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Since you love Rhajat as your spouse so much and the fact that you dislike M!Kana, what would your kids look like?

Short answer: Fates!Shauni and Rhajat adopt a kitsune F!Kana at the end of RV.

[My Little Book]

so i’ve decided to start working on a little project, a fictional story of love, loss, redemption, that kind of thing [i don’t wanna say too much rn, i might blab and give something important away xD] but anyway, yeah

the project’s tentative title is “Keith & Andy” and it’s basically about a group of friends, they’re in their 30′s and they’re trying to figure life out, but on top of that some of them are serious addicts, some are dealing with strong personal s*** but all of them are artists

it’s a project that i care deeply about and i would totally appreciate any feedback or anything from you guys! the next Keith & Andy post might be very long so that’s just a warning but yeah [i have a lot of ideas floating around in my head and writing them out into one cohesive piece instead of cutting it up into various bits just feels better for me, idk]

to recap [based on the first three Keith & Andy posts i’ve made so far] : keith is the narrator [but not necessarily the Main Character] and andy is his best friend/love interest. their friend group consists of sally [who is part three of the story’s central Trifecta], meg (a talented but small-time musician – she’s sort of on the outside of the story but she appears in some important parts … she’s more of a wise observer), tommy [a hothead, also a very skilled, talented, dedicated graffiti artist], sammy [sort of a love-able Nerd], lisa [used to be his girlfriend – she has a Difficult personality but cares deeply about the group and people in general], ken [this dude is out of it–he’s not a mean person on purpose, he’s just dealing with a lot and is out of touch with reality], and jeremiah [jeremiah passed away because of an overdose and part of the story is all of them dealing with that huge loss]

so, yeah, this is my little “book,” in a nutshell … tbh i’ve never dealt with so many characters at one time and this will certainly be a challenge but one i am looking forward to. hope you guys will come along for the ride!!

–Alex (@broken-bell)

Woah look at that!! It’s been two whole years since I made this dumb blog!
I know a lot of people do really big lengthy stuff, but I’m really bad with words. (Also with shout-outs they always seem like a popularity contest and I don’t want to leave anyone out)
But I truly do appreciate everyone who follows me here. Whether you’re another blog and we interact, or you just casually follow, or are a brand new follower, I’m so thankful for everyone who’s let me stick around for as long as I have! And I hope whatever’s to come will be even better! Again, thank you everyone, you’re all so great and I love all of you
And anyway! In kind of a mini-celebration, I decided to re-draw my first two posts from here!(Not including my introduction post ofc)  :

I think it’s safe to say that being in such a supportive art-centric community has really helped me push my artistic boundaries to improve far more than I ever could have on my own.
These past two years in the badlydrawn(And now-expanding daily) scene has been great and I’m so glad to have been here for them. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring!

cc finds thingy???

ok pals i finally decided to quit being a lazy ass and made a cc finds blog, its kinda empty rn and consists mainly of lots + poses but i decided its going to be where i store all my cc instead of my likes (i have 2k likes currently rip) anyways u can follow it or w/e idk its here

Hey, I’m Sarah ! I’ve posted on here over a month ago, but I’ve decided to re-post because with a few of the people I met, we didn’t really stay friends. Anyways here’s a bit about me.

I’m 15 and from the England. I  absolutely love dogs? I have a Boston Terrier, called Piggles or Piggie (he has like 20 names tbh). I really like (trying) to learn new languages. I’ve been learning German for a few years, and I really want to try and learn another language, but there’s just too many to choose from. I like most arty things. Things like painting, drawing, poetry (sometimes) and I’ve also been trying to write songs! I love photography so much !! It’s one of my favourite things to do really. My favourite shows / movies are Skins, Riverdale, Grimm, The Originals, Suicide Squad and a lot more! I listen to music a lot, and I like all kinds really. 

I’ve been wanting to make some more internet friends / pen friends for ages. Although I’m pretty shy. I’m hoping to get some long-term friends, as well as someone who can talk most days. 

I’d really like to meet some people to send snail mail and letters to… Although I’d love to get some more internet friends, to Message, FaceTime, I don’t really mind. I’m not judgemental and I’m pretty accepting. (So please no racists, homophobes, etc) Preferably I’d like to talk to people around my age (13-17).

I promise to put in my effort, 100% ! If you do too !

You can message me on my insta or snapchat: 

insta ~ x.sarahmarie

snapchat ~ snowleopard108 (god I know the name is terrible, I made it when I was 12, and I’m still waiting for a name change feature, cause streaks)

(I also have whatsapp and imessage, but I’d rather not post those on here)

I’d love to get to know you! and I hope we talk soon !! 

Sarah :)

Whoa hey I’m back already?

Well, not really. I’ve decided to try out this studyblr thing. Am I doing it right? I dunno, but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, after each school day I plan on posting a photo and summary of what I learned that day. Hopefully this will motivate me to actually like studying, hah. And then at the end of the school week, I’ll post an overall summary of the week!

Not sure how long I’ll stick with this, but oh well!

I. Today I learned about
- Selective Precipitation and Qualitative Analysis
- How to determine if an aqueous mixture of solution will produce a precipitate
- When you introduce a common ion to a system in equilibrium, equilibrium tends to shift left. This always lowers solubility.

II. Important Dates / Information
- I have 7 days of class left overall, 5 of those being actual lecture days.
- I have my 3rd lecture Exam Wednesday as well as my 3rd Lab Quiz
- I only have 4 days of Lab left


So approximately six thousand years ago I told @forksalesperson I would draw Ed for her and because I am me I’m only just now getting it to her. 

me: i have no idea why i’m single lol

friend: you’re single because you’re in love with that red-headed anime boy from that one app.


what the fook u mean “that red-headed anime boy” u lil shit



are you a dinosaur or dragon person? are you a planets or stars person? are you a shiny or matte person?


i just read the entire series today and i fell in love so fucking fast that i decided to make a post dedicated to me gushing over it

anyways guys for the love of god PLEASE read this series, volumes are being sold at Barnes and Noble and its also online! its so good and i cant believe people are sleeping on it

@evilmarguerite i hope i did ur amazing series justice!!