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How do you make you au so popular? I’m just starting off, and I don’t know where to begin, how did you start XTale off?

1) Stop thinkig about popularity or atention. 
2) A LOT of effort and luck.
3) Don’t let your ideas just in your mind. Draw them, write them. Maybe you could improve them in the future. 
4)  Just start with your story and enjoy it. No matter if you have made mistakes on it. Love your stuff, maybe others will come and love your stuff, too. 

I just made XTale because I needed to develop a backstory for Cross and improve Underverse’s main plot.
Nothing was planned at all about his AU when I was working on 0.1 and 0.2.


I don’t know that anyone is aware or even cares, but I have a deep love for the Lego Batman Movie & the film’s versions of the characters. Also, the Scuttler. I love the Scuttler SO MUCH.

I, for one, am all for that marvelously twisted relationship Batman & the Joker have together & I am especially taken by what Lego movie did with them lol. I mean, I really love my baddies, but I love it even more when baddies & heros get together. It’s an absolute weakness of mine to see a bad guy throw away their villainous ways just for that ONE god damn person . That is just tops ♡♡♡

This was my first try of drawing my take in Batman, Robin & the Joker, as I’ve never much cared for Batman prior to seeing this film, but I have now been quite charmed over by the Lego versions of these characters! Hope my takes on them aren’t too miserable!!!

& sorry in advanced, but you can expect more incoming lol, I will in fact be drawing more of this gang!!

To Seek Comfort in his Arms (Nessian)

Anonymous asked: “ Can you write a Nessian angst oneshot? Where they both feel the mating bond, but Nesta is still scared to be a part of this world and open up to someone, so she cuts him out?”

Anonymous asked: “ Nesta has terrible nightmares but no one knows about them until one day cassian hears her screams (Nesta usually uses magic to hide them). Cassian comforts her and FLUFFFFFF 😍”

Well, I tackled two birds with one stone here. Enjoy!

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Nesta Archeron was alone.

She watched from a distance as both her sisters enjoyed the company of their mates, laughing and playing around without a care in the world. She didn’t understand how they had let them in so easily.

It wasn’t that she didn’t think she had a mate; she knew she did. But she was holding herself back, for fear of being hurt again. She couldn’t bear the thought of another heartbreak.

When she felt that bond snap into place on that battlefield… She screamed Cassian’s name as loud as she could, hoping to save his life.

And it had worked.

And she had shielded his body with her own, and he had promised her time.

But that was when they both thought they were going to die. Funny how much easier it was to make promises when you didn’t think you’d be alive to have to uphold them.

As soon as they had returned home, Nesta had rebuilt the walls around her heart. Cassian had tried to soothe her, she’d felt it that day on the stairs. But she didn’t want his pity. All she wanted was to be whole.

Because this new life she had been forced into… She hadn’t come to terms with it yet. Her new Fae body was still foreign and wrong, and she felt as if a part of her had been locked away when she was Made. So she shut him out, vowing never to let him see how broken she truly was.

But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t escape the bone-deep ache that she felt every day. She knew it was because of the bond. She could feel her soul calling out to Cassian’s constantly, begging her to seek him out and make things right.

She couldn’t face him, though. Not even months later, when the nightmares plagued her and she woke up in a cold sweat, wanting nothing more than to be wrapped in his strong, soothing arms. But she couldn’t let him see her heart, lest he realize what monster truly lie beneath her skin.


Nesta awoke screaming his name, images of his bloody, lifeless body still fresh in her head. She struggled to sit upright as her head pounded. She pressed a hand to her temple, trying to quell the relentless noise. It was only then she realized it was coming from the hall.

“Nesta? Nesta, let me in!”


“Go away,” she croaked, voice hoarse. Her cheeks were wet with tears and she drew her legs to her chest. Her Cauldron-damned power swirled around her as a reaction to what she had dreamed.

“Nes, please. I know something is wrong, I can feel it.”

It was the same dream she’s been having for months now. Usually she managed to contain her screams and shield her family from the nightly terrors… But tonight she must have slipped up.

“Please.” He’d ceased pounding on the door, but she could tell he was still right outside. It was almost like he cared about her.

Gods, she wanted him to care. Tears built once again and she couldn’t keep a brave face anymore. She needed to open up, talk to someone about what was going on. And she knew that Cassian was the only one who would understand what she was going through.

Reluctantly, she reached out with her power and flipped the lock with a twitch of her hand.

Cassian burst breathlessly though the door, his bare, tattooed chest heaving. He rushed immediately to her side, paying no heed to the shadows gathering at her feet.

He cupped her face in his hands with heart-wrenching tenderness. “You’re at the townhouse,” he murmured, his fiery hazel eyes locking with her hollow blue ones. “This is real- whatever you saw was just a dream.”

“I s-saw-“ She broke off with a light sob, covering her mouth.

“It’s alright. You don’t have to talk about it.” Cautiously, he slid onto the bed next to her, tucking her head against his shoulder. “I’ve got you.”

Both Fae were silent for a long stretch of time, save for Nesta’s sobs. She had moved her head to rest over his heart, the steady beat slowly working to calm her frayed nerves and frenzied tears. All the while, Cassian smoothed his rough, calloused hand over her hair and held her close.

When her eyes had finally dried, he murmured, “I get them too, you know.”

Nesta lifted her head to peer curiously up at him. “What?”

“The nightmares.” His smile was stretched and wan. “Even from battles I fought centuries ago. I still dream about them sometimes; the men I’ve killed and the ones I’ve lost.”

“Does it ever get easier?”

“Not when you bottle it up.” Bravely, he pressed a kiss to her forehead. Her eyes fluttered shut at the touch, instantly filled with calm resolve.

Though neither of them had yet to accept it, she could feel that bond shining bright and warm between them. It gave her hope. Trusting him didn’t mean she was accepting the mating bond. They could lean on each other as friends, too.

“I saw you on a battlefield, wings ripped to shreds.” Her lip trembled at the admission. “And it was my fault- I tried to stop them, I really did, but I couldn’t!” The tears started again, and she hid her face in his chest.

“Hey, it’s alright, Nesta. My wings are fine, see?” He lifted them both, and she raised her head. Illuminated by the soft light of the moon, she allowed her eyes to roam over the membranous beauties. Each one was dotted with a multitude of scars, and where the membrane was thicker from scar tissue, no light shone through.

But they were whole, and they were mighty.

She breathed a sigh of relief, resting her head once more on his chest.

“Thank you.”

His arms wrapped around her, followed by one of his wings.

“I’ll always be here for you.”

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Are you flirting with me?


Prompt: 56, Logince? by @princeyandanxiety

Warning: A small tiny sexual innuendo.

Logan was not really a morning person. He hated mornings. That’s probably the reason why it was 12:30 pm and he was in the middle of making his third cup of coffee.

“Hey, specs,” Roman said when he walked in, and Logan made a noise with the back of his throat that appeared a hello. “I have a question for you.” That made Logan turned around, and he yelped in surprised because Roman was so much closer than Logan had previously thought.

“How can I help you, Roman?” His voice did not shake.

“Is your name Ariel?”

“What? Roman you specifically know that my name is Lo-”

“Cause we mermaid for each other.” He smirked, enjoying the way Logan’s face became redder.

“Are you flirting with me?” Logan said, almost out of breath.

Roman chuckled, and jump to sit over the counter, “Yeah, have been for the last couple of months.”

Small silence.


Logan looked down, smirking softly, “I think,” He cleared his throat and made sure to look into Roman’s eyes, “That you must be Cinderella, because I see that dress disappearing by midnight.”

Apparently Roman was used to do the flirting but not used to be flirt with, because his cheeks turned bright red and his hands suddenly were playing around with sash and he was looking away.

Just, adorable.

“So, you free tonight?” Logan asked, taking a small sip of his coffee.



A LONG STORYTIME (apologises in advance)

I would consider myself to be quite a private person but after finding this blog is started to really enjoy reading other peoples life experience. I am a mixed race, 18 year old university student in London. I did struggle to love myself when I was growing up because my family is prominently white and I always felt like the odd one out. It may seem cliché or cheesy by blogs like this, that promote self love and beautiful black women really help me when it comes to my confidence and for that I would just like to say thank you.

I’m not really sure where to start but I’m going to give this a go. So one day, whilst I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I notice that I have a friend request from an Asian guy. I opened his page to get a better look at his face and see that he is really good looking, so I accept his request and follow him back. After a few day’s he messages me and we start talking. When we are further into the conversation he starts to tell me how I am really pretty and that he loves my complexion and that he thinks it makes me look really healthy. I didn’t really know what to say because no one has ever said that to me before so I just took it as a compliment and thanked him. We carried on texting for a few weeks and then we started speaking on the phone. I found out that he was a college student but he also did part time modelling. He would also tell me things about Korea and I would tell him things about London. We got along really well and officially became friends. For the rest of the story lest call him ’S’.

Then one day S tells me that he is coming to London for a few days and that we should meet up. I was a bit hesitant at first but, after much deliberation, I decided to go. Fast forward a few weeks and I go to meet him in London. When I exited the station S was leaning against the wall outside waiting for me. I was really nervous and was about to turn around but he noticed me and called out my name. As I was walking towards him he stood up straight and he literally towered over me. S said that he was about 183cm but I never anticipated that he’d be that tall (I am only 162cm). He looked really trendy, wearing a suit, t-shirt and trainers. All I remember thinking was that we was really really handsome. 

We went about our day and had a really good time. First we went for something to eat at a pizza restaurant. When we got their he pulled out my chair for me and he ordered our drinks and food. We got a pizza to share and whenever I finished a slice he would always place another one on my plate for me. I just thought that the way he treated me was so kind, he was a proper gentlemen.

When we left to go to the cinema it started raining and I had straightened my hair, when it gets wet it gets really curly. All of sudden took off his jacket and held it over my head to stop me from getting wet. It felt like a  scene from a Kdrama. I remember being so shocked and grateful that I couldn’t hide my smile. As we were walking he started asking me what Korean celebrities I thought were handsome. I told him that I really like Ha Jung-woo and he started laughing. He told me that he’d look like Ha Jung-woo in maybe 20 years so I would have to wait. When he said that I didn’t know what to do so I just laughed. S then just stared at me and after a few moments told me that I look really beautiful when I laugh. After that I just remember feeling really flustered which made me laugh even more.

When we got to the cinema he paid for my popcorn and we shared a drink. We saw Fast and Furious 8. During the film I could feel S looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I tried to ignore him but eventually I gave in a looked over. Instead of looking away S just stared straight back at me. His gaze was quite intense so I smiled to lighten the atmosphere. S smiled back but just kept looking at me. I tried to stare back at him but it just became to much and I had to look away.

At the end of the movie we went back to the station where we met and he waited with me till my train came. When it arrived he hugged me goodbye and stayed on the platform until I couldn’t see him anymore. About an hour later he messaged me to see if I got home ok and told me that he had a really great time. S literally showered me with compliments saying how I was such a nice person and that he really liked me. He made me feel really good about myself. 

Fast forward about 9 months and S has left London. We still keep in contact however. He went travelling around the world and he would send me pictures of every new country that he went to. I am planning to go travelling around Asia next year and I’m stopping off in South Korea for a few days. When I told S he was really excited. He has already told me where he plans to take me!

I honestly just wish fandom would chill with all this antis vs shaladins vs reylos vs devilmans vs whatever nonsense. Because, in 5 years, none of this will matter. In 5 years, some of y’all are gonna look back at this time and think, “Man, I wish I had just enjoyed myself. Why was I so uptight and legalistic? Why did I take everything so seriously?” In 5 years, when we’re living in a nuclear apocalypse, the dead walk the Earth, and Emperor Trump rules his serfdom with an iron fist, you’re gonna long for the days when the worst of your problems was the idea that somebody on the other side of the planet (who you’ve never met and probably will never meet) might be shipping something you think is “problematic”.

I mean, just chill. Please. Go read some fanfic, or draw some fan art. Lay down your arms and study war no more.

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#15 on the prompt list!

15. “Are you still awake…?”

Oh my dear sweet Lexie, I took an awfully long time to finally finish this one lol! But I think you might enjoy what I did with it. :) I decided to do a bit of a Two Weeks Notice AU. This is a variation of the iconic walk in closet scene where she actually gives her notice. It’s somewhat different, but similar idea. 

Also, it’s quite fitting that @cumbercougars just recently filled this manip request for me. Check it out, it’s so fun!

“Are you still awake?”

Molly blinked, trying to adjust her eyes as she glanced at the time on her mobile. “I’m uh…awake now. Don’t think the word still fits terribly well in this case. It’s after two in the morning.”

“Yes well, thank God you’re awake!” Sherlock stated, not missing a beat. “You need to get here right away.”

“Here- you mean Baker Street? Wait, what happened?”

“Yes, yes! Baker Street of course! Hurry please!”

Sherlock hung up at that point, leaving Molly staring blankly at her phone and wondering what in the world could be the emergency. But whatever it was, she was definitely on high alert now, so she bolted out of bed and rushed to throw some clothes on.

Sherlock Holmes, her boss, really was a full time job. No, he didn’t employ her in a full time job. He was the full time job. Disgustingly wealthy and powerful (but also brilliant and charming when he wanted to be) he was widely renowned for his private detective services. Molly had gotten sucked in almost a year ago, being employed for her skills in medicine and science. The timing was good, seeing as she’d been out of work when meeting him.

But goodness, did he have a way of making her questions her life choices at times.

Molly flew up the steps of his Baker Street flat, wondering if she should have her bag ready as some sort of weapon, or perhaps have her mobile out and ready to call Detective Lestrade for backup. She was surprised to walk in and find him casually pouring himself a cup of tea at his kitchen table, surrounded by a considerable mess of experimental equipment.

“Ah, Molly! Excellent timing. Tea?” Sherlock offered with a little smile.

She scanned the rest of the room, looking for signs of an emergency. “Sherlock, what’s wrong? What am I doing here?”

He tilted his head, as if he was suddenly the confused one. “Sorry, did I not say? I’m in the middle of quite a monstrous experiment and if I don’t record these findings properly I’ll never keep it all straight in my brain. No time to waste!”

Molly stood there, slack jawed and frozen as he casually poured a cup for her. Finally she relaxed her shoulders, letting her bag slip to the floor as she released a sigh. She really should have guessed. It was hardly the first time he’d pulled a stunt like this.

“I can’t do this anymore,” she murmured.


She shook her head, staring off into the distance and ignoring the fact that he was now holding out both a cup of tea and a notepad and pen.

“Honestly, Molly, I’m not sure where you’ve mentally gone off to, but this is rather important and I-“

“No, really, it isn’t. Not at two in the morning, no,” she huffed. “Look, Sherlock, I’m sorry but I can’t take this anymore. So…please consider this my two weeks notice.”

It was his turn to stare in shock. “Y-you’re not serious.”

“I am,” Molly confirmed with a decisive little nod. “Very serious.”

His expression cracked and he sputtered out a laugh. “I don’t believe you truly want to quit this work. You’d miss it! Think about it- you crave this sort of excitement. If you truly didn’t want to be disturbed at all hours of the night, you’d shut your phone off!” he said, pointing an accusatory finger.

Molly threw her hands up. “Well maybe you’re partly right! And I don’t like who I’ve become lately! Compulsively answering your every call, running wherever you need me to, helping with the most idiotic tasks at the expense of even my own personal life!”

“I hardly enjoy what I’ve become!” Sherlock bellowed in reply. “I used to be perfectly capable of doing my work alone- and I liked it that way. But you know very well the sort of addictive personality I have…and now I can’t do these things on my own, I need you! I need to be able to tell you what I think and hear your thoughts! I’m addicted!”

Molly swallowed hard as she looked up into his stormy eyes, realizing how close he’d gotten as he finished speaking. She unconsciously licked her lips, but very consciously noticed when his gaze darted directly there. She had to admit that this would all be a whole lot easier if she hadn’t fallen pretty deeply in love with the infuriatingly beautiful man over the past year.

“So,” Sherlock added finally, and gestured over to the kitchen table. “What do you think about these results.”

Molly’s gaze hardened again and her lips set in a firm line, the brief spell effectively broken. “What I think, Sherlock, is that you are the most selfish man on the planet!”

One of his expressive brows shot up and he let out a short laugh. “That’s ridiculous, Molly…have you met everyone on the planet?”

She let out a low groan as she bent to pick up her bag from the floor once again before straightening up and looking him in the eyes again just long enough to end the exchange.

“Goodnight, Sherlock.”

And with that she took her leave, marching out of Baker Street and already mentally planning how she’d smoothly transition away from being his assistant over the next couple of weeks. It was for the best, she was sure. Of course, she had no way of knowing that he was thinking just the opposite.

Sherlock Holmes had instantly realized that he couldn’t possibly lose her. ❤️ 

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Tell Me How pt. 2

Originally posted by bts-and-1d-stuff

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Boss Jungkook AU! Angst, smut

Other parts: 1

A/N: This is overdue, I just got a little busy with work and classes. Still, as always, I hope you enjoy! And thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback! I’m really glad you all are enjoying this <3

Ever since your talk with Jungkook, you’ve been growing more and more irritated. You couldn’t understand why he was pretending like he never kissed you, and it honestly pissed you off. How dare he play with your emotions and feelings? Not saying that you had feelings for him. Or - maybe underneath the hostility and annoyance you felt towards him, you did feel something. Something that was making you feel lousy about being rejected by him. It’s not like you had been expecting a relationship or anything. You just didn’t expect to get played either.

With your chin resting in the palm of your hand, you stared down at the stack of papers on your desk. Papers that you needed to go through and sort, but you weren’t in the mood. The weekend was coming up, which meant that you’d have two days where you wouldn’t have to see Jungkook. Two days free of his icy gaze and dismissive words. Two days free of wishing he’d grab you and kiss you again whenever you were near him. It was hard; keeping your emotions at bay to avoid from telling him off or punching him in the face.

“Ohhh Y/N, my lovely, Y/N,” a cheerful voice called from a row of cubicles nearby, snapping you out of your thoughts. “Where for art thou, Y/N?”

Immediately, you recognized the voice, and you shook your head while softly smiling to yourself. “Where I always am, Jimin.” You replied loud enough so that he could hear you.

You focused your attention on the papers in front of you just as he came around the corner. You really couldn’t understand how someone like Park Jimin existed. He looked like he had come straight out of a comic book or tv show with his bright eyes, flawless skin, and perfect smile. His blonde hair illuminated him in the best way possible, almost giving him an ethereal look. If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear that he was an angel.

“How are you doing today, gorgeous?” Jimin asked, coming to a stop in front of your desk.

Sighing, you looked up at him. “I’m fine, Jimin.” You asnwered boredly, as if you didn’t want to be bothered.

He pouted. “Why are you always so cold to me, hm? What have I ever done to you?”

You pursed your lips to refrain from laughing. This was typical Jimin and Y/N behavior. Jimin flirting with you, and you having no interest in it. He’s been flirting with you since your first day at this office and while it’s flattering and he’s an extremely attractive man, you haven’t given in. Along with Jungkook, Jimin and two other males are the office heartthrobs. Getting involved with any one of them would earn you the jealousy of every female that worked here, and you weren’t sure if you were ready for more hate.

“Do you need something?” You finally asked, and he grinned.

“Your number.” He replied without any hesitation.

You opened your mouth to speak, but he was quick to cut you off. “Don’t you dare even try to tell me that you have a boyfriend, you’re married, or you’re a lesbian,” he shook his head. “I know those are all lies.”

He was right. They all were lies. However, that didn’t mean you were going to give in to him so easily.

“How about this then? Go do what it is you’re actully here to do while I think of another lie." 

From behind him, you noticed a young male coming your way with a cart full of boxes. The office supplies you had ordered at the beginning of the week were here to save the day.

"I love this whole hard to get vibe you have going on. It suits you, truly.” Jimin teased, watching you as you stood to your feet and walked around to the front of your desk.

Sticking your tongue out at him, he chuckled before walking right on into Jungkook’s office without knocking.

There were only a few people who could get away with just barging into Jungkook’s office. Jimin, Taehyung, and Yoongi. The friends that Jungkook had employed when his father gave him this job. While you deal with Jungkook and Jimin the most, you don’t really see much of Yoongi and Taehyung. And when you do, neither of them bother to have a conversation with you. Yoongi just looked like he was bored and annoyed whenever you saw him, and Taehyung simply stared with a smug smirk. Like he knew all your dirty little secrets or something. They were known around the office as the unattainable hearthrobs, seeing as how none of them have girlfriends but flirt with the women in the office - though, it’s mostly Jimin and Taehyung who do the flirting. Jungkook is too high and mighty, and Yoongi just doesn’t seem to want to be bothered.

“Kookie!” Jimin greeted his friend as he plopped down in the chair across from his desk and made himself comfortable.

“Jimin,” Jungkook spoke without looking away from his laptop. “I see you’re hardly working, as usual.”

“I am working.”

“How so?”

Clearing his throat, Jimin sat up a little straighter in his seat. “As the ethics officer, I’m monitoring the workplace. Making sure everyone is acting…” he trailed off, eyebrows furrowing as he tried to think of a suitable word. “ethical.”

Jungkook looked up with an amused grin. “And? Is everyone acting how they’re supposed to be?”

Jimin blinked at his friend. “I don’t fucking know.” He shrugged and got comfortable once again. “I only took this job because of the pay.”

“Wow,” Jungkook scoffed. “Whatever idiot hired you needs to be fired.”

“My thoughts exactly.” Jimin smirked. “He only got this job anyway because his dad’s the CEO.”

“Mmhmm, and then he had the audacity to hire all his childhood friends onto his team.”

“Pretentious, am I right?” Jimin asked, glancing around the office. His eyes fell on the window across from Jungkook’s desk, and he narrowed his eyes a bit.

“Why do you always keep your blinds closed?” He pushed himself out of his seat to move towards the window. The wide, white blinds were pointing downwards at the floor, blocking anyone from seeing inside or outside the room. If you asked Jimin, it was ridiculous for his friend to let his blinds remain closed. Especially since they allowed for him to see outside of his office.

“Because there’s nothing to see out there.” That wasn’t the reason Jungkook kept them shut, and Jimin knew it.

“Are you kidding me?” His friend flipped the blinds open with a tug of the string, grinning at the gasp of annoyance Jungkook let out. With the blinds open, the two males could see directy out of the office. Some of the cubicles could be seen but more importantly, it was your desk that was directly viewable from the window.

They could see you talking to the male who had delivered the supplies as you checked off items from a list as they were pulled out of the boxes. You were smiling, engaged happily in whatever conversation was being exchanged between you and the worker.

“My friend, this view is far better than that one.” Jimin gestured to the large windows behind Jungkook that overlooked the city.

“Jimin-” Jungkook started but his words caught in his throat when your eyes lifted from your clipboard and locked with his own. You were surprised to see that the blinds were open. That much was obvious from the look on your face.

“My beautiful Y/N, hello!” Jimin knocked on the glass to get your attention. 

Shifting your gaze to him, you smirked and playfully rolled your eyes before turning your attention back to the male next to you.

“That little twerp.” Jimin mumbled. “I can tell he’s flirting with her.

"Close the blinds. Now.” Jungkook demanded.

“Stop being a baby.” Jimin brushed off his demand, not bothering to close the blinds to further irritate his friend. “I really don’t understand why you haven’t asked her out yet.”

Jungkook said nothing, and Jimin snickered, returning to his seat. Jungkook liked you. Jimin knew it. Taehyung knew it. And even Yoongi knew it. Even though he never told them, they easily put together the pieces. They’ve known him for years now and are able to tell when he has feelings for someone. Of course, Jungkook is stubborn and won’t admit to liking you which would end up being his loss.

“If you’re not going to make a move, then I am.”

Those words quickly grabbed Jungkook’s attention. With his work pushed off to the side, he narrowed his eyes at his older friend.


Jimin straightened out his tie. “I’m going to ask her out.”

“Don’t you do that everyday?”

“That was all fun and games, for your sake.” Jimin locked eyes with Jungkook. He didn’t want to step on his toes, and he’d back off if Jungkook told him to. If he wasn’t going to then Jimin was going to act on his own feelings and ask you out. “But if you truly have no interest in her, then I’m going to walk out this door and seriously ask her out on a date.”

Opening his mouth to say something, Jungkook caught himself and pursed his lips. He was being ridiculous, even he knew that. All he had to do was tell Jimin not to ask you out. To stop flirting with you because he fully intended to make you his. How could he not after you had broken him down that one night? He couldn’t stop thinking about you, craving your touch. He wanted to act on his feelings, but he was holding himself back for no good reason.

“Do whatever you want.” He said instead, internally wincing at his foolishness.

Jimin seemed surprised, his eyes widening a little before he shook his head and stood to his feet. “Fine. I will.”

Checking off the last supply item on your list, you said goodbye to the young gentleman who had kept you thoroughly amused during his short time here. Even though he had been flirting with you, it was funny because he was younger than you but he didn’t seem to care at all about that. 

The whole encounter had been quite entertaining and even as you were putting away the printer paper in the copy room, you couldn’t help but to smile to yourself. You had something to help get you through the day now. It’s not often that you find yourself enjoying your days at work. So little moments like the one you just had are greatly appreciated and cherished.

“There you are.” Came Jimin’s familiar voice from the door, and you turned so that you could look at him.

“Here I am.” You stated, observing how he quickly looked from you to the floor.

The flirty aura that usually surrounded him was completely gone, replaced with something else. Anxiety, maybe? Whatever it was, you weren’t use to Jimin acting this way, and you were about to call him out on it but he spoke before you could.

“Do you have a minute?” He asked, fidgeting a little. He seemed nervous, and it was beginning to make you nervous. He’s the ethics manager of the company, and he had just talked to Jungkook. What if Jungkook told him what happened between the two of you? Surely, you’d be the one to get fired and not Jungkook. 

Oh shit. 

Was he here to fire you? You’d be utterly screwed if you lost this job.

“Sure. What do you need?” Your voice strained a little, and you attempted to cover it up by coughing.

“Well,” he swallowed hard. “I have a proposition for you.”

Now you were skeptical. If he was here to fire you, that’s an odd way to go about it. “Go on.” You prompted.

“One date.”

As soon as he said those words, you sighed, feeling yourself relax a little. So he wasn’t here to fire you. Instead, he was here to pester you about going out with him. You opened your mouth to complain, but he held up a finger as if asking you to wait before launching your rant.

“Just hear me out.

Saying nothing, you shut your mouth and narrowed your eyes at him.

"We go on one date,” he started.“if you hate it and things don’t work out, I won’t flirt with you or ask you out ever again.”

That was his proposition? Date him and if you don’t have fun then he’ll leave you alone? It was almost too easy.

Not that you don’t enjoy Jimin constantly flirting with you, but you could live without it. Besides, one date with him wouldn’t kill you. You’ve been on plenty of dates before. Dates that were good, and dates that were bad. You were sure that you could handle going out with Jimin once.

“Deal?” He asked when you continued not to say anything and stuck out his hand.

Glancing down at his hand, you hesitated for only a few seconds before taking his hand and shaking it.


God, you wanted to hate this date.

You really wanted to hate this date. You wanted to say that Jimin was intolerable and being in his company was torturous. That he made you uncomfortable, and you’d relish in not having to deal with him anymore after today. 

However, you couldn’t because you were having a great time. 

Like, an extremely good time.

The two of you had made plans to see a movie and then go to a local park to have a picnic. Even before the date, you did your best to try not to smile or get excited whenever he texted or called you to say goodnight and wish you sweet dreams. You attempted to brush him off when he approached you at work, but inevitably fell victim to his efforts of starting a conversation.

It was strange, but the two of you just seemed to click. It was easy talking to Jimin. He was understanding, sweet, funny, and gave you all his undivided attention. You hadn’t made much of an effort to dress up for this date. Since you dress nice for work, you dressed down today. You traded in your heels and pencil skirts for a loose fitting pair of “mom jeans,” a sweater, and some flats. The only makeup you had bothered to put on was concealer, mascara, and a little bit of lipstick. You had pulled your hair up into a messy bun and called it a day. 

Still, despite the fact that you didn’t dress up, Jimin continuously complimented you and didn’t look at anyone else but you. It was slightly hard for you to believe that you were this enticing to him. So much that he admitted to wanting to kiss you because he liked you a lot, and you were so beautiful.

It was a not so surprising confession, if you were being honest. He just kept looking at you like he wanted to kiss you.

“You wouldn’t dare.” You joked in response to his confession before taking a sip of the wine you had brought. 

You really didn’t think he’d be brave enough to do such a thing, especially since he couldn’t be sure how you’d react. Boy, were you wrong.

His plush lips connected with your cheek for only a few seconds, and he pulled away with a laugh. You blinked a couple times, unsure if he had actually just kissed you or not. By the time you convinced yourself that the whole thing hadn’t just been your mind playing tricks on you, Jimin was already running away.

"Park Jimin!” You set your red solo cup down and climbed to your feet, taking off after him. “You little brat!”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself!” He flashed you a wide smile as he jogged backwards, moving fast enough to where you couldn’t catch him but remaining close so you could still hear one another.

“Don’t let me catch you! I’m gonna throw you in the lake!” You threatened. As if you could even drag him all the way out to the pier.

While you knew it wasn’t possible for you to carry him out to the lake, he knew how easy it would be for him to carry you. He came to a stop, seemingly lost in thought about something. You used this to your advantage, quickening your pace until you were only a few feet away from him. He turned his head to look at the lake and when he glanced back at you, mischief was written all over his features.

You realized too late what his intentions where and by that time, he closed in and lifted you off the ground, easily placing you over his shoulder.

“Jimin, nooo!” You squealed, wriggling against his grasp.

“You brought this on yourself!”

You clutched onto his shirt as he started running towards the pier at full speed.

“Jimin!” You called his name again, but it was useless. All you could do was prepare yourself for the inevitable. You could tell by how he slowed down a little that he was nearing the end of the pier, and you lifted up your hand to pinch your nose. You didn’t want to risk inhaling water by accident. 

You let out a small yelp when Jimin jumped from the pier, his grip loosening on you. The cold water of the lake chilled you to the core and shocked your senses. Jimin had let go of you once the two of you made contact with the water, so you were able to quickly swim to the surface. Thankfully, the lake wasn’t that deep so you could touch the bottom and the water only came up to your chest.

“Jimin!” You shouted between coughs, brushing hair out of your face. Your hair had fallen out of it’s bun and was all over your face now. “You’re dead!”

You heard him chuckle from behind you before his arms wrapped around your waist, directing you towards the grass.

“Come on, that was fun!” He teased.

“You’re crazy.” With the murky water out of your eyes, you were able to shoot him a small glare. It didn’t phase him any, and he just continued to grin like a little kid who had just convinced his parents to buy him ice cream. It was kinda cute, if you were being honest.

The two of you returned back to your things, completely soaked from head to toe. Your body trembled slightly, and you clenched your hands into fists to keep yourself from shivering more aggressively. The little chill in the air was intensified now that you were soaking wet, and Jimin quickly picked up on that.

Wrapping his arms around your shoulders, he pulled you into his chest. “Are you okay?” He sincerely asked.

“Yeah, just cold.”

“Ahh, I’m sorry.” He frowned. “That wasn’t the smartest idea.”

“It’s- It’s f-fine.” Your teeth chattered as you grew colder.

He pulled away from you, and you almost complained about the lack of contact and little bit of warmth he had provided. That was until you saw him packing up everything back into the picnic basket and setting it off to the side so that he could grab the blanket from underneath. Shaking it out, he draped it around your shoulders. 

“Let’s get you warmed up.” He said softly, rubbing his hands up and down your arms.

You had told yourself that you wouldn’t do this - let your feelings get the best of you and let down your guard. It was only the first date, but you already knew that you’d want to see more of Jimin. He was intoxicating, with his mannerism and charm. And every single time he smiled at you, it made you want to die. It’s like how you always thought before. How could someone like him exist?

You stepped forward so that you could wrap your arms around his shoulders, covering him with the blanket as well. “You should get warmed up too.” 

Your face was burning but despite the fact that you were nervous, you still looked up at Jimin. His hands rested on your hips, and he smiled down at you in what appeared to be admiration - almost like he had found something he’s been missing all along.

“You know,” you shifted your weight a bit. “you missed.”

“Hmm?” He questioned, not catching on to what you were saying.

“Earlier… you missed.” You prompted and kept your eyes locked on his.

He stared back, trying to decipher the code you were giving him. When it finally clicked, his eyes widened and his lips formed a small circle as he mouthed ‘oh.’

For the first time since - well, ever - Park Jimin’s face flushed. His cheeks tinted, and his glanced at the ground for only a few seconds before he was scanning your face. 

You could tell that he was contemplating, and you knew it was because things were going so well. He didn’t want to move too fast and risk messing things up. So maybe you needed to make the first move to reassure him that everything would be fine. 

You leaned up towards him, close enough to where you could feel his breath against your face, but you stopped before your lips could meet his. You had initiated things, and now he just needed to take the next step. And you hoped he would or else you’d be embarrassed. 

Thankfully, he closed the distance without a second thought , kissing you gently. You sighed into the kiss, and you could feel him smile against your lips. The two of you had one another right where you wanted, and this kiss verified all the thoughts about whether or not you and Jimin were going to continue going out.

One of his hands moved to cup the side of your face while the other slid around your waist, bringing you closer. You needed to pull away and catch your breath, but you didn’t want to. You were in bliss, and you wanted to stay in this moment for as long as possible. 

Eventually, you pulled away, and Jimin rested his forehead against yours.

“So I guess this means I get to keep bothering you.” He said once the two of you had a chance to catch your breath. 

Smiling, you laughed a little. “I guess it does.”

Dating Jimin was great. Wonderful, even. He was a really good guy, and he treated you extremely well. In the weeks that had gone by, the two of you progressed from seeing each other at work and going out at night to spending the night over one another’s house.

You had wanted to keep your relationship private at work, but people were quick to notice how the two of you always ate lunch together and how you couldn’t keep your hands to yourself. Neither of you made a public service announcement saying that you were together, but you eventually stopped being so discrete about it. You were able to remain professional around each other. So professional that you didn’t think Jungkook knew that you were dating one of his friends. Not that it should matter if he knew or not. He’s the one who turned you down.

Today, Jungkook was having a meeting with your boyfriend, Taehyung, and Yoongi to discuss some aspects of a property the company was interested in buying. Originally, you hadn’t been apart of the meeting but during it, Jungkook had texted you to bring coffee to the room and something to take notes with. You supposed he didn’t feel like taking his own notes. You had done as you were told and as soon as you had entered the room, Jimin’s eyes were on you. 

Like they currently were. He couldn’t stop staring at you. Grinning. You knew exactly what dirty thoughts were running around in his mind, and you couldn’t wait to- 

“Taheyung, pay attention.” Jungkook fussed, and you looked over to see Taehyung shoot the younger male an annoyed look.

“Sorry, it’s hard to concentrate with Jimin undressing Y/N with his eyes.” Taehyung sighed.

Your froze, eyes widening slightly at what he just said. Talk about being blunt and having no filter.

“Seriously, Tae?” Jimin rolled his eyes, obviously accustomed to how his friend is.

“He’s not lying.” Yoongi agreed blandly. “You haven’t stopped staring at her since she entered the room.”

“Well considering the fact that she’s my girlfriend-”

“I’m sorry, your what?” Taehyung cut him off, leaning forward to narrow his eyes at his friend.

The room went quiet, dangerously quiet. You couldn’t really read the atmosphere, but you could tell that Taehyung didn’t seem happy. Meanwhile, Jungkook looked confused while Yoongi kept a neutral expression on his face.

Your grip on your pencil tightened as you grew nervous, unsure of what was about to happen and why there was a slight presence of tension and unhappiness.

“She’s my girlfriend.” Jimin repeated.

“Since when?” Taehyung fired back.

“A few weeks ago.”

“Jimin…” Yoongi trailed off, eyes darting to you and then back to Jimin.

“If-” eyes shifted in your direction. “this is about the whole dating in the workplace policy, we’ve already filed the paperwork.”

“That is definitely not what this is about.” Taehyung snapped at you harshly, resulting in you tensing up under his intense stare.

You couldn’t be sure if you had ever done anything to offend Taehyung, but he was treating you like you had.

“Watch yourself.” Jimin warned his friend in regards to the tone he took up with you. “And if it’s not about that, then what is this about then, Taehyung?” Jimin asked and then looked at the leader of this meeting. “Jungkook?”

Jungkook didn’t respond right away and simply stared at Jimin before he slowly turned his head to look at you, dark hair falling to the side a bit as he cocked his head slightly. 

Was he upset with you? Angry that you were now dating one of his best friends after kissing him? If so, he didn’t show it. He placed the folder in his hands on the table and turned towards the door.

“Just don’t let it hinder your work.” Jungkook ordered abrasively. “This meeting’s dismissed.”

He didn’t wait for anyone to say anything else and left the room without another word. Yoongi was the next to leave, sending an unreadable look towards Jimin and Taehyung before disappearing.

“God dammit.” Taehyung groaned, bringing his fingers up to rub his temples. “I have a headache now because of you.”

“Yeah, okay, Tae.” Jimin replied back, his words dripping with sarcasm as he stood to his feet.

“Yeah, okay, Jimin,“ Taehyung mocked, but he stood up and left the room, muttering under his breath as he did so.

“What was that about?” You questioned once you were sure the other males were out of earshot, moving around the table to pick up the folders the men had left behind and empty coffee cups.

“Taehyung just being a brat, as usual.” Jimin said, helping you gather up the remaining materials. “Let’s grab some dinner. I’m starving.”

And just like that, the subject had been changed.

You were so use to staying at Jimin’s place that you were beginning to forget you had one of your own. His was much more spacious and put together than yours, and it showed you that he must be making a good amount of money at the company if he’s able to afford such a beautiful place.

Despite you loving his house and his waterfall shower that was completely made of the prettiest white marble, your favorite thing about staying with Jimin were the mornings. You loved how his curtains kept out the blinding rays of the sun but still dimmed the room. You loved waking up next to someone, having your limbs tangled and intertwined with theirs because being close to one another and having some part of your bodies touching helped you sleep better.

You liked hearing Jimin groan in discontent at how early it was before the bed shifted, and he was nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. He’d wait a little, letting the both of you wake up more before he’d start pressing soft kisses against your skin to slowly get you worked up. 

It was a usual occurrence, and this morning was no different from the rest. 

Jimin hovered over you, his lips moving in sync with yours while his hands pushed up the shirt he had given you to wear last night. It was off and on the floor in a matter of seconds, leaving you in nothing but your panties. Your own hands moved down his bare chest, feeling every ab and defined muscle.

He groaned at your touch and pressed his growing bulge against you so that you could feel exactly what you were doing to him. You wrapped your legs around him so that you were in a better position, drawing in a breath when his hand moved up to your stomach to one of your breasts.

Your arousal was intensifying but as quickly as it was building, it dropped even quicker when the sound of someone knocking at the front door could be heard. Jimin didn’t seem to care and continued on as if nothing happened. So you followed his lead.

Only a few seconds went by before the person knocked again. This time it was louder and more impatient. Soon after, Jimin’s phone started to vibrate from the nightstand. You were beginning to get the feeling that this person wasn’t going to give up, and you hated them for it. Jimin sensed the mood fading, and he attempted to bring it back.

“They’ll go away,” he said in between needy kisses, hips rolling against yours as he massaged your breasts, eliciting a moan from your lips. Maybe this person would leave after-

Whoever was outside pounded loudly on the door, and you and Jimin both jumped in surprise. This person… was not going to leave. That was obvious.

“Jimin,” your voice was breathy. “I don’t think they’re going away.”

Soon after the words left your lips, his phone went off again. This time, he pulled away from you in irritation and rolled over to snatch the object from the nightstand. Squinting, he read the name on the screen. His face frowned up but before you could ask who it was, there was more knocking.

“Jesus, Christ,” he grumbled and stood up from the bed. “I’m coming!” He shouted. 

His attention turned back to you, and he leaned down to kiss your forehead. “I’ll get them to leave.”

You nodded, hoping it wouldn’t take him long to get rid of the person.

With his sweatpants hanging low around his hips, your boyfriend hurried out of the room to go and answer the door, swearing at the person when they knocked again. He was annoyed, and you could understand why. This person was being obnoxious.

“What are you doing here?” You heard Jimin ask whoever was at the door a moment later. He sounded surprise, and it peaked your interest.

Your tried to listen in on the conversation, but the voice was low when they answered. Your suspicious raised, and you climbed out of the bed and put Jimin’s shirt back on. While you trusted Jimin, you couldn’t help but wonder if maybe another woman had made an unexpected trip to his house. 

You quietly left the room, tip toeing down the hallway so that you could try and hear who the visitor was. The front door shut, telling you that the person had either left or Jimin had welcomed them into the his home. If it was the latter, you might be able to relax since it would be someone he isn’t trying to hide from you.

“You forgot, didn’t you?" 

You completely froze. That wasn’t a female’s voice. You knew exactly who it was.

"Well, yeah.” Jimin replied with a matter of fact tone. “My life doesn’t revolve around you, Kookie.”

Jungkook was here. Why the hell was Jungkook here? You’d almost prefer that it was a woman and not him. Yes, he knew that you and Jimin were dating, but you doubted that he was expecting to find you here… in nothing but his best friend’s shirt. It shouldn’t matter, and you shouldn’t care because you and Jungkook aren’t dating. You’re not even friends. However, you couldn’t stop yourself from feeling nervous.

“We’ve had this scheduled since last week.”

“What’s one more day? Or even later tonight?” Jimin asked.

“I drove all the way here. We’re doing it now.”

“Now isn’t a good time.”

“Why?” Jungkook paused. “Is someone here?”

Your nails dug into the skin of your palms. You needed to move, retreat back to the room before he saw you. 

“As a matter of fact, yes.”

You don’t know why, but apart of you wished that Jiming would’ve lied - would’ve denied someone being here. Which was completely ridiculous of you. He’s your boyfriend. The two of you are simply doing what people who are in a relationship do. 

“Whatever. Let’s just get this over with.”

You took a step back, realizing that Jungkook’s voice was much closer than before. You were in the process of pivoting around when you saw him. He was dressed down, wearing a black t shirt and jeans with a pair of Timberlands. A black baseball hat covered his hair and even though his outfit was so simple, he still looked really good. 

You took another step back, and he caught your movement from the corner of his eye. He came to a halt, turning his head so that he could look at you. You immediately regretted leaving the room and not returning back to it when you had the chance. The way he was looking at you made it obvious that this was the last place he expected you to be

“Are you hungry?” Jimin asked, suddenly appearing in front of you to block Jungkook’s view since you weren’t wearing anything but a shirt. "Sorry about him, I forgot we made plans to go over some work related things.“ Jimin apologized, sensing your uneasiness.

"It’s fine.” You cleared your throat. You didn’t want to stay now that Jungkook was here. The two of you have kept things strictly professional ever since the night you kissed and now that he’s seen you like this, you just wanted to go home. “I’ll leave.”

Jimin frowned at your words. “What?”

You were already backing up towards his room, mind set on getting the hell out of there. “Yeah, I have some errands I need to take care of anyway." 

It took you less than ten minutes to put your clothes on and gather your things. When you went out into the living room, Jungkook was nowhere to be seen and Jimin informed you that he had left something in his car. You decided not to care and gave your boyfriend a kiss goodbye, telling him that you’d call him later.

Maybe, if you hurried, you could avoid running into your boss. Reaching into your purse, you dug through it to find your keys. You weren’t paying attention to your surroundings, and you should’ve been. Because then you would’ve noticed the unfairly attractive man leaning against the side of your car with his arms crossed as he waited for you.


Your head snapped up, keys in your grip. So much for trying to avoid Jungkook. You bit down hard on the inside of your cheek, slowing to a stop only a few feet away from him. 

“What?” Your tone was firm, and you were hoping that you could keep it that way.

Pushing himself away from you car, Jungkook looked you up and down. “Back when we had that meeting, why didn’t you tell me beforehand that you were dating Jimin?”

That was an unexpected question, and you narrowed your eyes at him. Has this been something that he’s been thinking about?

“Since when do I have to report details about my personal life to you?”

“I don’t think it’s considered personal when the person you just so happen to be dating is your superior.” He was really beginning to grind your gears. He already hassles you enough at work. Why can’t he just leave you be now? Your relationship status has nothing to do with him.

“It’s like I said at the meeting, we’ve already filed the paperwork.” You quipped, pushing a button on your keys so that your car doors unlocked.

“Yeah, I got that.” He brushed off the statement. “Are you going out with him to get back at me?”

You stopped, not able to hide the incredulous look you gave him. Just when you thought he couldn’t get on your nerves anymore than he already has, he goes and says some stupid shit like that. He’s a real piece of work, and you hated how much you were attracted to him.

“Wow, you’re so full of yourself.” You shook your head, maneuvering past him to the driver’s side of your car.

“I just don’t see how it’s a coincidence that you start dating him after-”

“Don’t finish that sentence.” You cut him off. “Because if you do, I can’t promise that I won’t slap the shit out of you.”

He pursed his lips, eyes locking with your own.

“You’ve made it abundantly clear that nothing happened between us.” You reminded him. “So unless I’m missing something, you’re completely out of line for interrogating me about my relationship.” 

Was he jealous? Or was he genuinely concerned about Jimin being your rebound? You would like to think that you weren’t using Jimin as a rebound. You liked being with him, and you sincerely cared about him as well. Besides, it’s not like you had been expecting to enjoy his company so much that you’d end up dating him. Things just played out that way.

Am I missing something?” It was a challenge. A test to see if maybe he’d put aside whatever was holding him back and show that he wasn’t a huge jerk. It was wrong, but you were hoping that he’d say yes.

“No.” He answered with a straight face. The same straight and serious expression he usually gave you. Go figure.

Your heart sunk a little, but you quickly reminded yourself that you have Jimin. You didn’t need Jungkook. 

“Alright then.” You opened your car door. “Goodbye, Jungkook.” 

He remained silent, watching as you climbed into your car and buckled up before turning on the engine and leaving. It was ridiculous for him to be this stubborn - both of you knew that - and he couldn’t help but to wonder if he had truly messed up. Or if there’d be a chance for him to redeem himself and tell you how he really feels.

FFXV - Official Comic Anthology - Chapter One

Note: I’m only a beginner in Japanese and study it on the side as hobby, so there might be errors along the way, either way i hope you enjoy!

Nocto and the Black Chocobo

Noctis: Geez- the target monsters are nowhere to be found…

Ignis: From the Information it should be around here though.

Gladio: After all the searching, even Prompto turned quiet, hahaha.

Noctis: Now that you say it… Prompto isn’t here?

Gladio: Wait a minute, he didn’t end up in some Monsters Belly now, did he.

Prompto (from somewhere in the bushes): Hey everyone! I found it!

Noctis: Finally it showed up.

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For @not-aph-england

This seemed like a serious prompt but I’m hoping you don’t expect serious of me. Also I got a bit carried away. This is only the second Cardverse fic I have ever written, did you know? 

Enjoy some silly usuk Cardverse! : )

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hey i did one of those fancy fursona selfies! :3

this was kinda hard bc cooper isn’t drawn like other people’s sonas w/ realistic proportions and anatomy, he’s a cartoon rabbit so that doesn’t really work as well ;u;

I DID IT ANYWAY THO & even wore a lil outfit similar to cooper’s (i couldn’t find his undershirt anywhere lol & obv the fun bun shirt would have to be custom made)


Mod Commentary under the break!

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The Seven Deadly Sins (Preview)

genre: angst, fluff, fantasy, supernatural, knight au, royalty au, nanatsu no taizai au (no need to watch the anime to understand the story)

pairing: jungkook x reader (ft. all bts members)

author’s note: hello, I’m a new bts scenarios writer! The Seven Deadly Sins will be my first series! I hope you guys will enjoy it once it’s out! The first chapter will be posted soon! Here’s a short preview of the series! I won’t reveal which sin is which character, it’ll be revealed later in the stories!

“What crime did you guys commit during the last war? Did you actually kill our people?” you asked out of curiosity. People seemed so freaked out whenever they heard about them, as if they were the most evil monsters out there. You wondered what they would think if they knew the ones sitting with you right now were the seven deadly sins themselves whom they were really afraid of.

Sloth simply answered with a shrug, “I fell asleep.” and he literally dozed off right after with his head on the table, leaving his meal uneaten.

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A Man by Any Other Name

So I saw a prompt and this short drabble popped into my head. Gladio owns a coffee shop and everyday a blonde guy comes in that he really fancies, but he doesn’t know his name. It’s short but hey! I wront something today and I’m going to be proud of myself for it. Enjoy~


“Have a good one!” Gladio called out to a customer leaving his shop. His face was all smooth charm and suave smiles, much to the delight of every woman (and some of the guys) that walked in that coffee shop. Why wouldn’t they though? He was the perfect picture of a man. Tall, tanned skin, muscular but not disgustingly so… The tattoo that ran down both arms seemed to also garner a lot of attention. Each and every customer that interreacted with him always got the same kind words and charmer personality. Still, there was one person… one customer that Gladio was fascinated by. One that always had is complete attention every time he walked in those doors… and he didn’t even know he guy’s name. He wasn’t hard to mistake though. Bright blonde hair, big blue eyes… beautiful smile that sent the big beast of a coffee shop owner’s heart into a flutter. However, every time he came in, he always gave some ridiculous fake name for his order. Gladio always humored him and called him by that name for the duration of his stay, but he was determined today to find out his real name.


Gladio looked up at the clock briefly and smiled. Right on time. He made his way up to the front counter, leaning in on his right elbow with his classic smirk on his face. As per the usual, the blonde laughed, blushing some and scratching the back of his head. “Well good afternoon. Long time no see.”  

“I came in yesterday, you goof.” Came the bubbly response. The cheerful tone always seemed to draw a happy chuckle from the brunette behind the counter, and today was no different. He stood up straight and pulled out a cup.

“Once a day isn’t enough.” He teased, looking around for his marker, but not missing the deep red blush on that pale freckled face. “Same as usual?”

“Y-Yes, please.”

“Name on the order?”

“Batman!” Gladio glanced up, completely serious look on his face.  

“Sorry, new shop rule, gotta have a real name on the order.” He instantly felt a little bad when the smile on the man’s face faltered, but he redeemed it quickly by giving him a slightly out of character soft smile. “I’m just messing with you there, Batman.” The sigh of relief he was met with made him chuckle as he continued. “You are gonna have to give up your real name eventually, though.”


“Well, you come in everyday and give me a different fake name for your order. Not a big deal, but-” He paused a moment to actually write out ‘Batman’ on the cup with some semblance of legibility and grinned. “I think you are awful damn cute, and I’d love to actually know your name… yet here I am. Writing Batman on your cappuccino.” He snickered again when the guy turned several shades of red and walked off to fix his drink. When he came back, he was surprised to find that his mystery guy had barely moved a muscle. “Here you go, Batman. Large Salted Caramel Cappuccino, wet with extra caramel.” The blonde took his drink a little most hastily than usual and started towards the door. “Have a good one.” Suddenly, he stopped, hand on the door, looking down at his feet. Gladio looked concerned, wondering if he had upset the guy. “Something wrong?”



“My name…” He trailed off for a moment as it clicked into the barista’s head. “My name is Prompto.” The brunette couldn’t hide the excited look in his eyes, but he managed to keep the rest of his body relaxed. Prompto gave a sheepish smile and hurried out the door, waving to the larger man behind the counter. Gladio gave a soft chuckle and waved, before heading back to finish his dishes and smiling like an idiot for the rest of the day.

I Love You So

Idol: Wendy (Red Velvet)

Prompt: “Person A gazes lovingly at B, while B is going on about something they are passionate about. They go on for half an hour until A kisses them” with Wendy (Red Velvet) as B and female reader as A

Writer: Admin Kiwi

A/N: I’m still really bad at titles. Again, I’m sick so if there’s anything weird in this, blame it on the fever and the NyQuil. But look at me, getting things done (not my homework, but things). Anyway, this is going to be short and sweet, so I hope everyone enjoys!

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Don’t Let The Storm In

Prompt: reader is afraid of darkness and thunderstorms. One day Billy and her are working in his apartment during a really bad one and Billy tries to comfort her (it’s a normal request, not for auction)
Prompter: Anonymous

Thank you for the prompt! I quite like storms so it was difficult to write someone being scared of them, but I think I did okay! 

Hope you enjoy!

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A very strange sky!
The second photo was taken in a busy parking lot. I wondered if ANYONE even noticed the huge, dark, tubular cloud looming above them. It was a tad bit creepy, but also very cool! It did not look “normal” at all… and no one seemed to be paying attention. One thing… if I am outside, I NEVER miss a cool sky. My eyes are always scanning it, and everything else around me. It’s the simple things that make life beautiful. I think people would appreciate the world around them a little more, if they would simply open their eyes!

Don’t ever get so busy, or caught up that you forget to enjoy breathing, existing, surrounded by interesting and amazing things. Our minds can become so cluttered that we forget to be in the moment. LIVE for the MOMENT, it’s all you have. 

Ghost from the past Part 2

Pairing : Poe Dameron x reader

Warning : Insecurities, fluff?, swearing 

Words : 2.2k

Prompt : This story happens before the part 1, you just jumped in a ship of the Resistance to escape your awful boyfriend Jango. What will happen to you then? 

A/n : Here is the second part of Ghost from the past, I wanted to explain the way Poe managed to make you over come your insecurities after you left Jango, so here we are, maybe I’ll add a part 3, let me know! Feel free to report any grammar mistakes, hope you’ll enjoy the reading!

Part 1

Originally posted by farfartothewestofeverywhere

You were breathless as the ramp went close. Did you just do what you did? You looked past a window and saw Jango running towards the ship you went on. He seemed to yell your name and you let a sigh escaped your lips. You did it. You let yourself leaning down the wall, closing your eyes. As the ship took off, you felt an anguish grow in your mind. What if he was able to climb on it? You opened your eyes again, looking for the sight of him in every person that crossed by you. But he wasn’t there. He was not there anymore. You swallowed and stood up, making your way to a seat. He was not there anymore.

It’s been a week since the ship landed on the base. When you arrived, you and the small group who had decided to join the Resistance were taken to your quarters. It wasn’t until a few hours later that you realized what your choice involved. Actually, you jumped on the ship just to get away from Jango and didn’t really thought about the consequences.

And the first one you had to pass through was, people. You had to deal with people and a lot of them. You never had been so scared of something than that. The simple fact to ask your way on the base was a challenge for your nerves. The only thought that came constently to your mind was, what if they think I’m stupid? What if they laugh at me just because I went in the wrong direction? And as you were learning mechanic, it was the only thing that didn’t involved too many people, you always doupted yourself on your work. Your days were full of « what if? » and to escape the crowd, you ended up in a corner of the hangar, solely focused on your datapad.

You were so quiet that people barely noticed you. You already had taken by surprise a few people and you always ended up with a massive blush all over your face, focusing your gaze on your feet with embarrassment. Strangely, you always waited for them to yell at you because you were on their way or just because you scared them. It was in those kind of moment you wished to disapear.

One day walked in the mess hall and as soon as you passed the door, the fear made you sick. No one were paying attention to you and yet you felt as if all the eyes were on you. You walked quickly towards the buffet, your gaze on the ground, when you bumped into someone. The plate, which was still in the person’s hands a few seconds ago, found itself on the ground, causing a noise that spread throughout the mess hall. You suddenly felt overwhelmed. What have you just done? Without even looking at who you caused the harm, you knelt down to pick up everything you had dropped.

« I, I’m so sorry, so sorry » you begged in a shaking voice.

« It’s alright » and the person knelt down too to help you. You dared a glance and discored it was Poe, Poe Dameron. You felt your throat tighten. What an idiot you were. « I guess that’s what happen when we do not look where we go » he added in a chuckle.

The last thing Poe Dameron wanted to do was hurting someone feelings on the base and yet, without knowing, he did. Somewhere in your mind you knew he didn’t mean it that way but you couldn’t help it, your eyes became teary and you felt the urge to leave the mess hall as the guiltiness grew inside you. The memories of Jango and his friends bashing at you came on your mind and you were so afraid of Poe doing the same that a tear flowed down your cheek and you stood up.

« I’m sorry » you repeated.

Poe glanced at you and stopped right away what he was doing when he saw your teary eyes. He stood up but you already had turn on your feet, walking away quickly.

« W-wait! » he called but you did not.

When you were no longer in the mess hall, Poe straight himself up, feeling a slight guiltiness grow. Did he do something wrong? He took back his plate and made his way until a table where his friends, Finn, Rey, Rose and Snap were sitting.

 « What a show! » Finn said.

« Yeah, not proud of this though. » Poe stated, scratching his neck.

« It’s the first time I see her around. » Rey said and Poe shrugged.

« I think she arrived with the group a week ago, no? » Finn asked.

« Surely, do you know her name? » Poe felt sunddenly curious about you.

« I think it’s y/n, I saw her working with some mechanics, I think she’s on training. » Rose informed.

« Now that you speak about it, she scared the hell out of me the other day! » Snap remembered. « she’s quite a lone bird. »

« A lone bird, eh? » Poe felt silent, thinking deeply.

 Something about you intrigued him. Why were you so sensitive? He did not believe he did something wrong and he was right and he conclued his thought by wanting to learn more about you.

 A few days had passed when Poe showed up in front of you. You were sitting on a table of the mess hall with your datapad and your plate. You did not noticed him at first, too focused on what you were studying, so Poe cleared his voice.

 « Hm, y/n? That’s right? » Poe asked.

 You jolted at the sound of his voice and turn your panicked gaze on him.

 « Sorry, didn’t want to scared you! »

 Every parts of your body tensed up, waiting for the worst but Poe just smiled at you.

 « I’m Poe, Poe Dameron. »

 You stared at him as your heart started to beat insanely. What was he up to? What did he want from you? Was it about the accident of the other day? Did he come to humiliate you? You started to overthink everything and you swallowed, running your tongue over your lips with nervousness.

 « May I take a sit? » Poe asked giving you the flirty grin.

 You remained silent and focused again on your datapad. He was just messing up with and you didn’t to feel stupid. For the first time Poe losed his confidence. You were a rock. He scratched his neck and mumbled.

 « Okay, I’ll stop bothering you. »

 He turned on his feet and went back where he came from. He gave you a last gaze and saw your cheeks growing red as you hid your face with your hands. A small smile spread on his lips, realising you were the most shy person he ever met.

After this, Poe started to stick around you.  You weren’t quite sure why but if at first it felt uncomfortable to have him around, you ended up by being used to his presence. Yet you didn’t talk, he was the one giving you the greet and smile and you were just glancing at him back. He didn’t come near you too much, leaving you your personal space to make you feel secured. Enventually you started to feel at ease when he was there. You were studying well as well, making your way towards the mechanics.

 Then, you managed to work on your first ship with a former mechanic. To be honest, he was the most strict being beside Jango you ever met. You were listening to him closely and at the moment you tried to lay a hand on the ship, the former mechanic yelled at you, making you jolt and dropped the wrench you were holding.

 « What the hell are you doing, you stupid?! It is not the right fuse! Do you want to blow everything up to ease the work of the First Order? You idiot! »

 Your gaze fell down on the ground, feeling the anxiety grow. You squeezed your sleeve tightly as some eyes were looking at you.

 « S-sorry. » you whispered.

« tch, go back to your bunk, you need to study. » He spat and you didn’t waste anymore time.

 You walking out on the hangar as Poe walked in.

« Hey y/n! Where are you going? » He asked without expecteing an answer.

« Bunk. » you replied quietly.

 It took him aback. He stopped, looking at you walking out. It was the first time you said something to him. You talked to him. Well, it was one word, but he did heard your voice. And this time it was not your voice adressing someone else, it was your voice adressing him. Something had happened. He could sense it. It was so unlike you to speak to him that he prefered to postpone what he wanted to do to go after you.

 You were sitting on your bed, observing a ship plan on your datapad when your heard a knock. You opened your door and jolted at the sight of Poe.

 « Wh-what do you want? » you asked, clearing your voice from the shake.

 He was so amazed by you, actually speaking to him that he almost forgot why he was there. He looked at you up and down and gave you a gentle smile.

 « Just to see if you’re okay. »

« I am. » you answered before wanting to close the door but Poe slipped his foot into the frame.

« I think you’re too talkative to be okay. » He spoke honestly.

« You’re talking nonsense. » You swallowed, feeling your heart become suddenly eavy.

« Don’t think so. Let me in? » He asked in a concerned voice.

Will you let him in? For a few second the question was not only about him entering the room. You shrugged and step back, letting him in. His fist pumped the air in victory and he walked in. He looked around your room and something felt odd. There were no personal stuff. You sat down on your bed and invit him to take the chair next to your desk to sit down. What he did.

 « What were you doing? » He asked.

« Studying a ship plan. »

« Isn’t it something you have already done few weeks ago? »

« I guess it was not enough. »

 Poe’s brow furrowed.

 « C’mon I know you know the ship plan by heart. »

« The former mechanic seems to disagree. »

« He’s an idiot. »

 You shrugged and took back your datapad in your hand. You zoomed on the part where you initally wanted to connect a fuse on the ship and handed it to Poe. His eyes grew wide.

 « Okay, you’re an idiot. » He chuckled.

« See! I can’t do this, I’m so stupid I can’t even learn something useful, I’m such an idiot. »

 Poe was taken aback by your sudden denigration.

« How can you be so rude towards yourself? It was just a mistake. »

« Yeah, everything was just a mistake, leaving my home was a mistake at the very first start, thinking I could do better without Jango was a mistake, he was so right… so right. » You repeated, hiding your face in your hands as your voice cracked at the end of your sentence.

 Poe stood up and approached you, sitting next to you. You didn’t dare looking at him but you could sense his concern.

 « Who is Jango? »

« My ex boyfriend. A pathetic one. » you whispered.

 Poe started to understand. He gently took your hand in his as he drew circles with his thumb on the palm of your hand.

 « Don’t think that way. He was bad, you said it, leaving him was probably the best choice you could do and, mistakes are here to make us grow. Don’t know what this Jango did to you but he’s definitely a jerk. »

 You chuckled bitterly.

 « I think we have what we deserve. I’m not able to learn ship plan without blowing everything up and I was not able to sleep with him, you see, I’m the jerk one here. I’m not able to make people value myself. » Your voice shaking as your throat tighten.

 « I value you. »

 You looked at him curiously, waiting for him to develop his answer.

 « I saw you, I saw all the work you did here, I see how much you study hard and I value you for that. Actually I don’t even care about what happen in your past, what I care about is what you do, now. » Poe took a minute to dry away a tear that was flowing down your cheek. Your heart started to become lighter. « You’re doing great. »

 For the first since a while you heard a praise and a smile stretched out on your lips.

 « And this is great too. » He added with a winked.

« Don’t start the flirty thing Dameron. »

 He laughed as he stood up, ready to walk off your bunk.

 « Poe? »

« hm? »

« Thank you. »

« Anytime. »

 He winked at you playfully and walk off. As soon as he disapeared, you felt something had change in your heart. And you knew, you knew everything was going to be different. 

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