but i couldnt resist posting this

this guy realllllly does not like being called short.

Additional fanart for Wolf Pack: Beacon Original
a collaboration between @fearfrost1211 and I for Sterek ReverseBang 2017 

please read it for some biker AU awesomeness :’D

Saw this post earlier. Couldnt resist doodle a bit.

I imagine they went shopping and found these and probably bought them without the other looking to surprise each other. or idk, they like being weird together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Liam: *rolls yet another natural 20 on the stealth check*

Mercer: You are somehow no longer in the narrative.

Mercer: You stealth out of the story.

Taliesin: You’ve been retconned even.

Mercer, giggling: Vax was never there.

Vax’ildan: I gotchu Scan-man

Scanlan, looking around: Who said that?


i’ve been slowly working on that soriku doujinshi i mentioned oh-so long ago, and here’s a few panels!! it’s still very much in progress (abt 40 full color pages, y’all - im gonna be here for awhile) but its going. 

i already posted a few rikus from it on twitter, so i’m not going to post much more imagery from it until it’s done and available… but for now, i couldnt resist!!