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A practise run of our medieval-smoke-n-cloak self portrait photoshoot to see how Zach (and me) went with handling everything! Still waiting for our final pieces of tack to arrive, including a chamfron for him. He was a champion, I even had a jump with smoke bombs under it and he was perfect going over it :D I can’t wait to take the real photos soon!!

I was invited by Rita (rihouston) to illustrate some cards in her ambitious Wicked Grace project, and this is the piece I finished a few months ago for the Corruption card - I did a lil more work and animated it for Tumbliebumble. Instead of “testing the chains” in pursuit of freedom as Cole says, he is leashing himself. I don’t really like the idea of Cullen suffering any more than he already has, but I decided to invoke the right of artistic license because I thought it fit the theme and because I do enjoy imagining the technical aspects of how Red Lyrium metamorphoses the body. *_* I imagine the major internal organs are the first to go - the Lyrium takes them over, bolstering the metabolism of the host and making their body more resilient to the changes that are about to occur. The circulatory and lymphatic systems are assimilated very quickly because they’re used extensively by the Red Lyrium as transport systems. The brain, too, eventually succumbs at some point, perhaps later depending on the willpower of the host, maybe in a fashion similar to how Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is able to take over the minds of ants and pilot them to propagate itself. The Red Lyrium then proceeds to cannibalize other parts of the body, replacing some of the skeleton to make room for the expanding crystals and substituting its own firm composition to maintain structural integrity and function. It uses the life essence of these cannibalized body parts to continue nourishing its growing crystals. Eventually, a threshold is reached wherein there is no spare tissue left to convert - and that’s when the Red Lyrium cannibalizes the parts of the body it was piggybacking on and crystalizes, becoming immobile and statue-like.

…Oops I wrote too much

I don’t know how it happened but I’ve reached 2k followers today. As I always say, it makes me happy to know that so many people like my blog. I do my best to keep it a chilled safe place for everyone, and I wouldn’t even try it if I didn′t appreciate all of you the way I do. Since the day I created this blog 7 months ago I’ve only had a good time here, I’ve been through so much last year and I really needed it. As cheesy as it may sound, you all make my days better so THANK YOU for that!! Even if I don’t follow you back, it’s just because if I follow everyone my dash would be chaotic, but I’m still really grateful!!

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My homework was wrecking my life today, and i decided to write this instead of my essay. Heh! So enjoy this slightly smutty, slightly angsty, Noona kink, disaster of thing.

All day long you were stuck in front of your laptop working on a PowerPoint presentation for Sciences of Human Health. Endless terms pertaining to the dangers of Diabetes dancing through your mind, eyes dry and tired. When Yugyeom walked through the door you hardly noticed. His hands on your shoulders startled you at first, but you didn’t glance away from your typing. “Hi babe,” you sighed, “I’m almost done with this damn thing.”

“Have you been here since I left?” He began lightly massaging your shoulders.

“Yeah. I haven’t even had time to cook dinner for you. I’m sorry. Im so overwhelmed.”

“Did you eat already?”

You shook your head, “Babe. You’re really distracting me. I promise, I’m almost done, okay? I’m sorry.”

“You didn’t eat all day Y/N?” his tone was soft but edgy, “I left here 11 hours ago.. And I know you didn’t eat breakf-”

“Yugyeom! Please! I can’t think..” You felt guilty for snapping, but you were exhausted and just wanted to finish this stupid assignment before your eyes bled. He gave your shoulders a squeeze, and walked away. Sulking, you assumed.

Another hour had passed when you finished wrapping up your slides. You grazed over the syllabus making sure you met all requirements for the assignment. “550 word blog statement??” you thought to yourself, “fuck..” you weren’t done after all. You felt yourself on the verge of tears. This class was exhausting, and apparently never ending.

You were startled again by Yugyeom slamming a plate of food down next to your laptop. You jumped, but as you turned to look at him, he was already walking away. “Gyeomie!” you called to him, to no avail. You were sent over the edge at him ignoring you. “Over homework, of all god damn things?!” You stood up from your spot at the desk, and slammed the laptop shut.

“Yugyeom!” you were yelling now, “I’m sorry if you feel neglected or whatever, but i have to finish this fucking assignment” The only reply you got was a door slamming. “Kim Yugyeom! Are you kidding me?!”

Suddenly the door flew open, “Neglected? Me?” his voice was unnervingly calm, but his eyes were dark, “The only person your neglecting is yourself Y/N! Do you realize you haven’t eaten since dinner last night?”


“No. Don’t be soft now,” he interrupted, his voice growing more and more agitated, “I’m pissed. You couldn’t take five fucking minutes to make yourself a sandwich today? And YOU are mad at ME for being worried?!”

“Baby, Im S-”

“Don’t say sorry, Y/N.” this was the first time you had seen him so irritated with you, “You do this everytime you have a big assignment, and I am always the bad guy because you make me worry.” Every step you took towards him, he took a step backwards. “I’m going to shower.”

You sighed, obviously defeated, and walked back to your homework. You glanced at the plate of Kimchi Fried Rice Gyeomie had prepared for you, and smiled softly before taking a bite. You seriously had the sweetest boyfriend ever, and here you are, arguing because he’s worried about your health. How stupid.

You decided to give up on homework for the night. You could finish a blog in five minutes before class in the morning. You took your time eating, letting Yugyeom have a break in the shower, but the moment you heard the shower shut off, you rushed to the kitchen to rinse your empty plate off. You snuck in the bedroom. Yugyeom was facing the closet searching for a shirt, with a towel around his waist.

You walked up behind him and traced your hands across his rib cage and wrapped your arms tightly around him, nuzzling your face between his slightly damp shoulder blades. “Thank you for dinner, baby.” you said, before placing gentle kisses into his back, “I’m sorry for how i was acting. I’m just stressed out with this class. I don’t mean to worry you.”

Yugyeom turned to face you, and placed his hands above your hips giving you the opportunity to snake your hands up his chest, and wrap them around his neck. He kissed your forehead firmly “I just want you to be healthy. I get upset when you don’t take care of yourself.”

“I know Gyeomie. I don’t mean to. I’m sorry.” you sighed, and kissed his neck. His grip on your hips tightened.

“I-It’s okay baby..” he mumbled

“What’s wrong..?” the change in his tone concerned you, before you realized you had kissed him in his favorite spot, “oh…” you giggled, and kissed his neck again, gently nipping the skin as you pulled away.

“Hey!” he smirked as he pulled you in tighter, he was already hard beneath the thin towel separating the two of you, and you couldn’t help but smirk. He kissed you, hard. His tongue lightly traced your lips as he teased you, pulling his mouth from yours. He began brushing his lips against yours, but pulling back slightly everytime you tried to kiss him.

You grabbed ahold of his hair with both hands, “don’t tease me. I have the upper hand,” you said in a stern whisper against his lips.

He smirked, “the upper hand?”

You quickly ripped his towel from his waist and jumped back, but you tripped onto the bed, forgetting it was behind you. You started laughing as you tried to scrambled across the bed to get away before Yugyeom could retaliate, but it was too late. He grabbed ahold of your ankle and pulled you towards him.

He straddled you on the bed as he pinned your arms down, “Two can play this game. Noona.” Fuck. You sighed, knowing you were done for as soon as he emphasized the last word he spoke, knowing it made you weak inside. Yugyeom wasted no time getting aggressive with you. With your arms still pinned to your sides, he bent down and bit you just above your collarbone making you gasp. “Now who has the advantage?” he whispered in your ear before nipping your lobe just enough to bring a soft moan to your lips. “Take your clothes off.”

Without a second thought you shed your shirt and bra while Yugyeom yanked off your shorts only to find you weren’t wearing underwear. He growled, “Tsk. Tsk. Noooona, you make this too easy for me.” he pushed you back on the bed and hovered above you once again. Your body trembled as he grabbed ahold of your hair, pulled your head harshly to the side, and began marking your neck with sweet bruises.

You could feel his length tapping against your core as his hand slid down your chest, and he roughly rolled your nipple between his fingers. “Oh fuck, Gyeomie..” he stopped biting you and looked straight into your eyes. His were now dark and piercing through you.

“Do you want me baby?”

“Oh fuck. Yes Yugyeom. Fuck.” you drug your nails down his back making him roll his hips against yours with a deep grunt.

“Tell me how bad you want me.”

“I want you so bad, babe. I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fuck me.”

Yugyeom bent down, and kissed you, pulling your bottom lip between his teeth as he pulled away, “You want me to fuck you Noona?” he rolled his hips against yours again, this time at an antagonising slow pace.

“Oh fuck baby. Please. Please fuck me.” you begged and bucked your hips into him.

Yugyeom rolled off of you and pulled you on top of him, he grabbed your hips to keep you steady as you straddled him and slowly slipped him inside of you, “holy shit! You’re so fucking wet babe!” you moaned and began rolling your hips on top of him.

Yugyeom was quick to take control again, grabbing tighter on your hips, and bouncing you roughly up and down on top of him. You didn’t protest. Instead you let your head fall back and your hands rest on his hips, no longer able to control your breathing or the moans escaping your lips. He let out a gristly moan when you brought your hand off your thigh and began rubbing your clit harshly. “Fuck. Babe. Im so close. Harder.” you moaned loudly between breaths.

Yugyeom sat up, and buried his face in the crook of your neck. Still guiding your hips swiftly up and down on top of him and bucking his into you. “Cum for me Noona,” he whispered in your ear before kissing down your jaw to meet your mouth with his. Yugyeom began pounding you into him slightly slower but twice as hard, obviously close to his release.

Your hand left your clit and you dug your nails into his biceps hard enough to nearly break the skin, “fuck baby! I’m C-cumming!” you screamed as your body convulsed, hitting your orgasm hard at the same time as him. Chills ran through your body as your center uncoiled, and you felt Yugyeom’s release inside of you.

“Ahh shit, Noona…” he let out a long sigh as he wrapped his arms around you and trembled in the crook of your neck before kissing you softly. As soon as you both had steadied your breathing, he laid back on the bed, pulling you with him, and kissing you sweetly. His tongue seemed to dance in perfect rhythm against yours, and his lips were soft and gentle.

“I love you Kim Yugyeom.” you said quietly between kisses. You felt him smile against your mouth.

“And I love you my beautiful, Noona.” he placed one last kiss on your lips and then one softly on your chin. “I promise I will always take care of you when you get too stressed out.”

With another kiss planted gently on your forehead, you giggled. “I feel well taken care of baby, don’t worry about that.”

Imagine celebrating the New Year with Chris (2.0)

A/N: ‘Cause you gotta have the option of spending New Year’s with Chris alone. I know it’s a little late but have been suffering from a bit of a writer’s block so forgive me. X

You and Chris decided to spend the weekend at a cabin as far away from civilization as possible so the two of you could have a quiet, romantic New Year’s Eve instead of the usual crazy A-Lister party. Chris was excited because it’d been a while since the two of you had some proper alone time; the entire December had been hectic, recovering from Thanksgiving and preparing for Christmas. While the two of you loved spending time with everyone, the escape to the cabin couldn’t have come at a better time- especially since Chris was about to leave for the next Avengers movie. It had become a routine by now that before he left for any job, the two of you would take a few days to yourselves to rest, relax, and reassure; a movie as big as Infinity War meant your boyfriend needed a lot of the third R.

The cabin was the same one the two of you went too when you needed a timeout from work and people and paparazzi, it was nice because out there- it was always just the two of you. It was peaceful and quiet; it had the calm you and Chris craved and loved. The cabin was basically a bubble where nothing bad could ever go wrong, in fact- it was at the cabin where some of your biggest milestones with him occurred. The first time he said ‘I-love-you’ happened at that cabin; he asked you to move in with him at that cabin; and you were sure it was at that cabin where he would eventually propose, so you definitely had a special place in your heart for it.

You sat by the fire, roasting marshmallows so you could have it with your hot chocolate. Chris had opted for a beer because he said, and you quote, “it’s my last chance to drink beer, sweetheart. I’m not giving it up for anything, not even your delicious hot chocolate.” You laughed but you knew the next six months were going to be challenging for him, and you, considering he was leaving you and your shared home.

“Happy Anniversary,” Chris sang-song, holding up two bags of Chinese food from your favorite Chinese restaurant. “I thought it’d be easier to get takeout,” he explained as he settled on the floor opposite you, “God knows we’ve done enough cooking over the last month.”

“I think you nailed this year’s present,” you nodded in agreement as you reached for the box marked 'spring rolls’. “Wait-” you felt your eyes narrow when you remembered where you were. “How did you get them to deliver all the way out here? And just in time for dinner too. I mean- we’re like a three hour drive from their restaurant.”

“It’s amazing what a little name dropping can do,” Chris bit back his smile when you scoffed in disbelief. “Don’t worry, I gave them a huge tip. Like- enough to cover gas and car snacks huge,” he told you and you chuckled. “They even got a selfie and an autograph, so- I think they’re walking away from this experience happily.”

“You really shouldn’t abuse your powers as Captain America.”

“You really should appreciate the fact that your boyfriend is Captain America and has powers to abuse,” he retorted with a smug smile. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have all this amazing Chinese food to eat and you’d have to cook dinner.” You shot him a weary look then cracked when he laughed; you threw a packet of soy sauce at him and he laughed harder.

“You’re a real piece of work, you know that?”

“I know,” he smiled. “How else did I get someone as amazing as you to fall in-love with me?”

You bit back your smile as you felt the heat rise to your cheeks. After being his girlfriend for four years, he still had the ability to make you blush; the butterflies in your stomach were also very much alive. It was a good thing though, it meant that you were still very much in-love with him- as much as he was with you because you had the exact same effect on him.

Chris watched you as you ate, smiling because he couldn’t be happier. Another year was about to pass and you were still his girl; it was also the fourth anniversary of the first time you met. It was at a bar on New Year’s Eve- a bar that neither of you had wanted to go to in the first place- when he fell for- well, fell because he tripped on your feet then fell in-love because you were who you were. He was still amazed that he somehow- in his drunken state- charmed you enough to take you out to brunch the next day when you were both severely hung over. It was an amazing date despite how horrible the two of you felt and everything had been amazing since that fateful meeting.

“What?” You chuckled when you realize he was watching you with his usual love sick gaze. “Are you falling in-love with me all over again?” You teased and he nodded with a smile that made you stomach flutter. “Stop it,” you giggled and blushed.

“You know what,” he reached for your hands and pulled you to your feet as he rose to his. “I am grateful everyday that Mackie dragged me to that bar.” You stepped around the boxes of food and melted into his arms that had wrapped themselves around you. “Honestly-” he continued and you looked up at him, “I don’t know what I’d be doing now if I didn’t meet you, I can only imagine how terrible it’d be.”

“You’d probably be getting drunk and hooking up with some other pretty girl at a bar somewhere, so not that bad.” You teased and he chuckled. “As for me- well, I know exactly what I’d be doing now and how terrible it’d be. I’d be single, definitely. I’d still be working as a waitress because I wouldn’t have a boyfriend constantly pushing me to do something more with my writing. And I’d definitely be asleep before twelve 'cause no boyfriend to kiss at midnight. So you think you lucked out,” you joked and he smiled.

“Yeah, I did.” He nodded. “I’m extremely lucky no guy was smart enough to sweep you off your feet because if they did then well-” he chuckled, “you wouldn’t have been able to sweep me off mine.” You laughed when you thought back to that day; Chris Evans on his ass because he’d tripped over your feet. “I have never been so happy to fall in front of so many people before.”

“And I have never been so happy to trip someone in front of so many people before,” you chuckled. “Thank you for falling for me,” you whispered and wrapped your arms around his neck which drew a bigger smile from him. “What would I do without you?”

“I promise you that that’s a question you’ll never have to answer,” he pressed a kiss against your forehead and you smiled. “Shall we finish our food before it gets cold?” He quizzed and you nodded, pulling away from him.

You and Chris settled back down on the ground and continued to have your dinner, chatting about little things and working your way up to talk about his upcoming leave. As much as you didn’t want to, you had to eventually. There were things to discuss, like when you could go and visit, and what day a weekly Skype session could be schedule. It was a little difficult to have a confirmed date now because he still hadn’t got a feel of the set and how much of a time crunch they were in but usually, visits could occur after the first two months and the weekly Skype sessions were on Sundays.

“Can you give me a spoiler?” You asked and Chris laughed; he knew it was coming because you’d been subtly hinting for spoilers since you saw Civil War. “It can be my high before we have to get to the low. I don’t really want to discuss you being gone for six months,” you said then pouted.

“I’ll be gone for longer if I spill Marvel secrets,” he joked then glanced out the window. “The snipers are just waiting to take me out. You know the book, Nineteen-Eighty-Four by George Orwell?” He asked and you nodded. “Well, think of Marvel as Big Brother. They have Thought Police everywhere so if I even think about telling you…” He trailed off and acted like he had just been shot in the chest. “Dead.”

“You’re so dramatic,” you rolled your eyes. “Fine, let’s just talk about you leaving me next week without a high to go on.” You crossed your arms over your chest like a child, drawing laughter from Chris. “What time’s your flight?” You muttered bitterly.

“You can have a high to go on,” he said and held out your fortune cookie. “Don’t pretend like you’re not excited,” he chuckled when you stared at it indifferently. “I know you too well, Y/N Y/L/N.” You bit back your smile and took it from him.

“I like fortune cookies, yes, but I don’t think-” you cracked it open and your breath hitched in your throat when a beautiful engagement ring slid out. “Is this…Are you-” You looked up at Chris and he smiled, cracking open his fortune to pull out a tiny piece of paper.

“You should propose now,” he read and you chuckled nervously, feeling the excitement overwhelm you. “Wow, this is one assertive cookie.” He rose and propped himself up on one knee then reached over to take the ring from your hand, and your hand in his. “I better do as I’m told otherwise I’m going to start the new year on a real low.”

“Oh my God,” you breathed.

“Y/N,” he squeezed your hand gently, “you are wonderful and talented and beautiful and kind. Every second I have had with you has made my life so much better, and I thank my lucky stars every day for that night. You make me so happy and make me feel so loved, Y/N-” He chuckled shakily; nervous and excited. “And I don’t ever want to stop feeling like this. I know this is not the best time because I’m about to go away for six months but I thought we could both use the high.” He said and you nodded vigorously. “So, Y/N, will you marry me?”


Chris smiled and slipped the ring on your finger, you squealed then rose on your knees and hugged him tightly. He chuckled and hugged you back. “I love you and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life showing you how much,” he whispered.

“I already have a pretty decent clue,” you told him and kissed him; his smile could be felt against yours. “Happy New Year, Christopher Evans.” You broke the kiss and whispered, pressing your forehead against his.

“Happy New Year, Y/N Y/L/N.”

Sway - Not So Random

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So I’ve been playing around with storing the “random” positions and other tweaks in many large (7,500 elements) arrays during setup so when draw is called these “random” positions remain in the same place while the program draws. I decided that exploiting the nature of randomSeed() and just storing one array of 7,500 elements could be more practical, as executed in Sway

For this version instead of making an array for randomSeed() I just use the iteration of the for loop (0 through 7,499) as the randomSeed() and the result is a more organised construct. Have a look through the code to see what I mean.

So! I’ve decided I’m going to really crack down on learning animation.

I’ve set a personal goal that I want to complete at least one short, practice daily, and in general feel comfortable with casually animating things instead of the chore it’s become lately. If I can complete these goals, I’ll allow myself to get the animation software I’ve been saving up for.

So for starters, here’s a Gengar and a basic blink! (This is also one of the pokemon drawing requests, so here you go, @nokinno)

I was going to post the picture of Eric and Dylan in the library lying side by side but it is just too upsetting and haunting to look at sometimes!
It shows us a lot of pain in one single photo and so I decided to go with this instead for absolutely no reason at all 😂

someone asked for manip tutorials, but instead of drafting it like i had meant to, i accidentally answered privately with “ellie” written as a response. i’m very sorry for my mistake, but here is a masterlist of manip tutorials ranging from general, to group, to hair change, to hogwarts, and more. i hope you find this helpful and that you decide to give any of the tutorials a chance! please like/reblog if you found this helpful in anyway, thank you! 

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⋅ ◆ ⋆ PAGE 02:  formation.

hey everyone ! so here’s my second page code, this is a code I made for my blog but then decided I wasn’t going to use it anymore ( since I don’t have enough muses to fill so many spots yet ) so I thought I’d post it instead so it doesn’t go to waste. it’s a super simple code but I hope some of you like it !


  • rules: don’t steal ! you can customize it as much as you want just don’t repost it & claim as your own. like and reblogs are always nice
  • how to use: make a new page, copy the code & paste it on the html section of your page. ( make sure to keep the standart layout ) & that’s it.
  • only works for 400 px posts themes but you can easily alter it to fit on your theme. ( if you need help with it just hit me up )
  • images automatically resize to 50 px.
  • you can add as many muses and sections as you want. 
  • again, it’s a very simple code so it should be pretty easy to edit but if you have any questions pls don’t hesitate to ask.
  • enjoy !

                                                               preview + code.

Preview of my newest cosplay, Lady Loki from Thor!

This 360 photo booth was so cool at AX in the Entertainment hall!

Funny enough, my headpiece decided to explode right before this video was taken. So I’m actually holding my horns up instead of just posing LOL 

I was able to do two mini shoots in this cosplay, so new photos coming soon.

All in all, AX was a blast this year! Thank you to everyone who said hi and hung out with me!!!

Imagine for suggpug321

(This is my first smut sorry if its bad I don’t usually like to write dirty things!)

Joe has decided to take you on a trip to Thailand with his mates Oli White and Caspar Lee. Last time he went on holiday, he missed you too much and said he’d take you on every one after that.

Caspar and Oli had gone out to party and possibly pick up some chicks. Joe and I were hanging out in originally Joe, Oli and Caspar’s room, but Joe wanted to stay with me instead.  

Joe was getting super touchy and really wanted it right now.

“Joooooeee” I whine.

“What come on the boys won’t be back for some time.” He says kissing my neck. “It’s been a while.”

“I know.” I moan.

When he wants it he won’t give up either.  He pulls me closer and continues to kiss my neck. He put his hands up my shirt and cupped my breast. 

“Joe.” I smiled.

I finally gave in and flipped him over.

“Finally.’’ He smiled.

“Shut up Sugg.” I laughed.

I run my hands up his abs and take his shirt off along with mine. I connected my lips with his and his hands roamed my body. He didn’t always like that I was in charge so he flipped us over and now he was on top. He started kissing down my neck and then to my chest.

“You know I don’t like it when you’re in charge.” He smirks.

He takes my shorts off and teases me down there. ( i’m not getting super descriptive I don’t really enjoy writing these kinds of imagines!)

“Joe stop.” I moan.

“You think you’d learn by now.” He smiles.

“I’m sorry.” I whine.

By now he’s just beaning a tease and won’t give me what I need. He stopped right before I was about to finish.

“This is enough Sugg.” I say tackling him over.

I take his pants of and tease him just like he did me. 

“Okay, Come on!” Joe says.

“What was that?” I smile.

“I’m sorry for teasing you please.” He whines.

I connect our lips and kiss him and until he gets impatient and flips me over. 

“Oh my god Joe!” I yell.

“Oh my god why don’t we do this more often!” Joe grunts.

We continue and we both finish at the same time. We plop down on the bed and cover up just before Caspar and Oli get home.

“Are you serious! In my bed!” Oli yells.

“Sorry Oli.” Joe laughs kissing my nose.


sorry this took so long! As you can tell I don’t really feel comfortable writing smut! I don’t like graphic things! I hope you like it though!