but i couldnt find it to take a screenshot so you get this instead


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I love Raptures Art Deco architecture, but I find in the first two games the windows don’t offer a particularly clear view out to the city like you would expect. I would love it if you could screencap some of your favorite building exteriors for Bio. 1 and 2, and Burial at Sea? I find the skyscrapers to be brilliant, I just wish we would’ve seen more of them :/ Just a side note: is there a tallest building in general? Or are they mostly just sky boxes of the city?

-I totally know what you mean, the outside of rapture is what got me into screenshots to begin with. I think they were limited by the consoles at the time, so they couldnt show as much as they probably wanted to. And because of the low quality of certain skyboxes/assets, it helped that you couldnt see them very clearly/easily. Right now i cant take any new screenshots, but i have a few older  shots (one dating back to 2007-08 even), so id love to make a post about my favorite buildings!

The two tallest ones in Rapture are: the super tall one which has a ton of windows on it that you see in the descent to the city, but not the one that youd normally think (the one on the right side of the first pic), but instead, the one on the very left. And the second tallest building is the one that says eternal flame on it, that you see on the elevator ride to fight fontaine (second to last pic). A runner up is the building that you see out of the top glass dome in proving grounds, which is the one that leads to fontaine (last pic).

As for my other favorites, a lot of bioshock uses the same models/textures so its more about what caught my eye design/placement wise, instead of a particular building. I have a big thing for looking back into rapture from the outside so those screenshots always appeal to me (my all time favorite outside area is actually a small spot in fort frolic which you can see in pic 3). While Hephaestus isnt the level i get most excited about, i think the buildings look pretty neat. And finally, i really love the curvy tunnels between the buildings in olympus heights/apollo square.