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gif request meme: blindspot-fanatic asked → favorite brotp + captain america
Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes.

“You couldn’t have done that earlier?”
“I hate you.”

This is more of a fun prank than ‘illegal’, but I like to think the boys would still try to destroy the local competition around Gravity Falls.

a lil something for the @stanchez-summer-sizzle

I think the “Date” was set up by Dark himself

I mean, now that you think about it…have anyone notice all the endings?
(If you have not done The Valentine’s Day Interaction, read no further, it contains SPOILERS)

The ENDINGS might’ve been funny and good but, when you think about it, those ending were a bit… bad in a way for both you and Mark…

When you agreed to marry Mark, you find out that it was all an act and none of it was even real. Hell, Mark even mocks you for it. Who in the world would marry someone on the first date, especially to a guy like that?
Does that get you down? And notice what Mark said, he said he could’ve been bigger than this but he was stuck doing shit like this.

When you decline the marriage, Mark tries desperately to convince you to say yes, but to no avail, you can see how crushed he was and he leaves heartbroken. ouch.

After being alone with Dark, (that’s if you chose HORROR, of course) Mark manages to break free from his grip but you have to choose between who’s the real Mark. LEFT or RIGHT. You chose wisely and Mark takes you to get ice cream.
Oh, but that’s the best possible ending out of all of them, right? I don’t think so… I don’t think that was the last we seen of Dark. Did you notice that your vision start to change? It was like he was still nearby. It was either because you were traumatized or… you let Dark in your mind.

After being alone with Dark, Mark manages to break free from his grip but you have to choose between who’s the real Mark. LEFT or RIGHT. You chose… unwisely… killing the real Mark instead. Now you’re stuck with Dark… forever…

After not paying for dinner and try to ATTACK your way out of a van, you and Mark find yourself in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden a nuclear explosion happens. Killing all of your friends, family, you name it.
But it’s a good thing Mark brought a basket with PBJ, somehow? That’s great, just the two of us… but little did the two of you know, the nuclear explosion mutated Mark into, like, be super allergic to peanut butter, killing him before he could even shit it out…and then he shat it out.
This crushed you deeply. Nothing could ever make you happy ever again.

After not paying for dinner and try to ATTACK your way out of a van, you and Mark find yourself in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden a nuclear explosion happens. Killing all of your friends, family, you name it.
But it’s a good thing Mark brought a basket with Tuna, don’t know how…
And the two of you fight against anything that comes your way!
Y’all also have a Tuna farm…

After not paying for dinner and try to ATTACK your way out of a van, you and Mark find yourself in the middle of no where. You spot something SHINY and want to investigate. When Mark inspects the object, the two of you get taken by a UFO.
You watch as Mark gets (possibly) probed by Aliens…

After not paying for dinner and tell Mark DON’T ATTACK, the two of you are locked away to be served for dinner. You are left with two choices, you PICK LOCK or DIG. You fucking made an unwise decision and now you’re watching him graze the floor with A SPOON FOR HOURS!!!! TRUE HELL!!!

After not paying for dinner and tell Mark DON’T ATTACK, the two of you are locked away to be served for dinner. You are left with two choices, you PICK LOCK or DIG. He manages to unlock the cage in an break neck speed, despite no experience like he told you.
Trying to find a more quicker way to find an exit, Mark says you should SPLIT UP. He fucking dies before time can even breathe.

After not paying for dinner and tell Mark DON’T ATTACK, the two of you are locked away to be served for dinner. You are left with two choices, you PICK LOCK or DIG. He manages to unlock the cage in an break neck speed, despite telling you he had no experience.
Trying to find a more quicker way to find an exit, Mark says you should SPLIT UP. But you think it’s best to STAY TOGETHER. The Cook finds and attacks you. Mark tells you to use the controller to defeat him and he explodes. You and Mark finally find the EXIT but you wanted to stay and find MORE? You stay and explore more about the place. As you do so, you meet Warfstache, asking you it was worth finding this end and warning you about how shocking the ending may be.You go along and you find out… you were Chica (Mark’s dog) the whole time…

After not paying for dinner and tell Mark DON’T ATTACK, the two of you are locked away to be served for dinner. You are left with two choices, you PICK LOCK or DIG. He manages to unlock the cage in an break neck speed.
Trying to find a more quicker way to find an exit, Mark says you should SPLIT UP. But you think it’s best to STAY TOGETHER. The Cook finds and attacks you. Mark tells you to use the controller to defeat him and he explodes. You and Mark find the EXIT and the two of you are now finally… you see an evil smirk and you find yourself back in the cage… trying to find a way out…

Now all of these ending were… a bit bazaar, right? But what if Dark had a hand in all of the endings?

(I’ll make a part 2 of this later, this is a bit too long *cough*)

Camilla, in full public view of the nohrian army & her siblings, grabbing Selena’s hand and kissing it, kneeling in front of her with her hand still held, bowing her head and beginning to recite the very same retainer’s oath Selena once swore to her, both blushing pretty furiously, as a way for the princess to try to convey the true, deep love and devotion she feels towards her retainer

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Yo, what if artist! Stiles couldn't stop drawing a hot stranger in his college class who looks really hot with glasses (aka Derek). And then he gets dared to actually sit next to him in class and then the Hot Stranger, and accidentally leaves his drawings of Hot Stranger behind as he leaves and hot stranger just wants to give them back and ask Stiles out because Stiles is his Hot Stranger.

Hello I am back with another prompt fill!!! This is semi-nerd!Derek, I hope y'all aren’t too disappointed with me…

Thanks to @sterek for looking over this for me!!!

Also on AO3

Title: Picture Us Together

Stiles remembers the start of this year clear as day. He’d been sitting next to Scott, both of them equal parts terrified and exhilarated, and Stiles had just been complaining about how he was going to focus on his studies instead of finding a significant other — stop laughing, Scott — and that’s when he walked in.

He being Derek Hale: two hundred pounds of muscle wrapped in a package of adorableness, bunny teeth and thick-rimmed glasses. Stiles isn’t ashamed he fell in love at first sight. Well, it was more like lust at first sight. The love came when Stiles discovered he and Derek were in the same History class and Derek always, without fault, knew all of the answers to everything and handed his assignments in three weeks before the deadline.

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Humans Are Weird

So there may already be something about this but I haven’t seen it yet if there is. Anyway, here goes:

The crews human had had to leave less than one of their Earth months ago because of a family emergency and they had only just got a replacement, though, to put it in human terms, their old human could never be replaced in their hearts. Anyway they knew that most humans eat different foods, though they still couldn't​ completely understand why they did this, and the commander had ordered them to pick up a variety of human food so that they would have something the new human ate. They put out a variety of the stock foods that they had deduced all humans would eat at least something from.

An hour later they were picking up the new human. She introduced herself as Lillie and asked to see the food first before they flew off. Slightly confused but not really concerned because they were used to human habits. So they took her to the storage chambers to show her the food they had bought for her but Lillie took one look at it and said, “Sorry, but I don’t eat any of these foods. Is there any chance we could buy something else before we leave?”
Now the crews previous human had warned them of rare cases like this, but they thought they surely had enough range so as they shopped with the human they decided to ask them about, though trying to be careful about not being weird. “Excuse me human Lillie,” one of them said.
“Yes, sorry but I can’t remember your name?” She replied.
“My name’s Polga. I was just wondering why you don’t want to eat the food we bought. Is it one of your “allergies” or is it a “diet”? Our previous human mentioned both of those though said they didn’t have either.“
"Oh it’s not that, I’m just a really fussy eater and don’t like the taste of many foods.”
“But we even had chocolate,” said Polga. “We were assured that all humans like chocolate!”
Then, worried that he was being rude, Polga quickly added, “if you don’t mind me asking.”
“I don’t mind being asked, I’m used to questions about my eating habits by now,” Lillie said. “And I’m just one of the really weird humans who doesn’t like chocolate or lollies or pretty much any other food except for what I’m buying now.”
“So you just don’t like the taste? I’m so glad we don’t have that sense that prevents us from eating nutritional foods,” Polga said, hoping it wasn’t offensive to say it.
“Yeah that’s pretty much all it is. But I’m used to my weird way of eating by now so I’ve learnt to just bring my own food or know which places have food that I’ll eat.”
“Ok,” said Polga surprised that after knowing humans for years there was still more to learn about them. “I suppose, to quote one of your great historical figures, Gandalf-”(Polga still did not believe fiction existed)“- My dear Lillie! Humans really are amazing creatures, as I have said before. You can learn all that there is to know about their ways in, well longer than a month, maybe an Earth year?, and yet after, not a hundred years, only maybe about 12, they can still surprise you at a pinch.”
Lillie laughed as they walked back to the ship.

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I was baking cookies at 3am and I'd run out of icing so I was crying because I couldn't decorate them and all of a sudden there's a knock at my window? I open it and in comes Nightwing, arms full of cookie decorating stuff. I let him stay for a cookie and when he left I promised to leave him some more cookies out last night. Woke up this morning to a thank you note and some flowers and now I'm in love. If you're reading this Nightwing I made some blue and black macaroons for you! #onlyingotham

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I was just reflecting and thought about the fact that Clarke could kill Finn not only to save him but bc otherwise her people would die if a treaty couldn't be made. She could sacrifice Abby to save her people and the human race. But she couldn't kill Bellamy, even though she believed that letting him live could possibly lead to the extinction of the human race, at the very least much of her people dying. just wow.

Yeah. I think even Bellamy realized that one. 

It was pretty intense. 

Oh, you know what else? Her leaving the bunker, even being left behind the rocket, might actually be what saves them all, because I’m thinking none of them can get back to the surface. Bellamy’s locked on the ring with no way back and Abby is locked in the bunker with no way out. 

They both need someone free on the surface to get them back to the surface. 

Okay, well that’s speculation.

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I had a customer throw her hot coffee on me last week because her card got declined and I said I couldn't let her leave with her groceries unless she paid for them (when she tried to leave). She ran out with the cart while I was screaming in pain. The man behind her called the cops, and my managers were sympathetic and gave me time off to heal. She was still charged with assault and is banned from the store. She also had to pay my medical bills. I have a burn scar on my arm because of her.

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what would rfa get mc for christmas/what would mc get them?

I’m finally doing this lmao I’m so sorry. Um, I’m going to switch this to what would they get each other for birthdays just cuz it’s not December anymore and I don’t celebrate christmas.

Jumin Han 

  • Probably something expensive let’s be real
  • Something like nice jewelry or something mc has had an eye on but couldn’t buy 
  • Would also take mc out to a fancy dinner or make mc a fancy dinner 
  • Mc would probably make him something instead of buying it, cause he can already get whatever he wants
  • Maybe make him a homemade dinner or matching sweaters for him and elizabeth the 3rd
  • Or if mc is an artist/writer/poet they’d make him a piece 
  • Something from the heart

Jaehee Kang 

  • She’d get mc something from the heart too
  • Like something mc is interested in or things that line up with mc’s hobbies (paint brushes, journals, a video game they’ve been wanting, etc)
  • Jaehee is a tea person fight me on this 
  • Mc would buy Jaehee like a super nice handmade tea set with teas 
  • OR she’d literally fight Jumin to let Jaehee take a vacation and would take her somewhere super relaxing
  • She would also buy Jaehee some clothing items because why the HECK not


  • 11/10 would spoil Mc like Jumin 
  • Probably take mc on a super nice date somewhere mc would really want to go 
  • Even if he doesn’t particularly enjoy the place mc picks he’d go anyway and have a good time because he’s with mc
  • Would also buy her something fancy (like a dress or something) or like a tiara and be like “you get to be the princess for the day and im your loyal knight who will follow your every command” some cheesy stuff like that
  • Mc would give him one of “Mc’s super duper deluxe massages” cause he’s an actor and all that responsibility to keep up his image must give him like crazy stress 
  • Mc would also make him his favorite food/or dessert and spoils him with love and affection

Yoosung Kim 

  • Would make Mc one of those super cute couples coupon books and let mc use them whenever
  • Also would try and take mc on a super nice date
  • Like he set up everything and has a table for two somewhere romantic outside with string lights (like you see on tv shows)
  • Mc would buy him something he needs like a new laptop because his old one is super old and eats his work half the time
  • Mc becomes the cuddle machine and tells him how much mc loves him and appreciates him    


  • 11/10 would believe he would make a website about mc and how amazing and how much he loves mc
  • Meme king supreme would spam mcs phone with memes about how much he loves mc
  • Would also spoil mc with many gift (if he can afford those cars you best believe he will buy mc anything)
  • Would also be the type to buy mc what they need
  • MC would get them matching t-shirts with stupidly funny sayings on them 
  • “I know its not the space station but its the best I could do”
  • Seven would be fangirling and kisses mc all over the face

  • you know i couldn't leave him out 
  • would give mc one of his pieces they really like and would pamper mc
  • give mc spa treatment but at home
  • would also give mc a photo he took that captures mc so beautifully 
  • mc would take him somewhere relaxing like a beach date
  • somewhere where he can let loose because he’s always busy
Hiding Tom au!

- Demons are not welcome on earth, and when they are seen on earth they are usually attacked or quarantined. People fear them and do not want them there.
- One day Star and Marco had plans to hang out but she cancelled. So Marco goes out alone.
- Marco is really bored and he ends up hanging out in the park.
- Marco keeps noticing weird stuff going on. Like his backpack moving across the bench and things getting thrown at his head.
- Marco gets tired of walking and decides to go home. But on his way home more wired stuff is happening, and once it starts to get dark he hears footsteps following him.
- He pretends not to hear, but once they get closer he turns around and karate chops the culprit.
- Marco excepts it to be a mugger but he sees this three eyed purple child in the ground and Marco’s like “what the hell”
- It turns out he’s a demon, Tom, who’s been following him all day and messing with him. Marco gets freaked out and goes to leave but sees Tom is hiding from humans in an alleyway.
- A group of men are freaking out because they thought they saw a demon and Tom is running trying to hide from them.
- It turns out Tom was stranded on Earth and he’s sick, too sick to be able to portal him.
- Marco, being a sweetheart, feels too guilty to leave him and brings him home to give him a place to stay

The signs as Florence + the machine lyrics
  • Aries: falling's not the problem when I'm falling I'm at peace it's only when I hit the ground it causes all the grief
  • Taurus: and I am done with my graceless heart so tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart
  • Gemini: I don't want your future I don't need your past one bright moment is all I ask
  • Cancer: too fast for freedom sometimes it all falls down these chains never leave me I keep dragging them around
  • Leo: holy water cannot help you now thousand armies couldn't keep me out I don't want your money I don't want your crown see I've come to burn your kingdom down
  • Virgo: and in the dark I can hear your heartbeat I tried to find the sound but then it stopped and I was in the darkness so darkness I became
  • Libra: oh the queen of peace always does her best to please is it any use? somebody's gotta lose
  • Scorpio: and I'm learning so I'm leaving and even though I'm grieving I'm trying to find the meaning let loss reveal it
  • Sagittarius: and the arms of the ocean are carrying me and all this devotion was rushing out of me and the crashes are heaven for a sinner like me but the arms of the ocean delivered me
  • Capricorn: I was disappearing in plain sight heaven help me I need to make it right you want a revelation you wanna get it right but it's a conversation I just can't have tonight
  • Aquarius: to let me dangle at a cruel angle oh my feet don't touch the floor sometimes you're half in and then you're half out but you never close the door
  • Pisces: and oh poor Atlas the world’s a beast of a burden you’ve been holding up a long time and all this longing and the ships are left to rust that’s what the water gave us

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Simon I have to go home to my parents for Thanksgiving. I can't leave early (my boss needs me in a certain place at a certain time for flight reasons) but I have a very bad relationship with my parents. My mom told me that they knew I was suicidal and chose to let me deal with it on my own rather than help me. Before I moved out I couldn't allow myself to be angry, but now that I have, I haven't stopped being angry at them. I'm going home to visit them, but how do I last two weeks in their home?

Firstly… Why the hell would you do that? Don’t go. That’s simply mad. Better to stay home cooking yourself a feast you then package and share with those in need, than visit two people who see fit to claim you but not to assist you when you need help.”Blood” does not equate with “family”. Thanksgiving is meant to spend the time being thankful, not ripping out your own hair or drinking to help your anxiety.

Secondly, if you cannot back out of the plans (which you absolutely should do and simply continue to do, until they take the hint), I advise you to spend as little time on them as possible. Ignore them. Bring your phone and message me and I will keep you company if able. You must not let them bait you into arguments. You must simply get up and say “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to talk about this.” or “If you want me to visit, please treat me with respect, or I don’t need to visit anymore.” They may have made you, but you have the right to draw boundaries. You have the right to demand those be respected. You have the right to be cold, aloof, and to disengage from anything harmful.

Thirdly, I know that when you walk into such a situation, the emotions become strained and your body begins to slip into fight or flight. You need to learn to stop it. I find the best way to do this (a technique I use when trying not to eat people in everyday life) is to continue an internal monologue about something mathematical or scientific. Anything that tends toward the rational accounting of figures. Balance your checkbook in your mind and let that run like a canned laugh track over top of your mother’s incessant buzzing. Leave the room often. Don’t engage in conversations. And if they ask what’s wrong with you and why are you so distant, you have a choice. You can say, “Because I don’t feel particularly cared for by this family and all of this seems mechanical or stressful for me.” Or you can make up some other excuse.

If you are staying for a long period of time, I recommend keeping everything tidy and in the suitcase or bag. Clean up after yourself. Tell yourself you are not their child, subject to tossing in their emotional seas. You are actually just there to clean up the mess and stand on the porch. Reframe your purpose there. You are not there to be mistreated. You are there to simply enhance the scenery and comment on the weather.

I hope this helps you. Perhaps others of my gentle readers can supply ideas. I never had parents, though I’ve had my unhealthy share of uncomfortable housing situations.

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Psssst! Tracer, Sombra and Pharah for the classic "oh crap I went to this baseball game and I'm sitting by this really beautiful woman and I thought things couldn't get any worse but now the kiss cam is on us and we don't even know each other!" Does the overwatch world have baseball? Ima just say it has baseball. They/Them reader please! So everyone can read! Thank you!

AHHH THIS REQUEST I swoon~ 😍 I’m gonna have a lot of fun writing this and I hope you like it too! Two of my best girls in this request (Hugs and Kisses From Mod Lottie y'all 💕)


(A/N: I’m leaving Mercy’s date ambiguous because there are some hardcore shippers out there)

A good ol’ fashioned game of baseball is a nice way to blow off some steam on the weekend. You look around the full stadium and smile; there’s something about a crowd of fans watching a concert, or in this case, a sports game that fills you up with positive energy and straight up good vibes. You were near the end of one of the rows, the few seats beside you were empty so you thought maybe no one would sit there.

Boy were you wrong.

A couple moments later you saw a girl and two other people, a couple from what it seemed, taking the previously empty seats. Your eyes immediately locked onto the short haired brunette.

‘Oh no, she’s cute!’ You thought to yourself. You tried to look away before she made eye contact but as you looked away she saw you and smiled. You looked back and smiled with a small wave. ‘Oh my god I hope I didn’t smile weird. Is my smile weird? Please lord tell me I don’t have a weird smile.’

She walked right towards you and took the seat right next to you. She leaned towards the blonde sitting next to her and said, “It’s nice to get outside of the office sometimes! Don’t you think? Nice people here too.”

The blonde responded but you couldn’t hear what she said, you were trying to figure out if she was referring to you as the 'nice people’. You snapped out of your thoughts by the girl’s voice.

“I heard there’s a kiss cam for this game! Maybe you two can show the stadium how into each other you are, and maybe I’ll get to kiss a cutie” She giggled. You knew there was no one else she’d be able to kiss other than you unless she was hitting on her friend in front of her date. You blushed at the thought of kissing this beautiful stranger but locked your sight on the game, taking all of your willpower not to look over.

The game was enough to distract you after you calmed down. You were so consumed in it that you totally forgot about your nervousness until the dreaded kiss cam showed up. Your breathing started to become a little shallow as you saw people on the camera. You were surprised when it landed on the girls friends, the ones who were on a date. You laughed a little, feeling a bit of familiarity seeing them on the big screen. You felt a tap on your shoulder and looked to see the brunette grinning at you.

“Whaddaya say we steal the show from em’ love birds huh?” She said with a bit if a blush. Before you could process what she said, she held your face delicately in her hands and gave you a soft, sweet kiss. You were shocked at first but soon you got into the rhythm of it and closed your eyes, letting yourself enjoy the moment.

Still in the girls embrace, you looked up at the screen and realized you did in fact steal the kiss cam from her friends. You laughed blissfully as you looked up at the screen. She leaned in and whispered her name in your ear.


You grabbed your bag, pulled out a pen, and wrote on Lena’s arm.

She looked at her arm and smiled. On her arm was your name, number, and a heart to top it off.

“You’re a great kisser (Y/n).”


Ok this was super weird? You could’ve sworn that when you got your tickets that you and your friends would all be sitting together. How did you end up in the VIP section with this gorgeous woman beside you? You had insisted with the ticket masters that this wasn’t your seat but here you were anyway. You looked over at the girl and watched her as she typed away at her hovering key pad with one hand and took a sip of her drink she held in her other hand. There was something so alluring about her. Maybe it was her mysterious yet carefree aura? Maybe it was her pretty round eyes or her soft looking skin? Maybe it was that knowing smirk of hers– wait why is she smirking like that?

“You enjoying the game or the view?” She laughs, her eyes not leaving whatever it was she was doing. You whipped your head the other way, totally embarrassed that you were staring.

“I’m so sorry!” You uttered, shutting your eyes as you cringed slightly. She chuckled lightly which caused you to look her way again and met her light yet captivating gaze.

“Don’t apologize. I would be lying if I said I didn’t sneak a couple glances your way while you weren’t looking. Now we’re even, and I’m glad I seem to catch your attention as much as you do mine.” She leaned more towards you now with that flirtatious look on her face. You didn’t really know how to handle that so you just started to chug your drink as if it was going to wash away your flustered state.

“Heh, someone sure is thirsty.”

You almost choked as you heard her say that. You almost died from what you saw next.

Up on the big screen was the kiss cam and, of course, you saw your bewildered expression and the woman’s smug one.

“Oh my, didn’t see that coming.” The tone in her voice suggested otherwise. She used her finger to gently move your head to face her. Pulling you towards her, she laid a gentle kiss on your lips that felt like it lasted an eternity and yet felt like it ended too soon at the same time.

After you gained your composure back, she stood up and looked like she was about to leave. You looked up at her in confusion, which made her look at you like you were a cute little puppy that had grown attached to her.

“I’d love to stay with you but I have some other things to attend to. The name is Sombra by the way, and don’t worry, we’ll be seeing each other a lot after this.” She walked towards the exit of the VIP booth and gave you one final wave and a little wink.

“I’ll keep in touch!”

And with that she was gone, and you desperately wanted to find out more about her and how she would even be able to contact you since you didn’t exchange info with her. As you looked down at your phone, you saw a bunch of missed calls and texts in all caps from your friends and one from an unknown number.

'See you soon~’

((I’ll add Pharah’s later, I’m having massive writers block for her part. Hope you enjoy these two for now!))