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No lyrics this time…just some tune and beat to get the mood HERE
Turn up the bass!


Legit the funniest part considering op stans dullena and kloroform but came at bonkai and bamon. Harry, take it away.

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hihihi have you ever shown us your face can i see it sorry i just love you and your Woke Self

hihihi to u and wow thank you i’m blushing :)))) i did show my face Once Upon A Time, but i get a lil uncomfortable with it just bc it’s a bit scary for me to associate any part of my irl self w this blog for like ~professional reasons~ and bullshit like that. however, bc u r so sweet and i am probs gonna have a low blogging day today (work is literally kicking my whole ass) i’ll post just for u under the cut. please don’t reblogggggg &&& i’ll delete soon just like last time thank you thank you <3 

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I’M 22 TODAYYYY! God, I’m getting old haha. I skipped school today and stayed home and did absolutely nothing for once! Anyway. I’m gonna eat a lot of cake now and celebrate it with my family. I hope you all are having a good day!! Ily all ❤️

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How did you and your husband meet? -^_^-

I may have answered this once before, but I don’t mind telling it again. We met in High School, though technically it was in the summer. I was walking through our small town with a group of my friends and we happened to pass his house. 

He must have heard us talking and goofing around like most teens tend to do when they are bored. He wasn’t really sure if he wanted to step outside and join, he recognized some of the people in the group, but he is a bit of an introvert and while he might not admit it all the time he is also shy. 

He spotted me and thought to himself, “They’re cute!” So he walked outside to join the group. We hit it off pretty much right away. I felt really comfortable talking to him and he was quite the flatterer. 

We started dating when I finally worked up the nerve to ask him out once school started and we’ve been stuck with each other pretty much ever since! 

We are one of those cliche high school sweetheart tales!


I did a Nuzlocke Once.

I regret it. but I did it.

Why I Relate to (and love) Mae Borowski So Much
  • in early 20s
  • have weird dreams
  • fucks small things up
  • fucks a lot of things up
  • fucks them up HARD
  • has like 3 friends
  • unemployed
  • trying their best
  • swears a lot
  • small and ready to brawl
  • rotund
  • adorable but does not think that of themselves
  • has infected computer with adware at least once
  • sleeps for up to 10 hours at a time yet still tired as fuck
  • talks to self a lot
  • is still basically a child
  • plays one (1) game on the computer
  • draws
  • loves their friends
  • lives with parents
  • school sucks
  • fucked up majorly at least once during childhood
  • everyone remembers what i did but we don’t talk about it
  • acts chill/funny but is actually terrified
  • can get really deep/questions existence a lot
  • should not drink or go out in public ever
  • believes they are ugly/unlikable
  • has a big poster in their room with someone’s face on it
  • wears basically the same outfit every day
  • eats like 6 donuts and is surprised when vomit happens
  • calls their creations their child/son/daughter
  • makes the :3 face a lot
  • thinks everything that goes wrong with them involved is their fault
  • just barely knows how to play an instrument

Confession: I’m a bit insecure to share this because once I did (publicly) and I was labelled as a bad fan for it, but… I don’t like the Pikanchi series of movies nor the SP Saigo no Yakusoku (still have to watch Kiiroi Namida though). I find them boring, and I especially dislike SnY because I found the end stupid (for lack of a better word). I don’t think I’m a bad fan though :( I want to enjoy Arashi acting together too :(((( Is it really just me?

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We learned cursive in like 3rd grade and then were never required to use it again but some people still did. I remember once a teacher actually had to request everyone to not write in cursive. I still don't know whether she couldn't read cursive or if it was because their handwriting was that bad lol

honestly, this is the biggest problem with cursive, tbh. bad handwritings in cursive are nearly unintelligible!

kodrevas replied to your post “How would you rank the companion romances you’ve done?”

I did DS Jaesa romance and turned down marrying her. I found it boring and I found her a little over the top. All in all, I didn’t like it.


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“How would you rank the companion romances you’ve done?”

I really don’t get the appeal of DS Jaesa or her romance. It makes sense in-game, I guess, since you basically destroy her life but damn is that creepy


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“How would you rank the companion romances you’ve done?”

I did the DS Jaesa romance once. Really don’t want. Plus, I find the whole LS/DS thing with her really stupid.

Yeah, you guys pretty much summed up why I don’t like it (or DS Jaesa in general, to be honest). It probably didn’t help that my first SW was Malicineve, who is herself really obnoxiously over-the-top DS, but I would have preferred a more calculating/manipulative DS version of Jaesa rather than what we got. She just feels very one-note and uninteresting in-game.

And I agree with you, @lainathiel - I wasn’t too impressed with how they handled the LS/DS difference, although at least LS Jaesa has some interesting thought behind her (though I really, really, could have done without the weird “we can make powerful Force-sensitive babies” conversation)

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honey, do you know wich members are in uni and what major they do?

I’ve heard that nams,Jimin , taehyung and hoseok are taking university classes online (cyber university , they call it ) . They once mentionned it, i dont remember when they did, but they said they had online classes ^^ Idk what’s their majors but I’m pretty sure they’re majoring in something related to arts. In fact I think that Taehyung is majoring in acting 😮😮😮😮 but this is just my personnal insight on the thing. I have no idea what are their majors 😱😱😱

blog changes!

so, if you’ve spent any amount of time following me you’ll know that I’m an inconsistent piece of garbo so I’m attempting (emphasis on attempting ) to kind of start over in a way? first things first, I deleted all my stories. I just didnt have the motivation for them that I once did and it was becoming a drag to play the game, which I never wanted it to be. I will, most likely, be starting up a new story soon. i haven’t decided what thats going to entail yet but, we’ll see. secondly, I changed my blog url to gnomesims bc i absolutely love the gnomes in ts4 (panicattheplumbobs is still saved by me bc i love it a lot, sorry y’all) and thirdly, i’ll be changing my mobile theme/icon soon too so if you see a random blog with a random icon floating around your dash, its probably me. thank you guys for sticking with my blog thru the ups and downs and in betweens of it all <3