but i claim artistic license

Virtue from The Movement!

seriously if you haven’t read it, I fully recommend it - morally complex characters that kick ass and take names (including lgbtq women of color hella hella), really gorgeous artwork, great writing, have I mentioned aN ACTUAL ASEXUAL FEMALE SUPERHERO


I made some progress with my house. 

Here it is from the top.

The big loft is for sleeping, since I can fit a Queen Sized Bed there, and the little loft is for storage. The big loft overlaps on to the out. I tried making it symmetrical, but that was too hard, and in the end, it wasn’t too hard too look at. It grew on me though, I can just claim artistic license or whatever. The reason I even did that was so I could make it more aerodynamic. It kinda reminds me of a boat. 

And here’s the side view at an angle.

I went with the boat idea and I put 3 portholes on the top loft. The table-looking thing on the left is a desk and the box with the thin slab on top of it is my kitchen/counter. I need cabinets. This whole thing is about 11′ tall. I wonder where I could put a TV, althouh I could just hook it up to my monitors there. You know, not just have a dedicated TV more like a large monitor that I can watch TV on. Then again, I usually stream so I could just use my computer as a TV. I need to add windows.I ended up ditching the “A” frame and I think I’m gonna just leave it flat. I ditched the “A” fram because I wasn’t taking into account the height of the actual trailer. Even then, the ceiling would be like 11′ tall.

 I’m really proud of this. I wanna show it to some TinyHousers see what they think. If I build it, it’d be years from now.

If I ever did get one, I’d get it big. Maybe I can sell these plans to someone…