but i did like the video

underrated john mulaney quotes:

  • “he never forgets a bitch ever
  • “…and he was almost impressed!”
  • “because we’re delta airlines / and life is a fucking nightmare”
  • “SCATTER!!!!!!!!”
  • “…which is some racist-ass bullshit, but also incredibly well coordinated for a group of thirteen year olds”
  • “i’m a little fat girl”
  • “the best thing about that was that after that, cars were pulling up and looking over to see who just did that piece of shit move, expecting to see like a 100-year-old blind dog who’s texting while driving and drinking a smoothie, instead they see a 28-year-old healthy man trying his best”
  • “and i was the ONE pre-y2k asshole going ‘and also with you!’”
  • “Don’t you have to do a shift at school tomorrow?” *drinking like it’s the end of the world* “Ehhhh, I’ll just show a video.” “That’s why teachers show videos?!”

Fuck, I know I already made a Darkiplier post yesterday and I’m pretty sure A Date with Markiplier has been over watched at this point, but I was thinking about something that I don’t think anyone has addressed yet.

It’s during the [HORROR] video, right as you’re going in the theater.



Why did you say something like that?

Do you know something we didn’t?

Eh, maybe not.


When I first entered the phandom, I enjoyed shippy Dan and Phil fanfiction, but made no assumptions about their real life relationship. I very purposely tried to avoid making any assumptions about their real life relationship and did not speculate in any way. I felt it was disrespectful to try to speculate about their real life relationship.

And then I watched their videos of the last year or so. And I watched the BONCA Awards. And I read their recent tweets. And I saw the candid photos they posted of each other. And I made my phan timeline and saw how many vacations they’ve gone on together and such. And then I noticed how neither of them has ever taken a date to any significant event or even been seriously paired with anyone in gossip. For like 7 years.

And now I can’t stop speculating. Or making assumptions. Or something. I feel so dirty.

A Scene from Secret Empire: Uprising
  • Viv: Why did you know to recruit me?
  • Natasha: You were...highly recommended.
  • [one month earlier]
  • Vision: This is her when I first built her, here she is fighting social injustice, this is a video of her playing piano - she's so talented, right? This is her playing paintball... [hundreds of pictures of Viv spill on to the floor]
  • Natasha: *deep sigh*

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I mean realistically every animal with night vision has poor day vision, but somehow faunus have both. I actually think it would have been pretty cool if they did have poor day vision, to balance out their advantage at night, but RT obviously didn't go that way. As much as I like RWBY, faunus genetics don't make a lot of sense sometimes.

To be honest though in a world where monsters spawn out of lakes of goo; dust from the ground is used to make lightning, fire, energy, ice; kids go to schools to train to weild deadly weapons that they build themselves and everything on the planet basically has the equivalent of a video game health bar: Faunus Genetics aren’t all that out of place.

However I do like the idea they have poor day vision and wear contacts.

For Ethan (CrankGameplays)

I just got done watching a few of Ethan’s words expressed in the videos made my day a little bit brighter. I wanted to write this to express positive thoughts I wanted to say to him in case he ever needs it.

The first thing you always have to remember is comparing yourself often leads to you feeling like you aren’t good enough, that there are people out there that extend your limits which is not true. You are your own person, You did not come here for a purpose or a mission. The only mission you go on is to pursue what makes you happy. Ethan, from how long I’ve known him, is a very ambitious dude. I have admired his work ethic when he used to be a manager and still made videos and now I have admired him even more now that he is in LA working on his channel while editing and traveling to conventions to meet fans. Not going to college cause he wanted to work harder on the channel and to pursue his dream and make it a reality. It’s slowly coming true and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s come so far and has worked so damn hard to get where he is at now. By going on the path he wanted to take, it’s gotten him to experience new opportunities and achieve so much. You don’t need to go on the “basic route” in order to follow a dream and Ethan has proved that.

I watch him because he has been an inspiration to me to keep pursuing what I love most. There’s a video entitled “You Can Do This” where Ethan talks about how you should go for your dreams no matter what people say and no matter how hard it takes to get there. My goals is to hopefully become a graphic designer, creating digital drawings, sketches, logos that can help companies. I have started a YouTube channel and have been making speed paint videos weekly. I attend a technical high school that teaches you while you learn the common studies to pursue your dream, your goal. I was always interested in graphic designing, audio, video editing, lighting and, thankfully, I found the shop for me. It is called Design and Visual and its a multi-media shop. For the past 3 years, I have been taught how to create videos in Premiere, create logo designs in Illustrator, the basics of Photoshop and so much more.

This was a video where Ethan said something that really struck me.

“You can do this. Don’t let others tell you what you can and cannot do. If you want something bad enough and you work as hard as you possibly can, you CAN achieve what you want to achieve. Don’t let things like this slip away.”

There was a lyric from a song that I know because of Ethan. The lyric goes as follows:

“It’s tough but it’s gotta be somebody so why not you?”

This got to me because it’s a lyric and a song that meant a lot to Ethan and as I listened to the song in my own time, I started to see how this inspired him. He told us about this song when he just hit 200k and now he is just about at 300k.

I had the pleasure to talk to Ethan at PAX East this year and It was very humbling to have that minute to speak to him. You were so kind to me and my friend Alyssa for the short time we had. I wish you a very big and bright future, Ethan. You are gonna be the best you can ever be. Know that I believe in you as much as you believe in me. I hope these words cheer you up if you ever doubt yourself or feel down. I also heard you were sick so feel better and eat some soup <3

- Haley D


PLL Endgame & Expectations

I wanted to talk about this. Many people here, including me, anxiously anticipating the return of the show are also quite terrified because we don’t know if everything will make sense.
There are certain questions that the show must answer for the whole Pretty little liars story to make sense for e.g. Why did this person kill Jessica?, Why was Sara Harvey helping Charlotte?, Where does Bethany Young fit in all this?, What were in those videos made by the NAT club? Etc.

Then there are some questions that have been bugging us for forever, mini questions, like Who gave Alison the bloody lip?, Who was the ghost girl in season 3 Halloween episode? that aren’t seemingly connected to the endgame of the show.

Sadly, I don’t think all of our mini questions will be answered. It would have been better if those mysteries had been closed years ago as they were brought up rather than leaving them in the open. Even Troian said that “I can’t promise every fan that they will get every question they’ve asked answered. I can say that I do believe that the majority of fans will be really excited. We have done our best to wrap up all the mysteries on the show, while maintaining a lot of new, fun, exciting things to deliver that fans won’t expect. I do believe everybody is going to be blown away by the end of this whole story.”

Therefore, we shouldn’t expect every tiny detail of the story to make sense, just the big overall picture. In the past I wouldn’t have been okay with this, and I’m not saying that writers are without fault, however we know that there are a lot of red herrings and mystery content to throw us off the track. So if there is something not addressed by the end of the series, it means it didn’t play a part in the overall mystery of the show, and I’m going to try to be okay with it. I say this because we’re nearing the end of the show, there are only 10 episodes left, and I’ve been seeing a lot of negative content about the show on tumblr. I understand the worry (I’m scared as hell myself!!) but I think we need to lower our expectations a fair bit. If big pieces of the story don’t make sense by the end of the show, by all means call the writers on it, but I don’t think it is fair to be complaining about plot holes of a mystery that is still ongoing - clearly they are not plot holes if the story isn’t complete. The fans have the right to say what they want about the show and that is totally fine because it is their platform and they can use it to express what they want to. I just hope we all are a bit more positive in our attitudes because after June there will be no more PLL. I, like all of you guys I hope, want to enjoy and treasure this time watching, enjoying, theorizing about the show and having an open discussion but it gets a little difficult to do that when there is so much negatively here. Let’s be real, after the show finishes we’ve got till forever to rant about it.

I really hope this didn’t come across as bashing or anything of the sort (that was not the intention at all). We don’t have much time left with PLL and we’ll never ever experience watching a show like this one, and I just want us all to get the maximum out of this wild ride that we’ve been on for 7 years. ❤

alternate timeline: I never discovered either that feminist website or transsexuality when I was thirteen and now I’m 20 and a cis fairy kei/gothic loli blogger whose income comes from YouTube video ad revenue and I live in Portland

alternate timeline 2: I never read the oprah article about t cooper in 2010 but I did discover the feminist website and now I am a butch lesbian in cartooning school in like, Michigan

alternate timeline 3: I actually applied for that teach English in Spain thing in January 2016 and now am fluent in Spanish and live in barcelona

alternate timeline 4: I actually applied for grad school last year and am in grad school now


Well, I did promise to upload a video edit!!! And I thought, why not a parallel one?! I hope you like the new way I’ve done it! Won’t be happening in every video. Just thought it’d look good!!

#ThankYouHarryAndMatt #shadowhunters #malec

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Relationship status: Wedded to my career. We’re quite happy. This is us:

Lipstick or Chapstick: Both, actually. The lipsticks I like are rather drying (curse you, mattes!).

Last Song I Listened To: “The Man Who Sold the World” (David Bowie). Specifically the 1979 SNL video version with Klaus Nomi. I’d just gotten done explaining who Klaus Nomi was- longish story, a friend had shared a thing with a picture of the Marquis de Sade and I said that he kinda looked like Klaus Nomi’s long-lost grandpa and then it turned out that said friend had no idea who Klaus Nomi was, so I had to share the Lightning Strikes video and then that reminded me of the Man Who Sold The World tuxedo thing and so of course I had to go listen to that, I’ll never not listen to David Bowie.

Last Movie I Watched: Pacific Rim- I like to watch that with Juju. It’s so funny, she looks up every time they say the word “kaiju,” which is very, very frequent.

Top 3 Characters: Captain Janeway (Star Trek: Voyager), Death (Sandman), Sam Vimes (Discworld)

Top Three Ships:  This is actually the hardest question here. I have a lot of crack ships, each one more hilarious and improbable than the next, but like, fictional relationships I’m actually invested in and enjoy experiencing are more frequently than not super strong friendships because I am an absolute sucker for created families- people adopting sibling roles, parent roles, coming to see this stranger they’ve been thrown together with as somebody they really care about. So these are my top three relationships- not just romantic relationships.

If I had to think about the fictional relationship that means the most to me, it’s the relationship between Kathryn Janeway and her crew from Star Trek: Voyager- specifically her friendship with Tuvok. Spoilers for a 20+ year old TV show: in the last episode, she unmakes reality to save her best friend’s mind. (And for many other reasons both personal and tactical, but Tuvok’s dementia is one of the most compelling reasons and the one that’s explored most in the show.) It’s quickly followed by the relationship between Ben Sisko and Jadzia Dax on DS9- that kind of loving, playful friendship that’s closer to siblinghood than anything else is something that I really enjoy watching. 

As far as romantic ships go, they’re usually kinda fleeting depending on the media. I suppose that Garak/Bashir from DS9 holds a really special place in my heart (there’s this one fanfic, Letters from the Northern Continent, that makes me go all dokidoki). Although there is one that I’ve been all about for… jesus christ, over a decade now. I’ve been shipping this goddamn pairing for eleven years at this point. How do I make the letters tiny so that you don’t see that I still haven’t gotten over my first weeb ship from high school? Will I ever be over Integra/Alucard? (Probably not, we all have our vices after all.)

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(I agree with the anon who said Shawn is sometimes rude) there was a simple video where a fan said "I love you"... all he did was give her a weak smile and a weak thank you... no emotion at all. If I were him, I would've cried my ass off to see someone support and love me unconditionally like that.

Maybe he was simply overwhelmed? I do think that he is incredibly grateful to his fans… but I’ll watch a few videos this weekend to see if I find any rude moments 😊

Fan art of You’re Not a Lost Cause by @hellofriend304

This is part of the video scene… I think it would be better to post it like this?

(I don’t know how to make the images not show unless you click in there ;;;m; )

Anyways…I don’t know if I captured the mood and expressions correctly, but I tried my best to do so. It’s my interpretation of what I read.

Please tell me if I did anything wrong cuz I don’t use tumblr a lot.

That’s all the parts I did… I feel that the next scenes would express the feel better with close ups…I just decided not to do it.

For some reason the hotel room looks like this in my head. It’s like those luxurious looking beds with red curtains all around…(Although I didn’t do much with the background) And I think the bright red and yellow creates a contrast with the content. This scene feels like it should be in a dimly lit room or in black and gray, but that wouldn’t seem realistic to the situation, so I decided to draw a really bright room with red curtain…

I tried with the bruises and stuff…I don’t know if it looks enough to show how pale he is >m<

I don’t feel like tagging cuz it has nothing to do with the original game, it’s something for a fan fic.

so i’ve been thinking about what i really want to do with my life and what i want to study when i go back to school because i’ve never had a real life plan or anything but i’ve been thinking a lot lately over the past few months about how much i love talking about hockey and analyzing players and stats and with how much i’m living making these videos and just talking about this team that i might want to do sports journalism? i mean i’ve always lived writing and for a while in high school i did consider being an english major but i just didn’t know what i would DO with that degree but sports journalism is a pretty marketable degree to have.
but i feel like i should know a bit more about other sports BESIDES hockey and i’m thinking of maybe starting with baseball? idk i’m just rambling here and not really going any where with this i’m just putting my thoughts into words y'all can ignore me

Mr. and Mrs. Pac Man

El ends up not liking video games that much because of the flashing lights and loud noises, but she’ll never forget the first time Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will took her to The Palace shortly after her return. The boys had been talking about the arcade over and over as it became their new favorite place to hang out and El was excited to see what made them so happy. Upon walking into the building, El knew she wouldn’t like it. The lights were dimmed and noises came from everywhere, making her anxious. Mike grabbed her hand reassuringly and Will asked her if she was alright. El put on a brave face and nodded with a tight smile.

Slowly she became used to the sounds and watched the boys amusingly as the battled each other and stared at amazement of the large contraptions. Of course being teenage boys, they eventually got in an argument. Lucas was bragging about destruction Dustin at Donkey Kong to which Dustin argued back that Lucas only beat him caused he had something in his eye. The two boys raced over to the game for a rematch and Will followed in amusement. El stared around at all the machines and turned back to Mike as she felt his eyes on her. “Uh is there anything you wanna play El?” Mike asked and looked away, not wanting to admit her fear. Mike, knowing El like a sixth sense, squeezed their locked hands. “Hey nothing here can hurt you. It’s all just for fun.” he whispered closely to her over the loud noises. El looked up at him and smiled, making Mike’s cheeks visibly flush even in the dim lighting. Her eyes wandered his face and he could tell she was gazing at his freckles, something she adored about him. Normally he’d love the attention, but not here of all places! “H-how about Pac Man?” Mike asked, leading her over to the machine.

 "It’s really simple. You play as Pac Man, the yellow dot and you have to eat the dots without the ghosts touching you. Those bigger dots in the corner are power pellets and when you eat those, you can eat the ghosts. But they come back.“ Mike explained and El nodded, looking down at the buttons below her. "Oh these are the controls. This moves you around and this is to start the game. You wanna go first?” Mike asked, fishing change out of his pockets. 

El nodded even though she didn’t particularly want to play. Mike deposited the change and El hesitantly hit the start button. The game started instantly with a fast paced song that made El jump slightly. She felt Mike look at her, but she focused on the screen infront of her. Gripping the joystick, El started to move Pac Man around as he sucked up the dots. She maneuvered around the maze until she got stuck in a corner and got eaten by the pink ghost. “That was good! Those corners can be tricky. Dustin thinks it’s so you pay more. Do you wanna try again?” Mike asked and El nodded excitedly. “Fun.” she said with a smile and Mike smiled back, putting more change in. El hit the button again and immediately stared to move Pac Man around to collect dots. 

Mike took turns watching the game and El, but mostly El. She moved the joystick from side to side, sucking up dots and narrowly missing Inky. El slightly leaned forward eagerly as she ate a power pellet and started to hunt the enemies. She swallowed up Inky and Pinky as Mike let out a “Whoa!” and was about to collide with Blinky when the ghosts stared to flash. “Mike?” she asked quickly. “That means your power is about to run out. Get away from him!” Mike said when El got trapped in a corner again. She wiggled the joystick around to free herself as the ghost drew closer and closer. 

All of a sudden she felt Mike’s chest against her back and his arms around her as he placed his hands on top of her. El let Mike grip her hands as he tried to free the yellow dot and El, who was tense with anticipation, instantly relaxed a little with Mike’s arms around her. Just as Mike freed them, they heard snickering and turned to see the others staring at them with smirks. The two realized how they looked and separated as Pac Man died on screen with a game over. “We’re gonna get something to eat. You guys want anything?” Lucas asked and they both shook their heads. Dustin shook his capped head and they walked away. While they walked away, Mike heard Lucas say “Mr. and Mrs. Pac Man” and Mike flushed yet again, rubbing the back of his neck. El’s eyebrows came together in confusion and was about to question the meaning when Mike interrupted her. “So what did you think of Pac Man El?” El smiled and grabbed his hand. “Fun.”

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I'm cackling because I'm reading all this discourse you're having on hot/not hot Darcy (I agree with everything you've said so far, I also add Daniel Vincent Gordh to the list from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and consider him "okay... I guess") and basically what I keep going back to is "is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me" and that is how I feel about all these Darcys (Darcies?) and I find it very funny.

tbh darcy from the lizzie bennet diaries is HOT imo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i watched the series when they were posting new videos every week and i remember the SUSPENSE and ANTICIPATION to see darcy and then we FINALLY DID AND IT WAS LIKE O SHIT HES HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! also jfjfjfjfjfjfj that quote totally applies fuK 

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Ya know, i only watched yaoi on ice bc people kept saying how "good" it was, on first ep, i found katsuki so annoying i had to close the video & stop watching before finishing the episode, also the weird ass chibi thingy they use for the recap almost gave me a heart attack when i watched the 2nd episode the animation was nothing special, characters were bland (except JJ, Yuri p), vik is a terrible excuse for human being he was just so rude, same with katsuki. why did anyone even like this?

“also the weird ass chibi thingy they use for the recap almost gave me a heart attack” IM LAUGHING SO HARD and honestly same

- mod 2

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When did you know you wanted to marry your husband?

That’s a funny story. The first day after I met my husband I asked my friend about him, prolly 15 times. Hahah. That next week I met him for the second time and we clicked over George Straight - I Got A Car.
And than we started talking video games (Mario) and how I liked Marvel Heroes but liked DC Villains. He just clicked to me and I became unbelievably obsessed with him every time I talked to him or seen him.
I was full blown in love with him about two weeks after we started dating. I knew as he talked music and comic books with me at a bonfire that I was going to marry him. Here we are two years later 💜