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“We should get out of here,” I tell him before I can stop myself.

His eyes widen and he quirks an eyebrow at me, “Are you suggesting we leave together?”

“I’m suggesting we should do something instead of sitting here, talking about how much we hate people who are in love,” I tell him in one breath. With the reminder that I will most probably not remember what happens tonight, I put down my empty glass and says, “So, Harry, do you want to do something crazy?”

the fake marriage (or is it really fake) au, read on tumblr

I know I’m reading way too much into this, but: in King of the Rats when Charlie is trying to get Dee to put the spaghetti in her purse, she starts saying “You are” then changes to “This is so stupid” like she was about to insult or call him stupid, but changes it. 

ScriptX Family Weekly Update

Heyo fine folks of the internet. What’s that? It’s update time. Well crap. @me you really should have been working on this earlier instead of typing it up in the last few minutes before it’s supposed to be up. Anyways, on to the announcements for this week. 

  • You know what’s fun? Deadly plants! What’s even better? Deadly plants that look pretty. This way your character can smite their enemies while having their weapon go with their cute outfit. Or with their punk outfit, whatever works for them. Should you decide this concept works well for your character, then @scriptflorist has a post right about here that would be a handy reference for your character
  • Hey another post! Yeah, i know it’s down from my usual, but it’s up from last week. So you’ve got a witch in a wheelchair. Great idea! Now we just have the minor issue of how this is going to affect her practice. The folks over at @scriptwitchcraft have written up this post right about here
  • Everybody looking forward to Saturday? Hmm? I know I am. Let’s just say for now, some of the family have an April Fool’s Day joke planned. This will not involve screamers or jumpscares. Keep an eye on @scriptshrink for more information.

Apologies for getting this up late. Ideally ill do a better job next time. For now this is your host sighing off.


Saika Closed 3/29/2017

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posting–a lot going on in the real star. Might even be moving again–but anyways.

Due to many of our members being ill or busy today I have decided to put my foot down(since SOME of them insist on coming when they sound like death in VC…) and called the day off for everyone to get some R&R.

I apologize for the very short notice and any inconveniences this may cause, but I have a standing on health > RP. Really don’t want people to RP when they’re not feeling up to it and such.

Again very sorry for this, also for those whom won dolls–or if you know someone who did win a doll from our event–please ask them to check tumblr messages for their drawings and such!

TLDR: We’re closed today–sorry! But we’ll gladly serve you and hope you forgive us and come visit us next wednesday and the following after!

CARCINOGEN.  figure skating is a disappointment this year. i expected competition and surprises with pyeongchang 2018 around the corner, but it’s the same winners. anyways, so a couple things happening blog-wise : i’m writing a meta post ( among other small ones i have lined up ) in regards to  pamela’s sexuality  since it’s never outright stated, only exhibited through relationships and left open-ended for the reader to decide. i think you’ll be fairly surprised with what i’ve selected her ‘label’ as. secondly, once i’ve finished this starter call ( about five more left to write ), i will post another starter call that is  selective  and caters to writers willing to do  longer, plot-based threads,  and are comfortable with lots of out-of-character communication and planning. i want to to develop pamela and explore who she is beyond the comics ; to test her alignment : is she an anti-hero or a villain? what good things is she capable of, and when does her darker side surface? the balance between the poison ivy pseudonym and her ‘day’ role as dr. isley. if you’re willing to do the aforementioned,  then hang on!  that starter call will be coming! ( i will probably go mains / exclusive with majority of those who do this. you’ll get a cute lil’ icon next to my sidebar linking to your blog :’) 12/10 not a bad deal )

finally… full offence,  i am still a dc comics baby.  i’ve only read comics with poison ivy, harley quinn, and catwoman ( and maybe 1 thing about teen titans ), so i’m taking suggestions! use this opportunity to tell me what comics i should read! it can be ones with your muse, your favourite one, or just an issue you think a dc baby should read to understand the world better. :’)


Thank you everyone so much for 300 followers, that is insane! I know the blog has been a little bit dead lately but I’ve been pretty stressed out and busy.

Anyways, I never expected to get this amount of people on the blog. Thank you, I’m incredibly grateful for you guys, you make me feel so welcome in the community and it means the world to me, even tho what I do here isn’t very special. If any of you need to talk to someone, I’m always here and open for conversation. I will try and post more stuff here and I hope you enjoy it and decide to stick around! I love all of you guys!



me: i have no idea why i’m single lol

friend: you’re single because you’re in love with that red-headed anime boy from that one app.


what the fook u mean “that red-headed anime boy” u lil shit


So approximately six thousand years ago I told @forksalesperson I would draw Ed for her and because I am me I’m only just now getting it to her. 

This honestly took so long but it was worth it. I’ve been debating between posting this with or without background and decided that you’ll have this version now, and the other once I’ve drawn all the ships in acomaf, when I’ll be putting them all together. I’m really proud of this so I hope you like it as much as I do ♥

So I was supposed to post this like a week ago but my computer decided to break down because I have awesome luck. 

Anyways, this is based off of @parfaitperi‘s How to Train Your Dragon au which is absolutely splendid and I love it a lot so please go check it out here.


vfd boys + character posters

“When we drive away in secret, you’ll be a volunteer; so don’t scream when we take you: the world is quiet here.”

Figure Skating Charms and a Wealth of Nuance

Haha…so…*guiltily posts this months later* I had this in my drafts 70% completed since episode 10 came out, but with episode 11 and 12 the fandom exploded on other issues, and I thought it was kind of irrelevant since the rings have so many layers of meaning already. But in PASH magazine’s March issue, Kubo-sensei actually brings this up. 

I ended up cleaning this post and after finding out that @sachiro​ was going to make a similar post, we decided to have “pair posts” to submit for victuuriweek. You can read their yoi meta here , which discusses and connects specific moments throughout the series to the points I’ll lay out in the second half of this post.

About Yuuri’s charm. Yuuri has a figure skating precedent for buying jewelry to act as a charm - it isn’t a blasé “lots of good stuff around here…yeah, rings can make good charms, right? idk, but I’m doing it anyway.” Here’s yet another layer.

Charms are a legitimate THING in figure skating.

You won’t read about this in figure skating intros or on Wikipedia, and you won’t hear commentators talk about it either (if it’s brought up, consider it a stroke of luck and immediately save that video/interview forever). Unless you follow skaters to the point of knowing about their personal lives, then this is one meaningful aspect of figure skating that is easy to miss.

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