but i did say to him happy bday now so

Something I'll regret later

To one of the people I actually talk to @bananacatowl Go day happy bday for me

Oh I’m going to hell after this

Today was a day I never expected to happen.

I mean it started the same, but only for 4 minutes.

I guess nobody else realized it either till a while.

Well today in the morning I got up and did my usual things.

Fight myself on whether to get outta bed or not, and taking a piss.

Then I washed my face and looked in the mirror

And that’s when I saw it…I was not me

I had all my thoughts but my face wasnt mine.

I rubbed my eyes and pinched myself so many time to say this was a dream

But then I realized this was real life

I was Johnathan…I was in his house,in his colthes, I was him

I quickly ran my fingers..Well his fingers on his face and then rushed to his bed

I nearly wrestled his bed for his phone.

Of course this mother fucker has a god dam password

I went with a guess and typed In his birthday….it worked

I tapped on his contacts and looked up my name

Once I saw the right one I quickly called my phone and waited.

“Hello?” I heard My sleepy voice come through the phone.

“Johnathan wake up!” I heard him quickly scatter to get outta bed.

“Hang on is that me?!” He said in a shocked voice

“Yes Johnathan it’s your voice but it me Evan! I know this is gonna sound weird but…I think we switched bodies!” I said as I heard him get up and scream.

“WTF?!! IM YOU!” He screamed through the phone

“AND IM YOU!” there was a long silence between us before he spoke up again

“Does this mean I can do whatever I want with your body?” He sprang up a joke

“Look fucker dont do anything with my body untill I get there! Got it?” I said as I found some socks and his shoes

“Fine but this is still funny as fuck” he said before I hung up

About 20 minutes later I ended up at my place. I grabbed my extra key and walked in to find Johnathan messing with my hair in the mirror.

“John! Your fucking up my hair!” I said I walked up to me..him?

“Evan your hairs been fucked since the day we met im spicing you up a bit” He said as he kept on going in the mirror.

“Ugh if your at least gonna be in my body treat it right!” I said as I looked over at the clock on the stove

“Oh I’ll treat your body right Evan don’t worry about that” he had a smug grin on his face as he said that…seeing myself say that made me feel all kinds of wrong, and not in a good way

“Look John if your gonna be in my body your gonna have to be me.” I said trying to find my ‘work phone’

“So I’m the Evan Fong now?….mm…this will be interesting” he said as he sat on the couch

“You make it sound so dirty….anyways if you are gonna be "Evan Fong” then you have to do what I do.“ I said as I got my work clothes from the closet

"Meaning?” He said as he stared at me

“Meaning you gotta get ready for work” I said as I threw him the pair of clothes

“Fuck you” he said I led him to the showers

“You’d be fucking yourself dumbass” I said as walked in

While Del was taking a shower I started thinking, did this just only happen to us?, What about our YouTube channels?

Then I remembered mom and dad were coming over for there “happy time with Evan” as they called it….

Oh Shit…


Welp I’m tired. So go say happy bday to @bananacatowl before 12

Im Going to hell now

anonymous asked:

so weird to hear liam say all that about zayn when they seemed really close and good mates. idk i guess maybe zayn was closer to louis than the others after all. i always felt like zayn left cause things got too much to him regarding his mental health and stuff so idk i guess he wouldn't really tell the boys that. zayn said a lot of shit but they did go through a lot of shit it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. liam did wish zayn happy bday this year but i guess they're not really friends now.

I don’t think any of the boys are really friends with Zayn anymore. I reckon Liam is the one who keeps in touch with him the most (I think they were, mmh, quite close whilst they were both in the band) but I don’t think they share much anymore. I’ll be honest anon, I am angry at Zayn. I don’t like how he handled his depature from the band at all, especially the things he has said afterwards. I don’t know why he left specifically, I have a few ideas, but even if he left because of his mental health that doesn’t justify him for saying all those nasty things he has said and keeps saying about the band. He could have left the band without making a peep about the band and how much he hates it.