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Mistress at Play 1 | Taehyung (m)

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Summary: Taehyung, an uncollared sub, is attending the same play party as you. You decide to make your move on him. He desperately wants to be a good boy.

Pairing: Taehyung/Reader
AU: Sub!Taehyung
Genre: Smut
Rating: M
Warnings: dom/sub lifestyle, dirty talk, humiliation, nipple play, face sitting, hands-free orgasm, light overstimulation, hint at cum kink
Word Count: 3k

A/N: This is the fic I finally finished that goes along with the teaser under the same name that was posted a long time ago. But anyway, here’s my sub!Tae fic Mistress at Play AKA TaeJustWantsToBeAGoodBoy

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so uh hey everyone this is my first follow forever and i decided in november that i wanted to do this on my birthday to celebrate but i dont really know what a follow forever is so if i do it wrong dont come after me please, anyways im sorry the banner is so bad i tried to make it pretty but i suck at this sort of stuff. i usually ramble a lot so apologies for this is so long lmao but i started this blog in october and ive met so many nice people who i have so much fun talking to and honestly youre all too cool to be following me lmao but ive never had a better time running a blog like ugh you guys make my day complete i love you all and please if you ever want to talk to me just pop me a message, im bad with words sorry but i hope you get the gist 

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1344

Warnings: Swearing and brief mentions of sex.

I think I’m going to start posting shorter little oneshots and updating more frequently. I write A LOT every day with friends, but I never think to post any of the drabbles I write????? Anyway, I decided to write this one because the idea of Yoongi being nervous to propose makes me wanna combust. Enjoy.

@dailydoseofdia @ellieljade @inktae @jeonjagiya 

The four of you make me want to be a better writer :’)

It had been three weeks since Yoongi bought the ring. Three weeks since he dragged Hoseok and Jin with him to the jewelry store and stared at bright and shiny things until he felt like his eyeballs would fall out. He wasn’t even one hundred percent sure he found the right one because after a while everything started to look the same. Thankfully, he ended up choosing wisely.  

He spent hours and hours trying to plan out the perfect night that ended in him getting on one knee and asking you to spend the rest of your life with him.

He had already brought up marriage to you two other times, only for you to say no because you felt like he wasn’t serious about it–granted, he hadn’t invested in a ring either of those times. He had also been piled up to his neck with work in the studio. Regardless, the thought of you shooting him down for a third time made him want to dive headfirst out of his apartment window.

To Yoongi’s dismay, the night that he finally got the guts to pop the question, he got nervous. So nervous, in fact, that every time he tried to speak, nothing would come out. He stood there like a deer in headlights for a good minute and a half until you stepped close enough to wrap your arms around his neck, sending him that gentle and disarming smile of yours.

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So awhile ago I hit 250 followers on Henry and decided to hold off on a milestone celebration until both Ike and Lyon’s blog hit 200…  and then they did, and then some.  This was a bit coming!  Anyway….

it’s giveaway time!!

here’s your rules:

  1. rp blogs only.  this is for the community and the people who give me that sweet, sweet content.  ( and put up with me and my cursed hamburgers tag )
  2. you can get your name on the roulette up to six times.  one for liking this post, one for reblogging, and one each for each follow you have on my four blogs!  ( you’ll only be entered if you interact with this post, of course )
    1. ike: @delleal
    2. lyon: @naglfcr
    3. percy: @sidekicks-for-real-justice
    4. and henry is of course @cawfulkiller
  3. new followers?  no problem.  feel free to enter!  but i’ll be mad if you take your prize and ollie out D:<
  4. giveaway is ending March 1st, because by then i’ll be in the right place to make the prizes!!
  5. i will only make prizes that i’m comfortable with making, yadda yadda, etc

what can you win?  we’ll have three winners this time!

  • First prize will get their choice of a nice image of their muse to be used how ever they see fit, OR 10 images of their muse in my usual icon style to be used for icons OR a 3k+ ficlet of any ship or characters, or whatever you want!
  • Second prize gets a choice between 5 images of their muse to be used as icons OR a 1.5k+ ficlet
  • Third prize gets a choice between 3 images of their muse for icons OR a <1k ficlet!

thanks for sticking with me and interacting!  i look forward to keep on keeping on this year!!

And, oh yeah! Simon exists! :) 

Naturally, he rolled up a date want, so he opted for a second date with Emmy Grundstrom, since their first one went so well and he hasn’t slept with her yet. Still, at first he seemed a bit preoccupied:

Simon, do try to remember which person you’re dating…
Simon: Sorry. It’s just so hard to keep them all straight sometimes…

But eventually he got with the program:

And then this happened:

Geez, way to give me a stroke, Simon.
Simon: But I thought that you were all-knowing, all-seeing, etc. Didn’t you see this coming?
Shut up.

Anyway! I guess since he’s getting up there, Simon’s finally listening to my threats about what’ll happen if he doesn’t procreate finally decided to settle down. And I was kinda kidding in that post about it being funny if there turned out to be two Emmy GilsCarbos, but…Well, it is funny. So let’s strike while this iron’s hot:

Big sister Gwen seems happy, too. Or maybe she’s happy ‘cuz she just got shagged. It’s always hard to tell with her…

Annnnnnd apparently Simon still wants Asia even though he just got engaged and she’s got at least one foot in the grave. But, that ship has sailed, dear. So, you’ll just have to settle for some woohoo.

Now that’s what I call an orgasm. :)

hey y’all my best friend and I have decided that she is gonna run this blog with me as “mod abby”.

We’re both lesbians who wanna talk about girls (specific ones) and how fucking cute they are so yeah that’s still gonna be the main theme here.

She’s gonna make her introduction post when I figure out how to add her but I just wanted to let yall know bc i already changed some stuff on the description n shit.

Anyways, she’s gonna answer asks/messages and post submissions too so if you want one of us to answer you can specify which one.

I’m still considering whether or not I should use a tag too, but tbh i probably won’t so if it doesnt have her tag it means i posted it.

That’s basically it, i hope yall like her bc she’s great and i love her so fucking much and we’re both really excited!!!!

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I like to remember that the rain is Thor`s seed into a not so metaphorical way - all good vibes and porn - while Loki is the god that provokes earthquakes; that while Thor's spirit is above the clouds, Loki's own lives under the earth. A pity MCU didn't work with this "earth thing" of Loki. Anyway, this message has no sense. :)

HAHA yes I was going to say something about rain and semen in the other post but decided to refrain LOLOL.

Ahh Thor and Loki, two walking natural disasters. (excuse me while I mix comic and myth LOL)

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god thanks for understanding the post was just for hardcore ones !

omg hahah, the first time I saw I legit thought a jikook shipper posted it but ‘cause you know it happens sometimes even though I’m one myself. Usually I try to avoid reblogging things that were too much of a stretch but that post was ridiculously reaching I decided to reblog it anyway aksjweibsvnjfs.

To be honest, I didn’t feel offended because I knew you weren’t referring to me but y’know the people themselves would know lmao. But it’s also good to keep in mind not to cross the line of the reality of a ship and what we personally want to see. And of course that goes to all shippers, unless anything is confirmed we shouldn’t jump to conclusions and assume things. At least I try to tell myself that as often as I can.

Let’s just have fun and enjoy moments and not forget why we shipped them in the first place. :)

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Hey alice, sorry if this is a bit much but i just need to vent a little. I decided to end two of my closest (and arguably only) friendships. The past year showed me that I can’t really rely on my “best friends” and we pretty much drifted apart anyway. I sent them a message explaining how I felt and they didn’t even grace me with a reply and happily made a funny post online. Guess they never really cared abt me anyway :( idk if i’ll ever find friends again

ah i’m so sorry to hear that, but it’s really good that you’ve had the strength to end a toxic friendship! you WILL find good friends, i promise <3


Happy 39th Birthday Jensen Ackles (March 1st, 1978)!

are you a dinosaur or dragon person? are you a planets or stars person? are you a shiny or matte person?


So approximately six thousand years ago I told @forksalesperson I would draw Ed for her and because I am me I’m only just now getting it to her. 

me: i have no idea why i’m single lol

friend: you’re single because you’re in love with that red-headed anime boy from that one app.


what the fook u mean “that red-headed anime boy” u lil shit