but i cant stop looking at his mouth

anyway have some peraltiago headcanons following the proposal im not even putting this under a read more suffer like i did (@elsaclack made me do it)

  • listen okay jake and amy aren’t really sure how they end up at shaw’s it’s all kind of a blur after boyle faints there’s definitely lots of making out and forehead touches while grinning at each other and crying and they probably broke like 7 laws driving to shaw’s bc jake can’t keep his eyes off of amy long enough and they show up 40 minutes late
  • is the rest of the squad even at shaw’s???? who knows not them they cant keep their eyes (and hands) off of each other (the rest the squad kinda migrates away after an hour anyway theres only so many times they can stomach jake and amy kissing in one night) (rosa drags charles out with her)
  • theyre not even like dying to have sex tho like thats not it they just cant believe its real like theres a real life honest to god ring on amy’s finger and it looks so pretty in all of the different kinds of light and she cant help but spin it around her finger (neither can jake he hasnt let go of her hand bc he loves feeling the ring press against his fingers he’s squeezing so tightly its kinda painful and sharp but it just reminds him that all of this is real) (he can’t wait to get his own ring and have it clink against hers)
  • its surreal that they get to do this for the rest of their lives i mean there was never any doubt that they wouldnt but now it’s official and when amy looks over at jake every other second to check that this is still happening she always catches him grinning right back at her so she leans up and kisses him bc its different now its all a part of the next stage of their lives and she can taste the happiness on his lips (its super hard to figure out how to makeout when they cant stop laughing into each others mouths)
  • its like theyre frozen in time honestly has there ever been anything more beautiful than amy santiago it seems largely impossible bc she only seems to get prettier with every second jake stares at her (which is every second)
  • its also like time is slipping away though bc there’s this incredible urgency to spend every moment like it counts like at any second someone’s going to come and rip it all away (its happened before oc and jake doesnt like the thoughts creeping up in the back of his mind bc this is their night this is the rest of their lives but he’s woken up to enough nightmares of amy falling out of his grasp) so they can’t get enough of touching each other and laughing and looking at each other and kissing this is going to be a night they remember forever
  • amy likes running her fingers over jake’s face and through his hair and she memorized how he feels a long time ago but she’s so restless to get down every last detail of this night the way his eyes glisten and the redness in his cheeks from laughing and smiling and kissing and how messy his hair is from her fingers pulling him in for another kiss every second she goes without him (its every second every moment she needs him more than anything) his smile is wider than she’s ever seen and she traces her fingers over his lips and ghosts her lips over his skin and pulls him in again bc even when he’s right next to her he’s too far away
  • it takes them an hour to even make it past her doorway bc they cant stop laughing and grinning is this real is this happening amy can hear his proposal on repeat thru her mind and she’s breathless from kissing him for every word she remembers i love you you’re beautiful you’re the best detective will you marry me and she wants to say yes over and over again yes of course how could you doubt it
  • jake is shell shocked and tries to take his shoes off by the door but his hands are occupied around amy’s waist and her hips her back and her hair and her face bc she will not ever slip away from him again he’s going to make sure of it there is not one moment he wants to spend without her by his side ever again
  • i love you has been said so many times it has lost all meaning so they say it in other ways instead and in the tone of their voices and in the softness of their eyes and in the caresses of their hands and in the reverent way they linger after every kiss with their eyes still closed because sometimes feeling are more important than tangible things anyway
  • it’s around 5am when they finally get a chance to breathe normally and theyre face to face safe under the covers of their own bed and they havent felt even the slightest hints of sleep but theyve felt enough love to last the rest of their lives and beyond (and its good its perfect bc they actually get to love each other for the rest of their lives god jake would scream it from the rooftops if it didnt mean unentangling himself from amy)
  • theyre still trailing their fingers over each other and jake can feel the chill of the ring against his skin and its driving him crazy he’ll pick up her hand every once in a while and bring it to his lips just to stop the torture (but he always lets her go again amy knows exactly what she’s doing)
  • they spend the rest of the night (morning? they have lost all track of time theyve lost every sense except each other) talking just talking about the night and how they feel and what theyre going to do next
  • amy spends about half an hour already messily planning the wedding (theres a full binder under the bed but that would require leaving jakes arms and the little kisses he keeps pressing to her chest) and her words arent rly making sense bc she’s still on adrenaline and stuttering over the waves of pleasure as jakes hands ghost up and down her sides and it’s hard to talk when smiling so wide but she lays out everything as well as she can
  • jake is hanging off of every word she says really truly she’s put so much thought into this and them and him and he would give her anything she asked for he’d count every star in the sky one by one (one for everything he loves about her) if it meant spending the rest of his life with her (really truly he’s not sure what he ever did to deserve the woman in his arms)
  • their alarms go off when theyre still faintly giggling with fatigue finally washing over them but theyre too reluctant to end the day and put it in the past and too reluctant to stop looking at each other and god really the only way they manage to fall asleep at all is with the promise that they get to spend every day like this forever until death do them apart
Throwing Off The Towel - Dean Ambrose x Reader

Summary:- You and Dean start riding together and sharing hotel rooms to save money, and one night, you go for a shower, forgetting to take your shampoo. You go back into the room in a towel to grab what you need - and give Dean a sight he can’t keep his hands off. 

Warnings:-Smut, Swearing, Some Fluff

Word Count:-1,422


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BTS Reaction to you being hit on by a guy in a cheap way

A/N: Hi! Sorry for the wait. Here is the reaction! Enjoy and happy reading! 😊

**gifs are not mine. Full credit to owners**


He isn’t the aggressive type, but he would politely try to tell the guy off. He would keep it classy like always.

“I’ll make you see stars” a random guy said to you as you were busy shopping. You turn around to face him and tell him off when Jin appears. He wraps a protective arm around your shoulders. “I am sorry but this lady here is taken. So can you please leave?” he told the guy as politely as he could. Jin didn’t leave his gaze and stared at him intently. The man eventually gave up as he saw how serious Jin was about him leaving. “Thank you Jin” you said as you finally released the breath you were holding. “It’s nothing you should be thanking me for. Its my job baby” he kissed your temple gently, while his arm was still draped protectively around your shoulder.


He would be pissed and jealous. I am sure he wouldn’t get physically aggressive, but the tone of his voice would get dangerously low, and his facial expressions would darken.

You were waiting for yoongi to pick you up when a guy came up to you and said “I’ll take you home baby”. You ignored him. A car stopped in front of you and Yoongi rolled down the window. “Any problem babe?” he asked you, completely ignoring the guy at first. “How about you fuck off?” the guy said to Yoongi. He sighed and walked around the car towards you. “I’ll take care of it babygirl” he kissed your cheek .He stood in front of you protectively. “How about you leave before I report your ass to the police. This is my lady so don’t mess with her or me” his voice was dangerously low. He stepped forward but instinctively you grabbed onto his forearm.“Its okay” yoongi said. He kept on intensely staring at the guy for a good 2 minutes without blinking. Eventually the guy got uncomfortable and retreated back.


Namjoon would not be afraid to tell the guy off. He would be very protective of you in a situation like that, specially the guy would be hitting on you in a vulgar way.

“Nice ass” a guy said as you were walking hand in hand with Namjoon. You were very taken aback. The guy stepped forward towards you, but Namjoon put his hand on the guy’s chest to stop him from proceeding. “ Please have some manners. Clearly she is with someone” he then brings your interlocked hands to the guy’s face. The guy however kept on staring at you very sleazily. Namjoon glanced at you and saw how uncomfortable you were. “Really though cant you sleaze balls come up with something new? All I ever hear is shit like this from your disgusting mouths” Namjoon smirked at the guy. “You look young to me. I am guessing you wanna live a long life ahead of you so learn some manners and don’t talk to another woman like this ever again”You guessed maybe the guy felt guilty because he lowered his gaze and left without saying another word.


Hoseok would be angry too and in such a situation I see him being very possessive and protective contrary what a lot of us would expect from him.

A guy touched your ass while you were on the bus. “Hoseok can we leave?” you whispered to him. “Whats wrong?” he asked. Instead of saying something you looked at the guy who touched you. “He just touched me” you whispered while snaking your hand around his arm and snuggling into him. Hoseok looked at you and then at the guy. “If you touch her ever again, or any other woman things won’t end nice for you” he mumbled so only the guy could hear. As the bus stopped he grabbed your hand, and shoved the guy with his shoulder on your way out, while snaking his arm around your waist protectively.


To me he seems to be scariest person when angry. I think he would definitely be angry and he won’t be afraid to show his dislike for the situation and for the man hitting on you.

Jimin came outside from the store. He saw a guy trying to touch you, while you were trying to evade him by backing up. Hey! What the hell do you think you are doing?” he shouted at the guy. “And you are?” the chuckled and smirked. “I am her boyfriend and the person who will not hesitate to show you your place if you don’t stop” he stared at the guy as he grabbed his wrist that was trying to reach towards you. Jimin tightened his grip on the guy’s wrist until his knuckles turned white and the guy winced in pain. Jimin let go with a satisfying smirk as the guy massaged his wrist in pain.”I’ll deal with you later” the guy yelled as he ran away. Jimin embraced you in a hug and whispered soothing words to you as you clutched onto him for dear life.


Out of all the boys I think Taehyung will be the most calm and collected. He wouldn’t raise his voice, neither will he engage in any sort of conversation with the person hitting on you.

“Please leave my girlfriend alone” Tae emphasized the word girlfriend. He saw a guy walking up to you. Although he was at a distance and couldn’t hear what was going on, he could see your uncomfortable expression. he made his way towards you with long firm strides. He spun you around by your waist and planted a kiss on your lips. He kissed you with intensity and once he had made his point he looked at the guy with dark eyes full of anger that didn’t slip past his lips. “What are you looking at?” he asked the guy, which brings you to the present moment. The guy gave both of you a once over and left. “I am sorry I didn’t get to you sooner and I am sorry you have to deal with scums like him” he said as he kissed your forehead.


I think his anger would get the best of him in such a situation, but his reaction would be pretty similar to Jimin in that he wouldn’t be afraid to show the creep his place, and maybe even get handsy if it came to that.

“This is my girlfriend you are talking to you asshole” Jungkook said as he rolled up his sleeves. “We can share” the guy gave a lopsided smile, which infuriated jungkook even more. “The only thing I will be sharing with you is my fist” Jungkook threatened him. The guy kept on looking at you and ignoring Jungkook. So he covered the guy’s view of you by standing in front  “I think I am much better to look at than her no?” he said as a smug expression made its way onto his face. “Listen you creep if you so much as lay your eyes on her I will end your worthless existence right here, right now” Jungkook sneered at the guy through gritted teeth and poked him in the chest. “If you don’t run away in 10 seconds, I will change the geography of your body.” So leave” he seethed in anger. The guy took the hint and left you two alone.

I hope you liked it!

soulmate! Wonwoo

anon asked:  Soulmate! Wonwoo please. I just love your writing

in which no matter where you are on the earth, your outfits are always coordinated until you meet

  • you’ve lived i seoul for a couple years now
  • you suddenly moved after your dad transferred for a job and
  • wow you just loved seoul so much
  • you stayed after your dad moved back, just in time for college
  • and as a fashion major south korea its beautiful and their fashion is amazing
  • it’s kinda of excepted of you to always be well dressed but that’s okay because you would be well dressed anyways
  • but for some reason, your never able to express yourself fully
  • your heart says something different then your brain so you never bring those sketches in your notebooks to life
  • moneys kinda a problem, even though you make some of your clothes, good material is money 
  • so your in desperate need for a job 
  • and so close to graduation, you were stressed
  • yes you had internships you could take but that’s not getting you payed, though it might have to be an option
  • but your professor must have been sent down from heaven because she tells you her friend works for a company called Pledis
  • but, she’s going into labor in two months and is taking time off
  • this company, Pledis, is in desperate need of a fashion coordinator slash makeup artist for an idol group
  • so the next morning you go into the interview, happy because you get to design and coordinate outfits and do makeup, which you love also
  • as you finish your interview you smile, hoping you made a good impression
  • but you get shocked when they tell you, “you’ll get the job if you answer one question. can you travel?” 
  • and your like yeah
  • they start explaining how they need someone for their world tour and your like yeah sure it sounds so cool to travel, even if it is one a tight schedule
  • and in many airports that’s a lot of people so better chance of finding you soulmate
  • even if you have no clue what your mark even is
  • the interview is over an you stand up, bow, and start to say your goodbyes but they’re like no how about to come meet the staff and get a tour
  • and you do, and they’re so nice like all the coordis are all in a room talking, sewing and discussing outfits for each member 
  • your like i’d really like to help and say my input and they welcome you but the guy showing you around is like 
  • do you wanna meet the boys? your gonna be working with them for a while and you can match their faces and hair with outfits 
  • of course you say yes so he leads you downstairs and through the halls before heading to the practice room 
  • and when entering, all of them stop practicing and bow to their boss, you guess, and look curiously at you 
  • you bow politely while he introduces and they start introducing themselves
  • “hi, my name is wonwoo" 
  • he looks kind of cold at first glance but when he similes politely at you, his nose scrunches in the most endearing way 
  • and as a fashion student the first thing you notice about someone is clothes and somehow even with his simple practice clothes and your interview clothes, you both seem to be wearing similar clothes 
  • you leave not thinking much about it
  • except when you see each other two days later and seungkwan comments 
  • "Haha noona, you and wonwoo hyung always seem to match" 
  • you and some of the other members just laugh about it 
  • until you notice your matching the next day 
  • and the next 
  • pretty soon you guys have matched for almosts two weeks 
  • and everyone notices but doesn’t mention it, to you at least
  • but you and wonwoo can barely look into each others eyes but try to awkwardly make jokes about it 
  • then, its concert time 
  • so you come to the stadium bright and early and immediately get your list of who your in charge of 
  • okay jun, soonyoung, wonwoo,,,,,, WONWOO 
  • and your like okay i can do this 
  • you hand all of them their outfits and help them adjust and notice wonwoo seems to be,,, flustered??? 
  • and when soonyoung gets up from the chair for wonwoo to sit down 
  • you hear soonyoung pat him on the back and say, "aye when are you gonna tell her?" 
  • wonwoo whispers something and sits in the chair 
  • you start styling his and he glances up at you and says 
  • "so I was reading this book last night about soulmates”
  • you nod wondering what he was getting into 
  • “and i read this one thing about soulmates who always match their clothes until they acknowledge?" 
  • your hands freeze and look at wonwoo
  • who’s staring into you eyes, he reflecting hints and nervousness and happiness 
  • and seokmin beside you guys over hears and starts screaming excitedly, “GUYS Y/N IS WONWOO HYUNGS SOULMATE!!!!”
  • all the members stop talking or warming up and crowd around you
  • and then the managers and noonas scold then and they back off but still try to whisper form across the room
  • but you and wonwoo ignore them well and simply talk, smiling brightly the entire them
  • “wonwoo your going to have to straighten your face so i can do your makeup” 
  • “okay” 
  • and he does, but when you start blending the product under his eyes, you look into them and he looks into your
  • his grin comes back fully and you cant deny your giggling too
  • straightening your face again, you start working on his eye makeup but he just. will. not. stop. looking. at. you.
  • your holding in your laugh and smile so so well
  • until wonwoo is all like, “can i have your number?”
  • “WONWOO” you shriek and stumble over a little from laughing and your hands kinda just fall on his shoulders and he’s laughing too
  • soonyoung jokes, coming up too wonwoo and backhugging him tighty
  • you cup your hands over mouth and unknowingly to you, your nose scrunches also
  • something wonwoo notices, and absolutely adores and will tease you about it all the time
  • then it’s time to perform and you stand backstage on standby for outfit changes and touch ups
  • diamond edge is definitely one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen
  • and it all ends to quickly, but your glad to see wonwoo because the short moments where you could talk wasn’t enough
  • everyone kind of gives you space actually, but not really because you guys are sitting in two of the seats in the top have of the stadium right in the middle
  • you don’t know how it happens but you too are holding hands but staring at the stadium
  • “doesn’t it seem so much smaller when empty” you say, leaning your head on his shoulder
  • “the combination of you and seeing all the fans here in the seats, it’s really one of the happy moments in my life” 
  • you both just sit there hand in hand getting to know each other and really so many things
  • he let’s you in on a little something he does with seventeen
  • “when i say what a, you a beautiful day”
  • “okay” you say
  • and he looks at you at, with sparking eyes
  • “what a!”
  • “beautiful day!”
  • surprising yourself and him
  • you tilt you head up and press your lips to his cheeks 
  • pulling back, he looks flustered with his wide eyes and the redness creeping through his face
  • “what a~” you say singsongy
  • he giggles cutely and responds
  • “beautiful day~”

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


~ admin seri 

anonymous asked:

Can you do a fluffy honeymoon blurb tonight 😭

i love honeymoon! shawn 

“It’s called a bum bag babe”
“It’s called a mistake” 

You’re in a hotel room in Florence, Italy, about to go and visit the Florence Cathedral and Shawn’s wearing a bum bag, looking pretty cuffed with himself as he splays his large palms over his narrow hips and and poses for you. 

Look’s as if he’s about to walk a runway, all pointed toe and the breeze slips in through the balcony doorway, making his curls flutter in stylistic fashion. You’re trying to hold in your laughter, because although he’s posing for you he seems pretty serious, but you can’t help yourself when you say “I’m not going if you wear that” 

His face finds a frown and he throws his hands up. “Why?” and his hands come down on his thighs with a slap. You cant draw your eyes away from the bag sitting at his hip. 

“Just-” you start, but you stop because you have to cover your mouth. You’re sitting at the dressing table, looking up at his face and there’s not a stress line in sight. He’s calm, a little annoyed at your bum bag comment but otherwise content in the post wedding bliss. “Maybe if you like, strap it across your body” 

“Babe, i’m confident enough in myself to go out in a bum bag”
“That’s not what i meant”
“Then what?” and you tap your bottom lip with your fingers. Sigh, say “Alright, fuck it, fine - wear it. Let’s do it” and you get up from the chair and go to grab your own bag, but Shawn stops you with a hand at your arm. You turn, and he’s determined “Say it looks cool” 

“What?” you choke, spluttering a laugh. Shawn’s trying to keep a straight face, and his firm features falter when he points to the bum bag at his waist. “Say i look cool - and mean it” 

You have to breathe in through your nose because you’re covering your mouth. You look down at the bag and collect yourself, flickering your gaze up to him as you say with a stone cold face “Look like a fuckin rock star babe” and he grins widely, pulling you into him and peppering your face with kisses. 

“Alright - Shawn, we gotta go” 

“I’m the coolest husband ever” he suddenly says, still holding you in his arms and you look up at his bright features with a delighted, content smile. You reach up and kiss him, grinning, saying “Yeah you are” and meaning it with every fibre in your being.


I got a few requests for this fanfic! I’ll give it a go!

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, Maybe Southside High was where he was meant to be. These people, they were like him, damaged, dangerous , the very definition of wrong side of the tracks. They liked him, they thought he was funny and when they laughed they were laughing with him not at him. So what was the problem?

Thoughts of shiny green eyes and long honey blonde hair pulled into a tight ponytail ran through his mind. The image of his beautiful girlfriend made his palms sweat and his heart ache. Betty had cried for him, fought for him, she never gave up, not even when he gave up on himself. And then there was Archie, no matter what happened he would always be his best friend. Pulling his attention back to the conversation in front of him, Jughead couldn’t help but laugh at the groups crude humor.


The beanie wearing boy whipped around,
Archie, Veronica, Kevin and Cheryl were all standing behind him, sticking out against the beat down high school and grungy students.

“What are you doing here?” Jughead asked, standing from his seat as the people at his table watched cautiously, silently.

Archie stuttered, speechless. Cheryl shoved past him and stood before Jughead.

“Maybe you haven’t noticed Jones, but your girlfriend hasn’t answered her phone in two days and she didn’t show up for school today. I had one of my vixens stop by her house this morning and ask that lunatic mother of hers to speak to her and the blonde stepford wife claimed Betty was at school. Newsflash? She’s not.” Cheryl angrily stabbed Jugheads chest as fear flashed in his eyes.

“What do you mean she’s not in school? And she’s not at home?! I don’t have my phone. It’s at home. I thought she was just busy, I was going to go over tonight.” His eyes were frantic as Veronica pulled out her phone.

“Oh my god.” She whispered.

Kevin ran over to the raven haired cheerleaders side, reading the message on her phone.

“Oh god” he gasped.

“What?!” Archie asked.

Veronica held up her phone and showed the group the text with shaky fingers
“It’s betty”

“Thankyou for being an amazing friend, you’ll do fine V, just stay true to who you are. I love you”

Jughead ripped the phone from her hand,
“Where is she?! Where could she be?! We have to go. NOW.” He shouted, speeding through the halls and heading for Archie’s beat up truck.

Everyone was scrambling as they got into the car, ideas bouncing off the walls of where Betty could be, suddenly Cheryl spoke evenly.

“Sweet water. She’s at sweetwater.”

They all turned to her, Archie not giving it a second thought as he sped through the streets of Riverdale, making his way to the river.

“Why would she be there?!” Kevin was texting Betty profusely to no avail.

Cheryl pulled her own phone out and began texting Betty

“It’s the easiest way to go, with the ice.”

Veronica gasped, shivers racking her body.

Jughead stared blankly out the window, his body tense. No. no, not like this. Not Betty. How could he have not seen? How could he have been so neglectful to not notice his own girlfriend was drowning. She had so much going on, it was too much on her and he did nothing to alleviate that stress. He didn’t deserve her, he never deserved her.

Archie parked haphazardly, his truck skidding to a stop as all the teens hopped out.

“Split up!” Archie called, sprinting through the snow, slipping and sliding as he searched desperately. Jughead pounded through, the cold seeping through his boots.


Veronica’s distinctly feminine voice called from his right as she pointed to a shadowed figure a few feet away. Jughead tripped up falling to his knees as he ran towards her.

“The ice!” Cheryl screeched “its cracking! Separate.”

Jughead couldn’t hear her he was running towards Betty, she was looking at him now, big, terrified eyes.

“You don’t have to do this! Bets please! Come here. I’m right here! I’m here for you! I’m so sorry.” He cried desperately, his arms extended as he reached for her.

She looked at him with such blank eyes he stopped dead in his tracks
“I’m sorry.” She mouthed.

She was gone, fallen through the ice, engulfed in the current as Jughead watched horrified.

“NO!” He screamed desperately, dropping to his knees as he dug through the snow, his fingers red and raw.

Veronica and Archie were beside him, kicking and clawing at the snow searching the ice. Kevin was holding a weeping Cheryl.

“I CANT SEE HER! I CANT FIND HER” Veronica cried as Archie pushed the heavy snow aside

“Right here! She’s right here.”

Jughead shoved Archie aside, his fists flying as he he punched at the ice, blood flying before he stood and kicked the ice sending it shattering, he reached into the water gripping an unconscious Betty by her shoulders and laying her on the snow.

“Come on, come on!” He brought his lips to hers, breathing air into her lungs as his tears dripped onto her face. “COME ON” suddenly her eyes flew open as she spit out water, gasping for air. Jughead dropped his forehead to hers and gasped.

“Oh my god” Veronica breathed and Archie wrapped Veronica in his arms.

“We have to go!“ Kevin said “she’ll freeze if we don’t get her someplace warm.”

Lifting the frozen blonde up bridal style, the group raced through the snow, depositing Betty into the truck, Jugheads denim wrapped snugly around her shoulders as she drifted off

“Stay with me Betty. Stay with me.” Jughead mumbled into her damp hair as he held her to his chest. Everything going black.

When Betty woke up she was sitting up beside a fire, her back resting against a strong familiar chest, slender hands wrapped around her, steady breathing in her ear.

Glancing up Betty looked around, Veronica and Archie were sleeping on the couch, sharing a blanket. Cheryl was on the floor beside Kevin both sleeping as well. Jughead had her wrapped up in his arms, his eyes fluttered open and got wide.

“You’re awake.” He breathed a sigh of relief, his arms squeezing her tight

“I’m so sorry.” Betty whispered tearfully. Jughead lifted the beautiful blonde up and onto his lap

“Don’t you dare apologize, this is not your fault. It’s mine. I didn’t see you crying out for Help, you saved my life and I couldn’t even be there when you needed saving.” He cupped her cheek, his eyes desperately guilty.

Betty covered his hand and leaned into his palm

“Technically you did save me.” She smiled softly.

Jughead rolled his eyes,before they softened

“Please don’t ever do that again, please just.. I’m so sorry Betty.” A single tear slipped from his eyes as he pressed his forehead against hers.

“I’m okay Juggie. We’re okay.”
She whispered, dropping a gentle kiss to his lips.

“I love you Betty Cooper” he whispered

“Jughead Jones, I love you.”

Making a Fat Piggy

Charlie licked his lips as he scanned the computer screen. He scrolled through the many pictures of his friend, Tom Nevin. Charlie had a crush on Tom. He loved Tom’s slightly chubby belly. Charlie come across a picture of Tom where he was on the floor with his belly showing. This really turnt Charlie on. He just wanted to fatten Tom up and play with his belly. Charlie smirked. He knew exactly what he was going to do…

Tom was sat at his desk, trying real hard to ignore the fact that he had work to be done. He sighed and turnt to talk to his friends.
‘Im so bored’ moaned Tom.
'Same’ replied Jack, who was sat next to Tom. 'I dont understand anything on this sheet’
'You can say that again’ Groaned Charlie, who was sat behind the two. Suddenly, the bell rang. All the students started to pack up and leave.
'Make sure you finish the work at home. I will be checking next lesson’ said Mr Ford as the students started to leave the class. It was time. As Tom placed his backpack on, Charlie turnt to him.
'Hey Tom’ Charlie gulped 'Doing anything tonight?’
'No, probably going to play Fifa or something, why’ Replied Tom.
'Do you wanna come round mine?’ Asked Charlie.
'Sure, why not!’ Smiled Tom as he left with Charlie, unknowing of what is going to happen to him…

Charlie and Tom reached the house. Charlie opened the rusty gate and reached the door. He placed his key into the lock and pushed open the door.
'Cheers’ said Tom as he entered the house. He threw off his bag and Charlie shut the door.
'So, want something to eat?’ Asked Charlie, trying to hide his smirk.
'Yeah, go on’ Charlie gestured Tom into the living room.
'Just sit on the sofa while i go see what we got’ Said Charlie as Tom sat down.
'You sure your Mum and Dad wont mind?’ Asked Tom as Charlie stumbled into the kitchen.
'Nah. They dont care.’ Charlie smirked as he started to fill a wheelbarrow with cakes, pizza, cookies and other fatty foods. Tom glanced round the living room. He pulled out his phone to see a text from his girlfriend Becca:
-'Hey Babe. You up for meeting tonite? Xxx’-
Tom replied:
-'Sorry babe. At Charlies house. Text yah when im home. XX’-
Tom locked his phone when he saw Charlie enter with a wheelbarrow full of food.
'Isnt that going overboard Charlie’ Asked Tom, dazed by the sight.
'Nah. You’re going to eat it all though’ Smired Charlie as he stuffed a cupcake into Tom’s mouth. Tom tried hard to resist swallowing the food. He whacked Charlies hand which allowed Tom to spit out the food.
'What the fuck Charlie!’ Screeched Tom as he tried to sit up. Charlie quickly pounced on Tom, pinning him down onto the sofa by sitting on his legs.
'Oh calm down’ said Charlie as he started to unbutton Tom’s shirt. Tom tried to push Charlie off, but failed.
'What the actual fuck!’ Screamed Tom as Charlie ripped the shirt from Tom’s body to reveal a small plushy belly. Charlie squished the roll of fat.
'Oh im going to make you so fat!’ Laughed Charlie as he squished the small squishy belly.
'Charlie!? What the hell is wrong with you!’ Cried Tom as Charlie continued to run his hand across his tummy. Charlie shoved a cupcake into Tom’s mouth with a larger force than last time. Tom tried to hold back from swallowing the food, but failed. As soon as the cupcake was swallowed, another was shoved into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as he continued to try and free from Charlies tight grip, but it was too hard. Charlie smiled as he continued to fill up Tom’s mouth with food.


Tom groaned as Charlie squsihed Tom’s belly.
'Look at it! It’s getting bigger!’ Smirked Charlie as he poked Tom’s flabby belly. His belly was now bigger. It took on the size of a small soccer ball. It was flabby and started to hang over Tom’s tight trousers. Tom now started to grow moobs, which took the shape of small mounds. He also started to get large love handles. Charlie got off Tom’s lap and made Tom stand on all fours on the floor. Charlie placed a large chocolate cake infront of Tom. Charlie sat on Tom’s back.
'Eat all of it’ Said Charlie as he spanked Tom’s round butt. Tom groaned nd took a large bite out of the cake. The chocolate icing smudged around Tom’s face as the moist texture of the cake melted inside his mouth. Charlie rubbed Tom’s bubble butt which strained against the tight trousers. Suddenly the Trousers ripped down his backside. Tom groaned at the feeling, which caused cake crumbs to fall out his mouth.
'Oh my…’ Blushed Charlie. 'My piggies gone and ripped his trousers! You are getting so big piggy!’ Charlie spanked Tom’s bum, which caused a ripple across his body.
“Im getting so fat” thought Tom as he continued to demolish the cake “Why is Charlie doing this to me?”
After another ten minutes of Tom eating, the cake was completely consumed. Tom spluttered as he started to breathe heavilly.
'Well done my giant piggy!’ Smiled Charlie as he got off Tom’s back. 'Hope you up for more’ Charlie place another four large chocolate cakes infront of Tom.
'No. Please’ Spluttered Tom as he started to pant heavilly.
Charlie sat back on Tom’s back 'Eat them now piggy’
'Too. Full’ Groaned the bloated piggy.
'Eat them now or im going to call over your entire family to see what a fat pig you’ve become’ Charlie smirked. Tom sighed as he took a bite out of the first cake.
'Good piggy!’ Laughed Charlie as he ran his finger down the rip of Tom’s trousers.


'Wow!’ Squealed Charlie as Tom’s trousers completely ripped from Tom’s body. Tom groaned as the trousers ripped from his body, leaving only his underwear as the last piece of clothing on his body. Tom turnt to see his large butt was on show which had a pair of boxers so tight on his body. They were so tight, his fat cheeks started to flow over them, looking like his ass was eating them.
'Damn piggy!’ Charlie blushed as he squished Tom’s butt 'They flew off! Looks like you’re boxers have become a thong! They look so tight on you Piggy!’ Charlie smacked Tom’s right butt cheek which caused Tom to moan. 'Continue eating your cakes piggy! Only one and a half left!’ Tom moaned as he continued to fill his mouth with cake.


Tom took the last bite of the cake in front of him. Crumbs fell from his mouth as he chewed the last bite.
'Well done piggy!’ Exclaimed Charlie as he sat on Tom’s back. 'I knew you could eat all them cakes!’ Charlie got off Tom’s back. 'Sit up piggy!’ Tom struggled, but managed to sit upright, leaning his back against the sofa. Tom’s belly hung over his underwear and his thighs. Hhe had a few rolls on his belly which rolled like a rolling pin. Tom’s moobs now took the appearance of a girls pair of boobs. His thighs nearly tripled in size, they were now soft and squished on the floor. Tom also had a number of chins which hung under his original.
'Look at you know piggy! You’ve gotten so fat!’ Charlie grabbed Tom’s love handles and shook, causing Tom’s whole belly to bounce. Tom moaned as Charlie continued to bounce. Then there was a knock at the door.
'Be back in a sec my piggy’ smiled Charlie as he stood up and left the room.

Two minutes later, Charlie returned with eight pizza’s, eight portions of fries and tons of burgers.
'You ready for more my piggy?’ Chuckled Charlie as he placed the food on the floor.
'No. Please’ Tom tried to get up, but struggled.
'No point trying to escape my piggy!’ Said Charlie as he sat infront of Tom. 'You are going to eat and thats it’
'Too. Fat’ Moaned Tom as he placed a hand on his tummy. 'Im so. Big’
'Thats it, touch you’re body. Look and feel how fat you’ve got. Look how big you’re belly is. Look at the way it sags down over your underwear. Look how big  you’re tits are, they are bigger than your girlfriends!’ Charlie moaned 'You are getting so fat! But not fat enough!’ Charlie picked up a slice of pizza and shoved it into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as the cheese flavour spread across his mouth.
“Im so fat” Thought Tom as Charlie placed another slice into his mouth. 'Ive gotten. So big. I cant even. Move. Im too. Big.“ Charlie continued to stuff food into Tom’s mouth. Tom was now helpless. He was too fat to move, being stuffed non stop and was being sat on the lap by his 'friend’. Tom moaned as Charlie smiled.


'Last burger piggy!’ smirked Charlie as he placed the last burger into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as he chewed and swallowed the meaty burger.
'Well done piggy! You ate everything!’ Smiled Charlie. Tom groaned. Tom was huge. Tom’s belly now pushed his legs apart and was touching the floor. His moobs were now the size of a large breasted woman. His moobs sat ontop of his flabby belly. His thighs were thick and huge and were squished against the floor. Huge love handles formed on Tom’s hips, followed by rolls up the side of his body.
'Damn Piggy. You are so big!’ Charlie grabbed Tom’s belly.
'Ooh’ moaned Tom 'Stop. Please.’
'Look at you! You’ve gotten so fat!’ Charlie moaned. Suddenly Charlie lunged ontop of Tom and kissed him. Tom pulled back and their lips disconnected.
'Whats wrong piggy? Dont want to be my piggy?’ Charlie leaned in to Tom’s face 'Kiss me back now, or else’
Tom sighed and leaned in towards Charlie. Their lips both connected as they kissed. Charlie’s tongue broke into Tom’s mouth and danced around. Tom moaned as he did the same with his tongue.
"Why is he doing this” Thought Tom “And why am i kissing him back?” They continued to kiss as Charlies hand squished and played with Tom’s fat, moving around his fat body. Charlie pulled away from the kiss and smirked. His cheeks were red and he was sweating 'Ive been wanting this for years Tom’ Tears started to fall slowly from Tom’s eyes. He is now Charlie’s piggy.

Sleeping Beauty (Pt 4)

Pt 1 (x)

Pt 2 (x)

Pt 3 (x)

Lance was still unconscious, to the point where his dreams faded and all he could see was black nothingness. He was falling into some sort of coma, one that would kill him. Coran panicked. 

He couldn’t possibly lift Lance like this so he stopped the game and called down the rest of the paladins. “What gives Coran?! We were so clo-” Keith stopped in his tracks. “Oh…” ‘Oh’? That’s all Keith had to say?! ‘Oh’?! Coran gritted his teeth.

“Help him! Get him to the med-bay do something!” He barked.

As if they forgot what was before them, they scrambled to get Lance up and move him. Lance woke up on the way there though. He opened his eyes very slowly still dizzy and cold. “Cold…” he whispers and Hunk goes crazy. “Lance! Oh my god what happened to you, man?!” but before he could answer back he was out again. Shiro reached for Lance’s neck and checked for a pulse. He pulled away with fear stricken eyes. 

“I cant feel a pulse…”

They all went deafeningly silent. Lance was dying, if not dead already.

They stuffed his limp body into a suit and put him into the healing pod with worry seemingly permanently stitched onto their faces. They looked to each other for clarity— for knowledge of what happened.

Coran looked himself and he was boiling with rage. They were supposed to take care of each other, help each other and they decided to ignore him! Allura ran through the doors. When her eyes fell upon Lance she stopped and put her hands over her mouth in shock. “Is he…”

“No. No he’s alive. Barely.” Shiro signed and looked to the princess. “What happened to him? Why wasn’t he playing the game?”

“I…. I didn’t know where he was. I thought he was ditching us. I looked for him-” she felt a lump well in the base of her throat.

“No you did not!” Coran shouted. “Princess you glanced at the monitors and stepped a foot into his room. You didn’t care about him. You were glad he was gone!” Throwing her straight under the bus he checked Lance’s vitals on the monitor. “He’s got some low levels of… so… dium? Sodium?”

Pidge’s eyes went wide. “How long has Lance not been eating?!”

“How should we know Pidge?” Keith crossed his arms and looked at the floor. 

“We should know, Keith. He’s our friend and our teammate. We were supposed to look out for him.” Shiro put a hand on Keith’s shoulder. “The last time I saw Lance eat was a week ago but I’m sure he ate after that.”

“No he didn’t. He hasn’t been drinking any water either. His low sodium levels…? Lance is dying of dehydration.” Pidge sunk to the floor.

“I hadn’t seen him sleep either. I mean, look at the bags under his eyes.” Shiro gritted his teeth.

Hunk was beating himself up inside, his best friend. His best friend went around for God-knows-how-long without food, water, or sleep. He was a walking time bomb.

“When he wakes up we’ll have to make him eat something.” Pidge stood up to find the princess standing infront of her looking at Lance.

“I found… some weird red liquid in his room. By his bed. I don’t know what it is but there was a lot of it.” She mumbled and Pidge thought she misheard her.

“Oh my god…” Keith ran out of the room with Shiro and Hunk hot on his heels. No, no, no, no, no! Don’t let it be true! Don’t let it be true! They ran around corners, panting and praying all the same. When they arrived at Lance’s room Keith hesitated infront of the panel. Shiro however, could not wait a second longer and slammed his hand on the panel and watched the door slide open/ They couldn’t find anything from first glance so they walked over the end of the bed and they saw it. They saw the blood on the floor.

“Help me… Help me, please… Somebody help me!”

Landslide: Part Three


Dayton White (Logan Lucky) x Reader

When a tragic accident happens in the heart of your hometown - you’re forced to go back to the countryside you’d sworn to forget. In the midst of your world turning upside down you find yourself in a state of panic when the familiar face returns in your life, Dayton White. From the time you were young he was labeled in your mind as the man who got under your skin, with the past brimming to the surface - will you be able to fight off the landslide of love?

Word count: 4,867

Notes: Cursing, tension, (fluffy:)) Smut.

Let me know what you think! :) also my lady parts may have cried when I first saw this in the trailer

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this request actually comes from evie over at @ihearthemcallingxx who needed a little help filling all of the requests she was getting and she asked me to fill a couple for her. this one came from iv over at @stylessemantics, so here it is! thank you to both evie who let me do this one and to iv for requesting and i hope you don’t mind that i filled this instead of evie *insert eye emoji* and adding on to that i changed the prompt a little oops ?????

request: “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” ((kinda))

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It’s a simple question -J.A

First imagine. Please dont judge too harshly ❤👀🐙

Aspen is just a character in this imagine. This was not made to target her in any way.

And warning this story was VERY fast paced and bad punctuation. I did this on my phone. I APOLOGISE GRAMMA NAZI


“Y/N! YOU’RE HERE!” Daniel said as soon as he opened the door. He smiled, bear hugging you. “Hey Dani boi.” You smiled and hugged him back. “Come on, we’re all waiting on you.” He took your hand and tugged you to the living room.

“Jack you’re so funny.”

You stopped dead in your tracks, the colour draining from your face. “Y/n… are you ok?” Your eyes narrowed into slits as you glared at one of your bestfriends “SHE’S HERE?!” You whisper yelled, flailing your arms around, “Who’s here- ohhhhhh. Sorry, Y/n we can’t stop her from coming and you know that.” Daniel apologised. “It’s your house, you can kick people out and you know that” you mocked him, keeping your voice as soft as possible but the anger could be heard loud and clear. “Y/N LOOK YOU KNOW I WONT DO THAT!” Daniel whisper, yelled back. “Fine, if she won’t leave then I will.” You turned around, ready to leave when Daniel reached out and hugged you, passing his hands through your hair. An action that always calmed you down.

You knew it was stupid to react like that, after all she’s just a girl. But the way she carried on with the boys urked you, especially Jack. Everyone knew you had a crush on him except of course Jack himself, how cliché.

“Y/n come on, don’t let her spoil our game night.” Daniel said, almost inaudible. You sighed, “alright I wi-” “Um… is something going on between you two that I should know about?” You turned your head to see a very confused Jonah standing a few feet away from you and Daniel.

You smiled rolling your eyes “Hey tallstuff” you said walking up to Jonah and hugging him, “Hey shortstack” He said squeezing you in the hug. “Everyone is short to you Jonah.” “True true”

“What are you doing here Jonah, you’re supposed to be in the living room” Daniel said walking towards us “ i heard whispering, whispering means secrets, secrets mean juicy blackmail.” Jonah shrugged. “Wh- JONAH” You laughed, smaking him on the arm and he chuckled “But… what were you guys doing?” “Y/n was just upset” Daniel said looking away, “Over what?” You deadpaned and Jonah kept staring at you confused. “Jonah… are you sure you’re not a natural blond?” Daniel asked and you giggled. “I can assure you, I am not and I figured it out guys. Y/n’s look says it all.” “Mhm well?” “It’s because of Asp-” “ALRIGHT WE SHOULD GO TO THE LIVING ROOM NOW” you yelled and walked into the living room.

You saw what was expected when you walked in. Corbyn and Zach fighting over who plays first and Aspen cuddled into Jack. “Hey guys” you smiled “Y/N” they shouted in unsion and Aspen rolled her eyes. Corbyn and Zach ran up to you, pushing eachother in the process. “I get to hug her first” “No I do. I’m the youngest” “That doesnt mean anything she likes me more” “GUYS!” you yelled and they both turned to you “how about i hug you guys at the same time?” “Yeah, yeah” they mumbled and hugged you. “Hey beautiful” Jack said getting up and hugging you “Hey ugly” You chuckled as Jack pouted “I call you beautiful and what I get in return? ‘Hey ugly’ ” “It’s true” you mumbled, stuffing my face with popcorn.

“Oh hi Y/n” Aspen said still sitting, her eyes trained on Jack, “Hey Asprin” You say, your eyes not sparing here a glance and she laughed, “I love your nickname for me… but I dont get it.” Before you could say anything Daniel chimed in “We should start the game.” A chorus of agreements rang through the room and everyone sat on the floor in a circle. Jack between both you and Aspen and Daniel on the right of you. “What are we playing?” Zach asked looking at everyone. You smiled at him, shaking your head “ you both were fighting over who plays first… but you don’t know what game it is?” He shrugged “ Corbyn is just very easy to pick on.” “Speaking of the devil where did he go?” Jack asked, shrugging out of Aspen’s grasp. “Oh, he left a few minutes ago. Aparently Christina’s in town for a few days and you know how he gets when she’s around. Litteral love bird” Jonah laughed, causing everyone to laugh along. “Wait… SHE’S IN TOWN? I NEED TO SEE HER!” You yelled for the baisically the fifth time tonight. “Hold up Y/n, you aren’t going anywhere. You bailed on us for the past three weeks.” Jack said, holding your hand making you blush and look away. “Okaay. Lets get on with the game and it’s pictionary so we partner up. It looks like Corbyn leaving worked out for us.” Daniel stated. “I’m with Jacky” Aspen smiled looking at Jack and he smiled back.

You felt a weird feeling in your stomach. A feeling you’ve felt many times before. Especially with Jack. Jealousy. He’s only ever smiled at you like that. Why is he smiling at her, out of all people, like that. The thoughts swirled in your mind and left a bitter taste in your mouth but you played it of with a smile. “Well i guess it’s us Y/n… you’re okay with that right?” Daniel asked, a pained expression on his face. “Of course i’m okay with it Dani, why are you even questioning it?” You asked and his face softened. The pained expression leaving his face, being replaced by a slight smile. “Alright let’s start. Jonah, you and Zach should start” Jack said.

While Jonah was hoplessly guessing Zach’s horrible drawing, Daniel leaned close to you and whispered “Y/n.. I have a question,” “lay it on me Dani boi,” “Why do you call Aspen, Asprin?” You stifled a laugh and whispered to Daniel “because she gives me a headache.” You both silently laughed through the whole game everytime you would watch eachother in the eye

~~after le game (yes there is a time skip. I am not writing ALL that)~~

You stood outside near the pool, lost in thought. Suprisingly Jonah and Zach won after all their failed attempts at drawing. Aspen fell “asleep” on Jack half way through the game and is now currently on the couch sleeping and Daniel is… god knows where.

“Hey” You jumped, almost falling into the pool. You turned around, glaring at the culprit. “What? It’s not my fault you get scared easily” Jack shrugged, a smirk on his face. “You are so rude” you mumbled as Jack stood next to you. “I heard that” “it was meant for you to hear” Jack chuckled and held your hand. Your breath hitched as you looked at him “J-Jack?” You stuttered “Shhhhh” he hushed you as he closed his eyes and rested his forehead against yours. You closed your eyes, enjoying the moment when suddenly, “JAAAAACK!” Aspen’s voice rang through the house, causing you both to jump apart. Jack let out a string of curses and turned around to walk into the house but stopped when you grabbed his hand, forcing him to look at you “Jack…” “Y/n I have to go. I’ll be back.”

He turned around again, your grip slipping from his hand but the question left your mouth before you could stop it. “Jack. You cant have us both. You have to choose.” That got him to stop. He slowly turned around, his face showed confusion, but his eyes told the truth. The truth he know what you meant. Jack is a pro at hiding his emotions but his eyes… they told a different story. “What do you mean?” You said nothing but played along. “Me or her Jack. It’s a simple question if you know who it is Jack”

“Y/n I-I-” the hope in you glowed brightly because you want him to chose you “JAAAACCCCKKK” Her high pitched voice rang again, cutting him off. He sighed and looked at you, the little emotion he had in his eyes were gone. “I have to go” he said before walking into the house. Leaving you outside, alone and broken. How could a night start off so perfect but end so horrific? The light of hope that glowed brightly just seconds ago now out and dull. You ran your hands through your hair, your eyes welling with tears because… he choose her. No matter how bad you wanted it to be you. It’s always been her.

More Than Comfort - Chris Jericho x Reader

Summary:-You are Bayley’s younger sister, brought backstage one night on Raw by her. Chris Jericho gets attacked during the festival of friendship by Kevin Owens, and when he gets backstage, he bumps in to you clearly upset. He finds comfort in you, and things go on from there. 

Warnings :- Smut, Swearing, Lil’ Bit O’ Fluff

Word Count :- 1,490

Requested by @fangirlybookreviews


A/N - Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, and also sorry to the lovely person who requested this that it took so long! However, I’m back now, and d’ya know what that means? Smut and fluff and smut. 

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36 Seconds

Pairing: Sherlock x reader, John (platonic) 

Requested: Yes

Warnings: ANGST

Originally posted by fangirlhani

 "(Y/N), what are you doing?“ John asked 

curiously holding a bag of groceries in his arms. You were huddled behind a sitting chair in Sherlock’s flat, just barely peeking your eyes over the side to glance at Sherlock standing frozen by the fire place. “Hiding.” John sighed shifting his weight as he stood in the door way. “And why are you doing that?" 

You shot him a quick glance before returning your eyes to Sherlock. "He got frustrated with a case and started shooting at the wall, he gave no warning though and I was sitting on the couch underneath.” You explained nodding your head to the new bullet holes. John sighed loudly, entering the flat and shuffling to the kitchen with his bags. “I’m surprised Mrs. Hudson hadn’t come up here to yell at him.” He called as cupboards slammed shut. “She’s been out all day, otherwise she would’ve.” You replied leaning your head onto the seat beside you. 

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Poolside- 2

Originally posted by wonhontology

Son Hyunwoo

word count: 2285

🎧 Hunger- Sam Sure

The small guest house fit a small bedroom, a shared living room and kitchen area, and a bathroom. It had been your place to hide when you were young enough to get away with it. Before it became a “childish cry for attention.”

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a list of things cisco ramon has absolutely without a doubt said/done to his beautiful bisexual boyfriend barry allen

-you know what? fight me [and barry just raises an eyebrow really cockily as if to say, for real?] [and cisco gets this huge grin like hes Ready for the challenge] What? You think i cant take u/?? you r  Sorely mistaken my man
-listen here, pal,
-[walks in to find barry doing something weird] not today. [opens mouth and holds finger up as if about to make a point, but closes mouth and lowers hand] Nope.  Not Today [leaves]
-ok, first of all, yikes,
-[ambushes him with a hug] that was literally So Cool but Never do that again
-[wakes barry up in the middle of the night] do you think i’d look hot with a beard
-calls him babe, constantly
-works random corny pick up lines into casual conversation and acts really casual as if he hasnt done it on purpose or said anything unusual… like barry will be snackin on some trail mix™ and cisco will be like hey,,, babe,, you got any raisins? .. and barrys will look at him a bit confused but be like ?yeah?, and give him a handful,,, and then cisco will be like… how bout a date? and shove the raisins in his mouth really smirkly like he is the Smoothest man that ever lived
-gets his wisdom teeth out and is high on anaesthetic and just constantly does not stop reassuring barry that he loves him, and barry’s just tryna like strap him into the car but cisco keeps looking at him in the eyes and going “you know i love you right?” , very concerned and genuine, and barrys like yeah i know and cant stop grinning and cisco just keeps staring at him and barrys like “you okay there, bro” and cisco just sighs really heavily like hes in such deep thought and just goes “yeah, i just, love you so much.” And barry’s like “oh yeah?” and he’s like “yeah, maybe even Too much.” and barry just keeps prompting him like “oh really?” bc hes enjoying it A Lot
-says with utmost sincerity, “i know it’s sort of corny, or whatever, but like, whenever i’m scared or alone i always think, what would barry do? y’know… the flash saves people everyday but… you’re my hero, barry.”

Bts Reaction to their S/O asking to be their first. (Hyung line)

They are Virgins and you have been dating a longtime. One night you both get a little heated and one thing leads to another.

Originally posted by jjilljj


You and Jin were laying in the bed. He kept running his hands up your thigh. While kissing your neck, you softly ask “Jin I have a question.” He replies “What is it baby?” You say “I know we were waiting for the right time to have sex, but I want to be your first.” Jin runs his hands between your legs and says “Yes I am ready now, I am kinda scared to hurt you so if I am doing something wrong tell me.” He gets in between your legs and smirks at you. 

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You and Yoongi were having a small fight and you secretly loved it when He got angry. It always turned you on how he bites his lip, eyeing you up and down. You and him have never had sex in the two months Ya’ll have been dating, You and him have talked about it, and you have asked him if he is a virgin, He always got angry and asked you to stop bother him. Yoongi was angry. He pushed you against the wall and said “I have had enough of you mouth.” Kissing you hard and suddenly He softens his hold and whispers “Look I am a virgin, Dont judge me okay?” You hold the back of his neck and whisper, “Yoongi let me be your first okay baby?” He reacted by picking you up and taking you into the bedroom, “I cant wait to be inside you kitten” 

Originally posted by jeonyween


Namjoon and You were having a conversation about sex and He asked, “What do you think about me being a Virgin?” You reply “Joonie I dont mind it at all,” He looks at you sitting on his bed in his white Tshirt and shorts, “Its harder for me to control myself when my beautiful girlfriend looks like this.” You pull him onto the bed. “Well Joonie I can be your first.” His eyes darken and he smirks. “Only if you can be my last as well Babygirl.” 

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Him and the boys were in your living room and you can hear them talking about Jhope still being a Virgin, You hear Yoongi say “If you are ready why don’t you just tell her man?” You bite your lip. Hobi says “I just dont want her to think I am rushing, but we have been getting closer here recently and I chicken out.” You decide after the boys leave you are going to be in the bedroom wearing lingerie for him. He walks in the bedroom and gasps. “Jagi! You look so good! What is this for?” You reply “Hobi, I was listening to you guys’ conversation, and I want to be your first. If you are ready let’s make tonight the night.” You watch him bite his lip and slowly pull his shirt off. He replies “Oh I am so ready Kitten.” 


naahhuong  asked:

Could I get a scenario where Shinsou and his s/o are trying to get it on at night? They're at his s/o's house and his s/o steals a condom from their sibling to use. They slip on the condom and lower the lights only to see that the condom is glow in the dark. His s/o starts to make lightsaber noises while pretending to wield a lightsaber. His s/o ends up busting out laughing and can't continue xD;. How would Shinsou react to that?

hnnng omg i cant stop laughing

hitoshi shinsou

“We- ah, we need protection.” Shinsou mumbled, pulling his hands away from you for a moment. You pulled your mouth off his neck before looking at him.

“My brother has got some condoms, let me go get them.” You shimmied out from under him and basically ran out to your brothers room in search of a condom. When you finally found it, you mentally fist bumped your brother while also running back to your room. Your room was already pretty dim so when you ripped open the packet and handed it to him for him to slip on, you were thrown off by his dick literally glowing. You mentally slapped your brother for getting such a ridiculous condom pack.

“My dick’s glowing.” Shinsou said, looking over at you and you had your hand over your mouth, trying to hold back the laugh that threatened to spill. 

“I-I can see that,” You reached forward and grabbed his length in your hand. Before he could really comment, you began making lightsaber noises, cracking up laughing and falling back into your bed. “I’m sorry but this is so funny!” You said and you could see your boyfriend pout down at you.


A BTS/ Kim Seokjin Fanfiction

Summary: He looked like an angel, and spoke like a singer. Next to you, a university student surviving on 5 hours sleep a night, and holes in your shoes, he seemed to have it all. But at the end of the day, you were both just Existing. You just cant help but think, it might be more fun to Exist together…

A/N: Lets see if we can get this show on the road shall we? ;) 

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12

Part 2

‘I…uh…thank you for watching over me-uh, my things…whilst I was sleeping.’ You murmur to him as the two of you turn onto the campus, Jin slowing as you enter the gates, but continuing to shuffle alongside you as you continue towards your dorm building.

‘I…uh…I have a confession to make about that.’ He responds, the awkwardness as he reaches up to scratch the back of his neck making you frown as you look up at him questioningly, not being able to help the thought that springs to mind as you think about how wonderfully tall he was next to you…just the right height to kiss on tiptoe…


‘I…I was kind of watching you.’

Your heart stutters in your chest as you catch his eye, seeing the worry and fear there and realizing that he was scared to tell you this, his pink cheeks backing up this fact, and you have to look away to stop him from seeing the smile that was pulling at your lips, bringing your hand up to your mouth so that you could hide it, before turning back to him when a sudden thought comes to you.

‘Does that mean you really are a stalker?’ you ask, intending on playfully mocking him for his confession, but instead of him laughing like you expected, his eyes widen and he quickly begins to shake his head, his hands appearing in front of you as he waves them frantically.

‘No! No, no! I just meant- I was trying to say…I mean- You’re really beautiful, and I did genuinely want to make sure your stuff didn’t get stolen, but when Jungkook said to get the Ahjumma to watch over you, I just- Well, I wanted to…cause I was hoping-well I was hoping to talk to you…’

He trails off nervously after his ramble, raking his fingers anxiously back through his hair, and before you can go to reassure him you were just joking, already begin caught up in what he’d said about you being pretty, you find yourself being transfixed by the absent-minded movement of his hand, losing the words you were about to say as you try to restart your heart.

‘Aish…I…Im sorry, I’ll go-‘


You don’t know what made you do it, but when he’d begun to turn away, intending to leave, you’d reached for him, grabbing his arm to stop him, before proceeding to timidly look up at him, pulling him back to face you as you drag in a deep breath and smile slightly at him.

‘I don’t really think you’re a stalker. I was just joking with you. But-…do you really think im pretty?’ you ask, needing to know he wasn’t just playing with you in your deliriousness, and wanting to hear him say the words again, biting your lip as you watch him look back down at you dumb-foundedly, his expression slowly contorting into a look of shy disbelief.



‘You’re not pretty…you’re beautiful.’



His expression of sincerity doesn’t leave his face as he waits for you to respond, and when you struggle to think of any words at all, you watch a steeliness enter his gaze, his hand suddenly rising to cup your jaw, bringing you close enough together that you can feel his torso brushing against yours, and you can hear the quiet breaths he takes.

‘People always tell me to just do these things before the time leaves…I hope they’re right.’ He mutters to himself, his eyes flickering between yours and your lips, and before you can really think through what he’d said, he’s leaning down towards you, and his lips have touched themselves to yours.

You’re stunned by the sudden action, not knowing what to do and simply ending up freezing in your shock, feeling your whole body flame hotly before he’s stopping just as suddenly as he’d started.

‘Oh…I cant believe I just did that. I’m sorry- I….’

You bite your lip as second-hand embarrassment overtakes you, watching him become more and more flustered at his own actions, continuing to look anywhere but at you and burying his hands in his pockets as he huffs aggravatedly at his inability to come up with the words he wanted to say, before you put him out of his misery.

‘You’re really cute.’

Saying the words made you hear the truth in the statement as you said it, a smile pulling at your mouth as you take in his shocked expression, and his pink cheeks, before giggling as you see the shy smile pull at his lips.

‘Aish, I don’t know what to say.’ He murmurs, folding his arms and tipping his head back to look up at the sky, the long column of his neck helping to emphasize the broadness of his shoulders, and you cant help biting your lip as you take him in, before saying the first thing that comes to your head.

‘You could say that you’ll meet me at the café tomorrow…say… 7 o’clock?’

The words tremble slightly as you say them, and you grip tightly to your bag on your shoulder, nervous for his answer, but even though you were anticipating him saying no, you hadn’t realised you were still holding out hope until he’d actually said the words;

‘I can’t.’

You look up at him quickly, seeing the regretful expression masking his features and being unconscious of the frown that twists your features in response, before he’s suddenly reaching out to capture your hand in his as he goes on, ducking his head into your vision.

‘I don’t mean I don’t want to-…really…I want to. I-ahh, I mean-‘

‘Don’t worry, its okay.’ You murmur, hating the fact that he was trying to find words to cushion the blow of his rejection, and wondering how you’d misunderstood his advances, but before you can get lost in your thoughts, he’s quickly speaking again.

‘Do you think you’ll still be there by 10? I know that’s when it closes…but I don’t get off of work till 10:30pm- however, I should be able to get off early so I could meet you-‘

‘You have work?’ you ask, the question being the only thing able to escape you as hope fills your chest once more and you realize he really did like you the way you thought he had, not being able to stifle the smile that grows on your face and squeezing his hand lightly in your excitement as he looks down at you with a bemused, and slightly confused, smile.

‘Y-yeah…that’s why I cant meet you at 7.’ He explains, smiling when he realizes that the reason you’d been so upset was because you thought he didn’t want to meet you, and grinning wider when you continue to smile to yourself.

‘So…do you still want to meet up?’ he asks again, his tone nervous where you still hadn’t answered him, and you quickly look back up at him with a huge grin.

‘Of course! I expect I’ll be there till they close again anyway.’ You say, watching his smile contort into a slight frown at your words.

‘Do you always stay there that late? Surely its not safe to always be walking back from there by yourself.’ He comments, tightening his grip on your hand, the action making you smile, before you pull on his hands to bring him closer to you and grin up at him with his mildly surprised, yet pleased, expression.

‘Well, I’m brave…and besides…if you were to walk me back, I’d have a handsome knight in shining armor to keep me safe.’ You quip, hearing him scoff, and chuckling quietly in response, before feeling his fingers touch beneath your chin to tip your face up toward him so that you could see his cheeky grin.

‘I prefer the term, ‘Prince’, like ‘handsome prince’.’ He smirks, laughing when you cringe at him, before he suddenly pulls you into him, and presses his lips gently to yours again, blushing once more as you pull away, but managing to smile happily this time as you look up at him.

‘I’ll meet you at the café tomorrow at closing time. Okay?’ he murmurs quietly, his smile filling your vision, and you bite your lip shyly, looking down for a moment, before flickering your gaze back up to his and nodding gently.


He couldn’t help but watch her as she walked across the concourse toward her dorm room building, seeing her pause at the door and look back, and feeling a smile bigger than any he’d worn before stretch across his face, waving at her when she waves timidly at him, and chuckling as she turns and walks into her building, before turning around and finally making his way home, not looking forward to the questioning he’d be put through when he returned to the dorm at such a late hour…

…However, he finds his thoughts skipping the interrogation, in favour of his meeting with the beautiful girl the night after…