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Title: Coach Negan (Part 3.)


Character(s): Negan and Reader (pre-apocalypse/AU)
Taylor gives you some advice and on the day of the results, Negan asks you out on a date.
Word Count: 4,483
Warning: SMUT!!! HERE WE GO. THE TIME HAS COME (and so has you and Negan lol see what I did there?) 
Author’s Note: I was going to wait another chapter before having them hook-up, but I couldn’t wait any longer. The tension was too thick and I needed to make it happen. Also, thank you guys for all your comments! I’ve been kinda MIA lately, but I appreciate all of you that stick around. I hope you enjoy this smutty goodness! ;-)

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I Never Meant To Hurt You

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Title: I Never Meant To Hurt You

Pairing: Dean x Reader (also a little bit of demon!dean)

Word Count: 1,981

Warnings: angst, ouchies, slight fluff

A/N: This was a request from @flufy07! I hope you all enjoy this! I know it’s a little long, but I promise, it’s worth it! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

You began hunting at the age of twenty.  After losing everyone you loved to demons, you knew you had to become a hunter.  You wanted to save people who still had a chance to be saved.  When you started hunting you ran into two brothers who helped you out more than anyone; Sam and Dean Winchester.  Like you, they lost their mom to Azazel.  They ended up killing your sister who was half-demon.  You accepted it as a part of life, never blaming them for what they had to do.  You ran into them plenty of times after that.  You even worked cases with them.  

You were shocked when you saw that Sam was calling you.  They hadn’t reached out to you in a year.  When you talked to Sam, his voice sounded urgent and full of concern.  After everything they did for you, you would sacrifice anything for them.  Especially Dean, who always held a special place in your heart.

You knocked on the bunker’s metal door, looking around.  You hoped you had the right place.  Before you could further assess your whereabouts, the door opened.  You smiled at Sam, brushing past him.  

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Title: Nothing Has Changed
Character: Merlin
A/n: I’ve been in such a merlin mood lately and i think it’s because i picked up the show again and realized that everyone on that show is beautiful and i would die for all of them.

It was a cloudy autumn day in Camelot, some of the servants lit a few candles around the castle to offer some lighting. But for the most part, the whole day was spent in a sort of darker hue. The library was dreadful though, it felt like you had to light twelve candles just to see the book in front of you.

“Morning, (Y/n).” Guinevere said to you as she carried a Morgana’s breakfast tray. “How are you?”

You smiled at her, since coming to Camelot with your father she had become a dear friend. “I’m very fine, thank you. I hope you are well.”

She nodded. “Just making my usual rounds before I go into the market today, would you like to join me?”

“Oh yes, I have to pick a few things,” You held out a peice of red material from your cloak. “Merlin left this in the library again, so I thought I’d give it back to him before I forget. But I’ll meet you at the gate.”

There was a small glimmer in Gwen’s eyes that went unnoticed by you, and she smiled and gave you a short nod. “Of course, take all the time you need, I’m in no hurry.”

You watched her disappear from the corridor and continued the route to Merlin and Gaius’s room, smiling at the stoic guards who always stood at the turn just before the right door.

Reaching up to knock, you fiddled with Merlin’s scarf as you waited for an answer. When there wasn’t one, you tried again before opening the door and finding the main room empty.

You looked down at the scarf and debated what to do next, you knew that Merlin was very fond his scarfs and they weren’t cheap things to come by. You worried it would just get lost again if you placed it somewhere in the room.

In a last minute decision, you decided to leave it on his bed so you were certain he would find it with little trouble.

However, when you stepped into Merlin’s room, he was already there, fast asleep on his bed.

He was wearing his night clothes, and you noticed a large and old leather book resting in his lap, moving in time with the rise and fall of his chest.

You smiled at the sight, trying not to disturb his rest as you placed the scarf on the small wooden table next to his bed.

Carefully removing the book from his chest you held it as you slowly pulled the covers over him. The lower rooms could get awfully drafty and you didn’t want him to get sick.

You looked down at the book, brows furrowing when you didn’t recognize it from the library. There were small bronze details on the leather covers and when you flipped it open the words were written in a language you didn’t even recognize.

Going through more of the pages, you saw more bizarre text and brightly colored drawings that made little to no sense. When you flipped back to the front, you saw the word ‘grimoire’ written in what you could understand and you knew what it was instantly.

It was a spell book.

You were distracted for the rest of the day, Gwen had been giving you concerned looks for your entire trip to the market, consistently asking you if you were alright, to which you could only respond with a nod and smile.

When you got back to the castle, you bid Gwen a farewell and resisted the urge to sprint to the library so you could finally collect your thoughts.

Once you knew you were in the clear, you took off, apologizing to a few servants you nearly ran straight into before reaching the library and throwing the door shut behind you, leaning against it.

Your father’s office was located towards the back in it’s own seperate room, so you knew you could be alone with your thoughts for some time.

You set down your basket at one of the tables before placing your hands on your head, trying to soothe an oncoming headache.

Merlin was a sorcerer.

Why else would he be reading a spell book?

The more you thought on it, the more other things stared to make sense.

There was an instance when the two of you were doing some research for a plant Gaius was looking for. Over an hour, the two of you accumulated a large stack of books. You stood up from the table to grab another one, when you know for certain you elbowed the stack harshly. But whenever you whirled around to see the mess of books, it was still and sturdy, when you looked to Merlin he just smiled at you and went on reading.

You should have told Arthur or your father, maybe even gone straight to the King.

But you couldn’t.

The idea of Merlin, sweet and kind Merlin, being put on trial and possibly killed for practicing magic made you sick to your stomach.

You cared about him too much to do that.

You took a moment and heaved a sigh as you pushed yourself from the door.

You weren’t going to tell anyone.

Merlin whistled as he strolled down to the library, a small blush hidden in the corners of his cheeks as he got closer to it. He had gone into the kingdom and bought you a small thing of flowers as a token of thanks for bringing his scarf back.

He hadn’t seen you for the most of the day which was unusual, but he figured it you just got lost in your books again.

Merlin entered the library, noticing a couple of the candles had gone out and made it harder to see. He glanced around a few times and waved his hand in their general direction and smiled whenever they lit up again.

He looked through all the shelves, trying to locate you. Only to find that you were sitting at a small round table with a book laying in front of you.

A large smile appeared on his face as he walked up to you. “Hello (Y/n).”

You looked up from your book a startled expression, and when you saw it was Merling you stood up from your seat so quickly the chair fell backwards.

“Merlin! Hello.” You said, flinching when the wood smacked against the stone floor.

Merlin pulled the flowers from behind his baxk and held them out to you. “It’s a silly little thing, but I wanted to say thank you for returning my scarf to me.”

“Thank you, Merlin. They’re lovely.” You took the small bundle of wildflowers from him and smiled down at them, but he noticed how the light didn’t carry to your eyes like they always did.

“Is something the matter, (Y/n)?” Merlin asked as he went around the table to place his one hand on your shoulder. “You look troubled.”

You looked up at him, knowing you wouldn’t be able to keep the secret from him. “Is there somewhere private we could speak?”

Merlin lead you out to a nearby spot in the forest, not trusting any of the rooms in the castle and the woods was the only place of solitude he could think of.

“Is this fine? Has something happened to you?” Merlin asked, starting to feel concern crawl up in the back of his mind when you kept your back to him.

“No, nothing like that it’s just,” You slowly turned to him, hands fidgeting together terrribly as you paused for a minute. “Merlin, I know.”

His brows bent together as he head tilted. “What do you mean?” His tone was laced with worry like it always did when he heard that sentence.

You let out a shaky breath. “When I went to return your scarf, I noticed that you had this book sitting open on your chest,” You saw his face turn more pale and you were quick to continue. “I swear I wasn’t poking around your things! I just wanted to put the blanket over you but when I looked down I saw all these weird letters and then I knew.”

Merlin looked at you for a moment, and you felt like his eyes were trying to scan your mind “You’ve known all day and yet you haven’t told anyone?”

“Of course not!” You ran your hands through your hair as you shook your head. “Merlin, I don’t see you any differently now that I know. It’s still you. I don’t want you to die so I didn’t tell anyone-”

You were cut off as Merlin swept you into a tight embrace as he tucked his head into your shoulder. “Thank you, for not telling anyone.”

You sighed, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. “I’m sorry.” You whispered into his ear.

He picked his head up and smiled at you. “I was so worried about you finding out in some awful way or that you would hate me and never want to see me again.”

You dropped your hands from his shoulders and gave him a small tap on his cheek. “You think I care about you so little?”

Merlin blinked. “You care for me?”

“How could I not?” You asked him as you placed your hands on either side of his face so you could tilt his head down to place a kiss on his forehead. “Lord only knows where you would be if I didn’t.”

Merlin laughed, giving you one more hug. “I’m glad I’ll never have to find out.”

What A Wonderful Night

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Title: What A Wonderful Night

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

Word count: 1,755

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This is an OLD fic I wrote a LONG time ago. So I apologize for that, but I know I don’t have too many Tony fics, so enjoy! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

You sighed at your watch, it was 8 p.m. on a Friday night.  You were supposed to be picked up by your best friend, but she didn’t show up.  You paced the sidewalk outside of your work building, NCIS.  You’d been working there for almost two years.  Your favorite person in the office to talk to was Tony DiNozzo.  Little did he know how much you adored him, how much you loved his movie references and the winks he would throw your way.

“[Y/N],” Tony spoke as he walked towards you.  You knew he did his best work at night.  You figured he was probably leaving to get food and then coming back to work.  “What are you still doing out here?  I thought you were going somewhere with your lady friend,” he mused wriggling his eyebrows.

“I thought so too,” you frowned.  Your phone made a noise letting you know you had received a text message.  It was your best friend, she was letting you know that she was going to her boyfriend’s house instead and apologized.  You huffed and threw your phone into the pocket of your coat.  “Well, now I know for sure that my night is ruined,” you said throwing your arms in the air.

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Meeting Sam Winchester

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Title: Meeting Sam Winchester

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,074

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: I thought this would be CUTE! So I hope you all enjoy this!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 <3 I love you all so much!

Here you were again, doing research for another ungrateful bunch of hunters.  Your vast knowledge of the supernatural had its advantages and its disadvantages.  Having countless hunters to research for in one day definitely didn’t help.  Your list of hunters that you researched for, grew longer as the days went on.  You were starting with the Winchesters.  It was a name you hadn’t seen before, but you didn’t ask questions.

You set down your bag at the table in the farthest corner of the city library.  When you did your work, you didn’t want to be disturbed.  You pulled out your various books that contained miscellaneous information on the different areas lore.  As you opened your laptop you saw two tall men walking towards you.

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