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Brett Talbot - Prom


In honor of Brett Talbot’s death, I am doing another imagine for him.  I’ve always loved Brett, he was my favorite minor character.  Jeff Davis should’ve done so much more with him, but he didn’t, and that kind of disappoints me.  But oh well, a little Brett is better than no Brett at all.

People stared at you as you walked into the principal’s office.  You could feel all eves on you, so you kept your eyes focused on the ground in front of your feet.  You knew exactly why they were staring, and you hated it.  They were staring because of the filled out forms in your hand.  Forms to bring a student to prom that didn’t go to Beacon Hills High School.

Normally, nobody would care if someone brought a date from another school.  But for you, it was different.  You were dating Beacon Hills High’s Public Enemy Number One.  Not only was he from the rival school, Devenford Prep, but he was the star of their lacrosse team, your school’s biggest rival in the league.  You were bringing Brett Talbot to a Beacon Hills High School Prom.

You slipped the paper into a box, with the words Prom Inquiries and Forms.  After it was in, you immediately turned away and practically ran through the halls to avoid all of the eyes bearing down on you.  

You hated how much hate you got for dating him.  Everyone in the school took the rivalry really seriously, which often got you accused of being a traitor to the school.  You didn’t like to talk about it much, especially not to Brett.  The first time you told him, he got very upset over it, and he thought he’d ruined your life.  But he hadn’t.  He’d made it so much better, because you loved him.

So you’d deal with the hate if you had to.  It wasn’t going to stop you from seeing Brett.  People who you didn’t even know wouldn’t be able to keep you from being happy.


Prom night had come, and you couldn’t have been more excited.  You’d spent so long looking for the perfect dress, and you were so happy when you finally found it.  You were wearing a floor-length baby powder blue dress, which hid your white wedge heels.  You’d never worn heels around Brett before, so you hoped it would help you pick up your height a little so you could level with him.  

Your heart began to race when you heard the doorbell ring, and the door opened to reveal Brett.  He took a moment to admire your outfit before finally meeting your eyes.  “Wow, you look stunning,” he said as he stepped into your living room.  

You admired him as well.  He looked so handsome in a suit, and his shirt beneath his jacket was the same color as your dress.  You smiled at him and took a step towards him.  “You look pretty wow yourself,” you said, smiling at him.

Your mother stood up from the couch and smiled at Brett.  Your parents had met him several times, and they loved him.  Even your dad, who was very protective over you.  “Picture time!” she said excitedly in a sing-songy voice.

You and Brett spent the next ten minutes posing wherever your mother told you to, doing whatever she said to.  When she finally released the two of you to leave, Brett offered you his arm.  “Shall we?” he asked.

You let out a small giggle as you looped your arm through his.  “Let’s.”  You walked outside to the limo that Brett had rented and sat down in the luxury compartment.  It was truly beautiful, and it made you feel even more special.

When the limo pulled up to the school, Brett climbed out of the car first - because he was closer to the door - and held out his hand to help you out.  You smiled as you took it, and he led you into the venue.

All activity ceased the moment you entered the room.  The music didn’t stop playing, but it might as well have.  All eyes were on you and Brett as you walked in and took your seats at the assigned table.  Conversations had stopped, and people stepped out of your way when you were walking.

Brett pulled out your chair for you before seating himself.  “Do we look that good together, that everyone has to stop and stare?”

You sighed and shook your head.  You knew he was trying to be funny, but there was nothing funny about the situation.  Everyone was staring and judging you because you went with him.  “It’s because you go to Devenford,” you said quietly.  Conversations began to start back up, and you let out a frustrated sigh.  School was one thing, but prom?  Prom was supposed to be the most special night of your life, and they were trying to ruin it.

Brett placed his hand beneath your chin gently, and lifted your head so you were looking at him.  “y/n, do you love me?”

You nodded your head slowly as you stared into his green eyes.  “Of course I do, more than anything,” you said quietly.

He smiled at you.  You loved that smile, you loved it more than anything, and that was why you put up with all the hate.  “Then focus on that.  Don’t focus on any of them, or their stares, or their judgement.  Tonight isn’t about them.”  He leaned forward, his hand still beneath your chin, and pressed his forehead against yours gently.  “So let’s enjoy this night together, okay?”

You nodded again as a smile played its way across your lips.  You quickly gave him a peck on the lips, then took a deep breath as you pulled your face away from his.  “You’re right,” you said.  “Let’s enjoy this.”

He grinned.  “Would you like to dance?”

Your smile grew as you nodded for a third time and stood up.  Brett led you by the hand to the dance floor, ignoring all the eyes on you.  You did your best to block them out as well.

You could feel the eyes on you as you danced with Brett, but you tried your hardest not to let it get to you.  Brett stopped his dancing when the music slowed down, and he gently took your hands in his.  

Play the song California by Chase Goehring on YouTube if you can, it’s a beautiful slow song and I’m imagining it for this moment.  I can’t put the video into the post :/

“May I have this dance?” he asked you.

You nodded with a smile as you raised your arms to hand around his neck, and his hands found placement on your hips.  As you swayed side to side and your y/e/c eyes locked with Brett’s, you forgot all about the staring and the judgement.  It became so easy to block it all out and just focus on the guy in front of you.  You didn’t care that you were still being watched, you forgot about it all together.  It was just you and Brett dancing.

You wished that you could capture the moment and hold onto it forever.  You wanted to stay there in that moment, smiling and slow dancing with the person you loved the most in the world.  

“I love you,” you whispered quietly.  For your entire life, before you met Brett, you’d always wondered what real love felt like.  Was it as amazing as people described it to be?  Or was it the most painful thing you’d ever experience, as you’d also heard?  But in that moment, you knew what love was.  It was a mixture of the two.  Being in love with Brett brought you a lot of hate, which caused you more pain than you’d ever imagined possible.  But he made up for it by being the sweetest, kindest, most loving boyfriend you could ask for.  He always made you smile when you were feeling down, and he helped you with whatever you needed whenever you needed it.  If you needed help in a class, he’d tutor you.  If you couldn’t walk, he’d carry you.  He was the embodiment of everything you ever wanted from a guy.  “I love you so much.”

He leaned forward, so his lips just barely grazed yours as he spoke.  “I love you more.”  He connected his lips to yours, locking the both of you in a passionate kiss, then and there.  You could feel the stares, but you didn’t care.  All you cared about was Brett.

When you broke the kiss, the two of you continued to dance slowly to the music.

I wanna live in California.  I wanna be with ya.  I want you to be the reason for the ring on my ring finger.

Brett looked into your eyes after that line.  “I love you so much, y/n,” he said quietly.  He rested his forehead against yours and closed his eyes.  “I want you to be the reason for the ring on my ring finger, someday.”

A smile made its way across your face as your cheeks blushed red.  “I feel the same way,” you said quietly.  “So, if all goes, well, I will be.”

He opened his eyes.  “Will you promise me that?”

You nodded and tightened your arms around his neck slightly, bringing him closer to you.  “I promise,” you whispered.

in addition to a lot of technical questions, we are also getting a lot of messages from people who are very worried so here’s another (kind of) faq post:

you can read the other faq post here. that post contains more news centered questions. 

i suspect that there will be some consequences because of what happened. what are the legal consequences of something like this?

the legal consequences of cases like this would probably entail him having to do some hours of community service and/or probation. he might also be required to take some type of class or something similar to aa. 

what are the social consequences of this? 

the public will always bring it back up. it might die down a bit, but of course there will be people who will bring it back up. whether they bring up the fact that he was drunk or the fact that he was accused of sexually harassing someone, some people will always bring it up. you also have to remember that some people don’t stick around to hear the full story if they’re not interested in celebrities, so they might not know what happened after the big headline went out on saturday night. 

what is going to happen to shinee/onew’s career because of this?

please do not worry about it too much. nothing is going to happen to the group and the members. as you’ve seen shinee still has schedules rolling in (jonghyun and taemin’s appearences on tv shows to be broadcast later today, taemin’s concert and solo album, key’s play). their life as an artist is not going to stop completely because of this. i mentioned in the previous faq that onew will not be dropped from the group; their are other individuals who have done things like this (and worse) and they are still here. shinee has always proved themselves to be a group of strong and professional individuals. 

a side note: k and j shawols have requested that we stop talking about the issue until the case is solved. do what you will with that information. 

all that being said, if you guys need to take some time away from the fandom please do so! there’s nothing wrong with being sad or worried, but i would love it if you guys could feel better. so please distract yourself some how, if you need to get off of social media for a few days, do that. 

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hey I was wondering if I could get a lil advice from ya. I'm in a relationship that really strikes chords with your ex-comics. He's done close to or similar things actually... I've tried leaving a few times but never had the gal to go through with it. Things appear to be going better recently but I still hold onto the things he's done over the years. Do you think you could get over the bullshit he put you through if things all of a sudden got better? or would it be better to walk away and let go

Abusive relationships go through cycles of really good and really bad. If they were bad all the time, no one would stay! 

Read http://www.loveisrespect.org/ and see if you identify with anything you read. They have very good advice.

They will only change if they want to, and put the work in. That means therapy and HUGE behavior changes. Permanent ones. And work on your side too, to let go of the resentment. If you can’t, you need to be honest with yourself and leave for your own mental health. Resentment is just terrible. I remember crying myself to sleep every night over everything that happened, even when he was being so sweet… I haven’t cried in so long now.

I can’t say if they’re willing to do the work or not, but most people won’t change until they want to do so for themselves, not someone else or a SO. 

Cheers & stay safe friend! You are worth the whole world, don’t ever second guess it.

everyone already knows that i did that with the drug advice but to recap that was fr a huge miss steak for me to talk about HOW i get high publicly where anyone could have access to that info. and since im 18 now i should know better, im not gonna do it anymore. i had to straight up stop treating everyone on the internet like theyre the same age as me. but i have not done it again since then and dont plan to. treating drug use like a healthy coping mechanism for mental illness or trauma is not ok.

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hi, can i ask you your opinion on louis' team? i see a lot of people writing up long posts saying they aren't doing anything for louis but i don't agree? your thoughts?

Hi anon! Oh man, you just want me to lose followers, huh? Yeah, I…don’t agree with a lot of my mutuals’ thoughts about his promo.

I think it’s clear his team doesn’t have the money to buy shit for him like Someone Else, but I also think he’s had a decent mix of interview venues and the like. I think his magazine articles and shoots have been great.

I think choosing to do a collab has limited his ability to perform the song, and I don’t know who that was on, but Liam made the same choice. So I don’t automatically view that as a bad thing.

I also seem to recall that just last week Niall was on at least one radio show without it being tweeted about beforehand. Niall fans (Lovers? What the fuck are they/we called?) didn’t freak out.

I think there’s stuff they could have done better, but I don’t think it’s this dire thing others do.

Speaking more broadly, I do think that there is a lot of frustration, especially among Larries who think/”know” Louis and Harry are together, for a few reasons. (I’m not sure which/many of my mutuals would put themselves in that camp, so this is more about the fandom in general.) In no order:
- Harry’s whole promo rollout was so, so different. And I think even if people don’t want to talk about it, it’s hard to see two people you believe to be in a couple would be happy with such different rollouts.
- I think of lot of us thought babygate would be over by now, and since it’s not, a lot of people are highly confused and frustrated by that. I think that’s where a lot of complaining about how he’s being asked “personal” questions come from.
- I think a lot of the subversive seeming hints Louis was giving before are gone, and I think it can be hard to consider reasons for why they may have ended, so the easiest thing to do is blame his team.
- I think Larries are really, really good at analyzing things and theorizing, and that is continuing in Louis’ promo.

Having said all of that, the nice thing is that I have found this side of the fandom can disagree with each other (even mutuals!) without resorting to name calling or being told we’re not real fans. (I hope to God it stays that way, too.)

And hey, my mutuals could be right! If I change my mind on it, I’ll admit it, just like I have about other things.

Anyhow, that’s my unpopular opinion!

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If they made a new generation of skins, you think it would be a good season? Or you think it's best they ended the show

Well the show seemed to go downhill the more seasons they made; based on fan favourites/opinions. Lots of people didn’t like generation 3 and season 7. I think if they made a new generation of college students at Roundview (not following individual past characters as adults) it would have the potential to be good but I think there’d be a chance of it being disappointing. I think if they were to make a new season, the best thing they could do is make a reunion season where they bring back the majority of characters from each generation. I personally wish they had done that for season 7 because I think they could have ended the show much better.

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As far as I'm concerned (a bisexual), Aces are part of the community. I think you've done extremely well, dealing with internalised homophobia- I thank you as well, not everyone can see past what they were raised to be.

i also believe that every ace (and aro!!) belongs in the community if they so choose to join!!

i thank you for being kind and supporting. C:

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11&12 for 2am?

11: What do you like best about this fic?

I….. don’t really know how to put it. I like how wholesome the fic is I guess. Like, I had a lot of people ask me to write smut into it, and that just didn’t sit well with me, so I didn’t and I am glad that I didn’t. I also like that I’ve stuck with it to the end (the next chapter is almost done and there may be an epilogue after it? But like, the entire fic is pretty much done). This is the longest thing I have ever written, my first stab at romance, my first kiss scene, a lot of firsts, and I’m kinda proud of myself for putting myself out of my comfort zone and making something out of nothing?

12: What do you like least about this fic?

Hmmmmmmmmmm…. I feel like there are some scenes that are just wasted potential. Like, that could have been better, more interesting if I had changed the setting. I also wish I had developed their relationship a little bit more by showing more humorous and playful sides between them. It can’t all just bee serious conversations about trust and respect or lovey dovey scenes, I wish there was a little more humor!

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Dear Yayaha, I am an elezen woman's retainer... and I know she fancies me, and I do fancy her as well, but I never wished to risk our friendship or our professional relationship. It always seemed better to me to have her near me than to risk losing her. Unfortunately, she has decided to end our relationship, I suppose, because I haven't become her lover, and now I have lost her. I think I have done the wrong thing, but I'm not sure. Your perspective would be helpful. - A Sad Raendrop

Dear Raendrop,

You fancy her, and she fancies you… but because you hesitated to take action she became fed up and ended the relationship you had before it could even blossom into anything.

So. Here is what you do:

Firstly, become the retainer of someone else, clearing up your professional concerns and allowing it to no longer be a thorn in your side! Retainers are in high demand, so you should have no problem finding work!

Secondly, get her a cascading bouquet of Lily of the Valley, Ivy, and Purple Old Roses. This bouquet means: I’m Sorry, but you take my breath away. Not only is it exceptionally stunning, and a fantastic addition to anyone’s home, it will also help get your point across.

Thirdly, be honest and kind as you speak to her. Tell her that you fancy her, and you’d like to pick up your relationship as her friend and see how you go from there. If all things go well you’ll have regained her friendship, and can then slowly work to see if you two are compatible in a more romantic sense.

Your only mistake was waiting too long.

Now go win that Elezen’s heart!

With lots of Love and Support,


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J - Are you insecure. What about?
We’re all a little bit insecure. The thing that I’m usually worried about is not being perfect. I grew up in a house where I was the odd man out because I was the bastard kid from a previous relationship and my mom had 3 kids with my (step)dad so I felt the constant need to be great while also always being told I could do better. So now even when I’m proud of something I’ve done or made, I’m always worried it’s not as good as it could have been and I could have done this, this, and this better.

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The thing with Caitlin is, like one anon said, I liked her in the earlier seasons. She COULD be a badass character and bff's with Iris and KF could have had one of the best storylines for a side character, but the writers and directors threw so many good opportunities with her character away. They threw a lot of good opportunities away in s3 tho... but a lot of good and cute WA moments came from s3 so... can't have all wins I guess :\

Agreed on all of that, Anon. EVERYTHING Caitlin-related could’ve been done better post-s1. There was so much that annoyed the crap out of me in season 3, but at the same time… there was so much fabulous westallen and Iris content, so like…???

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5, 11, 12, 14 and 15 for trfl? (Sorry this is probably too many)

5: What part was hardest to write?

does this scene look self-indulgent? no? then it was hard

(more seriously, i’d probably say the political bits, just bc i have to make sure they’re good and match up properly, yknow?)

11: What do you like best about this fic?

it’s really fun to write and it’s very self-indulgent, hahaha. plus, i mean, modern magic aus are my fave thing ever and it’s generally good practice for writing!

12: What do you like least about this fic?

the plot. i really enjoy it, don’t get me wrong, but hindsight is 20/20 and i am constantly spotting things i could have done better.

14: Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic?

not really, to be honest. this isn’t one of my passive-aggressive “i love this character and there isn’t enough of their content” fics. it’s one of the ones i wrote primarily for myself.

15: What did you learn from writing this fic?

that i’m a fucking moron who doesn’t know how to write a short multichapter fic to save her own life. the document i started writing it on is titled “please be a small multichap.docx” and it fucking haunts me.


save him

also my commissions are open, if you’d for whatever reason be interested :’)

I absolutely LOVE people who pay with pennies!

Seriously. 4 years ago, I’m cashiering at a whacky mart on a register that holds all the smokes and alcohol. It’s 10pm and these two young men (early 20s) come up to the counter. They have three random novelty items (I don’t remember they were), but it was strange and unusual to get odd items this late at night. Maybe it was for some fraternity, I don’t know. It’s a college town so I get weird stuff from frats a lot. I scan the items and tell them their total is $22.xx.

Grinning at each other, they reach into their jackets and slam down two gallon zip-lock bags, full of only pennies. I stare them in the eye, but they didn’t even look back at me. Everyone else in line groan and went to other registers. These two kids knew what they were doing, but they didn’t know what they were in for because I prepared for this; I knew this was going to inevitably happen. I grinned with them, because I was gonna get paid during this. These pranksters are here for recreation. This convo occurs between Me, Ringleader (the other guy was silent and awkward), and a friendly coworker of mine.

Me: Is this $22.xx?

Ringleader: …

Me: Did you count it?

Ringleader: Nope.

Me: Are you going to?

Ringleader: Nope.

Me: Is it at least $22.xx?

Ringleader: Don’t know.

Me: Nice.

Coworker: Hey! You guys can use the self checkout. It can take all of your coins at once.

Me: Oh, don’t worry about it Cowor–

Ringleader: Nope, don’t trust them lady.  (Partner laughs)

Coworker: What? Why!?

Ringleader: Doesn’t count all your change right.

Coworker: I’ve used them before. It really works!

Me: (to Coworker) I got this.

I unpacked the ziplocks and threw all the pennies on the counter. It was a beautiful, massive shitstorm of a mess. And I digged in it. I was Frank in a dumpster in ‘It’s Always Sunny’. The two, still averting my gaze, start chuckling as if they were taking away my dignity. They whisper to each other “Dude oh my God,” “Dude yeah,” “Dude, hilarious.” I counted each penny, one by one. My coworker comes up to me.

Coworker: Guess I’ll help you count this.

Me: Don’t worry about it.

(She looks at me confused. Then she puts on her 'get down to busy’ look.)

Coworker: I got your back.

Me: Oh…ok.

We worked up a system where we counted ten, put them in a pile, then with ten stacks of ten pennies we separated them, making $1 piles. We made progress slowly but surely. Some customers came to the line, but we advised them to get to another line. Some of them looked at us confused, but when they saw the counter full of pennies they understood. Some decided to wait, but when they realized it wasn’t going to take just a few minutes they took their leave. Another register in the liquor department opened so it wasn’t too bad for other customers. We get to about $12 (about 10min in) until I “knocked” over the piles.

Coworker: Neontonsil!

Me: Oops. Sorry.

(Coworker looks at my grin. I give her a wink and tilt my head, motioning her to leave)

Coworker: You know what, I think I better let you do this.

Me: Ha, alright.

(Coworker leaves. I look at the two guys. They are absolutely stunned at the fallen piles of pennies.)

Me: (To Ringleader) Yeah, I’m going to have to count all of this again.

Ringleader: ….Ok.

I started from zero. I count slower then ever, and made my way back up. The duo is entirely silent. I get to about $7, when suddenly I say:

Me: Drats. I lost count. I better start all over again.

Ringleader: Really?

Me: Oh yeah man.

Ringleader: Why!?

Me: I lost count, sir. I could be in trouble if my register doesn’t have the right amount of cash, and I don’t want to rip you off.

Ringleader: …

It’s about an hour later. My manager walks past, looks at me. I smile at him, and he looks at the counter. He walks away without a word. I eventually count all the change and surprisingly they had only $18!

Me: Hmm, I think that this is $18.

(The duo has been dead silent. They look done for the night.)

Me: I’ll recount it.

I fucking recounted it.

Me: I think this is actually $19.xx.

(Without a word, the Ringleader whips out a $5)

Me: Seriously? You had cash?

Ringleader: Needed to get rid of my change.

Me. No problem. I’ll just recount this again. I want to make perfectly sure that this is $19, since I counted $18 the first time.

Ringleader: Are you kidding me?

(I shake my head no, completely serious)

He takes out a $20 bill straight out of his pocket and throws it at me. My coworker gives the biggest WHAT THE FUCK face. Internally, I die as well, because they were smart enough to have a backup plan. And the fact that he was touching his cash in his pocket the entire time kinda messed with me. I take the cash, do the transaction, give him his change, thanked him and wished him a good night. The two start to put their pennies back in the ziplock bags and I didn’t help them at all. I watched them just as how they watched me. Lots of pennies dropped to the floor, but they didn’t care to pick them up. It looked like their souls were sucked out of them. It was past midnight and I clocked out way past when I was supposed to. A lot of my coworkers gave me a thumbs up or told me good night. Even my manager told me 'good job,’ the only two words he ever said to me. Went to bed at the dorms after such a great petty penny night and crashed. Strange to say, but I’d love to count pennies again.

TL;DR I recounted 1900 pennies like 5 times. Was it 5 times? I better count again.

❄️ The Hero and the Fairy ❄️ this piece has been a long time coming~ i originally posted the initial sketch back in December, in fact! so, if anybody still remembers that, and helped choose this piece’s direction - thank you! and i hope it turned out to your liking! and i also hope that everyone who is seeing it for the first time enjoys it as well! (-^   v ^-) i feel like this is they Otayuri piece i’ve been waiting to draw since the first time i saw episode 10. i’ll be posting the WIP shots for this in the next few days, so for anybody who enjoys those types of things, keep an eye out! (^   w ^) <3

I absolutely LOVE people who pay with pennies!

(long story. tl;dr at the end)

Seriously. 4 years ago, I’m cashiering at a whacky mart on a register that holds all the smokes and alcohol. It’s 10pm and these two young men (early 20s) come up to the counter. They have three random novelty items (I don’t remember they were), but it was strange and unusual to get odd items this late at night. Maybe it was for some fraternity, I don’t know. It’s a college town so I get weird stuff from frats a lot. I scan the items and tell them their total is $22.xx.

Grinning at each other, they reach into their jackets and slam down two gallon zip-lock bags, full of only pennies. I stare them in the eye, but they didn’t even look back at me. Everyone else in line groan and went to other registers. These two kids knew what they were doing, but they didn’t know what they were in for because I prepared for this; I knew this was going to inevitably happen. I grinned with them, because I was gonna get paid during this. These pranksters are here for recreation. This convo occurs between Me, Ringleader (the other guy was silent and awkward), and a friendly coworker of mine.

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