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that Reaper!Sans tries to talk down people attempting suicide and on the verge of death. He’s not always successful and gets really solemn and quiet as he escorts the Souls to the afterlife rather than speaking comfort and small chatter. 

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Bellarke AU: The Maze Runner

Some called Clarke a trigger, others a curse. Once she arrived at the maze, that’s when everything changed. Bellamy, called her a curse, a stubborn and difficult one at that. One with a blonde halo that challenged his leadership skills over the gladers, one that tried to influence all of them to go out into the maze and find a way out themselves. They had a system, and Clarke wasn’t keen on following it. (Bellamy himself wasn’t much of a rule follower himself, but as long as he makes the rules and people listen - that’s all he cared about. As long as he was in control, but with Clarke? He felt everything was anything but that.) It was then one day, Clarke was set on going into the maze to find something, or anything, with or without anyones help. Bellamy could have let her go, let her get herself killed like all the others - but for some crazy reason, he followed after her. With the dangerous journey ahead, their rocky relationship found balance, trust, and respect. (and perhaps - the start of something more.) Somewhere along the way, Clarke wasn’t just some curse or burden, but a co leader, and something of a friend.

"Don't touch who?" x