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Coming in close second, do you have anything for mama Jackie? Your Jack is basically like the only Jack I accept now lmao I can't unsee this fierce woman that takes no shit but loves hard and just agh Crew Mom Jack❤️❤️❤️

(I have HEAPS of stuff surrounding Mama Jack because it is my personal belief that the only interpretation of Jack in the fahc au, whether people headcanon the character as male, female, whatever, she is the epitome of the group mom, because really that’s who Jack is irl. I think I’ll keep rolling with the nightmares thing for now, because we saw her help Trevor a little, so why not show how she’s helped the other boys!)

The first time Jack helped one of her boys in the aftermath of a nightmare was within the first few weeks after she had brought Gavin home. She’d been woken up by desperate screams for help, and had practically jumped out of her and Geoff’s bed and was across the hall and in Gavin’s room in a minute or less. Gav was curled into a ball on his bed, shaking and sweating. She approached him with care, speaking softly to him the whole way over to his bed from the door, so he knew it was her. She had never asked about his old jobs, or why he’d come to the US, it wasn’t really her business, and if he wanted her to know, he’d tell her, so she just sat on the edge of his bed and pulled him to her, and just hugged him, whispering to him that he was safe here, that he would never have to go back to the gang he’d left, that she and Geoff already loved him so much and would do anything to keep him safe and with them. It took some time to break through the fog of terror wrapped around Gavin’s head, and he slowly managed to calm down. He thanked her softly, and fell asleep on her, and she was happy to stay with him for the rest of the night. In the morning, over tea before Geoff got up, Gavin told her why he’d left London, why he’d left his old gang behind, and ventured into the theme of the nightmare without giving too much detail, and Jack listened carefully, taking in all of the details, and she knew that if that gang had been stateside she would have destroyed them for what they did to her first boy.

Michael held out longer before Jack realized he was having nightmares. Michael woke with whimpers instead of yells, he had grown up forced into a girls role and was told as a little kid that being loud wasn’t allowed for him, so even his subconscious at first wouldn’t let him even scream from the nightmares. The only reason Jack noticed was because Gavin came to her one night, at the time he and Michael had been sharing a room because they were still in a two bedroom apartment, and they didn’t have the space for the boys to have their own rooms, and he told her that he thought Michael was having nightmares, but that he couldn’t get him to wake up when it happened. She told Gavin to let her know if it happened that night, and she would come in and try to help. And that night she was woken up by Gavin shaking her shoulder, so she followed him across the hall and she sat with Michael, stroking his messy curls back from his face while he whimpered, she just kept gently petting his hair until he slowly started waking up, he looked up at her blearily and asked what she was doing there, she told him he’d been having a nightmare, but that it was okay, he was safe here, no matter what it was that was haunting him it couldn’t get him here. He’d fallen asleep after that reassurance, and while Jack never found out what he’d been dreaming about those first few months, she did know that after that night when she’d woken him up he hadn’t had nightmares so frequently, Gavin told her so, which was a relief to say the least. 

Ray didn’t have nightmares, he just refused to sleep. He spent weeks pulling all nighters to avoid falling asleep, and when anyone asked him why he would clam up, just shrugged it off and changed the subject. It had taken a long time to get anything out of him, but Jack was determined to make him feel safe here, she had a lot of conversations with him about it, not prying, but just a gentle probing, telling him that if he wanted to talk he could always come to her, no matter what. He started sleeping shortly after that, never for very long and never at night, but he slept, and that was enough for Jack at the time, because he needed sleep. One night, months later, Ray finally came to her, he had woken up soundlessly to a nightmare, it was late in the evening, and he had been having a catnap in the living room, he found Jack in the kitchen, she was packing up the leftovers from supper to bring down the street to Ryan in their newly purchased penthouse. Ray cleared his throat softly and sat at the kitchen table, and just started talking, told her everything his last gang had done to him, how he had been trained to be a sniper before he was even old enough to drive, how they’d threatened to hurt his mom if he tried to leave, so of course he kept working with them. He came clean about everything in a rush, he told her exactly what had happened in the dream. Jack listened with no interruptions, just let him talk the whole thing out, and then when he was done, she hugged him, assured him that he was safe in this house, and that she and Geoff would never force him to be apart of something if he was scared or uncomfortable with it. Ray started sleeping properly after that, every once in awhile he’d have a nightmare, and Jack would wake up with him sitting on the floor on her side of the bed, his DS on it’s lowest brightness setting, playing some game or another, and she would gently pet his hair until they had both fallen asleep again. They never talked about Ray’s past again, but he was fine just sitting on the floor in Jack and Geoff’s room to be reminded that this place was safe.

Ryan’s nightmares were frequent, and violent. Jack spent a lot of night’s over at the new penthouse before the whole group moved in, trying to help Ryan transition into a safe state. They hadn’t moved in any of their kitchenware yet, but she still found a knife under his pillow one night. He still wasn’t speaking, so she left it alone, and left the knife where it was, because it clearly made him feel safe. So she waited, she and Geoff got everyone moved in and still she waited. It took a little while and then finally Ryan managed to get his voice back, and the for the first time he was able to call for help when he woke up screaming, and Jack was there in a flash, just like she always was, and when he’d calmed down and put the knife back on his bedside table he managed to choke out what the dream had been about. Ryan’s nightmares were the only ones that weren’t related to other people from old gangs, his were about his step-dad, who, after years and years of nightmares Ryan finally told Jack, had killed his mother and pretty much psychologically tortured a young Ryan until the day he moved out for university when he was eighteen, it’s why he still sleeps with a knife under his pillow. And Jack heard him out, and assured him he was okay, especially when Ryan admitted that his step-father had been his first kill, he couldn’t hurt him anymore. Ryan was one of the only members or the crew who, after talking things out with Jack, still had the nightmares, but it was okay after that, he knew that he could come to Jack if he needed to, and even though his nightmares were no less violent, they were far less frequent then they had been.

By the time Jeremy came along Jack was well versed in helping someone through a nightmare. He was home with them for a few weeks, and had spent the first one hopped up on pain killers for a busted rib he’d got leaving his old crew, so he hadn’t even had enough faculties to dream, let alone have a nightmare. Once he was weaned off the pain killers though, he started having them nearly every night. He was quiet like Michael had been, waking with whimpers and gasped breaths, the only reason Jack caught them was because she was up late one night with Geoff, watching a re-run of an old movie they liked after all the others had gone to bed, Jeremy’s bedroom was closest to the living room, and Jack could hear him whimpering, and she was up off the couch in the blink of an eye, and Geoff let her go, knowing that their boys were far more important than a movie they could watch on Netflix any time. When Jack came into Jeremy’s room he was curled up with his back pressed against the headboard of the bed, hugging his knees to his chest and rocking back and forth, so Jack approached him and wrapped him up tightly in her arms and whispered to him that he was safe, that he was okay and no one was going to hurt him. They sat there like that for a long time, Jeremy’s face pressed into Jack’s neck as he cried it out. Eventually Jeremy pulled back enough to look at her face, and with tears in his eyes he told her that she was the best mom in the world, and he hugged her again. 

Eventually, Jack started having nightmares of her own, scared of losing her boys after all she had heard of their pasts, and when she had nightmares it was Geoff who helped her, usually, sometimes she’d wake from them silently and walk out to the living room and stand out on the deck in the cool air surrounded by black sky, and she would just listen to the sounds of the city and try to calm herself down. She was alone the first few times, and then one night Jeremy followed her out, he’d been up late working on some escape plans and last ditch efforts for a heist that Geoff wanted done for the next day, and he’d heard her moving around. So he slipped out of his room and made some tea for the two of them and took it out to the balcony, he tapped the glass and handed her the mug and just stood with her, watching the late night workers and the people going home from nights out to the club or a bar. They stood together in the chill night air, sipping their tea, and after awhile Jeremy looked at her, and told her that she didn’t need to worry, his old gang was long disbanded, and there was no way Ray and Ryan’s old crews would be stupid enough to come get them now, and Michael and Gavin’s were too far away to even think about bothering them. He told her they were safe, just like she had told each of them when she had helped them through their nightmares before, because they were safe, because Jack is a monster at the very thought of her children being hurt. And Jeremy was right, her boys were safe, and that helped her sleep at night, just like it had helped each of her boys.

Rain, rain, don’t go away | Clean

She was humming the lyrics to some old Kelly Clarkson song as she made her way pick Sean up from work. With the windows down, hair blowing in the wind, and sunglasses that covered half of her face, Cleo felt like she was the star of a classic 2004 music video. It had been a good week for her; starting to work as an intern with her mom, she was catching the gist of what it was like to be a journalist, fashion designer, and basically a Miranda Priestly and was very relieved to find out that she did not want to do that with her future. Overall, she had been feeling very good with herself, and after a few months of feeling like she was just drifting through life, she was finally doing something productive, even if it was just following her mom around the office and buying coffee. 

Once she arrived at the place and sat in her car for 5 minutes, debating whether to go inside, say hello, and probably embarrass Sean and herself in front of his co-workers in some way, or just wait for him to come out, she finally decided to text him. “I’m here!” she wrote, adding little smiley and kissy emojis at the end. As she waited, she pulled her shades up and opened the Waze app to check the route she was taking again. She had never been to this place, at least not that she remembered, and now she was on her way to pack it up and sell it to another couple that would hopefully not end up divorced and sad. She glanced at the backseat of her Jeep which was filled with cardboard boxes she’d just bought at Home Depot, and then turned to look at herself in the mirror, sighing. “New beginnings,” she said to herself quietly.