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SNK Character Song Series 06: Levi (Image song & monologue translations)

Heeeyyy, Tumblr! Long time, no see :’) Did y'all enjoy SNK Season 2?

Levi and Erwin’s image song CDs were just released and I enjoyed listening to them a lot! ♡ So, I decided to pop back in for a bit and take on a new translation endeavor, something I haven’t really done in a while.

First up, this post is Levi’s image song and monologue! For the song, I included the original Japanese as well as romaji for karaoke purposes, if you’re so inclined ;) I also made a transcript of the monologue in the original Japanese, which you can read here (feel free to use it to translate into other languages.)

This should be obvious but keep in mind these are spoilers for the song & monologue, in case you wanted to experience them for yourself first. I definitely encourage supporting the official release & ordering the CDs if you haven’t already ♡

I’m also nearly finished with my translation of Erwin’s song and monologue as well, I’ll update this post with a link once it’s done ♡


“Dark Side Of The Moon” (Vocals by Hiroshi Kamiya)

Side note: the melody for Levi’s song is based on the previously released SNK single, Reluctant Heroes.

Japanese Version









※ Repeat

Romaji Version

Konna sekai wo ima
Sakasa ni shite futte mitemo
Tashika na koto hitotsu
Detekiyashinē¹ darō?

Kabe no soto wa jigoku
Naka wa giman afureteru
Sore mo awase nonde
Ninmu wo hatasu dake

Kanjō nagasare shinigami kuwareru ka
Tarinai atama wo mawashite miru ka

※Hikari ataranu tsuki no ura
Tsukisusumu tame ni wa
Motto hayaku toki ni wa
Chūcho naki hijōsa wo
Machigai ja nai yaritakya yare
Koko ni kotae nante nai
Tada kōkai nokosanu
Mizukara no ketsudan wo

Koko de ikinuku nara
Kotoba de suru kyōiku yori
Itami no kioku toku
Kyōkun ga hitsuyō darō?

Gisei mo kiken mo sakete wa
Seika nado
Erarenu mono da to
Hara wo kukure yo

Kakusarete iru tsuki no ura
Itsuka abaku tame ni
Midasareru na wameku na
Jōkyō wo mikiwamero
Kekka ga nakya seikai mo nai
Dakara saigo dake wa
Tada kōkai nokosanu
Mizukara no ikikata wo

Haigo de chitta yūkan na heishi tachi ga
Nokoshita omoi chikara wo ataeru
Kanarazu itsu no hi ni ka mezawari na
Kabe mo kowashi
Jiyū ni naru tame kono inochi sasagu

※ Repeat

English Translation

This kind of world now
Even if we try shaking it upside down
There isn’t one thing that comes out
Which is certain, is there?

Outside the walls, it is hell
Inside, it is brimming with deceit
What’s more, we have to swallow it down
We can only fulfill our duty

Will we lose control of emotion and be consumed by a god of death?
Or will we try to use our dim-witted heads?

The dark side of the moon, untouched by light
For the sake of pushing forward
We have to be faster and at times
Be heartless without hesitation
It’s not a mistake if it’s what you want to do, so do it
There are no right answers here
Just being without regrets
Is my own decision

If were to I survive here
Rather than education with words
Isn’t persuasion by memories of pain
An essential lesson?

To avert sacrifice as well as danger
Things like results
Cannot be obtained
Steel yourself for it

The dark side of the moon is concealed
For the sake of someday being revealed
Do not get agitated, do not scream
Be certain of the circumstances
Without results, there are no right answers
Therefore only in the end
Just being without regrets
Is my way of living

Brave soldiers who died noble deaths² before us
The hopes they left behind give us power
Without fail, one of these days
We will demolish the obstructive walls as well
For the sake of freedom, we devote this life

Translation notes:

¹ It appears that Levi’s gruff style of speaking is present even in the lyrics of his song. The standard form of the verb here would be detekiyashinai (出てきやしない).
² The verb in the original Japanese, chiru/散る (or in this case, the past tense form chitta/散った) in the literal sense means “to fall” (in the context of leaves or blossoms from a tree). However, it also has the figurative meaning of “to die a noble death”. Even though we also say “fallen soldiers” in English, I worried that translating the lyric as, “fallen before us” or “fallen behind us” could both be misinterpreted, I decided to go with the more figurative meaning;;


Levi Monologue English Translation

Seriously now, I’ve had enough of this. This world is perpetual shit, and humanity is still toothless prey.

Those ugly titans are always going to take a bite out of us, and so we die a meaningless death.

Humanity is powerless.

When we won against the titans for the first time, the time when we sealed the wall in Trost district with a boulder, we could do it because of Eren’s power– a titan’s power.

The weak ones die quickly. How much power they use up doesn’t matter.

Eventually all of humanity, every single person will end up in the stinking maw of a titan, and while we experience the worst feeling there is, perhaps our miserable lives will end.

I realized it a few years ago. The stench of the gutters fills the inside of these walls. It’s been like this for over 100 years. It’s the way things are now.

Because I’ve had to breathe in this foul air ever since I was born, because I had no choice but to live crawling around in piles of trash, I thought that it was normal.

But when I went outside the walls for the first time, I realized how much I didn’t know about anything. It hit home for me, how much I had hated it.

The world outside the walls was like hell with titans wandering around, but the air I breathed there was completely different from the one inside the walls.

I realized, out there is what freedom is.

Freedom is something that absolutely cannot be obtained within the walls.

So I made a choice. I will continue to kill all of the titans.

If you want to confront the titans, information is never enough. So in order to survive, I learned how to live.

Quick action and callous decisions by assuming the worst is a necessary endeavor.

A moment’s hesitation, surrendering yourself to emotions, and you will be nothing but Titan bait.

If you don’t want to die, you have to always continue to keep this in mind.

And small choices will accumulate.

That is the way of living I have learned.

Risking no danger, making no sacrifices– there is no such easy discussion.

Even if there was, it’s all make-believe.

So far, I have lost numerous subordinates.

Whether my choice was correct at those times, I do not know. It’s always been like that.

Even if I believe in my own power, even if I believe in my comrades whom I fully trust, none of us will know the outcome.

Afterward, all that’s left is reality.

In that case, What can I do except make a desperate effort?

What can I do except doggedly press on?

If I have time to think about the bygone past, like if I were to have made a different choice back then, I will kill as many titans as possible within my power.

In that time, in that moment, a sudden, ridiculously strong power boils up from inside my body, and then I know what to do.

When that moment comes, I can no longer go back to my old self.

With these blood-stained hands, I accept my new self, I steel myself, and I only do what I must.

Was I correct? Or did I make a mistake? That’s the sort of thing no one knows, so it’s not worth worrying about.

All you can do is keep your mouth shut and make a choice without regrets.

Not understanding things about this world is true for everyone.

So I choose the guy whom I want to put my faith in.

Erwin is like that, too. No one knows what he is really thinking deep down.

But I trust his judgement.

He may be inviting the worst outcome, but he’s not afraid of that, he is able to choose something. That’s the kind of guy he is.

That’s why I chose to follow him. And I chose to fight.

In order to fight against this shit world, with this hand I’ll grab hold of the freedom of going beyond the walls for the first time.

I have chosen for myself.

Even if I am led into hell, I have no regrets.

Not one bit.

Take It Easy On My Heart

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Sam, Dean, Lisa (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: ANGST

Word count: 2010 (with lyrics) 

Prompt: Song Mercy by Shawn Mendes 

A/N: It’s written for @thevioletthourr‘s “Fif’s Milestone Challenge” as well as  SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017. I hope you guys enjoy. I tried my best :) Feedback is appreciated. 

Beta: @deantheotherkingofkinks Thanks a lot for the eleventh hour editing! :) 

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She hadn’t seen Dean Winchester for years and now here she was, sitting right in front of the man who she used to love - or maybe she still did.

“So, Y/N, how’s life been?” Sam asked taking a sip from his beer.

“Good… Good. Yeah. Pretty good,” she swallowed a big gulp from her bottle, “You guys tell me, I mean you have been hunting more than me.”

“Well, we’ve met god and his sister and something tells me that’s way more than hunting,” Sam said as if he was proud of himself.

“That sounds crazy, even though I know about hunting,” She said, now her eyes met Dean, “So, Dean, I heard about the mark and you becoming a demon. Is that all true?”

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Message to BBS fandom (but does not exclude other fandoms)

Call me salty or homo//pho//bic but I am honestly sick to death of posts about Youtubers on tumblr which only focus on things which could are or could be considered gay. 

God it would be amazing if they did come out as mlm, but so far - they haven’t. You can keep reblogging or posting gay stuff - I enjoy it too - but honestly there are so many other qualities about the Boys which they would much rather have talked about and spread on social media: Their sense of humour, their compassion/charity, memes, etc. 

But what does tumblr do instead? Just go out of their way to find anything REMOTELY gay to fangirl and even swoon over (which, btw, could be considered feti//shi//sm if I didn’t know any better) 

No other quality of the Boys gets any attention, and that pisses me off. 

Find something else to talk about.

anonymous asked:

Hey I'd like to make a bts reaction request!^^ Bts reaction to meeting their Internet best friend for the first time and realizing that she/he's underaged (small cute bean) around16 or 17 they never really talked about age before^^ Thank chu❤

Sorry for the late reply 😖 I’ve been super busy with my summer job 😓 never the less enjoy!!



Originally posted by jeontrash

Jin would be very put off by this new found information.The huge age gap would cause a lot of awkwardness that Jin would find hard to break. He wouldn’t be able to get over the fact that his friend was much younger. He would still be as nice as he was when they talked online but there would be a very obvious awkward gap in their friendship. They would continue to talk online as they always did with no awkwardness but this encounter would always be weird for Jin. Eventually as time passed and he got use to this things be able to become somewhat normal with his friend in person.


Originally posted by fullfangirling27

Suga would be a little annoyed that he didn’t know his friend was so young. He would be distant and try to keep a bit of distance. He would still want to remain good friends but he would try to put some distance between them until his friend was at least an adult. The age gap between them was a bit big but he would still treat them like a friend by doing things such as listening to them and showing them around them. 

Rap Monster

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Namjoon would be a mess of emotions. He would mostly be awkward and shy. He would try his best to play it off but there would be moments where it would show through “Haha I never though you would be so … young … ha ha” He would remain as nice as he had always been but he would be a little distant. The fact that his friend was young wouldn’t really be what would get to him, it would be the fact that they were underage.  


Originally posted by nycbtslover

J-Hope would overly fake being hurt by the fact that his friend never told him that they were much younger than him but ultimately it wouldn’t affect their friendship much. J-Hope is a very playful person so he would play off any awkwardness with dumb/silly jokes and body gags or just some of the random things he tends to do. “How could you never tell me such an important thing! I’m so hurt! I’m so offended! I feel betrayed! How could you do this to me!!” 


Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

V would be a little shocked and would give an awkward smile when he found out that his internet best friend for years was younger than him. “ Ah … so … you’re younger than me … younger than Jungkook …” He’d mentally ask himself why he never asked your age. Both of them would still hang out and talk but there would be moments of awkward silence. Eventually as the day progressed the awkwardness would fade but even when the day was over there would e just a tiny hint of it left. I feel like he would never forget the fact that his friend was so much younger than him.


Originally posted by crying-in-korean

Jimin would start laughing when he found out. “No way! Really?!” Even after he finds out he would still treat them the same, though he would occasionally bring up the fact they were so smol. He would start do cute little things to them like patting their head or playfully teasing them for being so young. “You’re so small, and young, and innocent!” He’d say as they both walked down the street window shopping while doing a small gesture to show some friendly affection.


Originally posted by baekon-stripss

Cue Jungshook. This little bunbun would be so shocked he wouldn’t be able to say anything. Things would probably become a little awkward because he always thought they were about the same age. However the awkward aura that surrounded them would be broken quickly because even though his friend is younger than him, it’s only by a couple years. They would be able to quickly start becoming closer despite the small age gap. “It’s so weird to think that you’re younger than me” he would say. “Yeah sorry about that I guess I should’ve told you” his friend would say. “No it’s fine! But you better like lamb skewers because if you don’t we can’t be friends”


Honestly this is how I see all of them reacting (at least at first) 😂

Originally posted by paigeshipsrarl

I hope you enjoyed! Once again sorry for the late response! I’ll try to work all my requests tomorrow I just wanted to post something before I went to sleep. I’ll probably post tomorrow around 12-1pm EST (hopefully if I don’t forget haha)


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100 Followers-                  Promotion Post!

This is a very special post to me as I have just reached over 100 followers! Just… How shit, you guys! I can’t thank you all enough??? And I’m really happy that the lot of you really enjoy my shit lord of a muse! He’s a royal pain in the ass but no matter what I love him anyways- this post is for all the blogs who help me reach this number BUT as I have done so in the past from other blogs, I will not be @ mentioning personal blogs for reasons for all but two blogs because they have been so kind to me and just- HOW COULD I NOT?!

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Connor Murphy with a Writer S/O Headcanons Part 1

First off, this is long. A warning. I tried my best to make it gender neutral. If I didn’t, please, help me and tell me what to fix! 

Reminder, I don’t take requests for headcanons, and I don’t think I ever will. So sorry about that, guys! 

Ok, enjoy this long list guys!

  • You were a mystery to Connor and to most people
  • You weren’t an outcast cuz you did have a few friends and all, yet a lot of the times Connor would see you alone with a notebook or laptop or something that you can write with
  • Yet you also seemed content while being alone
  • It was confusing to him because you had friends and you didn’t hang out with them as much as other people did with their friends
  • So of course Connor’s way of expressing his curiosity in your… oddness is to observe you from afar
  • But just for observation nothing else absolutely nothing else no siree
  • When you were leaving class, you dropped your notebook, the prized notebook that Connor knew you carried everywhere
  • Now Connor had two choices, leave the notebook and continue not caring or take it and give it back to you
  • He started second guessing himself, that you must’ve noticed he was observing you and so, for revenge, you dropped your notebook so he could pick it up and he’d just end up embarrassing himself
  • However, if he didn’t embarrass himself, then you wouldn’t get your notebook
  • So Connor made a third option, he dropped it off at the teacher’s desk so you could find it later
  • While he was ditching class because he couldn’t take any more stares, he saw you outside your locker muttering to yourself and digging through your stuff.
  • Before he could say anything, he muttered, “People will think you’re a freak if you keep doing that.”
  • You heard him. The hallway was empty and his locker was fairly close to yours. You just smiled, cuz writers are freaks. “I am a freak,” you told him, “I’m a writer.”
  • With that, you kept on digging through your locker
  • Connor was so taken aback. Why would you admit to being a freak? Shouldn’t it bother you? Why were you so proud of it? It bothered him when the rumors started.
  • Seeing as no one was around to see him embarrass himself, Connor dared to talk to you
  • “What are you looking for anyway?”
  • “My journal. I had so many ideas in there, and I can’t find it.”
  • “I… I know where it is.” Great you’ll think he’s a freak. Why did he say that? Now you were going to interrogate him and ask him why he would know such things and then you would tell all your friends that he was a creepy stalker.
  • “Really?” Your eyes lit up. “Can you show me?”
  • Ok, Connor was surprised for two reasons. One: You weren’t mad or shouting or laughing, you were happy for what he said. A first. Two: you wanted him to show you? Who wanted Connor Murphy for company?
  • So, Connor showed you the classroom you dropped it in. You went in got your notebook just as the bell rang and the hallways flooded with people
  • All people avoided Connor, but he didn’t care, not when you were smiling and thanking him for doing something so small
    • Connor had never felt so… happy in a long time
  • Then, everything came crashing done
    • From his peripheral vision, he saw a few of your friends chatting amongst themselves on the other side of the hallway, and anger filled him up
    • “So this is what this is, huh?”
    • You blinked. “What? Connor-”
    • “No, don’t. You did all of this just so that you and your friend could make fun of the freak, right?”
    • “Connor-”
    • “You’re not any different than anyone else in this damn school. I should’ve known. I’ve had enough of this shit.”
    • And you stood there shocked.
  • You were very worried about Connor. Being a writer, you had studied a lot about psychology and different mental disorders. You knew Connor needed help, and you were going to help him.
  • You asked around, your friends, teachers, classmates, but no one knew much about Connor.
    • You kept hearing about an incident when Connor threw a printer at his teacher in second grade
    • But… how could a second grader…. Throw a printer???? It made no sense
  • You finally got some info from someone in Jazz Band
  • His sister played jazz, and you could easily ask her if Connor was ok
  • Apparently, she didn’t know much about her brother either and judging by her indifferent and almost angry reaction at the mention of her brother, you knew something happened between them
  • You asked if you could come over to thank him for giving you your notebook back, even though that was only one of the reasons you wanted to see him
  • Zoe Murphy was confused, but she relented
  • So that day you walked with Zoe and actually had a nice conversation.
  • You told her how one of your characters was interested in music and decided to get some advice from a musician
  • When you got to the house, Zoe explained a bit of the family situation
  • You became even more determined to help Connor
  • Zoe retreated to her room and pointed you to Connors room. She warned you that he might not be in there and that if he was, he was smoking weed
  • You hesitated before knocking because what if you were making it worse?
  • Then you looked at your notebook and found the courage to knock on his door.
  • “What the fuck, Zoe?” Connor shouted through his door.
  • You gulped. “Um, it’s (y/n). I dropped my notebook. I’ve come to thank you.”
  • He opened the door and was silent for a few seconds
  • Those few seconds felt like eternity to you. You had to admit, he was intimidating. You had noticed Connor before because he was… odd. Just like you were. You just never had the chance to talk to him.
  • “Why the fuck are you here?” he demanded.
  • “I wanted to thank you.”
  • He scoffed. “Yeah right.” He moved to close the door.
  • You prevented the door from closing.
  • “What the fuck, (Y/n)?”
  • You explained, “Connor, I’m a writer. That notebook you found is practically my life, and you returned it to me. Last time, I lost a notebook, no one bothered to look for it or keep an eye out. I found that very notebook a year later in the fucking gym. Everyone goes to the gym and no one bothered to tell me. You cared, and that’s pretty amazing.”
  • After your little monologue, you grew embarrassed. You just rambled about a notebook in front of Connor freakin Murphy, a dude who probably didn’t want to listen to a writer ramble on about writing.
  • However, it was the opposite.
  • Connor noticed that there was no one around. You weren’t doing it to embarrass him or get glory for taking pity on him. Which meant the only reason you could be there, thanking him, is to genuinely thank him and appreciate what he did. He hadn’t had that in a long time.
  • “I should go. Sorry for, uh, disturbing you, Connor.”
  • He couldn’t help himself. “You’re welcome, (Y/n).”
  • You turned around and you couldn’t help your smile or the words that came out afterward. “So, you wanna hang out tomorrow, lunch? Gotta thank my superhero.”
  • Connor didn’t know how he got so lucky as to hear those words from you, but he didn’t want to waste it. “Yeah.”
  • Lunch was a bit awkward. Then, something caught Connor’s attention.
    • “So this one story I have is about a main character who is struggling with mental disorders-”
    • “So he’s a villain?”
    • “No, not all. He’s the protagonist, and everyone who keeps denying him help are the antagonists.”
    • Connor’s interests piqued. He wanted to read it, and you allowed him after asking if he’d be ok with reading the sensitive material.
    • He did and not only did he like it, he gave you honest and good critique
    • “Hey, if you need any help with writing that-”
    • “You’ll swoop in and save my writing. I know, Superman.”
  • Whenever you needed to write, you went to him.
    • “Connor?”
    • “Yes?”
    • “Mind f I hang out here with you? I need some quiet while I write.”
    • “What about your other friend?”
    • “They’ll talk and talk and try to find out what I’m writing.”
    • “That’s annoying. Yeah, sure.”
    • “Thanks.”
    • And you two would just sit there in comfortable silence until you were done.
    • “Is it ready, (Y/n)?”
    • You inhaled through your teeth. “Not just yet, Mr. Connor Murphy. I need to edit it. But, I promise, as soon as I’m done, You’ll be the first to read it!”
    • And he was
  • Connor Murphy soon becomes your editor and fellow researcher, and because he doesn’t give a shit, he is really good at finding people for you to talk to about certain things.
    • “(y/n), I got some contacts from the hospital, all experts in that disorder you’re trying to write about.”
    • “Really?! Thanks, Connor!”
    • “I also emailed each and every one of them regarding the disorder.”
    • … “Connor, we’re in high school. What the fuck did you tell them?”
    • “That you were going to have a book published and that you need information.”
    • “Connor, I’m not even close to done.”
    • “But, you’ll finish it. They’ll get back to us.”
    • Within the next week, no one had contacted you or Connor.
    • Then Connor gave you a pile of papers.
    • “‘What’s this?”
    • “Since none of the doctors responded, I went over there and interviewed one. Here’s the information I got.”
    • “How did you-”
    • “Don’t ask, (Y/n).”
    • You smiled. “You really are my Superman, you know that Murphy?”
    • Cue cute blushing Connor who tried to hide it. “Whatever, (Y/n).”
  • Safe to say, Connor fell for you. Hard. And it scared the shit out of him. You were so amazing in his eyes. Hell, he wasn’t even sure if he deserved you as a friend, much more a …
  • Connor began to disappear more often, and you were starting to worry. Connor had disappeared sometimes, sure. But, usually, it was for a day or two. If it was more than that, he would text you or call you to reassure you he was ok.
  • Four days passed, and Connor wasn’t anywhere. He wouldn’t answer your texts or calls, and you were beginning to worry.
  • Zoe hadn’t seen him anywhere either, and she began to worry too. She didn’t forgive her brother for what he had done to her in the past, but she knew that he was better when he was with you. You were better when you were with him. You needed each other.
  • You searched for him. You went from place to place. You knew Connor would want some quiet place to think, so you went to each library, park, abandoned field. You even jumped the fence of some private property to see if he was there.
  • You found him on a bench, sleeping. You were so mad at him for disappearing on you, so you woke him up. “Connor!”
  • He groaned. “Leave me alone, (Y/n).”
  • “No! I’ve left you alone for a week. You have worried me sick! Honestly, Connor, I have fucking clue what you were thinking?”
  • Connor shook his head and walked away. He didn’t want to argue with you.
  • “Connor! You are not disappearing on me again!” You grabbed his hand, and that made him snap.
  • “I can disappear whenever the fuck I want, (Y/n)! And what, it’s not like you wouldn’t change. You’ll still be you, with the novel in works and a published book in a few years. Nothing changes if I leave!”
  • “Nothing changes?” You shook your head. “You have the gall to tell me nothing changes? Who will be my editor, huh, Connor? Evan, cause he’ll love everything I read? Or fucking Jared, cause I would definitely love to follow his advice and put him in my book!”
  • “You could get any editor, (Y/n). You can replace me!”
  • “No one can replace you, Connor! No one!” Tears were stinging your eye. At the mere thought of a world without Connor Murphy, you felt empty and angry and sad. You took a deep breath. “Connor, if you disappeared, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.”
  • “Oh please. You were still you before you met me. The proud freak.”
  • You shook your head. “Connor, I couldn’t finish anything before you. I-I had no motivation to finish anything. I didn’t see any reason why i had to finish that short story, that novel, that fucking outline. But, after you, after meeting someone who actually gave me critiques and appreciated writing for what it was and listened to me, I feel like I could take on the world!” You laughed. “You’re my muse, Connor Murphy.”
  • Connor was shocked again. It couldn’t be true. How could he ever mean that much to someone? Especially if that someone was… you “Don’t lie to me, (Y/n).”
  • “I’m not lying to you, Connor. You inspire me.”
  • “Stop fucking lying to me.”
  • “I am not lying to you!”
  • He shook his head. “I’m not dealing with this crap.”
  • “Connor, how could I lie to you?” When he didn’t stop walking, you stopped in front of him. “How could you even believe I would lie to you?”
  • He kept trying to get past you.
  • “Connor!”
  • He pushed past you and continued walking.
  • You watched as he walked away. Well, you couldn’t lose anything at that point. “Connor!”
  • “Leave me alone, (Y/n)!”
  • “Connor, please!’ You gulped. “I love you, Connor!”
  • Everything froze. Connor stopped in his path. You couldn’t breathe.
  • Connor threw back his head and stared at the sky. His voice was surprisingly calm as he said, “I thought I told you to stop lying.”
  • You wanted to argue with him again, but you were too tired and confused. You couldn’t form the right words
  • So Connor continued. He turned around. He had tears on his cheeks, and his eyes were red. You stalked over to you. “How could you love a freak like me, huh, (Y/n)?” He scoffed. “What kind of sick joke are you trying to pull?” His voice raised in volume. “I’m not worth your love, ok? You’re meant for greater things, and you need some guy who’s not going to disappear on you for a week.”
  • You whispered his name and pulled on his jacket. He had to stop saying those things. It hurt that he thought such things about himself.
  • He still persisted, “You need some guy who doesn’t smoke weed and actually fucking sleeps once in a while and knows how to give a shit about people. You deserve better than-”
  • You couldn’t shut him up, so you kissed him. It was crazy, impulsive, and stupid, but you did it anyway.
  • Connor pulled away immediately. “(Y/n), you can’t-”
  • You pressed your lips against his again, and this time he moaned into the kiss and pulled you closer to him. He pressed you against him and scrambled to find out where his hands went. Connor grabbed your hips with one hand and knotted his fingers into your hair with the other.
  • The kiss was sloppy and by no means perfect, but my god, feeling Connor’s hands in your hair and on your hips and running down your shoulders was the best thing you’ve ever felt. When your chest began to burn from lack of oxygen, you pulled away.
  • Connor leaned forward to kiss you again, but he didn’t do so, not sure if you really really want this. Instead, he opted for resting his forehead on yours.
  • Connor’s mind was racing, going from one thought to the next. He grabbed your arm, needing something to anchor him to the reality where you, wonderful you, kissed him.
  • Twice.
  • “Shit,” Connor whispered.
  • “That bad?” you laughed.
  • He grit his teeth and stroked the length of your arm. “No. That good.”
  • You giggled and heaved in air. Connor had literally taken your breath away, and you didn’t mind one bit.
  • You stroked his hair and just stared at him with love in your eyes.
  • “I have something on my face, don’t I?”
  • You shook your head. “No. Just…” You breathed deeply. “You look so beautiful.”
  • Connor laughed. “Yeah right.”
  • “I’m serious! You’re amazing, Connor Murphy.”
  • And in that moment, Connor knew there would be no one else for him.

If you think this is long… well this is only part one guys! (I know, I’m crazy. I’m a writer) Um, yeah, I love Connor Murphy guys. His character is so unexplored that I want to explore his character, and this is one of my ways. 

Next part is coming up soon!

By soon, I mean less than thirty minutes later. Here it is!  Part 2!

anonymous asked:

do you need to have read the grisha trilogy before six of crows???

No, you can read each series on their own. They’re set in the same world and a few characters from the Grisha trilogy make cameos in Six of Crows/ Crooked Kingdom, but otherwise the plotlines are kept pretty separate. I went into Six of Crows after having read the Grisha trilogy so i did feel like I had a more thorough understanding of the political climate surrounding the Grisha from the get-go in SoC, but the book itself did a really nice job laying out what information you’d need to know on its own anyway. I’d say you can always pick up the Grisha trilogy later if you want to know more about the world and the Grisha army but it’s not necessary.
Also, tbh, I just enjoy Six of Crows a lot more than the Grisha trilogy anyway. This is just my opinion at this point but I feel like it’s just a stronger series all around. L Bardugo’s writing improves drastically book to book, and that felt really painfully obvious in the Grisha series. All the characters and subplots she introduced in the later books were sooo much more interesting than the bland protagonist the series was just kind of stuck with. In contrast, I think the cast and premise of Six of Crows were really a testament to how much L Bardugo had grown as an author. I would recommend it first, with Grisha trilogy as optional supplementary material. But some people liked the Grisha series more than I did, so take that with a grain of salt haha.

roymblog  asked:

I've really been enjoying all of your work and I'm honestly not sure which is my favorite ("The Not-Quite-Booty Call" is up there along with "License to Science" and the three Levihan shorts you did a few weeks ago). I'm probably gonna go with "For Now it's Enough" though. I think I've read it at least four times now.

Oh man, thank you!! I’m so glad to hear that you liked all of these! And four times??? skdjlskjs I’m amazed and so happy you liked it enough to read it so many times! I honestly enjoyed writing For Now It’s Enough a lot - but hearing this makes the work I put into feel even more worthwhile <3


You all have, by now, most likely gotten a good sense of my amazing friend, Joan (@welcome-to-the-joangle), who’s been in countless short videos, now YouTube videos, and other things. In this video, we delve into our relationship, and see how well we know each other. Lots of things were brought up that I did not anticipate haha! I hope you enjoy!!

Illustration I did for one year anniversary ! As a big fan of Overwatch it was an honor to do it. Even though the playing  the game has decreased my productivity XD.

I enjoyed doing this one a lot, didn’t had this feeling since a long long time !

anonymous asked:

I love your new video so much it's genius! Did any of your friends have favorite sides to act as?

Hahah well I don’t wanna speak for them, but I think almost all of them super enjoyed playing Patton. I know Joan was most looking forward to playing Logan because that’s their fave character. Talyn was super pumped to play Anxiety. Actually, come to think of it, as soon as I brought the idea up to them, they all knew exactly the character I wanted them for and were super thrilled to play each of them! Haha

I can also say Terrence had a lot of trouble being Anxiety (he’s just too smiley, he’s never somber), Valerie also had issues being mean lol, and Talyn really disliked being Logan hahaha (Lots of complicated sentences and good bloopers haha)

guess who ;)

[TRANS] 170523 Kim Hyunjung's News Show - Phone Interview w/ Rap Monster

KRN - ENG © ktaebwi

Kim Hyunjung (KHJ): Hello Rap Monster. Congratulations!

Rap Monster (RM): Hi, nice to meet you, this is Rapmon from BTs.

KHJ: You are in Las Vegas right?

RM: We have some additional schedules so we’re heading to LA from Las Vegas noe. Please excuse me for taking the call while on the road, thank you.

KHJ: You’re really well-manner. I’m the one who should say thank you for taking the call in such situation.

RM: It’s my honor.

KHJ:To be honest, did you go there with expectation?

RM: Of course, we had a lot of expectation. We thought that we shouldn’t have any expectation but at the same time, we expected a lot too. “They called us all the way here, wouldn’t they give us the award? But anyway let’s not hope too much,” we were kind of in a dilemma.

KHJ: How did you feel like when they called out BTS’ name at a stage like that?

RM: We talked about this among ourselves already too, it didn’t feel real. We just went out to the stage like we were being possessed by something, and in front of us were people like Drake, DJ Khaled. It felt like we were dreaming.

KHJ: Felt like you were dreaming? Back then when you were a trainee, have you ever dreamt of a stage like this?

RM: We actually have never dreamt of anything this big. When we were still trainees, around 1 year before debuting, we went to see a sunbae group’s concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena. We talked about having to stand on this kind of stage at least once before retiring. We didn’t dare to imagine of attending an award show like BBMAs and receiving an award in front of such people.

KHJ: So you were watching the concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena and you said “Wow, we have to do a concert here at least once before we die, don’t we?”. Was it your dream?

RM: It was nearly exactly what I said. For real.

KHJ: Those trainees now walked on the dream stage of Billboard and became the first among K-pop idol groups.

RM: It’s our honor.

KHJ: What do you think is the main factor to such global popularity? What is the core point?

RM: The local media outlets always ask us this too so I thought about this a lot, since I have to answer them. And I asked around too, of course. I think K-pop is like a gift set, an assorted gift ser. The music, the choreography, music videos and what we always do, communication on SNS. These things are combined together and once you fall for something, for example, if you listen to the music, you will watch music videos, then if you find the choreography cool, you will look up for performances on Youtube and find the fun videos that we always shoot, then you will check out our SNS and find out what thoughts we have. I can say that it’s extremely easily accessible. So the process of becoming our fans is extremely easy too. And most of all, our typical type of music or lyrics tell the stories of the youth in all over the world, no matter if it’s across the globe or Korea, the youth all feel the same emotions. We think it can create a bond of sympathy more easily, letting them think “So they feel like this in Korea too.”

KNJ: Your songs are in Korean, can those feelings be delivered? Including the lyrics too?

RM: The Internet and such are developing strongly these days, so even if we just tweet something, a lot of people would immediately translate it to not just English, but also multiple languages like Romanian, Portugese.

KHJ: So they translate and make subtitles in multiple languages?

RM: That’s correct. Nearly all of our contents have subtitles, so it’s easier to know what we talk about, what we write, what our lyrics say. I think we are benefitting a lot from the media.

KHJ: An assorted gift set made up from those things. And the finalization of it, the finalization of 2017, we can think it’s BTS.

RM: Thank you for saying that.

KHJ: But Rap Monster, how can you speak so well like that?

RM: Thank you. There’s a lot of chances where I need to speak on behalf of the group, so I think I have to speak well to dignify our group. I always think in my head first.

KHJ: You pulled out English interviews perfectly too. The assorted gift set story you talked about is true in many ways. It makes me think idols are indeed incredible, you started from Olympic Gymnastics Arena and now took home a Billboard award. What will be your next goal?

RM: Our next goal is a worldwide stadium tour. Stadium tour is the kind of tour that attracts at lease 30,000, 40,000 to 50,000 audiences. I can say that our next goal is to hold a worldwide stadium tour.

KHJ: So us older generation can understand that it’s like when Michael Jackson holds a concert and have 3-40,000 audiences?

RM: Yes, we want to do that.

KHJ: Earlier you said when you went to the concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena yiu wanted to be like that sunbae group, who was that sunbae?

RM: They are called Highlight now right? We got a chance to go to Highlight - formerly known as B2ST - sunbaenim’s concert in 2012. We sat at the back.

KHJ: At the back?

RM: They were so cool so we told each other like “Let’s become like those sunbaenim”. We still sometimes talk about that among ourselves now.

KHJ: It would be even happier because you made it after going through hardships. Having a busy schedule must be really tiring right? What do you want to do first when you come back home?

RM: I always like enjoying the park or landscapes. I sometimes come to Gyeongbokgung too, it helps filling out the feeling of emptiness. I heard the Seoullo 7017 (a pedestrial overpass) has been opened.

KHJ: Yes, Seoullo. Oh, do you follow current events too? How did you know Seoullo is opened when you go abroad that frequently?

RM: I take a lot of flights and they always have newspapers there, so I read them.

KHJ: You need to be this level to become a global idol. Rap Monster, congratulations again. I hope you can soon come back and take a walk in the park or Seoullo 7017. I’ll continue to support and look forward to your future activities and worldwide stadium tour.

RM: Thank you.

Do you every just stubbornly avoid something that you know you would enjoy?

Like…I dont have time to get another special interest so nope not going near it. I refuse.

My tribute for @arcanebarrage. No words can explain the way I love this fic. Thank you so much for all those feelings.

Y’all click here and read it! You won’t regret!

Sweet Creature (M)

*I have no words*

Request: Can I get a Sub Jungkook smut where their on the couch and he cums in his pants while the reader is grinding on him on his lap and dirty talks to him in his ear??? Thanks☺️☺️☺️

Word Count: 6.9k words (heh heh)

Let me ruin you goddammit

Let’s get one thing straight. You never claimed to be a good person, never did charity work, never been the perfect daughter for your parents. And you sure as hell wasn’t someone’s little girlfriend.

You did what you want, who you wanted and slipped out of their sheets before they murmur good morning in your ear. You were a ‘no strings attached’ girl, making sure that you would never become someone’s puppet. Of course, you weren’t immune to the disease called ‘love’, your innocent high school days plagued with your naive mindset of finding the ‘one’. It still haunts you, one of the reasons your night doesn’t end with a shot of whisky and half a pack of beer. The only person who was willing to put up with you was your best friend, Jungkook.

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