but i couldn't get the coloring right

Heather M: Ronnie, what color does blue and yellow make?

Veronica: That, cutie, would be green.

Heather M: Excellent! Give me a minute I’ll be right back! *leaves*

Heather M: *Comes back carrying Heather Duke*

Veronica: Why did you bring Heather?

Heather M: She shall be our baby!

Heather D: Ugh, y'all are gross. Can I go home now?


In your training montage in this film, Hugh, you lift Taron up high - it’s exactly the same move from Dirty Dancing. Have you recreated that to ‘I’ve Had the Time of My Life’, and if not, why not?

Then he is invading Kuramochi’s space, staring in admiration at the arm closest to him, which is Kuramochi’s right one. A cheetah is wrapped around this arm, accompanied by fine lines of windswept clouds. He allows Sawamura to also get a closer look at his other arm, which is a tiger, head to tail going down from shoulder to elbow, prowling through curling fog. He can’t help but flex his arms a little to show off the meticulous detail and vivid colors.
“…Hey, why are you rubbing my arm, it’s not like it’ll come off! Let go! You owe me another five games!” -Weak for Sweets, part 2

Sketch from my sweets shop AU, where Kuramochi is a tattoo artist and Eijun’s neighbor.


moirasburton’s color meme:
↪ leanne + baby’s breath (very simple whites and ivories);

requested by moirasburton.

WIP Ahsoka doodle. Whenever I don’t know what to draw I find myself always coming back to Ahsoka. So hopefully I’ll finish this tomorrow \^_^/