but i did so enjoy it

  • Star: Hey Marco,free on Sunday?
  • Marco: Well yeah,we don't have school on that day remember?
  • Star: Yeah yeah i know *Calls Tom* Hey Tom,do you have any plan on Sunday?
  • Tom: *Appears in the fire holding his mirror phone* Well no actually,do you want to go anywhere Starship-
  • Star: Good,I'm going out with Jackie that day so you and Marco go on together then.Enjoy your date! *Runs away*
  • Tom: Wait what?
  • Marco: Did she just...

I enjoyed making my last art sequence so I decided to make another one! I’m calling it that because I don’t think it counts as animation XD

Because both @therealjacksepticeye and I hit a milestone around a similar time, mine being smaller of course, I decided to celebrate it with this little picture story! :D

I don’t know what gave me this idea… and it’s probably not my best art ever but it took hours and hours to make! I hope you like it anyway ^-^

To people saying Auston’s heritage doesn’t matter because he *looks* white

That’s a dumb argument. But setting that aside, him being Mexican, and being recognized as one, is important for so many more reasons outside of whatever privilige you think he got out of “looking white”. A Mexican kid somewhere in front of a tv is looking at Auston on screen doing amazing things, in awe, and is excitedly yelling out “I want to be just like him when I grow up!”. Someone somewhere is watching him play, and rejoicing that they sport that they enjoy watching finally has someone who comes from the same background they did. It is not irrelavant for people who identify with him and don’t you dare try to take that away from them.

To Love Yourself the Way I Do

Request: Anonymous said: Can you pls do an imagine loki where he comforts female reader when she’s sad\down about the way she looks? Thank you. ♥ 

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Words: 570

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! Anon, I hope this is good, I hope you like and enjoy this! <3

Originally posted by i-like-marvel

You stared in the mirror as your eyes started mapping out your imperfections. Your brain was easily cooperating when it came to this.

The dark voices from the inside told you to hate every inch of your body. To hate how your legs didn’t look like a Victoria’s Angel’ ones, to hate how your lips weren’t so plump and smooth, or how your belly would stick out a little when you sit down.

Nevertheless, those thoughts did not hurt as much as it hurt to think that the person you loved with your whole heart and soul, would see you as an unattractive mortal and nothing more.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you can do an au if the sleepover episode of svtfoe where instead of star lying about her crush, it's Marco lying about his feelings for Tom?

Of course I can! I loved that episode so much! I thought Star shared some great wisdom! And it was a time to include my new ship! Oskar x Jackie Lynn Thomas! I hope you enjoy! Sorry it sort of derails and trails off, but I had a great idea I wanted to write! Enjoy!

“MARCO!” Janna cried. “Tell it the truth!” She was getting whipped around the room in some sort of tornado that the machine had created. Marco gripped the side of the wall to try and stop himself from getting blow about.

“I already did! My crush is on Jackie!” Marco yelled back. Star got blown over and crashed into her best friend.

“You’re lying! I told the truth! My crush is one Janna!” Star cried. Despite the dire situation Star was still blushing at her confession.

“And I really like Star!” Janna called back, trying to grip the floor as to not get whirled around. “We all told the truth Marco! It has to be you!” She accused again.

“I like JACKIE!” Marco yelled again. The game seemed to get angrier and pulled and pushed the children about. Star was getting pushed between two walls while Janna kept flying up and then dropping to the floor.

“We’re going to die in here unless somebody tells the truth! Jackie?” Star called.

“It’s true! I like Oskar! I just didn’t want to say anything because I thought Str still liked him!” Jackie admitted, not wanting to hurt her friend. Star smiled at the sweetness.

“Oskar is a lot less appealing than he seems, Jackie, you can do better!” Star yelled.

“THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW!” Janna screamed, getting thrashed around. She crashed into Star fan 13 who was almost crying. Afraid this would ruin her night with Star. “Marco! I know your tells! You’re lying can see it!” Janna screamed.

Marco put his arms up to sort of block himself from the harsh wind inside this cube. He shut his eyes tight and tried to block all of this out. He liked Jackie, that’s what they thought, and that’s what he would keep saying. The wind picked up and Marco began getting pulled forward, he looked up and saw a giant pile of fire that the game was pulling the human boy towards. Marco gasped and tried to run against it, but to no avail.

“Marco!” Star cried.

“Star! Help me!” He yelled.

“It won’t let you go until you tell the truth!” Ponyhead screamed at him. “We know you’re lying! If you weren’t the game wouldn’t be targeting you!” She explained. So tell the truth so we can get out of here!” She begged.

“FINE!” Marco cried. The wind stopped and everything seemed to hold still. Like time froze. Marco gulped as all eyes were on him. “I… guess I have… a bit of a crush on… Tom.” He whispered and bowed his head. “But it’s really nothing!” He assured. Star gasped and everything was still for another minute until the box lit up a bright red.

“SOMEONE IS LYING!” The box hissed. All the storm commotion started up again and the kids started yelling and getting tossed around.

“MARCO! WHAT DID YOU DO NOW!?!” Janna cried.

“Nothing! That’s the truth! It’s Tom!” Marco cried. The game seemed to get mad again and pushed them all around, swirling them in a rampage of commotion.

“Marco!” Star yelled. “Just tell us the truth!” She begged, about to get swallowed whole by this game meant to be “fun”. Marco bit his lip and put his head in his hands. He looked around at his friend and then up at the box.

“It’s not nothing!” He called. The commotion stopped once again. “You-you think I’m lying because I didn’t… I wasn’t honest with HOW my crush on Tom is.” Marco decided. “I said it’s nothing but that’s a lie. I really, REALLY like Tom Lucitor.” He admitted. “It’s not a ‘bit of a crush’. I… I think I’m in love with him.” Marco sighed. The box lit up a light blue color and all the metal walls around them shrunk down and receded back into the box.

“TRUTH.” It stated. Marco felt a deep blush cover his face and he lifted the box up.

“Woah.” Marco spun around and saw the group of girls staring at him totally shocked. Janned had her mouth wide open. “That was deep.” She stated. Marco blushed furiously and made a bit of an angry face, looking away.

“Okay! Fine! You all know!” He hissed. “I’m in love with Tom! I’m a fifteen-year-old human boy, who was dumb and careless enough to fall in love with a reckless, annoying, hot-headed demon! You can laugh all you want but… I can’t help how I feel.” Marco sighed. He looked away and toyed with the metal box in his hands. He looked up fast when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He saw Star smiling at him sweetly.

“Marco, we aren’t going to laugh at you.” She assured. Marco looked surprised. “Just because you fell in love young, and I might not see Tom as a suitable bachelor.” Star huffed this last part. “I’m happy you have somebody you care about. And if you really feel this strongly about him, we want to help you get him!” Star beamed.

“Really?” Marco asked. Star nodded.

“I wanna help spark some demon-human passion.” Janna teased, she was making a joking face that made it sound like she was talking about something scandalous.

“Tom’s the three-eyed kid?” Jackie asked. She then beamed. “I think you two would be super cool together.” She smiled.

“Okay ladies, okay ladies.” Ponyhead interrupted. “We all think Marco and agro would be great together. You know what this means, girls?” She asked. Star jumped up excitedly and Ponyhead smiled smugly. “Mm-hm. Star knows. Marco, we gonna dress you up and make you over. Make you a human that fire-hazard can’t resist.” She offered.

“Marco-makeover!” Janna cheered. Jackie jumped up and down and they ran into the bathroom to get beauty supplies.

“I’m in!” Jackie smiled.

“If Star’s doing it I will too!” Star Fan 13 promised. All the girls grabbed makeup and hairbrushes and clips and jewelry and crowded around Marco. They started poking and prodding, causing the human to become annoyed.

“Guys, come on! I can do my own makeup!” He complained.

“That takes all the fun out of it!” Star reminded, and she scontinued styling Marco’s hair. When they were finished Marco looked like a made-up show pony. With far too much colorful makeup and his hair curled and puffed out. “You look… perfect! I’m going to call Tom!” Star declared. Before Marco could object the girls were already crowded around the mirror.

Star dialed and Tom picked up the phone. When he saw the girl he seemed upset. “Did you mean to call your mom again?” He asked, assuming the worst. Star made a face.

“Oh stop it. Can’t I just call you to talk?” Star asked. Tom raised an eyebrow.
“That’s… not like you.” He pointed out. “And also you are surrounded by a clique of strangers… and Ponyhead. How have yu been?” He asked the horse.

“Okay. St. O’s is a party school now.” She told him. Tom nodded.

“I heard… so… bye?” He tried to hang up, confused about what this friendly chat was all about. But Star stopped him.

“Tom wait!” Star creid. “Marco is here! Isn’t that a surprise?” She asked.

“No? Doesn’t he live there?” Tom asked.

“Shut your face you are surprised.” Star seethed. She pulled Marco into view of the mirror. He was a blushing mess and he was holding his breath. As soon as Tom saw Marco he burst out laughing.

“What is wrong with your face? Why do you have your makeup done like a pageant clown?” Tom ridiculed. Marco huffed. “Are you a show pony? But with makeup and glitter?” Tom asked, laughing hysterically.

“Shut-up! Marco looks great!” Star defended.

“No, I don’t.” Marco assured her. “The girls did this.” Marco explained. Tom laughed again and shook his head.

“Well no wonder, you’re makeup never looks that bad.” He laughed. “You normally look nice, but this is like Dance Moms meet the circus.” He jabbed. Marco opened his mouth to back talk the demon for making fun of him., but stopped.

“Wait… you think I look nice normally?” Marco asked, blushing. Tom shrugged.

“Well yeah, you normally know how to put on makeup and you have a cute sense of style. But this is a little much.” He teased. Marco blushed and looked away.

“We um… it was just for fun.” He mumbled. Tom smiled.

“I can see that.” He grinned. “You guys have fun at your sleepover but… don’t go out of the house like that.” Tom grinned. He couldn’t hang up without getting in one last insult. Marco smiled and hung up after Tom, holding his hands to his heart. Tom thought Marco looked nice… most of the time at least.

If people are going to bother me about it, yes, I saw Lauren’s drawing. I frankly don’t give a shit because I don’t see it becoming canon, and Lauren doesn’t work on the show anymore. Her drawing Lap*dot and liking it doesn’t affect me a bit. If it was going to become canon, then why were they aloud to draw it when they did work on the show? Why were people allowed to talk about it? They just like it. It doesn’t affect me really.

I see Amedot becoming canon more likely.

So please let me enjoy my fucking ship!


Request: Can’t get to my inbox right now but you’ll know what it’s about when you read it lol

Pairing: Tom Holland + Reader

Warnings: Fluff, embarrassed Tom

Notes: I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long! But I’m on Spring Break and decided I could use my little down time to write!! Hope you enjoy it :)

“Oh, my god.” You were desperate for air as you put the video you were watching on pause. This had to have been your favorite video, amongst the other remixes made for it. You wiped the tears from your eyes as you let out a loud snort. One of your hands came up to your mouth to keep any other sounds from coming out of you.

You loved when Tom did press tours, it was beneficial to your days off – being able to watch his interviews on YouTube, helping whenever you missed him or just wanted to see or hear his voice. Usually you watched them for a smile or just to have an excuse to look at him, but this time the main reason for you watching this video (over and over) was to laugh at your poor, defenseless boyfriend. You didn’t realize how definite Tom’s accent was until it came to saying certain words, foreign words especially, specifically the word croissant.

“What’s up, babe?” You looked up from your laptop, immediately closing it when you saw Tom walking into your bedroom. You smiled at him and get up to hug him when he was close enough to your bed. He wrapped his arms around your waist and swayed you both side to side slightly. You inhaled his scent – you had just scene him this morning, but there wasn’t a moment that you didn’t miss him.

“Hi Tommy,” you tilted your head just the slightest to give him a peck before pulling away completely.

“You ready?” You nodded and grabbed your bag and your keys from your dresser before letting Tom lead you out. You were both going out for brunch, one of your favorite things to do with each other. When you got in the car you suddenly remembered the interview you were just watching of Tom and chuckled to yourself. “What are you laughing at?” You looked to your left to see Tom looking at you in confusion, a smile on his face nonetheless. You shook your head and returned his smile, reaching one of your hands over to caress his cheek.

“Nothing, babe. Just something I was watching earlier.” He still had a confused look on his face, but he dropped the subject with a nod and started the car. The drive was only about eight minutes – but you two always made the best of it. You drove with the windows down and serenaded strangers as they walked down the street with whatever was on the radio.

Tom led you into the small, secluded diner and helped you into your seat before sitting across from you. When the waiter came up to take your orders, your eyes skimmed the rest of the menu – you already knew you were going to get the French toast. Your eyes stopped on the sides, the word “croissant” seemingly bold. You tried to stop yourself from laughing but you couldn’t help yourself. A loud laugh erupted from you, startling Tom and the waiter. You cleared your throat, your cheeks heating up as a few people turned to look at you.

“You okay, (Y/N)?” You nodded and apologized, and proceeded to order. Having never actually tried a croissant, you decided to order a couple for you and Tom.

“Can I also have a quackson?” Your eyes widen after the word left your mouth. You glanced at the waiter and then at Tom, a confusing look across both of their faces. “I mean a croissant!” You cleared your throat again. “Sorry, I meant a croissant. Two, please.” The waiter chuckled softly before nodding and heading back to the kitchen.

“Babe, are you sure you’re okay? What was that weird accent?” You shook your head before reaching out across the table and holding his hand.

“Nothing, sorry. I think my throat was just a little dry.” Tom gave you an unsure look before nodding and smiling at you instead, his thumb stroking the back of your hand. The rest of brunch went well, minimum laughing coming from you. The way back was fine, and you were able to control yourself for the most part when you both got into your house. You made it to your bedroom and Tom asked if you wanted to watch something on Netflix, you agreed and told him to hook your laptop up to your TV. You went to the bathroom to wash the small amount of makeup you had on your face. It wasn’t until you were drying your face when you realized you hadn’t exited out of the YouTube video you were watching earlier. With your eyes wide you sprinted back into your room.

“Tom, wait! Don’t open my laptop!” But, you were too late. Tom sat in front of your TV, a confused look on his face as he watched the endless loop of him saying the word “croissant”.

“What the hell… what the hell is this?! Is this why you were acting weird at brunch?” His eyes darted to you quickly before reading the word on the screen that popped up occasionally. “Quackson?” His eyes squinted, before it clicked that this was what you asked the waiter to bring you. “Oh, my god. You were making fun of me at the diner!”

“No! Baby, no.” You rushed to sit next to him on the bed, reaching to turn off the video. “I mean, a little bit. I’m sorry!”

“Do I really say it weird?” He visibly shrunk where he was sitting and you instantly felt guilty for laughing at him practically all day.

“No, of course not. It’s just… your accent – it makes it sound different! Not that that’s bad!”

He gave a small smile leaning over to peck your cheek. “How do you say it?”

“What?” You looked at Tom confused as you watched the color rush to his cheeks.

“How do you say it? Like, can you teach me?”

“Tom, you’re fine-,”

“Please?” You took in Tom’s pout and sighed, eventually nodding and fixing yourself so that you were facing him directly, him doing the same.

“Okay so, I guess you just need to work on pronouncing your ‘r’ more. Croissant.”

He cleared his throat before speaking, “Quackson.” He cringed as he realized he said it wrong again.

“Maybe if you slowed it down a little. Yeah? Let’s try.” You had him repeat the word over and over, him still not being able to articulate himself with his accent.

About ten minutes in he let out a frustrated groan.

“Fuck that word!” You laughed at his outburst, not meaning to, but the look of pure seriousness on his face got you. “I’m serious, fuck that word. I don’t even like qua- NO. Those stupid fucking French treats, I don’t like them.”

“I think they came from Austria – but, I get your point.” Tom rolled his eyes at you, leaning in to kiss you. Your hands instantly went to comb through his hair, pulling him closer to you. He sighed into your mouth, bringing his body to hover over you. One of his arms went around your waist as the other supported his weight. He scooted you up on your bed, not breaking the kiss. Your lungs started to burn as you became desperate for air. You tugged at Tom’s hair, pulling away slightly. You pecked him one last time before he pulled himself off of you completely. He sat up against your headboard and patted his chest, signaling for you to lay against him. You smiled and pushed yourself up, and grabbed your laptop before resting your head against his chest. You put on the Office, and put your laptop on the side, feeling Tom run his fingers through your hair.

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A Taste Of Hazel Chapter 5

Hello Lovely peeps, I is alive! sorry for the time taken to put up this next chapter I have been pre occupied- I hope y’all enjoy and there should be more up soon.

Nick had waited for Hazel to leave and Fangmyer to go to work and sat there gently sipping on the coffee Fangmyer had bought him; he also threw one blueberry after another into his gob, his mind picturing Hazel and how kind she had been to bring him a coffee.

“Why did I hide? This could have been the turning point of things…” he paused thinking of his sentence, before he sighed in defeat. Judy’s cheeky innocent grin poisoning his thoughts and breaking his positive thought.

“I’m so broken” he confirmed dropping his face into his paws, to notice how grubby and dirty they were.

He placed down the coffee Fangmyer had given him and gently stood from the park bench making his way across the grass to where the cup Hazel had left lay, still slowly dripping out remnants of coffee.

He picked it up in his paw and gently turned it to see the sentence she wrote, he breathed heavily starring at it fighting with all his inner strength not to think of Jud- Maria.

He slowly and carefully tore at the cup between his tiny claws, taking caution not to wreck it completely, the excess cardboard peeling like skin from a potato, until all that was left was a rough little oval where Hazel had written. Her handwriting was second to none with brilliant curves and strokes.  


He sat on the park bench gently twirling the paper between his claws; he dared not read it again however in fears it would spark his depression or anxiety. He picked up the coffee Fangmyer bought and drank the rest placing the cup on the floor next to his bench.

He lay back on the park bench looking at the sky, his head gently resting on the tiny backpack he kept all his stuff in, he reached back puling on the zipper to open the bag, gently sliding the paper within; a little memento.

Nick was thinking of having a sleep but couldn’t get the image of sadness Hazel held in her eyes when she obviously couldn’t find Nick in the morning.

“Where does she go?” thought Nick to himself, annoyed that she was the only thing he could think of.

He got up off the bench and headed in the direction he saw the vixen go every morning and as if that wasn’t easy enough to follow, her scent was almost known to Nick, he loved it, it was like milk and honey, with a hint of timber, strangely alluring and imbedded in his memory.

He finally caught up to her, she was entering a building, Nick read across the top “Library”

The library was a large stone structure made of cinderblock, the entrance was formed by two giant paw carved pillar; brilliantly decorated. The shelves inside were made of a brilliant dark oak, Nick had never been in but he had peered through the windows, it had looked warm and cosy and had a brilliant fireplace.

Nick went to follow Hazel inside when the lady near the door shooed him out, no doubt due to his unhygienic stature and the fact that he might try and stay there.
A street band played music in the street while Nick walked around to each window until he found her.

She was sitting at an oak table with a laptop in front of her, she typed across the keyboard, her fingers danced gingerly, such lovely paws she had, thought Nick. Placing one of his paws into the other, until he realised what he was doing and shook his head, unhooking his paws.

The band that had been playing around the front of the building began to play a song that echoed down the alleyway in which Nick stood, peering in at this strange Vixen.

Hazel was amidst typing the third chapter to her newest novel; when something grabbed her attention, her large rounded, rose red, ears twitched and she pulled out her headphones; a soothing melody made its way into the library from outside, she knew the song, it was a new pop song making its way to number one on the charts; “up and up by foalplay”.

She stood up and gently brushed her paw across the oak table, looking all around to make sure she was alone and when she knew she was she hoped left and slid right dancing in a twirl of flow and colours.

Nick looked through the window in a trance as the vixen danced, lost in the magic of her own mind and seeming to bring Nick along for the ride. She seemed not to have a care in the world, she giggled and laughed as she twirled and bounced. Nick strangely wanted to join in, his tail gently brushing back and forth without his permission.

Her dress flung outward and from above she looked like a dancing blue flame. The music finished and so did she, taking in a deep breath and giggling to herself in a state of euphoria.


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So, because the booklet from the Junior High limited edition bluray is so small (The “Eren Jaeger Year 1″ Journal shown above), it’s a bit hard to take quality pictures (at least for now, until I can figure out a good way to keep the pages apart without ruining the book). But the Directer’s notes in it are really enjoyable to read, so I thought I would transcribe them in the meantime. I typed the words up verbatim so excuse weird name spellings (yes, they’re in there lol). Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did! The remaining episode comments are under the cut.

Episode 1: Starting School!

First, the opening song! I’m so very pleased with Revo’s incredible parody song and Mr. Nishio’s wonderful animation. My favorite parts in episode 1 are when Marla says “have a good day” and Marco says “nice to meet you.” I included these bits to show how tremendously different this world is from the world of the original show. Having Thomas get eaten and then spit out was another way of referencing the original show while taking things in a different direction.

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lonolulu  asked:

I'm so disappointed we never got to see TOS!Bones in the 1920s gangster suit. We were also robbed of AOS!Bones in the survival suit. Ugh. Here's hoping we get more of Len in his dress greys next movie....


Please tell me how this was even remotely fair, because IT IS NOT!


I did find some lovely fanart( @yourtropegirl), could not find source so if anyone knows, just let me know! I’d love to know honestly.(Edit: Yay, found them! @rimiter) Please, dear god in heaven, let Bones be in a survival suit next movie, or something similar PLEASE!

Also as a bonus, I reaaalllyy enjoy Bones in this suit, whatever it is. He wasn’t in it very much, which is a damn shame *sigh* Bones needs more suit lovin and I hope the next movies provide!

anonymous asked:

I've recently made a new friend whom I am just fascinated by. I don't really know why, but he just intrigues me. I've found myself taking a liking to things he likes (his taste in music, his love of the ocean, etc), and I've also started to kind of look at the world from his perspective. I don't know. It's weird. I'm aware that I'm doing these things, but it bothers me because I feel like I'm not really being myself? But I can't stop it from happening either >.< Is this a common thing for INTPs?


First of all, I think if people worried less about being themselves and just did the things they enjoyed doing (within reason, obviously), then we would solve a lot of problems. People are so focused on finding themselves and being true to themselves that they all sort of get lost in the mix and never really enjoy themselves.

But that’s just my opinion. 

As for imitating your new friend, that’s very much an INTP thing. Remember that our inferior Fe has a weird way of showing itself, and sometimes it doesn’t show itself at all. So, when we meet someone that interests us, we treat them like we do any other subject that interests us. It’s hard for us to see people as different from the rest of the world, if that makes sense. We see an interesting person, and to us they are the same as an interesting subject.

So, what do we do when we’re interested in a subject? We begin learning all sorts of neat things about it. We become mini, overnight experts in the subject. We immerse ourselves in it, and learn it to bits, or at least until we tire of it.

Unfortunately, we have a habit of doing this with people, too. Which could be your problem. But when we are interested in people, we can imitate the things they do in order to better understand them. It’s an intellectual understanding, because we aren’t always good enough at wielding our emotions to use them to show approval of a person. So we do it through imitation. It’s one way that an INTP can learn more about different people. 

The thing is, people aren’t subjects, and it’s absolutely impossible to treat them this way. Goodness knows that we INTPs come close to it, but eventually a person will engage your emotions, even if you don’t mean for them too.

When you become as invested intellectually in a person as you are, you will also become emotionally invested. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s good to make friends. But this kind of close imitation leads to close friendships. I’m just telling you that this is what’s probably going to happen. And you might want to check and make sure that it’s not happened already. From what you say, it sounds like it might have.

But yes, this sounds like normal INTP behaviour to me. 

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

Downfall (Klangst Week Day 5)

@klangst-week Day 5: Secrets // Betrayal

“Where were you when I needed you, Keith?” The blue paladin’s voice sounded so far away. “I called for you; I screamed and I cried while they tortured me but you didn’t come!”

My contribution for the Klangst Week 2017! I wrote this at work so I apologize for any errors. I hope you enjoy and if ever, please let me know what you think! :D Thank you very much! 

Also archived in my VLD drabble collection on Ao3: Pieces of the Sky

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Oh, and the end theme returns! Lovely.

This episode was alright, but a little frustrating. It’s one of those things where you know things are gonna work out in the end, and the problem is clear and present, and the only issue in the way of getting things resolved is a character’s stubbornness or stupidity or some form of miscommunication. I did enjoy Steven’s song, and I really enjoyed the short song at the end.

If anything, this episode definitely reinforces what I said about Connie in my character analysis - she defines so much of herself by her relationship with Steven, and if they were to end their relationship, she’d be lost. I do hope she’s able to come more into her own, maybe make a couple more friends, and not let her life revolve around their friendship.

I’m gonna give this one a 7/10, I think. Again, it was okay, but nothing spectacular for me; it had its moments. Felt more like a tack-on to the end of season 1 rather than a season opener, but eh.

Next up is “Joy Ride,” which will hopefully not take me as long to get to as this one did.

See ya then! ~

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Week- Day 3- Rakugo
So I actually did this piece for a school assignment. The theme for the assignment was theater, and it was around when Rakugo was wrapping up, so I snatched up the chance to draw my favorite storyteller. I’m not sure if this fits the theme, but I wanted to share it anyway!!

I hope you enjoy and I’m so glad SGRS week is a thing!!

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I couldn’t possibly tag all of you, so if I forgot to tag you, please know that I still love you and your blog very much! ❤️

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crunchie-morris  asked:

JackCrutchie with 11?

Alright… so this took so long to write, because it’s way, way too long. I’m not even sure how it got this long it just… it just did. So, here you go and thank you for asking!!

TW: Alcohol, Food, a tiny mention of abuse but nothing really bad at all because nothing happened? I don’t know how to state that… but yeah the whole thing is about alcohol so just proceed with caution if you need to. ~~~~~~

It had only been about half an hour in, and Crutchie found himself actually enjoying the party that he had been dreading going to for days. It wasn’t that he didn’t love the people at the party, it was just the party itself. Particularly a beverage at the party itself that had him worried.

But Jack somehow talked him into it and now Crutchie was glad he did. He hadn’t felt this happy for a while.

Well he was happy, until Race pulled out multiple bottles of beer from no where. Suddenly Crutchies stomach felt tight and air wasn’t getting in to his lungs easily. Without a word he turned around and left the apartment.

“…What?” Spot asked a little confused, looking at where Crutchie just left to.

“Maybe he needs some air?” Jojo tried suggesting, not understanding why Crutchie left in the middle of his sentence to him.

Jack was equally confused, and weaved his way through the crowd of people to follow him, to find out what’s up.

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anonymous asked:


i simply have no idea of what you speak…. I was simply enjoying my breakfast.

nothing more.

nothing less.

Just enjoying some good old… toast.

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tulip: wait, you mean you’re going to cure..yourself?
phlox: yeah, i just i don’t know if i should. i never liked being a vampire, even as a kid it just didnt feel right, i felt out of place. now i have a family and some of our children are vampires too and i feel bad for them. i had no choice in this and neither did they, now they’re stuck with this, this curse. i want to grow old with you, tulle. my great-gramma has lived all these years without her love but i don’t think i could. i don’t want to watch as my family dies and i’m still stuck here, not being able to enjoy life as a normal person. but i don’t want to rid myself of this when there are so many others that cant. i dont know what to do tulle…

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you ever answered this, but how did you first get into Naruto and what was your favorite aspect of the series?

Well I first got into it because I was looking for another action shounen anime with a “super power” aspect, because I was looking for a replacement for Dragon Ball. I had been following Shaman King at the time, and while I did enjoy it, it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

Then I stumbled across Naruto, and the very first thing I saw was Naruto absolutely losing it against Haku:

That made a very good first impression, so I continued watching. Once the episode had finished, I liked it enough to go and check whether or not it had a manga. Thankfully it did, and the rest is history ^_^

The Blog Has Been Made

aaaat least mostly!

I still have to finish up one last page and get the queue going, though there are already some posts set up on the blog (mostly to get my tagging system started y’know y’know).

The blog’s URL is @suspicious–avocado 

Even though my last moments on here felt stale, I enjoyed my time on this blog! It was so much fun and I can’t believe how I managed to achieve gaining over 1,000 followers. As someone who started off tumblr bottom of the bin, hardly gaining any followers, asks, only having those few mutuals, this is something so big for me.

Things will probably start off a bit rough on a new account, however, I feel that in the long run this will be better. I may not gain as many followers as this account did, who knows. Either way, I’m so very grateful for the time that was spent here on this blog, and the people I met. 

I’ll still be keeping mutuals, of course, though I won’t get back to following until tomorrow after school. (I just spent the last 3 hours coding my blog and it’s currently 11:30 pm so)

Thank you all so much for everything,

and I’ll see you all real soon!!