but i couldn't get the lyrics out of my head


Hollow Moon - Teen Wolf AU - After Scott and Derek are nearly killed by a rival pack, while Stiles is knocked unconscious, the human reconsiders Peter’s offer to give him the bite. While Derek and Scott heal at Deaton’s, Stiles and Peter work together to figure out the other pack’s next move and keep their pack together. During an exhausted state, due to endless research, Stiles tells Peter how useless he’s felt since the attack (and even before) and how he should have never refused Peter’s offer. When Peter offers again, Stiles is shocked into silence before he agrees under one condition. Peter can’t turn anyone else after him.

so today was my first day of 8th grade and i was stuck in a supply closet taking tests for advanced placement all day and i had “paz, stay out of the bathroom” stuck in my head the whole time so i started mentally planning out this

music and lyrics by annabeththeunicorn and you can find her soundcloud here

the dipper pines guide to dating is by niczka and you can find the chapter here