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two: first time

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word count: 2,367

note:  here you are my lovely friends, chapter two of dream your life away. I really did want to write something smutty for this, but honestly, it came out so forced so you’ll have to forgive me. I promise to try again in the future. I hope that you enjoy this chapter and please feel free to leave me some feedback if you have the time. Now i’m off to do more homework but this was a fun break. lots of love my angels. xx

“There was something sweet in the air, babe, that summer night”

She pressed her hip against the heavy wooden door and it swung open. He placed a hand on the small of her back as she led him into the tiny entrance of her apartment building. His eyes wandered across the dark paneled walls decorated with old photographs. It was dim inside, lit only by a few hanging, green lights dangling precariously from the ceiling. A small elderly woman sat at the front desk reading something that looked dangerously like Fifty Shades of Grey, Shawn avoided looking too closely for the title.

“Hi, Mrs. Fisher,” Y/N called softly to her.

The elderly woman looked up and pressed her glasses up the bridge of her nose, squinting into the dark.

“Oh, Y/N, dear,” She said happily, “How are you?”

“Good,” Y/N replied glancing at her watch, “It’s late. Is Mr. Fisher snoring again?”

Mrs. Fisher laughed and nodded before turning her eyes to look at the tall and unfamiliar boy standing in the middle of her apartment building.

“Who’s this, dear?”

“This is Shawn,” Y/N said quickly. “A new friend of mine.”

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Oh Ms Believer - Jughead x Reader

Request: Jughead x Reader based on Oh Ms Believer by Twenty One Pilots

Word count: 738

Warnings: Depression, sad, swears but good ending though :)

A/N: I fell in love with this song after listening to it so I could write this, thanks anon :) Also I tried to do a lot of research into the meaning behind the lyrics, hope you guys enjoy, and remember to give me feedback :)

Oh, Ms Believer, my pretty sleeper

Your twisted mind is like snow on the road

Your shaking shoulders, prove that it’s colder

Inside your head, than the winter of dead

Jughead sat and watched his girlfriend, Y/N sleep, she looked so peaceful, he thought, and it was true, you did, you could hardly tell that about 30 minutes beforehand Jughead had walked into your apartment to you crying uncontrollably on the ground, hands grasping at your head pulling your hair and you just cried and screamed. “Y/N?!” He said as he ran over to you, he slid down to you and just held you, begging you to tell him what was wrong. You just cried and you couldn’t look at him. Once he had calmed you down a little bit he got up to make you a hot chocolate to calm you down completely, you sat there, arms wrapped around your knees, eyes swollen from the tears, “What the hell is this, Y/N!?” Jughead yelled from the kitchen, you slowly got up and weakly walked out to face him, he stood behind the breakfast bar, holding up a note, “Jug, I-I don’t even know anymore, I just, my thoughts, Juggie, they’re slowly eating away at me. I can’t stop it” you said. “What would you have done if i hadn’t walked in, Y/N? What would have happened??” He said, his voice cracking at every word, he couldn’t bear the thought of losing you, you were the love of his life.

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Starry, starry night

Kuroo Tetsurou X Reader

If y'all don’t know me well, you should know that I’m slightly biased when it comes to the love of my life, Kuroo Tetsurou. So here’s a fluffy reader-insert fic for him. I had a lot of fun writing this and I had so many emotions surging through me, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and felt that something was just missing? Maybe your stuffed bunny fell on the floor or maybe your blanket wasn’t covering your legs like how you want it to, whatever it was, it was how Kuroo was feeling. When he tried to pull you closer to him, it dawned on him that you weren’t there. He longed for your presence and your warmth, and he knew where you just were.

On a cold night during winter, when the snowflakes fell gently on the balcony of your shared house, The Captain wrapped his comforter around him and climbed up to the rooftop, bracing the cold weather. The coldness embraced him almost instantly, he breathed out, a white fog followed with it. His fingers felt stiff and his lips started to dry up, but it all disappeared when he saw you.

“Hey sleepyhead,” you greeted softly, aware of the loud bangs Kuroo made whenever he climbed up to keep you accompanied. A warm smiled spread across your face, remembering the first time he climbed up without you noticing, and how loud you screamed when you thought it was a burglar. Turns out it was just him, and now, you grew accustomed to it. Kuroo chuckled and huddled beside you.

You had a comforter cuddled around you and a cup of tea that had gone a little too cold by now. Kuroo shared his comforter with you, making sure you were all warm and cozy.

There was something about nights like these where the both of you don’t talk and just enjoy each other’s company. Like today, and many others, not much words was exchanged either. “You cold?” Kuroo asked, worried. You shook your head and smiled at him. He snaked an arm around your waist and pull you closer towards him, both of you emitting warmth for each to share.

It was 4 am, yet the two of you weren’t asleep like the majority was. Kuroo looked up into the sky, and the stars shined before him, as though as to keep the two of you accompanied too. It was unusually clear this night, unlike before, it was just a bunch of fat clouds clogging up the view, but this night, the stars were sprinkled generously across, and how they shined for you.

You were obviously in awe of the view, taking in everything that was laid out for you. But Kuroo, he was admiring you instead, the art that he was blessed with. He remembers the first time he saw you in this state, so captivated by the beauty of nature and on that day, Kuroo knew that he had truly fallen in love with you.

It could’ve been anything and everything that caught his heart, and he wasn’t going to argue with it. Kuroo always brushed off love like some type of lame joke and had always laughed at everyone that had gotten their heart broken before, till he experienced it himself, with the help of you.  It was your absolute kindness that had him all over you, always so giving and never asking for anything in return, and that’s what made him love you, so much.

He let out a breathy sigh, the snow melted on the comforter that covered the both of you, but you didn’t mind it. Instead, you so intrigued by the sky you haven’t realized that throughout this whole time, while you were embracing nature, Kuroo had been admiring you. That is until you turned and looked at him. You yelped, not prepared for the close proximity of his face to yours and he smiled a Cheshire cat’s smile.

You giggled, “stop it,” as you gently pushed him away. But Kuroo was the stubborn type, he always was, and he stayed at where he was, with your faces only inches apart from each other. You laughed and pushed him again, but he resisted. Given up, you decided to let him be.

“You know,” Kuroo began, “I really love you.” You had an unimpressed look on your face, “Yeah, I know that” you turned to look at him this time, “It’s old news,” you finished off. Kuroo acted hurt, he placed a hand on his chest and looked shocked, earning another giggle from you.

You looked up high above you, into the sky and smiled, snow falling on your face as it melted into water. Your eyes were closed and you were leaning against your boyfriend. This, was everything you wanted, to be happy. And everything moved ever so slowly, like a movie, when the main character finally realizes that, he’s deeply in love with the other protagonist, and he runs and runs and catches up with her, and they kiss. It felt just like that when everything you had once fought for was truly over.

You felt a kiss on your temple and looked at your bed-hair ridden boyfriend, “I love you,” you whispered. “Yeah, I think I know,” he teased, “Old news.” You jokingly swatted his arm lightly,“Don’t mock me!” Kuroo laughed and kissed your temple again, lovingly.

Out here in the cold winter night, you had fallen in love. And so did Kuroo. And so did the both of you, day by day, over and over. Kuroo had never felt more comfortable in a relationship, and he never felt any happier. There were thousands of emotions and thought running through his mind and he couldn’t find one to talk about of and he settled with just one.

“I love you,” he said, it was heartfelt, raw and just pure. It was love. “I love you too,” you said and kissed him. And on one winter’s night, you’ve found your soulmate.

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Unpopular opinion: Victuuri pair skate was cute, but that's all. It was useless, and I believe it could be used with a greater meaning (for example, it could Victor's last skate before his retirement that he deserves).

*agreed* and again breaking my “promise” and explaining myself lmao. I mean, how could I possibly disagree? But let’s be honest - beautiful things do not always need a deeper purpose. They’re exist to be enjoyed. And a lot of people DID enjoy this scene, so maybe that already IS it’s greater meaning. Yet, I would go even further and say that a couple other routines were pretty but extremely superfluous in the sense of “they didn’t push the story along”, as well.

Since YoI classifies as a sports anime, it was probably valid to show a lot of skating. Hell, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Still, they could’ve maybe focused on some routines more (and maybe even tweaked the animation a bit) if they dropped others that weren’t as important. 

Haha, I fell like that was an unpopular opinion in and of itself.

Here is a teaser for the comfort part of Pressure Points. It is currently called A pearl is a temple built by pain, which is a fucking terrible title, so if someone has a suggestion (Soothe, maybe? What do you think?) I’d really welcome it.

I think it’s going…rather well, actually. Did you know that the Holmeses have a secret basement spy hideout? Because apparently they do.

It’s got a lot of Janine in it, because it seems like Sherlock maybe needs someone with him who knows what he’s feeling but wasn’t actually there that night. Janine and Sherlock have a beautiful relationship in this story.

I’m not entirely sure where this story is taking me. I know there’s a discussion with Mummy in the offing, and Mycroft will cry, and there will be cuddles, but I’m quite enjoying the ride of finding out where the story goes as I write. At some point I hope to find out where Mary is, since she was at the Holmes house when they left, but I’m not sure if it’s relevant.

I revel in it, in her skin on mine, as I’d done the first time she’d come to me after an evening of Magnussen’s attentions. She was the one who asked me to help her become clean, to wash Magnussen from her skin, and we’d crowded into 221B’s bath together, and I’d followed the soap with my hands, overlaying his touch with my own, and we’d slept in my bed, entangled. Before that, we’d gone to sleep on opposite sides of the bed when she stayed over, facing away from each other (though we always woke up vined together in the morning), but after that we dispensed with unnecessary distance altogether. We were safe for each other, Janine and I, safe for and safe from each other, because I didn’t want women (had only ever wanted one person, and what a sickening irony that is) that way and Janine, as far as she knew, had never wanted anyone that way at all.

After a while, she’d spoken to me of something called skin hunger, the human desire for touch. Babies died from it, she said, and old people turned their faces to the wall because of it. I could see it in me, in her. I’d never known the gnawing void for what it was, only that when John moved into 221B and filled my life with casual touch and caring, the roaring ache in my bones had seemed to subside. It had come back while I was away, worse than ever, a constant hunger that seemed to burn in my very bones, and it had become a blaze, a ravenous need, since my return. It was somehow worse, the terrible loneliness, when I was in 221B without John  Watson, than when I was anywhere else. It was better, with Janine there. Janine, who curled up against me on the couch, in my bed, who played the piano on the knobs of my spine, who woke me from nightmares and held me close and chaste and beloved. She wasn’t John – she could never be John, but she was there, and John wasn’t, and I desperately needed someone to be there.

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Hi, there! I just wanted to stop by and say that your comic is absolutely wonderful! You and Al deserve some big congrats for creating such a wonderful world (one that I'm only a little jealous I didn't think of earlier, and so desperately wish was real lol), and I'm so excited for the rest of season 3 to come out! GREAT JOB AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND YOU GUYS ARE SO TALENTED!

THANKYOU! That means a lot! 

I think in season 3 is really stepping up its game compared to what we did in S2 so I hope you guys will enjoy it as well!

Originally posted by hypehope

I beat all of KH Birth by Sleep!!

Even the secret episode! I’m glad I decided to give it a shot!! It was really fun :D

Now I just can’t decide if I want to cosplay Sora or Aqua… Sora is my favorite, I just love him so much! But I usually enjoy cosplaying female characters more (and I don’t want to gender-bend Sora)… I think I could sew a lot of Aqua’s costume and also I wouldn’t have to worry about Sora’s humongous shoes lol. But Sora is just so special to me, I’ve never really bonded with a main character like I did with him. …If anyone actually read this, please message me and let me know if I should do Sora or Aqua!! Thank you 💙

The Big Bear :: March 26th

Ok, the Asgardians doesn’t have original birthdays, but I gave them some cause I love them. Phecda Gamma Thor (I love to say his whole name tbh) birthday is today! I really hope can draw the others as well.

I decided to give him some scars because, alongside Fenrir, he would have a lot of adventures around the forests. Not only fighting animals and hunting, but with other humans who wants to bother this giant.

Anyway, enjoy. I did, and I’m happy how this look.

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How did you figure out you were polyam?

Started in a swinger lifestyle with my soon-to-be ex-husband but noticed that I enjoyed having a lot of feelings for other people. He wanted to explore having a second relationship to me and I was up for doing the same. Started to read more about things and it very much clicked to who and how I am.

hawkguyhasstarbucks  asked:

Hi, hello! I have a request, if it inspires you. This was on my dash - otp: *confesses* me: nice otp: *accidentally confesses* me: nicE otp: *accidentally confesses while in a heated argument* me, fanning myself with my hands: OHOHOHOHOHO NICE - for Galastone, please and thank you. If you don't want to/can't do anything with that, you're still awesome.

Hey, I gotchu ;) I meant for this to get to you a lot sooner than it did, but hopefully the fluff in the end will make up for it. I really, really hope you enjoy, friend!

In other news, my new goal is to slowly take over this fanbase with rarepairs until the end of my days.

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My tribute for @arcanebarrage. No words can explain the way I love this fic. Thank you so much for all those feelings.

Y’all click here and read it! You won’t regret!

MOON SIGNS !!! (use ur moon and enjoy💕)

Aries moon: LOUD AF. Have a lot of things to say but stay quiet because they don’t want to bother people. Loyal to their loved ones and would do anything to protect them. Independent and self-sufficient, they the type of people to ask for something and when the person they asked for it takes too long (more than 30 sec bc aries moon are impatient) they go get it themselves and say “Nevermind! I already did it by myself”. They are like scorpio moons but they smile more and look less creepy.

Taurus moon: aesthetic™ soft voice, always there for you when you need something. The one to be full of surprises that make you feel as if you just met your soulmate. Basically, the ones that are always there for a hug. Cute texts with hearts.

Gemini moon: look like they dont give a fuck but they do. Really cute when you get to know them. If you ever hang out with them you will NEVER feel bored because they can talk about any topic. Smart ass. Flirty with you but then will tell you about their crush and you will feel stupid because you thought you were the one.

Cancer moon: when they drunk and you are drunk expect them to be protecting and taking care of you. Probably cooks super great. Can bear with anything, one of the strongest people. Has a big heart and doesnt always let bad situations get the best of them. Forgiving souls.

Leo moon: know how to make you laugh 24/7. If they like you, expect them to touch you always and make sure everybody know you are theirs. Gets extremely offended if you say something bad about them, even if you are joking around. Probably watching anime all day. Everytime they go out their house is an adventure. Have multiple squads.

Virgo moon: calm a minute, laughing really hard the next minute. That kid in class that stays quiet for hours but when they see an opportunity they drag you in front of everybody. Says the truth out of nowhere. Not that funny, they just calm 24/7, but inside they probably thinking of their future and sex.

Libra moon: hard to make them angry but when you do, RUN! Yes, indecisive, but it is because they analize everything and can see some solutions other people cant even imagine about, and thats a good thing. Poker face but they are funny and their laugh is even funnier. That friend that texts you memes all day to comfort you.

Scorpio moon: stares at an unexistent point and looks like their pet just died. Can appear really funny but just because you tell them something funny, not because they are having a great time. Always ready to fight somebody that comes to them. Even if you stare at their eyes for minutes, first, you will never know what they are feeling, and second, probably you wont last 1 minute staring at them because they will scare you the fuck up when they tell you “What?” With their calm voice.

Sagittarius moon: goofy af, that kid in class that makes jokes with teachers. Always looking carefree and as if they cant kill a fly, but dont provoke them. Hate when people tell them to shut up. Loves getting head.

Capricorn moon: the boss™. Look like they have their shit together but they dont, most of the time. When they cry, they do it alone. Can intimidate you with one stare. When they grow up they start to feel (finally) how it is to be a child, because they grew up too fast. Learns easily anything. If they trust you, you lucky. Protect themselves from anything. Mental “to-do list” of the day or their future.

Aquarius moon: they arent emotionless, they just dont have the need to be on their feelings 24/7 and let that ruin their days or even their life. Loves animals. Can do anything if they think about it and work hard for it. The ones that will support you on anything, and the ones to hype you up if you are the hoe friend. They dont talk/text to you everyday, but when yall see each other its like you get in touch with your old self and you feel happy and lucky to have them in your life.

Pisces moon: suffers a lot and hides it. Probably writes about memories, either good or bad. Cant accept when they have done something bad. Look like as if they are in another universe. If their friend suffers, they suffer a little too. The type of friend to see you for a few seconds and ask you “whats wrong?” Because they have sensed something is happening and affecting you.

Want to know how I can already tell the Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is going to be lightyears better than the 2004 movie??

2004 movie:

Netflix series:

This is not just a nit-picking detail… this is crucial to the entire series. For the 2004 movie to throw this detail out showed me that they did not care to read past the fourth or fifth book, which they had no excuse not to do; by the time the film was made, the eleventh book had just been released. Now, I enjoyed the 2004 movie, it had a lot of wonderful things going for it, wonderful casting, perfect cinematography and tone and soundtrack, but it was not the books. I am so glad that it looks like we will finally get the chance to see a proper adaptation of the books on screen. :D

Do you every just stubbornly avoid something that you know you would enjoy?

Like…I dont have time to get another special interest so nope not going near it. I refuse.

I got to thinking recently and I realized that Yuri on Ice is the first anime I’ve felt passionate about in years.

It’s the first anime in a long time for me, where I wanted to get involved with the fandom, write fanfiction, support artists and their beautiful art, analyze scenes from the anime and create theories, share memes and jokes and just have fun with people who love the same show.

The new YOI episode is always the highlight of my week, it’s the one thing I look forward to. It’s what I get excited about for 6 days and rave about for the next 6 days until the new one is out.

I probably haven’t felt like this for any anime since 2014.

And finding love for anime when I was beginning to think that I might never find a new favorite, might never enjoy something the way I did at the when I first encountered the medium is a beautiful thing.

I also think that I’m not alone with these feelings. I think this anime means a lot to many people, whether it’s because of the characters and the narrative, the animation, the sport itself, the representation and diversity within the cast, or just their love for their ships and memes and fun.

I know there are many people out there who are already tired of hearing about Yuri on Ice all the time, whether it’s from their friends, on their dash, in the anime community in general or wherever else. I know there are people out there who see the fans of the show, see how much they talk about it and soon label them as ‘stupid’ or ‘childish’ or ‘insane’ or whatever else. But please, try to understand that the reason we pay so much attention to it is because it’s important to us.

I know it’s tiring, I know you may not agree with us on many issues, but please bear with us. All of this will only last for another 7-8 weeks. Please let us enjoy this short period of time with all the fangirling/boying we wish to give it without making us feel guilty for it. As long as no one is getting hurt, I am rather certain that we do not deserve to feel bad just for being excited and enjoying an anime.

Yuri on Ice allowed me to meet a number of great people, it made me want to return to ice skating even though I quit the sport years ago, it made me want to return to playing piano even though I gave up years ago, it gave me hope in the anime industry as whole, and most importantly it made me love an anime even though I thought I stopped being capable of that years ago.

I’m just a queer woman from Eastern Europe but Yuri on Ice made me feel like I matter. I will never be ashamed of being a fan of the show.