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Worlds 2017

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You know you're tickling trash when...

…your mind is constantly fixated on how many ways you could be tickled (lees), tickle others (lers) or both (switches) and you have little to no way to sate that interest you. Just. C r a v e.


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

okay, so we know that neil has a thing for andrew’s hands, right? and let me extend that to andrew’s arms - bc our goalie has killer arms. you saw those guns? he bench presses twice his wieght with them. he can keep neil in place in air against the wall with them them. he circles neil’s waist with them and makes neil feel safe.

but let me tell you - there’s a part of neil (beside his eyes) that andrew has a thing for: neil’s thighs. neil is a runner, ofc he has perfectly toned thighs - onlu hard muscles and soft skin. and so strong that he could’ve crush watermelons between them. strong enough to tighten around andrew when he’s kept against the wall. and andrew loves to runhis  fingers on them and caress them.

yeah, that’s all i wanted to say, you may keep going

Shy: A Newt Imagine

Request: Could you please  do a Newt imagine where you’re really shy and you have a hard time fitting in but you have a crush on him and he finds out and you get embarrassed? Just really fluffy and cute :)xx love your imagines musicgurlz12

A/N: This is actually my first Newt Imagine so I’m really excited to write it. Thanks and I am sorry it is taking do long for me to upload them. I have had testing for the past two weeks.

 Y/N’s POV

     I woke up, not ready to start another day. I really shouldn’t complain. It’s not like I’ve been here as long as everyone else. At least I have a place to live. I climbed out of bed and got dressed, pulling my shirt over my head and one leg through my pants at a time. I slipped my boots on then made my way out to the gardens.

     I may have been here for a month now already but I still can’t seem to find my place with everyone else. I would keep to myself, eat alone, and spend my time away from the boys when they would celebrate and drink Gally’s drink.

     “Hey Y/N!” I heard someone yell to me. I turned around to see Minho. I simply smiled as he ran for the maze. “You ever gonna talk?” he chuckled, the smile releasing from my mouth. “I’m never gonna fit in here…” I mumble to myself. “You really shouldn’t mumble love. It’s harder to hear you.” I gasped, turning to see Newt. I felt my heart sink down to my stomach.

     “O-oh…” I couldn’t seem to make out any words. Oh? Y/N? Nice going! I mentally faced palmed myself. Newt chuckled, a small smile forming at the corners of his lips. Why is he so cute? I found myself staring at the blonde haired boy. “You alright, Y/N?” he asked, catching my eyes. “Uhm… Yeah, sorry.” That was the most I have ever talked… ever. Newt laughed, “You have a pretty voice. You should use it more often.” I giggled a little before getting back to work.

     There was only one person that I have ever really talked to, that was Thomas. I don’t know why, but it isn’t hard to talk to him. He is the only person who knows that I like Newt. Like a lot. I know that he wouldn’t tell him. I guess I just… trust him?

Newt’s POV

    It had already been hours and I still couldn’t believe she actually talked to me! I had always wondered what her voice sounded like, but now, I know! I felt like an idiot all I did was laugh and stare at her.

     I stabbed my shovel into the ground and walked over to where everyone was eating. There was Thomas, Minho, Chuck, but all alone, Y/N. Just when I thought she was finally going to let herself into the world…. she is alone. I sat next to Minho who was talking about how amazing his hair was.

     “You’ll never believe who finally talked…” I said slumping down. “Are you Serious?“ Minho halted in his words, wide eyed. “Yes.” I heard Thomas let out a breathy chuckle. “Of course she’d talk to you! She likes you!” He said quietly. “What?” I stared at him. “Y/N likes this shank?” Minho laughed, “But his hair isn-” We all looked to him. “Isn’t bad looking.” He finished.

     “What?” Thomas soon realized what he had let slip, “… oops…” I looked over to Y/N who stood peering at Thomas. She darted off into the deadheads, disappearing into the woods. Without realizing what I was doing, I ran after her, calling her name.

     I thought she was gone, until I heard the sound of sobbing. I following the cries. There she was, knees pulled to her chest and her head hanging in her hands. “Y/N?” I cooed, kneeling down beside her. She gasped, wiping the tears from her face. I gently pulled her hands away and caressed her cheek with my thumb.

     “I swear! It was all them.” she looked away. “Y/N?” I said turning her cheek so her eyes locked with mine. I felt my stomach do a little flip-flop. That’s new… She sniffled, tears still appearing from her glossy eyes. “Do you really like me?” Then it hit me. Why am I so worried about her saying no? Now I know why.

     “Please tell me.“ I heard the hope in my own voice. I was actually terrified of her answer. Shuck! It’s no isn’t it!


     “Y-Yes…” I said ever so softly. Then Newt’s eyes lit up. Was he… happy? “Are you serious?” he smiled. What? “Yes.” I said with confidence. Newt sighed, a laughed escaping his parted lips. I cocked my head slightly to the right.

     Before I could react, Newt’s lips were against mine,his hand on the back of my head, pulling me further into the kiss. I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss back. Our lips moved in sync as if they had known each other for years. “Well, love, I don’t like you…” I furrowed my eyebrows, “I love you.” I flash a toothy smile  before our lips caught each others again in a passionate kiss.

     “Do you plan on talking to me?” Newt joked,pulling me onto his lap. “Hmmm… why not?” I laughed, dropping my head to his shoulder. “I shucking love your laugh.” he whispered before kissing me one last time. I started to fall asleep in his arms, feeling like I finally fit in. Then he whispered, “I love you Y/N. Can’t believe it too me so long to realize how much.” I smiled as he planted a light kiss to my forehead. “I love you too Newt.” I whispered back, curling up into his chest for warmth.