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hey, I was wondering if you or any other shipmate have that pic Brigitte posted with the 5x08 scene, when Hook was dying? The one she deleted bc of S/Qers? I've been looking all over your tags and couldn't find it. Thanks

I don’t remember that. Was it awhile ago? Can anyone jog my memory? If it’s not in my OUAT 5x08 tag I probably don’t have it. You can navigate there from my tags page if you’re in a regular browser.

“Chat Mallow” cat café

I went to see adorable furry balls with @mochiiron <3333
That was seriously so much fluffy, I didn’t want to leave anymore xD

Forgive the quality of the pics, I almost lost them *SOB* and thx to an app I could find them but not in HD sorryyyyy//////

First of all, an other kind of sweetness ;)

We came during their napping time so we enjoyed some nice desserts :p 
And then, we couldn’t wait anymore, and went to see all the cutie babies <3

Meet my crush, my cutie softy prince Yoda, the Sphynx (*v*)

So if you don’t know, I just love this cat breed sooooooooo much, I always thought it’s absolutely beautiful and little Yoda is the first one I ever met, so imagine my excitement/////// he was so warm and soft, I barely spent my time with him >v<

I feel you bae, I have the same face when I wake up xD

What a beauty really ;v; 

Then, meet mama Jessie and his little one (Idk his name he wasn’t on the list), the Devon Rex~

Seriously though, their fur was so much soft, like wool!! and little one looked like a little sheep so I’m gonna call it this way x)

Mama was sleeping all the time I’ve been there x) even when she woke up, she cleaned herself and came back to sleep I wasn’t helping, I was massaging her head xD

The little sheep was so funny, each time rising his little head but coming back to sleep anyway xD but after an hour…

Well helloooo <33

I also need to precise this little fur ball had so beautiful wall-eyes <33

Also he seemed to be buddies with Yoda because he was following him a lot and were playing together :)

There was also this other little guy, I think it was the same breed than little sheep, and he seemed pretty young and omg how soft he was, that was insane >0< 

My friend’s crush though was for this big plush, Jerico, the British Shorthair <3

Such a little box for this big bae :p

He was really funny, it was as if the world around him wasn’t existing at all xD He was almost reacting at nothing, but he didn’t mind the petting :) and as you guessed, SO SOFT
I’m sorry I don’t have his cutie face, but I’m sure my friend have some :p I have to ask her later x)

There were other cats too but they were hiding or were napping too high for me to take any clear pic.

SAYING GOODBYE WAS HARD ;_;  but ahhh such a fluffy moment <33


anonymous requested: “I was hoping you could maybe make some family ones? i’d love sheriff&stiles, chris&allison, scott&melissa and derek&talia especially (and any other derek&hales to be honest)” | [how to apply]