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Hey! I love reading your small fics and hcs for Dark! You're writing is so good!! Keep up the good work! I've been thinking, or well suggesting if some time where Dark just loses composure, or becomes flustered. I mean, I'm sure that the guy doesn't have to be all cool and silent angry and such, right?

I love teasing my favorite characters in prose. It’s a daunting task to try to fluster Dark, but hopefully this is alright. It’s up to interpretation what it was that caused him to get this way since I can’t come up with anything and everyone’s different.

This was probably the only time you had ever seen Dark like this.

He seemed entirely at a loss for words, eyes widened just slightly in what you perceived as surprise. He averted his eyes as though making eye contact would only worsen the situation and you tried to stifle a laugh, with only a small degree of success.

If you looked hard enough, you thought you could see a bit of color rising to his usually pale face. It was oddly cute.

“That word doesn’t suit me,” Dark answered, a little too fast. You hadn’t realized that you had said that out loud.

“Would you have preferred adorable?” you quipped smugly.

“Don’t test it. Stop talking.”

You chuckled as Dark pardoned himself, refusing to make eye contact the entire time.

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Which character or person, of all of those that you know, embodies to you the word GENTLEMAN?

who is the opposite of donald trump?

send me an ask

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15. things you said with too many miles between us. Kyo/Kaoru

OKAY here it is and sorry it took so long

The sun was just coming up, but Kaoru had been in and out of sleep for the past several hours, his mind stuck on something. Normally when he couldn’t sleep he’d just get up and try to work, channel his overactive mental state into something creatively productive, but this time he’d just been letting himself drown in thoughts. All week he’d felt off, like something wasn’t balanced in him. The fact was he was lonely, but more than that, he was missing someone specific, and he knew perfectly well that it was Kyo.

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that was a perfect shot, too.

the signs as i know them
  • aries: big dreamers. believers of the impossible. they can be very overwhelming in their acts of kindness, most likely further unsettling you. they enjoy long bikes rides in the summer and are almost always drinking coffee. can be very hard to read, only open up to people who are very close to them.
  • taurus: never second guess themselves. they are well composed and patient. very good at hiding their emotions. they prefer to surround themselves with loud people and chaos. when the time comes, they can be very kind. appreciative of the life they have been given, they couldn't ask for anything greater.
  • gemini: very indecisive. they do not know what they wish to achieve in life, just let life flow past them in the hopes it will take them somewhere. well-spoken. intelligent to the point they confuse others instead of teaching them. prefer to enjoy the simplicities of life instead of getting hung up on their past.
  • cancer: domestic; family oriented. they are very relaxed, prefer to spend nights at home in the bath or with a book. but, they can be unsettled easily, and work very hard to have their way. their friends often influence their personality. enjoy the history behind the arts, rather than the art itself.
  • leo: dramatic, daring, and strong willed. they can be overwhelming, but that is just how they care for you. they hate being told what to do/how to live their life. have contagious laughs and smiles, and tell horrible jokes. they strongly believe in indulgence and independence. always energetic.
  • virgo: easy to talk to. they are very open, often plunging into emotional talks without a trigger. very good at reading situations and knowing when to back off. when introduced to a dangerous situation, they can be self-centred and do what's best for them. have an acute awareness of reality.
  • libra: out of this world. fascinated by the complexities of our universe, and the joys of life. they are extremely friendly and caring. you can go months without talking and they will pick everything back up like it was only hours. have a great taste in fashion, food, and literature.
  • scorpio: overwhelming. they may wear their heart on their sleeve, but snarl at people who look at it. they add their personality to their art form, and are great at cooking and writing. they are very compassionate to those they care about, though they hit low points often and take it out on others.
  • sagittarius: bright and excitable. they often laugh at their own jokes, but are last to clue in for yours. they have a temper and can be easily pissed off, but they direct their anger inward. it's hard to tell when they are upset unless you know them very well. they express deep interest in athletics and art.
  • capricorn: can often be cold and distant, but behind their resting bitch face, they harbour a warm heart. they are very passionate about their work and interests. love working with kids, though would prefer not to have their own. enjoy long car rides, loud music, tattoos, and piercings.
  • aquarius: unorthodox. they are fond of the obscenities in the world. they are very intelligent, but not overwhelmingly so. tend to procrastinate. they are quiet, do not stand up for themselves or others in public situations, but will tend to wounds when emotions calm. prefer to keep a low profile.
  • pisces: artistic and melancholic. their presence can become overbearing if you are a pushover. they have an underlying discomfort that is reflected in their artwork. they are very clever and easily amused. easily addicted to coffee and sugar. they enjoy lazy days watching netflix. very open and honest.
57: cute little moment
  • since I haven't done these in FOREVER, just thought I'd do another one like old times (idek if people still do this)
  • Michael: You guys were cuddling at his house for what felt like hours. Michael always tells you he could stare at you for hours if he had to. "Michael, what're you doing?" giggling, you brush his hair out of his eyes. Smiling, he replies. "You, obviously..." he smirks, kissing your forehead. "I could admire you all day... you're just so beautiful..." he said, giving you a tender kiss. You sigh happily against his lips. "You're such a softie!" you laugh, kissing him again. "I love you."
  • Calum: "CALUM!" you screamed as he tickled you all over. "Please, stop! I'm begging you!" You couldn't stop screaming and laughing, feeling tears come out of your eyes. "Not good enough!" he tickled you even more. "I'll do anything, I swear!" he stopped as soon as you said that. After catching your breath again, you sat up, shoving him lightly while he laughed at you. "Promise me you'll always love me..." he looked up at you. "You said you'd do anything, so..." he looked down, playing with his fingers. "Cal," you placed your hand on his shoulder "I'll always love you, no matter what." you smiled wide at him. "Good!" now he was the one smiling widely. "Now, come here!" he said, pulling you onto his lap, kissing you.
  • Ashton: "What are doing next?" You asked Ashton curiously as you guys walked out of the restaurant that you two just had dinner. "Honestly, I have no clue..." he laughed sheepishly, wrapping an arm around you as you guys walked side by side. "Let's just walk around until we get bored!" he smiled down at you. After a few minutes, you could feel the cold wind breathe against your skin, causing you to shiver a little. "Take my sweatshirt," you noticed Ashton start to take off his sweatshirt, but you stopped him. "Ash, no, you'll be cold too." you shook your head. Rolling his eyes, he pulled it off without hesitation and handed it to you, leaving himself only in a white t-shirt. "Put it on, Y/N" he said, politely. You sighed, slipping it on, inhaling the smell of his cologne. "It looks so much better on you either way," he kissed your forehead. "Keep it."
  • Luke: "Look at that! It reminds me of you!" you pointed at the Pandora charm, that was a penguin. Luke smiled big at you, thinking about how cute it was that whenever you spot something with a penguin, you always say it reminds you of him. "Do you want me to buy it for you?" he asked you. You widened your eyes. "Luke, no. It's 80 bucks, too expensive." You shook your head. He opened his mouth to protest, but your phone started ringing. "I have a few charms, don't worry" you kissed his cheek. "It's my mom, let me get this, yeah?" you said as he nodded his head, stepping out of Pandora. A few minutes later, you spotted Luke coming out of Pandora, just as you hung up the phone. Noticing he had his hands behind his back, you crossed your arm, lifting an eyebrow up. "Luke Hemmings!" you laughed. He smiled wide, revealing a little gift bag. "I couldn't resist. Now you'll always remember me when I'm on tour." he pulled you into him, kissing you and handing you the little gift bag.
  • any requests?

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Hi there! I need some help! So, I 've made a post about Sam's beautiful eyes and I wanted to create a tag for them (you know how for instance we call jensen's eyes fanfiction green) and I couldn't come up with anything good (I might have spent about an hour just staring dreamily at them instead please don't judge me :P) Any suggestions?

I would never judge. Staring into Jared/Sam’’s eyes is absolutely a worthwhile pursuit and I will happily join you in it (and making a post about his eyes is awesome!). I am not qualified to describe the color (is anyone, really?) but I’ll try:

  • I’ve seen fic refer to Sam/Jared’s eyes as brown, green, blue, blue-green, amber, hazel, and champagne hazel.
  • In other words, WTF color are they anyway
  • Alternatively: the actual planet earth, because they contain every color found in nature and then some
  • You could also keyboard smash, because that’s also a pretty reasonable response.
  • The actual question is: are we looking at central heterochromia here? Because I feel like we are.
  • ETA: themegalosaurus, always-keep-writing, sarcastilecki, and omnificoctopus added sunflower eyes, chameleon hazel, and what color even are your eyes

It’s probably impossible to adequately describe that color (those colors?) in less than 500 words, and I wish you the best of luck in your pursuits and am sorry I couldn’t be of more help. In the meantime, I hope everyone will join me in staring.


zeroyalviking - the royal viking

(i couldn’t think of anything better i am sorry)

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Ava's Demon ask meme!!
  • This has probably been done before and I don't care.
  • Ava: If you could erase your entire past and start over with a whole new life, who would you want to be and why?
  • Maggie: Have you ever resorted to less-than-respectable tactics in order to win someone over or gain their trust?
  • Gil: What is your greatest passion in life? Did anything specific inspire this?
  • Odin: What's your family like?
  • Wrathia: What is the biggest change you've ever experienced in your life?
  • Tuls: Have you ever experienced unrequited love?
  • Nevy: Do you ever overstep your boundaries when protecting the people who are important to you?
  • Pedri: What's your attitude with regards to socialization?
  • Raven: Are you good at funny faces? What's your best one?
  • Crow: Are you silly or serious?
  • TITAN: Are you religious? If so, what religion, and why?
  • Strategos Six: Describe your own personal paradise.

“do you want to know what’s bad?” anastasia’s speaking to no one in particular, but she’s secretly praying that someone in the bar is listening to her. “that i don’t have anymore vodka at my house.” she takes a sip of her martini, eyes squinting slightly. “sometimes i just want to make myself a good mixed drink without having to go anywhere, maybe not wear pants as i look at the hollywood hills from my balcony, but god wasn’t on my side today and made me put on clothes and come to this bar. it smells like meatloaf in here.”

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I was trying to think of a good fan pickup line but seriously couldn't come up with anything

Finnick: Man, mate…that must really blow, eh?

Melody: Just like Terry, right?

Terry: What.

Finnick: What.

Pablo: What.

Melody: What?

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It was dark, so dark that I couldn't see a thing. I felt like someone drowned me in blood and put me inside a fridge for weeks. Some kind of box was moving and I was inside it. Terrified, cold, injured, alone. I tried to think about something good, but I couldn't remember anything, I saw a woman who probably was my mom, but I couldn't picture her face or remember her name, I couldn't remember my own name. That was terrifying, in panic, I screamed as loud as I could, feeling all my pain at once.

I woke up by a huge slap in my stomach. I opened my eyes and saw Thomas, smiling, his hands on his knees.

“Wake up, Newt. The new Greenie is soon coming, and you’re the best for calming them down, so…”

I groaned, wanting to sleep for longer. I looked around, trying to remember where I was: I fell asleep behind the gardens, near the tomatoes. I sighed and took the hand Thomas offered me, helping me to stand up.

“Thanks for wakin’ me up, because I’d still be sleeping. Alby is killing me. Great guy, but he just makes everyone work like crazy”

Thomas laughed, and we walked towards the Box, hearing some metallic noise. The Greenie will come soon.

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11) things you said when you were drunk-niam

“Have you ever, you know, kissed a guy?”

Niall blinks slowly. “What?”

“Like, you know.” Liam waves his hand around his face, like that makes it any clearer. “With a guy.”

“Is this your way of coming onto me, Payno?” Niall asks around a yawn. They’re at Liam’s house - Liam’s mansion, Niall thinks with a grin - and they’re probably a few beers past tipsy. “I’m not experimenting with you, mate. If you wanna kiss a boy, go ask Grimmy. Or Harry. I bet Harry would snog ya.”

Liam preens for a minute before he shakes his head and laughs. They’re on opposite sides of Liam’s giant sofa, both of them with their legs stretched out towards each other and their feet barely touch because of the size of the stupid thing.

“I was just wondering,” Liam says quietly, closing his eyes and tilting his head back. He’s been letting his hair grow a bit and it’s curling over his forehead, looking softer than he usually styles it if he’s going out. 

Niall waits patiently, sipping at his warm beer and waiting Liam out. 

“Like, why not though?”

Niall raises his eyebrows and catches Liam’s frown. “Why not what?”

“Why wouldn’t you experiment with me?” Liam looks a little put out now and he’s smoothing his hands through his hair. “Would you experiment with someone else?”

“Nah,” Niall says easily, raising his beer in a silent toast. “If I was gonna experiment, it’d totally be with you.”

“Yeah?” Liam asks, sounding hopeful.

Niall grins. “Well I’m not going to snog Harry, am I? Don’t know where he’s been lately. And Louis has enough birds fighting over him. I’m not getting in the middle of that. Nah, I’d choose you, Payno. I bet you’d know how to show me a good time. Plus, I know exactly where you’ve been, you monogamous bastard.”

“I’d definitely show you a good time,” Liam says earnestly, closing his eyes again and doing little to hide his beaming smile. “The best time.”

“Yeah,” Niall says, nudging Liam’s foot gently with his own. “I know.”