but i couldn't resist the temptation

Title: His Obsession

Rating: Not Rated

Warnings: Possessive Theo, Manipulative Theo, Top Theo, Bottom Stiles, Dark Faerie Theo, Dubcon, Possessive Behavior, Ritual Magic, Magical Compulsion, Faerie Rings, Claiming, Rough Sex, Alternate Universe, Mentioned Past Violence

Relationships: Theo Raeken/Stiles Stilinski


Theo wanted this one for his own.

He didn’t want to trick the boy into his death or to drain him to the point of uselessness. No. Theo wanted to possess Stiles in every way imaginable, to keep him for his own and to selfishly hide the human from those who might think to steal him away.

Just believe in me. - Dedicated to Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw. At first not even he believed in himself, but after proving himself as a mentor and friend, he proved his courage to all of Tyria when he made the ultimate sacrifice.

01. Apples & Honey - The Macaroons
02. Towards The Sun - Rihanna
03. For A Better Day - Avicii
04. Apollo’s Triumph - Audiomachine
05. Whole World is Watching (feat. Piotr Roguck) - Within Temptation
06. Bleeding Out - Imagine Daragons
07. Time - Hans Zimmer
08. Beautiful Pain - Andy Black

Title: Free Trade

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3

Ratings/Warnings: T for zombies and minor gore

Summary: With his choices largely limited to ‘barista’ or 'victim of the zombie hordes,’ Fushimi had reluctantly picked barista.

Notes: On Twitter a while back I had a conversation around the idea of a coffee shop/zombie apocalypse AU fusion, and with this week’s onedayk theme being ‘cafe’ I couldn’t resist the temptation. I apologize in advance.

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thehellamidoinginthisworld  asked:

Concerning you starting to draw Carmilla-related stuff: "Stop! In the naaame of loooove... before you break my heart!" (8) Kiddin', keep going please, even though I know I'll eventually end up in tears...

What do you mean by “I’ll eventually end up in tears…”

it’s not like I’ve any angsty Carmilla comics waiting to be posted…

I mean.. who do you think I am..


And in a perfect world,
A miracle would happen,
And every other girl would fly away,
And it’d be me and Eliza,
And nothing else would matter–
But it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine,
I mean, I’m happy
And I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine–
It’s not a problem,
It’s just a challenge–
It’s a challenge to resist temptation.
—  Alexander Hamilton (probably)