but i definitely admire that about her

I meant to post this a while ago but LOOK AT THIIIIIIIIIS

If you’ve been a kh fan as long as me you’ve almost definitely come across the absolutely wonderful art of @nijuukoo before. u can’t avoid it, she’s just everywhere. well about 2 weeks ago i had the absolute pleasure of commissioning her to redraw a headcannon of mine where DDD Riku has a full body dream eater form. 

this was my idea

and this is what she gave me

like, HOLY SHIT 

at least for this KH fan, having a piece of art from someone you’ve admired for so long is a really surreal thing and i 10/10 recommend hitting @nijuukoo up for some damn quality art

She says she loves my rap

S.Coups: Impressed with your technical ability, and how well you pulled off all of that in freestyle.


Joshua: Admires your trilingual ability.

Jun: Thirst.

Hoshi: “Yeah, she can rap, but the real question is if she can dance just as well.”

Wonwoo: Doesn’t show it on the outside, but he’s definitely going home and looking up more info about you and your group when he gets back to the dorm.

Woozi: "That was almost as funky fresh as our addictive melodies in Adore U”

DK: Obviously he’s beaming like the sun and clapping like an idiot.

Mingyu: “Do you think Pledis would let us steal her and add her to our hip-hop unit?”


Seungkwan: “She raps well, but it was not the best quality. I am the best quality.”

Vernon: He’s googling wedding venues on his phone. He’s going to marry you, whether you know it or not.

Dino: “Mmhmm, that’s right. The maknae is always the best.”

Life Of The Party

Pairing: Reader x Pietro Maximoff
Warnings: Swearing!!
Summary: Being the youngest avenger did have it’s perks. Saving the world was your job man! What could get better then that? Maybe a steamy drunken make out session on top of the Avengers tower with none other than Pietro Maximoff?
A/N: I refuse to believe Pietro is dead so here you go this is for all my homegirls who are still in denial like me

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We need to talk about Jaune Arc

Ruby Rose and Jaune Arc are similar characters and I don’t really understand why one is getting so much hate.

Ruby is your definition of a hero. She is both humble and talented; everyone around her admires her dedication. The goals for her future set up from volumes 1-2 are obvious. All she ever wanted was to become a Huntress. Jaune is a character that is humble enough to know he is not the best fighter; he snuck into beacon for the sole purpose of becoming a Huntsman despite even his parents even doubting him. Both characters train hard and improve throughout the volumes realizing where their strengths lie.

There is a defining factor in their characters, age. Jaune is around sixteen to seventeen in the first three volumes. This is the time when we see teens struggle with identity and sexuality. In volume one we seen Jaune struggling to make friends, trying to exude confidence, win over the heart of an emotionally distant girl, and portray himself as a masculine entity. At which he fails miserably. Through out volume two we do see him still trying to get together with Weiss but towards the second half the volume we can see he has also developed dynamics with his team. He goes to Ren for advice on girls. He is still training with Pyrrha and improving his fighting skills. In general getting better everyday. In volume three he has accepted his role as a strategist and playing the part well. He shows emotional support for Pyrrha and provides her comfort in a time of distress and anxiety. They are partners and likely spend more time together than the majority of friends do. School starts at around nine in the morning and lasts until four in the afternoon. That is seven hours they spend together in a learning environment. Pyrrha and Jaune also train together after school for what I am going to assume is a couple hours, so that makes nine hours. Add in the time they spending eating together, or being in the same room as one another and that is the whole entire day. Pyrrha is his mentor and probably his best friend. She is an incredibly skilled warrior and her death was eye opening to a number of students, not just Jaune. I think that Pyrrha thought she was going to die or at least lose her mind when she was going to become the Fall maiden; I also believe she knew instantly that she was going to die when she fought Cinder. She believed that what she was doing was going to help humanity and I think she was at peace with it. It was her destiny from the start.

Ruby witnessed Pyrrha’s death first hand and thus unlocked her silver eyed abilities. Yang is emotionally distraught over her death as well, propelling her character a little deeper into darkness. Jaune has seeming known very little of loss and in a single day he lost his partner and best friend. Pyrrha’s death propelled the story of Ruby, not just Jaune himself. Ruby has nightmares about Pyrrha, as well as what appears to be lingering guilt. We can see Jaune mourning her loss in chapters one and two of volume four. He has all that remains of her attached to his weapons, an extension of his soul and in turn an extension of hers. He trains at night to recordings of Pyrrha, not sleeping.

All that being said, I personally think Jaune is a liar. He lied to get into beacon and I don’t believe that it simply stops there. He is athletic and strong despite not being able to fight. In chapter eight of volume one he performs a shield block despite supposedly having no formal combat training. I also think he is very intelligent, and I don’t think he is as naïve as he leads people to believe. This does not make him a bad person, possibly just a misguided one. So if people would stop being senselessly upset over a male character being to focus of the attention at the moment, that would be great.

anonymous asked:

Can I request scenario where a girl who is a senior of the Aoba Johsai third year (she's a year older than the third year and is super popular that the current third and second year students all admire them) decided to visit the volleyball practice and much to everyone surprise Iwaizumi is currently dating her (which everyone else didn't know)?

I actually really love this idea! Definitely got a good laugh out of it when I first ran it over in my head! Thanks, Anon!

“Yonder! It’s [L. Name]-chan,” Hanamaki called, dropping his arms just before the volleyball was about to make contact, allowing it to drop to the floor and bounce away.

All eyes were quick to turn in the direction of the open gym door, landing on the form of a young girl with a wide grin on her face. “Please, don’t stop on my account,” she urged with a dismissing wave as she made her way further into the gym.

“But how can we not, [L.N.]-chan?” Oikawa questioned, a smile of his own stretching his lips. He tucked the ball in his hands under his arm and started his way over to her, “we don’t get to see you every day anymore.”

University had dragged her away from most of the friends she had made while attending Aoba Johsai, especially the volleyball team who she had spent much of her time with. While she was greatly enjoying her studies, she just couldn’t keep herself away, not when–

“Shouldn’t you be studying?” Iwaizumi’s voice sounded. He had pushed his way through his team crowded around the University freshman, his arms crossed over his broad chest as he gave her a pointed look. She had just text him prior to practice that she was stressing about her upcoming exams. If that were the case, then she should be home, even if he did–

“Rude, Iwa-chan! We’ve been graced with a gift!”

“Shut up, Shittykawa.”

“Aw,” she chimed in among the bickering friends, her voice teasing, “you don’t want to see me that bad, Hajime?”

Heat shot up into Iwaizumi’s face the moment the syllables of his first name touch her lips. Up until that point she had only used his proper name when they had the privacy of being alone - she hadn’t even used it in front of his parents. And now she was here, using it in front of his whole team. God, he was never going to hear the end of it.

A pause filled the gym before an automatic eruption took place, one in which she just laughed along with and Iwaizumi wished he could hide his flaring cheeks. The truth was out and in quite an unexpected way.

She was walking towards him then, a large smile gracing her beautiful face, reminding him of why he fell for her all over again. “Have you guys met my boyfriend?” she was addressing the other members of the team as she wrapped her arms around Iwaizumi’s middle, enjoying the arm that reacted by holding her in turn, “he’s cute and the ace for the top team in the prefecture!”

EW: The other thing about that scene where he confides in Carol is that in the comic, it’s Ezekiel and Michonne — who later in the comic become a couple. There’s definitely some chemistry there between these two and we do see him knocking on that door at the end, so is there a possible love connection in the works here as well?

Greg Nicotero: I think he admires her and respects her and I think she admires and respects him as well. Because he gets her and she understands what he’s trying to do. She thinks it’s a little ridiculous what he’s doing, but there’s respect. She’s like, “Listen, you’ve got a community here of people and they’re clearly not being murdered and not being torn to pieces by the living dead.” So she respects that he’s got something going, but she’s still wounded and she’s still like, “Listen I can’t be here. You have to just understand that.” He’s like, “Well, you know what, I’ll make a deal with you.” And that’s why she ends up at the cottage. Even that scene with Lennie and Melissa, when they get to the cottage and she’s like, “I’m sorry I hit you,” there’s just so many beautiful little sort of realizations.

I mean, it’s a great episode for Morgan, too, because Morgan finally realizes after an entire season that he can’t dictate to her who she is. He finally learns, cause he says to Carol all through season 6, “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that. I need to save you.” He’s on a mission, basically, to save her and she’s like, “It’s not your job. You don’t need to save me. I’m capable of saving myself if that’s what I decide to do. So, you need to leave me be.” So, it’s a great bit for Morgan, too, because he finds himself in a community of likeminded people where he can flourish and survive and he also realizes when he’s sitting there talking to Benjamin that he can’t make Carol be something that she isn’t. He finally decides to stop.

EW: So what are we to make of Ezekiel showing up at Carol’s door at the end?

Greg Nicotero: The fact that Ezekiel shows up at the end, to me, it’s just a sort of a peace offering. She hears the roar of the tiger at the door and opens it and he’s got the pomegranates there. I think it’s Ezekiel’s way of saying, “Listen, you need to choose life because there’s no reason to go on living if you’re not gonna embrace humanity.”


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I was wondering after reading your post about Jacob's ideal partner, do you think if he took interest in a girl and let's say she played hard to get, do you think he'd pursue them? Would he chase after her and get to know her or keep on walking and not bother to admire the fine piece of art she is

Hmmm, well, it all depends nonnie.

Jacob is the type of man where if he likes someone, he’s not about to let them slip through his fingers. He will chase after them. He doesn’t take no for an answer. 

However, if the person shows no interest back, well, then is when I would say Jacob would keep on walking. He is definitely all for the flirtation game- that’s all he practically lives for, and he loves a challenge, honestly. But, at the same time he is still a man, so he needs to know all his efforts aren’t for nothing. Playing hard to get with Jacob Frye is like playing with fire, for one way or another he will get you to start playing the game by his rules ;) (but once again remember- he needs to know he will be cared for just as much back, so if that reciprocation is not there then all bets are off). 

taste of your own medicine. [0.5]

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indirectly requested by anon

genre: angst

a/n: im not sure if this is 100% what you were looking for in a backstory but I wrote it so I hope you enjoy it!

I was known for sleeping around and being in brief relationships but I couldn’t help myself, I had my eyes on the prize but she never noticed me, well, I had never really spoken to her but she was a very open, and outgoing person, much like my best friend Taehyung. She was the ideal girl, any guy would fall in love with her, of course unless he was gay, or something else, but yeah, she was my dream girl. She was pretty much the definition of perfection.

I had admired her from afar for about two years and started to sleep around, a year ago, to conceal the feelings I had for her. I don’t know where these feelings had come from, since I had had only a few real conversations with her but she was perfect and amazing and everything to me.

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arseniccomplications  asked:

I know him and Betty were kinda implied in the comics. Like jughead admired Betty and even said hed choose her if he decided to. I know alot of ace people have pursued relationships but I might have to stop watching if they sleep together.

Well, they’re only in their sophomore year. I don’t think Riverdale will be giving the core four a sex scene any time soon, so you don’t have to worry about that for now.

Jughead and Betty have definitely had a narrative in the comics where it’s clear that Jughead does admire Betty and does think she’s better than all other girls around. So it has been toyed with but due to Jugheads not liking girls, contact and relationships in the comics, nothing ever came of it. I think RAS wanted to dive into that unexplored part since he’s running a dark gritty version of Archie comics. I personally have no clue where they’ll take Jugheads character in the future so I have no idea what to expect.

Imagine This

Standing in front of a very familiar face, a face she has definitely seen before on books, on marble bust statues but never in person.

“Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano, daughter of Bellona, my praetor of our Twelfth Legion Fulminata.” His face was everything she’d dream of her role model, her idol. “Yes, I do know you and I do know you were up there. I feel every presence of my sustenance. After all, your admiration is what keeps me immortal.”

Admiration was very light to describe the way Reyna felt about him. He was a Roman officer until his predecessor died and until his army proclaimed him emperor. Reyna worships this guy just as much as she does the gods.

“Emperor Diocletian.” Reyna gushed in bewilderment. “What…what do you want with me?”

Support Post

I remember the day I went into the doctor’s office where I received my herpes diagnosis. I cried and cried, I won’t even try to lie and say I didn’t.

I remember when the doctor left the room to get my prescription, the nurse leaned over to me and put her hand on my knee. She was probably in her thirties and she was a beautiful black woman. She looked at me and said “Honey, I have it too. And I have a husband and children. Its a disappointment, but not a death sentence. You’re going to be okay, you are definitely not alone.”

While this battle against the stigma seems like a lonely one sometimes, I always think about that nurse and how she was so unafraid to share a piece of her with a strange, crying girl on the doctor’s table. I admired her bravery and optimism, and thats what I keep with me even when I have days where I just want to cry and cry.

while i’m always ready to be disappointed, so far there’s a tightness to the writing in berseria that i feel has been lacking in recent titles? i’m not going to write an essay about everything wrong with vesperia but suffice it to say it was a lot. (but it gave the world karol capel so that’s a redeeming feature.) and like graces is still top 3 fav there were definite script issues. i have a fondness for the xillias but something felt off there as well. at least part of it was probably me CONSTANTLY BEING GROSSED OUT by the thought of jude/alvin and jude/milla. (as an aside, part of what bothers me about jude/milla specifically is that it’s like it’s saying that a young boy can’t look up to and admire an older woman without wanting to bang her, like honestly mia fey is going to come back from her grave to give you heteronormative bastards the finger. fuck that noise.) and then zestiria was…………….. idk. tales tell not show at its worst. it hinted at depth and history that it never actually… like… demonstrated? the ladies were pretty great if still lacking in that depth and i want a statue of alisha the angel over my grave, but lailah (whom i still like) was executed in a way that was often deeply irritating, and i found it hard to care about the boys pretty much at all, with feelings ranging from “you’re all right i guess” to “no.” like can you imagine the absolute shitstorm dezel would have caused if he’d been a female character? think about it for a minute. i’ve put in hours and hours to almost every game in this series i’ve played but i haven’t touched zestiria since i finished.

also i want an open world and also WHERE ARE THE PUZZLES, GIVE. ME. THE PUZZLES.

in conclusion it’s time for a big shiny legendia remake with a battle system that doesn’t make me want to go on a godzilla rampage. and they get the whole original cast to come back to actually VOICE THE ENTIRE SECOND HALF OF THE GAME HONESTLY. that seems unlikely but this is my fantasy dammit.

@laranthtarak replied to your post “@laranthtarak replied to your post “And yet something was keeping Den…”

WHY was canon tarkin romance even remotely necessary, god!! and yeah, unfortunately the best thing about ‘the last jedi’ is definitely its title - there are some good den&i-five moments but the overall plot is just Bad

bad as a tarkin romance is in general, there are ways they could’ve made it…less terrible, but noo, had to make it as skeevy as possible by making him her mentor and him being her patron probably the only reason she’d made it to admiral already, whatever her abilities, just ick all around

Just like Naya’s singing voice, Sorry Not Sorry is powerful, genuine, and full of soul. I’ve known her for almost a decade and still I learned something new about her in every chapter. After reading Naya’s book you’ll admire her spirit, talent, and wit more than ever before.
—  Chris Colfer on Sorry Not Sorry

Hey @ink-splotch I finished Echoes of a Giantkiller today. And oh, do I have thoughts. 

They’re not the kind of thoughts I expected. I expected to chatter on about how much I love the characters (and I do love them) how amazing the worldbuilding is (and it is amazing), how intense the plot was (and it was definitely intense). 

See, I really liked Beanstalk. I admired the strengths of the characters. The ways they stumbled, the ways they rose. I would have fiercely defended Rupert and his compassion and listening ear, Laney and her insistence on making her own way, Gray and his choice to pursue what he loved over what he was given, Jack and his open arms and fixation on saving people. I still would.  

I really liked the construction of their world, the layers to the locations, the sense of a story around every corner. There’s magic and it’s not always a gift. There’s magic even if you’re not born with it. 

Here’s the thing about Beanstalk: I really liked it. 

Here’s the thing about Giantkiller: It’s mine.

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Yeah, I’m all about the music and the song or whatever it is. If there was a song that was kicking around on her side or my side and felt like the right move to make, definitely. I love her music and I love the direction she’s gone with pop, she’s pretty diverse, as well. I love how she picks a game-plan and just goes for it. That, I really admire.
—  Adam Young of Owl City on him having a musical back-and-forth with Taylor Swift and if he would want to work with her in an official capacity.
fav astro blogs ❤❤❤

because im all about the bandwagon life. this isn’t in alphabetical order btw yikes! 

crazystrology | emma is  a+ tbh i love her and admire the way she stands up for herself, others, and for what she believes in yaas emma keep doin you

punkasszodiac | char is such a beautiful soul honestly, she is one of the nicest bloggers on here and she comes up with the greatest posts?? my love

fuckstrology | mariana ??? do you mean the apple of my eye? mariana is soo sweet and so friendly, she has an a+ blog and she definitely knows what shes talking about ! dont sleep on her!

otakustrology | I’m soo glad i found their blog tbh, they’re sooo nice !!

fh-horoscopes | one of the most knowledgeable astrology blogs on this site hands down 

lamestrology | steph is one of a kind and honestly my twin ??not to mention she also likes fifth harmony so you know she has amazing taste wow

loserstrology | kaylin is such a cutie wow 

pastelastrology | taylor has an amazing sense of humor its honestly incredible  also i  find her really intimidating to talk to so i just admire from afar!! yikes

dark-astrology | always comes up with the greatest, most accurate posts not to mention that shes really funny?? she da whole package

astrologymermaids | soo friendly and funny

punkstrology | christina is my fav honestly

magicastrology | jessica is amazing and really funny

lmaostrology | azalea is super chill and super pretty omg

sailorstrology | i recently just found their blog and its soo amazing and they’re soo sweet

gemini–cricket | mama cricket is the bomb.com

astrology-addict | lara is sooo cute and extremely knowledgeable 

broadwaystrology | kaitlyn is bae af

**also my faves**













there is something about taylor that is so different from other people. it is true when she says she can relate to us easily. when we met we were talking about friends and people and life in general, she asked how old i was at the time/what grade. i said 9th grade, and immediately in her face i could tell that she just knew how hard it can be to be that age. just by her facial expression, i could tell that she has definitely gone through a lot of what maybe some of us go through. i definitely think that is why she connects with us so well. she has been there, and she understands it. so being on here with us, like she has said before, does keep her normal and connected and i really admire that about her the most. 

I’m going to play mediator here for a quick minute, so ignore this post or block me if that’s your prerogative, I completely understand.

Specific Natalie stans- I love that you love your girl and you want to defend her, but you have to stop claiming that she doesn’t talk shit. Natalie herself has said multiple times that she talks shit too. It might be less frequently than some other houseguests, but it happens. Everyone talks shit about everyone in that house, and she has said messed up things about Z that she definitely shouldn’t have and stuck her nose where it absolutely doesn’t belong. It’s more admirable to admit when your favorite fucks up than it is to blindly defend them when they are in the wrong.

Specific Zakiyah stans- I love that you love your girl and you want to defend her, but she was not completely innocent in that house, either. She did a fair share of problematic shit herself, and just because she’s no longer in the house, doesn’t mean all that is absolved. She treated multiple women poorly for most of the game, both to their faces and behind their backs. It’s fine to be mad that people are shitting on your fave, get mad and call them out when they deserve it, but don’t act like she didn’t shit on people as well.

Representation is a serious and important thing in this fandom. When you identify with a houseguest, it’s easy to get biased and defensive. But neither of these women are nasty, malicious, terrible people. They’re part of a game based on deception, lies and gossip, and they have been pitted against each other by Paulie (he started slandering Nat to Z week 2, and never stopped; his delusional vendetta against Nat is responsible for most of this). Zakiyah is a stunning, intelligent black woman who may not have been cut out for this game, but is still a good person. Natalie is a gorgeous, intelligent Latina who has flipped the script on this game, and she is a good person but she’s not the second coming of Mother Teresa. Neither has said or done anything worth being demonized for, and I’m tired of the constant comparisons.