but i couldn't resist the temptation

So...I caved.

I know I said that I’d get that Chris series out soon (and I will, I’m halfway through part two)…but I’m 1.1k into a naughty Steve Rogers drabble that’s turning into a one shot based on this post

Anyone want a tag??? 

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Let's be honest: Grantaire wouldn't sing a sappy love song for Enjolras at a karaoke bar

Grantaire is leafing through the song book in a corner because he doesn’t want his friends to know what he’s going to sing. They all assume he’s prepared some romantic song for Enjolras. When Courfeyrac sneaks a look at the book and notices that Grantaire is searching for something in the Queen section, they start to make a bet all excited. What will it be? Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy? Breakthru? One year of love? I was born to love you? Enjolras looks away and pretends not to listen, but he’s blushing anyway and secretly yearning to hear that mysterious song.

Finally, Grantaire turn comes. He grabs the mike, steps up to the stage with a wide smile on his face and starts to sing wholeheartedly. It’s God save the Queen.

thehellamidoinginthisworld  asked:

Concerning you starting to draw Carmilla-related stuff: "Stop! In the naaame of loooove... before you break my heart!" (8) Kiddin', keep going please, even though I know I'll eventually end up in tears...

What do you mean by “I’ll eventually end up in tears…”

it’s not like I’ve any angsty Carmilla comics waiting to be posted…

I mean.. who do you think I am..


I just started watching the English dub of Free! ES and within the first fifteen minutes I am already disappointed.

Like the lines are funny and all. It’s just…What. Happened. To. Their. VOICES!

Rin sounds wrong. Makoto sounds wrong. Haru sounds wrong. Seijuro sounds like a fucking surfer dude (I had to pause the video when I heard him because I was practically dying with laughter)

It’s just…not going so well right now. I have no hope for the English dub anymore. No hope…