but i definitely admire that about her

Once Upon a Time: Colin O'Donoghue Teases Hook and Emma's Happy Ending

There are plenty of heartfelt love stories on Once Upon a Time, but none of them quite compare to that of Captain Hook and Emma Swan. They may be in a predicament at the moment, but not even Gideon can come between true love. While the future of the show is still uncertain, we have hope that these two will find their way back to each other in the end. POPSUGAR had the opportunity to talk with Colin O'Donoghue, who was promoting his new film Carrie Pilby, and he reflected on how far his fan-favorite character has come over the years, what it’s like working with Jennifer Morrison, and what he thinks Hook’s happy ending might look like.

POPSUGAR: Hook has changed a lot over the past few seasons. What do you think is his most admirable quality?
Colin O'Donoghue: I mean, he’s a different character now. It’s probably that he’s redeemed himself and is trying to be the best person that he can be, which is a difficult thing to do, to overcome those demons for the better of not just himself, but for the better of the woman he loves and her family. However, I did love playing the villainous Hook. It’s always fun to get to play the bad guy.

PS: Hook and Emma are definitely one of the most beloved romances on the show. What is the best part about working with Jennifer Morrison?
CO: I’m lucky that Jen and I have got a fantastic relationship. We get on so well and it makes it easy to translate that into the characters. Jen is friendly with my family and my wife and all of that is very important. Sometimes when you come onto a show, you don’t know if that’s going to work or if the chemistry is going to be there, and we just have a laugh. That’s the most important thing is to enjoy what you do. We’re at ease working with each other, because if you have tension with someone, that translates on screen. Luckily, on Once Upon a Time, we get along so well, so it works.

PS: I know the show hasn’t been renewed for another season yet, but what do you think Hook’s happily ever after would look like?
CO: Hook’s happily ever after would just be getting an evening or night where both he and Emma can sit down and maybe have dinner or watch TV or have a glass of wine, because in Storybrooke, they literally never get a chance to do anything. As soon as anything slows down, you guarantee Grumpy is going to come running around the corner saying that some sort of curse is coming or there’s a giant snowman attacking the town. I think his happily ever after would just be a week’s worth of peace and quiet where they can be normal people. Maybe we’ll get to see that in the second half! That would be good.




Yesterday was the perfect example of a bad day for me. It was one of those days where nothing just seems to work, you forget everything, you lose stuff, everything goes out of hand, and just as you thought the day couldn’t possibly get worse, something else comes up. Let’s not go into details, suffice it to say the day was just horrendous.

I did, however try my best to stay positive. Told my friend Jaido who was with me that day everything that happened since morning. After hearing me rant about my miserable Sunday, she suddenly lit up- which definitely was a strange reflex. Uhm, hello, why are you happy over my suffering? Her answer was life-changing. She answered, “because your suffering means better things are coming!!!”

That positivity was so admirable MashaAllah. Her words instantly made me feel better. It was somewhat magical because I could have sworn I felt like trash two seconds before. The amount of faith she has for God is so profound. Another lesson I learnt that day was, sometimes we focus too much on the problem, we become somewhat blind towards the blessings existing concurrently. Allah says in the Quran, with hardship comes ease. WITH and not AFTER. SubhanAllah, Jaido was definitely a blessing. She was simply heaven-sent. I’m so fortunate to have such optimistic friends who knows just the right things to say when I’m at my lowest.

When He removes something in your possession it is only in order to empty your hands for an even greater gift. - Ibn Qayyim

So if you’re having one of those days, remember, BETTER THINGS ARE COMING!

*cues “Jason Mraz - Life is Wonderful” in the background*

Love, light and laughter,
Aisyah Shakirah

(Shots taken that very day at Masjid Wilayah by @atiq259 on instagram)


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Yoongi x reader

Genre: Fluff, romance

AU: best friend!AU x Jungkook

Warnings: Suggestive language, swearing

Words: 4170

Author/admin: HO

Beta: FeeFee


Anonymous said to kpop-reads: Your best friend, Jungkook, text invites you over to the BTS dorm and says it’s fine that you’re only wearing pjs cause he knows it’ll fluster his Yoongi hyung 

Author’s note: I wasn’t going to write anything for this blog and just remain a Beta. But this request was too good to pass up. Thanks for the glorious idea!

In which your best friend has his friends’ best interests at heart, despite being a little shit.

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BTS Reaction To Your Dog Being Protective While You’re Pregnant

Anon asked: Can you do a bts reaction that their dog doesn’t let the boys touch her pregnant belly? I was watching this on internet and wondered how it would be kkk

awwwww this is a cute idea, thanks for the request! -Spice


Seokjin would definitely act melodramatic about it, giving the dog offended looks and constantly ranting about how he can’t even appreciate his unborn child properly. Despite the fact that he couldn’t hardly be near you when your dog was around, he did find its protectiveness endearing.

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Rap Monster:

He’d have total admiration and respect for your dog. The fact that it could understand the fact that you were pregnant and needed to be kept safe would amaze him. Namjoon would get a little annoyed though with the dog growling at him all the time, but he would just ignore it and make sure to give you affection when your dog wasn’t around.

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Yoongi loved you and your dog both, but the over-protectiveness of your dog would get on his nerves. Any time your dog would begin to growl or bark at him, he’d just shoot your dog a look and stop what he was doing. If he were desperate to give you attention, Yoongi would usher you into the bedroom and close the door so that the dog couldn’t get in and interrupt.

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Honestly, he would find your dogs behavior really endearing and cute, always calling it your little defender. Hoseok likely wouldn’t pay the dog any attention as he kissed and rubbed your belly unless he felt that the dog was about to snap at him.

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He’d actually be a little sad that your dog was acting a little aggressively toward him, thinking at first that he did something to upset it. Eventually, Taehyung put two and two together and realized that your dog was just being protective of you and your unborn child. He’d likely slip your dog extra treats from then on, rewarding it for being so good towards you.

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Jealous Jimin is activated when your dog tries to block him from giving you affection. He’ll rant at the dog saying, “Hey! She’s MY wife, get your paws off of her for five minutes at least.” Naturally, scolding the dog didn’t do anything, so Jimin would just sit and sulk until the dog fell asleep so that he could interact with you in peace.

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Jungkook would see your dogs behavior as a challenge, testing its limits and trying to see if he can get away with secretly giving you affection when your dog wasn’t looking. He’d also jokingly lecture your dog, saying, “I’m glad that you’re protective of (Y/N), but you’re growling at the wrong guy!” Needless to say, Jungkook would be happy to see your dog being protective, it would give him peace of mind whenever he left you home alone.

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Broken Bones - Bucky X Reader



Summary: You’re a SHIELD agent and somehow Hydra has found out about your intimate relationship with Bucky, which takes a lethal turn for your part.

Warnings: Graphic violence, torture.

Words: 1 753 (+ a few cause I added some)

A/N: This is short with a cheesy ending but I’ll try and make my posts longer in the future! Alos, please send me requests, or just message me to chat tbh. I’m always up for a good convo.

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Her breath was ragged, her entire body pulsing from the pain. Blood dripped from her bottom lip and her nose and slowly cascaded down her skin from multiple wounds across her body.

“Tell me.” The Hydra agent ordered again, grabbing a firm grip of her trigger finger. She felt her heart begin to race and her breathing increase. “Tell me where the Winter Soldier is.”

She would never tell them where Bucky was. They could kill her if they felt like it. Never would she risk that man’s safety. He had been with Hydra before and god knows he had been through enough.

The agent forced her finger back abruptly and a loud crack echoed in the room as her finger laid flat against the top of her hand. She let in a sharp breath, somehow managing to not scream from the pure agony she was in. Blood rushed to her now broken finger which caused it to both swell and turn purple along with the already forming bruises around the base of her finger.

She looked down as the agent let go and her finger laid still, her muscles unable to move it. He then moved on to the next finger in line but hesitated.

“Maybe finger isn’t enough?” He said in his heavy, german accent, his hand beginning to travel across her body disgustingly. “Maybe leg? Or arm? Maybe even rib? So many possibilities…”

“Stop touching me, you twisted fuck.” She spat out angrily. “You and your psychotic little bitch friends will never find him. You’re going to have to kill me first.”

The agent looked down at her, eyes cold as stone. “Maybe we will.”

Without warning, he snatched a metal pipe from a cart of tools nearby and slammed it with all his strength into her leg. The bone splintered and pierced through her flesh, causing blood to splash onto the pipe as well as the floor. She couldn’t keep her voice back that time but screamed as loud as her vocal chords would allow her to. She felt the taste of blood from the raspy scream which tore at her throat as an unimaginable pain radiated from below her knee. She couldn’t see it, but she could feel the unnatural angle her leg was in and she felt sick to the very core of her body.

“Where is he, Agent Y/L/N?” The man sang out, walking around her. “I know you know where he is. After all, you two are rather intimate, are you not?”

She was on the verge of passing out but his sentence sent a shiver down her spine that woke her up.

How could he know? Not even the rest of the Avengers knew. Her and Bucky had slept together a handful of times, all of them which were more than secluded and private. Not even the team could find them at those times if they wanted to.

Throw her in her cell, she’s useless at the moment.” The man ordered in German which she knew from five years of studying when she was younger.

Two other agents, clearly underdogs, grabbed her under her arms and hauled her off of her seat and down the hallway. Her body was shaking in pain and she felt her leg dangle behind her, the pieces of bone cracking and crunching inside of her.

They took her to the cell where she had been held for almost a week already. The walls were covered in mold and roaches crawled in the ceiling, but at least she was alone.

They threw her inside and she fell flat on her stomach, hitting her head against the concrete floor which was enough of an impact to knock her out. She laid lifelessly in the murky puddle of old rainwater that had seeped in, peacefully unaware of her surroundings for just a moment.

Bucky fired yet another shot which killed yet another Hydra spy. Steve was ahead somewhere and Natasha behind him. Sam was circling the premises incase reinforcement would show.

He carried his machine gun as steady as a rock, turning quickly around every corner of the labyrinth like facility which gave him the creeps.

“East wing cleared.” Natasha informed over the intercom. In the distance, bouncing down the long hallways, Bucky could hear the whistling sound of Steve’s shield flying through the air before hitting something, followed by multiple gunshots. He didn’t doubt Steve’s competence for a second though and paid more mind to his own surroundings as he knew Steve would be able to handle himself just fine.

Bucky turned another corner and was faced with a steep corridor with a door guarded by two men. He opened fire instantly and killed the two guards before proceeding. He snatched the keycard from one of the them and slid it through the scanner beside the door, the mechanism buzzing before unlocking the reinforced, steel, barrier.

The room inside was free of Hydra but amongst the cells which stretched from one end of the narrow room to the other, he could see Y/N. She was laying on the floor, eerily still and bloody.

“Y/N!” He shouted out, throwing his weapon to the ground with a loud slam and running to her cell. He gripped onto the electronic lock with his metal hand and began to crush it brutally until sparks began to fly and its lights faded to black. After that, he managed to rip the entire door loose off its hinges and he threw it down the room and rushed inside.

His heart ached as he saw her sickly twisted leg and her blue and almost black finger which was just as twisted. Her grabbed her body, his heart stopping completely as he felt how cold she was and upon noticing how truly pale her skin was.

No…” A tear instantly fell from his eye. “No, please…”

Steve rushed into the room suddenly and in the blink of an eye, Bucky had grabbed his handgun from its holster and aimed for the entrance to the cell room. When seeing it was Steve, his hand began to tremble until the gun slipped from his grip.

He grabbed a hold of Y/N again and began to turn her around. As her leg began to move with her, she suddenly jolted to consciousness and let out a scream of pain. Bucky could feel his heart drop to the bottom of his chest and his lips parted as he grabbed Y/N’s cheek, laying her in his lap.

“Oh thank god…” He knelt down and rested his lips against her wet forehead. Steve stood by the ripped open cell door, seeing a new side to Bucky and Y/N’s partnership which he had found plausible multiple times but had never though they would ever let happen.

Bucky pressed an obvious kiss to Y/N’s forehead which was enough for Steve to confirm his theory. “I’m so sorry.” Bucky cried out, knowing damn well that Y/N had been abducted because of him. Ever since he was put in the public eye after the dispute between Steve and Tony, Hydra had risen from their grave and had began their search for him. The Avengers had taken extreme measures to keep Bucky out of Hydra’s hands, but they hadn’t thought about everyone else on the team being possible victims.

“I need blood.” She stuttered, whimpering. “I’ve lost a lot, I don’t know how much exactly, but a lot…”

“We’re taking you home, Y/N, I swear.” Steve promised and her eyes looked past Bucky and to the entrance of her cell where Steve was kneeling, pity overtaking his features for the girl who had been a SHIELD agent for less than a year.

Her eyes suddenly opened. Her eyelids hung low and her vision was blurry but she could still see. She felt a needle sting in the fold of her arm as she moved slightly and could feel a slight pressure around her left leg and right index.

“Hey…” She would recognize that soft and rumbling voice anywhere at anytime.

She detected movement to her left and forced her eyes open, spotting a red-eyed Bucky smiling painfully down at her. “Hi there, you big looser.”

He let out a short laugh, making his tears stay inside for her sake. “I see your personality survived?” It was both a question and a statement as he was assuming but needed confirmation.

“All of me did.” She assured, but then doubted herself as she focused on the pressure around her leg and finger again. “At least as far as I know?”

Bucky got the hint. “It’s going to take time, but Cho says you will heal. Let it rest properly and you will have full functionality in both your leg and finger again.” Bucky said as he pulled a chair up to the side of her hospital bed and took a seat.

“Sounds promising.” She groaned as she accidentally moved her upper body, recalling the kicks she had received in her stomach. “God, that hurts.”

“I’m so sorry…” Bucky couldn’t contain it any longer. He reached both his hands out and held Y/N’s left one in them. “I’m so sorry for what they did to you. It should have been me-”

“I want to kiss you to shut you the hell up, but I can’t reach you.” She interrupted him with a frown and a hint of anger mixed with a dozen of other emotions.

Hesitantly, Bucky rose from his seat and leaned down to her, softly placing his lips against hers as if she would break from his mere touch.

She placed her left hand on his cheek and savored the peaceful moment that had already made all of the torture worth it. “Don’t judge yourself so harshly… Do you think I judge myself for all the mistakes I’ve ever done?”

He knew she didn’t, so he shook his head.. She was the strongest person he knew. She would never allow to be that weak, not for anyone and definitely not for herself.

“Exactly, so let’s move on from this. Torture was sooo yesterday…” She sassily raised her hand and made Bucky chuckle involuntarily. “I’m all about the latest fashion.”

He looked at her with so much admiration he could never put it into words. “And what’s that?”

She smiled. She had feared for her life when she was a prisoner of Hydra. They had tortured her like never before using both mental and physical techniques. To see Bucky again was like realizing what life she could have missed had she been killed by them.

She soothed her thumb over his cheek as she cupped his face again. “Us.”

Shania Twain - Kelsea And Taylor.MP3
Listen to Shania Twain - Kelsea And Taylor.MP3 by Becca Walls #np on #SoundCloud

Would you collaborate with Kelsea Ballerini or Taylor Swift?

Shania Twain: Now that I’ve gotten through this desire to work independently on my songwriting on the course of this album, I’m ready to collaborate now and dive in again with other people and enjoy that, and I actually look forward to it. So I wanna get through this phase of releasing the album and all of that and then I wanna dive into songwriting again straightaway. And yes, collaborating - I’d love to collaborate with both of those girls… and I admire them both. Kelsea Ballerini couldn’t be a sweeter person, she’s very genuine and sincere, she’s passionate about what she’s doing, so it’s a compliment when she says those things about me and to me, she’s a sweetheart. And Taylor too, she’s been so gracious over the years and always referring to me and she is just a really cool person. You know, I can just sit with her and chat and get real so definitely somebody that I could sit around with and write a song with for sure.

guys i legit can’t stop crying over that clip about vilde.

she’s only 17 years old and has been taking care of her alcoholic mother and all of the housing bills and other financial shit that a 17 year old girl shouldn’t have to worry about and be in charge of. since season one, she’s been the most bubbliest character out of all of the girls and has been struggling behind closed doors and had to make excuses after excuses as to why her friends couldn’t come to her house and see her mother like this.

like we all lowkey knew that something wasn’t right from the moment that vilde was the most excited about the russbuss, but never wanted any of the meetings to be at her own place. but now that it’s actually confirmed that she’s been going through this, my heart won’t stop breaking and i can’t get over it.

and you could tell that sana’s message to vilde about how she admires how strong she always is really meant a lot to her, because she deserves to be recognised for holding her head up high whilst still having to deal with a whole lot of baggage at home.

i love her and she definitely deserves a season focused on this story


Word Count: 3465

    Warnings: Curse words..? If that’s a warning oops.  And some violence.

    A/N: okay okay I already know that I have the Jealousy series going, but I wanted to add another series, and I thought this would be a fun one to write! I’m not getting many requests for one shots so I’m kind of stuck writing a few ongoing stories, so if you have any requests let me know! Jealousy part 6 will be outtomorrow, or the next day at the latest! Let me know what you think of this new story! Much love ️

                                 • • •

    Jughead watched as Y/N sat in the student lounge, alone on the couch. She had been acting weird lately, and he was worried. She didn’t call him as much anymore, most of the time it took ages for her to text him back, and she had canceled quite a few dates in these last few weeks. He was worried she was going to leave him, or even worse, that things were getting worse for her. Jason Blossom was one of her best friends surprisingly enough, so his death hit her very hard. The following weeks of his murder is when she started acting weird, maybe it was still affecting her. He walked over to his girlfriend and sat beside her and she smiled up at him, closing her laptop. Like him, she was always writing on her laptop, but she never told him what she was writing. Anytime he got a glimpse of what it was, she was either writing an email or writing notes, but he never knew on what.

    “Hey Juggie.” she grabbed his hand, and he pulled her into him.

    “Hey Y/N/N.” he was never one for PDA, but today he made an exception, leaning down and kissing Y/N. Reggie called from the other side of the lounge, and made his way over, his football numbskulls following.

    “Y/N, I never knew you, pretty much queen bee of the school and Donny Darko were a thing.” he said, and she glared at him. “How long?”

    “A few months.” She said, taking Jugheads hand and squeezing it. Reggie gave an impressed look Jugheads way and nodded his head.

    “So Jason was cool with this?” He asked, and Jughead noticed as Y/Ns grip tightened and her jaw clenched, and he could tell she was fighting back tears. No one ever really mentioned Jason around her, let alone ask her directly about him.

    “Of course.” she said quietly. Reggie nodded again, and walked directly up to Jughead. He extended his hand, and Jughead took it and stood up, and Reggie shook his hand.

    “Jason was like Y/Ns older brother, and so am I. If Jason approved of you, then I guess that means I do too. Welcome to the family, Jughead. I guess i didn’t give you enough credit man, you’ve got the prettiest girl in this school as your girlfriend. I’m impressed.” Jughead nodded his head and tried to pull away from Reggie, but Reggie pulled him into a hug. He yanked the beanie off Jugheads head and ruffled his hair. Y/N sat laughing on the couch as she watched Jugheads unamused face. she grabbed his beanie off the arm of the couch and put it on.

    “Alright Reggie, I think I’ve had enough.” Jughead said, sitting back down on the couch, and Reggie just laughed.

    “One last thing, Jughead. If you hurt my baby sister, you can count on not just me, but the whole football team coming after your ass.” Reggie said, and all the boys behind him agreed.

    “Oh come on Reg. Leave him be.” Y/N said, glaring at him.

    “No it’s fine, Y/N/N. I get it, he’s just looking out for you.” Jughead said. Reggie nodded his head and leaned over, kissing Y/N on the forehead.

    “Damn right, you’re my baby sister.” he said and Y/N rolled her eyes. Reggie started for the door to leave and he turned around right before exiting to make one last, no doubt obnoxious comment. “Jughead Jones, Jughead Jones!” he chanted, backing out of the lounge. Jughead and Y/N sat on the couch, listening to the fading sound of Jugheads name being chanted, and she turned to him.

    “That actually went so much better than I imagined.” she laughed, and Jughead rolled his eyes. “Soon, you’ll be one of the jocks.”

    “Oh you know it.” he said laughing. “Maybe I’ll even get a letterman jacket, just for being your boyfriend.”

    “Definitely, how cool will that be?” she teased.

    “Very.” He said, pulling her into him. It was then he noticed his beanie on her head, and he couldn’t help but admire her in it. It looked quite adorable placed over her (Y/H/C) curled hair. “Maybe I should let you wear that more often.” he said, smiling down at her.

    “Oh you mean your beanie? Yeah I look pretty cute in it.” she beamed, causing him to chuckle.

    “Can I have it back for right now though?” he asked and she pretended to think about it for a second.

    “How about no.” she joked. “I think you look cute with your hair out all messy like this.” She said, ruffling his hair. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her into a kiss, and took the beanie off her head. “No!” She yelled, reaching for it, but he put it in his head, and she slumped in her seat and tried to pout.

    “So we’re going to pout now?” He asked, grabbing her chin and turning her to face him. She couldn’t help but smile, and she sat up reaching up for the beanie again. Jughead leaned back, avoiding her grasp. “Oh no you don’t.”

    “No I have to fix it!” She exclaimed. “You don’t have your little hair curls coming out and that’s my favourite part!” Jughead leaned forward, and she fixed his hair, and then kissed him on the forehead. “Perfect.” she said.

    “Oh so I wasn’t perfect before?” he teased and she rolled her eyes.

    “Don’t start Jones, you know that I think you are.” she laughed and stood up, packing her laptop into her bag.

    “Where are you going?” he asked, standing up as well, grabbing her by the waist.

    “I’m going to go get coffee, I need it.” she said.

    “Another sleepless night?” He asked,  giving her a worried look and she looked behind him, and leaned her head on his shoulder.

    “Yeah.” She sighed and he kissed her head. She leaned up and looked at him. “Do you want anything?” She asked.

    “I want a coffee to match my soul, dark and strong.” he teased and she rolled her eyes.

    “So a white chocolate mocha, got it.” she said, and his eyes widened, surprised by her joke. Jughead and Y/N looked towards the door to find Archie, Veronica, Betty, Cheryl and Kevin laughing.

    “Ouch.” Kevin laughed. “She got you.”

    “You’re just gonna take that?” Archie asked trying to catch his breath.

    “He has to, its the truth.” Y/N piped in smiling proudly. Just then her phone went off, signaling to her she received a text message. She opened it and Jughead saw her face fall. “Alright, I-uh. I have to go, I’ll see you…all later.” she stuttered, obviously distracted by the text. She backed out of the lounge, furiously texting back.

    “What was that about?” Veronica asked Jughead, but he just shook his head.

    “I don’t know, I’m just as confused as all of you.” he said, sinking into the couch.

    “Have you tried asking? I mean you are her boyfriend, you’d think she’d tell you.” Veronica pointed out, but again Jughead shook his head.

    “Well if it’s something she doesn’t want to talk about I can’t press her to tell me.” he said, and everyone nodded their heads.

    “She was super close to me and Jason at one point, maybe she’ll talk to me. Especially if it has something to do with my brother, me and her are practically sisters.” Cheryl said, taking a seat on the arm of the couch.

    “We are all very close to Y/N, we can’t force her to tell us anything. She will tell us when she’s ready. And I’m sure she’ll tell us soon.” Betty reassured.

    “What if she’s waiting for someone to ask. Trust me, sometimes it’s hard to ask for help, especially when it has something to do with death. Maybe she just needs to be asked.” Cheryl politely argued.

    “Y/N is usually an open book when it comes to her feelings, and I’ve noticed her distancing herself from us and her feelings lately. It’s worrying.” Kevin added. “And it really sucks too because I miss hanging out with her.” Kevin sighed, and Betty patted his back.

    “We all miss being around her, Kevin.” Betty gave a small smile to the group, and everyone nodded.

    “Has she been distancing herself from you, Jug?” Archie asked, turning his attention to the boy practically laying on the couch. Jughead said nothing, but continued to tap on his phone. “Jughead.” Archie called, and his gaze shot up.

    “Huh?” he asked, looking between everyone in the group.

    “You okay?” Archie asked, giving a worried expression Jugheads way.

    “I’m just texting Y/N and trying to see if she’s okay. I’m worried about her lately, she hardly hangs out with me anymore,” he huffed.

    “Well that answers our question.” Cheryl said, moving Jugheads feet off the couch to sit herself down.

    “Where’d she say she was going?” Archie asked, and Jughead scratched the back of his head.

    “Some coffee shop, she didn’t say where.” he sighed. “I’m really worried about her, especially because of how she acted when she was leaving.”

    “Yeah that was super sketchy.” Veronica said. Archie stood up and grabbed his belongings.

    “Come on Jug, we’re leaving.” he said, pulling Jughead off the couch.

    “Leaving where?” Jughead asked, standing up and grabbing his stuff as well.

    “We’re going to go find Y/N.” he said walking to the door, and Jughead stopped in his tracks.

    “We are not stalking my girlfriend.” he said, crossing his arms over his chest. “I just got Reggies approval, and I’m not going to ruin it by freaking her out so bad she breaks up with me. Reggie would kick my ass and I’d be out the best thing that’s happened to me.” Betty, Veronica, Cheryl and even Kevin simultaneously went ‘awe’ and Jughead blushed.

    “Look at our Jughead today, all PDA-y with Y/N, showing everyone how in love with her he is.” Kevin teased. In that moment Veronica had a mini freak out.

    “Have you told her you loved her yet?” she yelled, running over to Jughead.

    “No, I haven’t.” Jughead said.

    “Why not!” Veronica exclaimed, giving Jughead a slight push.

    “We’ve only been dating a few months-” Jughead started.

    “Who cares? Ever since I moved here I could tell you two were a match written in the stars.” She said and Jughead blushed furiously.

    “Are you coming or not?” Archie asked, slightly annoyed, and Jugheads attention went back to him. He sighed and checked his phone again, but saw he had no messages from her.

    “Let’s go.” he mumbled, following Archie out to his car.


    “Are you the one who texted me?” Y/N asked, trying her best to sound assertive and confident, even though she was terrified. Jason’s death took the whole town by a surprise, and it worsened when it was found out he was murdered. But no one besides his immediate family took it as hard as Y/N. Jason had been her best friend for as long as she could remember. She grew up with him and Cheryl, and people joked that the three of them together were the Blossom triplets. Jason had told Y/N about his plans to disappear, and she completely disagreed with them. In fact, they had gotten into their first major argument over it, and before they could patch things up, Jason left and was later found murdered. It crushed Y/N, and in some ways it felt as if it was her fault. She couldn’t talk him out of it, she didn’t go to the river with them that day, and she couldn’t save him. What hurt the most is that he died before she could apologize for the things she said during the argument, she couldn’t make up with her brother. Most likely he died hating her, or even worse, thinking she hated him.

    “Did you come alone?” the man asked.

    “That’s what you told me to do.” Y/N answered, taking a step closer to the river and the man. Okay so maybe meeting some strange man whom she didn’t know in the very place her brother died wasn’t a good idea, but he said he had information about Jason and his death, and she couldn’t let that go. She took it upon herself to solve this, to avenge Jason as one last favor to him. Sure, she could have worked with Jughead and Betty on their murder board and helped them try to solve it, but she knew this could get dangerous. She didn’t want them to get hurt, and she knew she had to do this alone.

    “Look, I don’t have a lot of time.” the man said, turning to face Y/N. “the other serpents are already suspicious of me enough, I don’t need them finding out that I know something about Jason’s death, or that I’m telling a high school student about it by the river. I’m not even supposed to know any of this.” he said, looking around the woods, motioning for Y/N to get nearer. She hesitantly stepped forward, and got closer to the man. He was much bigger than her, about 6 foot 4", broad shoulders, and she noticed his worn and tired eyes, some that had definitely seen some shit.

    “You can tell me, I won’t tell a soul where my information came from. This is purely just for me.” she assured the man, and he nodded.

    “I’ve heard  Momma and Poppa Blossom hired a serpent to take out Jason. They found out the Cooper girl was pregnant and got wind of his plan to run off with her, and they weren’t having any of it. Jason was their star child, excelling at football and even music, and if he dropped out of high school to run off with his impregnated girlfriend, it would ruin the family name. They couldn’t control their child, no matter how much they tried, so they arranged to have him 'disappear’. A murder in the family was better off for the Blossom name than letting their child live a happy life with his kid and girlfriend I suppose.” the man said, practically whispering. Y/N stood there stunned, waiting for the man to say more.

    “Is there anything else?” she asked.

    “They’re on damage control I guess. They have Cheryl on a tight leash from what I hear, trying to keep the other twin under control and to prevent her from poking around. I’m surprised they haven’t put you on the same one, considering how closely tied you are to the family, you’re practically their child.” the man stopped after a crack of a branch was heard, and he ducked down behind some rocks, pulling you down with him.

    “Look kid, I know all of that just sounds like talk, but us serpents have a way of doing business. If any kind of deal occurred, no matter how illegal, it’s written down somewhere. Email, letter, even a text message. You’re more likely to find it on the Blossoms side, because they aren’t as careful as the serpents, but we keep track of everything, so I’ll see if I can dig around. If you find anything though, let me know.” he said, and Y/N nodded her head.

    “I will, just one more thi-” another crack of a branch and then a gunshot rang off, sending the man in front of her to the ground. Y/N went to scream, but her voice shut down, and she stumbled back. A stream of red flowed from the man and down into the river, tinting the water. Y/N got up from her feet and ran through the trees to where her car was, but was quickly thrown off course when a bullet flew by her head, just barely missing her. She fell to the side, and closed her eyes trying to regain her thoughts. A text message brought her out of her head, and she saw it was from Jughead.

Juggie <3: Get up and run forward, me and Archie are waiting, but please hurry.

    Y/N looked up and saw a familiar car through the trees. She got up and ran as fast as she could. When she was a few feet from the car, Jughead opened the back door and she quickly threw herself in, and Archie sped off before Jughead even had the chance to close the door. The car ride was silent as Archie sped down the road, doing his best to get the hell out of the woods as fast as he could.

    “What the fuck was that about?” Jughead asked angrily, breaking the silence.

    “Are you okay? I heard gunshots.” Archie asked, turning his head to look at her for a second before giving his attention back to the road.

    “Fuck,” Y/N mumbled, pulling a disposable phone out of her backpack and calling 911.

     “911, what’s your emergency?” The lady on the other end asked.

    “There’s been a shooting by the river, near where Jason Blossom was found. One man shot and is bleeding out. I don’t know how long he had but he needs help.” Y/N said, trying to stay calm, but the anxiety in her stomach was bubbling up.

    “Ma'am, did you see who shot him? Do you know who he is?”

    “No, I didn’t see, they were shooting after me too, and I was too busy trying to run away. And I’m not sure who he is, I just need him to be okay!” she yelled. “Just please get to him.” she begged. She closed the phone, and threw it out the window, and slumped back into her seat.

    “What the hell were you doing?” Jughead asked again, and Y/N looked over to him and then to Archie.

    “Investigating Jason’s death.” she mumbled.

    “In the woods with a man you had never met?” Jughead yelled, and Y/N looked away from him. “I shouldn’t have to tell you that that is a bad idea! What if you had gotten yourself killed, or what if that was Jason’s murderer you met?” Jughead grabbed Y/Ns face and turned her head to look at him. “Look at me when I’m talking to you!” he yelled. “I love you Y/N, more than I love anything else in this whole damned world. What if you had gotten killed? Who is that going to help? Now instead if just one dead boy, we’d have two kids dead.”

    “Just one dead boy? Jason is more than just one dead boy, Jughead! He was my brother, and I have to figure out what happened to him! And I’m onto something, I can do it. So what I almost got killed today, I didn’t. I’ll be fine!” she yelled back.

    “Then let me help you, please.” Jughead begged, lowering his voice. “I can’t let you do this on your own, your smart and your tactical but you need backup.” Y/N watched tears roll down his face, and she cupped his cheek.

    “Jughead, I love you too, and that’s why I need you to stay out of this. I can’t have you get hurt-” he put his hand over her hand that was on his cheek.

    “I can’t let you get hurt either. We both go, or no one does, those are your options Y/N.” he said, and she signed.

    “Fine.” she mumbled, and Jughead pulled her into a dizzying kiss.

    “You’re including me in this too, just so you know.” Archie said, breaking Y/N and Jughead apart.

    “Archie no-” she started.

    “You can’t say no to me, I know too much now. I want in.” he said and Y/N looked over to Jughead.

    “Fine, you can be our chauffeur.” Jughead teased.

    “Nice try, but no. I’m going to help you with investigating.”

    “Well boys, since you’re now on the case with me, I guess I should tell you what I know. And I’ll start with my newest lead.” she said, pulling out her phone. She opened the recording app, and pressed the newest file. Just then Y/and voice boomed throughout the car, and she visibly cringed at the sound of it, and Jughead rolled his eyes at her. She shrugged her shoulders and turned her attention back to the recording.

    “Testing testing, alight, I think it’s recording. My name is Y/N  Y/L/N, and I’m on my way to meet with someone from the serpents that can give me a lead on Jason Blossoms murder. There the man is now.

Are you the one who texted me?”

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Camren was never real?

So.. we all know Lauren tweeted this

Once again, I got up with a new surprise this morning. Lol.. A lot of things going around on social media after Lauren tweeted this, including this.

I got a lot of asks telling about being disrespectful and stuff. Lol, I never engage in those tags or trend though. Not even the moment when Lauren came out as bisexual and “THANK YOUU” was trending. I never even tag Camila and Lauren on Camren stuff since it will make them uncomfortable. But I have the right to ship who I wanna ship. If you think my ship has sunk, well no, it’s just lost in the middle of nowhere. LOL

Anyway, maybe I’ve said it before that I don’t trust media anymore. But, I’ve already posted on my Instagram one week after that Dec 18, 2016 incident that I don’t trust the girls’ words anymore, including their post, tweets, status. Actually I only like Snapchat, cause that’s where we can see them behind-the-scene and where they can be themselves. If the girls can’t act and are really bad actors until their team needs to manipulate them, then a place where they can express themselves freely is the place where they become who they really are. The thing is we know that ever since Lauren admitted that she posted on the wrong snapchat, the girls have more than 1 account: a public one and a private one. The public snapchat is still somehow “controlled” though, like when they came to Spain, we can clearly hear Camila trying to teach the girls Spanish in the background, but Camila’s face wasn’t recorded on the Snapchat.

In conclusion, I don’t buy Lauren’s words 100% since it’s easy to manipulate what you write rather than expressing them through your face, just like it’s easier to bully people behind computer. BUT, there is a slightest bit of truth in it. We always know Lauren is so defensive when it comes to Camren. Meanwhile, Camila always plays it cool. Lauren values privacy a lot. That’s why she said it was “invasive, scary, delusional, disrespectful”. I admit… CSI are really great, smart, and skillful. Applause to them really. But, sometimes Camren’s every move even if it’s just accidentally, CSI are able to capture it and dig on it. They have really nice eyes and ears. CSI are better than FBI sometimes when it comes to Camren investigation. But, the one that is disrespectful are the ones who actually make manips and tag them, comment “Camren is real” on every post they make, then attack Lucy as well especially during the leaked photos. This is what I meant on my answer to those asks below this post (which I stop answering) by being disrespectful and crossing boundaries. Attacking Lucy and sending her hate words and shading her are disrespectful. You know, I also admire how strong Lucy is. She is such a badass with a strong heart. Camren shippers keep attacking her, but she doesn’t give a damn about it.

Back to me not really trusting what are posted by the girls anymore. I found this on my note on the previous post of “Laucy VS Camren”. I find it very interesting cause it sums up everything about why I don’t trust even the girls’ accounts anymore sometimes.

Credit to @jabba1988

This is a really good point-of-view cause I didn’t think this far. When I first read this comment, suddenly I remember about “The sun dies everyday to let the moon shine”. Lauren is the sun and Camila is the moon.

0.21 - 0.26 Lauren said, “Sun.. I love the sun”

1.55 - 2.00 Camila said her favorite emoji was the moon one

7.05 - 7.55 Camila said she related herself more to the moon

Then, there is this

@jabba1988‘s point-of-view is another point-of-view for me. Because for me, Camila was the one sacrificing herself to let Lauren shine after Camila left. Well, right now everything is possible. So, this is valid as well and I find it very interesting.

But what I wanna stress is his/her last paragraph on the comments (sorry I don’t know your gender). This whole drama is actually just the continuation of Lauren coming out as bi in November 2016. The photoshoot and the article are part of it. They just wait for the right time to release it. Anyway, why didn’t they release it on 18th? I thought 18th was the cursed date? LOL.. But on the bright side out of all of this, BRAVO! Once again, Harmonizers made a trend, even if actually the trend is disrespectful =.=“ But this is the proof. Just throw out something scandalous or something that creates drama, Harmonizers will make a trend out of it. Just like how Harmonizers made 5 trends at the same time when Lauren was caught in the airport for carrying weeds in her bag. We keep proving them right that this fandom has so much power, yet are so gullible.

Aside from that though, I’m interested more to the other tweets.

Don’t you realize that she just warned us “Don’t believe everything that the media says” in the most subtle way possible. Wake up, guys! This is an entertainment industry. The purpose is to entertain people. Sometimes, when your song is not selling enough, then you sell something that entertain people to attract people’s attention and say, “Hey, we are actually a girl group and we have this song. Check it out!” in the most indirect way.

But apart from how fucked up music industry is, I don’t get why people only see Lauren as a sexy person with a really good and sexy body and pretty eyes and face. I admire her even beyond that. I admire how she stands up for what she believes in. I admire how she encourages people to speak up and reminds us everyday that our voices matter. I admire how she fights for immigrants and people in color. I admire how she values women. I admire how she treats her fans. I admire how she speaks with such intelligence cause her mind is like a library. I admire her minds and the way she thinks. I don’t get it. For people who only sees Lauren for her body, then they definitely need to stalk Lauren and read articles about her and educate themselves about Lauren.

1920 Lover

Okay… this was my first attempt at smut, pretty sure it’s not amazing. i have no idea how to describe it. The fic is as wild and untamed as the Jazz Age, a.k.a. my favorite period of American History. yes, it does take place in 1925, where my Fitzgeralds at?! i really hope you like it. Thank you for reading x

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In my opinion, Zevran and Isabela are each other’s respective heroes.

Zevran does something heroic for Izzy in a more literal sense. I don’t remember all the details but he killed her gross abusive husband and very literally freed her. And this is just speculation but she definitely seemed to take some inspiration from him in terms of attitude once she became a pirate.

But I was thinking about how Zevran clearly knew about her whereabouts once that business was done, and how he maybe admired her too. Because she had a ship and freedom while he was still simply a Crow with a death wish. How he wished he could make that leap of freedom and reclaim his life for his own.

Writing a Musical - Step One

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Word Count: 1,984

Trigger Warnings: None yet

A/N: I’ve been MIA for awhile because of senior activities and things like that, but I’ve been working on this series for awhile now, and I really wanted to post the first part. I’m about four parts in, so hopefully I’ll be posting the next part soon. Enjoy!

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Step One: Get Inspired

Lin could never admit when he was bordering on creepy. There had been plenty of times when he’d scroll down, say, someone’s Twitter profile and just get lost. Next thing you know, he could tell you the name of their prom date and what color they wore to it. He figured everyone does that once in awhile. Not on purpose, of course.

Well, this instance was on purpose.

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Feigning The Connection

Prompt:  You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in.


A/N: Thank you all again for the feedback. i am absolutely so excited to write this series, and have future parts planned already. It’s just so much fun to write and I thoroughly enjoy being able to look back at the first seasons. As well as with season four ending, i’m gonna need some 100 still in my life and this is the perfect way to do so. I also made this chapter SUPER LONG, three episodes mainly for you guys and the long waits between chapters but also because I want to finish off the season by combining the two finales.

I have about fourteen or so more days of school and then some finals, after that I will able to post much more on this account in general. More parts and more requests! :)

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire to write it more frequently.

AGAIN, remember if you’d like me to continue this series, just leave a little comment or an ask letting me know. I will NOT continue the series if no one wants me to.

Based off of: The 100 01x09, 01x10 and 01x011

Warnings: mention of violence. 

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“My friends, this is a historic unity day. Every year we mark the moment our ancestors of the twelve stations joined to form the Ark, but this time is the last time we do so aboard her. Next year, on the ground.”

“Right, after we did all the work.” Standing beside Raven, you looked over at Miller and rolled your eyes at his snarky remark. Though the whole of it was true, that didn’t stop the fact that you were happy the Ark was being sent to the ground. Kane… not so much. But you were happy that the civilians of the Ark are being given a chance. “Someone shut him up.”

“You shut up Miller.” You snapped back, crossing your arms. 

“No one’s forcing you to watch, Miller.” Raven backed you up. Turning to her, you sent her a grateful look for having your back. She only smiled, her eyes gazing back on the live-feed of Jaha. 

“For ninety-seven years, we have eked out an existence hoping that someday our descendants would return to earth…” 

“Didn’t peg you as the type to be supportive of Unity Day.” Raven commented from beside you. Tearing your gaze from the video, you let your eyes fall on Raven who was a few inches taller than you. You smiled shyly at her, shrugging your shoulders. 

Truthfully with your past, you most definitely shouldn’t love Unity Day or want to celebrate the beginning of the Ark. The Ark nor anyone on the Ark has ever given you the hope or the admiration of the Ark to do so, but there was something so amazing about the way the day lifted spirits. 

“I shouldn’t.” You complied, looking back at Jaha. “I definitely shouldn’t actually. But when I was a little girl, my father stressed and I mean stressed that I be one of the pageant kids. He had it set up that i’d be the one to give the speech, it was the most fun i’ve ever had.” You laughed lightly at the memory, a fond look coming over your face. Life at that moment was so wonderful. “My mother actually had been the one to dress me up and sit with me while I rehearsed my lines.”

You didn’t hear Raven respond, confused you turned to her only to be faced with the brightest smile you’ve ever seen on her. “That’s so cute.” She gushed and you blinked, blushing slightly. Suddenly serious, she turned curious eyes on you; “are you excited for your family to come down?” She asked, pointing to the sky. 

A frown crossed your features. Thinking back to your mother, a image of your father popped up in your mind. “No… I-I” You turned to Raven, only for all excitement that had previously been there to be absolutely disappeared. Concerned etched onto your features, and furrowing your brows, you leaned into her view and followed her eyes where you found Finn and Clarke. A solemn look crossed your features.


“I’m fine.” She interrupted, touching your arm lightly. You gave her a questioning glance; “I’m fine, Y.N. I promise.”

“Whoo! Yeah!” Jasper’s cheering echoed throughout the camp. Looking over the crowd of people you saw him with again the brightest smile on his lips you’ve seen for days and he held a container over his head. “Monty strikes again! We’ll call this batch Unity juice! Who’s thirsty?” You let a smile slip over your lips as the crowd of people huddled around Jasper, all cheering for some moon-shine. 

You followed the crowd, making your way over to Finn who looked unimpressed. Turning your head, you saw a figure run by and squinting you discovered the figure to be Octavia. Seeing her run out of camp, you furrowed your brows in confusion until you realized that Lincoln had somehow escaped previously. 

Looking over at Finn, he made eye contact with you; “did you see that?”

“Yeah.” He responded, eyes squinting. “Yeah, I did.”

You hadn’t seen Octavia since she left, and apparently Finn had been as curious as you when he tried to get you to help him follow her. Though you’d declined because of the fact that you thought nothing of it. You had seen the way Octavia had looked at the grounder, Lincoln, and you could tell by the way he didn’t hesitate to save her. They loved each other, or at least they really cared for each other. 

If she wanted to sneak off and see him, you definitely weren’t going to stop her. You admired the kind of dedication they had for each other.

Plus, why would you wanna miss the party that had started. Looking around you, a bright smile graced your features as you stared at the litter of children stand around, drinking, talking or playing games. It was a rare sight to see everyone so relaxed and care free.

It almost made you love Unity Day even more. Looking around, you caught sight of Bellamy standing watch, your eyes also caught a head of blonde leaving his side. You walked passed Clarke, as you still felt slightly peeved at her for what she had done. Though you offered her a small smile when she sent you a hesitant one. You knew you didn’t have a right to hold a grudge at her, but you hated the way she had dug into your life which clearly wasn’t hers to meddle in. 

Shaking your head, you continued your way on to Bellamy. When you reached him, you sent him a soft smile. “Hey, why aren’t you partying?” You asked teasingly his way. He smiled, taking a bite out of his apple as he shook his head.

“Like I told Clarke, i’ll have my fun when the grounders come.” He smirked. You shook your head, swallowing the lump in your throat; “what did she want anyway?”

“Nothing much, i just told her to have some fun.” Bellamy explained, his eyes fell on you and letting his gaze fall across you. “Which you should as well.” He reprimanded teasingly. You laughed, bringing the can of water to your lips, peering over the tip of the can. You shook her head, “nope.”

He raised an eyebrow, “no?”

“I’m not a fun drunk.”

“Oh? And you’d know this… how?” He asked, his eyes falling on the sky in thought. “Haven’t you been in solitary for like three years?” He asked, shaking his head at you. 

“Four.” You corrected, giving him a look. “But you don’t know the trouble I use to get into on the Ark. Let’s just say, nearly set my room on fire.”

Bellamy’s gaze fell on you, with a unconvinced look he looked curious at you. “Really? You?”

You smiled wildly, remembering that day. “Yup.” You nodded cheekily, “I was a trouble-maker.”

“Hmm,” he grumbled. A quizzical look on his face, after a moment of silence he suddenly chuckled. Tossing the apple in the air, he easily caught it and sardonically looked your way. “What a rebel.” You openly gaped at him, surprised that he could actually be so teasing, you had to hold in your laugh. Feigning hurt, you reprimanded him; “don’t mock me. I was a real badass.”

He shook his head, “oh. I’m sure.”

“Hey!” You yelled, slapping his shoulder. Your laughter died down slowly as you both looked fondly over the crowd of people. Sighing, you moved to walk away but not before looking back at him and smirking teasingly at him. “Well I think i’m gonna go see if Raven needs my help. Don’t watch too hard.” You slyly commented. He rolled his eyes, “don’t work too hard.” He replied honestly. You nodded half-assed before walking off and making your way to Raven’s tent. 

“Hey. Hey! There you are.” Looking up from the bullets, you turned your head to the entrance only to see Jasper. He wobbled slightly on his feet and was obviously at the least tipsy. “And Y/N! Awesome, i’ve always wanted to see you out of the professional facade.”

“What are you talking about Jasper?” You asked, cutting his drawl short. Setting down the bullet you’d been working on, you fully turned to the drunk boy and gave Raven a look. She shrugged her shoulders, shaking her head in frustration.

“Alright, listen. We’e playing drunkball. I bet Monroe my teams gonna win the Unity Day title,” smiling he set down a cup of alcohol in Raven’s hand. She sent him a tight-lipped smile and you had to bite your lip from smiling wildly. “I know you zero-g mechs had crazy hand-eye coordination skills, so, huh?” He offered, smiling wildly at Raven he turned to you; “and i’d just love to have you on my team Y/N.” He smiled cheekily at you.

You shook your head amused at his ‘smooth’ ways, “what do you think?” He asked, his eyes falling on the bullets before you two. Raven turned to set down the cup he’d offered her and you followed her, turning back to the table. “It’s gotta be more fun then what you’re doing.” 

“We’re checking the gun-powder in these rounds, so that if the grounders try to kill us all maybe we get a few shots before hand.” Raven explained, you silently nodding along with her. 

“Hmm. That’s intense.” Jasper commented. You laugh lightly at his comment, sending him a look that told him he wasn’t wrong. He shrugged his shoulders at you, and you shook your head before turning back to the table. “You sure you know what you’re doing?”

“Pretty sure, Jasper.” You responded. Sudden, a small explosion echoed beside you, with wide eyes you turned to Raven yelled damnit out in pain. You opened your mouth in shock, moving to help her but she gently shoved your hand off. 

“You guys maybe need a hand after you know, nearly blew one off?” Jasper asked, walking more closely to the both of you. You sat back down in your seat, letting Raven take this one. You didn’t know much about what you were doing, you were mainly just following Raven’s orders and once she told you you were a natural, you just continued to help.

You weren’t much of a partier as you told Bellamy, so keeping your hands busy was a more sufficient way of keeping away from boredom.

“No one’s a better mechanic.” Jasper explained holding up his hands. You focused back on their conversation when his eyes fell on you. He smiled cockily, “but this requires a chemist. How’d you do in chemistry class Raven?” She sighed, rolling her eyes. Jasper smiled brightly; “mmm well the fates are smiling upon you today, my friend. I was great in chemistry.” Defeated, Raven handed Jasper over a bullet. You watched curious as he brought it up to his nose and sniffed. “Oh! Nope. Oh, this is gassed off. Pretty sure it’s acidic smell means gunpowder’s degraded.”

You sighed, placing your head in your hands as you sighed frustrated. “Better start a dud pile.” Raven commented, dropping the bullet away.

“You know, when my parents get here, they can mix us up some new gunpowder.” Jasper started reminscing. You watched with a hint of jealousy as he looked onward fondly at the memory of his parents. “My dads gonna flip for this scrap metal. “My kingdom for a soda can,” heh. That’s what he always use to say. What about you guys? Got any family?”

Your smiled fell and falling silent, you watched as Raven shook her head, looking down at the table. “Nope. Just Finn.”

“You? Y/N?” Looking up, you found Jasper’s eyes on you and you realized he was asking you. Biting your lip, you sighed heavily. “Not really. Mom’s… d-dead. Dad doesn’t like me very much.” You explained, the sudden realization that besides the little bit of information you’d told Bellamy you’d never really talked about your family before. It was always something you hated to talk about, but there was something about the people you were around that made you feel as if you were in a safe place to explain.

“Well…” Jasper started, the clear awkwardness he felt evident in his voice; “we’ve all got each other now, right?” You looked up at him, smiling. 

“Yeah… yeah we do.”

“Jasper, you’re coming with me.” A sudden deep voice entered the tent. Turning you found Bellamy making his way in, a small smile on his lips when he found you. You immediately noticed the gun in his hand, and with wide eyes listened closely to his conversation. 

“I am?” Jasper asked.

“You handled yourself well in the cave with the grounder.” Bellamy moved forward, lightly pushing past Jasper to grab some bullets. Grabbing his wrists, you stopped his effectively as his gaze fell on you. “If you’re planning on shooting anything, you better think twice. We haven’t check those yet.”

“Give me some bullets that work then.” Bellamy responded, you ignored the way he responded so quickly and rather quite rudely. “What do you need them for?” You were quick to respond, looking up at him.

“Her boyfriends being an idiot.” Bellamy explained, nodding his head over to Raven as he turned to her. You let go of his wrist, leaning against the table as you listened closely to the conversation. Raven grabbed some working bullets, smacking them against his chest, “i’m coming with you.” She declared.

“We should get Clarke.”

“Clarke’s… with Finn isn’t she?” Raven asked. Bellamy didn’t exactly respond but with the look he gave you all, you figured Raven understood. They all stood up, filing out of the tent. Reluctantly, you looked at one of the guns, thinking over. You didn’t want to leave your friends if they were to be in danger or if they were already in danger and you’d never strayed away from helping your friends before. Sighing, you grabbed the gun, quickly catching up to Bellamy and co.

Once he realized that you’d followed behind, he stopped, turning to you and grabbing your arm. You looked up at him, confused as he stared down clearly concerned for you. Bellamys eyes fell on the gun in your hand as you tried not to shake it. “You don’t have to do this.”

“I’m not gonna leave our friends, you, to die.” You stressed, pacing on your feet nervously. “I’ve got this. I’ll-I’ll be fine.”

“Ground princess looks pissed.” You commented.

“Our princess has that effect.” You ignored the stab that seemed to hit you, as you couldn’t describe exactly what you felt at the mention of his nickname. Shaking your head, you lifted your gun and using the view-point you watched nervously as Clarke seemingly chatted with some sort of leader of the grounders. 

“Oh, no. This is bad.” Jasper suddenly panicked from beside you. Placing wide eyes on you, you asked; “what?”

Bellamy turned towards the both of you as well as Raven and whispering in a slight hush, he spat at Jasper; “what the hell are talking about?” He repeated your question. Jasper raised his gun to his eyes, looking around the forest around you all; “there’s grounders in the trees.” 



You all raised your guns, but you furrowed your brows when you found nothing. Turning to Jasper, you shook your head. “Are you sure?”

“I don’t see any.” Bellamy commented, and you nodded mindlessly. You watched Jasper once again as he looked around the forest, suddenly his face contorted into panic and you were a second too late when he lurched forward and suddenly yelled; “there gonna shoot Clarke! Run!” He screamed aloud, alerting everyone of your guys presence. 

“Run!” He repeated, raising his gun as he started shooting. Your breath left you as the bullets fired and trying to keep calm, you tried to call his name in order to stop him. He didn’t listen though as he continued to shoot. Bellamy and Raven were quick to follow as they begun shooting. Bellamy’s eyes fell on your for a split second, and shaking your head you felt him give you the encouragement you needed in order to step out of the cover of the trees.

Raising your own gun, you ignored the way your hands shook and begin pressing down on the trigger. You managed to hit one grounder as they fell to the ground. You ignored the way your heart sped up rapidly, you hadn’t had to kill anyone since… Taking one moment of shock was a mistake, when an arrow flew past your leg and lightly grazed your calve. You grunted, dropping your gun as you grabbed your leg in pain. The edge of the arrow caught in your leg and biting your lip you were quick to pull the arrow out of your leg, grunting softly in pain. 

You fell back into the cover of the trees as you looked at the blood that covered your hand, you were lucky you realized that it hadn’t actually pierced your skin and it had only managed to peel your skin apart. 

You tried to get up on your own, wanting to be able to follow the rest as they began running away. You let out a sigh of relief when two arms wound around your waist and you were hefted against someones side. Turning your head, you looked at Bellamy who sent a reassuring smile your way. “Thank you.” You panted against him.

“We need to run and fast. Can you help me?” Bellamy asked, you nodded, picking yourself up as you began to pick up the speed in your legs.  

You all continued to run, holding on tightly to Bellamy. You ignored the pain in your leg as you noticed Finn, Clarke and Octavia catch up to you all. It wasn’t long before you all reached the gates of your safe-place. Panting you softly pushed away from Bellamy, nodding a thanks but he only shook his head tightening his grip on you as you nearly stumbled over in pain. Shaking your head, you reluctantly let him help you.

Your gaze fell on Finn when he glared up at Bellamy, Bellamy seemed to have noticed as well as he turned onto Finn. “You got something to say?”

“Yeah. I told you no guns!” Finn yelled, stressing his point as he pointed to all of your guns.

“I told you we couldn’t trust the grounders, I was right.” Clarke defended.

“Why didn’t you tell me what you were up to?” Raven asked, yelling.

“I tried but you were too busy making bullets.” Finn yelled at her. Suddenly angry that he would yell at her like that, you moved forward, Bellamy quick to help you as you turned angrily on Finn. “You’re lucky she brought that! Or else you and everyone you decided to put in danger would be dead!”

“You don’t know that!” He shouted back at you, “Jasper fired the first shot!”

“You ruined everything.” Octavia commented. Mouth gaping openly, you turned to her shocked as she turned around heading to the gate but not without shooting you a glare on her way. Baffled by her turn of feelings on you, you couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You didn’t want to kill them but they were clearly there to kill your friends. You hated death but you’d rather have them dead than have your friends dead if there’s no other way.

You shot Jasper an sympathetic look when he yelled; “I saved you!” Shaking his head, he laughed begrudgingly and walked after Octavia. “You’re welcome”. 

“Well if we weren’t already at war, we sure as hell are now.” Finn sighed, turning to Clarke, “you didn’t have to trust the grounders. You just had to trust me.” He walked off and shaking your head, you looked at your leg, moaning suddenly when a shot of pain travelled through your foot. “Woah. Y/N, you okay?” Bellamy asked, grabbing your waist as you nearly toppled over.

“Okay. Okay. Let’s get that bandaged.” A sudden explosion sounded and all three of you turned up at the sky as an object seemingly flew down. You looked up, your face twisted in pain as you all watched the ship fly down with curiosity.

“The exodus ship?” You asked, confusion evident in your gaze. 

“Your mom’s early.” Bellamy commented, smiling down at Clarke. You ignored the gaze and looking up, you followed the exodus ship thinking your father is definitely on that. A hopeless feeling filled within you as you shook your head, you didn’t want him down. Though you were somewhat happy Clarke’s mom was able to come down, the dread that filled within you overpowered.. 

“Wait. Too fast. No parachute?” Clarke suddenly asked, a panicked echo coming over her voice. You stepped back in pain but watched as the ship flew down and suddenly an explosion echoed beside you. Opening your mouth in utter fear, you watched the smoke evaporated from where the ship had crashed. You let your gaze fall on Clarke as she gasped in distress. She took a step back in shock and with wide, guilty eyes you looked up at Bellamy.

He only shook his head.

“You don’t really know what you’re made of until it’s kill or be killed. And there’s nothing between you and the tip of the spear.” You rolled your eyes at Jasper surrounded by a group of some of the hundred as he told his ‘hero’ story of how he saved everyone. You appreciated Jasper and you felt bad for him after everything that happened the day before but this was near too much.

It was amusing. But what was he gonna do the next time someone needed his help and he froze? You had faith in him but setting himself up this high is a dangerous and risky move. Turning your head to Monty, who you sat beside, you sighed; “okay. This has to stop.” Just as you went to jump down from your seat, Monty grabbed your arm, stopping you as you turned to him in confusion.

“C’mon.” He gestured over to Jasper; “let us have this.”

Furrowing your brows, you looked over at Monty. “Us?”

“Look at him. The boy is a folk hero. They even gave us a bigger tent.” Monty smiled as he looked over at Jasper proudly. Looking at him, you decided not to move but your heart sped up when a sudden clatter echoed. This time you actually did jump off onto your feet, quietly groaning when you landed on your bandaged leg wrong. Monty’s hand fell on your arm again, “woah. Y/N be careful.”

“Somebody hit the trip wire!” Connor yelled. You turned to Monty giving him a reassuring smile as you headed quick to the gates. Octavia fell in beside you and with guarded eyes you watched her gaze fall on something, you followed her line of vision when you found a flower. You shook your head. 

Gun shots fired and you turned your head to the two men on watch. “Think i got him.” One of them said, “let’s go.” Connor ordered, you stepped forward quick to follow behind them. 

“Lincoln.” You heard Octavia whisper, and with narrowed eyes you turned to her. She stepped forward as if to follow you three out but you placed your hand on her shoulder. “I think you should stay back.”

“Oh? And who are you to-”

“Because I know why you want out there and i’m telling you, it isn’t him. Lincoln isn’t stupid enough to be caught on one of our trip wires.” You explained, looking at her. She finally looked at you, her gaze softening when she realized you were right. Stepping back, she eased and you quickly caught up to Connor as they exited camp through the gates.

You ran up ahead of them, concerned on who it was. You weren’t sure why, but you knew the people you lived with now and even if they were your friends they didn’t hesitate one bit to kill or be ruthless to those they thought untrustworthy. At least this point, if the person you found deserved even just a chance then maybe you could help convince your people do so. “Hey, slow down!” Connor called behind you, his feet picking up speed as he tried to catch up to you; “Y/N be careful!”

Coming to a tree, you could see a faint figure on the ground. Though you weren’t sure who it was yet, it was very clearly a male, and by their stature and how he laid on the ground in seemly pain you felt your heart sped up in worry. Taking slow cautious steps, you crouched down ever so slightly, your hand coming out before you to touch the man, though when you did he immediately flinched, jumping away.

You squinted trying to see who it was, then as you deciphered who the figure was, you felt your breath catch in your throat and your heart practically stop. You never thought you’d see him again and you certainly didn’t want to. “Murphy?”

“Where is he?” You barely paid mind to Bellamy’s voice behind you, instead your eyes stuck on Murphy who was curled into a fragile position. Your eyes were set into a glare and your lips stuck in a grim line, you weren’t sure what to make of him being back here.

Suddenly, being pulled from your thoughts you heard Bellamy’s footsteps echo beside you as he stopped just next to you. You glanced at him but your eyes almost subconsciously flew back to Murphy, you still weren’t trusting of him. “Everyone but Connor, Derek and… Y/N out. Now!” Bellamy ordered, you didn’t really pay mind to his order because even if he hadn’t ordered you to stay, you would’ve.

“He claims he was with the grounders.”

“We caught him trying to sneak back into camp.”

“I wasn’t sneaking. I was running from the grounders.” Murphy’s quiet voice finally spoke, looking up at you. You glared at him, memories flooding your mind as you remembered when you’d first gone down to earth and how rude and disrespectful he’d been to you. Though you knew he didn’t deserve the punishment he had received for a death he hadn’t even committed, you still held a certain resentment towards him.

“You see grounders, Y/N?” Bellamy asked, turning to you. Looking up at him, you shook your head giving him his answer.

“Well, in that case-”

“Hey, what the hell is wrong with you?” Finn interrupted, his hand shooting over towards Bellamy as he slapped the gun out of Bellamy’s hand. You silently agreed that maybe shooting Murphy wasn’t the best idea, but you said nor did anything and rather continue keeping your eyes on him. There was something fishy about the way he’d come back. He was clearly with the grounders, the marks and scars on him proved so, but what you just couldn’t understand was why they let him go.

“We were clear what would happen if he came back.” Bellamy argued, raising his gun again. Suddenly, a realization came to mind and jumping in front of Bellamy’s gun, you held your hand at your sides. “Wait.”

“Y/N please don-”

“No. No. I don’t trust him Bellamy, but if he was with the grounders, he might have information that can help us.” 

“Help us?” Bellamy asked, shaking his head in shock at you. “We hanged him. We banished him and now we’re gonna kill him. Come on Y/N, get out of the way.”

“No Y/N’s right,” Clarke defended you. Stepping forward towards Murphy. 

“Like hell she is,” Bellamy argued, raising his voice; “Clarke. Think about Charlotte.” 

“I am.” She spat back, crouching near Murphy. “But what happened to Charlotte is as much our fault as it is his.” She mumbled, picking up Murphy’s hand and viewing the bloody hand. “He’s not lying. His fingernails are torn off, they tortured him.” 

“If they had him. If they were torturing them, why the hell did they send him back?” You asked, stepping forward. You couldn’t believe anyone hasn’t thought of this yet, there must be an alter-motive. “I mean, we’re at war. They could’ve used him as leverage.” You explained, though your people may not care for Murphy, they wouldn’t have known that. 

“Yeah. We’re at war. What did you even tell them?” Bellamy asked, looking at Murphy. You sighed as they ignored your question. Turning to Murphy, you waited for his reply, hesitant to hear his answer.


You took a deep breath inside, you almost felt like your heart would leap out of your throat. Turning to Bellamy, you stood so you were just before his chest, slightly off to the side. “Once he’s better, we figure out what he knows, and then he’s out of here, okay?” You asked, looking Bellamy in the eye.

“What if he refuses to leave? What do we do with him then?”

“Then we kill him.”

You felt ill; nothing felt right at all. But you ignored it best you could as things needed to get done. With the new presence of Murphy and the grounder’s declaring war on you all, there wasn’t anytime for you to be lazing around because you felt a little under weather. 

Turning to the fire, you wiped the sweat off of your forehead and dropped a log into the fire. It was only day time, but you all needed to keep warm. Despite the sweat you felt littering your forehead, your arms and body felt unusually cold. You put more pressure on your right leg, as your left leg was still bandaged because of the wound. 

Pressing your jacket tighter against you, you tried to stay stable on your feet as the world grew wobbly and you felt as if your feet couldn’t hold your weight. You took a step back, stumbling slightly as you tried to stay focused.

“Y/N!” Bellamy’s voice echoed behind you, turning faster than you meant to, you panted when you saw Bellamy running towards you. He ran towards you, stopping just short of you as he grabbed your shoulders and his eyes searched your face. His eyes scanned everywhere and in bafflement you furrowed your brows, confused as to what he was doing. “Bellamy?” You questioned lightly.

“Murphy brought in a sickness with him, a battle tactic. How do you feel?” Bellamy asked hurriedly and you meant to answer, but you felt it suddenly too hard to speak. You felt your head and eyes grow heavier as Bellamy was the only thing keeping you stable. “Y/N?” He asked concerned, you blinking. “Y/N, your nose.” Bringing your hands up to your nose, you looked back to find blood. Staring at Bellamy with sudden fear you sob, “Bellamy…”

Suddenly all strength left you and you felt your body falling, Bellamy was quick though as he slipped his arms underneath your knees and back. He hefted you up, quickly making his way over to the drop-ship.

He brought you in, Clarke already beside you. Quickly, with wide panicked and concerned eyes, Bellamy set you down on a makeshift hammock. He let go of you gently but fell beside you as Clarke grabbed a clothe to wipe the blood from your nose. You looked over at her with a vulnerableness she’d never seen in your eyes before, and smiling reassuringly she brushed your hair back. “You need to rest.” She reassured, turning to Bellamy. He nodded.

“I’ll watch after her.” Clarke handed over the wet clothe to Bellamy, him setting it down against your forehead. Dread filled his gaze as you looked over at him for support. “Bell…” Despite the moment, he stared baffled at the nickname that slip passed your lips. You hadn’t realized what you said and panted; “Bell… i’m scared.”

He hadn’t seen you so frightened since that day at the depot and he wished he’d never have to see that look of fright on your face again. Smiling softly at you, he nodded; “you’ll be okay. You just need to sleep.” He went to stand up; “I’ll grab you some water. Then I need you to sleep okay?”

“Wait.” You called in panic, grabbing his hand. He froze at your touch, his head turning back to you. With trembling lips and a pale face, you held fast onto his much larger hand. “Bellamy. I-I need to tell you something.” He remained silent, thinking over his decisions, before he kneeled back down next you. Nodding at you, he held your hand back. “Kane… Marcus Kane is my d-dad. I’ve been too afraid to tell you, since he’s the man who ruined your life b-but… please. I never meant any harm to you.”

Though the new information took him by surprise, Bellamy didn’t falter in his reassurance and instead continued to rub his thumb over your clammy hand. “It’s okay, Y/N. Like I said, you’re not a murderer.”

“When I get better, if you’re still he-”

Standing up from your seat with renowned strength, you made your way over to Murphy and Bellamy. Kneeling next to Murphy, you sent a small smile his way, still quiet nervous around him and grabbing the cup of water from his hands you said; “here. I’ve got this.”

Murphy complied, handing you the cup and standing up. You sat beside Bellamy, your hand stretching over and handing him the cup of water, he easily accepted it compared to when Murphy had offered. “You feeling better?” Bellamy asked, his eyes scanning over your fragile body.

“Yeah.” You whispered, smiling small and nodding. 

“That’s good.”

Hugging yourself, you leaned into yourself more, leaning your head against your knees. “You seen Octavia?” He asked, thinking back you realized how much she done throughout the night and with a reassuring glance you explained; “she was up all night helping people. Murphy gave her a break.”

“Don’t tell me you trust him.” Bellamy mumbled, looking over at you.

“Trust? No,” you were quick to shake your head, stunned that he would even think that. “I do believe people deserve second chances though.”

“It’s almost dawn.” He stated and you remembered of the mission that everyone not sick had been given. You wished you could’ve helped instead of being helplessly sick and inside the dropship all day. But you had faith… well slight faith at least. More like hope. “We better get everyone inside. If we lock the doors, maybe the grounders will think we’re not home.”

“Not everyone’s sick.”

“Sick is better than dead.” Bellamy snapped back.

“You don’t think Finn and Jasper are gonna pull it off.”

“Do you?” Sighing, you realized that he was right. You gave him a cold look, shaking your head. You should really learn to have more faith in your friends but maybe some other day. Clapping your hands against your knees, you straightened out, heading towards the drop-ship door. “I’ll get everyone inside.”

“Hey! Bellamy!” You called, running towards Bellamy. Upon hearing his name, he turned around from whatever he had been doing, his face softening when he saw it was only you. Reaching him, you stopped just next to him, panting slightly, your eyes fell on his gun that was strapped to his side and then across those around you who also held guns at their side.

You had yet to grab one yourself, though Bellamy had many times told you to do so over the past few days. After healing from being sick and your leg wound sealing up again, you’d learned, thankfully, that Jasper, Finn and Raven had been able to complete the mission for the bridge. Ever since then, the knowing fact without even having to say it, that the grounders were coming. But despite the fear and despite the nagging, you refused to carry around a weapon.

You’d use it if need be, but you wouldnt flaunt around with it.

“Your leg any better?” Bellamy asked, looking over at you.

“Uh- yeah. Any sight of the grounders?” You asked, concern etching into your features. Bellamy shook his head no, a focused look on his face, crossing your arms over your chest, you sighed. This whole situation was just sucky, for lack of better word, and there wasn’t a day where you didn’t live in fear. “Who would’ve thought, when we came down that we’d be fighting our own people.” You shook your head, dread filling within you.

A hand fell on your shoulder and snapping your head up you saw Bellamy smiling somewhat reassuringly at you; “it’ll be okay.”

You laughed dryly, “I find it hard to believe that.”

“We’ll defeat them. Jasper may be able to create new gunpowder and with that Raven will be able to create landmines. I only wish she could make about a thousand more of those bombs and I could set loose on their land.” Bellamy remarked, sighing frustrated. Upon your look of disagreement, Bellamy shrugged. “It’s what they’d do to us.”

Reluctantly, you nodded. “I know… it’s just… we’re on our own for this. No ones coming down to save us.” You whispered, anxiously shaking your head. Bellamy said nothing but looked down to the ground, silently agreeing with your statement. Suddenly, remembering the secret you’d shared with him just a few days ago, your eyes widened. “Bellamy…”


“About my father-”

“Y/N we’ve been through this. It’s fine.” Bellamy responded, “I do not care who your father is.”

“But my father was the one who arrested your mother…”

Bellamy’s eyes widened, and shocked he looked over at you. No one but he knew of the fact that your father was the one who put the handcuffs on his mother, “how do you?”

“Because I was there…” You whispered. Terrified of his reaction, you hesitated looking at him but you regretted the minute you did so. Betrayal etched into his features, as he stared down at you in bewilderment. You, immediately reading his facial expression, you panicked and reaching your hand forward to grabbed his shoulder. You jumped, startled when he pushed your hand away. “Bellamy,” you started. “You have to believe, I didn’t want, I-I didn’t know-”

“Whoa! Guys fire!” You heard in the distance, Bellamy’s attention was immediately brought upon the camp. You tried to grab onto his arm but he ran forward, and sighing, knowing you’d screwed up, you ran forward as well, his widening when you saw the wild fire that had started in the meat house. Shaken up, you watched as Bellamy grab Octavia and pull her away from the fire.

You begin helping out by shoving buckets of water on the fire. 

“This is all your fault.” You head Murphy grunt, standing up as he stalked towards one of the hundred. “We told you it was too much wood.”

“Get the hell away from me!”

“Whoa! Whoa!” You called, running towards Murphy. Grabbing him, you tried to pull him away but he only shoved you back. Grunting, you stumbled over your feet but caught yourself before you fell. You stared in bafflement at Murphy’s back. 

You watched Bellamy run by you, effectively able to stop the fight. Turning to Murphy, Bellamy called: "save it for the grounders!”

“Well, now what the hell are we gonna do?” Octavia suddenly bellowed, catching Bellamy’s attention. “That was all our food.”

“Each group takes someone with a gun.” Holding a gun close to your chest, you stared at the file of the people walk by as they sorted themselves in groups. After everything with Bellamy, you realized you didn’t really have anyone to go with. “And they’re for killing grounders, not food. We don’t have the ammo. Use the spears for hunting. Get what you can, be back by nightfall. No one stays after nightfall.”

You stared pitifully at those around you, suddenly realizing how singled out you were in this group. Suddenly, a hand fell on your shoulder, and startled, you turned to find Clarke. You held back an eye roll as she smiled at you. “Got a partner?”

You went to decline but looking around at the people around you, all ready to go. You sighed. “no.”

She smiled; “great! I’ll get some gear.” She said, walking forward. You watched with curious eyes as Finn walked beside her. You stayed slightly behind, thinking that they would like to go by themselves. You sighed once again, turning to walk away before a hand grabbed your wrist. Turning you found Clarke again.

“Where you going?” 

You looked back at Finn, who awkwardly stood at a distance away from you both. You hadn’t really talked to him or gotten along with him since the whole grounder shoot out thing. It felt tense. “I was about to go, I thought you’d like to go alone with Finn.”

“I asked you, remember?” She reminded you, falling in step beside you. Finn stayed slightly behind and you turned to her, confused on why she was so intrigued with going with you. Seemingly catching what you were thinking, she looked over at you, smiling ever so slightly. “I want to apologize, about the whole thing with your father.”

Nodding, you remained silent. Thinking back to that moment, despite the anger you’d felt this entire time, you knew it was such a silly thing to get so upset over. “So, i’m sorry.” She whispered, leaning in closer to you. Turning to look at her, you sighed when you saw her give you the best smile she could and shaking your head slightly at the desperate look on her face, you held down a laugh. 

“It’s all good. It was a stupid thing to get so upset about anyway.” Her smile brightened further, and bumping you slightly she laughed.

“Okay. Awesome.”

“Found something?” You asked, looking down at the crouched figure of Finn. He didn’t turned back, instead opting to continue tracing the tracks that they had discovered. “Yeah. Boar.” He replied.

Holding the gun tighter in your hands, you looked around the forest, cautious of grounders. Being out here was extremely stupid and dangerous but you knew that you guys needed to find food. You would’ve stayed back, you weren’t a hunter and you definitely didn’t like having to hold a gun, but anything was better than staying back at camp when Bellamy was upset with you.

You should’ve never told him that you were there when they arrested his mother. It wasn’t as if you’d done anything yourself, but you knew that it would hurt him to know that at one point you had even maybe been like Kane. Before everything happened, there was a possibility that you had been. Kane was trying to teach you the ways of the Ark and going around, helping him enforce the law was just one of those ways.

You felt bad, but he needed to know the truth. No matter how long Bellamy decided to stay mad at you.

“What is it?” You heard Clarke ask Finn in concern. Seeing them both crouched down, you followed after them as they had stepped away and looked down at the tracks before you.

“These tracks.” Finn explained, baffled. 

“They’re perfect.”

“Too perfect.” You commented, holding your gun higher as you stared around you in panic.

“We’re the ones being hunted.” Standing up, you held your gun up to your face, using the gun to look around. You furrowed your brows when you found nothing but trees and vast open spaces, you had a good feeling they were there, but the question was where.

“I don’t see anything.” You report to them, not setting down your gun and instead continuing to look around you.

Suddenly, before you could even do anything to defend yourself, there was a sharp pain in your shoulder. You grunted, bellowing out in pain and you fell back to the ground. You saw a arrow fly by your head as you fell but could only pay attention to the pain you felt in your shoulder.

You let go of your gun, your hands falling to your shoulder as you squeezed the wound painfully. “Y/N!” You heard Clarke yell your name, as she almost immediately fell to your side. With tearful eyes, you looked over at her desperate. “It hurts…” You whispered, your hands clenching against the wound. Clarke grabbed you trying to help you before Finn fell to her side. “Clarke, come on, we’ve got to leave her.” Finn ordered.

Your heart spiked at the mention of them leaving you, but knowing the situation, you couldn’t blame him for going. Clarke’s tearful eyes fell on you, and shaking her head, she swallowed desperately. “No. No. She only came because of me!”

“Come on Clarke!” Finn yelled, grabbing Clarke’s shoulder. 

Swallowing down the pain, you grabbed the hand that she set on you, and smiled weakly. Nodding, you told her; “go.”


“Just go!” You screamed, wanting them to leave before they died too, before you eyes. You couldn’t handle another dying because of your weakness, and shaking your head, you watched Finn grab her and yank her off of you. You closed your eyes before you could see the rest, panting in pain as you bit your lip from screaming out in pain. 

Your eyes became too heavy and you felt yourself losing consciousness, panting you tried to stay away but it became to hard.


Groaning, you opened your eyes, turning to your side as you saw blurry figures before you. You blinked, trying to squint and figure out who it was. The figures came closer and you flinched in fear before you saw Raven’s familiar face. Turning you saw Octavia.

“Oh my god… Y/N.” Octavia whispered, setting down her gun and scooting closer to you. Raven fell beside you, grabbing your shoulder and bringing you closer to her. You grunted in pain, biting your lip from screaming as you held the arrow in your shoulder tightly. “Y/N I was so worried.” Raven panted next to you, checking your body for more injuries.

Despite the pain, you smiled up at Raven, “wasn’t I hit by an arrow just the other day?” You joked, a laugh grumbling out before it turned into a cough. She shook her head at you, slightly amused as she shushed you. You swallowed a lump in your throat and suddenly another figure fell over you, looking up you saw Bellamy.

“Bell…” You whispered in pain.

“Y/N, Clarke and Finn where are they?” She asked you, her voice coming out in a panicked urge. You grunted, “I-i…” 

“Where are they?”

“Grounders took them…” You panted, “i’m sorry.”

“Take it easy.” Bellamy interrupted the conversation, pushing Raven out of the way gently. He grabbed your shoulder, looking down at you, “we’ve got to get her back to camp.”

“Bell, what about Finn and Clarke?”

Bellamy didn’t respond and suddenly you were lifted into his arms, much like the day you’d fallen ill. You grunted in pain as he lifted you up, but soon you felt comfort in his warm arms. You felt his hands tighten it’s grip on you, as he nodded at you, “Raven, i’m sorry.” You heard him say as he began walking away with you.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered in a daze, your head falling back. Bellamy leaned down, bringing your head forward so you were looking up at him again. His eyes found yours, and leaving no argument he whispered; “it’s not your fault. You’re not a murderer.”

“Thank you for finding me…" 

“I’m gonna get you home okay?” He whispered, smiling down at you in fear. You found only concern in his eyes and despite the pain you felt and the fear of the fact that you’d almost been killed or left to die, you found comfort in his gaze. Comfort you hadn’t seen since the night at the depot. You smiled weakly back up at him, nodding. “You’re gonna be okay. I’m gonna keep you safe.”

Part 8?
Inspirations, role models & more

I’ve received several questions concerning the above and so I thought I’d simply make an own post about it.
I love reading and just like my favourite author, Tess Gerritsen, has once told me: the best way to improve your own writing is to read a lot and try to understand how other writers do it.
And there is actually no one I admire as much as I admire Tess. I love everything about her work, the way she plays with words, creates tension from the first sentences to the end of her books to the very last and especially all the research she does for her stories to write as detailed as possible.
Another writer that has definitely helped me with my work is Chris Carter (Hunter & Garcia series). He has the ability to write dialogues in a way that make them appear very alive and reading his books actually feels like watching a movie because he can describe situations perfectly, without boring the reader with unnecessary details.
Moreover I really love the classics, like Goethe, who managed to find exceptionally good metaphors and images, or Schiller who never fails to amaze me.
And if you want to learn to write realistic, you should read some of Theodore Fontane’s books because he was one of the first to write integrally.
Concerning puns and plays on words, I also get inspired by Shakespeare (honestly, I was snorting SO LOUD whenever I e.g. read of Mercutio).
There is a reason why those writers are still considered amongst the best and as a young writer, you can definitely learn from them.
(If you are willing to really put effort in something but end up if a totally new idea of writing in general, try Kafka haha).

When it comes to writing poetry/poems, it may come as a surprise who inspires me the most; the queen herself, Lana del Rey.
I actually believe that she is one of the greatest poets of our time and the way she can create a certain atmosphere (I love the nostalgia) and write about love without ever just fulfilling a cliché amazes me.
I wish I’ll some day reach a point where my work affects the reader the way her songs affect me.

Of course, there are many more amazing authors and musicians which inspire my writing but if I’d list them all, it would probably take hours.
Therefore, this is just a short collections.
All the love,

Between Two Worlds

Cause it is valentines day I thought I would write this feysand fic and I hope you enjoy it!!!

“Here,” I threw Cassian my bowtie which Cassian has basically begged me to borrow saying that it complemented his eyes. I didn’t know what Cassian was going on about but I had too many things to worry about than Cassian’s colour choices. 

Nesta and Cassian had dinner plans tonight and I assumed Mor and Azriel did as well because it was Valentine’s day. Although I usually despised the romantic holiday because Cassian and Azriel were always busy with their significant others. this year was different. 

Feyre. I was going to take the risk. She had been a constant presence in my life ever since Nesta and Cassian got engaged but I had never dared the risk of asking her out until now. I was sick of this waiting and admiring from afar. I wanted to her to know how I felt. 

That she was the single most attractive woman I had ever seen. That she made me laugh in moments when I thought it was impossible. Every time we spoke, it felt as though she understood me in a way I didn’t think even Mor did. She was the one I couldn’t stop thinking about. The one I couldn’t stop dreaming about. And it was valentine’s day after all so I would take the risk. For someone like her, it could definitely be classified as a risk but if Cassian had the balls to ask Nesta then so could I.

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Jonsa Subtleties we're hoping for in S7

As much as it would literally set my jonsa shipping heart ablaze if there were big-fuck-off hints at a Jonsa endgame during s7…I highly doubt it. So I was thinking of what subtleties we shippers could hope for during the coming season…

How about…..

Ghost being protective over Sansa - especially around Littleprick. I would also enjoy Ghost totally snubbing Jon’s company for Sansa’s.

Jon coming to really value Sansa’s political input AND ACTUALLY LISTENING TO HER

Jon mentioning Sansa fondly whilst he’s away.

THE GLANCES - of course there HAS to be glances! Maybe Jon watches Sansa from afar, admiring how well she has taken to running a castle?

Definitely more of THIS face 👇👇👇 WHAT ELSE ARE YOU GUYS HOPING TO SEE??

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Stopping Time

A/N: Exc i te dh u mm i ng. Basically, they’re ridiculously close friends and Astrid’s been stressin’ but it’s okay because there’s cute conversations and jokes. I love ‘em to pieces. Modern AU. :) 

Hiccup loved Friday nights, because Friday nights were his Astrid Nights. Basically, after winter break drew to a close, they quickly became the only time of the week where Hiccup could actually spend time with his (human) best friend.

But hey, he was willing to take what he could get.

They alternated both their location and their activities weekly–some evenings were movie marathons in his living room, and others were game night at her house, but they’ve recently consisted of Astrid being too exhausted to do anything other than curl up on his bed and half-consciously mumble everything else it was that she had to do during the weekend, all with Toothless curled up at her feet as he kneaded at her legs.

And, really–with three AP classes on her plate, alongside various other extra curricular activities weighing her down, Hiccup couldn’t blame her for needing the occasional night dedicated solely to catching up on sleep that he knows she skips out on from time to time. Plus, what kind of person wasn’t there for their best friend when said friend was prone to suffering from sleep deprivation-induced hysteria? He was certainly no superhero, but that was a task even he could accomplish.

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anonymous asked:

Could you write the reactions of the companions towards a female sole who is super short and tiny? Thank you! I love you blog❤️

Thank you so much, anon! <3

Cait: She pushes Sole around a lot, and has on more than one occasion put Sole’s things on tall shelves, cabinets, etc.

Curie: Always compliments Sole on her height saying things like, “You should be thankful your genetics have gifted you with such a desirable stature!” 

Danse: He always finds himself wondering how such a small woman can be so fiery and talented in battle. He finds it interesting, but he admires it as well.

Deacon: Constantly makes jokes and teases her about her height. “How’s the weather down there? Things are just dandy up here, pipsqueak– I mean, Boss.”

Hancock: Definitely rests his arm on her head. Uses her head as a table. Is just kind of an ass in general, and he probably calls her “small fry”. 

MacCready: “Y’know Sole, it’s nice not bein’ the only scrawny jerk around here.” She makes him feel better about himself, but that doesn’t stop him from teasing. 

Nick: He’s the one who jokes about it in a positive way. “I’m surprised I haven’t seen you jumble up some Raider by running in between his legs to throw him off.”

Piper: She thinks it’s adorable, but would never dare to say anything about it. Tries way too hard to not talk about it when relevant. 

Preston: He’s the one to help cheer her up if she complains about her height or is feeling insecure about it. 

X6-88: He doesn’t care in all honesty, she’s a useful asset and she can handle herself in a fight. In truth, the latter facts are what he cares about.

Life Of The Party

Pairing: Reader x Pietro Maximoff
Warnings: Swearing!!
Summary: Being the youngest avenger did have it’s perks. Saving the world was your job man! What could get better then that? Maybe a steamy drunken make out session on top of the Avengers tower with none other than Pietro Maximoff?
A/N: I refuse to believe Pietro is dead so here you go this is for all my homegirls who are still in denial like me

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