but i did finally get them


it’s been 3 years and i celebrate it by making my oc walter less onceler and more there-is-a-demon-in-this-poor-man 

- i always had the idea of him being light-skinned hispanic so i finally got to do that!
- being realistic, you KNOW a demon wouldn’t brush his teeth. i’m sorry. 
- did you know i only have 1 character that i draw with visible irises ALL the time? i find it spooky, so i decided to give them to walter too. but JUST when demon-possessed. father craven’s eyes return to my style’s version of pupils and resume their white scleras when not being controlled. [ for other styles, think of it as his pupils getting smaller and his scleras more bloodshot when possessed ] 
- walter gets burned by holy items now! because GC is set in a cartoony-lawed world, his excuse of putting on gloves and saying “i’m allergic” is totally brushed off by the community [ a favorite trope of mine ] 
- cuffs,,, because,,, a lot of people drew him with cuffs and i liked them. this ref up here is a placeholder, meaning his outfit is still subject to tweaking! i just don’t have the energy to make a new one right now. i wanted to just show you the difference! 

not a huge change, like i said, but one that makes me feel like he’s a little more unique while still being the disaster we know and love(?) for some reason. i felt like he just reeked of generic-design and now i feel like,, he reeks of something resembling the smell of pennies and you definitely can’t trust this man. and i’m content with that. 

Okay, ignore my shitty promo because i’m a photoshop scrub and I can only do simple shit right now because I’m tired and uninspired at the moment. I’d like to thank all of you for taking a chance on a Sin Hoe named Vanessa! I’ve had this OC on my mind for a long time and i’m so happy that i’m finally getting the chance to flesh her out and build upon her character. I hope that as time goes on I actually sick with Vanessa and build up some plots, relationships, and verses with my lovely and beautiful followers. I hope you all know that I love y’all so much and think that you deserve the world. Anyways, on to the list of wonderful people!

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Listening to Shinhwa and individual members' songs on Spotify

I can’t understand Korean. The language barrier lets me focus on the voices. After listening to Shin Hyesung’s albums, I now understand why he is the main vocalist of Shinhwa. He’s really very good. But the type of music I like listening to are the songs Kim Dongwan sings. He also has a nice voice.

Originally posted by toydeng

I prefer the Shinhwa ballads over their dance hits but I think they’re making the dance music their album carriers while it’s still “sexy” for them to do so. I think they might start choosing ballads as their title songs when they’re already closer to 50 years old and look silly dancing the way they do now. Maybe, by then, we could finally get a full acoustic version album of their old songs. They sounded good when they did a Wild Eyes acoustic version on that Sketchbook show last January. They also did an acoustic Perfect Man and I Pray for You on MUST in 2012 but the Wild Eyes is more recent and sounds more relaxed and soothing.


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I really want to give advice to people and interact with them like you do, but I never EVER get asks :c How did you get this whole thing started? Do you have any tips? :/

Honestly I have been so blessed to have such active followers that want to talk to me - I appreciate every single one of you! I started my blog about a year ago, and I started out by making a masterpost on how to study for finals; that was what really got my name out there to begin with. I also made sure that my url was recognizable as a study blog and that I had a nice theme – that will make you look so much more ‘professional’ automatically. After that, I tried to make content as often as possible and reach out to people whenever I could. This meant enter blog rates, sending random asks, joining networks, etc. That really helped me to make friends and network! I think my masterposts have helped me to receive asks the most, so share what you know!

7x15: General Analysis

Good morning, All! How did everyone like last night’s episode? I loved it! Totally kicking us toward the finale. There were SO many dialogue parallels, callbacks, and similar situations to Beth’s arc. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

***As always, SPOILERS abound for 7x15. Don’t read until you’ve watched!!!***

1. First let’s talk about the opening sequence. Ooh, I loved this and the possibilities are getting me super excited. So first we see some green, gooey walkers stumbling along the beach. (Even the show/tptb/AMC called them “green walkers.” Those were the two sweepstakes words for this week. That alone I would be side-eyeing hard.) But after re-watching, something jumped out at me.

A) There’s a wrecked ship in the background. Now, I’m not gonna suggest that these walkers jumped off the boat, swam to shore, and then took a stroll down the beach, but they are covered in water-based plant life, and the implication of the way this is filmed is that maybe in some way they’re coming from the boat. Remember THIS theory about how Beth will arrive by boat (greenroute) in Oceanside? So the green walkers would represent her getting off the boat and arriving at Oceanside. I feel like this was telling us that even now, Beth is on her way there.

B) These walkers pop up later in the episode and TF has to fight/kill them. That format is VERY reminiscent of episode 2x15. At the beginning of that episode, we saw a huge horde of walkers moving through the countryside. They even collectively pushed against a sturdy-looking wooden fence and took it down. Then, at the end of the episode, right after Rick and Carl took out Shane, the walker horde showed up at the Greene farm and TF had to attack/kill them. So we have callbacks to S2, Beth, Hershel, the Greene farm, etc. That episode, like this one, is leading into the season finale. While there were some deaths in the S2 finale (Jimmy, Patricia) they weren’t huge, TF deaths. I will also point out, though, that in that episode, Andrea was presumed dead and left behind. Just saying. Yeah, totally loved the opening sequence here!

So there were really three different threads in this episode: Sasha/Eugene/Negan, Rick and co at Oceanside, and Maggie at Hilltop. I’ll talk about each briefly and separately.

Let’s start with Sasha.

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CAN WE GET FIFTEEN MILLION SUBS...Oh wait.....he did <3

I’m so proud that Jack has finally reached 15 million subs, and glad that our fandom has maintained it’s sweet and loving composure. Out of all the time i’ve been in this fandom i believe that only one bit of drama happened, but it disappeared in about a week, which is crazy . I’ve been in fandoms where this kind of stuff tears them apart for months, and some are still not over it and still fighting, which isn’t cool. but this fandom has been able to keep the focus and stayed amazing.

But this isn’t all about us , lets talk about my man Jack-a-boy. I’ve been watching your videos for only a year, and the fact that i can just feel the genuine and loving nature of yourself in every video i’ve watched, is crazy. Sometimes I have to second guess myself , and be like, “ are they serious?” However with you i always know that you’re true to yourself, and that you have a good heart. I’m over the moon about you and this fandom, it’s such a safe haven for so many people. A lot of my friends irl get annoyed at me sometimes for bringing you up >w< which is worth it (it might be because i quote your videos a lot). Anywhosi thankyou so much for being brilliant, and thankyou to my fellow  bosses for continuing that loving nature!


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(sorry for all the questions) but how did you go about a professional diagnosis? i would like to get one in the future for personal reasons (like validation)but ive heard that its really difficult for women of color (especially) black women to get diagnosed because of society seeing autism as a thing on white boys/girls get. i guess im just afraid finally getting a appointment with a psychiatrist only for them to blow me off. (you dont have to answer this if you dont want to btw)

It’s okay! I just need time to process the questions I get. So sometimes answering anon can take a week to a month or two. lol But I was really young when that happened, so I don’t really remember. I was in the third grade when I was officially diagnosed, but didn’t understand what I had until I overheard teachers talking about my “Autism.” A student had to ask me if I was “Autistic,” and I had no idea I even was. What a way to find out you’re Autistic. -_-

  I think people find it more believable for a black boy to have Autism than black girls. People say girls “blend in” with neurotypicals a lot better than boys, but I find that dangerous. I think it’s people we live in a society that feels women should be opened to everyone, especially men, that the idea of an Autistic girl who is nonverbal and reserved is nonexistent. As a black woman, people don’t take the hint you don’t want to be bothered or you’re in your own zone at the moment. They are persistent and make it a point to get you to entertain them on their own terms, not when you feel comfortable enough to. Black women who don’t want to talk at the moment are “rude” or “stuck up.” I think accusing black girls at a young age as “stuck up” harms many neurodivergent girls like myself, and I also think men deliberately navigate towards black women who appear neurodivergent or socially inept. They make moves towards me I don’t think they’d do to a woman who is neurotypical, or how people look at it as “extroverted” or “confident.”

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Lmao at tptb, "it's important that we only have a 5 minute caryl scene over a two year period because we need to progress daryls own story through his growth arc or growling at people and fixing explosives" I just can't with them, I mean I have no clue how to write a show but I feel like between us we could double TWD ratings in a week if we wrote the show, it's one do to the finale and the only "development" from Daryl is his new shirt wtf??

I’m so disappointed with what they did to Daryl… again. Dude, just give the character the fucking storyline he deserves. This was one of the most wonderful, well written and compelling character of the whole show, I just don’t get how they think THIS is the Daryl we want and deserve. I really really thought that his time at the sanctuary would be used to explore his background and his traumas, specially the abuse he suffered. Instead, we got nothing.
Then I thought that after his time at the sanctuary, we would deal with what Negan’s torture did to him (that in the end wasn’t even everything I thought it would be, because we didn’t actually see what happened to Daryl over there, we had to spend the whole time watching Dwight’s pain over Sherry being raped), that we would explore what that did with his mind. Again nothing. We have just angry Daryl wanting to kill everyone, but not even a glimpse in his state of mind.

Then new best friends. Wow, I finally thought Daryl was coming to a realization. Once he realized that Carol was at the end line of a plan to frame the saviors, I thought “holy shit, that’s it. Finally, Daryl growing up from his revenge/anger arc that it’s happening since 5b”. What do we got? Absolutely nothing, cause on 7x14 there he was wanting to kill the savior in an action that could have killed both him and Maggie.

Then 7x15 and Daryl is right there with Rick at Oceanside, fully agreeing and not even questioning what it means to leave an entire community defenseless, a community that have women and children. But he is so blind by his revenge that he doesn’t even care. Like wow.

The only thing I learn from Daryl during this season is that yeah, Carol is his exception to every rule and that when it’s about her, he fights the moon, the stars, Zeus and even biology if it means to keep her alive and safe. Fuck war, Carol needs to be protected. Which is the only good thing I can take from this arc.

He ends the season at the exactly same place he started. Lashing out in anger and blind by hate, making decisions that can cost A LOT to him. I thought we would end with a Daryl that would have thought twice before standing up on that line up and punching Negan in the face.

We end this season with a Daryl that would do the exactly same thing. Congratulations writers, you made your character walk in circles *slow clap*

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Modern AU where Luffy gives Ace and Sabo father's day gifts except he calls it brother's day.

Zoro sighs following Luffy as he tears through the department store, searching through the entire place to find something. He isn’t actually sure why they are here, but they were in the card department finally and Luffy was looking intently at the father’s day cards.


“I need brother’s day cards.”

“Brother’s day?”

Luffy nods, “Gramps is Gramps, but Ace and Sabo made sure that I did my homework and cooked and played with me and there isn’t a day for them! So instead of a dad, I have to get gifts for my brothers.”

“Huh,” Zoro nods. “Ace would like this. He likes fire and shit.”

“Yeah? That’s true. And for Sabo?”

“That one?”

“And now presents,” Luffy bounces hurrying off deeper into the store.

Zoro pauses, grabbing a generic card, one without anything inside for the rest of them. It wouldn’t hurt to thank them for raising Luffy into the person he is today. 

“Hurry up!”

sugar sweet (and stuff)

i deleted my ao3 last week for personal reasons but i don’t want my fics from there to be gone forever! so i’ll upload them directly to tumblr for lack of a better alternative

genre: fluff
warnings: none
rating: T? there’s some vague mentions of sex but it never gets there

This kiss was slow and comfortable and felt like home. Akira did everything he could to take it all in, to burn this moment into his mind forever. He tried to memorize the clean scent of Isamu’s well-cared-for skin and every freckle on it.

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Hi, I just wanted to tell you how amazing your writing is! The last few weeks were pretty hectic for me so I didn’t get much of a chance to read or review anything but I still wanted you to know how much I loved all of your work! So prepare for, like, an embarrassing amount of gushing down below.


Oh my gosh, how did you manage to make a story about human sacrifice so freaking funny? Like, it starts out pretty somber. Ray says her final goodbyes to her family (all the while attempting to remain strong for them) and is then left in the woods all by her lonesome to await her fate. Though I loved how Ray decides she rather not wait around to be killed and snuffs out her candle herself…and then promptly regrets it when she realizes her demise is now imminent instead of tortuously drawn out (which I think is more impactful than her remaining steadfast until the end.) And there’s this great build up of Ray catching only glimpses of Zarc before he shows himself completely to her. Then the story takes an unexpected comedic turn when she notices that instead of eating her Zarc is feeling her up. And I loved the mentions not only of how off-setting Zarc’s appearance is but how strange his body feels as well (i.e. the texture of his skin, the sharpness of his spikes, etc.) And it was amusing how Ray wanted to make sure Zarc was the real deal before letting him continue. In general I loved the mutual confusion the both of them shared over the other’s seemingly inexplicable behavior. And I just adored that while Ray was trying to figure out why Zarc hadn’t killed her yet Zarc was concerned about why she wasn’t responding to his advances (like he genuinely wanted her to enjoy this night as much as him which is surprisingly sweet for a god that kills a girl nearly every year). And I loved how Ray’s first instinct after realizing the flower mix-up is to correct Zarc as soon as possible before it hits her that this is her one chance to survive and then she practically jumps him. And it was amusing how Zarc was beginning to think that maybe the village was trying to pawn off the local weirdo on him but still willing to roll with it. And I loved that in her fumbling Ray presses up against a, um, certain body part accidentally. Honestly though the awkwardness of the whole encounter was what made the smut is so great and memorable and by the end I’m glad it ended up being pleasurable for the both of them with Zarc already anticipating a repeat performance. Great work!


Oh, I loved how you interpreted the prompt! What really made it special (at least for me) was the unique spin you put on Ray’s character. Ray as lovesick (and lustful!) young woman with a bad habit of romanticizing was an absolute delight to see explored. I always love the humor you pack into your writing and this piece was no exception. “It was like an arrow had pierced her heart.” That line made me smile. All of Ray’s internal monologue did. It’s just so over the top and melodramatic that even Ray tells herself take a chill pill. And I loved that while she was biting at the bit to talk to Zarc at the coffee shop when she actually gets the chance to speak with him one on one she has absolutely nothing to say. And poor Ray. First, the duel spirits totally rat her out to Zarc and then her crush turns out to be a complete weirdo (because of course he doesn’t bother to hide that he can communicate with the spirits and instead makes a big production of it) and a cocky bastard to boot. Like, way to destroy all the goodwill your pretty face racked up in four sentences or less, Zarc. The boy seriously needs to brush up on his social skills because that’s not how to talk to a pretty girl (or anyone really.) And I really loved that by the end Ray was ready to fucking annihilate Zarc in the ring. Truly, he made a powerful enemy that day.


Oh man, from start to finish this piece was a hoot (Ray’s reaction at the end is basically my reaction). Zarc’s bafflement over what practical purpose each item in the store served was both funny and strangely endearing. It was also sweet that he knew Ray so well he could immediately deduce which aisle she was in. But he’s still such a troll showing her the ribbon underwear just to see her reaction (but then really warming up to the idea of her putting it on). And the name he came up for the pasties was great. He calls them as he sees them (much to Ray’s mortification). And I liked that, ultimately, Zarc brought and tried on the “nipple stickers” because Ray’s “challenged” him (and because he thought he’d get to see Ray in sexy underwear). And it’s a good thing too that Zarc seems completely incapable of being embarrassed because otherwise if he didn’t already want to curl up and die after inadvertently waving ribbon underwear in that employee’s face then he certainly would when the “nipple stickers” end up stuck to his chest for the foreseeable future.


This pieces was amazing! I liked how tired Zarc’s own monsters were of his whole talking to his cards shtick. And of course Zarc is the type to toy with his opponents and draw out his matches for as long as possible which makes it even funnier when he ends the duel in such a quick and anti-climatic way. And I loved how Zarc basically used Clear Wing as a taxi and how Clear Wings kept pestering Zarc with questions about the whole human reproduction thing (he really is Yugo). And I loved how palpable Zarc’s frustration was during his mad scramble. You really captured the feeling you get when you’re in a rush and everything else seems to be moving too slow. And I lost it at “imagine, the baby comes out and he’s already high.” Even in situation like this Zarc can’t help but run his mouth off. And I loved how supportive Zarc was of Ray throughout the whole delivery, giving her a hand to squeeze and then showering her with kisses afterwards. Basically I love that while there are still some comedic moments, such as Zarc’s confusion over why their baby is so ugly since they’re both so hot (don’t worry Zarc, he’ll grow up into a pretty person) the overall mood of the scene is sweet because it is evident that both Ray and Zarc are overflowing with love for their baby, ugly or not. It honestly warmed my heart.


Ah, this AU is so precious! This Sleeping Beauty tale, while much more grounded in logic and bringing up some very valid concerns (like whether the princess and her “soulmate” would even be compatible personality-wise), still manages to feel very fairytale-like! And once again you’ve made me feel bad for Leo even if he does take his security measures way too far (who could seriously make it pass all four dragons?). I mean, his only daughter has been asleep for years and with each passing day it’s looking more and more like she’ll never wake up! But your Zarc is who really stole the show for me! He’s so starved for human contact that he carries on one-sided conversations with the sleeping princess (and longs for her to respond). He tries to picture the color of her eyes. He seems to be staying not just because Leo is paying him to but out of a moral obligation to protect Ray while she’s in this comatose state. In addition to all of that I loved (and was saddened by) how he didn’t consider himself worthy of Ray. So much so that he beat himself up for simply thinking about kissing her (and even planned on asking his dragons to knock some sense into him before going through with it). In fact, he’s so convinced he’s wrong guy for her (despite the evidence to the contrary) that his immediate reaction to waking her up is to apologize and promise to get her a better suitor. But the ending makes everything better, especially this line “… you’re more handsome than I thought you would be.” Oh Ray you’re so forward! As well as Zarc finally getting to see the color Ray’s eyes for himself. Beautiful work!


What a wonderful continuation of the first prompt! Especially of how hard it is for them to find their footing in this strange new world. First things first though, I loved how you wrote Yoko. The first time she saw Zarc he was this rampaging beast bent on destroying reality but she isn’t afraid of him. In fact she threatened him to respect her rules before taking him in. That takes guts. But you also show us her softer taking-in-every-stray-she-sees side through her relief that Zarc isn’t sleeping the whole day away anymore, inviting him to join the rest of the Sakaki family for breakfast or how she ruffles his hair affectionately before letting him go (even if Zarc isn’t sure how to take the attention). And I loved that Zarc’s assumptions about Ray’s “perfect” life were finally dashed and he realized that she’s grappling with her own issues (that are strikingly similar to his own) even if she doesn’t bring it up. And as sad as it was to hear about Himika’s blunt rejection from Ray (which I guess is understandable since Leo abandoned her and Reiji to resurrect her but still) her even letting that slip is a good indication of how close they’ve gotten (on Zarc’s end he even briefly considered asking Ray for advice on the whole breakfast situation). And I liked that Zarc isn’t the only one who’s bitter. Just as Zarc is envious of Ray because he (erroneously) believed she could effortlessly get everyone to adore her Ray is envious that the Sakaki family is reaching out to Zarc even though he’s done nothing to earn it. And I liked that when Zarc realizes how whiny he sounds he at first tries to defuse the situation through humor before (clumsily) asking her to breakfast. And I loved that while Ray is sincerely touched by the offer (since it speaks volumes about how Zarc really feels about her) she doesn’t accept right away. And I loved that Zarc then offers to go to an Akaba family dinner (such an awkward image) so she’ll feel less left out if she agrees to come to the Sakaki family breakfast. And I loved the conclusion! Ray hugging Zarc and Zarc surprising himself by liking it. And the closing dialogue was the best! You do banter so well. All in all an excellent story to end things on!

Bellua Chapter 6

I loved, loved, loved this chapter!! The opening really drives home what big a brat Zarc is (throwing shoes at people’s heads is not the proper way to express irritation!). But I was impressed that Yuya stood his ground long enough to get the full story behind the prisoners from Zarc. And I was relieved to learn Zarc isn’t planning on making Ray any more miserable than he makes the rest of the castle’s inhabitants (if only she knew that though, it would save her a lot of anxiety later on). And I liked that her crying hurt his sensitive ears. He deserved it. And I was especially intrigued by the line, “Nothing could keep her there nor compelled her to…” and I wonder if it’s alluding to how the curse affects the counterparts in particular. And poor Ray, waking up in her cell and thinking of all the lonely days and nights to come. And it was doubly sad that Ruri and Ray got off on the wrong foot too. It’s completely understandable. Ruri, like all of the kids, is excited at the prospect of meeting someone new after living so long in isolation but for Ray this castle is her prison and Ruri seems to be making light of it. And I liked the mention that under normal circumstances they could’ve gotten along. And I liked that when Ray is introduced to the rest of the counterparts she tries to look for ways to tell them apart. And I loved how all of the bracelet girls (aside from Yuzu) seem lack any social graces. I mean, Serena gets right up in Ray’s face and immediately brings up the previous prisoner (and I loved how Yuya tried to run interference since he knows he’s her father) and Rin just stares at her and badgers her with questions. Oh and Yuri’s cryptic answer as to what exactly their role in the castle is further intrigues me. Like Ray I’m left wondering if not servants (well, besides from being servants) what are they? And I loved that no matter how annoyed Ray got by the counterparts’ constant ogling and questioning she was still mindful of the fact they were children and they were more or less in the same position as her. Oh, and I loved how Yuto avoided looking at Ray the entire time. The guilt must be eating him alive (I guess that’s something he shares with Leo.) And slightly random but I found it adorable how elated Ruri got when she finally learned Ray’s name. And I loved that brief, but sweet fruitshipping moment where Yuzu gives Yuya a peck on the cheek to cheer him up and the small appleshipping moment where Yugo defends Rin’s cooking even if by all accounts it’s godawful. But man did that ending break my heart. Leo forced to wander aimlessly in the wilderness until he stumbles across a landmark he recognizes. And when he does get home everything serves as a reminds Ray (leaving the gate unlocked, preparing fish to welcome him back home, etc.) and how she’s gone forever and it’s all his fault since she forfeited her freedom for his and now their final farewell won’t stop replaying in his mind. So of course I expected him to try to rescue her but I was also pleasantly surprised he wanted to save the counterparts as well (even if it’s probably going to end disastrous for all involved since this is Leo). All I got left to say is Zarc better watch. Great work as always!! <3 <3 <3

So thank you for everything you’ve written and continue to write and for sharing it with everyone else! One of the best things about the Arc-V fandom (for me) was discovering your stuff. Every piece was a treasure. That’s all I wanted to say. I hope you have a wonderful week!

ok I’ve been staring at this for a good few hours and like.. I wanna cry, I actually did kinda cry - you’re so sweet and nice and thank you so much <3

I’m really happy that you enjoy my fics so much. I loved writing them and it’s just… aaaaah, I don’t have enough words I’m just really happy ;-; thank youuuu

You know I just love this woman.

She hasn’t even met the man for more than a couple hours but she has already given him a loving nickname, like he’s part of the family.

She cooks for him.

Also she made it EXTRA-LARGE, I’m sure not everybody gets that special treatment.

“An extra-large for the handsome russian boy.”

And just look how delighted she gets when Victor praises her food. She’s just the perfect mother in law.

And never forget this.

She looks so proud, so pleased, and you know most parents want their kids to find someone who’ll take care of them the same way they did, because their kids are their treasures, they are what they consider most precious in their lifes. And she knows her son has finally found the one, he has finally got to meet the man who’ll treasure him above everything, and I think she knew it since Victor walk through their door… You know, how moms have this sixth sense about people, and more when it involves friends or lovers.

That smile, she’s a proud mom, and she knows his son now has someone who will be sure to hold him up even in the hardest of times.

Now imagine them both coming back to Hasetsu after the grand prix… and having to explain the rings, their engagement, and the future date for their wedding. Imagine her joy. Imagine her with her future grandchildren, I don’t know I just love her too dam much.


“An ecstatic smol mom, skipping after listening to his future son in law praise her cooking skills.”


annyeong, annyeong.

[SPOILERS] FT Chapter 510

Originally posted by geekylaugifs


N A L U .

Oh my goodness I’m insanely happy because we FINALLY got some Nalu fluff going on. Gruvia got loads of attention and it’s FINALLY OUR TURN HELL YEAH.

Look at Lucy getting all riled up for her husbando.



Her eyes say it all. They are so real man. This is defo my favorite scene in this chapter, because look at her looking at him. There’s so much love, affection, gratefulness and faith in her man and I’m enjoying this oh so very much.





THIS IS SOOOOO CANON. (no one can convince me otherwise.)

Can’t wait for them to get their happy ending!!!!!!! :D

I’m a very happy nalu fan rn <33333

I hope we get a scene after the Grand Prix finals (assuming Yuuri wins) where Yuuri tries to awkwardly talk to sulky Yurio and tell him he did a good job and that he’s definitely improving really fast.  But Yurio just stubbornly ignores him and glares at the wall until Yuuri starts to feel bad for bothering him at all.  He’s about to give up when suddenly Yurio just grits his teeth like-

“You’re inviting me to the wedding, right?”

And there’s a beat of silence before Yuuri basically bursts into tears because its been kind of an overwhelming day and Yurio does care. Then he starts nodding really rapidly because he’s too emotional to say anything beyond some increasingly incoherent babbling.

And Yurio basically stares at him in abject disgust for a few moments before finally rolling his eyes really dramatically and hugging Yuuri; still trying to make it incredibly clear how exasperated he is- no he doesn’t care about katsudon at all, and he’s certainly not happy for him, okay?

Except he does. 

Don’t tell anyone.


Wheeler came to me, too, Reese. When we had that pileup in the blizzard and the pregnant woman almost bled out, he took it hard. I had the chance to reassure him, but I didn’t.

Why did you join, kid? You’re a Crown City citizen. You really didn’t have to-

I know. I just-… I really wanna protect the future king, you know?

@graveformydarling inspired me to do a Kingsglaive!Prompto. I was working on another pic n then this idea came up. I like the idea of Prompto as Kingsglaive, having joined them to get stronger n proof himself as capable of protecting n supporting Noct as Gladio n Ignis are in their respective jobs. also, their uniforms are dope!

ok but philip shea literally comforted and supported lukas through his PTSD without breaking down himself because “i kept my cool for my mom, i can do it for you too”, he forgave lukas for all of the asshole things he did because he knows lukas was terrified and didn’t mean any of it, he kept everything a secret just for lukas even though he didn’t want to, and then when lukas was finally comfortable with himself and his relationship with philip, philip took cute polaroid pictures of him and made them a playlist to listen to while they cuddled in a barn. get you a philip shea he’ll treat you right.

Creepiest Ardyn line in the game and I didn’t know it existed until tonight. Saw a reblogged post and naturally had to see/hear for myself. It was not easy to get! He very rarely says it (or only does in 1.0?). Turned off music to really freak you out. I absolutely love Ardyn as a villain- he is just so sinister and hellbent on vengeance. I always wondered why he hadn’t considered killing Noct’s friends or turning them into demons, but apparently he did consider it!! My guess is that he didn’t because Noct would have nothing left to fight for if they were gone. He definitely tortures Noct every chance he gets towards the second half of the game, from Luna to Prompto to the final battle when he asks, “Does it hurt? It’s proof that you’re mortal!”