but i did it before going to school which is awesome

Grant Gustin, interview

You spot him at Comic Con

You had always thought the idea of Comic con a bit scary, though awesome at the same time. Never had you thought a guy there would catch your eye – mostly because you had a thing going on with a guy back home, though when you spotted Grant (whom seemed like a normal guy at that time, of course that was before you had seen the cameras)
“Hey handsome!!” you shouted, not expecting him to answer. Though not only did he do that, he saw you as well and fell in love with your eyes.


A/N: OK, so the homework tsunami is slowly approaching, which is why I’ve posted so “much” lately…! I’ve got tons of math, some french and I’ve got to read+analyze 3 novels by christmas and this was the first day of “real” school for me… So please bear with me <33

Interview: Miss Pettigrew's Lee Pace

Did you do your own singing?
I did do my own singing.

How was that? Do you have a musical theatre background? I mean, I did a musical in high school, which we’re not going to discuss. I never really sang. It was the first thing I did on the movie– me and Amy went to Abbey Road, which was awesome, to record that song. We’re in the studio where the Beatles and Pink Floyd and, you know, greats have been. We had this glass between our booth, and we just looked at each other and did the song. She’s done that before, so she understands what she’s supposed to do . I had never done it before, so I just faked it.

Cinemablend Interview