but i couldn't resist because this was so cute ugh

I couldn't resist.

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I’ve missed this and am happy to start again! This is just a little imagine I’ve written because writers block is horrible and I can’t seem to write anything else 😖 ugh…

Either way…I’m here now and I just wanted to be one of those cool admins that release cute imagines! ;) P.S. This wasn’t written that well, so you’ve been warned 😅

I write imagines/reactions and take requests, so please send them in! Or come by to say, “Hi.” Wanna fangirl with me over how adorable Jimin was in the bts film trailer?! Got any theories? Who’s been royally jacked up by AGUST D?! Just me? Okay. I’ll take my leave then 😵😭 Also, who told Mr. Min he could be that cute in the PUMA ad? XD

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Genre: Fluff

Pairing: JB X Y/N

Word Count: ?

Edited: No

Settled into five layers of covers on her bed, y/n is sleeping peacefully. Nothing moves. Nothing disturbs the silence within her bedroom. Nothing hinders her unconscious wonderland. Floating on her physical clouds, she’s content to stay wherever her mind is dictating. For whatever reason or another, her mind chooses Jaebum.

Whenever y/n has trouble sleeping due to insomnia, she face times JB to keep her company. No matter the time zone, or when crickets are socializing in the mid of night, Jaebum would always answer. Its come to a point where she would call him almost every night, and he’d talk until she’d fall asleep. That fact, in itself, is peculiar since he is man of few words. He is considered a lovable, tight lipped grouch—in the best way. However, he would ramble on and on for her. He’d exhaust himself into a soar throat, and dry tongue with no regrets or sleep.

Tonight was one of those few occasions where y/n’s medication would help her in her usual disposition, and she could sleep on her own. Lax, instead of in the taxation in her mind.

Therefore, in deep slumber, she isn’t able to sense Jaebum sliding into bed, next to her. The covers lift up, and he slides one leg in and then the other. Twisting onto his side, he smirks. He thinks he’s clever because could surprise his girlfriend in the early morning with breakfast. Brownie points are getting earned. His smile grows wider when he gently snuggles against her back, and he cradles her into himself. He sighs.

Allowing his eyes to shut, Jaebum sleeps for whatever time he has left until y/n wakes up. He’s disturbed from his slumber when an alarm obnoxiously rings into the air. Jaebum questions if he even slept for five minutes, when in fact it has been 4 hours. As a rustling is felt beneath his arm, he smiles and waits for y/n to turn around. She knows that he’s there and she can’t wait to face him. They’re rarely together—together—anymore. With this in mind, his touch is like a special pleasantness she can’t place. Yet in still, her giddiness builds.

As she stretches inches out of the bed to reach the alarm clock, Jaebum holds her by her waist possessively. She giggles and turns the alarm off. “You’re home,” she whispers.

Jaebum tugs her back and further underneath himself, pins her down, and whispers, “I’m home.” He lowers himself down to her lips, and kisses her luxuriously. He holds nothing back, all the while not being too overbearing. “I missed this.”

“I missed us too,” y/n breathes against his soft mouth.

“I have breakfast in the kitchen,” he smiles.

“You didn’t have to do that,” y/n looks him with mirth in her eyes, and a gratefulness. “You’re here. With me. I’m happy.”

“So am I, but I couldn’t resist. I haven’t been home lately, and I wanted to have breakfast with my jagiyah.”

“Thank you,” she smiles.

“Love you more.”