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Skeletons of the Past

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I’m the DM of a 3.5 campaign I’m running. One of my players backstories said he had died and been resurrected multiple times. I thought it was cool, so did the rest of my group…until this happened.

The group gets to be about level 4 or 5, and they’re traveling through a forest. They encounter a few skeletal wolves, no big deal. As per usual, the rogue decides to sneak away and get a better vantage point. While he was hiding, he was sneak attacked by his own skeleton, who thought the PC was a cheap imitation. I had somehow managed to make an undead version of a pc who was better at doing what the pc did than he was.

The faces of my players at the reveal was priceless, especially when the rogue shouted “SO THAT’S WHY YOU WANTED TO SEE MY CHARACTER SHEET!”

My “Darkiplier”

Since “A Date with Markiplier” I’ve wanted to bring my dark self back and really solidify her (shhh yes i know i said she, i’ll explain later) so if you don’t know who i’m talking about here she is, my demon or dark version of me Sin.

What is she?: Sin is a elemental smoke demon.

Why is Sin a girl when you’re agender?: Character wise Sin is the flirty, sexy part of my brain and what I feel is more female. She’s also a separate begin so she identifies differently from me.

Where did she come from/how did you meet?: I summoned her and now she won’t leave me alone.

Does Sin have her own body or does she share your’s?: Both, she can posses me when she feels lazy.

If you have any more questions for Sin or for myself hit me up. 

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Ahaksldld phil i finished it. I finished the 3rd season... okay so. First: treville!!!! Second: tbh the thing that's like stuck in my mind is the fact that Athos hit on Anne for Aramis??? He did his own version of "hey Anne that dress is dope, bet it would look better on Aramis's floor" i,,,can't,,,believe. "He has more ecclesiastic (idk) knowledge, his charm is an asset" asjsjdlgkf aND IT WORKED. Third: everyone got their happy ending so i got my happy ending!



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if you haven't done this before, how was CC actually created? I know what Anti did, but what's it in detail? (if it's okay with me asking, i love your work!)

I actually HAVE done this before in extensive detail, with drawings right HERE. (his origin post with the bare basics is here)

and bonus, @fangsofsin is the one that helped me make Corroded Crank, but they have their OWN version of Crank with a similar way of how they were created, so if you wanted to check out their lengthy post with more of my drawings and detail, you can click HERE

And, if youre REALLY REALLY desperate for more detail on anything else, Just ask me or look through my Dark Youtubers Lore tag…. or you kno, just wade through the standard Dark youtubers tag and experience all the story and silliness

Thanks for showing an interest in my story!!

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I made out with this great guy in a club tonight and his friend got really jealous and tried to tell me that the guy wanted me to leave and everyone was sick of me so I was just like “Okay I’ll go ask him :)” and long story short, he didn’t, and i got his facebook, and i exposed Lies and Pettiness and did the Lord’s Work.  GOOD NIGHT TBQH. 

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When will the next alpha chapter be posted give or take. Also one question why did epsilon tex try and kiss wash?

I haven’t worked on Alpha for over a year now. Unless something drastically changes to bring my muse back, it’s probably discontinued. And Epsilon-Tex is an asshole. That’s why. 

But more specifically, she’s an asshole who knows that Washington has Epsilon’s memories of Allison and she knows she kind of looks like/is a version of the original Allison. So she was basically trying to freak him out and possibly trigger one of those memories. It was NOT a nice thing to do. She has zero actual interest in Washington. She barely cares about anything, really. That’s what’s upsetting about her. 

Great. I’m sad about Epsilon-Tex now. 


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.


[1/?] most anticipated characters: jaal ama darav // angara
↳ The angara are a sapient species native to the Andromeda Galaxy. (insp. w/ permission)


“The Sun and Moon did fall in love but no one said it was a happy story.”

Let’s talk my Sun/Moon Spirit AU ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

tumblr fucked up my image quality okay lets get that out of the way if you want better quality, click on the images.

  • Both Mari and Adrien are half-spirits, actually being part human. 
  • On days they feel like it and are physically allowed, they transform into their ‘human’ versions.
  • Granted, their spirit versions look human but on Earth, they can be disguised as normal people. 
  • As spirits, neither age and have seen centuries upon centuries of different decades. Though because of this, they can have fun adjusting to different eras and are fascinated with these ‘modern touchable squares’.
  • Each night before the dawn, Mari has to set out morning stars which Adrien can see when he awakes, a big reason why he fell in love with her. 
  • Mari, however, has seen Adrien, but only in his human version, and not knowing who he is, falls in love with this human. 
  • They only see eachother, of course, via eclipse. 
  • When the eclipses occur, they don’t have a lot of time so every time it does;
  • “Moon Spirit, how lovely you look today! May I take your hand in marriage now?” 
  • Mari always just laughs and politely declines but in the back of his head, he knows he does want her hand in marriage. They part ways, say the usual goodbye and “keep the morning stars coming’.
  • Then Adrien waits for the next eclipse. He always does. 

More on this au and character designs to come and possibly a gifcomic when I get back to Australia but yeah, this one is semi-angsty and i’m r e a d y.


Fun fact: I had actually coloured this gif before putting an orange layer over it.


Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in new trailers for Kong: Skull Island

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