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Cuddle headcanons for Semi and Shirabu please. Or just anything with these two, I have a mighty need for these pretty setters

Ah cuddle headcanons always so cute  ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

Semi Eita

  • Semi isn’t much of a cuddler I don’t think
  • Yet he does get in his moods where he just wants to be held by his s/o, especially when he is having a bad day, or practice was especially hard that night
  • In those kinds of moments he is definitely the little spoon, and he kind of just curls up against his s/o and they usually will play with his hair or rub his arm 
  • He doesn’t talk much when cuddling and normally falls asleep very fast
  • I feel as though Semi tends to bottle up his emotions and never really tells his s/o when he’s upset, so when they cuddle they know automatically that Semi is not okay
  • He cries, and he hates crying so much, he doesn’t like the feeling of completely breaking down but sometimes it’s just necessary for coping for him 
  • His s/o tells him it’s not okay to hold things in like that and he needs to express how he feels more often to them but they say that every time he get’s like this but it’s no change
  • When his s/o is feeling a bit down he’ll attempt to be a bit more lovey with them and offer to cuddle or just generally be more touchy with them 
  • His s/o wont want him to do something that he doesn’t want to do so it will take a little bit of pressure of him trying to tell his s/o that he wants to make them feel better
  • Soft kisses and holding hands as well as Semi slightly blushing 

Shirabu Kenjirou 

  • I feel like Shirabu is the same way as Semi, he doesn’t like cuddling that much, he finds it uncomfortable because he normally wakes up in the middle of the night and his whole arm is asleep
  • Shirabu also has his moments when he is completely down in the dumps about everything in his life and just feels kind of helpless 
  • That is when he likes to be more affectionate with his s/o
  • His s/o always tries to cheer him up in a way mostly trying to make him laugh or boost up his confidence 
  • His s/o likes to make up random reasons how his bangs got to be so slanted and it entertains him for a bit, even though the real reason was that he was planning on cutting them himself but Tendou bursted into the bathroom and scared him so he cut them wrong
  • His s/o just likes to cuddle in general so she asks him to cuddle quite a bit and most of the time redundantly agrees
    • I mean he can’t deny his s/o like that especially when they are so damn cute 
I spent years pursuing the man I thought was the love of my life. He was the closest thing to perfection I had ever known, beside myself, so I was certain we were meant for each other. Thankfully, I learned I was wrong before it was too late. I found true happiness with someone who was the opposite of what I was looking for. He’s not the definition of perfection, but he’s perfect you me.

Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide To Royality, by Chris Colfer.

I’m hating him so much right now. And I’m crying even more. Not fair. 

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Penny looked appraisingly at him in the well tailored Savile Row suit, and nodded approvingly.

John tries his best to put a smile that doesn’t look horribly nervous onto his face. He’s got no idea how much the suit she’s just put him in costs (though he has worrying suspicions he could have funded a trip to space for the same) -  the young man who stares back at him from the mirror looks just as clueless about it. His reflection has fancy silver cufflinks and neatly pressed sleeves and not a hair out of place; it’s a far cry from the skinny, exhausted astronaut trainee he’s so used to seeing. John’s filled out quite a bit this year though; shoulders rounding and his muscles gaining far more definition. He’s surprised to find he doesn’t quite recognise himself now she’s dressed him up.

He feels ridiculous.

“I’d hate to make an idiot of myself in your company, Penny.” He voices the worry aloud to her, looking back over his shoulder at the slender, glamorous figure perched daintily on the pouffe. The Lady Creighton Ward is really the epitome of beautiful, John can’t help but think; all blond curls and glitz and big blue eyes.

It’s hard to pin why exactly his Father has asked her to join the Rescue Organisation his family is putting together. John’s known her since his brief time at Oxford, and he privately thinks his Father might be putting too much faith in the hope that his old friend Lord Hugh has passed down his talent’s to his daughter. Having a London Agent will prove very useful though. John understands the logic of it all.

He understands far less why he’s being dragged escorted to the Ritz as her plus one. Why did this have to be the criteria of her agreeing to help them?

“If I trip and fall down a staircase,” John says, “or drop Pappardelle in someone’s lap, you’re never going to let me live it down, are you?”

Breaking Up (V, Angst)

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Words: 1045

He licked his lips, staring at you with sad eyes. You knew it. It was all over. The ‘thing’ Taehyung wanted to talk about was breaking up. You didn’t know why, but it was definitely coming. He’d emptied out his 2 drawers you’d given him and brought them home while you were asleep.

“Please don’t hate me.” He sighed, turning away and sitting down on the sofa. You looked at the back of his head, eyes brimming with tears.

“I…I could never hate you, Tae.” You stuttered, and he hung his head between his shoulders.

“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” He kept mumbling, and you began to cry. You shook with tears, not wanting to hear him actually say the words.

“Do you not love me, or something?” You choked on a sob, and he looked back at you with a broken expression.

“I can’t do this anymore.” He whispered, getting up. “I thought I could handle being in a relationship even thought I work so much. I hate it. I hate being away from you so much.”

“I don’t hate you.” You breathed, covering your face as you sobbed.

“Come on, stop…” He sighed, rounding the couch to come over to you. Taehyung put both hands on either shoulder, but you shook him away.

“I didn’t just think of this overnight.” The sincerity in his voice made you let out a broken sob.

“I’m sorry, it’s fine.” You gasped for a breath, trying to stop crying so hard. Taehyung was probably only pitying you by now, and it made you want to cry harder. If that was possible.

“I don’t want you to leave me.” You cried, harder than before. It was possible, apparently. Taehyung was crying, too. You looked up at him between cracked fingers, and he was rubbing his eyes.

“I can’t be in a relationship anymore. It hurt’s so much.” He cried, shaking his head. You sucked in a breath, placing both hands on his cheeks.

“I know, jagiya, I know. Please, stop crying.” You begged, feeling more tears streaming down your cheeks. He leaned into your hands, choking on a sob. Taehyung’s fingers circled around your wrists, holding you tighter to him.

“I should be comforting you. I can’t even break up with someone properly. I’m in love with you, but it hurts being away from you. It’s only been a year, a year! I’ve never felt like this with anybody, nobody at all.”

“Stop, stop.” You tried to pull away, but he didn’t let you. Taehyung bore his eyes into yours. Your hands were covered in his tears, and he kept sniffling.

“I’m not breaking up with you because I lost feelings, you know.”

“I know, now please let me go.” You knew it was over. He’d already broken up with you, so there was no point in trying to change his mind.

He let go, wiping under his eyes.

You didn’t want it to end. The minute he walked out your apartment door, you knew it was over for good. It hurt so bad, you thinking of him not showing up at 3 AM with a blanket wrapped around his body anymore. Him not picking you up and throwing you on the couch only to fall with you. No longer feeling him wrap his arms around you in the middle of the night and whisper I love you into your neck.

That’s probably why he was crying, too. He was thinking of everything you’d done together. As a couple, in love.

You both looked at each other, eyes filled with tears. He was shaking, hugging himself tightly.

“I’m going to leave,” he announced after what seemed like forever. You said nothing, just numbly moved out of his way. As Taehyung began to move towards the door, you followed him slowly.

Once he got to the door, he slid his shoes on, and tightly held the doorknob. Taehyung sucked in a breath before turning to look at you again. In the hallway light, you could clearly see his tear stained cheeks. He let the breath out in a sigh, looking around the room until his gaze fell onto you.

You covered your mouth, blinking away the tears as quickly as you could. Just go, please leave already.

“Let’s not call anymore.” He weakly smiled, and a few tears fell from the corners of his eyes. This time, Taehyung didn’t wipe them away. “Let’s not meet anymore.”

You hated this. It felt like your heart was shattering for the third time today. You were so in love with him, you needed him. But, all you could do was nod your head at him. You were weak, and stupid. Taehyung was hurting, he tried his best. You couldn’t make him stay if he hurt this bad, you both knew it.

“Will you delete my number?” You couldn’t look away from him, afraid he might slip out the door.

“Yeah,” he whispered, still smiling sweetly.

“Me too.” You forced out, knowing you wouldn’t for sure.

“Good. Put away the pictures, forget this.” He nodded his head, hand balling into a fast so hard it was shaking.

“You too.” You replied shakily, holding out a hand. Taehyung let out a sad laugh, clasping his hand with yours. His grasp was tight, like he wouldn’t let go. No, like he didn’t want too.

“Eat well. Don’t miss a meal like you normally do. Try not to stay up late to finish work.” His grip became looser, you felt him slipping away.

“Find a good guy who’s always around. Someone that want’s to share more than two drawers with you.”

You said nothing. You didn’t want to sob in front of him again. There was no way you wanted him to find someone else. You didn’t want him to meet someone better than you.

Taehyung let go of your hand, now. He opened the door, backing out of it. He faced towards you, lips quivering.

The door closed after him. That was it. You and Taehyung had broken up, for real. You could no longer say he was yours, and the same for him. You clenched a hand on the shirt around your chest tightly.

This had to be a dream. But, it wasn’t.

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idk if you love regina but i'm proud of her so much because she realized that her happy ending was all the time loving herself and it's make me so happy because her happy ending isn't emma or robin or henry, is regina loving herself even if there's days that she hate herself idk im crying bye

ive definitely been struggling with my feelings on regina lately but that was such a good thing to witness it was just so… important

its like in s4 where emma embraced her magic, ouat makes me mad a lot of the time but they really support and encourage self love and thats honestly such a beautiful thing to see. all Regina needs in life is to love herself and she’ll be happy and thats such an incredible message to give out and I’m really happy they went that route.

Part of the reason why I’m so tired of/have grown to kind of hate kpop has to be due to the weird reactions I get whenever I do post anything kpop related.

For instance, if you’ve been following me since the DAWN of time, you know that I make lame dad joke captions with pictures of BTS.  They’re meant to be lame and weird.  

But then, I get shit like “Don’t get mad, but you’re so unfunny to me *laugh cry emoji*, which isn’t meant to be directly hurtful, but sends a very definite message.  

When I post things like my psychosexual analyses or a random musing about an idol, I get the weirdest and most douchey comments in my ask box like, “yeah, you can think that way but don’t push it on the rest of us”.  You mean I can’t post what I find cool and interesting about people on my own blog?  What!?

Idk if I’ve ever mentioned before, but I get a ton of this shit.  Most I tend to delete on sight.  Other times, I’m letting them sit in my ask box in order to work up the patience to kindly address these utterances so as not to appear to scary to the people who are actually kind and supportive readers.  

I get folks in my pms (<— I know, seriously) who say I’ve changed, that my attitude is different.  It’s like, if you hedonists looked past me as a source of pleasure or entertainment, then maybe you might be able to empathize with the social conditioning I have to resist on the daily.  It’s become harder and harder to enjoy myself here.  Of course I’ve changed!!!  Have some kindness and patience and maybe I can learn to enjoy myself again. 

Baby Doll

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Summary: You and Bucky have daughter named Carter Marie Barnes. Carter is raised by the avengers, Bucky and yourself. But everything definitely isn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Minimum swearing (I mean they have a kid so I’m not going to have them be dropping f-bombs

A/N: I’m reposting this because I’m changing some stuff from it and I pick  a face claim for Carter; Mia Talerico.

Word count: 1050


Ever since the day Carter Marie Barnes was born she was spoiled rotten. She would get everything, and I mean everything, she wanted. If not from her parents from one of the other Avengers. They all hated seeing her crying or upset, and most of them went to great lengths to make sure they never had to see it. Even if it meant sacrificing their dignity. Carter was Bucky’s little girl in almost every way. With her blonde hair and blue green eyes… she looked exactly like him.


Bucky looked down at Carter and smiled, “Yes babydoll?”

She smiled sweetly up at him, “Can I do your hair?”

I snorted, from my spot next to Bucky on the couch, at the horror stricken look on his face. Carter, apparently noticed it too and, stuck her bottom lip out in a pout and gave him the puppy eyes, “Pwease?”

Bucky gave her a weary smile, “Fine…”

She squealed, “Yay! I’ll go get my supplies!!”

She ran out of the room and Bucky sighed running a hand through his hair, “She’s not going to cut it is she?”

I grinned, “Hopefully. I mean you do need a haircut.”

He looked at me with wide eyes, “Doll, she’s three. I’m not letting her cut my hair.”

I chuckled and ruffled his hair with my hands, “She won’t, don’t worry. Besides she’s almost four. Wasn’t the last time you got a haircut before she was born?”

He nudged me playfully, “That’s not very reassuring. I’ve had it trimmed since then just not cut.”

I shrugged, “Still. You could use a haircut.”

I moved to get up off the couch as Carter entered the room but Bucky grabbed my wrist, “Where are you going? You’re going to leave me?!”

I grinned, “Yep. Did you expect me to sit here and watch?”

Bucky sighed sadly still not loosening his grip on my wrist, “Watch? No. More like supervise.”

Carter huffed from behind Bucky, “Supervise? Daddy I’m a big girl. And you’re here.”

I smirked, “Yea you’re here with her. You don’t need me. Besides this would be a good time for me to go train with Steve before we head home for the night.”

Carter whined, “Can’t we stay over? Just for tonight?”

I sighed, “Carter you say that every night. Besides, don’t you want to go home?”

She shrugged, “If I had a puppy I would.”

I rolled my eyes playfully at her words, “Be good. Don’t kill you daddy either.”

She smiled sweetly and waved as I walked out of the room, “Bye mommy! I love you.”

“Love you too.”


~Third Person POV ~


  Bucky turned to face his daughter who was now standing behind him on the couch with a bucket of hair supplies.

  He gave her a weary smile, “Don’t do anything bad to daddy’s hair okay?”

Carter grinned and gave him a thumbs up, “You got it dude.”

Bucky sighed and turned around, not at all set to ease by his daughter’s words. Carter started to rummage through her little bucket and glanced over at Bucky, “You should turn on the tv. You know so you won’t get bored.”

  Bucky nodded turning on the tv and picking a movie from Netflix that he would find interesting but would be appropriate since Carter was still in the room. After a while of Carter just brushing his hair tying it up and then pulling it back down, Bucky started to relax. Carter silently pulled the scissors out of her bucket and snipped a piece of Bucky’s hair off.

Bucky widened his eyes at the sound and turned slowly to face his daughter who was hiding her hands behind her back and grinning at him. “Carter… what did you do?”


“Carter Marie Barnes. Why did I just hear scissors snipping? And why are your hands behind your back?”

She shrugged nonchalantly, silently dropping the piece of hair and scissors on the floor and holding out her hands, “Nothing, see daddy?”


~ Your POV ~

I walked into the living to find Bucky turned away toward the door facing Carter and a good portion of the piece of hair at the back of his head gone. I suppressed a laugh and casually made my way to stand besides Carter. Just as I had expected the scissors and the piece of hair was on the floor behind the couch.

I smirked at Bucky, “Kinda chilly in here huh?”

Bucky glared at me, got up from the couch and headed over to the bathroom.

“I thought you were going to be good?”

Carter shrugged, “I was. He needed a haircut. He had really long hair.”

I grinned and poked the bun at the top of her head, “You have long hair.”

She huffed, “Yeah but I’m a girl, so it’s okay.”

I laughed and made myself comfortable on the couch waiting for Bucky to come out while I searched through the Netflix selections.


“Yes love?”

“Does daddy hate me now?”

I looked over at her and saw she had her lip pouted out and her eyes were filled with tears.

 I pulled her to my chest and rubbed small circles into her back, “Sweetie daddy doesn’t hate you.”

She looked up at me hopefully, “He doesn’t?”

I smiled, “No baby. He could never hate you. Besides this haircut is a good thing. He did need one.”

“Did you put her up to this then?”

I turned to see Bucky standing besides the couch with a slight smirk on his face and surprisingly freshly cut hair.

I grinned, “No. But I’m definitely not complaining. I’ll actually take full blame if you’d like.”

Bucky chuckled and scooped Carter up from my lap, “Babydoll, why are you crying?”

Carter sniffled, “I- You hate me now…”

Bucky smiled and wiped the tears from her cheeks, “Physically and mentally impossible. You’re my little princess, daddy could never hate you.”

Carter’s face brighten, “So you still love me?”

He chuckled, “Course I do. But what happened to not doing anything bad to daddy’s hair?”

  Carter smiled, “That wasn’t bad. You needed a haircut. You look much better now.”

Bucky tickled her sides and laughed, “You’re just like your mom.”

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when i was a kid, i used to hate the toilet because the flushing noise was so loud and it scared me and made me cry. the same with fireworks. im almost 20 now and that stuff doesn't bother me any more. do you think it could've been a sensory thing? like even now when people talk in the car too loudly, i have to crack a window because the sound will bounce around the cabin of the car and off the windows and its painful? what do you think?

That definitely sounds like sensory issues. I too was scared of the flushing noise as a kid and I still have issues with those industrial hand dryers in public restrooms. 


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I hate you that's not fair at all. How can you be so good but so evil? I didn't ask to cry right before class but evermore was so freaking good but so sad. Please please tell me you'll write a part two???????

I mean I can definitely consider writing a part 2 if people are interested??? I’m not opposed to it!

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I'm honestly disappointed with the setlist😤. I was expecting some bops or some sad emotional ass songs. But we get the same setlist😤😩! I hate how some of their good songs are so underrated. For example Home Sweet Hole and The Fox and the Wolf. Like can we switch Go To Hell For Heavens Sake with one of those?? But anyways, I definitely wished they played Suicide Season live. Which I know they won't, but holy shitt. That would be so amazing & I'd cry my eyes out. Especially with Don't Go FUCK.

I love how every ask I get about the setlist is about there is a hell this is PROOF we deserve songs off both albums. They expect me to bop the fucc out to follow you ???? The ??? I mean I lowkey do 😳 but not everyone needs to know that. I begged the band to put crucify me back on the setlist after londonerz slept on it but NOOOOO they never listen to me

horse #100

This is it! I finally, finally drew 100 horses! (In fact I drew SO MUCH more, but some were just too crappy to post :D )
Thanks for your encouragement and all the nice mails I got!! This was a big help! I feel much more comfortable drawing horses now and have learned so much, it was definitely worth it.

I will continue my challenge with another topic, that I really can’t draw for the life of me: motorcycles! Feel free to unfollow me, if you hate motorcycles. I promise, I won’t cry (much) :D

For those of you, who won’t do without horse drawings I can highly recommend following @eworthylake She draws such beautiful horses, I can only stand wordless with admiration. (This last horsedrawing is a present for her, because przewalski horses are her favorite)


Request #22- Hi can you do where you and Eric are having problems with the relationship so you go to Dylan to comfort you but he can’t do much because he likes you also; anon

You were trying to hold back tears when you heard Dylan knocking at your door. Lately something in your relationship seemed off. You weren’t exactly sure what it was but you and Eric were definitely close to ending it. You knew the one person who could comfort you and possibly help you understand what was happening, was Dylan so you called him asking him to come over. When you opened the door, you automatically burst into tears. Dylan holds you in his arms as you start weeping, talking about Eric. Dylan’s heart is breaking watching you cry. He hates seeing you like this. Even though Eric is his friend he knew you still deserved someone better, maybe someone like himself. “What do I do, Dylan? I don’t want to end it with him but I don’t know what’s happening between us,” you cry out. Dylan rolls his eyes. As much as he hates seeing you hurt he can’t help but feel annoyed that you were still wanting to be with Eric. 

He tries to comfort you but the more you talk about wanting to be with Eric the more he starts getting irritated. “Tell me what to do about Eric, Dylan,” you say wiping your eyes. Dylan lets out a long sigh, “You deserve someone so much better. Someone who won’t hurt you like this, y/n.” “But I want him.” Dylan can no longer hide the fact that he’s bothered by this conversation, “All I know, is that you deserve someone who doesn’t get mad at you every ten seconds. Someone who will try their hardest to fix their relationship with you. Someone who will love you unconditionally. Can you honestly say that Reb offers you that?” “Yes, I can. Why are you getting so upset?” you start getting defensive, so much for getting comfort. “If you believe that then why isn’t he here with you?” Dylan can tell he is starting to offend you so he immediately backs off and changes his tune, “If you really feel that way then just go talk to him and figure it out. If he realizes how lucky he is to be with you, he’ll want to fix the problem.” Dylan decides it’s time to leave before he says something stupid. He says his goodbyes. He walks to his car with his head hanging low. He gets in his car and starts driving home, telling himself how stupid he is to think you would ever want to be with him.

I really want to join you guys’ discussion ln AO!! ep24 but the Chinese version won’t release until Sat so……
I don’t want to cry too early??? I am sorry 😭😭😭😭plz let me join y'all later!!

Plus I finally get my Ebumi figure and his hair is so spiky it feels like I am touching a cactus. 😂

Also one important thing here: Never. NEVER HATE MATSUO IN EP24 HE IS ALREADY DOING HIS BEST AND IT’S OKAY IF OUR BEST IS NOT 100%. Fyi, manga vol. 11 has another part of the Matsuo story and let’s not judge too fast!! There should definitely be a second season of anime!!!


A/N: This chapter is definitely a different mood than the others lol, so yeah. Angst. The last two dream sequences aren’t for young readers, so fair warning.

Don’t hate me lol

Natsu Dragneel is just an ordinary 21 year old trying to get by on his craft’s business, keep his landlady off his ass, and grow his friendship with his new weird neighbour Lucy. Without revealing that he’s a witch. Or his cat can fly and talk. So maybe Natsu isn’t that normal. Things take a serious left turn for him when people from his past start showing up, and he and Lucy as well as some new -and old- friends travel across Fiore trying to find some answers. But the question is, will they be happy with what they find?

Wiccan!Natsu AU

Pairings: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 7352

Rating: M

Part: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part ThirteenPart Fourteen,

Natsu watched as the crushed plants in his hand went up in flames, face twisted in a scowl as not even the multicoloured sparks and thrum of his magic in his blood lightened his mood.

“Natsuuuuu, I said I was sorry.” Happy chimed above him, voice apologetic and movements agitated as he flew in circles around Natsu’s head. Natsu huffed as he let the ashes fall into the mixing bowl in front of him and pile on top of the dark green paint. Angelica root, eucalyptus leaves, and pear blossom flowers were now reduced to ash and mixed together, charms of inspiration, protection, and comfort started earlier when Natsu had been grinding the plants before Lucy had barged in. Natsu was thankful he had been in a better mood when he had been casting the spells heightened by the natural plants, as his mind was in no place to comfortably cast magic.

“Have ya ever been blueballed, Happy?” Natsu snapped, mixing the paint more harshly than necessary as he refused to look at his friend. “No? Well it fuckin’ hurts.” He continued to grumble, shoulders relaxing slightly as a gentle weight settled on his head, Happy nuzzling into his scarf tying his bangs back.

“Why don’t you go back then?” Happy asked tentatively, guilt lacing his high voice.

“‘Cus the moment was ruined and there’s only so much my dick can take,” Natsu explained dejectedly, the last remnants of his irritation melting away as he put a cover on the paint. If he tried to make anything right now the strokes would be harsh and angry, not the ideal for a forest at dawn. The other paints were mixed, and Natsu had set aside dried spiera to dust the painting with afterwards to add the effect on light dancing between the dark single colour of the trees’ horizon.

It would mainly focus on the details of the border of the foliage rather than the colour, but the hippy lady he was painting for was into that modern look, and Natsu enjoyed the opportunity to experiment and try new styles. Granted, he would probably stab the canvas with the brush if he tried right now.

So much for working on his orders.

He debated going back to Lucy’s like Happy had suggested, but cringed inwardly when he felt himself rub against his pants. In this state he was likely to jump her in his sleep, and he wasn’t about to risk her trust or a broken jaw just to fall asleep beside her. He would return to her bed tomorrow after some ‘cool down’ time -read: jacking it as many times a humanly possible. With a hint of sadness he eyed the blank canvas, fingers twitching in the need to do something. Glancing at a can of unopened red paint, he debated practicing his style and technique for a few more hours. A small smile tugged at his lips when Happy gently voiced his encouragement, seeing his witch’s pause and guessing his thoughts. Natsu let his cheek lean on Happy’s head when the cat crawled onto his shoulder, perched there like it was his rightful throne. Natsu snorted at the idea of ‘King Happy’, and he ignored the cat’s amused -if confused- look.

He had energies to focus, and he might have just found the second best outlet for tonight. What was the worse that could happen, Natsu would waste a few hours and a fresh canvas?

Keep reading

stages of caring about sam yao, as supported by a wealth of observational evidence
  • stage 1: ok he is kind of precious i understand why everyone freaks out about him kind of
  • stage 2: i definitely don't have feelings for a fictional character ha ha that would be weird
  • stage 3: i definitely can't ship him and five because they're an oc/self-insert. i am a much better fan than that. a much purer fan.
  • stage 5: why am i crying
  • stage 6: damn it all to hell i am too emotionally invested in the well being of a fictional character
  • stage 7: 5am hell
  • stage 9: um hi everyone this is my FRIGINGING HUSBAND please DO NOT TOUCH

So I decided to watch Jongdae fancams from GDA, now my heart hurts even more. He really did look so sad and I hate that.

During the award acceptance speech, he kept his eyes and head down and didn’t speak very long at all.

During For Life there were times when I thought he looked like he would cry from his facial expressions. I truly hope he is okay because as a Jongdae Stan I’m worried and I hate to see him that way.

Maybe I’m just overreacting but he definitely didn’t seem his usual happy, smiling and hyper self at all.

Kim Jongdae please keep smiling as brightly as possible because nothing should ever take away that beautiful smile

He truly deserves so much happiness, love and support. I wish I could give him all of that and much more. This kind hearted angel should always have a smile on his face, he deserves the world.. ♡

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how would miyuki/mei/furuya/ryosuke/haruichi/yuki react to their s/o always hating crying in front of other people, so they always hide somewhere where they wont find them and cry?

//you said react so im assuming you just want headcanons. I’m not very good at angst but I want to try my hand at it. Enjoy <3333 - A

Miyuki would definitely be able to tell right away. He’s skilled in reading body language from years of being a prodigy catcher and would immediately take you by the hand and get you away from any crowds or groups of people whom you didn’t want to see. When you were nice and alone he’d take you in his arms, wordlessly, and let you cry out your feelings into his shoulder. If you wanted to talk, he’d let you, but he’d never push you to talk if you didn’t feel up to it. 

Mei would probably be a little bit oblivious for a while. He’s cocky and a bit abrasive and that makes it hard for him to see emotions in others, but the moment he notices your absence he’d panic, knowing something was wrong, and spend hours looking for you, even if it was in the rain or the dead of night. Once you’re found he’d stay with you, constantly asking you what’s wrong, wondering if there’s anything he can do to make it better, and his upfront and demanding way of showing his care would slowly bring you back to happiness.

Furuya would probably also take a while to notice, and sometimes, he might not realize you’re sad at all. But because he’s very attached to those he’s close with, he’d always be with you. He’d never let you be alone, even if you ran away from everybody else, and subconsciously he’d find himself touching you more: holding your hand, pressing up against you, and just being more affectionate than he normally is. If you cried he’d be nervous, not knowing what to do or how to handle it, but he’d sit with you in silence and let you sob out your feelings. 

Ryosuke would absolutely know right away. He’s cunning and sharp as a whip and he’d know exactly your favorite places to hide even after only a couple months of being together. Because he’s naturally caustic, he’s not skilled with comforting words and thus, would resort to using physical affection to try and make you feel better. He’s give you lots of kisses—on the mouth, cheeks, forehead—and loving platitudes, making sure to counter all of your negative emotions with a positive one. When you’re starting to feel better he’d let a joking tone sneak in, trying to lighten the mood and build your confidence so you can return to public company.

Haruichi would know that you’re sudden absence in the group is a bad sign and he’d run around looking for you for hours, not asking anybody for help because he’d feel a personal responsibility in being the one to comfort you. Once he found you he’d dote over you, tangling his fingers in your hair and kissing away the tears, constantly asking if there’s anything he can do to help. If your sadness is deep enough he might get sympathy emotions–a twinge of sorrow that matches your own. 

Yuki would catch you before you even left to run away and hide. He’d grab you by the wrist and kindly excuse the both of you before bringing you back to a secluded area and let you cry your feelings out. He’d let you sob into his shoulder and hold you against him, rubbing your back or your hair. Once you’ve let it all out he’d, very quietly, give a small speech about how crying in front of others isn’t weakness, its strength, and you shouldn’t be afraid of letting others see your emotions. Of course, you much prefer just having Tetsu around (and he knows this) but you take his urging as a sign of how much he cares. 

The premiere was awful, and now that I’ve had time to sleep on it I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Richonne and Grimes 2.0. It’s literally the only thing keeping me motivated to watch at this point.

What’s comforting to me is what Scott the fucking fuck Gimple said about how they mourn showing the depth of their love for one another (I’m paraphrasing, but you all know what I’m talking about). This will bring the whole group together and make them closer, as horrible as it was (and I hate that they kill characters to do it).

So, in the aftermath, Richonne will be stronger; their feelings for one another will be more evident. Rick is definitely not leaving anything down to chance and Michonne simply loves him and Carl too much. I think we’re getting proclamations of love. I really do. Now more than ever our faves need to tell the people they care about just how much they care.

I’m still crying! This thought is the only thing that gives me solace. If you have a differing opinion, please make your own post.