutors for leaving the E off the ends of adjectives he uses to describe himself.

(“It’s je suis égarée, Marie, with the extra E.  My girl, I don’t understand how you always manage to forget that!  A child can manage it, you simple creature, really,” his grandfather scolds him one day after reading the letter he’d been writing to his father. Ce que je suis est énervé, thinks Marius rebelliously to himself but adds the extra E on anyways, even if it always somehow just looks… wrong.)

Marius who once (at least once) had to spent almost an entire day trying not to cry after he got a new corset and saw what it did to his silhouette in the mirror, how much it pinched him in and accentuated his curves.  Marius who insists on wearing the most conservative, unfashionable gowns he can get away with because he can’t stand any of his cleavage showing at all.  Fortunately his grandfather isn’t super up on the nuances of current Parisian women’s fashion and so doesn’t question why Marius isn’t wearing sloping shoulders or such things.    

Marius who has a pair of his grandfather’s trousers, a shirt, and a cravat hidden at the very bottom of a drawer, beneath a couple of particularly awful lacy chemises that he never touches.  He would take a jacket too except he knows those will be missed.  So he waits for when his grandfather goes to spend time around the town before sneaking back up to his room, locking his bedroom door, and anxiously taking out the clothes, putting them on, and tying his hair tight behind his head.  All while checking over his shoulder the entire time, as if he expects his aunt to come swooping in at any moment. Despite the fear and shame attached to it, those are calming times, to look in the mirror and see something that looks at least somewhat right.  After a while he steals several more cravats and uses them to bind his breasts down so that when he puts on the shirt his chest looks nearly flat.

Imagine when he and Courfeyrac meet.  Courfeyrac is going on and on about how a pretty girl like him shouldn’t be out in the streets on her own, and how he would of course help any fair maiden in need, and about being a knight for the lovely damsel in distress – all meant to be harmless and fun, of course, but after everything, after finding out about his father and the fight with his grandfather and losing his home Marius just snaps.  And he screams at Courfeyrac that “I AM NOT A GIRL.” In that moment he isn’t even really sure what he means, he’s never been able to fully conceptualize this feeling, except he knows that it’s right. More right than the curve of his chest and the E’s that get attached to his descriptors.

So he just stands there in the streets, in this ugly, black dress that pinches in his waist and makes his  hips look huge which he just hates, waiting for this kind stranger to laugh or scorn or point out the fact that he has breasts, right there, they’re very prominent.  You’re obviously a girl.

Except Courfeyrac doesn’t do that.  He considers this person in front of him and he doesn’t really get it but he finally says, “Okay.  My apologies.  What are you?”

“I… I’m a boy.  I’m a man.  I… I am.  I am.”

“Ah. Fair enough.  Then I suppose I can offer you the spare mattress in my own rooms if you like, without it being indecent.  Is your name really Marie then?”  After all, it’s not like Courfeyrac can make judgments about people altering their names to reflect who they are.

And on the spot Marius decides, no, it isn’t.  Because this Courfeyrac is giving him a chance to be whatever he wants – to be what he is – and what he is isn’t Marie.  So then and there he decides: Marius.  He doesn’t want it changed too drastically, because his father gave him the name Marie, but Marius just feels so much… better.  It fits.  So from that point on Courfeyrac only ever addresses Marius by the name Marius. Only introduces him to people as Marius, only ever refers to him in the masculine, never writes an extra E, or turns an F into a -ve, never does anything than acknowledge that Marius is anything but a man.

“I once had to listen to Grantaire debate whether or not we’re even humans,” Courfeyrac tells him one evening.  “Believing you’re a man is much easier than believing that we might be nothing more than wishful thinking.”

In fact the only time anything about this made Courfeyrac lose his composure was when he returned home one evening to find Marius in front of their mirror, hair around his feet and scissors in his hand. Courfeyrac will tell anyone who’ll listen that he has never seen such an offensive haircut in his entire life.  So Courf jammed one of his top hats onto Marius head so that it’d be big enough to drop down to Marius’ ears and hide his hair, and then hauled him off to his own barber so that Marius might be able to leave the house again without embarrassing both of them.

Or imagine when Courf gives Marius his old, green jacket.  It seems obvious to Courfeyrac – Marius obviously has no desire to go about in his dress anymore (in fact the two of them gleefully burn the corset over the stove one evening, and nearly get themselves kicked out for the amount of smoke they choke the place with), so he’s going to need some menswear.  It’s just an old coat after all, and it’s hardly tailored to Marius’ size, but it’ll have to do.  He’s really not sure how to handle it when Marius looks like he might cry over his old, ratty hand-me-downs.

And it does take Marius a while to get use to wearing trousers and jackets without feeling bad.  It takes him a while to shake the feeling of shame or deviance or perversity when he does it.  Having a friend who supports you whole-heartedly and who doesn’t seem to think it remotely strange definitely helps.  So does putting on a waistcoat and jacket over his shirt and binder and seeing his chest hidden completely and feeling so so so right about it.  So does every day he shakes free of his grandfather’s cloying shadow a bit more and is able to realize that he is free to be his own man.


This is something I’ve had turning over in my mind for a while now, but I’ve finally been spurred to speak up on the subject by an experience I had yesterday. I’d like to talk to all of you a bit about the subject of animal husbandry in art- specifically fish husbandry, which always seems to get the short end of the stick in visual representation.

This weekend I went on a field trip with my Advanced Painting class to NYC, where we toured museums and galleries. One of the galleries we visited was the Mike Weiss gallery, where I saw a deeply disappointing installation.

This piece by Cameron Gray, titled “Fathomable”, is described on the gallery website as “Granite, wood, acrylic, laminated photo, gravel, water, fish, faux fauna, and treasure chest, 68 x 37 ½ x 4 ½ in. (172.7 x 95.2 x 11.4 cm)”.

True to the description, there were actual live fish inside of the piece. The second photo seems to be some sort of digital study of the installation before it was done, but in the first photo it’s more clear that there was actual water in the final installation. There were at least three fancy goldfish in it, within a space that, if the dimensions above are correct, was about 2-3 inches wide. The fish could not even turn around. It did not seem that the tank portion extended far beyond the human silhouette, leaving the goldfish a living space of about 30x20x2 inches. For those who don’t know, a single fancy goldfish requires about 20-40 gallons of space to live comfortably.

There’s a lot I could say about “artists” who use live animals as or in art pieces- I consider that the ultimate disrespect of life. You can do a lot of crazy and pointless things and call them art (especially in a New York gallery setting), and I don’t have a problem with that, but leave any living thing that cannot give its consent out of it.

Seeing a totally inadequate tank in the shape of a human silhouette, though, got me thinking about fish in art (though probably not in the way the artist would have wanted). What a perfect image for how we think of fish as pets- as creatures that exist to entertain humans, rather than creatures that we have taken on the responsibility of caring for. And I think a huge part of that, unfortunately, is the fault of visual artists. Though few of us use actual fish in our work, the way we choose to represent them in drawings, photos, and film is an extremely powerful influence. I had an illustration teacher once that questioned the race and gender of every character we drew and questioned the type of trees in the background of our pieces, and when we told him it was just to have a tree there, or that we didn’t think the gender of that person was important to the piece, he told us that the things we don’t think about in art are even more important than the things we do. To apply this to my point: the classic image of the fish in the bowl is so ingrained in our minds that even artists that know fish can’t live in bowls will put fishbowls in their art. The problem with this is that then people who don’t know about fishkeeping see the art, and to them it’s another subconscious confirmation that a fishbowl is an appropriate home for a fish.

Artists have an enormous amount of control of how people see the world. Illustrators, graphic designers, industrial designers, and other such professions shape the visual world for everyone else. When we choose to draw goldfish in bowls, or choose to have a betta in a vase in the background of a film set, we’re normalizing that image for all of our viewers. As I see it, the next generation of artists and designers has an excellent opportunity to stop perpetuating these images, and therefore stop the poor husbandry that is born out of assuming these normalized images are the standard for care. Not only do we have an opportunity, but I honestly believe that we have a responsibility to represent (in every sense of the world) organisms that cannot represent themselves.

Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion Review

Hey guys, Kris here, I totally forgot that the first Digimon Tri. movie was coming out today, so as soon as I found out I immediately had to watch it. The original Digimon series has a special place in my heart so when I heard of a new series that would bring the focus back to the main cast I was beyond excited. So let’s get to the review, also I will be referring the characters by their English names.



Timeline wise

Now this is a very minor negative considering since this issue will probably will be fixed as the series goes on, I barely even consider it a negative at all. My main issue with it is where exactly does this new series takes place. When I first heard about it I initially thought it would ignore Digimon Adventure 02 entirely, but that theory flew right out the window in the first 5 minutes when we see the gang from 02 (except TK and Kari) apparently gets F*$KING killed or at least beat pretty badly by Alphamon. We really only see their silhouettes and their digivice but it’s definitely them(and that TK and Kari have the digivice they had in 02). I might not hold that much love for the 02 cast but damn I didn’t see that shit coming. Like I said, we’ll probably see what happens to them as the series goes on but for right now as I watch this new series I will go in with the notion that everything in 01 and 02 did happen EXCEPT the epilogue, until I see otherwise. I’ve heard some theories that this series takes place in an alternate timeline I.E Back to the Future Part 2 style but like I said they’re all just theories at the moment.

Digimon, What?

Okay, I call bullshit to the the fact the general populace still don’t know the existence of digimon, I though this shit was common knowledge by now, they’ve had around two major digimon invasions between Adventures 01 and 02. Yet people are still unsure of what these creatures are, BULLSHIT! Not only that but wasn’t the gateway between the human and digital world left open by the end of 02, things like this makes me question if this is an alternate timeline/universe or it’s just continuity errors.


Animation/Fight Sequences

Now for the good stuff, BY GOD THE ANIMATION IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!! Now I won’t lie, it took a while getting used the to new character designs for the digidestined, I’m just so used the style the previous shows always have, even the movies are much different compared to Tri. But once I did get used to it, I grew to adore it, everything runs just so smooth and unlike the shows that was limited in their budget which caused them to reuse the same attack animation over and over again, this show doesn’t suffer from any of those issues at all. When the fighting starts it’s faced paced,viloent, and kinda gritty too. There’s no blood or anything like that, but how everything is animated like when a digimon throws and attack you can feel the the weight behind it, also the sound design helps a lot as well. That moment when Omnimon finally shows up, GOOD GOD I squealed internally when I saw that, I felt the same as when I first saw Omnimon in the Digimon Movie for the first time, it was just epic as fuck. The only issue I have is when they use cigi animation during the digivolve sequences.



I feel like I should group these together since Digimon has always been a very character(s) driven story. In Tri. we of course see the return of the original Digidestined and boy have I missed them. I know I sound biased as fuck but I can’t help it, out of all the digistined the original gang have always been my favorite. I’m especially surprised on where they took some of these characters.

The first 20 mins mostly just shows the digistined going through living an ordinary life, and Tai especially is starting to kinda miss the old days where he would just spend time with his friends and save the world, but as you get older life catches up with you, hell everyone is so busy doing their own they no one can’t even make it to his soccer game, practically everyone can relate to how Tai is feeling right now.

Another thing I have to mention is the some what love triangle between Matt, Sora, and Tai. Like most people I was kinda dissapointed by the end of the series when Sora chose Matt, and its not because I hate Matt, or because I’m a TaixSora shipper, but mostly it just felt out left field, especially with the first movie building it up, story-wise it just didn’t make sense to me. Hell even Jan, who doesn’t even ship anything at all calls bullshit to MattxSora. Here it’s handled well, sure there’s not much of it but that’s good because it didn’t hog up unnecessary amount of screen time. In regards to Tai, we can definitely see that he has feelings for Sora, but he doesn’t know how to make a move yet, Matt doesn’t seem to be romantically interested in Sora, sure he asked her to attend his concert but he did that with everyone so there that is. Sora seems to just want to be a good friend to both Matt and Tai, she gets put in a small situation where she gets invited to both Matt’s concert and Tai’s soccer game (which is on the same day) but she just want to make them happy and somehow find a way to attend both. I’m glad they’re handling it this way and if Sora does be with Matt by the end that’s fine as long as they build up to it(remember I’m watching this series while ignoring the 02 epilogue). I’m just glad that both Tai and Matt are still pretty close friends and not fighting over Sora or anything like that, sure Tai gets kinda awkward when both Matt and Sora is around but he seems pretty normal when he’s just hanging around Matt, at the end of the day these guys are bros. Also it looks like Izzy has feelings for Mimi, hmmmm, yeah I totally support this.

The major thing I gotta mention is something that I didn’t expect, and its Tai’s reluctance to fight. Before it was always simply, evil digimon attacks, digidestine arrives, they fight and save the day, YAY end of story. Now he actually is thinking about the consequences of his actions, now its evil digimon attacks, digidestine arrives, they fight and save the day, and they have to do all that while thinking about the amount of possible casualties and collateral damage that can happen when their digmon fight. After the first initially digimon battle Tai is plague but the all the destruction these battles can cause and it terrifies him. That’s the problem with growing up, you think about the consequence more often, and when giant monsters fight collateral damage is inevitable, at one point he confines to Agumon and says that he’s scared to death that he might accidentally kill someone in these battles. This is where he conflicts with Matt who’s (I’m not saying this as an insult) more simple minded in the fact of they have to do what ever it takes to take down any rogue digimon and he gets pissed when the public starts taking shit about his digimon and Tai( though he never says it outright) kinda agrees with them. I feel like this will be of of the big on-going conflict in the series since this is issue isn’t resolved by the end. Sure Tai finally allows Agumon to help fight Alphamon, but throughout the fight he has an almost disdain expression on his face, before whenever his digimon is about to kicks some ass he’s always cheering, fist pumping, just all around being completely excited, now when he does actually smile he immediately remembers the destruction of the previous digmon attack . The last scene of the movie is just Tai standing in the aftermath of Omnimon’s and Alphamon’s battle with a look of sadness in his face. Gone is the care-free boy we once knew before.


All in all I just loved this introduction to the new series, it felt  more mature and yet it still felt like I still watching Digimon. The animation is awesome and I just love the direction these characters are going. It’s just so good to have to old digidestined back and waiting for the next movie (WHICH IS GOING TO BE IN FUCKING APRIL, DAMMIT) is going to be torture, but as long as the quality is this good I will tolerate the wait. So until see you guys next time, PEACE :)

P.S. One more thing, I just want to give Joe a fist bump right now, the dude actually has a girlfriend, props dude major props.

If THIS dude can get a girlfriend then there’s hope for me yet.


Dear maxer64,

What? Don’t tell me… You guys too? Seriously?

Noooooooo!! Why must you bring back that memory of endless shame to my life!? It hurts my heart and soul to just consider!!

We really gotta talk about that? I ain’t feeling it, man…

I’m trying to remembear, but when I do, my head is just having ouchies…

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“A Knock in the Night”

Sitting here in the dark after my close call from earlier, I got to thinking about other random scary shit that has happened to me throughout my life. Such as…

Back in college I had a friend whose family owned a beautiful cabin by the river outside of San Antonio, TX. It was their get away home and rarely did they ever invite anyone over from outside of the family.

One summer he convinced his parents to let him invite a couple of us over and so we made the trek to the middle of nowhere for a couple of days of fun.

Mind you, we were college students alone without parental supervision.

In other words, we were a horror movie waiting to happen…

Now the cabin we were staying in was made up of three levels and was somewhat hexagonal in shape. A ramp outside led from the driveway to a door on the second level of the house. This was the main entrance.

You can see this ramp below:

Most of this second level was made up of a living room area, a kitchen, and a few small bedrooms. Below is a pic of the living room fireplace:

A small, spiral staircase in the living room led up to the third floor, as can be seen below:

And looking down onto the living room:

On this third floor there was a bathroom with a window overlooking the front of the house.

You can’t tell from the picture above but from this window you could see someone approaching from quite a ways away.

There was also a small bedroom up here:

Meanwhile back on the main level, there was a closet-like door which led to a small ladder. This ladder led to the ground floor which was used as a garage and storage area.

And with the door open:

Now this one night (I think it was our first night there) we ended up staying up late watching old VHS movies that the family had lying around. And let me tell you, there was a little bit of everything…even vintage porn!

Anywho…sometime around midnight we thought it would be fun to watch some scary movies because, you know, that’s ALWAYS a good idea when you’re alone in the middle of the woods. It was either that or read from the Necronomicon…

Well we’re really into the movie when suddenly there is a loud knock from the front door. Mind you, it’s after midnight AND we are in a cabin in the woods.

 Yes, the freakin’ woods.

(Now, I should point out here that the nearest homes are at least a mile away. Perhaps further. The nearest one is directly across the river and is straight out of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel. Oh and did I mention we WERE in Texas?!? Yikes.)

Well we all look at one another and then at the door. All we can see are some dark silhouettes so we quickly grab whatever we can find to use as possible weapons and walk towards the door.

“Who is it?” one of us asks.

“Hi. Can you help us,” someone answers. “Our friend is missing.”

We look at one another, realizing that, yes, we ARE in a horror movie.

Curiosity gets the best of us (as it always does) and we end up opening the door. Outside is a small group of college-aged kids.

After the initial shock of finding other college students in the middle of the woods (some killer was about to get REALLY lucky), we find out that one of their friends is missing. Apparently they had been tubing down the river earlier in the day and he had vanished at some point in the afternoon.

After telling us their  story and describing their friend, they ask if we’ve seen him. We haven’t. They then ask if we’d be willing to help look for him. Remember it’s after midnight and we’re scared shitless so…HELL NO.

We end up offering to put out some huge work lights that my friend’s dad has stored on the ground floor. The hope is that their missing friend will see them and follow them. We end up setting them up outside, facing the river.

The group thanks us for our help and then goes off to search some more. Remember it’s after midnight…

And us? We go back inside and contemplate what horrible fate fell upon their missing friend…and if we’re next.

I’ll be honest, no sleep was had that night!

Did I mention we were in the woods alone?

I call this photo: And they were never seen again…

galaktykas  asked:

hey I was wondering how you did the thing where you drew like the bath thing? the drawings on top of magazine pages. I can never figure out how to do that ugh

oh yeah sure of course - it’s really pretty easy as long as you’re at least a little handy w/ an exacto knife or scissors (also excuse the quilt i definitely did this all on my bed whoops) :

1. pick magazine or book page (can be whatever you want- i tend to go for nature scenes or color palettes that please me) 

2. draw figure in proportion to how you want them to appear in scene 

3. cut out figure (if it’s a simple silhouette you probably only need scissors but the more complicated of a pose you do [+detail oriented things like hair] you should use an exacto knife) ALSO: i like to go over and outline my figure again before i cut it out so the line is thicker (it gives you more lee way and ends up looking more balanced) 

4. glue your cut out figure whereever you want them on the page

5. cut the page to desired size, i like to mount it to a background of opposing color but it’s all up to you!

so simple so fun & very calming - everyone should do it


I think it is a possibility that the resemblance of the “t” in the word Crystal in the new Sailor Moon logo to a sword silhouette may indicate that the #Holy Sword will be getting adapted into this version of the anime. 

In the manga, the Holy Sword was a shard of the Silver Crystal and did turn from “black poisonous stone” to at least appear to be made of the same crystal as Usagi’s Silver Crystal.

But that is just speculation. It’s entirely possible I’m seeing an unintentional resemblance to a sword.


original post/author

I was the first person to see the thing.

I only became aware of it when the light in my room started to dim. I looked up from my laptop and there it was, a thin humanoid form hunched upside-down next to the lamp.

I yelled. I tried to scamper away but my chair caught in the carpet and I simply toppled over, pulling the laptop down by its cable.

It didn’t seem to notice. It fixated on my lamp, gingerly cupping it with charcoal-black fingers as if it was a rare insect. Then, it closed its hands and the light was out.

For a few moments I could just about make out its dim silhouette and then - its two blank white eyes turned towards me. A dark shape started to descend. It was reaching down.

I shut my eyes. The thought of it touching me made me break out in sweat. It never did though. I opened my eyes again. Its hand had instead settled on my laptop. It caressed the surface, and then sprouted hundreds of little fingers which quickly engulfed the entire screen.

Over the next few days, the thing never hurt anyone. Not directly, at least. There were some casualties, sure, but most of them happened during the inevitable riots. There were others too, the woman on life support that gave out, or the man who stumbled down a flight of stairs in the darkness.

For me, that first night was a sleepless one. I shivered in the darkness with just a dead laptop keeping me company.

News spread fast in the morning. The thing had appeared in broad daylight, going for traffic lights, TVs, fires, anything that emitted visible light. It covered them with its hands, and didn’t remove them until the source was off. Its apetite seemed to get bigger the more it had, and at night, when the street lamps went on again, it extended extra arms to keep up.

Distance was no problem for it. It could stretch over ridiculous lengths, and on the second and third days the city was a forest of black rubbery limbs that branched off, climbed into windows, always searching, feeling their way to the smallest lightbulb.

We couldn’t hurt it. Blades bounced back, and it only took notice of bullets because of the brief flash of light that accompanied them.

By the fifth day, we were exhausted. With barely any electricity food was going spoiled, communication was down, and we had nothing to do but observe it as it stood motionless and unblinking in the city square. It retracted its arms until it had two left, hanging by its side.

We could tell there was not a source of light left in the whole city.

For a while it did nothing. It slowly lifted its gaze up to the sky and then, after some contemplation, it stretched out its right arm, impossibly, towards the sun.

rosequartzheartz  asked:

What are your thoughts on Amethyst and how she went from having long hair in Buddys Book to her short hairstyle in We Need To Talk? I kinda liked the idea that she emerged with short hair and she was inspired to reform with long hair after meeting Greg in We Need To Talk.

Amethyst reforms a lot and is loose with her form a lot, so I imagine she’s gone through having long or short hair many times during her regenerations.

I tend to think she must’ve come out of the ground with long hair, considering Quartzes generally seem to have long hair (Rose and Jasper, but also the silhouette potential Quartzes in “The Answer” and the big one in Pearl’s projection in “Sworn to the Sword” [which I think might be an Amethyst/Amethyst Fusion but there’s no proof of that]), so she’d ‘naturally’ have long hair going off the base information embedded into a Gem, most likely

She did get inspired to have long hair against after meeting Greg, though, at least that’s what was said at SuperCon (according to this source, since I wasn’t there myself). But she had long hair before, she was just inspired to have it again through Greg.