but i couldnt skip that u kno

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I'm genuinely sad today. It's been building up and basically hit the boiling point with WINGS/YNWA. I love BTS, and Jin is the reason I got into them and has been my bias member since. But I am so frustrated with BigHit. Jin looked so disappointed during the vlive. Do you remember how hype and excited he'd get when talking about attending his Graduation with his family&the members? He only truly smiled at the cake, and then Gaon was pointless. They didn't need to go. Grad was SO important to him

to be honest i cant completely objectively blame bighit for the graduatuin situation even tho i hate bighit most days ? bc

1) even when just one member is missing the entire choreography, lights, sound, line distribution, etc have to be rearranged and i know it takes way more work than it looks like bc i remember one of t-aras staff one time talking about it when hwayoung was injured . if jin had skipped out it would have caused a mess

2) they couldnt just skip the awards ceremony altogether, even tho the fans wouldnt have minded or anything, bc bts was already guaranteed to win the 4th quarter award which is a big deal and u cant just not show up for its just industry politics u kno u kno

of course im sad he couldnt attend his own graduation esp how hard hes worked for it, but there wasnt really anything that could be done its just unfortunate