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Hello! Im a REALLY REALLY old fan of yours i just remembered your old comic "land of lions" i used to be so inspired by it it. Did you ever finish/continue the story after inkblazers/manga magazine closed?? Id would be dope to read it all again.


Thanks for reading and enjoying Land of Lions ;o; The fans who enjoyed that.. It means so much to me. I appreciate everyone who likes the work I do for Shadowhunters, I love it! But when someone compliments my original stuff it gets me extra mooshy and happy. Seriously!! 

So I’m happy to tell you that I’ve been working on Land of Lions again. Starting from scratch, I’m remixing it and working it over again with everything I’ve learned and improved over the years! 

There are other projects I need to finish before I can seriously tackle it and post pages (The Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel, Reindeer Boy volume 2, Cuckoos Three) but know that I am working on it! I want it to be the VERY BEST!!! I will keep posting concepts in the meantime!! 

adult paper crown by roaringheightts

hello! i converted this crown by yosimsima from child to adult for kian’s birthday photos. i know someone already has done this, but the link i tried was removed, so i figured i’d convert it and put it up for download! all credit for the mesh goes to yosimsima. all i did was make it for adults. i recommend using hat sliders because milskhape sucks and makes it hard for me to see where the heck i’m actually placing things. anyways, i hope you enjoy!

download adult paper crown

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Hi!! I was wondering, since it's pretty common for US!Pap, UF!Sans and SF!Pap to call their S/O's by cute pet names and such, how would they react if their S/O did the same for the first time? And they've never known S/O to use pet names for anyone, so it's just with them?

US!Papyrus: He’s taken by surprise at first, but you can tell that he enjoys it. The fact that you feel comfortable enough to use petnames with him, and with him of all people is really sweet. He especially likes to be called Dear, Hun and Hon/Honey. He’s not really about over the top petnames, he likes the simple ones. (If you searched for ‘’cute things to call your boyfriend’’ and just started listing off every name on there he’d probably die of laughter because he thinks most of them are stupid, but he appreciates irony. If you find the most ridiculous one there and keep using it on him he’ll never be able to stay mad at you)

UF!Sans: ‘‘ ’m sorry what didja just call me??’’ He acts like he doesn’t like it at first, but it’s just to cover up his shock. It’s always him throwing those words around left and right whenever he flirts with someone, and to him they don’t hold a lot of meaning. Until he started saying them to you. And now you’re the one making him blush and stutter from sweet words. But when they’re from you, he can tell that they mean something. They’re not empty, they’re full of love (as cliché as it sounds) He falls in love with you a little more, and he keeps his head in the crook of your neck to hide his goofy smile.

SF!Papyrus: Marry him. Please, he can’t even deal with how much he loves you right now. You’re so genuine and sweet and he just loves you so goddamn much. Call him whatever you want, he doesn’t care what it is. Everything sounds good coming from you and he has never felt so loved or loved someone as much as he loves you. He feels special and unique and he’ll do anything to make you feel the same way.

I got tagged by @klanceisviolet!!! Thank you aaah <33

* Name: Katrin
* Nickname: Kat, Kitkat and whatever else @mugenjo comes up with :P
* Zodiac sign: Pisces
* Height: 1.70m
* Orientation: ace, biromantic
* Ethnicity: German
* Favourite fruit: Apples, mangoes, raspberries, maracuya
* Favourite season: Autumn
* Favourite book series: ummmm… the black magician trilogy? maybe?? It’s been a while since I last read published books :’D
* Favourite flower: ALL OMG I LOVE FLOWERS
* Favourite scent: pie or cake in the oven.
* Favourite color: Yellow
* Coffee, tea or cocoa: neither, I don’t like hot drinks :’)
* Average sleep hours: 8-9 on weekends, 7 during the week
* Cat or dog person: ummmMMMM both ;A; I really freaking love animals in general okay
* Favourite fictional characters: Keith (vld), Ugo (magi), Noya (hq!!), Sokka (a;tla), Merlin (merlin), Takao (knb)……… and many more tbh :P
* Number of blankets you sleep with: One
* Dream trip: a trip around the world!!!!
* Blog created: October 2016
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Honestly this is just super sweet fluffy moments between Tony and Bucky… Again. @polizwrites I hope you like it! I’m also going to tag @daeshikoba because you’re so kind and tag me in the your child is precious posts! <3

The first time they kiss, Tony thinks he might have imagined it, of course he checks JARVIS’ footage later to prove he wasn’t hallucinating or dreaming and sees that it did in fact happen. They had been in Tony’s workshop and Tony was explaining how useful physics is for engineering, Bucky had been smiling softly at Tony when he made some stupid pun about weight, and Bucky, Bucky just couldn’t help himself. He had leaned in close next to Tony, lifting his hand to cup Tony’s chin gently and softly pressed his lips to Tony’s.

And then it was over.

Bucky had turned to look back at the diagram that Tony had been showing him, missing the way Tony fluttered his eyes open again, staring at Bucky, mouth slightly agape, with a light blush along the top of his cheeks. Tony continued staring for a moment before licking his lips and continuing with his explanations, though he had stumbled over the first few words and was speaking a little more softly than before.


The second time they kissed, Tony was looking for an excuse to do it. Despite the video evidence, he was still unsure as to how real the first one was, but he wanted to do it again. Badly. He just wasn’t sure how to go about it. Bucky hadn’t mentioned it. He hadn’t done anything differently since the kiss and there was no awkwardness between them.

So Tony was trying to figure out whether to bring it up, or just plant one on him, whilst talking to Bucky about an idea that came to him when Thor left his hammer on some of Tony’s paper work and he wasn’t able to do anything about it until Thor woke from his nap. He was thinking of modifying some weapons to only work for specific people and was wondering out loud to Bucky if it would be worth it or even possible to use complex security systems for something as small as a rifle. In the middle of his distracted rambling he had decided ‘fuck it’ and stood on his tip toes, balancing with a gentle hand on Bucky’s shoulder and quickly pecked him on the mouth, he then turned abruptly and walked swiftly out of the room before Bucky could even react. Bucky had frowned in confusion as Tony left, wondering why he was leaving when they had been having a pleasant conversation. Bucky had thought the idea had some potential.


When Bucky didn’t make a fuss about Tony kissing him the next time they saw each other, Tony decided that they didn’t need to make a huge deal out of this change in their relationship. Bucky was obviously happy with it from the way he had smiled brightly at Tony as he walked in the room, and Tony gave a tentative smile back, giving Bucky’s shoulder a soft pat as he walked past.

Later, Tony found himself in the kitchen, assisting Bucky. Bucky had asked JARVIS what would be fun and easy to bake when Tony walked by and offered his non-existent knowledge of baking. Mostly he just wanted to spend some time with his – boyfriend? Friend who he happened to have kissed a couple times…? Either way Tony was mixing the icing and ate a spoonful whilst Bucky put the tray in the oven. Bucky had turned back to Tony and gave an amused smirk at the sight of him. “What?” Tony had asked, blinking innocently.

“Nothing,” Bucky had slowly started moving closer, staring at the corner of Tony’s mouth, where there was some blue icing. Smirk growing wider, Bucky had crowded Tony against the counter behind him and taken the bowl of icing to place it beside them. He placed his hands flat on the counter on either side of Tony’s waist and bent down, smiling, to kiss the corner of Tony’s mouth, tongue darting out to swipe up the icing before leaning back slightly to check he had got it all. Pleased with his effort, he grinned and winked then turned to start cleaning up the mess they had left, oblivious to Tony’s heavy breathing and racing pulse, or the way his eyes had darkened and his cheeks had gained a rosy hue. Tony’s small smile and bright eyes did not leave his face that evening.


A few days later, Bucky was having breakfast with Clint, Steve, Natasha and Thor. Bruce opted to take his tea and his plate of waffles to the living room and Thor was trying to convince him that company during breakfast is the best way to start the day. “Understand friends, that social gatherings during any meal at any time of day can be heartening, enjoying the company of friends can afford the most hopeful beginning to a long day, if only for a few moments.”

“Thor, let Bruce eat in the living room, if you’re worried, you can go eat with him,” Steve said covering his waffles in what could be a metric ton of maple syrup. Bucky thought it was a bit excessive but decided not to say anything. Steve could be very particular about food these days and considering what it was like back in the day, everyone figured he deserved to experience the flavours.

“Steven, your suggestion is most appreciated, I will endeavour to keep Bruce company this morning,” Thor replied as he left, and a groan could be heard that did nothing to lessen the brightness of Thor’s grin.

As Bucky stood and stretched, ready to retrieve more bacon, Tony rushed in looking a bit flustered. He was distractedly scrolling through emails on his phone whilst attempting to fix his tie one-handed. “Morning everyone, I’m running a bit late so I won’t be sticking around for breakfast,” he snatched a piece of toast from Bucky’s plate once he pocketed his phone, stopping to give Bucky a kiss which was supposed to be short (it wasn’t), then fled in a way that was not dissimilar to lightning and thunder, there one second in all its chaos, then gone the next. Bucky felt a little breathless from it all.

Steve, Clint and Natasha were all staring wide-eyed at the entrance to the kitchen, meanwhile Bucky had a soft smile gracing his lips, and his eyes were glinting with joy. After a moment the others turned there gaze to Bucky who just casually started munching on his bacon.

“What the fuck?” Clint whispered in confusion. “What. The fuck?” he sat down. Bucky, still munching, looked up questioningly, eyebrow raised.

“Pal, Tony just kissed you…” Steve said cautiously, frowning at Bucky, no doubt wondering why he wasn’t a little freaked out. When Bucky’s eyes met his, he raised his brows, gesturing at where Tony had left. Bucky narrowed his eyes at Steve suspiciously, not sure why Steve was struggling with the fact.

“… Yeah…” twitching his nose, he looked back to his plate.

“How long has that been happening?” Natasha asked calmly, though there was a hint of an amused smile. She thought Tony had looked more relaxed recently, she just hadn’t realised this was the reason.

“Um,” was his response. He moved on to the eggs whilst contemplating. “JARVIS?”

“Sergeant Barnes and Sir have kissed a total of four times now. They have also held hands a number of times.” JARVIS easily provided. Natasha gave an impressed look whilst Steve only looked more confused and slightly disappointed which concerned Bucky, he had hoped that Steve would be happy for him.

“Wait. We only kissed four times?” Bucky stopped eating at the realisation and looked confused. He thinks about the times they had kissed and realised he hadn’t told Tony how he feels, hadn’t even asked him on a date. His eyes widened and he looked to the kitchen door, a little unsure now that he had thought over it. How does Tony feel? Does he even really like Bucky? How come he hadn’t said anything?

Steve cleared his throat, “Buck, how come you didn’t tell me?” He sat and crossed his arms, trying to look a little intimidating to draw Bucky’s attention.

“Tell you what, punk?” Bucky said distractedly, brows furrowed, still worriedly pondering over his and Tony’s relationship.

Steve looked a little uncomfortable, his cheeks turning red. “That you and Tony were stepping out?”

Finally, Bucky looked at Steve for a few moments, trying to figure out what Steve is thinking. Pursing his lips, he said “Honestly? I’m not sure I realised it myself. If we even are…” He frowned at his own confusion, he hoped they were at that level. All of a sudden Steve seemed a little relieved, though he was also beginning to make the face that always got him in to trouble when he was smaller.

“Bucky if you hurt Tony by being all ‘can’t tie me down’,” he finger quoted, rolling his eyes, “I will not hesitate to hurt you physically.” Bucky’s eyes widened in amusement and shock.

“Hang on. Aren’t you supposed to give Tony a shovel talk? I thought I was your best pal?” Bucky arched an eyebrow at Steve.

Grinning, Steve replied with some sarcasm “Sure you are, but so is Tony, and his sad face is heart-breaking,” he rolled his eyes at Bucky, though he was still smiling, “maybe I will speak to him later as well… now answer my question, are you and Tony dating?” Bucky frowned again, considering the situation.

“… Not… yet? I’m not entirely sure. We never actually talked about it.” Bucky hesitated then muttered quietly, “…I would like to.”

“Congratulations!” Thor walked in with Bruce following behind, having overheard some of the conversation, Bruce suggested they join them in the kitchen. He rolled his eyes at Thor.

“Bucky, if you’re unsure where you stand with Tony, it’s best that you ask him.” Bruce suggested kindly, putting his dishes in the sink, “If you just leave it, there could be issues. Tony, despite the rumours, is actually quite sensitive about relationships. If he becomes unsure of the relationship, it’s possible that he will sabotage himself and ultimately, you as well.”

“Are we really just letting this go that quickly? Bucky didn’t realise he had started a relationship with Tony? I mean, that’s gold!” Clint exclaimed, finally getting over his shock.

“Clint if you ruin this, you will find yourself in similar situation to that time we were in Bosnia,” Natasha hissed at Clint, who paled and snapped his mouth shut before saying anything further.

“Uh, anyway, thanks Bruce, I’ll talk to Tony when he gets back.”


Bucky had some time to think about what he was going to say to Tony and yet he still found himself lost for words when Tony finally got back. It was so much simpler when he didn’t realise it was getting serious between them, but how could he not have noticed? He smiled whenever Tony was in the room. When Tony wasn’t in the room, he wondered where he was and whether he would like company. He was besotted with Tony. Head over heels.

So when JARVIS informed Bucky that Tony had gone straight to the workshop when he got back, Bucky headed there as well, not knowing what to say. He entered the code to the workshop and walked in seeing Tony fiddling with a screwdriver whilst talking back and forth with JARVIS. He cleared his throat and Tony looked up smiling when he saw Bucky standing there, which helped Bucky to clear his head.

“Hey tin-man,” Tony greeted and Bucky narrowed his eyes, brow furrowed.

“Wouldn’t you be the tin-man?”

Tony rolled his eyes at Bucky, “Whatever, cyborg,” he said with an amused smile and a mischievous glint in his eye, to which Bucky grinned. “Anyway, I was wondering when Sam would be dropping by next, I know he can’t stay away and I wanted to see if he had any input on increasing the flexibility on his wings? I mean he is the one who flies with them so he should let me know if he has concerns or suggestions on anything…”

Whilst Tony was rambling, Bucky made his way over to him and as he sat down, he carefully took Tony’s hand that wasn’t fiddling with the screwdriver and intertwined their fingers. He hadn’t intended for Tony to stop what he was doing and saying, but Tony did anyway, turning to face him with his left brow lifted in question. So instead of saying anything, Bucky just pulled him forward, lifting his free hand to Tony’s cheek and tilting his own chin up so he could meet Tony’s lips, brushing them together softly before it became firmer. He slid his tongue out and across the seam of Tony’s lips, encouraging them to open and Tony made a noise that sounded surprised but happy.

Bucky suddenly remembered why he came down to see Tony and pulled back, only for Tony to push forward to press another couple of short kisses to Bucky’s lips to his amusement. Tony sighed and leant his forehead against Bucky’s, breathing a little more heavily. “So, what was that about?” He asked, eyes still lightly closed.

“You’re awesome.” Bucky blurted out, and Tony’s lips quirked up in delight, then Bucky cleared his throat, blushing faintly, “I mean, uh,” he swallowed, “no wait, I stand by what I said. You are awesome,” he said, Tony chuckled and his eyes opened, glinting, “but I did come down here to talk to you.”

Tony leaned away and his brows furrowed in concern, though he tried to hide it by keeping up his smile which grew weaker till he gave up and sighed, “Oh.”

“Hey, it’s nothing bad, I promise sweetheart,” Bucky added, motioning for Tony to sit on the stool behind him and still holding his hand giving it a squeeze, relieved when Tony squeezed back.

“Alright…” Tony hesitated, “what is it?”

“It’s… kind of embarrassing,” Bucky was blushing again, “I just… didn’t realise things had changed between us.”

Tony squinted in confusion, mouth slightly open, “… I’m not following.”

“Uh, well, we started kissing-“

“You didn’t notice we were kissing?!” Tony tilted his head, staring incredulously with his mouth gaping.

Bucky slapped his hand over Tony’s mouth grinning. “No, I noticed we were kissing, how could I not? They’re pretty fantastic,” he could feel Tony grin and kiss his palm gently, “but I didn’t realise that we were doing anything differently, I guess…” He tried to figure out how to word it, frowning in concentration, “I guess it just felt so natural, that I didn’t realise that the kissing had changed our relationship. It kind of felt like something we always should have been doing,” Tony’s eyes were soft and shining brightly and Bucky lowered his hand so he could see his smile, “I’m just so comfortable with you,” he took a breath, “and I was wondering, if you have time, would you like to go to dinner with me?”

He really wasn’t expecting Tony to start laughing hysterically, so his smile turned into a pouty scowl. When Tony saw the face he was making, still giggling, he leaned forward and kissed him to soothe any hurt, “Sorry honey, it’s just, be honest? You didn’t realise we were kissing,” he chuckled again, grin wide and Bucky continued scowling, hiding his growing amusement and relief.

“You’re never gonna let this go are you?”

“Not a chance!” He kissed him again, “But yes I would love to go to dinner with you.” He said grinning, eyes twinkling with mirth, “I’m free tonight.”

Bucky smiled wide and reached forward to wrap his arms around Tony, laughing when he almost tripped out of the chair. “Perfect. I can’t wait.”


((OOC: I DID IT I FIGURED IT OUT!! Okay, HERE is my Q&A video. Thank you so much for the questions, and also thank you soo much for being patient with me. I hope you enjoy this!!))

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You called for angst? HC's for the RFA and minor trio reacting to getting into the first real argument with MC.

This took so long to do, but I sort of really like this one. I will do the minor trio in a separate post! I spent a lot of time working on this one (I mainly got really lazy in between doing them, yikes) I hope you enjoy!


  • He failed his finals
  • You knew it was because he was on LOLOL the night before
  • He got no sleep due to his gaming
  • You were furious
  • You took time out of your day to help him study, but he just threw away those hours of studying
  • “Yoosung, how did you manage to fail it this hard? I helped you study for days!”
  • “I got distracted the night before…”
  • “What? By LOLOL?”
  • You snorted out loud and glared at him
  • Yoosung knew that he was in trouble, you’ve never glared or yelled at him before
  • “Yeah…”
  • “How am I not surprised! All you do is play that dumb fucking game!”
  • He glared back at you
  • “It’s not dumb! The game supports me better than you do!”
  • “Exfuckingcuse me! You know that’s a damn lie! I have done nothing but support you!”
  • “Psh, yeah, sure. Rika always supported me!”
  • Boi just crossed a line ohohoh
  • “Fuck you, Yoosung Kim, fuck you.”
  • You angrily stomped to the bedroom and locked the door, throwing yourself onto the bed
  • You let out a few angry tears, growling
  • Your anger soon dissipated into sadness, which resulted in loud sobs to wrack through your body
  • Yoosung sat on the other side of the door, feeling his heart break at the sounds coming from you
  • He felt horrible
  • He knocked on the door gently after standing up
  • “Leave me alone”
  • He knocked again
  • “We need to fix this, MC”
  • Sighing, you opened the door to the bedroom before walking back to the bed
  • Yoosung sat beside you on the bed, laying his hand on your knee
  • You wiped away the excess tears that still remained on your face
  • “I am so sorry, dear.”
  • You looked at Yoosung, sighing again
  • He looked back at you, frowning more when he sees the puffiness under your eyes
  • “Please forgive me? I’ll quit LOLOL and do whatever you want. I promi-”
  • You cut him off
  • “That’s not going to fix what you said…”
  • “I know it won’t, I feel so terrible for what I said. I was angry and said the only thing that I knew would make you mad. I regret it a lot.”
  • “…You know I try to support you as best as I can? I’m sorry if it seems like I don’t. I just want you to succeed”
  • He pulls you onto his lap, kissing your head
  • “I know you do. You do a really good job, dear. I’m so sorry for saying that in the first place”
  • You place a gentle kiss onto his lips
  • “I forgive you, Yoosung”


  • Zen always insists that you go to his practices with him
  • You ~inspire~ him to work harder
  • You usually love going with him, but this week has been the W O R S T
  • His female co-star keeps feeling him up
  • Some girl keeps touching YOUR man
  • Subtle little touches everywhere
  • His bicep, his thigh, his face, his hair
  • She’d also do this annoying giggle with it
  • Today was the last straw though
  • She decided that she would walk out on set in only a very revealing lingerie set
  • That’s not even the worst part
  • He didn’t even hide it, he full on looked her up and down
  • Then, this bitch started dancing in front of him, and you were P I S S E D
  • You literally up and left the theatre
  • Zen must’ve heard you leave because he started to call after you
  • You quickly started to walk home, not wanting to deal with this anymore
  • You two didn’t live too far from the theatre, so it was and easy 20 minute walk
  • When you got home, you saw Zen’s motorcycle parked in the driveway and sighed
  • Damn him for knowing you too well
  • You walked into the house quietly, not wanting any attention from him
  • “Why did you run off?”
  • You bite your lip and look over at him
  • He was sitting on the couch, staring at you
  • “I didn’t feel well”
  • “MC, you’re lying. You are crying right now, so it’s obviously more than that”
  • Zen never missed a beat
  • “I don’t want to talk about it”
  • You made a move to go to your shared bedroom, but he was on you in a flash
  • “Tell me, MC”
  • You tried to shrug his hand off your shoulder, but he just tightened his hold
  • “You really don’t know what’s wrong?”
  • He shook his head
  • “Hmm, why don’t you think about how that stupid bitch was all over you all week? Or about how you stared at her ass when she came out today!”
  • Zen frowned immediately
  • “It was part of the scene, MC. Besides, she has no interest in me due to the fact that she doesn’t even like guys”
  • You were completely shocked. You’ve been jealous all week because of this?
  • “Zen, dear, I’m so sor-”
  • “I can’t believe that you would even think that I’d let that happen! Do you seriously have no trust in me?”
  • “No! That’s not it! You would have gotten jealous if I would have done that same thing!”
  • Zen looked furious. Oh no
  • “No, I wouldn’t! I would understand that it was part of your job! I actually trust my significant other, unlike you!”
  • “I do trust you! I just got worried!”
  • “You obviously don’t trust me, MC!”
  • Zen made a move to leave, but you grabbed his hand
  • You were NOT finished with this fight
  • “You sure sound like a hypocrite right now! What about your whole ‘all men are beast’ shit that you always dish out?! You get jealous if I even look in Jumin’s general direction! You warn me about all of this shit, but the moment I bring up my concerns I’m labeled as the bad guy!!”
  • This was getting H E A T E D
  • This was the first time Zen had ever really yelled at you which caused your eyes to start watering
  • Zen realized this too, and he immediately looked apologetic
  • He tried to backtrack, but you let got of his hand and wiped away a few stray tears off your face
  • “MC… I’m sorry for yelling at you”
  • Zen pulled you into a tight hug, running his hands through your hair
  • “I’m sorry for not trusting you, Hyun…”
  • He leaned down and kissed your head gently


Honestly, I don’t know how you and Jaehee would get in a legit fight. She’s so calm, and she’s dealt with a lot of shit with Jumin. I feel like that’s trained her to be able to withstand a lot of shit. P r a i s e Jaehee. I love her


  • Jumin had been working a lot recently
  • He was barely ever home
  • You were left alone in the penthouse for almost a whole week
  • He would come home and be there for no more than five hours
  • You were already asleep when he would come home
  • You just really missed him
  • Your loneliness got to you, and you decided to hang out with Zen
  • You two went to a small cafe in town
  • Zen let you complain about your husband’s absence
  • He ranted back about how much of a jerk Jumin was
  • At the end of your get together, Zen gave you a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek
  • Which is pretty typical for Zen, but the media didn’t know that
  • The media started a shitstorm of rumors
  • You sighed softly when you saw an article that said you were cheating
  • It was just a hug? Zen hugs you and Jaehee like that all the time? Why did they think a simple hug and kiss on the cheek was bad?
  • You turned on the TV to find a movie to watch, but the front door slammed open
  • You quickly turned to see Jumin walk in, looking furious
  • “Jumin! Are you okay?”
  • You walked over to him, trying to hug him, but he pushed you, rolling his eyes
  • “Leave. Now.”
  • You looked at him confusedly
  • “Excuse me?”
  • “Go!”
  • “Jumin, dear, what’s wrong?”
  • “You really thought you could get away with this? I want you out”
  • You gently touched his arm, only for him to shrug it off
  • “What are you talking about?”
  • “You making out with Zen! It’s all over the news, MC! You know, I never thought you to be the type to cheat, but I suppose I was wrong.”
  • “I didn’t make out with him!! He kissed my cheek and gave me a hug! That’s all! I would never cheat on you, honey!”
  • Jumin pulled out his phone and showed you an obviously photoshopped picture of you and Zen kissing
  • If you looked closely, you could see that your lips weren’t even touching
  • “Jumin, that’s photoshopped”
  • He shook his head
  • “You were out with him at a cafe for two hours, it sounds like a date”
  • You glared at him
  • “Maybe I wouldn’t have had to go see him at a cafe if you would actually pay attention to me!”
  • You flinched at his words, eyes filling with tears
  • “I would never cheat on you, Jumin… I can’t believe that you’d think I would.”
  • You started to walk towards the bedroom, wiping at your tears
  • “Where are you going?”
  • “I’m doing what you wanted, I’m leaving”
  • You walked to the bedroom and grabbed a bag to begin packing your stuff
  • Jumin had followed you into the room, sitting on the bed with his head in his hands
  • You packed your necessities, leaving out everything Jumin had bought for you
  • “MC… I’m so terribly sorry. Please don’t leave me. I love you so much, dear”
  • He grabbed a hold of your hand gently, kissing the back of it
  • Jumin had a few stray tears falling down his face
  • You brushed away his tears, looking into his eyes
  • “I love you too, Jumin”
  • He kissed you softly, causing you to smile


  • You were really moody this week
  • Saeyoung was pretty grumpy this week too
  • You two had been fighting over stupid little things all week
  • And I mean reaaaaally stupid things
  • The one fight was about the TV remote being on the couch instead of on the coffee table
  • Another was about how the noodles you made were under-cooked
  • There were so many things you two had fought about this week, but none of them lasted very long
  • You felt horrible for Saeran because he had to be around you two’s yelling all week
  • So you decided to make him some cookies as a way to apologize
  • When you went to give them to him, you didn’t notice Saeyoung sitting on the couch, watching you
  • Fuckin creepo
  • You knocked on Saeran’s door with the cookies in hand
  • Saeran opened the door and stared at you
  • “Hey Saeran. I’m sorry you’ve had to hear Saeyoung and I’s fighting all week. I made you cookies as an apology”
  • Saeran took the cookies out of your hands
  • “Thank you, MC”
  • You nodded and smiled at him
  • “You’re welcome, dear”
  • “Oh, so now you’re cheating on me with my brother!”
  • You and Saeran both looked at Saeyoung
  • “What the fuck are you talking about, she simply brought me cookies, idiot”
  • Saeyoung shook his head before speaking
  • “I’ve noticed how she looks at you. She loves you”
  • You snort at Saeyoung, rolling your eyes
  • “He’s my brother in law! What the hell are you on?”
  • Saeran rolls his eyes as well before retreating back into his room
  • “Maybe we should divorce so you can live your life with Saeran!”
  • “You really are an idiot. I’m not going after Saeran. You must be blind if you think I am”
  • He glared at you
  • “Then why did you bring him cookies?”
  • “I felt bad because he has had to deal with our fighting all week!”
  • You begin to walk away, but Saeyoung grips your wrist
  • “Let go of me, asshole!”
  • You felt tears well up in your eyes as your rip your wrist out of his hand
  • “Fuck you, Saeyoung”
  • You took off your wedding ring and threw it at him as you ran to your room
  • Saeyoung looked down at the ring on the floor and felt his heart break
  • You grabbed your suitcase and started throwing your things into it, sobbing harshly
  • Saeyoung walked into your room and pulled you into his chest
  • You struggled at first, but you stopped when your heard him start to talk
  • “P-please don’t leave, MC. I l-love you a lot. I’m such an idiot, I’m sorry.”
  • You shoved your face into his chest, soaking his shirt with your tears
  • You felt his tears falling into your hair which made your heart break more
  • “I love you, too, Saeyoung. So much.”
  • He held onto you tightly for a couple of minutes, letting the two of you cry it out
  • You looked up at him and kissed his lips softly
  • Saeyoung grabbed your left hand gently and slipped the wedding ring back on your ring finger

boopity-shmooples  asked:

If you don't mind me asking, what did you think about the big animate a grump special for the GG anniversary?

I thought it was really great! A big chunk of the community coming together like that is always awesome! So much hard work went into this! I did enjoy the credit sequence a lot, too, haha it was so fun to watch them all! My favorite segment was Eora and Renee Violet! I really loved how they drew and colored the boys! What about you guys? Did you have a favorite segment\artist from the Animate-A-Grump?

Como esa lluvia que moja el corazón

So this is how I’m starting Lutteoficweek! I did both prompts because I have no self-respect. Thanks to Carol @vivesenmiestoyenti for proofreading. This is my first time writing for this fandom, but the girls convinced me. Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry for the long paragraphs :) All the ficweek titles are from SL songs

Ficday 1: “It’s raining and you forgot your umbrella so I offered for us to share but this was a mistake because you’re tall and I am not and the wind is blowing water in my face and goddammit get down here”
“You’re an exchange student and my family is hosting you, we might become just a little too close during your stay”

“Matteo, hurry up! I wanna get home before it starts raining again,” Luna says while leaning against the lockers, waiting for the boy to get his books into his backpack.

Matteo looks at her apologetically, trying to make his huge algebra textbook fit, even though the task seems impossible. Does he really need to take all of his books home for the weekend? Geez. “Sorry, chica delivery. I had to stay a bit late to talk with the teacher about the physics essay for next week.”

No matter how desperate she is to get home, she has to smile at the nickname. Matteo had started calling her that since he found out she works part-time making deliveries on skates for a fast food restaurant called Foodger Wheels. He’d made fun of her at the time, but lately, he has gained a new appreciation for his friend’s job. She sometimes comes home with food she sneaks out with Simón’s help, while her boss isn’t looking, and Matteo really loves the fries. They aren’t that good, in Luna’s opinion, but Matteo always says he didn’t get to eat much fast food stuff back in Italy, because his parents didn’t like it, so he needs to make up for lost time.

Matteo finally gets his things to all fit inside his backpack, and when he turns to her with a self-satisfied smirk (which doesn’t make her heart skip a beat, she swears), she sighs with relief. “Let’s go then, chico fresa. You took long enough already”. She starts making her way to the entrance, not bothering to look back at him; she knows he’s following her. Sure enough, he passes her by and opens the door for her with an exaggerated gesture. “After you, milady” he whispers closely to her ear as she exits the building, never once breaking eye contact. She stops for a moment, looking at him with the same intensity. She thinks it’s really strange, how brown eyes can be so common and yet, every time she looks into his, it feels like the first time she’s ever seen the color. His gaze is just so warm and captivating, and somehow, it always makes her breath catch in her throat.

She wonders just when she got so sappy, she definitely wasn’t like this two months ago when the Italian first came to live with her family. She remembers being absolutely surprised when her parents told her they’d signed up to be a host family for her school’s exchange program. The incredibly fancy Blake South College was affiliated with other equally prestigious schools around the world, and they’d all convened on giving each institution’s best students the opportunity to attend to one of the other schools for a trimester and get to learn about the other country’s culture. Ámbar Smith, Luna’s sort-of cousin, was the only one of the Blake’s students chosen for the program and was now happily studying in Paris, and posting every second of her experience on social media. The Blake had the pleasure of welcoming two students, one freshman from Norway who was staying with the family of one of the guys in Luna’s biology class, and Matteo Balsano, the Italian wonder-boy currently living at her house. She remembers the day they’d gone to pick him up to the airport. She’d been late; still in her uniform, since she’d come from school after staying late for a project. She recalls seeing her parents helping a guy with his (very expensive looking) bags and running over to them. She ended up tripping the moment she reached them and knocking into the guy. Talk about a good first impression. After apologizing for her clumsiness and regaining her balance, she’d allowed herself to take a good look at him: Tall and slender, lots of curly brown hair, very handsome features, fancy designer clothes, a smirk that looked permanently etched into his face. Her dad had interrupted her staring with the proper introductions and then they’d been off. Matteo had kept stealing smug glances at her the whole car ride to her house between answering all of her parent’s questions about him and Italy. He’d been pretty nice and polite to them, but his gaze still had made Luna uncomfortable. When they’d gotten home, the Valentes had shown him to the guest room and left Luna and Matteo by themselves. The first thing he’d said to her was “Nice fall back at the airport. I know I’m handsome but you shouldn’t try to throw yourself at me anymore. Bet your parents wouldn’t be too happy with that.” His smirk had infuriated her even more than his words had and she promptly left the room with a huff; not before telling him to shut the hell up, calling him chico fresa (not her best insult, but she’d been pretty out of it at the time) and hearing him call after her with half a laugh. The next morning she’d dreaded going down to have breakfast, but decided not to be a coward and found him alone in the kitchen, finishing the pancakes Mónica Valente had made for him. “What did you call me yesterday? Chico fresa, wasn’t it? Why did you call me that? I don’t believe I’ve heard “strawberry” used as an insult before,“ He’d asked, his arrogant grin not faltering even when she’d decided to steal the last of his pancake before he’d had a chance to eat it himself. She’d pointed at him with a fork, glowering, “In México, that’s how we call self-centered idiots like you, who go around thinking they are God’s gift to humanity”. He’d put his hands up, chuckling, “Well, you do have to admit He did a pretty stellar job with me. I’m impressive, if I do say so myself.” Luna had rolled her eyes at that and tried to bring him down a few pegs by calling him a couple choice words and glaring at him some more; but he seemed to have a witty and ridiculous response for everything she said; and while part of her had wanted to empty the bottle of maple syrup over his head, she’d been pretty entertained by the whole conversation. At one point, she let out a genuine laugh, not being able to contain herself any longer. At that, Matteo had widened his eyes a little and given her a smile that had lacked the arrogance she’d come to think was characteristic of him. He stretched his hand towards her, inviting her to take it and without thinking, she did. A weird electricity had passed through her at that moment, which she’d decided to ignore. He looked at her with those deep brown eyes of his and said in a gentler voice than she’d expected, “I think we’ve argued enough, don’t you? How about a truce? We’ll be living under the same roof for a while, I’d like it if we could get along.” She looked for any sort of malice in his eyes but found none. “So we start over?” she asked with hesitation. He nodded, a serious look taking over his features, “Hi, my name is Matteo Balsano and I hope you and I can become friends.” She smiled at that, “I’m Luna Valente, and I’d like that, Chico fresa.” They’d laughed together after that, and the tension from before had been quickly forgotten.

Pulling herself from her thoughts, Luna is the first one to break eye contact, she always is. She does a half-hearted mock bow and thanks him for his “immense kindness”. He seems to recover faster than her from their previous “moment” and laughs while pulling her along with him so they can continue on their way home. Since her parents manage their own restaurant (they won’t let her work for them because she needs “real work experience outside of the family business.” Ugh), she doesn’t want to make them waste time on picking her up from school when she can just go on foot by herself since it’s only a 15-minute walk. She used to walk back with Nina and Gastón, but now the two of them are dating, it feels a little like she’s intruding on something private and special. She likes spending time alone with Matteo anyway. Since the truce that morning on her kitchen, they’ve become incredibly close. Yes, he’s still a conceited jerk most of the time and neither of them can stop teasing each other for longer than a few minutes, but they somehow make it work. She’s learned to appreciate his self-confidence and wit, but he’s also allowed her to see a more vulnerable and sensible side of him that he doesn’t usually let anyone else see.

Except for Gastón, of course. The two boys have become inseparable, to Luna’s surprise. She’d become friends with Gastón because he’d been very nice and helpful to her when she first came to Argentina after being discovered by her birth family. At first, she’d stayed with the Bensons and Ámbar had been asked to show her around and help her get comfortable in her new life. Ámbar wasn’t naturally very warm or welcoming, but she’d tried her best to be nice and a good host, introducing her to her friends, who turned out to have a lot more patience with Luna than the blonde did. Gastón had actually been the one to give her the tour of the school and the Jam & Roller, after Ámbar got tired of all of her questions and left with her clique, not before hugging her and telling her not to get lost by herself with as much kindness as she was capable of showing. After she moved out of the Benson mansion with her parents, her best friend Simón came to live in Buenos Aires from México to pursue his artistic dreams, and she made friends with Nina and the guys from the Roller; she’d stop hanging with Ámbar ( and Gastón) as much as she used to before, but they kept on being friends. Nina turned out to have a huge crush in Gastón, and while Luna tried her best to get them together, Nina was way too shy and Gastón was completely unaware, and she had no luck. When Matteo came to the Blake, however, he’d become instant best friends with the Périda boy and the four of them had started hanging out together all the time. Simón is sometimes there with them too when they get together outside of school, but with his two jobs (at the Foodger Wheels and the Jam & Roller) and the band, he doesn’t have as much time as the others. Still, she enjoys very much spending time with her other three friends. They spend so much time together that Matteo had started noticing the way Simonetti looked at Gastón. He’d talked to Luna about it one day and they’d both decided to play matchmakers for their oblivious friends. Now, a few weeks later, they have proudly accomplished their task and their two idiots are very happy together.

Luna is again brought back to reality, this time by the drops of water suddenly hitting her face. The rain’s falling heavier by the second, and she turns to Matteo, annoyed, “Darn it, Matteo! Why did you have to take so long? I told you we would get caught up in the rain!”

He turns to her and rolls his eyes, “I already said sorry, chica delivery.” His volume rises to be heard over the water hitting the pavement, “and I forgot to take my umbrella with me today. Great!”

“Gosh, you are unbelievable!” she sighs, trying to wipe water from her eyes.“ Let’s both use mine. It’s in my backpack. Can you get it?” Matteo quickly takes out her tiny yellow umbrella, which is barely big enough to cover both of them, but it will have to do. He opens it over their heads as they continue walking, this time a little faster, his hand never leaving her back. It’s not even weird how comfortable they have become with each other in such little time. Luna has always been a tactile kind of person, always initiating hugs and such. Not everyone she meets is okay with her constant displays of affection, though; especially the people she’s met here in Argentina, so she’d learned to tone it down a bit. That’s why it had taken her a little by surprise when Matteo came to live with them and she finally met her match. Matteo was just as affectionate as she was, maybe even more. He has absolutely no concept of personal space and seems to find any excuse to touch the people he cares about. He’s always patting Gastón’s back in a supportive gesture or squeezing Nina’s shoulder to comfort her (something the shy girl is clearly still getting used to), but he is at his most affectionate with Luna herself. A hand on her back every time they walk side by side, an arm casually draped around her shoulders when they sit next to each other, his head on her lap whenever he is tired, a hug every morning before they have breakfast together, a kiss on her forehead every night before they go to sleep. She got used to it fast, and now enjoys greatly all the time she spends feeling the warmth and comfort of his touch. Besides, it’s not as if she doesn’t take any chance she can get to touch him herself. Her touches are always more casual and subtle: a hand on his arm, a tap on his wrist, a quick bump of her shoulders against his chest; things that may seem small, but always make her feel as if a sort of electric current is running through her body.

Her head is kept dry by the umbrella, but her face is getting attacked by the rain. Matteo is way too tall (she refuses to admit she’s too short, no way), and he holds the umbrella right over his head, their obvious height difference making sure that she’s left completely unprotected from the wind blowing water into her face. “Chico fresa,” she huffs, “can you lower the umbrella a bit? I’m getting all rained over down here!”

She hears him chuckle at that. “I’m sorry, but it’s not my fault you’re such a shortie, chica delivery. I’m not gonna get all wet just because someone didn’t drink their milk and eat their vegetables as a kid.” Luna is about to retort when she’s suddenly pulled to the side. Matteo has her in his arms, tucking her inside his jacket. She swears her breathing stops for a second and she’s pretty sure her cheeks are incredibly red right now. “What the actual hell, Matteo!” she yells, her voice muffled by his clothes. She can’t see his face, but she can definitely hear the smirk in his voice. “I thought you didn’t want to get wet! Your pretty face is safe now, isn’t it?”

Luna tries her best not to get even redder. “You are the worst! I hate you!” She regrets the words as soon as they’re out of her mouth because they are the furthest thing away from the truth. She’s sure he knows she doesn’t mean them, but they still feel wrong to say. She risks the rain, poking her head out of his jacket to look at his face; to her surprise, he looks amused. He looks down at her and grins, “Nope, you love me and you know it.”

She trips over her own feet, her mission of staying cool and not becoming a human tomato failing spectacularly. She jumps from his arms as if they burn; honestly, it feels a little like they do. The rain feels cold on her skin and when she finally dares to look at Matteo he’s looking at her with what seems like a mixture of longing and expectation. He sighs and steps toward her, once again covering them both under the tiny umbrella while she shivers. Luna feels her legs getting heavier, fixing her in place. Matteo brings his free hand to her wet cheek and she does her best not look as flustered as she feels. “Hey,” he whispers as if to not scare her, “what just happened there?” She clears her throat before muttering a quick “nothing”.

He smiles sweetly now. “I know you very well, Luna. What got you throwing yourself into the rain?” Luna swears his eyes look right into her soul, reading her every thought and feeling. She looks down and hopes he doesn’t realize just how much his small comment affected her. She’s known for a while that what she feels for the boy is beyond friendly affection, and she recognizes that she isn’t the best at hiding her feelings, but she has been very careful in not letting him know just how much he means to her. It would be a real tragedy if he found out about her feelings for him and didn’t feel the same way back. Matteo has become one of the most important people in her world, and she wouldn’t want anything getting in the way of what they have.

Her mouth, as always, is faster than her brain. “You shouldn’t go around thinking everyone is in love with you!” She sputters, “maybe I was just a little too warm inside your jacket! Not everything has to do with you!”

Matteo looks at her like she’s crazy; she just exploded at him without any actual reason, so she can’t really blame him. He puts up the hand that isn’t holding the umbrella (when did he take his hand away from her face? She didn’t even notice). “For once, I didn’t say anything about myself being involved in the situation.” Even if it seems to be teasing her, his voice is calm and even, “I just wanna know, what was that about?”

Luna crosses her arms, telling herself it definitely isn’t to stop herself from reaching out to him. “Look, I just told you. I was feeling too hot inside your jacket and forgot my umbrella is way too small!” She sounds annoyed and hopes that makes him back off.

It doesn’t. “You sure? You look upset. Was it anything I said?” If there’s a hopeful twinkle in his gaze, she’s imagining it.

She puts on her best “dealing with el chico fresa” face before answering, “I thought you weren’t involving yourself in the situation”. Matteo looks to the side with an unreadable expression. “You know me, I can’t help myself. So-” he stares at her intently now”- was it something I said?“

“No! You just think everything is about you and everyone loves you and…” she can’t think of anything else to say. He looks at her expectantly for a moment before hesitantly muttering “So it isn’t, and you… you don’t.” She’s not sure if that’s a question or not, but he looks like he’s waiting for her to answer, so she tries. “No, I do… or I don’t.” She struggles to find her voice, while he tilts his head in confusion. She tries again to speak, not even knowing what she will say, “I just, I mean… I…I …” Her brain is going way too fast and her mouth refuses to work: she knows what she feels; she would love to be able to get it out of her system, to let him know just how much she cares about him, but she can’t. Not yet, she’s not ready. So many things could go wrong, so much could change… and she can’t risk it, not with her comfortable connection with Matteo at stake.

They are silent for a moment, the sound of their breathing drowned by the rain. Matteo is looking at her in a way she cannot place, but somehow, his gaze makes her feel as if everything will be alright. He releases a long sigh and before she can get away, she’s trapped in one of his warm hugs. She doesn’t have enough willpower to resist and wraps her arms tightly around him, never wanting to let go. He kisses her forehead, which makes her look up at him. Understanding, that was what she could see in his eyes. She can’t explain just how she can be so sure, but she is: he knows, and he won’t make her say it. Somehow, she can tell that he gets it, and won’t pressure her if she’s not ready. Maybe it is because he feels the same and wants to give her time; maybe he doesn’t and, like her, wants to preserve the relationship they already have. She doesn’t know; and right now, with his arms around her, she doesn’t care. He knows her and he gets her, and she couldn’t be more grateful.

After what seems like an eternity, they pull apart from each other. The rain has gone down considerably and she’s no longer cold; though that has probably a lot more to do with Matteo and the warmth and affection she feels every time he looks at her the way he’s doing this instant. They both smile at each other and when he takes her hand in his, it feels as if anything that just happened doesn’t matter anymore. It is just the two of them walking side by side, joking and laughing to pass the time.

They are just a block away from home now and Matteo is retelling something that happened during his English class, staring straight up ahead, when she lets herself really look at him. He still looks like the spoiled arrogant brat she met at the airport, but underneath she can recognize his intelligence, his patience, his dedication, his big heart. She can see every single quality, every single flaw, and every little detail that made her fall in love with him. She smiles at her own thoughts. She might not be able to tell him yet, but thinking it so honestly to herself is a big step.

Matteo notices her staring and gives her a bright smile. Luna squeezes his hand and he squeezes back. She’s made a lot of progress in admitting her feelings to herself just today and she is sure that she will be ready to tell him before his time in Argentina is up. Luna shakes her sadness at the thought and grins confidently; maybe she isn’t ready to tell him she loves him today and she probably won’t be tomorrow either. She’s not worried anyway, she knows that the moment will come when she’s not afraid to let him know about her feelings anymore, maybe not now, but soon.

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I'M SO DESPERATE TO KNOW WHY VICTOR BEGAN TO HANG AROUND YUURI. DID HE WATCH ANY OF HIS MATCHES? IS THERE A EQUIVALENT TO THE BANQUET? IS IT BECAUSE YUURI IS INCREDIBLE AND HANDSOME BUT HE WOULD NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE THAT HIMSELF? AAAAAAHHHH *hugs* I'm so ready for the teasing and the fluff to begin. I loved it, Kaz, especially the bits of Phichit and Yuri we saw (and obvs Victuri, but I had already expected that!). Hope you enjoy writing FFYC as much as we sure will enjoy reading it, thank you! <3

You will find out why soon enough ;) There are some tiny, tiny hints in this chapter but it will all become much more clear in the future

NOTE: Hi everyone, in order to celebrate japril week, me and my friend/fellow fic writer @japril12 decided to write a fic per day for the whole of this week, basing each fic on the theme of the day. I want to thank her for the ideas she helped me build, the endless questions she answered and all the re reads she did. Also, for not blocking me because I’m annoying. You’re the best! 

Please enjoy! And don’t forget to check out her fics, which I’ll always link at the end of the fic! :) 

Japril Appreciation Week: Day 1 ⇒ Funniest Moment <>

“Unwilling to delegate. I am a great delegator. It’s a key to why I’m so organized!”

He chuckles, bringing his beer up to his lips, and takes a sip. April huffs in annoyance, following his gesture, and sips from her bottle. They’d had a long day, touring medical school students, and had a bit of surprise waiting for them once they were up for review. Turns out, save for Karev, none of them were as great of teachers as they had thought they were. His own student had accused him of taking all the learning opportunities for himself, and then worse, outsmarting him. Sure, it had been a hit to his ego, but it definitely wasn’t hitting him as hard as it was hitting April, who seems to have taken the comment extremely personally.

He looks up to tell her that she’s right, she is brilliant at organizing, and the douchebag was probably just mad his hopes of maybe doing a central line today went amiss.

“Oh hi, just wanted to get some water?”

They both turn to look at the source of the voice, and he smirks when he realizes it’s Alex’s student, Laurel.  

“Well, the glasses are in that cabinet.”

Obviously, he’s managed to score, Jackson thinks petulantly. He wasn’t too disappointed if he was being honest, although he’d spent a good part of the day trying to trade his guy for her, with the exact same intention as all the straight, hot blooded males in their group had. He hadn’t gotten laid in a while, such was the life of a surgical resident, and she was a very attractive woman, so he’d figured why not? Sure, it made him feel slightly sleazy after the idea initially popped up in his head, but he was nowhere ready for anything resembling a relationship. Nope, no thanks.

He watches her reach up for the glass, and the movement causes her shirt to move up. Almost as if on impulse, he looked at her, deciding immediately that although he was very deprived when it came to the female body as of late, this was particularly degenerate and a little creepy, if he is being honest. Impulse, was not a good excuse. He’s just about to turn his gaze, when a hand flies past his vision, and he feels the hard contact of smooth skin on the back of his head.

April. Of course, she would notice that his gaze had wandered off to unwelcome territory. He can’t help but slip out a loud, albeit manly, cry of pain, because damn who knew April could throw a mean punch? He looks at her, her disapproval written very clearly on her face, as she mutters under her breath about how all men were pigs. He rubs his head, throwing a glance at her direction and chuckles as he realizes half of his friendship with April has been him doing or saying something stupid, and her chastising for it by swatting him across the chest, arm or chest… hard. She had no mercy.  

He throws another glance towards Laurel’s direction, hoping she hadn’t just witnessed him get hit over the head by his best friend for gawking at her. It would be embarrassing to say the least, and his ego could only take so many hits in one day.

This time, however, when a pale arm flies out of nowhere, he is ready. Before it makes contact with the part of his body April has deemed worthy of a hit, he holds her wrist, stopping her from reaching her intended destination, which looked to be his arm.

“Stop hitting me!” He whispers, laughing at her annoyance that she wasn’t able to fulfill what she had wanted to do.

“Well, then stop staring at her like she’s a piece of meat. Jackson, you know it’s wrong to-”

“I wasn’t-” He tries to excuse himself out of her perfectly fair accusation, but stops short when he notices her brows raised, calling him out on his bluff, “Okay, so I was… the first time. Now, I just wanted to make sure she didn’t see you playing Whac-A-Mole on my head.”She rolls her eyes, and ignores him, going back to her task of attempting to pull her hand out of his death grip. He smiles, almost devilishly, and leans back against his chair, his arm still around hers.

“Jackson, let go!” She grunts, as she brings her fingers towards his, attempting to pull off, one by one.

“Nope, not this time. The hitting must end. This is the repercussion of it.” He grins, as she gets up from the chair, her bottom lip caught between her teeth, as she pulls on her arm.

“Jackson, this is ridiculous.” She groans, as he pulls her towards him, when she almost successfully manages to pull out.

She squeals as she lands on his lap with a resounding thump, and he instinctively wraps an arm around her waist to keep her from falling. She wriggles on his lap, and all of a sudden brings his arm up to her mouth, and bites on his fingers. He relaxes his grip a little, mostly because he’s a little shocked by her actions. He looks at his hand and sees a small teeth imprints on it, and a guilty looking April, who knows she’s bitten harder than intended to. 

“Oh you’re gonna get it.” He smirks at her, as he slips a hand underneath her top, and starts to tickle her mercilessly.  April starts laughing loudly, a high pitched shriek emitting from the back of the throat. She hates been tickled. Having known her for some time, he’s very aware that April’s body was insanely sensitive to touch, and the slightest contact with any of her tickle points, the worst being the hip bone, was enough to send her into frenzy. He won a lot of arguments this way.

Her breathing becomes  erratic, as she wriggles out of his grip to stand up, and he follows her, watching in amusement as she twists her body under their arms to get away from his contact. He laughs in turn because clearly when April is met with a tickle attack, her ability to form coherent ideas was lost. He merely rolls his eyes, and pulls her back against his chest, resuming his actions.

“Okay, stop, Jackson! Please stop, I can’t anymore.” She says, through breathless giggles. She moans uncomfortably, and he stills, because it’s only funny if she’s not in actual pain. He’s read once that you can in fact kill someone by tickling them, and although he does question its legitimacy he’s not up for finding out its accuracy through April. 

She blows on piece of hair that’s fallen on her face, and the exhaustion causes her to fall back on his body, as she rests hers, taking in heavy breaths.

“I hate you.” She voices, and he chuckles.

“No you don’t, you just have to stop hitting me so much, with your… iron hand!” He tells her, and he finally decides it’s time to let go of her hand.

“What the fuck are you two doing?”

They both pull apart and turn around to face a tired looking Alex, wearing a frown on his face. Jackson could tell the guy looked pissed off, and really annoyed.

“I am trying to sleep, and the two of you are giggling like teenage girls at a sleepover,” He mutters, scratching his chin.

“Sorry, Alex.” April mumbles, pulling her hair band out of her head, since all the neatly swept tendrils had fallen out of it anyway.

“Yeah, yeah” He waves her off, and directs his gaze over April’s head, “They creep you out?”

Jackson turns his body and all of a sudden remembers that Laurel was actually in the kitchen with them, probably having witnessed the whole thing.

“Oh no,” She replies, smiling between him and April, “I should probably apologize for being such a creep, and standing here staring at you two.”

April gives him a side eye, and he knows exactly what she’s thinking. If anyone needs to apologise for being a creep it was him, but that would require admitting he did something creepy, so he merely rolled his eyes at her.

“No, no, it’s fine. I’m just really ticklish.” April says, as if this is a profound revelation about herself.

“I could see that,” Stacy chuckles, walking towards Alex, “Anyway, you two are a really cute couple.“

He hears Alex’s boisterous laugh and sees April choking on air, before the words register. Him and April? A couple?

“Oh my god, this is gold.” Alex says, still unable to hold back his laughter.

“We are definitely not a couple,” April stutters through the sentence, her cheeks a fiery red, “I mean, we’re just completely, totally, platonic.”

Jackson laughs awkwardly, nodding his head at her statement, “Yeah, April’s my best friend”

“Oh I’m sorry, I just figured… well, you act so much like a couple.” She says, smiling almost apologetically at them.

“We do?” They ask, in unison, looking at each other, both unequivocally confused.

“Well, yeah, you’re very comfortable around each other, and um… look, I was just pointing this out. I’m sorry if I made it weird.” She says, shrugging her shoulders.

“No, no you didn’t,” April answers for both of them, and he nods along.

Okay, so it’s a little weird being told that he ‘acted like a couple’ with someone he figured he had maintained the first and only completely platonic best friendship of his life. He figured there was that whole thing about ‘you’re not best friends if don’t act even a little gay’, which primarily applied to same sex friendships, so may ‘acting like a couple’ was the standards for opposite sex ones.

“They’ve just known each since they were interns,” Alex offers, clearly already bored by the conversation after his initial interest.

“Exactly.” He agrees.

“Plus, it’s not like I could ever date Jackson.” April laughs, glancing at him for approval.

Instead of approval, he just finds himself highly, highly offended, “Um, what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Hm? Oh nothing, I’m just saying it’s not we’d ever actually date each other,” She laughs again, and once more he fails to see the humour in this.

“Uh, why not? I’m a great boyfriend.” He scoffs, as if any other insinuation was absolutely preposterous, which it was.

She raises her brow at him, and stifles a giggle, “It’s not that you’re a bad boyfriend per se, it’s just… you don’t really… date.”

“I date!” He says, and everyone in the room goes silent. Okay, so maybe he didn’t say it so much as he yelled it. Blasphemy, is what he wanted to tell them.

“No, man, you don’t.” Alex says, shaking his head, “You casually see women. I don’t mean sex, you’re not me,” He looks at the Laurel who has her brow shot up, “Er- sorry.”

“It’s fine.” She dismisses him.

“Anyway, you’re not me, but you’re not exactly McDreamy either.” Alex says, as if its common knowledge that he’s not the boyfriend type.

“That is so not true.”

“It is, Jackson. I mean, you only had one serious girlfriend since I’ve known you, and she lasted about 6 months?” April asks him, pouting her lip, probably doing the calculations in her head.

“Um, 6 and a half.” He corrects her.

The half definitely counts for something.

“Same thing.”

Apparently not.

“Well, you know what, it’s difficult to date for me, okay?” He starts, and April rolls her eyes all the way to the back of her head, while Alex mutters ‘sure it is’. Even Laurel has the audacity to laugh at that sentence, condescendingly. “It is! Because it’s really hard to find someone who likes me and it’s not because I’m good looking, rich or an Avery!”

“You’re an Avery?” Stacy asks suddenly, with peeked interest, and Jackson thanks his lucky stars he didn’t sleep with her.

“No, he is not an Avery. He is a lot more than just his last name.” April says, and although she’s directing the caution towards him, most definitely alluding to his lack of separation of a sense of self from his family name, he feels good when Laurel shoots her eyes downwards in shame.

“Oh, boo hoo, hot chicks want to sleep with you because you’re attractive and loaded. Your life must be so hard.” Alex quips in sarcastically.

“I just honestly don’t understand why it matters so much. I mean, there are women falling over themselves to date you.” April replies, plopping herself down on a chair as if this conversation is exhausting her.

“Yes, but you are not one of those women.”


“So if my own best friend doesn’t want to date me, then what does that say about me?” He asks, basically to anyone in the room. He’s a little mad that he’s on Team Jackson all by himself.

“It means I want different things from a relationship than you do, that’s all.” She says, shrugging her shoulders.

“You know the men in your stupid chick flicks don’t exist in real life, right?” Alex points out, grinning at April who glares at him.

“Shut up, Alex. I just meant… commitment.” April replies.

“I can be in a committed relationship if I wanted to!” He announces, and April and Alex stare back at him in utter disbelief “What? I can! I will buy you flowers, wine and dine you, I’ll even not kiss you on the first date.”

He notices a shift in April’s expression, as if she’s considering this, and he smiles at her, finally happy she’s coming to her senses.


“Honestly, it’s a good thing you two don’t date. You’d be the fucking pain in the ass couple.” Alex laughs, getting up from his seat and starting to walk towards the bedroom.

“Um, what the hell does that mean?”

He’s a little surprised when the redhead poses this question, and actually sounds pissed off about it. Well, it took her long enough.

 “What?” Alex turns around, confused as to why April sounded defensive all of a sudden.

“I mean, I said I wouldn’t date Jackson because he didn’t want to be in a relationship, not because we’d be bad at relationships. We’d be fricking great at a relationship. I rock at relationships!”

Jackson chuckles slightly, because he knows just how April hates been told she’s bad at something. She’s rarely ever bad at anything, so she’s ready to walk through fire to prove it.

“Yeah, but-” Alex tries, once more, but Jackson is quite sure he’s not going to get a word in again for the rest of this argument. One simply does not offend April Kepner.

“We’re best friends, and you know what that means? I know him better than anyone else, and so I will never have any problems figuring out his mood swings, or have him talk to me about his problems or what to buy him for his birthday, because I already know all of these things.” She smirks, hands on her hips, and Alex is starting to look unsure.

“He gets stubborn when he’s angry, withdrawn when he’s sad, and he smirks a lot when he’s happy. He wants to talk about something if he hangs around me the whole day for no good reason. And he wants a pair of Nike Roche Runs… in red.” She proves all her previous points, and Jackson can’t help but be impressed himself.

She looks at him, urging him on with her eyes, and he gets the message after a few seconds. She wants him to prove to Alex how good they’d be in a relationship, “We already know pretty much everything there is to know about one another, and still like each very much. That’s saying something.”

“Exactly!” April nods, furiously, “We would be couple of the year. We would win couple awards!”

“Um, sure.” Jackson replies, a little unsure at her tirade, but still fully ready to back her up. He just… never realized that, as April continued to list all the reasons why they would be the perfect couple, the two of them dating do make a lot of sense. April was undoubtedly attractive, and they knew each other so well. It was the strangest, most obvious revelation he’d come across.

“Sorry, Kepner, you two aren’t lasting a week.” Alex says, and Jackson can clearly see he’s just doing this to get a rise out of April. Feisty April was an all-around favorite, it seems.

“Not true!” April retorts, puffing her chest out slightly, “and I’m going to prove it to you by dating the heck out of Jackson!”

“Yeah!” Jackson says, until he realizes exactly what she’s said, “Wait what?”

“And it will be the best relationship of his life!” She grins, almost challenging Alex to disagree with him.

“Can we go back to the bit where we date, because-” He tries to intervene, but apparently he has little say in the dealings between them.

“$100 bucks say you don’t last more than 5 dates.”

“Oh you’re on, Karev.”

They shake hands, and Jackson still stands in between them, very confused about what has transpired.

“Jackson, you’ll pick me up at 7, tomorrow evening, and we’re going for a movie and dinner after. I’ll see you then.” April says this, but it’s directed more at Alex’s amused face more than him. She looks at him, after some time, smiles widely, and walks off.

“Um, what just happened?” Jackson asks, finally. Everything moved a little too fast, and he went from wanting to get laid causally sometime this week, to a date with his best friend which might cause him to catch feelings, because God knows, April Kepner was very easy to like, at least for him.

“You just got yourself a date with Kepner. Good luck!” Alex winks at him, and walks away down the hallway towards his bedroom, with Laurel, who was quietly observing the whole scene, completely confused and very much amused, trailing behind.

He had a date tomorrow night, with April. April Kepner. He knew that for whatever reason, there was a part of him quite excited at this idea. What Jackson didn’t know however is that Alex was going to lose that $100, he thought for sure was an easy win, because Jackson would end up taking April out on a lot more dates than just 5.

Thank you, as always, for reading! 

Check out @japril12 fic : https://japril12.tumblr.com/post/163359780189/japril-appreciation-week-day-1-funny-moments

Wedding Night

A/N: I want you all to know I cringed every 3 seconds writing this because anything other than playful banter makes me uncomfortable having never personally experienced real ~romance. If season 3 continues down this route, just expect a fic every Monday lmao. I hope I did this justice, please let me know what you think. Enjoy xo


Caroline placed the final hairpin on the dresser and watched her husband step into the room behind her. She moved to greet him, a mixture of nervous excitement and apprehension swirled in her stomach. She stopped a few paces in front of him, examining him carefully. “Are you certain you are recovered? We could wait a while longer if you wish.”

“Quite certain,” he purred, drawing her closer to him. They shared a gentle kiss.
The room was a comfortable temperature, aided by the flimsy fires of the candle sticks. She sighed happily and gazed into his eyes. It was the first time since his return she could detect no trace of fatigue, pain or despondency; only passion burned there now.

“Shall we pretend this is our wedding night?” Caroline suggested, a note of hopefulness in her voice as she recalled how the last time had been interrupted. She fingered his neckcloth.

Dwight smiled slightly at her. “No pretence needed. Every night is our wedding night to me.”

She took a moment to digest that this wonderful man was indeed her husband. Despite fate placing several seemingly insurmountable obstacles between them; they had always found a way back to each other. Caroline had every intention of making up for lost time. And so, it appeared, did Dwight, as he steered them blindly towards the bed.

She felt his hands fumble along her back. “It unfastens down the front,” she breathed.
Dwight swallowed hard and placed a hand on her chest, where the buttons began. If it wasn’t such a fine piece he might have torn the gown seam by seam. With the quick precision of a surgeon’s hand, Caroline stood before him in merely a shift within a matter of minutes.
She approached him confidently and began to undress him until he stood in only his breeches.
She delicately placed her hand on his chest. Her thumb swept back and forth over a scar he had procured during his time at Quimper.

He moved to kiss her but she backed away slowly and raised her arms, teasingly, waiting for him to remove her shift. He did so, in one sweeping motion.
His hand glided through her curls and down the curve of her back. It came to rest on the back of her thigh where he pulled her up with ease.
She wrapped her legs around him so that she could balance on his hip bones. She giggled at the unfamiliar height difference.
He groaned as he felt her heat on his stomach. Dwight took several steps towards the bed as he trailed his lips over her bottom lip and down the hollow of her neck.
“Are you certain this is what you wish?” he asked, searching her eyes for a trace of doubt or hesitation. He found none.

“Yes,” she replied, caressing his face, the candle light reflecting off her wedding band. “It is all I have ever wished for.”

He smiled, his eyes full of love, as he lay her down gently onto their bed.

“I forgot how exhausting it all is,” Caroline said plainly, yawning, her hair untidy and a light flush still on her face.

Dwight’s hearty laugh bounced off the walls of the now dimly lit room. He turned to face her and propped himself up on his elbow, smiling. “Now I need no longer prescribe valerian root. Should you ever find yourself unable to sleep, Mrs. Enys, you know where to find me.”

She inched closer to him, her eyebrows raised. “I believe I shall have no trouble sleeping tonight, husband.”

“I should hope not.” He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

“Though, Dr. Enys,” Caroline implicated with a coy smile once they had broken. “I fear perhaps I shall find myself incapable of sleep tomorrow night.”

He chuckled against her lips. “What a coincidence. I fear so, too.”

Services (Dean Winchester AU) Chapter 1

I said I wasn’t going to post today due to the snide “advice” I received, but writing is my life and you guys enjoy it so much. I can’t take a break. Although, if I get more messages such as the one I did receive I will be done on here. So enjoy it while it lasts. I don’t put up with peoples B.S. 


Chapter 1

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Monsta X - Tough & Gentle (Wonho, Kihyun, Jooheon)

As a forewarning, I don’t know much about the mafia!Au, much less of the mafia but hopefully this post provides some justice and satisfaction to your curiosity. Hopefully I did well and I decided to give a GIF reaction for this. 

Originally posted by sweetramenwonho

Wonho - Doesn’t enjoy the idea of getting you involved with the antics and processes that go around in the mafia world, so he’d could only tell you to stay away– all he does is to prevent you from getting hurt. “It’s comforting to know that even though I push you back because of all of this, you’re bouncing back. But I don’t want to take advantage of you either.”

Originally posted by klhyunnie

Kihyun - When the both of you were passing through a sketchy neighborhood, he’d tell you to keep that gun against your waist because one, he’ll be the first one to go if someone decided to show up, and two, he has back-up. “Let me be your protector– I know you can handle these things on your own. Just… I don’t want you to get hurt. I’ll take the fall.”

Originally posted by jooheonbebe

Jooheon - Intimidating at first-glance, still intimidating now. Well, with the exception of you. His cunning manipulation and well-respected ability to blackmail, he could only pour his real side to you. He’d want to make sure you’re safe and also the fact he could live up to his reputation. “You’re responsible for making me like this. Why?”

Admin Mochi

Just did Damien’s route. I never cared much for him but my friends were over and we ran out of things to watch so I decided to do a route with them, and Damien was the best choice since if the presence of company made it hard to focus, it’d be with the dad I’d probably enjoy the least.

That being said I actually did like his story a lot and found it very cute like the other two I’ve done. What I do like about this game is that even if you don’t dig the initial concept of any of the dads, the writing itself is very compelling and you do get attached to the character eventually.

Also the Cask of Amontillado bit was great

New Friends Wanted

Well I did this before and I wasn’t necessarily the most descriptive of people.
So here we go.
My name’s Nish(y)
I’m a guy from Australia. The land down under, full of creepy crawlies and home of “Put a shrimp (prawn) on the barbie.”
I’m 16 and I’m a qualified Curryean (Korean-Indian)
I enjoy various recreational activities such as soccer, playing Overwatch, reading and photography.
I listen to EDM (mainly lo-fi hip hop beats atm), Alternative (Imagine Dragons faze going on) and Kpop.
I take an interest in politics and am socially progressive.
I would show a picture of myself but I’m kinda self conscious.
The ideal friend would be anyone that’s nice and not homophobic, xenophobic, racist etc.
If you wanna contact:
Tumblr: 013ni.tumblr.com
Discord: 013ni#1836

The Adventures of Mr. KitKat

Pairing: Damian x Reader (Friendship). 

Summary: Damian is turned into a kitten and found by reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 1116

 A/n: Hope you enjoy this. I’m thinking of making this a series but I’m not so sure yet.

Frustrated, that was the word.

Damian Wayne was certainly feeling frustrated. What started as a normal night of patrolling soon turned into a nightmare for the youngest son of Batman. Damian didn’t know how it happened or why it happened, well….. maybe he did know how it happened but admitting it was a little bit embarrassing for him.

He had just stop a mugging in crime alley, the usual thing of everyday: stop the mugging, beat the criminal and call the police, nothing interesting or at least it was until the man he just saved from said mugging turned against him. He took a gun out of his jacket and aimed it at Damian. Now, this was a shock for the boy wonder but what happened next was certainly stranger. The mugger, that just a minute ago was on the floor took advantage of Damian’s shock and did something unexpected. The low life criminal threw something at Damian, some king of powder but more heavy than it, the weird object smelled funny and felt hot on Damian’s skin. Damian was certainly not proud of being caught off guard, he was already beating himself for not acting fast enough and on top of that for not realizing that the mugging itself was just a charade.

 All this happened in less than a minute.

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lznus30  asked:

Olgierd and Triss in Novigrad "after Radovid's death" Triss and olgierd develop a relationship without them knowing about the other's past with Geralt

Ooh I read a fanfiction about this pairing a while back. Thanks for the prompt, I’ll do my best! :)

*Okay so I’m adding this after I finished writing everything else. This was gonna just be a small thing but I drew it out into a full story that I will likely continue and post on my AO3. I really like how this turned out so I hope you do too! However, I did diverge from the prompt as Geralt is only mentioned briefly so far. But I have some ideas for more chapters that could lead back to the original prompt with their relationship developing and then how they deal with finding out about the others past with Geralt. Thanks again for the prompt, I hope you enjoy! :)*


The Witcher had given him a second chance on life. A second chance to live and to love. A second chance to use his heart. He would need to learn how again for it had been far too long. First on Olgierd’s list was love. The last woman that he made love to that he cared for was Iris. How long ago was that? Ten, twenty years? There were other women but he didn’t care for any one them. Or maybe he did but he was just unable to realize that. Where would he head for first? Oxenfurt he had already spent too much time in. Toussaint? He heard it was beautiful down there. Iris would have loved it, she loved bright colors. Novigrad? Novigrad, he hadn’t been to the city in ages. Always around it but never actually in it. Too many people for his liking. Too many rules and too many guards as well. They say that Novigrad is the free city. Then why are there so many rules he wondered? But maybe things had changed. The witcher had mentioned that Novigrad was different now. Olgierd figured he would have to see for himself. He could always leave if he didn’t like it.

Olgierd approached the Glory Gate, that was what the sign read at least. His travel here was relatively smooth. Peaceful actually. Walking through the world was different now. He felt emotions towards the forests and the animals. Before he would have hunted but now he had left all the animals unharmed, wondering to himself how he could have ever killed such beautiful and innocent creatures. Only one bandit duo had attempted to attack him. They had noticed he was unarmed and alone and had decided to try their luck. Olgeird made quick work of them. Disarming one of their blade and using it against them. He did not want to kill them but he remembered words that Geralt had told him. “Give a thug a second chance and they will make you regret it.” But then why had Geralt given him a second chance. Maybe it was his strikingly good looks? No matter, he would carry on towards the city.

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