but i did like the video

Thoughts I Had During Roswell’s Bizarre UFO Crash

  • Ryan lookin like a full course MEAL right off the bat goddamn
  • Shane’s hair is trying to contact the aliens this episode. Trying to get a hold of the mothership.
  • Wait what the heck did that plane say gay???
  • “Enola gay” I’m so proud of Enola for coming out in such a public way (rhakajrjw)
  • ??? Why didn’t the general come to the crash site??? Do military not follow similar protocol to police when they see shit like this?? Stop tampering with evidence, I’m onto you ya little shits
  • Shane called the dude Carl once and I continued to call him Carl for the remainder of the video
  • *long sigh for Ryan’s arms*
  • That feeling when people think you’re doing a cover up so you gotta come up with another cover up to cover up your suspected cover up
  • Ryan thinking that flying saucers are specifically alien-related is the same as Ryan thinking that all stars are pentagrams, this boy don’t know shit smh
  • Please don’t let this man go to a park, if he sees a frisbee he will shit himself
  • Plastic skin, you say? *flashbacks to the Men in Black episode* interesting…
  • “Details tend to become compressed” ya that’s… A solid excuse for, like… times when there was little documentation… not when there were literally newspaper articles the day after it happened, with dates…
  • “Its unclear how this contradiction is also an effect of time compression.” Rb if u screamed at the amount of pettiness that fills Ryan’s small man body at this exact moment.
  • Records? Destroyed? Oh honey. I’ve seen a Series of Unfortunate Events. I know how this goes.
  • Why did the text on Shanes shirt need to be surrounded by a white square, why not just make the print white?? It’s unnecessary.
  • 600 people?? That sure is quite a few
  • #confirmed: Shane argues with Ryan just to piss him off sometimes fjsksls
  • Ryan you look like a fool anyway love you tho
  • Ok yeah the government definitely payed Brazel off, whether he was telling the truth or not, you probs don’t want someone running around like “aliens!1!!1” if ur trying to tell the entire world they’re not being invaded
  • The govt ransacking ppl’s homes in order to keep them quiet and rid of any retained UFO materials makes them look so guilty???? Wtf??
  • ItS jUsT a WeAtHeR bAlLOoN
  • “Get your shit together, get your life together” tbh I needed Shane saying this for me to want to get my shit together
  • If there’s a letter with explicit instructions not to open until someone DIES, that’s gotta be some serious shit
  • Voldemort is an alien #confirmed
  • Shane: does impression Ryan: starts falling back in his chair (BOOD, RYAN)
  • I can’t believe he’s still wearing the fuckin tinfoil hat
  • What highlighter Ryan usin on his forehead??
  • Well that was a…. juicy ep.

2017 was definitely not EXO’s year musically. I’m gonna be honest - it sucked. Both Ko Ko Bop and Power felt like they had no idea what they were doing with their sound, and both videos felt very………….un-EXO. The concepts - psychedelic and comic book hero - were good ideas but very poorly executed. I mean, all of the members are over the age of 23 now, and the oldest is creeping slowly towards 30. These would’ve been ideal songs and concepts for NCT 127, who are still struggling to find their footing with title tracks and are, obviously, a far more junior group, with a younger age average. Using them for EXO felt totally misguided - it’s time for their sound and image to continue to mature, like it did with Monster/Lucky One/the Ex'ACT album in general.

Me: So who’s ready for some Shance?

Also me: But kiesh, don’t you have a lot of unfinished stuff, why the hell do you start another one?

Me: I don’t know man, blame Shance 

So uhhh… consider this: Shance Singer!AU

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i would’ve killed to have a parent that actually bothered to understand the bare basics of my interests… my mom would always say shit like, “i don’t know anything about video games. i don’t like them. you know that.” whenever i asked her to play with me, get mad at me for asking, get mad at me for gushing about them when all she’d do was tune it out.

so i stopped asking! i stopped wanting to do things with her! she only ever did things with me when it was something she liked and made ME get into so she could feel good about herself!

if my mom had ever once sat down, sucked at video games, but spent time with me… it would’ve meant the world to me! if she ever noticed what books i was reading and asked me about them, anything more than surface-level, maybe i would’ve actually felt okay with telling her how i felt about the things that upset me when she asked! she’d get pissed at me for not telling her what was bothering me when she never gave me a reason to think she’d ever listen or take it to heart! obviously it’s a lot more complicated and she was violently abusive in other ways too so i didn’t trust her but that was definitely a foundation.

William Nylander - Cheating Prank

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heyy ♥ i love your writing ♥ and I was wondering can you make a william nylander x reader imagine in which he pranked reader on 1st april about him cheating on her but she thinks it’s serious and she start crying and stuff and he wants explain that was only a joke but she leaves his house and she just doesn’t want anything with him anymore and stuff? Thank you so much in advance I’m like in love with your blog ♥ (sorry for my english)

Author’s Note: Never apologizes for you’re English, love. <3 <3 <3 I’ve seen one of these video’s on Instagram and I have to say they are mean. :(  Enjoy! -Julianne

There was nothing funny about what he did to you, however, if it had happen to someone else you might have found it funny, but not now.

It had been a very long day at work and when you pulled into your driveway all you wanted was to curl up in bed with you in William’s arms. You noticed Mitch’s car on the street, but when you got in the house there was no sign of the loud goofball. What was there was a candlelit dinner table. You smiled to yourself as you made your way to the table.

“William.” You said to yourself.

You got closer to the table and noticed that the plates were already used. But it was the wine glass that made you see red. You picked the glass up and saw a shade of neon pink on the edge. You looked down at the ground and saw a white lacy bra, and it wasn’t your size. You made your way up the stairs, wine glass sit in hand.

Half way up the stairs you heard a sounds. You stopped to get a better listen, but could really make the sound out. You started walking again. You took a breath before opening the bedroom door open.

“You fucking asshole!” You screamed.

William whipped around He was naked and the clothes next to the bed showed you just what he was doing. William bite his lip like he was trying not to laugh. Fucking asshole cheat on you in your bed, and then starts to laugh!

“Y/N. It’s-ow fuck!” William said ducking.

You slammed the bedroom door and ran to your car before William had the time to catch you. You started driving to the only place you knew you could go.

William’s P.O.V.

“Dude, she is maaddd.” Mitch giggled like a schoolgirl as he moved from his spot in the corner.

“Can you clean up for me, while I go find her?” I asked Mitch while I placed my shirt back on.

“Yeah, sure man. But if you don’t make it back, I’ll assume she killed you.” He joked as he handed me my phone.

Your P.O.V.

“Shit, I told them not to do it.” Auston said as he pulled your crying self in for a hug.

“You knew he was cheating!” You yelled. Auston smiled. “Why does everyone feel the need to smile! It’s not fucking funny!”

“I’m smiling because he wasn’t cheating.” He said pulling away from you.

“Then, why were there girl girls and the lipstick and he was on top of he-”

“It was a prank.” He cut you off.


“The clothes were from the girl that I last bought home, and the “girl” was a bunch of pillow’s” He said looking down at you. “Mitch, was hiding in the room the whole time, taping it all.”

“Fucking assholes!” You said feeling the anger leave your body. “That wasn’t funny!”

“I know.”

“Y/N!” William said as he walked in the house. “It was a jok-”

“A mean joke! You and Mitch are such assholes.” You said as you ran into William’s arms.

“I’m sorry, I saw a video online and it looked funny. I really I’m sorry.” He said grabbing your face in his hands. “I’m sorry.” He said once again placing a kiss on your lips.

“I have one question?” You said.

“What is it babygirl?” He smiled.

“Who, made the lipstain?”

William giggled. “Mitch.”

“One more question?” You said. “Do you have pictures.” You laughed along with Auston.

“Even better, I have a video!” William laughed as he pulled his phone out of his pocket.


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C'mon it's them at the concert....I think it is now useless to deny ....😄😍

It does look like them at that concert, anon. Even when you see the whole short video it still looks like them. And Cait did helpfully provide the information that she was there.

As to wether the “denials” will now stop? Who knows? They may continue on with them either to please the bosses or to keep some modicum of privacy- but after concerts and blowfishes and “hi love” and “happy birthday hon” and doing press interviews whilst arm in arm and literally every time they look at each other…well, after all that for them to be continuing on with the denying does seem rather pointless.

And perhaps that is the point? Those one finger “salutes” given by each of them in pictures of them very obviously together as a couple are aimed at someone, anon-and I don’t think it’s the fans

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Yo tea when did you start posting art on youtube and other social medias? It's for a school project about a person that inspires us. I CHOSE YOU

ahhhhh i’ve been on the internet since the dawn of time, but i mainly became active around late 2000′s??? since i was like basically 12 or smth bahhhh no exact dates tho!

as for YT, i mainly became active around 2013 but ive been posting shit videos since 2011 or smth (again, no exact dates lol)

thank you so much!! i hope your project goes well! <3

What I did for Love - Daveed Diggs x Reader

Request: Can a get a Daveed Diggs x Reader thing going? Please and thanks xoxo

Word count: 1276

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: Amazing vocals, plus me fangirling over the thought of Thayne Jasperson singing

AU: Real life peeps 

Note: Yes I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been writing (like since the beginning of summer). But here I am. I got this idea by me being re-obsessed with the A Chorus Line video the ensemble of Hamilton did. So I hope y’all enjoy :)

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i literally dont know how you and other artists do it. like hoW DIGITALART??? HOWART??? ihave no idea how to improve and i have no idea how to share my art on the internet. welp. belp. help

Here is howart, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Try to digitalart
  2. If fail, look at process videos n see what you can steal from them, read books about howart, and also study your favourite arts and try n figure out how they were made
  3. Try to digitalart

I did my first painting after watching one of @blvnk-art‘s process videos. Sometimes all it takes is seeing someone doing the thing in order for you to figure out how to do the thing. It blew my mind that she a) used a reference (like right there, on the canvas) and b) didN’T USE LINES?? WHAT???

As for sharing your art on the internet:

  • Make sure to tag your art properly so that people can find it, and don’t get too discouraged if you don’t get a lot of attention at first. 
  • If you’re sharing it on Tumblr, remember that it might take a minute for people to get to you on this whirling blue hellsite. 
  • For immediate validation (if that’s something you need), Instagram is much better than Tumblr, since likes take less commitment than reblogs and replies. 
  • But if you want to build a community, make connections, and find friends, Tumblr is much more responsive, if you’re willing to slog a bit to get there.



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I would love to see a speedpaint video from a pony drawing of yours *-* Will you do some one day?

I already did some in past)
You can find my vidio here. But it is a very old videos^^
Anyway I had thoughts to do something new but… I had too much problems with streaming in past. Recording program I used (Open Broadcaster) just hated me >_<
+ I feel myself a bit uncomfortable when streaming, you know I feel restriction or something like that…
And so I understood that streaming is not my theme^^

Not for this moment anyway

this is just my personal opinion, but like every person that will interview someone they’ve practically never heard anything about and don’t know them very well, should have the duty to search them up, get themselves educated about the person they are interviewing and TRY I mean actually TRY to don’t make repetitive questions. 

Like do they really think that 100 other interviewers didn’t ask “How does it feel to come this far?” or simply “How did you got put up together?”, or “Whats your celebrity crush?” (please enough 🙄) I mean I saw an interview where they asked “How are your concerts? Do you dance?” like wtf? Anyone who knows BTS in the basics knows that they can dance pretty damn well and its not so hard to actually go on your phone one night before an interview and search “BTS songs” and I’m pretty sure after you’ve listened to the current single they are promoting, you can find any live video and see that they can dance. 

What I’m saying is, it gets freaking boring to watch the same thing over and over and very few people can make an interview feel actually enjoyable, for the fans besides the fans seeing their favourite artist, and for the artist themselves, specially when more than half aren’t fluent in your language. 

idk I might be salty or some shit, but I just don’t get why ask the same question 100 times, is it that hard to be creative and search them up? ugh..

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Also there was a very loud and obvious baby noise in the video? (At 2:45) And they didn’t really react on it but then there was a visible cut and this isn’t the first time we heard baby noises in a dnp gaming vid... It might be a neighbor or whatever but I feel like they’d get annoyed with that (like the drilling in the old place etc) so I’m not saying anything but I’m saying something

what the heck dan and phil whose kid did you steal

14 music videos in 4 months… Wow, Scott and Mitch worked so hard for us and I’m very grateful. We all have different tastes and some of us ended up not liking all concepts and ideas for vids, I know I’m not a fan of some of them, but I think we can agree superfruit did an amazing job. My top 3 mvs are definitely Guy.exe, Imaginary parties and Deny u – I know I’ll come back to them many many times; couldn’t be more in love with colors, shots, scenography, acting, dancing, plot and, of course, the songs!

I’m very sad they’re not making a music video for Everything, it’s one of my favorite songs not only by superfruit but also generally. I understand the problem with budget but I would honestly die for a music video of them simply sitting and lip syncing, looking pretty. Other than that I can only say I sincerely hope they’ll now go back to the old format because I miss their regular silly videos. 💕

Jse community thing :)

1. Name, Age, Country? Lucy, 15, England 
2. Appearance? (Underneath)
3. Hobbies? Drawing, watching jack, horse riding, watching jack
4. What is your dream job? Councillor or social worker 
5. What kind of shit would we find in your bag? Chewing gum or/and loose change ( like 1ps) 
6. How would you describe your personality? Hmmm, kind, helpful and funny… sometimes 
7. When did you find Jack’s channel? Start of this year and I’m obsessed 
8. Put in order your top 3 favourite Egos!




(They’re very close)

9. Favourite/ most nostalgic video/series of Jack’s to watch? Oh goddd! So; happy room, turmoil, slime rancher, rock of ages, any VR or horror games and a lot more but my minds dead
10. Would you describe yourself as an active member or a quiet member of the community? Definitely active 😂
If you’re an active member, what is your favourite part of what you do? Do you write fanfiction? Fanart? Theories? Or do you just enjoy chatting with others? Theories, chatting and love reading ideas. Everyone’s so lovely I love u!!! ughhh

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With the success of Cuphead, do you think we will see more animated based video games? I expect something from different themes like Dragon's Lair.

Chances are, we’ll see more animated like videos games in the mere future. Now that you mention Dragon’s Lair. There was a video game that was developed in 2007(but was later released 5 years later) called ‘The Act’.

Tom bancroft(who worked for Disney) did some animation of the game.

I can see Cuphead has opened the doors for endless possibilities for new video games to be created. A new video game in the veins of Dragon’s Lair and Braindead 13 would something I’d personally love to play. Cuphead has even inspired Nintendo to possibly develop a 2D animated Mario game in the style of Yoichi kotabe’s artwork. Which personally. I would want to see happen since if Nintendo could do a 2D game for Wario with Wario land shake it. They should go out of their way to create a 2D animated video game with their most iconic video game character.

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i watched the tennis video skippy posted .Meghan couldn't stand even a minute of harry's joking with the woman sits near him . She got jealous and did interuppt their chat by grumbling " WOW " . Harry or lady weren't even looking at Meghan's face at the moment . Meghan herself knows that any woman is more suitable than her as a wife for harry so sees every female as an enemy at the events like it happened at Jamaica Wedding but she is nearly 40 years old and just wasting her time for a dream .

Sounds like an inferiority complex happening. MMe does get in embarrassed for a moment you can see her turn red. Wondering what was going through her mind, why am I doing this to this man who is innocent, then fame devil sat on her shoulder Nah, go for it. 

Thanks anon 💜💜💜💜

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10 facts about me... it was hard

uI was tagged by the amazing @seoulofakwonjiyong it was so hard to find 10 facts about me :0 but I think I did a good job.

1. Not a lot may know but I’m French girl form Canada

2. I love a lot of comics, movies and tv shows relate to superheros

3. I love videos games since I was like 4 or 5 years old

4. I was never good at school but I love learning languages

5. I collecte a lot of pop funko, even if I have a small room I try to found places where to put them

6. I’m super shy, I’m an introvert but when you know me I could be one of the weirdess person you will meet lol

7. I want to have my hair blue some day like the blue that TOP got on the Alive era or the blue that Dara got on the Come Back Home period

8. Wish to be a writer someday, that would be my big big dream 

9. I love animals but top 5 animals would be : Cats, Wolves, Fox, Snakes and Lynx

10. I want to learn so many languages that I don’t know which one to start with

I gonna tag a few peoples that I want to know a bit more : @sugaster @tabis-eyebrows @lady-une @loveandturmoil87 @unnietop

You don’t have to do it cause I won’t force you ;)